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Fails to require OpenSSL
429937 [hsarkar.007@] Hey! So I had a little bit of a problem!
+ 429938 [eugeniu.rtj@] ...
| 429941 [hsarkar.007@] No I'm running Ubuntu 12.04
+ 429942 [atma@co va e] charset=windows-1252

[ANN] clogger 2.0.2 - configurable request logging for Rack
429939 [normalperson] Clogger is Rack middleware for logging HTTP requests.  The log format

[ANN] RubyInstaller 2.0.0-p643 released
429940 [azolo1089@gm] I'm pleased to announce the release of RubyInstaller packages for Ruby

Custom yaml deserializing with psych
429943 [stefano.croc] I'm trying to convert my program from using syck to using psych. In my program,

A RubyMotion error
429948 [liuxiang921@] ...
429949 [ryand-ruby@z] This is a ruby list. Please ask the RubyMotion developers and/or list.

AUTO: Joerg Meidl is out of the office (Rkkehr am 03.03.2015)
429950 [Joerg.Meidl@] Ich kehre zur=FCck am 03.03.2015.

rails console not work
429951 [tianzy1225@t] ...

Ruby selected as a Google Summer of Code 2015 mentoring organization
429952 [bascule@gm i] I'm happy to announce that Google Summer of Code has accepted a toplevel
429953 [bar.hofesh@s] ...
429954 [bascule@gm i] I've reached out to the Rubinius folks. Would be great to have them
429955 [carlos.agari] That's great! :)
429956 [wbrisett@at ] This is great news.

[ANN] minitest-bonus-assertions 1.0 Released
429957 [halostatue@g] minitest-bonus-assertions version 1.0 has been released!

[ANN] RubyInstaller 2.2.1 released
429958 [azolo1089@gm] I'm pleased to announce the release of RubyInstaller packages for Ruby 2.2.1
429959 [phasis@gm il] ...

Re: [RubyInstaller] Re: [ANN] RubyInstaller 2.2.1 released
429960 [azolo1089@gm] Welp. Atleast I somewhat have an update.
429961 [phasis@gm il] Obviously Windows doesn't have a program named stty. But it is not a root
429962 [azolo1089@gm] Many thanks to Park Heesob.

2015 [w0mTea@16 .c] Dear developers,
429964 [ferdinandros] *Best regards*,
429965 [w0mTea@16 .c] ...
429967 [ferdinandros] point of contact for RubyGSOC2015. try to get in touch with him via

TryRuby 4: Spanish translation
429966 [info@ed hs n] ...
429968 [lazaro@hc .s] how could I help to translate ruby (or resources) to spanish?
429995 [jonitjuego@g] Una semana para traducir un prrafo con cuatro nmeros y dos titulares en
429996 [lazaro@hc .s] deberamos bloguear sobre Ruby on RoR en espaol, carecemos de una
429999 [jonitjuego@g] Estoy muy de acuerdo.
430000 [lazaro@hc .s] Peter Cupper (perterc) se dedica a emitir va email, unos boletines
430001 [jonitjuego@g] Me parece buena idea. Supongo que habr que suscribirse
+ 430003 [jonitjuego@g] aqu va el rss
+ 430004 [lazaro@hc .s] bueno yo recibo los boletines, se llama Ruby Weekly
  430006 [jonitjuego@g] # v.0001 #
  430007 [lazaro@hc .s] Me refiero a que deberamos hacer algo como lo que l hace.
  430008 [jonitjuego@g] ... entiendo, una especie de resumen traducidono?
  430009 [lazaro@hc .s] Thread name: "Re: TryRuby 4: Spanish translation"
  430011 [jonitjuego@g] Podemos utilizar mi blog. Puedo darte permisos para que puedas publicar...
  430012 [lazaro@hc .s] pero por que blogsport si tenemos octopress?

[ANN] Rabbit 2.1.6
429969 [kou@co mi ng] Rabbit 2.1.6 has been released!
429970 [botpena@gm i] kind regards -botp
429976 [kou@co mi ng] Oh... You're right!

Global method creations in Ruby
429971 [aruprakshit@] In Ruby, I can create global methods 2 ways as far as I know. One is inside `Kernel` module or inside the `Obect` class.

How can we restart WEBrick in ruby 2.2?
429972 [goodies@co e] I have a problem with ruby 2.2 + Middleman which calls =
429977 [ryand-ruby@z] /Users/koji/.rbenv/versions/2.2.1/lib/ruby/2.2.0/webrick/server.rb:174:in =
429978 [goodies@co e] OK, I will. Thanks.

TTY Input Buffer Issue
429973 [zach.dennis@] I've got a strange input buffer issue that seems to exist with a

Getting to know Ruby internals
429974 [jef.abraham@] I got hold of this PDF from https://ruby-hacking-guide.github.io/.
+ 429975 [normalperson] Some parts have changed a bit, some parts maybe not so much (I've never
| 429989 [myjunkmailso] Thanks John Abraham for pointing me to the hacking guide link!  Its been instrumental in me understanding the anatomy for Ruby as a language.  Ive just started reading the minimal introduction to ruby section and theres something that I dont completely get about the NEW method.
| 430018 [jonitjuego@g] I'm having trouble contacting Steve Litt, I just finished the translation
+ 429982 [jb3689@ya oo] ...
  429983 [ryand-ruby@z] Microscope to be a good overview. I'm not sure how current it is, but =

Ruby unable to require openssl
429979 [hsarkar.007@] Hey guys. so I had a little problem.

[ANN] yahns 1.6.0 -_- sleepy app server for Ruby
429986 [normalperson] A Free Software, multi-threaded, non-blocking network application server

[ANN] minitest-sprint 1.1.0 Released
429990 [ryand-ruby@z] minitest-sprint version 1.1.0 has been released!

[ANN] debride 1.0.0 Released
429991 [ryand-ruby@z] debride version 1.0.0 has been released!

[ANN] sexp_processor 4.5.0 Released
429992 [ryand-ruby@z] sexp_processor version 4.5.0 has been released!

429997 [lazaro@hc .s] What Happend with $SAFE=4

My first GEM
429998 [bar.hofesh@s] ...
+ 430002 [eshurmin@gm ] def self.request(business_logic_params)
+ 430005 [recursive.ma] a) use 2 spaces for indentation
+ 430010 [hassan.schro] 1) pretty much ignores Ruby conventions across the board
+ 430017 [bar.hofesh@s] ...
  430019 [bee.lists@gm] Sounds like youve navigated some interesting land.  Any blog posts on the experience?
  430026 [bar.hofesh@s] ...

Add trailing zero in Ruby using format string technique
430021 [aruprakshit@] "%g" % 1.0 # 1
430022 [rajsahae@gm ] ...
430025 [halostatue@g] This is covered well in the documentation on sprintf (ri sprintf or man 2
430027 [aruprakshit@] [arup@~]$ irb
430028 [martindemell] You cannot right-pad an integer with 0s using sprintf because that
430029 [jdawgaz@gm i] maybe I don't understand the question, but why not just multiply the 2nd

[ANN] cmdparse 3.0.0 released
430024 [t_leitner@gm] I just released version 3.0.0 of cmdparse, an advanced CLI command

[ANN] ruby_parser 3.6.5 Released
430030 [ryand-ruby@z] ruby_parser version 3.6.5 has been released!

[ANN] minitest-focus 1.1.1 Released
430031 [ryand-ruby@z] minitest-focus version 1.1.1 has been released!

Re: ruby https post 401 failure
430032 [jwjjj1983@gm] I always get 401 with the following ruby code. But the similar C# code

[ANN] transit-ruby-0.8.586
430033 [dchelimsky@g] transit-ruby-0.8.586 is released for ruby and jruby!

Introduce My self and request more information on GSoC project "JIT Compiler"
430034 [upekshej.11@] I am Upekshe Jayasekera from University of Moratuwa. I am studying Computer
430035 [w0mt3a@gm il] You can visit this site: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/rubygsoc
430036 [upekshej.11@] Thanks :) .
430037 [matz@ru y. r] Check RuJIT before starting your JIT project.
430039 [upekshej.11@] Thank you Yukihiro, I will look into that :) .
430040 [upekshej.11@] I mean I really like the Idea of new Compiler. But now it seemed the
430047 [ruthlykk@gm ] software do I need to be able to do this?
430048 [fluido@fl id] Ruby is an interpreted language. You need the interpreter, thus. Read

[ANN] cmdparse 3.0.1 released
430038 [t_leitner@gm] I just released a new version of cmdparse, an advanced CLI command

GSoC project nio4r
430041 [upekshej.11@] I would like to know more about the GSoC project 'neo4r'. I read that the
430043 [bascule@gm i] I'm really glad to hear you're interested in working on nio4r! I'd also be
+ 430044 [upekshej.11@] ...
| 430045 [bascule@gm i] That's a really good question! Let me do some research to see if there's
| + 430046 [ruthlykk@gm ] me on the software  I need to program in Ruby?
| | 430049 [msms6174@gm ] yi gnler.
| | 430050 [ruthlykk@gm ] Thank you that has been of assistance
| + 430051 [w0mt3a@gm il] I find Python Software Foundation has a detailed template for proposal.
|   + 430052 [carlos.agari] Hey Tony,
|   | 430053 [upekshej.11@] Thanx Yule and Thanx Carlos. I'll follow one of the above mentioned
|   + 430055 [headius@he d] ...
+ 430075 [upekshej.11@] ...
| 430104 [bascule@gm i] I don't know a whole lot about Ruby on Windows but I pinged someone who
+ 430105 [upekshej.11@] ...
  430107 [bascule@gm i] Cool, sounds good!
  + 430113 [upekshej.11@] ...
  + 430114 [upekshej.11@] ...

[ANN] webgen 1.4.0 - static website generator
430042 [t_leitner@gm] ## About webgen

Ruby GSoC 2015 Ruboto mentor
430054 [uwe@ku os h.] ...

Class exists, but resolves to nil in some contexts
430056 [peter.hicks@] All,
430057 [peter.hicks@] All,
430059 [fxn@ha hr f.] If that was a bug in Ruby it would be terribly broken. Can you reproduce
430061 [shortcutter@] I am not sure: you would usually either access the class via
430062 [r.stansfield] For what it's worth using both 2.2.0p0 and 2.2.1p85 what you describe seems
430063 [shortcutter@] That would not result in a nil response - it just does not initialize the
430064 [r.stansfield] Yeah I know it wouldn't return nil, I had considered that he might be

Week #11 worldlite, Week #12 logutils - Ruby Gem of the Week Series @ Planet Ruby
430058 [gerald.bauer] I've published new gems in the Ruby Gem of the Week series [1] (w/

Ruby GSoC 2015: Student Applications Open
430060 [bascule@gm i] If you're a student who's interested in getting paid to work on Ruby OSS

JRuby in Google Summer of Code 2015
430065 [headius@he d] JRuby will participate in Google Summer of Code 2015 under the Ruby

Re: Invitacin de Grupos de Google: [off-topic]Blog_ruby
430066 [lazaro@hc .s] The nuevo spanish blog is here http://ruidorojo.herokuapp.com/

configuracion de usuario
430067 [jonitjuego@g] hola,
430068 [fluido@fl id] From what I know, this message indicates that you are including
+ 430069 [eugeniu.rtj@] Hola, mira si pusiste l  en alguna clase o alguna variable o algun acento.
+ 430070 [jonitjuego@g] thankyou very much, that resolved the problem, thank you
  + 430071 [jonitjuego@g] Me pasaron un rakeFile para generar los metadatos donde incluir el artculo
  + 430072 [fluido@fl id] That depends on the code that manages your strings. Ruby, based on
    430073 [jonitjuego@g] That does not sound good. I think I'll avoid accents, at least in the code of

[ANN] debride 1.1.0 Released
430074 [ryand-ruby@z] debride version 1.1.0 has been released!
430076 [jonitjuego@g] I am one of the editors of CodigoRojo <http://ruidorojo.herokuapp.com/>.
+ 430077 [HANSEM1@na i] This is a multipart message in MIME format.
+ 430079 [ruby-talk.li] Presumably "Continuous Integration".  I don't know if the term
  430080 [jonitjuego@g] Thankyou very much.

Getting error "Net::FTPReplyError" in Ruby
430078 [aruprakshit@] I am having problem with Ruby standard lib net/ftp .

430081 [jdymond1@un ] ...

A new blog post, Ruby and SSL
430082 [bar.hofesh@s] ...
430089 [abinoam@gm i] Congratulations!
430099 [thyagobr@gm ] Nice!

Intercept setting an instance variable
430083 [mcpierce@gm ] I'm developing some code that needs to intercept when an instance
+ 430084 [fbranczyk@me] You may want to look into Aspect Oriented Programming, unfortunately I
| 430085 [jorgeg625@gm] buenos das espero te sirva.
| 430086 [jonitjuego@g] muy bueno, gracias
+ 430087 [alex@st nk .] This may be impossible (though I'm happy to be proven wrong). Ruby
| + 430088 [jonitjuego@g] Equipo
| | 430091 [mcpierce@gm ] Sorry, how do either of these links relate to the question?
| | + 430092 [mitchellryan] If you're just trying to get notified on method calls rather than, say,
| | | 430096 [mcpierce@gm ] Not method calls, but assignments and updates to instance variables on
| | | 430097 [mitchellryan] I don't have a ton of direct experience with TracePoint or the Ruby source
| | | 430098 [mcpierce@gm ] 0/variable.c#L2645),
| | + 430093 [jonitjuego@g] just trying to help, dont panic. Sorry my ignorance Master.
| |   + 430094 [emberbrown@g] ...
| |   + 430095 [mcpierce@gm ] And I'm asking you how it would apply to my situation.
| + 430090 [mcpierce@gm ] My project (Qpid Proton) involves wrapping a C messaging library in Ruby
+ 430100 [ryand-ruby@z] now
  + 430101 [ddadekunle@g] Sent from my iPhone
  | 430102 [ryand-ruby@z] Not with such a vague question. And don't hijack threads.
  | 430103 [ddadekunle@g] Ok
  + 430106 [mcpierce@gm ] o hooks for such a thing (there are hooked variables that you can trace, bu=
    430108 [ryand-ruby@z] There are a lot of positive side-effects to using that pattern. First, =
    430109 [alex@st nk .] Not to mention, there is a school of OO thought that holds that

GSOC project-Cross-thread Fiber support
430110 [oshosurya@gm] support" and would appreciate if it's possible to talk about it to its

[ANN] daigaku 0.0.1 released
430111 [paul.christo] I'm pleased to announce the very first release of Daigaku, a CLI and

rails-livestamp 1.1.3 Released
430112 [bunlong.van@] Dear all,

Need help with Method
430115 [leamhall@gm ] Okay, maybe the coffee hasn't kicked in or I've forgotten what little
+ 430116 [recursive.ma] It would be easier to figure out, with the entire code. If you really
| 430117 [leamhall@gm ] Hehe...I'm well aware that my Ruby-Fu has room for growth. So far I
| 430120 [botpena@gm i] i would try something like,
+ 430118 [shortcutter@] I would not do that. Instead, I would let the method return a Hash with all
  430119 [shortcutter@] Meant to say: more efficient _and more robust_. Reason is, that should

Gem install failure...
430121 [mcpierce@gm ] I'm the package maintainer on Fedora for two projects that include Ruby

wiringpi2 gem is now broke for raspberry pi 2
430122 [jdawgaz@gm i] Just got my raspberry pi 2. Happy days! well almost ...
430123 [mike@st k. a] ...
430124 [jdawgaz@gm i] Thanks for the link. I was on the rubygems page. Didn't think to look on
430125 [peterwawood@] ...
430126 [jdawgaz@gm i] Unless they have recently ddated probably not. With a little looking, it

Why Object#inspect is redirecting call to the Kernel module ?
430127 [aruprakshit@] class String
430128 [rob.biedenha] On 2015-Mar-24, at 15:17 , Arup Rakshit <aruprakshit@rocketmail.com> =
430129 [abinoam@gm i] I think Arup is refering to the fact that theres an inspect method in
430130 [abinoam@gm i] [Sorry for stripping the message... repeating...]
430131 [aruprakshit@] Thanks for showing. I really don't know the actual intention of documenting methods of Kernel inside the Object. As per the Ruby documentation, Object#inspect(http://ruby-doc.org/core-2.2.1/Object.html#method-i-inspect) is basically Kernel#inspect. Well here something weird I found again.

Question about getting user information from Active Directory
430132 [rexzhang@ci ] ...
430133 [eveith@ww eb] According to the documentation [1], you can either use the #get_attr instance
430136 [rexzhang@ci ] ...
430137 [eveith@ww eb] What happens when you just do
430150 [rexzhang@ci ] ...
430151 [msms6174@gm ] I guess this is a Ruby-related issue. What version of Ruby do you use?
430152 [rexzhang@ci ] ...
430153 [msms6174@gm ] I have researched and saw required `Time` class was not required in the
430154 [rexzhang@ci ] ...
430155 [2upmedia@gm ] ...
430156 [rexzhang@ci ] ...

[ANN] debride 1.2.0 Released
430134 [ryand-ruby@z] debride version 1.2.0 has been released!

[ANN] debride-erb 1.0.0 Released
430135 [ryand-ruby@z] debride-erb version 1.0.0 has been released!

RVM PATH & Version Confusion
430138 [bee.lists@gm] Warning! PATH is not properly set up, '/Users/rich/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.2.1/bin' is not at first place,
430139 [eveith@ww eb] =80=9D
430140 [bee.lists@gm] Thanks for the reply.
430148 [eveith@ww eb] Good.
430205 [bee.lists@gm] Sorry about the delay.  Some emergencies on this side.
433285 [eveith@ww eb] Hey,
433290 [eveith@ww eb] Ok, that looks good.
433291 [bee.lists@gm] ich$ [[ $- == *i* ]] && echo 'Interactive' || echo 'Not interactive'
433292 [eveith@ww eb] Just as an idea: rename ~/.bashrc. It doesn't seems as if you'd need it
+ 433293 [eveith@ww eb] In fact, in ~/.bash_profile is also an export PATH=~/.rvm... stanza. That
| 433295 [bee.lists@gm] Warning! PATH is not properly set up, =
+ 433294 [bee.lists@gm] OK, .bashrc is renamed .bashrcOLD
  433296 [eveith@ww eb] And from the other e-mail I see you also removed the additional "export=
  433297 [bee.lists@gm] Correct.
  433298 [eveith@ww eb] sion.  So I get
  433299 [bee.lists@gm] Thats what Ive been using.  It gets old quickly.  Heh.
  433303 [eveith@ww eb] use
  433304 [bee.lists@gm] Heh, now it wont let me require mysql2'