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avoiding systemd [was: Re: Rvm or rbenv?]
434825 [normalperson] Not true.  You can use apt_preferences(5) to give systemd-sysv a

The Ultimate Guide to Blocks, Procs & Lambdas
434826 [matugm@gm il] lambdas, and how closures work in Ruby.
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+ 434829 [branzeanu.au] Nice article. thanks for sharing!
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+ 434841 [shortcutter@] Nicely written and formatted! I could not spare you some minor

What's the best method to package ruby-2.x as a binary package
434827 [Damien.Roche] I've a need to create binary packages for Ruby. This has presented me with =
434842 [sto.mar@we .] You know there is a public archive of the list... so this doesn't

[Fwd: The Ultimate Guide to Blocks, Procs & Lambdas]
434830 [fl0b@ma l. o] ...

Different versions of gems
434833 [i_cenov@bo e] Is it possible to switch between versions of an installed gem without
+ 434834 [nemodevops@g] Yes, In case you want the bleeding edge of the version you can even directly pull from that using git:°…path-to-repository°… option. Otherwise, you can specify the version number as °»~>x.x.x°… and run bundle install. It would overwrite the gem. Also, I recommend using RVM or RBenv.
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  434886 [i_cenov@bo e] In my case, I use an old version of a gem (ceedling). However I modified

Updating Ruby
434836 [z.t.alsultan] I'm new to ruby, I got version 2.0.0p645 and I want to update it to 2.3.0.
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434838 [z.t.alsultan] Thanks Feng,

Using gems form other versions of Ruby
434839 [mmschneerson] I am using rbenv to control my Ruby versions and gems. I have multiple
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434845 [mmschneerson] It worked perfectly.

Please stop top posting (TOFU)
434843 [sto.mar@we .] I just wanted to catch up with my backlog (quite big) of unread posts
+ 434846 [mike@mz o. r] charset=us-ascii
| 434850 [info@mr al n] Completely agree, but the problem is that Gmail, by default, adds all the
| 434853 [carlos.dagor] I read and reply via gmail and can be done safely
| 434855 [quintus@qu n] Yes, and you managed to quote the entire message below your post, which
| 434856 [echristopher] I agree with plain text, bottom-posting, and snipping quotes. However, this
+ 434847 [quintus@qu n] Very true. I find this very, very, annoying also.
+ 434857 [aberger7890@] We should send an unsubscribe mail each month (week) with a specific
  + 434858 [aberger7890@] ...How to unsuscribe, netiqette, policy etc FAQ
  + 434859 [fluido@fl id] Please, don't do that! Two lines of pure text do no harm at all, and
    434860 [aberger7890@] It's not me deciding this ;)

Open source project / mentor search
434849 [bortiz1988@g] I started learning Ruby and RoR about 6 months ago. I think I'm at the
+ 434851 [nathanielcfa] I'd advise you to use github and check on projects that interest you.
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Qu :
434862 [aberger7890@] I typed 1 : 3 (typo)
+ 434863 [nathanielcfa] If I had to guess of the top of my head it would mean ruby is expecting the
| 434864 [aberger7890@] Any experts?
| + 434865 [nathanielcfa] I'd advise you to simply google these questions/ Visit stackoverflow/ or
| + 434866 [connacte@gm ] I think it's if  shortcut. :: Use for namespaces. Please read docs and use
|   + 434867 [connacte@gm ] Used, sorry.
|   + 434868 [aberger7890@] Yes Ive already read that, but its not clear, what the differences are
|     434869 [connacte@gm ] # almost comment-sign, exception #{}. #method meaning that it's instance
|     434870 [connacte@gm ] Also, sorry for my bad English
+ 434871 [shortcutter@] $ ruby -ce '1 : 3'
+ 434875 [ryand-ruby@z] % ruby -e '1 : 3'

Building Single-Page Project Documentation Black-n-White Booklets w/ Ruby (e.g. Jekyll)
434872 [gerald.bauer] As an experiement I have built a couple of single-page project
+ 434873 [s.d.leitch@g] This is great! I°«ve been working with Jekyll a lot recently and have enjoyed it, but the intricacies aren°«t documented very well.
| 434874 [gerald.bauer] Thanks for your kind words.
+ 434977 [gerald.bauer] ;-) - and have moved all manuscripts and books to the new site.
  434988 [saji@u- iz .] Great idea! Will you be thinking of adding navigational functionality
  434994 [gerald.bauer] Thanks for you kind words

shorter form?
434877 [aberger7890@] How can i compress
+ 434878 [gb.samuel@gm] You can write (4 if b == 5).
| 434880 [aberger7890@] Thanks
| 434882 [recursive.ma] p a, *(4 if b == 5), c
+ 434879 [botpena@gm i] p a

Re: googleMails forwarding
434881 [aberger7890@] Sorry for citation - anyone knowing how to change this default in

Recursion memory consumption
434883 [aberger7890@] Can I avoid jumping back, if unnecessary  (filling up the stack with
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| 434889 [aberger7890@] What I wanted to show is that
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+ 434891 [aberger7890@] Another EXAMPLE
  434892 [geyslan@gm i] Are you talking about tail recursion?
  434893 [maximilianof] Yes, he is indeed talking about Tail Recursion. And the short answer is *no,
  434896 [aberger7890@] Thx!
  434897 [aberger7890@] I dont want to analyse the generated vm-code, but does anyone know how to

434888 [thomas.perki] A buddy of mine and I are going to do a hack feat together, we've come up with a few idea on what we would like to do but however I would like some suggestions on what can, and should be done.
+ 434894 [sto.mar@we .] "complete" = anything to anything ?!?
+ 434895 [aberger7890@] He maens the program will be complete, converting files completely, e.g.
  434898 [sto.mar@we .] @Berg
  434902 [aberger7890@] you havent seen the ' ;) ' ?
  434903 [thomas.perki] <http://lists.ruby-lang.org/cgi-bin/mailman/options/ruby-talk>
  434904 [hassan.schro] So that also implies e.g. "ods to png" in the definition of "complete"?
  434906 [aberger7890@] Would be very useful to also get a .pdf to .mid converter.
  434907 [peterhickman] once. There are plenty available.
  + 434908 [thomas.perki] Lol I'll get right on that!
  + 434909 [aberger7890@] I meant pdf(score) to mid.
    + 434910 [aberger7890@] DICOM is correct
    + 434921 [thomas.perki] <http://lists.ruby-lang.org/cgi-bin/mailman/options/ruby-talk>

[ANN] Reel 0.6.0 "Garland": a Celluloid::IO-powered HTTP(S) server
434899 [bascule@gm i] Reel is an "evented" web server based on the asynchronous Celluloid::IO

[ANN] yahns 1.12.0 -_- sleepy app server for Ruby
434900 [normalperson] A Free Software, multi-threaded, non-blocking network
434901 [normalperson] seems picky about getting EXACTLY the same args it got the

Henry°«s Themes - Free Jekyll Starter Themes incl. Bootstrap, Classic Books, etc.
434905 [gerald.bauer] Interested in getting started building website with Ruby?
434940 [gerald.bauer] A little update: More (static site) starter book themes for Jekyll & friends.

Re: Hack-fest :)
434911 [aberger7890@] not only ruby to exe but also

434912 [aberger7890@] [3,4].map { |i| " #{'%2i' %i}" }
+ 434913 [recursive.ma] <http://lists.ruby-lang.org/cgi-bin/mailman/options/ruby-talk>
+ 434914 [shortcutter@] This code is nonsense: two string construction mechanisms are used
  + 434915 [nathanielcfa] Not to be off topic, but I am not sure if A berger is trolling this mailing
  | 434917 [aberger7890@] No I know that my English is not adequate!
  | 434918 [matthew@ke w] compressed, maybe sometimes the understandability suffers.
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  | 434989 [hamerbro@ho ] <http://lists.ruby-lang.org/cgi-bin/mailman/options/ruby-talk>
  + 434916 [aberger7890@] Thanks for this hint!

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| 434929 [rob.biedenha] <http://lists.ruby-lang.org/cgi-bin/mailman/options/ruby-talk>
+ 434930 [hanlyusarang] In the *Ruby Core API Reference*, see the documentation for class *Random*,

Simple SQLite app GTK importing from mmssms.db and using GContacts
434925 [phil@pr co .] People,
434926 [fluido@fl id] This is a message of encouragement. The best usage of a computer is, I
434927 [mmschneerson] I am a relative newbie to Ruby and programming in general. But I would love

Rails 4 date_select multi-parameter attributes
434931 [raymond.m.ga] I've google'd a lot of stuff regarding how to work around the issue with

EOTS v0.0.2 allows HTML in labels and captions
434932 [ruby-talk.li] EOTS (Email Of The Species), the Ruby on Rails gem for easily

[ANN] minitest-bisect 1.3.1 Released
434933 [ryand-ruby@z] minitest-bisect version 1.3.1 has been released!

[ANN] ruby2ruby 2.3.0 Released
434934 [ryand-ruby@z] ruby2ruby version 2.3.0 has been released!

[ANN] sexp_processor 4.7.0 Released
434935 [ryand-ruby@z] sexp_processor version 4.7.0 has been released!

[ANN] ruby_parser 3.8.0 Released
434936 [ryand-ruby@z] ruby_parser version 3.8.0 has been released!

[ANN] ruby_parser 3.8.1 Released
434937 [ryand-ruby@z] ruby_parser version 3.8.1 has been released!

array columns
434938 [aberger7890@] [0,1,2,3].atttt(0..1, 3, 2) should give [0,1,3,2]
434939 [martindemell] What value of n? For instance, one could reasonably expect A + A = [[2, 4],

Re: [ANN] JRuby released! (REGRESSION calling using "rubyfied" calls to Java getters with arguments)
434941 [pragtob@gm i] <http://lists.ruby-lang.org/cgi-bin/mailman/options/ruby-talk>

[ANN] md2man 5.0.3 - markdown to manpage
434942 [sunaku@gm il] md2man is a Ruby library and a set of command-line programs that

[ANN] yahns 1.12.1 -_- sleepy app server for Ruby
434943 [normalperson] A Free Software, multi-threaded, non-blocking network

[ANN] mime-types 2.99.1 Released
434944 [halostatue@g] mime-types version 2.99.1 has been released!

method selection by type
434945 [aberger7890@] can i "automagically" select a method by type or count of args?
+ 434946 [matthew@ke w] Not the way you're writing it; but you can make #xx accept any oldargs,
+ 434947 [botpena@gm i] no. ruby favors dynamic typing wc allows any type and any number of arguments.
  434948 [aberger7890@] Thanks, that's exactly what I meant -- it is doable in Ruby!  :-)
  + 434949 [shortcutter@] But doable != desirable.
  | 434955 [aberger7890@] Im just in the evaluating phase, learning what is possible, and how things
  + 434950 [matthew@ke w] I'm pretty sure Ruby is Turing complete, so anything is doable. The

434951 [bee.lists@gm] HQ
+ 434952 [rob.biedenha] ### app.rb
+ 434953 [matthew@ke w] There's always the documentation
  434954 [bee.lists@gm] Thanks for the replies, guys.
  + 434956 [quintus@qu n] require_relative treats its path always relative to the file it is
  + 434957 [matthew@ke w] It says "
  | 434964 [bee.lists@gm] Think about what I said earlier.  Outside of any logic, I was having issues with it earlier and wanted to know the scope of the code.  If A calls B and B calls C (as in my case), I wanted to see how far C would remain active.  There are languages where that scope is limited.
  + 434958 [matthew@ke w] I don't understand that question. The Ruby **process** is what "includes"
    + 434959 [thomas.perki] <http://lists.ruby-lang.org/cgi-bin/mailman/options/ruby-talk>
    | 434960 [matthew@ke w] On 25 February 2016 at 12:20, thomas Perkins <thomas.perkins23@icloud.com>
    | 434966 [bee.lists@gm] At no point was I ever asking about loading a file for any data reasons, etc.  It was a question about the scope of inclusion of the functional code beyond a structure.
    | 434967 [matthew@ke w] etc.  It was a question about the scope of inclusion of the functional code
    | 434968 [bee.lists@gm] What I did say was that I had forgotten the issues involved.  I have done some messing around with some examples and then realized the require was within a method.
    | 434969 [matthew@ke w] 1. always use 'require' for system-wide libraries (gems, etc.)
    + 434961 [matthew@ke w] This is a slight lie (sorry.) If you declare any local variables in the
    + 434965 [bee.lists@gm] OK, that°«s what I was asking.

Re: Require + destroy/unload
434962 [aberger7890@] Whats the best way to destroy it?
434963 [matthew@ke w] I can't do much on my phone but suggest you look up undef, remove_method,

434970 [aberger7890@] how.can I.build a uniun (different variables/types at the same memory
+ 434971 [bkerley@br c] Why? It's in C for the sake of dealing with small registers or other space-sensitive situations, which don't really happen in Ruby.
+ 434972 [sto.mar@we .] Not clear what exactly you want to do, but you could have a look

Math correctness
434973 [aberger7890@] Having 10000.0/33*5*11*3
434974 [sto.mar@we .] I get 49999.9... also for ruby-2.0.0-p643 and ruby-1.9.3-p551.
434976 [aberger7890@] I have done it with irb

Re: bigdecimal
434978 [aberger7890@] I require "bigdecimal"
434981 [hassan.schro] Besides being an enjoyable language to use, Ruby has actual
434982 [aberger7890@] So do "I" have to extend/include it? require seems not to be enough, to_d
434983 [hassan.schro] Hassan Schroeder ------------------------ hassan.schroeder@gmail.com
434984 [aberger7890@] perhaps you could tell me which paragraph in

434979 [aberger7890@] in which context is the code of yield executed?
434980 [recursive.ma] <http://lists.ruby-lang.org/cgi-bin/mailman/options/ruby-talk>

AW:Re: bigdecimal
434985 [ralf.mueller] <http://lists.ruby-lang.org/cgi-bin/mailman/options/ruby-talk>
+ 434986 [thomas.perki] <http://lists.ruby-lang.org/cgi-bin/mailman/options/ruby-talk>
+ 434987 [aberger7890@] x.to_s("F"), y.to_f, (x+y).to_s("F")

BigDecimal - bug?
434990 [aberger7890@] * It seems that addition mentioned in previous mail points out a bug.
434996 [hassan.schro] "doesn't work"?
434997 [aberger7890@] Its nowhere stated, that .to_d also needs require .../util !
435003 [hassan.schro] % ri .to_d

AW:BigDecimal - bug?
434991 [ralf.mueller] <http://lists.ruby-lang.org/cgi-bin/mailman/options/ruby-talk>
434992 [aberger7890@] r=4/3.to_r
434993 [matthew@ke w] r = Rational(4, 3)
434995 [aberger7890@] precision for a Rational." but that was a no-brainer to resolve in

[ANN] md2man 5.1.0 - markdown to manpage
434998 [sunaku@gm il] md2man is a Ruby library and a set of command-line programs that

434999 [aberger7890@] I'm playjng with this for more than 2 hours - what is wrong here?
435000 [matthew@ke w] Ruby assignment always returns the right-hand side value. Any side-effects
+ 435006 [info@mr al n] But this is not an assignment, right?
| + 435007 [xesusmagarin] I am in the middle of reading "The Well-Grounded Rubyist" and correct me if
| + 435010 [shortcutter@] It is a regular Ruby method call.
+ 435008 [aberger7890@] Thanks for these [0,1] answers

[ANN] binman 5.1.0 - manpages from header comments
435001 [sunaku@gm il] binman generates manual pages from header comments in your scripts

Rack on Raspberry Pi?
435002 [peterwawood@] <http://lists.ruby-lang.org/cgi-bin/mailman/options/ruby-talk>
435004 [normalperson] rackup binds only to localhost by default.
435005 [peterwawood@] Eric

[ANN] raindrops 0.16.0 - real-time stats for preforking Rack servers
435009 [normalperson] raindrops is a real-time stats toolkit to show statistics for Rack HTTP

[ANN] yahns 1.12.2 -_- sleepy app server for Ruby
435011 [normalperson] A Free Software, multi-threaded, non-blocking network

Ruby UDP Socket [promiscuous mode]
435012 [patricia.mak] (supressed text/html)
+ 435013 [aberger7890@] Perhaps you can use the dumpcap library?
+ 435015 [aberger7890@] I dont know much about the details, you already know you need root-access?
| 435019 [patricia.mak] QmVyZ2VyOwpJIGRvbid0IHRoaW5rIHRoZSBwcm9ibGVtIGJlIGRlcGVuZGVudCBvbiByb290LWFj
| 435024 [konstantin@p] Patricia,
| 435035 [patricia.mak] bXkgdGVzdCBtYWNoaW5lIGlzIGFuIFVidW50dSBEZXNrdG9wLi4uIApTZUxpbnV4IGlzIG5vdCBw
+ 435025 [eliezer@ng e] Capture for what? Intercepting the connection or just copying the packets?
  435036 [patricia.mak] SW50ZXJjZXB0aW9uIEkgdGhpbmsuLi4KCjAxLjAzLjIwMTYsIDE1OjE4LCAiRWxpZXplciBDcm9p
  435060 [eliezer@ng e] - tproxy (netfilter\iptables)

Simple problem
435014 [aberger7890@] I thought  that should work?!
435016 [shortcutter@] You should read about scope in Ruby.
435018 [sauravkothar] I am not really sure about what is being done here. But
+ 435020 [shortcutter@] There's still no point in doing that.
| 435021 [sauravkothar] I agree that it does not correct the entirety of what is wrong here. But as
+ 435022 [aberger7890@] ok, first mistake found :)
  435026 [info@mr al n] defined(x) is what you need to see if a variable is defined.
  435030 [aberger7890@] Ok, thought defined would only be for methods
  435031 [matthew@ke w] As to 'unless first': because the parser reads from left to right.
  + 435032 [lelegaurav@g] As it (unless) is a modifier it should be the last part of the statement
  | 435037 [matthew@ke w] unless thingy.empty?
  + 435065 [aberger7890@] Does anyone know how to undefine a var?
    435066 [matthew@ke w] You can't, probably because variables are 'defined' in the parser (not at
    435067 [matthew@ke w] All that would give you is a parse error (at parse time, not at execution
    435068 [rob.biedenha] <http://lists.ruby-lang.org/cgi-bin/mailman/options/ruby-talk>
    435069 [aberger7890@] We can undefine methods and even consts, so I thought it would be possible