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^ mkmf and extconf.rb
42701 [ian caliban.] I'm using the mkmf module to create a Makefile for a C extension I'm
+ 42705 [ian caliban.] I've managed to figure this out. libruby.a was getting linked in by
+ 42744 [lyle knology] ...

^ oferta prodcutes
42702 [INFOPCS terr] ...

^ [ANN] Ruby/Password 0.1.0
42710 [ian caliban.] This is to announce Ruby/Password.

^ top.sh 600元人民币/年!top.tv $1,500.00美元/年?!
42711 [sanry 21cn.c] 由于.COM的资源日渐减少,.tv .sh .biz等新国际域名从一出来就受到全世界的注目,

^ Japanese Ruby books
42713 [jack_d_herri] I've bought all of the English language Ruby books in print at the moment.
+ 42714 [mps discomsy] I happen to have seen a book on Ruby/GTK I would have been interested in
+ 42716 [tobiasreif p] Here's a nice cover I found a while ago; unfortunately, I don't know if
+ 42718 [matz ruby-la] Define "good" ;-)  We have at least 20 Ruby books here.
  42723 [jack_d_herri] Anything written by you. ;-)
  + 42805 [mps discomsy] An update...
  + 42977 [matz ruby-la] (the direct translation from the original title)

^ binary dls [was opengl for ruby]
42717 [ccos bigpond] hey,
+ 42719 [michael_s_ca] Nothing says you can't do more than 1 thing.  Besides, c and unix[en]
| 42725 [tobiasreif p] For me, it worked through pain. Two weeks of learning Java resulted in
+ 42726 [list NOSPAMc] I don't think I'll ever be able to reach ``everything'', but I'm

^ Re: FxRuby
42720 [lyle knology] #<Fox::FXTableRange:0x40f65eec> (NameError)

^ tk question and tk solution
42721 [Jean-Francoi] I don't remember how to change (or hide) the mouse cursor with tk. (and
42802 [nagai ai.kyu] How about the following BalloonHelp class?

^ Re: in-place editing part two
42727 [todd ducklan] what if one needed to make several changes through out the file?
+ 42728 [ian caliban.] ARGV.replace(['Makefile'])
| 42729 [todd ducklan] thanks...I had tried that, but I forgot the "!" in the previous line.
+ 42732 [ned bike-nom] ARGV.replace(['Makefile'])

^ 1.6.6 debugger: cat nil and breakpoints
42730 [chris.morris] 1.6.6 on Windows.
42731 [chris.morris] Huh -- now it seems to be working. Sorry all.
42770 [nahi keynaut] Good.

^ Rhein Main Ruby
42738 [ahumphreys D] Any Ruby-ists in the Rhein Main area of Germany? I'm thinking about
42752 [pit capitain] According to http://www.rubygarden.org/ruby?RubyUserGroups

^ Newbie question
42739 [Steve.Merric] ...
+ 42741 [jlj cfdrc.co] ...
+ 42749 [spectra debi] I am also a newbie, but I think you're in the wrong path. According to the
+ 42753 [han pobox.co] Have a look at Kernel#test for the entire Perl/shell scala of tests.
  42798 [Steve.Merric] ...

^ erupy with action and post
42740 [manfred mobi] </head>
42756 [sean chitten] <%
42794 [manfred mobi] only this run for me
42796 [sean chitten] Ahh. yeah, brain-o, sorry.  CGI#[] returns an array, not a string.

^ Ruby and CLIPS?
42746 [lyle users.s] Does a Ruby interface to CLIPS (http://www.ghg.net/clips/CLIPS.html)
42761 [rich infoeth] Not that I have found.  I am also interested in integrating Ruby with
42768 [lyle knology] ...

^ ruby-libxml (was: Re: REXML in C)
42755 [sean chitten] How about projects that will have a REXML like interface but are

^ mod_ruby make error
42757 [bigdog venti] I have just downloaded the mod_ruby from cvs and when I try to run make I am
42759 [sean ruby-la] [moving to modruby@modruby.net]

^ releasing system?
42760 [martine cs.w] I think I'm ready for an initial release of Ruby/Evas.
+ 42797 [tobiasreif p] * ruby-talk (subject "[ann] foo")
+ 42809 [lyle users.s] Sadly, there is no real standard for this yet (although I think we
  42811 [pate eylerfa] For distribution, may I suggest looking at rubynet, this is the
  42813 [lyle users.s] Well, I am an idiot. I had no idea this project existed (when was this

^ rubycam.rb v 1.7 CGI webcam script for use with cqcam, etc...
42765 [JUNK_pvnews1] I don't want to mess with Sourceforge, so consider this my form of
43508 [pvnews1 NOSP] Want to clarify that some redundancy existed in that post - the relevant

^ Why is I/O slow?
42771 [cjh_nospam m] Ok, folk, time to try again. It's nothing to do with SHA-1.
+ 42776 [Dave Pragmat] dave[/tmp 0:58:39] cat >cat.rb
| + 42779 [Dave Pragmat] Forget it - I misread the times in your original post.
| + 42783 [cjh_nospam m] Thanks Dave. Hopefully someone will profile the code and find some
+ 42780 [ruby-talk je] 0.090u 5.100s 0:53.85 9.6%	0+0k 0+0io 122pf+0w
| + 42781 [ruby-talk je] ...
| + 42791 [cjh_nospam m] Sigh. Why do they *always* do it the haaard way... :-)
|   + 42792 [cjh_nospam m] Sorry to keep banging on about this, but a quick check reveals that
|   + 42801 [ruby-talk je] That's strange. My GNU cat does not use mmap. It uses read() and
|   | 42803 [ruby-talk je] On another note, mmap cannot be used as a generic reading
|   + 42819 [pbrannan atd] require 'dl/import'
|   + 42829 [matz ruby-la] It's due to stdio buffering.  In the future version, Ruby will do its
|     42831 [cjh_nospam m] But our tests on Linux with fread and glibc indicate that there is no
|     + 42833 [austin halos] Why not? It is, after all, dependent upon the presence of a
|     | 42852 [cjh_nospam m] I certainly didn't mean to start a Linux/Windows war - I make a living
|     + 42836 [michael_s_ca] There are other systems out there that don't have the luxury of glibc...
|     | 42838 [alwagner tca] Isn't it sad that when good stuff is invented on Linux that we rush to make it
|     | + 42839 [austin halos] No.
|     | | + 42849 [ian caliban.] I couldn't agree more.
|     | | | 42851 [paul prescod] Not most people I know! My observation is that very few people learn
|     | | | 42853 [james rubyxm] This matches my observations as well; I could never imagine convincing my
|     | | | + 42856 [ian caliban.] That was my point, really. If you want to move past the beginner
|     | | | + 42870 [tobiasreif p] Please don't take this as an offense, but didn't you say you're writing
|     | | | | 42871 [james rubyxm] James
|     | | | + 43278 [detering isk] Hmm. And that is, why MS praises every version for having
|     | | + 42865 [alwagner tca] <sniip>
|     | + 42866 [michael_s_ca] <devils-advocate>  Occasionally, it's not up to each individual user;
|     |   42867 [alwagner tca] I know.  That's why it's sad.
|     + 42846 [cjh_nospam m] Sorry, must have tested the wrong version somehow - read is still slow.
|     + 42855 [matz ruby-la] "stdio" just doesn't provide the way to distinguish buffered and
|       + 42864 [pbrannan atd] What about using setvbuf()?  It's part of the C standard, and can be
|       | 42872 [matz ruby-la] But, to avoid double copying we are talking, I think we need to know
|       + 42879 [ian caliban.] But if you're agreeing that you don't need to tweak the buffer with
|         + 42889 [chris darkro] Because it makes debugging easier? Trust me, going just down one route
|         | + 42898 [austin halos] Would it not be possible to make it something that is a compile-time
|         | | 42913 [chris darkro] Yes completely possible. But that is what I am saying matz wants to
|         | | 42918 [ian caliban.] Just run ./configure --help to see all the possible compile-time
|         | + 42901 [ian caliban.] It doesn't need to be an option. Just have autoconf detect the
|         + 42927 [matz ruby-la] I don't know (yet) whether I don't need to tweak the buffer with
+ 42786 [nobu.nokada ] What version do you use?  Read is slow in 1.6, but improved in
| 42790 [cjh_nospam m] 1.6.6, which I think is the latest published Debian package.
| 42807 [Radek Hnilic] ...
+ 43767 [bobx linuxma] What version? I believe from prior postings to this newsgroup that 1.6.7
  43905 [cjh_nospam m] Yes. "ruby cat.rb < /tmp/ten_megabytes > /dev/null" takes 0.15s with 1.6.7,

^ can super call a method multiple classes higher in the hierarchy?
42772 [ian caliban.] Am I right in thinking that if I call super from method foo in class
+ 42773 [ruby-talk je] That's what inheritance in OOP does.
+ 42787 [katins.juerg] ...
  + 42788 [katins.juerg] ...
  + 42795 [ian caliban.] Thanks. I'd already read that section in the pickaxe book and, while

^ rdoc chokes...
42775 [hal9000 hype] Dave and/or whomever,
+ 42778 [Dave Pragmat] Oh yes it is!  :)
+ 42814 [Dave Pragmat] Fixed in the latest CVS.

^ ruby source code for pop3 server?
42789 [duy_anh hotm] ...
+ 42793 [droux tuks.c] This is just so funny. Since we all know this is for a class project ;-)
+ 42810 [lyle users.s] When I did a google search for "pop3 server ruby", the first link it

^ ruby-xmlparser works only with strings
42804 [fritz.heinri] Is it possible to use ruby-xmlparser (expat) with streams (files)? Would

^ What rational for failure of ("" << nil) and of ("" << :Foo) ?
42806 [jean_hugues_] What is the rational for failure of "" << nil and of "" << :Foo ?
42890 [dblack candl] See whether <http://www.ruby-talk.org/blade/11223>, which was my shot
42919 [james rubyxm] That page comes up in Japanese.
42921 [dblack candl] Japanese in lynx.  I can't quite puzzle through why, but thanks for

^ AW: Rhein Main Ruby
42808 [wesken gmx.d] I'm a ruby-newbie from Heidelberg. I would like to participate at a

^ profiler, which one is thread safe ?
42815 [jean_hugues_] I am optimizing some code and a profiler would help.
42817 [ned bike-nom] ...
43013 [jean_hugues_] Thanks for the attached code. I did not used it directly, instead I

^ ANNOUNCE: FXRuby-1.0.11 Now Available
42816 [jlj cfdrc.co] ...
42818 [vjoel PATH.B] Lyle, this file seems to be corrupted, and too small (9179 bytes). The
42820 [ian caliban.] It's on a redirect, so things like wget go wrong. Use Lynx instead.
42821 [vjoel PATH.B] I guess so. I was using Konqueror (which has worked on sf mirrors

^ about Ruby/Tk documents
42822 [mxiao ee.ual] I am just wondering if anyone can tell me where I can find some documents
42827 [Jean-Francoi] that's all I have ...
42828 [alwagner tca] Also, the Perl/Tk pocket reference is pretty good.  But you have to translate
42906 [mxiao ee.ual] Thanks, your advices are very helpful.

^ Re: (quite OT) Are Unix tools just slow?
42823 [rawlins cs.u] rs
42835 [gehlker fast] Shame on me for oversimplifying for someone who is going to read references.

^ resolv.rb memory usage / core dumps
42824 [bhilton vpop] In using resolv.rb (ruby 1.6.7) to do name lookups, I noticed that the
42837 [nobu.nokada ] Refer the thread from [ruby-talk:38525].

^ RE: Welcome to our (ruby-talk ML) You are added automatically
42825 [Garry.Cooke ] ____________________________________________________________

^ [ann] ruby/evas 1.0
42826 [martine cs.w] I've released Ruby/Evas 1.0.
43008 [pabs pablotr] [snipped]

^ binding arrow keys in Tk
42832 [vjoel PATH.B] Anyone know how to bind arrow keys in Tk? The first bind call below does
42834 [alwagner tca] # Keyboard and Button Bindings
42847 [vjoel PATH.B] Thanks! Following your example, 'Key-Right' worked.

^ GDBM on Ruby 1.6.6 for Windows
42840 [hal9000 hype] I confess to being a frequent Windows

42857 [nick.stevens] These people must think we're stupid!

^ Linux v. Windows (dangerous topic) (was "Re: Why is I/O slow?")
42843 [rick rickbra] Agreed, at least on the ONLY part.  Having been Windows free since ~97,
42848 [ian caliban.] I disagree. Who's to say what the ideal is?

^ detecting a socket dropping in multi-threaded app
42858 [mark.firesto] I'm still working on my Ruby BBS project.  I need to be able to run some
42887 [why rysa.ine] begin
42905 [mark.firesto] Thanks for your reply.  I had tried doing what you described, and it never
42909 [jonathan ine] Yep.  You could wrap all socket read/writes in the begin..rescue block.
42944 [mark.firesto] How about this?  My @who data structure is shared with a mutex between the
43004 [jonathan ine] Yep.  That's a reasonable idea.  As long as you're sure the user's Thread dies, this should work.
43007 [pbrannan atd] Why not wrap your thread with an ensure block that removes the person

^ (OT) Right Tool [Re: Why is I/O slow?]
42860 [austin halos] Deployment, yes. Development, no. In my Previous Life (tm), I did a
+ 42881 [list chromat] As a personal note: I had two years of experience in Delphi, and after
| 42891 [chris darkro] Delphi was [and still is] fantastic. I got my teeth really dirty with it
| + 42896 [list chromat] I agree, of course.  My statement was that IDEs are not necessarily
| + 42899 [austin halos] What I *really* want to do -- and I'm looking at Apollo for this --
|   + 42914 [chris darkro] Hmmm, tasty :)
|   + 42922 [hal9000 hype] Hear, hear. Best of both worlds, and all that.
+ 42888 [ian caliban.] There are still many areas like this: financial software, vertical
  43279 [detering isk] No. In Win2K MS declared blue screen a standard feature :-) .

^ Re: Why is I/O slow? (OT)
42861 [austin halos] I think that you'd be quite surprised. I'm still finding
42885 [ian caliban.] I don't use X apps very much. Pretty much the only X apps I regularly

42862 [wjl icecaver] Even though the rest sounded utterly believable ... nobody could believe

^ Matz's new book?
42863 [ADATE kc.rr.] ...

42868 [michael_s_ca] For what, hoping that we fall for it, or quoting the entire thing for

^ (ot) linux zealotry annoys me
42873 [austin halos] Not true. A shallow learning curve is only part of it, but it is a
42874 [alwagner tca] Obviously, "regex for breakfast" isn't the Breakfast of Champions.
+ 42878 [elanthis awe] /me gets a stomach ache just thinking about it.  ~,^
+ 42895 [austin halos] No, it's simply not what my expertise is, and I don't have a need or

^ How to use SSH from the cmd line in Ruby?
42876 [mbass rolemo] Since an SSH package for Ruby doesn't exist right now, I have been
+ 42903 [djberge qwes] You could do it this way via 'expect', though that module is still a bit
+ 42981 [tsiivola cc.] Just guessing, but I believe ssh implementations typically connect directly
  43009 [pabs pablotr] Yup.

^ OT: Linux zealotry etc.
42877 [hal9000 hype] Guys, this is the nearest thing I've seen
+ 42880 [matz ruby-la] Thanks, Hal.  OK, everyone, take a breath, cool down.
| 42883 [pate eylerfa] Woohoo!  With Hal's recommendation that we all right some ruby code to
+ 42882 [alwagner tca] You are right, of course.  It only takes a spark when things are dry.  I'm

^ parser for LISP
42884 [mxiao ualber] I am new to ruby, and now I will write a parser for LISP-like language in
+ 42892 [ruby-talk je] I've been thinking about doing a parser for sometime. But I don't have
+ 42894 [list chromat] There is a LISP interpreter written in Python on sourceforge.net
| 42910 [jonathan ine] The URL didn't work for me..
+ 42942 [aamine mx.ed] There are some lisp interpreters written in Ruby.

^ Re: Linux zealotry etc.
42886 [kevlindev ke] I'm glad to hear that this is the case.  I joined the list last night and

^ Mixin using append_features and class<<self do not work together
42893 [meier meiste] First, I'm new to ruby so please forgive if I read over the solution in
+ 42900 [robert.calco] Here something conceptually related to what you are trying to do. This is a
+ 42902 [dblack candl] Welcome nuby!
  + 42976 [vjoel PATH.B] module B
  + 43212 [meier meiste] To be honest I don't remember the exact reason why I uses

^ [OT] OT
42897 [tobiasreif p] I agree that there's way to much OT traffic; please get back to Ruby.

^ a Perl script's interaction with Ruby's system call
42904 [W.L.Kleb lar] I'm trying to invoke a perl script (epstopdf) with Ruby's system command
42926 [ned bike-nom] #! /usr/bin/env perl
+ 42941 [nobu.nokada ] Now ruby can't run a script without #! line (ruby-bugs:PR#315).
+ 43012 [W.L.Kleb lar] This is third party stuff installed on all sorts of machines that

^ Looking for the Ruby way for the following
42912 [W.L.Kleb lar] Currently I am using the following rather ugly bit of Ruby code
+ 42915 [dblack candl] fn_width = file_list.map {|f| File.basename(f).size}.max + 1
+ 42916 [austin halos] Why not use #inject()? It seems like it would be the natural choice
| 42917 [dblack candl] I confess I am #inject-ly challenged.  Can you show how this would
| 42920 [austin halos] I believe that it would be something like (adapted from the Pickaxe
| 42923 [dblack candl] You could wed the cleanness of #map to the #inject version -- you'd
+ 42924 [ned bike-nom] 1 + file_list.each { |fn| File.basename(fn).length }.max
  42925 [ned bike-nom] er...

42928 [dr_isa mailc] LAGOS-NIGERIA E-mail:dr_isa50@mailcity.com or dr_isax@gotmail.com

^ Restrict outside posts? (was Re: GOOD DEAL)
42929 [pmak animegl] Is this list closed to outside posting? If not, I would like to
42930 [dossy panopt] Block spam client-side.  Stop replying to it.
42947 [bigbill.smit] Yeah, but I've been doing that for years, and the sh*t keeps coming.
+ 42949 [khindenburg ] I agree with Dossy; why should all the people on this list have to
+ 42952 [dossy panopt] Learn from your mistakes and block better.  ;-)
  42958 [brailsmt yah] Learn from other's successes and block the spam at the server.  This is
  + 42959 [rick rickbra] I'm on another list which has a similar problem, but the admin doesn't
  | 42960 [james rubyxm] Ruby Garden poll?
  | 42961 [rick rickbra] Sounds like a good idea to me.
  + 42967 [tyrak borgsh] I guess you're not subscribed to any of the debian lists.