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^ Re: OT!!! Are Unix tools just slow?
42508 [mghall enter] To find all the files on the system means to walk the entire directory
42510 [tobiasreif p] PDP-11/70 Connected...booting...

^ opengl for ruby, please help
42513 [ccos bigpond] [localhost:DLs/compressed/opengl] user% ls
+ 42515 [nobu.nokada ] You haven't installed C compiler.
| 42517 [ccos bigpond] i have installed it.
| 42519 [elanthis awe] What OS are you on?  If you are on a Linux box, it will be called gcc
| 42523 [nobu.nokada ] Seems MacOS X.
+ 42524 [alwyn alwyn.] sudo ln -s /usr/bin/cc /usr/local/bin/gcc
  42526 [ccos bigpond] yeah it is darwin, and the compiler is cc,
  42527 [ccos bigpond] ok i still get errors, see below.
  42544 [ned bike-nom] You don't have the glut include files installed or on the proper
  42567 [ccos bigpond] ...
  42575 [ned bike-nom] It's looking for it to be in one of the -I paths (like, for instance,

^ XMLRPC problem!
42528 [rahmanian pa] *****************************
+ 42536 [ahumphreys D] Hmmm, works for me. Which platform are you running on?
+ 42537 [kentda stud.] I beat my head alot on this one myself, once.
  42605 [frankm bayar] If NQXML is installed, also check that you have version 1.1.3p1 ...
  42633 [djberge qwes] I'm having the same problem.  I was going to use the REXML parser, but I
  42642 [uu9r rz.uni-] That's correct!

^ Q: mod_ruby for Apache2.0
42529 [kwatch lycos] Is there mod_eruby for Apache 2.0 ?
42532 [oliver faker] You can use the current mod_ruby with Apache 2.0's compatibility layer,
42597 [kwatch lycos] Thanks Oliver, I got it.
42708 [sean chitten] As far as I can tell, the only thing holding up 1.0 is some

^ [q] curses and readline
42533 [cwyang arate] ...
42973 [J.Travnik sh] sorry for replying late.

^ Earn an income from home !! kmyke
42538 [tqtruckremov] advertisement to this database and, if you are not interested in receiving

^ Ruby for Sharp Zarus pda
42539 [w3gat bellso] Would anyone know how to port Ruby and TK to the Sharp Zarus?
42540 [tobiasreif p] It's Linux, so shouldn't be able to compile Ruby on it?
42543 [henryso pani] I tried to cross-compile Ruby using the available tools, but I ran into
+ 42908 [pabs pablotr] I've tested it with some small scripts on my iPaq and it appears to work
+ 43218 [w3gat bellso] Thanks a lot.  I found the site on the net and can't wait to try out ruby

^ Question: how to  do (repeated) bidirectional communication with another process via stdin/stdout ?
42545 [cgronski web] I 'am rather new to Ruby, so please excuse me in case this question might sound stupid, easy etc., but I have not found anything useful concerning my problem on this mailing list or other internet resources about Ruby.
42547 [dossy panopt] Remember to flush after writing.  Or, set the IO to auto-flush.
42562 [cgronski web] Thanks, but flushing won' t help. Something like this does not work.
+ 42563 [ruby-talk je] ke = IO.popen("cat","r+")
+ 42572 [dossy panopt] Right, because the #each will iterate until the remote side closes
  42616 [cgronski web] Thanks a lot for your response. Using IO.readline() instead of IO.each()  solved the problem !

^ File.new('foo', 0600 , 'wb')
42546 [tobiasreif p] I want to create an image file foo with mode 0600.
42548 [dossy panopt] File.new('foo', 'wb', 0600)
+ 42549 [tobiasreif p] Yes, but unless I made a typo, that didn't work. I'll try again as soon
+ 42552 [tobiasreif p] That's what I did first.
  42553 [dossy panopt] Neat.  I just tried on 1.6.7 and I got the same thing you did.
  + 42555 [tobiasreif p] sure; but we don't want workarounds, do we? :)
  + 42558 [tobiasreif p] What's the oldest or most stable version where this is fixed?
  | 42570 [tobiasreif p] err ... implemented.
  + 42565 [kjana dm4lab] ...
    + 42571 [dossy panopt] I just tested on 1.6.7 and you're right: using File::CREAT instead
    + 42573 [tobiasreif p] Thanks. How to write the equivalent of
      + 42576 [angus quovad] What is the difference if you are on a Unix system? In any case, if you need
      | 42582 [tobiasreif p] The code must be platform independent, so I need both the binary flag
      | 42584 [angus quovad] Forget it. Use ts's solution.
      + 42577 [decoux moulo] ...
        42583 [tobiasreif p] Thx.
        42585 [angus quovad] Sorry I get in the way again :). I don't know about 1.7, but in 1.6 (and I
        + 42586 [angus quovad] Maybe adding File::WRONLY as well ;)
        + 42588 [tobiasreif p] I'm not sure if an alternative would be feasible, but I find all this
          42590 [ruby-talk je] Well, you have two conflicting requirements: permission 0600 and
          42625 [tobiasreif p] wb would act like w on Unix, and 0600 on Windows would be ignored if

^ SWIG and Ruby for C++ unit testing
42556 [ptkwt shell1] ...

^ Ruby/enscript
42557 [alwagner tca] If anyone here is using the ruby.st file for pretty printing with enscript,

^ questions
42560 [matju sympat] i am writing a ruby extension in C; i am using Ruby 1.6.7 and Debian 3.0.
42566 [nobu.nokada ] Calling dlclose() before dln_error() clears error status.  Try
42589 [matz ruby-la] Commit them please.

^ system & changes to ENV on Windows
42561 [holmberg iar] I try to use Ruby on Windows (NT),
42568 [usa osb.att.] This problem is already fixed in ruby 1.7.
42629 [holmberg iar] Ok, how do I get hold of a suitable 1.7 version of Ruby ?
42631 [jlj cfdrc.co] ...
42667 [holmberg iar] Thanks for the information about "stable", "snapshot", etc.
+ 42668 [matz ruby-la] Use CVS to fetch the bleeding edge source tree.
+ 42675 [tobiasreif p] I agree.
| 42679 [chris.morris] You can also try this Ruby replacement for system within 1.6.7, I know it
+ 42737 [lyle knology] ...

^ (none)
42574 [gozo seznam.] subscribe Petr Chromec

^ Re: Are Unix tools just slow? (OT)
42579 [rawlins cs.u] Indeed.  For my whole system of 280533 files and 17820 (approx 35GB)
42592 [gehlker fast] Guys, I *said* it was HFS+. The file system is a B*-tree in memory. And the
42638 [huber alum.w] Right, but find does not know/care what the filesystem type is --
42654 [gehlker fast] We seem to have come full circle. I started these threads by asking whether
42907 [pabs pablotr] [snipped]
+ 42911 [gehlker fast] Darn! It was a good idea though. Searching for files that match a given
+ 42939 [daniel zeped] I realize that without the advantages of the imon patch to the kernel, the
+ 42945 [alwagner tca] interest regarding FAM.  I have been working a package management technique
| 42946 [alwagner tca] Sorry, I should have read the FAQ on FAM.  It needs kernel 2.4 or greater.
+ 42975 [alwagner tca] Thans to Paul Duncan for the FAM bindings.  I finally, just now, got FAM and

^ debugging GC
42587 [vjoel PATH.B] I've been debugging memory problems in a ruby app lately, and I needed
42618 [pbrannan atd] I've been wanting something like this for quite some time.  It's not
+ 42637 [vjoel PATH.B] No, sorry. I've never looked into 1.7, but it might not be too hard to
+ 42953 [vjoel PATH.B] It works for 1.7.2, now. See

^ Kernel#select questions
42591 [boognish23 y] I'm trying to track down a bug where Kernel#select is returning [[],[],[]] as
+ 42593 [dossy panopt] 1)  Kernel#select timing out?
| 42594 [boognish23 y] That should return nil, right?
+ 42595 [matz ruby-la] I don't know.  Maybe a bug.  Show me more information, please.
  42599 [boognish23 y] Win2K, Ruby 1.6.7 from Pragmatic Programmers
  42601 [nobu.nokada ] I guess it's [ruby-talk:40015].
  42621 [dossy panopt] I think I was wrong in [ruby-talk:40015] -- although, I can't
  42627 [boognish23 y] nil <- every second, due to timeout

^ Q: n-times matching
42596 [kwatch lycos] ..===================== nmatch.rb ========
42600 [nobu.nokada ] It matches at same point everytime.
42645 [kwatch lycos] Thank you very much, Nobu.
42658 [nobu.nokada ] I ordered in faster first.
42767 [kwatch lycos] Thank you very much.

^ ruby-dev summary 17357-17441
42602 [ttate kt.jai] [ruby-dev:17360] Ruby/safeTk
42603 [usa osb.att.] This patch is quick dirty hack.

^ architecture independent binary data ?
42606 [ADATE kc.rr.] ...
42607 [nobu.nokada ] Marshall.

^ network connection test
42608 [pbrengard bc] Has someone any clue to write a test to see if the network is accessible
42619 [ruby-talk je] Um... localhost ( is always accessible in UNIX. I believe

^ help needed with C extension
42610 [ian caliban.] I'm writing my first Ruby extension in C, which will be an interface
42611 [nobu.nokada ] You don't call String#initialize, you need to call
42632 [ian caliban.] Great; I knew it would be something simple.

^ Error with eruby: "Exec format error"
42614 [sera fhwang.] My eruby setup has been working fine for the last few weeks, and then

^ Error with eruby: "Exec format error"
42615 [sera fhwang.] Er, cancel that last email. I was doing some major file

^ eRuby on Mac OS X
42617 [ jimm io.com] I've searched ruby-talk for this topic, and the only messages I found show
42709 [sean ruby-la] [moving to modruby list]
+ 42724 [gehlker fast] If it's supposed to link dynamically, it needs to be against libruby.dylib.
+ 42747 [ jimm io.com] My mod_ruby is v0.9.6, and eruby is 0.9.7.
  42754 [sean chitten] there have been several OS X fixes, iirc.  -sc
  + 42758 [ jimm io.com] That's great news. I'll do so.
  + 42762 [ jimm io.com] I tried that. Nothing changed: when I uncomment the lines
    42763 [sean ruby-la] [moving to modruby@modruby.net]
    42766 [ jimm io.com] eRuby.

^ socket in Ruby
42620 [cedric.foll ] ...
42624 [decoux moulo] ...
42735 [cedric.foll ] Because i need to use low level API. There are some kind of thing that

^ expanding tildes in filenames
42622 [djberge qwes] Just curious if there's a Ruby idiom out there for automatic tilde expansion
42623 [decoux moulo] ...
42626 [djberge qwes] Doh!  I should have known.  Thanks Guy.

^ yield and recursion, how to ?
42628 [jean_hugues_] I am trying to implement an iterator for a recursive structure. After too much
+ 42630 [decoux moulo] ...
| 42653 [jean_hugues_] Thanks Guy, that works for me. I forgot about the last block parameter
+ 42662 [tsiivola cc.] Not quite sure what you are doing, but x.name is not the same as name.

^ problem with inner classes
42635 [sera fhwang.] I'm having a problem defining inner classes. The outer class is a
+ 42688 [matz ruby-la] Which version of Ruby are you using?  You will get no error on 1.6.7
| + 42722 [sera fhwang.] Arg, another newbie mistake. It turns out that the problem didn't
| + 42742 [kturing yaho] ...
|   42764 [matz ruby-la] I think you meant the former does not work, the latter does.
+ 42736 [kturing yaho] ...

^ IPC, passing objects
42636 [bsl04 comp.u] Can I run separate Ruby programs A and B, and somehow pass objects
42646 [lyle users.s] ...

^ How is rb_protect supposed to work?
42639 [frodo.hobbit] ...
42657 [matz ruby-la] put "ruby_errinfo = Qnil;" here to clear.

^ Digital signature Ruby code?
42641 [pmak animegl] Does anyone know where I can find a Ruby module (preferably written in
42648 [djberge qwes] It appears the raa desperately needs the equivalent of Perl's Crypt::RSA.  A
42683 [jfh cise.ufl] Have you not seen the OpenSSL package?

^ case and classes
42643 [matthias_vei] def do_class_sensitive(classhandle)
42650 [ned bike-nom] $ ri Module.===

^ Debug.rb and exceptions
42651 [han pobox.co] I'm trying to debug a program that uses ftools.rb to rename (mv)
42656 [ned bike-nom] delete of the original.
42694 [han pobox.co] That is not what I meant at all. What you propose is exactly what ftools.rb
42695 [ned bike-nom] Sorry, I misunderstood.
42697 [han pobox.co] Yes, this works. You  get a lot of disconcerting error messages, but

^ [Vim] sending (a) part(s) of (a) line(s) to Ruby
42655 [tobiasreif p] using vis.vim [1], one can ctrl-v select a portion of a line, or a block

^ Latest eruby...
42659 [hal9000 hype] Having problems building eruby (see below).
42660 [nobu.nokada ] Update ruby 1.6.2 or later.
42684 [hal9000 hype] Thank you...

^ Ͽפޤ
42661 [sou netplann] ףţ´ԡôԳư

^ File Write bug - Ruby  mswin
42663 [masonralph y] I have an application that generated a binary file.  It has always worked
+ 42664 [matz ruby-la] "rb" mode specifier.
| 42666 [masonralph y] Thanks matz,
+ 42665 [usa osb.att.] How do you open the file?

42669 [gabriel sics] I'm running ruby 1.6.7 and have a simple server (based on TCPServer) and
42670 [decoux moulo] ...
42672 [gabriel sics] Thanks!

^ Currently in rpkg repository
42671 [list NOSPAMc] cliff - Command Line Interface Fast Framework
42673 [ps snyggocht] ruby-gtk could be a candidate perhaps?
42677 [list NOSPAMc] Sure.  I can compile the linux-i386 myself (well, after I've figured
42682 [ps snyggocht] I have it compiled for FreeBSD and had to compile it for cygwin some weeks
42687 [list NOSPAMc] Under Linux this would be a .so, under cygwin I guess it would be a
42689 [ps snyggocht] really? what about directory structure info and such?
42696 [list NOSPAMc] Where to put .so's and such is configured on the end user system.
42712 [ps snyggocht] ok.. i will try to get time to wrap this up.

^ REXML in C
42674 [whizkid xnet] ...
+ 42676 [tobiasreif p] I enjoy poking around the Ruby code, tweaking stuff while trying to find
+ 42743 [slumos unlv.] ...
| + 42745 [ahumphreys D] Before anyone gets too carried away with the idea ...
| + 42748 [bryan terral] In all honesty, I really don't think you should be processing 300,000
|   + 42750 [tobiasreif p] True.
|   | 42751 [bryan terral] That my dear sir, is a very good point!  However REXML's stream API
|   + 42774 [slumos unlv.] ...
|     + 42777 [james rubyxm] The XML world may or may not suck, but this rule of thumb has nothing to do
|     | 42782 [whizkid xnet] ...
|     + 42784 [cjh_nospam m] I decided that also, when we built our C++ infrastructure for XML, and
|     | + 42785 [whizkid xnet] ...
|     | + 42800 [tobiasreif p] Perhaps you want to release it?
|     |   42844 [cjh_nospam m] I'd love to and asked permission 3 months ago (along with a whole
|     |   42859 [whizkid xnet] ...
|     + 42799 [tobiasreif p] Err; if you want to be able to randomly manipulate a tree, it will have
|       42830 [slumos unlv.] ...
|       42869 [tobiasreif p] Just think about the complex yourself.
+ 43415 [ser germane-] Just checked; REXML's SAX parser does generate namespace events after all.
+ 43429 [avi beta4.co] Sigh.  There is a common misconception that compiling to native code
  43431 [Dave Pragmat] I wonder what it would take to add Ruby to the list of languages David
  43462 [rich infoeth] Well, we talked to him about this exact thing at last year's Ruby

^ important
42678 [jamesemeka11] DR. JAMES EMEKA

^ (none)
42680 [jos_edw04 ma] Dear Friend,

^ RE:
42681 [mark.firesto] Hey baby!!  *I* am the Daughter of rebel leader Jonas Savimbi, not you!  You

^ [1.7] getaddrinfo
42685 [decoux moulo] ...

^ Ruby Weekly News
42691 [Dave Pragmat] ...

^ attr_overridable?
42698 [W.L.Kleb lar] So we're finally getting around to adding Fortran9X parsing to Rdoc
42699 [Dave Pragmat] I'm planning to add the equivalent of JavaDoc @xxx tags to RDoc. These

^ in-place editing
42700 [ian caliban.] I'm trying to figure out why the following code chunk fails to edit my
42703 [nobu.nokada ] Inplace edit works for ARGF.
42704 [ian caliban.] Thank you very much.
42706 [Dave Pragmat] Edits ARGV files in place. For each file named in ARGV, anything you
42707 [ian caliban.] Ah, I see. I didn't realise that the $-i variable worked the same way.