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^ threads question (newbie)
42269 [ADATE kc.rr.] ...
42277 [nobu.nokada ] IO multiplexing works with only sockets in mswin32 -- this
42286 [ADATE kc.rr.] ...
42379 [nobu.nokada ] As you noted, It doesn't depend on wheather the commands use
42404 [ADATE kc.rr.] ...

^ New Poll
42274 [Dave Pragmat] I've been lazy/busy, so the last poll got to run for a fair while. The
+ 42341 [tobiasreif p] * favourite (Ruby) editor / IDE
+ 42467 [roberto REMO] Ruby works fine on BSD systems AFAIK and has for a long time. Akinori-san
+ 43020 [alwagner tca] I wonder just what such a poll means, assuming that everyone just voted for
  43022 [Dave Pragmat] Most likely...  :)

42278 [eduadomello ] Dear Sir,
42281 [adam tamewar] He must have thought this was the "rube" list!

^ How to read files from a directory foreach?
42280 [keuler porta] All-
+ 42282 [ned bike-nom] Dir.new('dirname').each { |fname|
+ 42284 [ruby-talk je] How about a 3-liner?
  42288 [phasis korne] ...
  42312 [keuler porta] Thanks all!

^ Re: [ot] japanese
42289 [martine cs.w] Japanese is actually similar to English, in that respect!
42356 [bigbill.smit] Ah, but there are so many homonyms in Japanese that it often takes the

^ Embedding Ruby (again)
42296 [whizkid xnet] ...
42304 [decoux moulo] ...

^ Trick or Bug?
42298 [tsiivola cc.] All this talk of block local variables reminded me of a funny trick...
+ 42302 [j.travnik sh] no, it does change only one variable, not object variable is pointing to
| 42306 [tsiivola cc.] Nitpicker ;)
| 42350 [hal9000 hype] Not really... not in this case, anyway.  :)
| 42363 [tsiivola cc.] Never claimed to have done that. Just a trick, and something that could
+ 42305 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 42320 [matz ruby-la] It's a trick, no bug.
+ 42348 [hal9000 hype] Clever, but not correct, I think.
  42365 [alwagner tca] I never used it.  But if I remember correctly it changes ALL references to the
  42395 [jean_hugues_] ALL, that's pretty frightening !

^ array reference ?
42299 [kabhal wanad] irb(main):001:0> def modify(a)
+ 42300 [tsiivola cc.] a << 2
+ 42301 [camin cip.fh] irb(main):007:0> def modify(a)
+ 42303 [mjais web.de] I am not sure what you want.
+ 42317 [jean_hugues_] a << [2] I guess.
+ 42368 [chr_news gmx] def modify(a)

^ Ruby Weekly News
42308 [Dave Pragmat] ...

^ Japanese to Japanese translator?
42313 [dossy panopt] Indeed, Matz's English is incredibly good for a non-native
+ 42321 [matz ruby-la] There's a tool named "kakasi".
| 42344 [dossy panopt] I just installed it and couldn't figure out how to get it working
| 42375 [aamine mx.ed] kakasi is written in C. gotoken's is its ruby interface.
+ 42324 [pmak animegl] You can paste Japanese text or give a URL, and it will return a page

^ irb, how to exit() ?
42318 [jean_hugues_] irb redefines exit() and exit!() so that they raise an exception
42381 [keiju ration] irb don't redefine exit!
42393 [jean_hugues_] True ! I must have done something wrong when I tried it.

^ Ruby Weekly News
42326 [Dave Pragmat] ...

^ eruby
42329 [manfred mobi] the script
+ 42331 [peter semant] This gets transformed into ...
| 42366 [elderburn mi] Bravo! The <p></p> pairing and the <br /> are xml compliant, thus geared
+ 42332 [daniel zeped] print "Hello<br>"
+ 42333 [rick rickbra] It did -- view the document source.  When the browser
+ 42334 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 42335 [michael_s_ca] Browsers "fold" multiple whitespace (in this case, a newline) into a
+ 42336 [moxliukas de] Because the output is in HTML, and the new line only occurs when <br/> tag
  42354 [lists.ruby-t] Good God!  No wonder I can't ever keep up with the volume on this

^ procs and blocks
42347 [martine cs.w] When a need to use a callback function, it seem there are two ways to go
+ 42351 [rawlins cs.u] ...
| 42390 [jean_hugues_] For what its worth: Handling both Proc & block parameters
| 42398 [detering isk] This seems to indicate me that 'named parameters'
| + 42428 [martine cs.w] def foo(params)
| | 42430 [dossy panopt] Does Ruby really automagically coerce that parameter list into
| | 42432 [Dave Pragmat] That's the idiom.
| + 42436 [jean_hugues_] No such thing yet. It is planned however.
|   42438 [jean_hugues_] Apparently foo = (opt && opt.include? :foo) ? opt[:foo] : <def_foo>
|   42462 [detering isk] Not only for optical reasons, but the colon notation
+ 42380 [decoux moulo] ...

^ Empowering Symbols
42364 [tsiivola cc.] n = 1
42371 [matz ruby-la] I guess this is a different appearance of "|:a|" and ":="
42392 [jean_hugues_] The symbols as lvalues idea

^ osc and (opengl for os x)
42377 [ccos bigpond] a)

^ How to improve my Ruby Skill?
42382 [ganesan-ml g] I started working with ruby about 3 month ago.
+ 42383 [mjais web.de] the best way to improve your skill is to program. you can either
| 42403 [ADATE kc.rr.] ...
+ 42419 [trivas7 rawb] and  http://www.ruby-lang.org/~slagell/.
  + 42429 [keuler porta] and  http://www.ruby-lang.org/~slagell/.
  + 42598 [ganesan-ml g] #Sorry for the late reply coz I was not here for few days.

^ rb_require causes segfault
42384 [whizkid xnet] ...
42385 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 42388 [whizkid xnet] ...
+ 42389 [waisun.chia ] Is that the same with -fPIC?
  42396 [decoux moulo] ...

^ ANN: Cellular Automata
42386 [peter semant] Just released a little class / application to play with 1D cellular
42387 [peter semant] Oops, forgot to mention it's in the RAA (well I didn't mention it
42406 [james rubyxm] Very neat.  I started playing with CA many years ago; I must have C64 disks
42408 [peter semant] A more GUI front to the code would be a very appealing idea although I
+ 42411 [uu9r rz.uni-] You may have a look at CA/Game of Life (RAA), which includes a
+ 42460 [neumann s-di] You may have a look at RAA entry CA/Game of Life, which includes a very simple
+ 42492 [james rubyxm] James

^ v
42399 [vbman citiz.] unsubscribe William

^ How to unsubscribe this mail list?
42400 [vbman citiz.] tks.
42401 [detering isk] X-ML-Info: If you have a question, send e-mail with the body "help"

^ Relational operators redux (returning RHS)
42410 [austin halos] I have only recently started looking over the Ruby language, being
+ 42413 [Ephaeton gmx] t == nil ?
| 42417 [austin halos] True enough. I'm not sure that simple RHS return would be good in
| 42425 [chr_news gmx] Still way above my standard;-)
| 42427 [austin halos] Heh. Actually, it was tested, and I just forgot to remove that out.
+ 42431 [hal9000 hype] [much interesting snippage]

^ SWIG questions
42412 [szegedy nosp] What is the status of the C++ namespace support for the the
42414 [lyle users.s] Yes, this is the default behavior for SWIG 1.3.12. This section from the
42416 [szegedy nosp] ...
42418 [lyle users.s] Sorry, but I just downloaded the SWIG 1.3.12 sources, built and
42420 [lyle knology] Yes, I saw it as soon as I looked at the top of the example_wrap.cxx that

^ The need for metaclasses (was Re: Ruby for jMax)
42423 [ned bike-nom] I'm not sure what you mean by "standard object oriented languages". I
+ 42424 [james rubyxm] But Sun's been telling us for years that Java is a standard.
+ 42426 [rawlins cs.u] ...

^ Named parameter passing - Re: procs and blocks
42434 [mdepot genuo] I would like to see Ruby support better named parameter passing as well.  I

^ Embedding irb
42435 [gilles.filip] How to embed an IRB session into a ruby app ?
42437 [vjoel PATH.B] This is one way to do it for a command line app (i.e., without changing
+ 42439 [bobx linuxma] Into an FXRuby app would be even better. : )
| 42581 [gilles.filip] That's what I'd like to do actually.
| 42604 [vjoel PATH.B] If you can figure out how to associate an input and output stream with a
| 42612 [gilles.filip] Thanks for the pointer. Anyway, I don't think readline streams
| 42613 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 42497 [gilles.filip] Thanks a lot. It's just what I was looking for.
  42503 [vjoel PATH.B] Hm, there doesn't seem to be an irb/main on my system, and my irb
  42580 [gilles.filip] - on Windows    => OK.

^ UNIX pipes
42440 [DDouthitt cu] ...
+ 42441 [rick rickbra] Are your backslashes tripping you up?
+ 42442 [ned bike-nom] No, it's the \1 you asked for in the sed command...
+ 42444 [dossy panopt] The \001 is probably happening because the \1 in your sed pattern is
| 42445 [ned bike-nom] Why use gunzip when Ruby has Ruby/zlib?
+ 42450 [matz ruby-la] `` eats your backslashes, so that it passes sed
  42474 [DDouthitt cu] ...
  + 42477 [DDouthitt cu] ...
  + 42480 [dossy panopt] Too much syntactic sugar will give you syntactic cavities.

^ Exit status of IO.popen process
42446 [sean BUHBYES] How do you get the exit status of a process opened with IO.popen?
42461 [nobu.nokada ] Refer $?

^ SQL Parser?
42448 [ADATE kc.rr.] ...
42522 [webmaster ma] Yo!
42559 [ADATE kc.rr.] ...

^ SWIG: returning a bool reference or pointer to Ruby
42451 [ptkwt shell1] ...
42485 [lyle users.s] For what it's worth, I had answered Phil privately on this question

^ (none)
42453 [g.castal tis] unsubscribe

^ RE:
42454 [BMahadevan N] ...

^ Application server & web developement enviroment
42455 [whizkid xnet] ...
+ 42456 [dsafari xtra] Radu,
+ 42464 [bcox virtual] That's roughtly what the ILE project is driving to while trying to avoid
+ 42469 [ahumphreys D] Just a thought - how feasible would it be to piggy back ? I mean to
+ 42471 [gmosx softla] I am currently working an application server / object database system.

^ Windows, system() & popen() not functionning, v165-2
42457 [jean_hugues_] I am using the Windows distrib from Pragmatic Programmers,
42470 [chris.morris] I moved on to the 1.6.6-0 dist a while ago, so I don't recall exactly, but I
42502 [ruby-talk je] I heard the unix emulation library from AT&T (I forgot its name)

^ [OT] Re: Application server & web developement enviroment
42459 [austin halos] Isn't IOWA doing something ... similar? I'll admit that I haven't
+ 42463 [tobiasreif p] Might be true for some people ...
| 42486 [cbbrowne acm] ...
| + 42487 [austin halos] spray-painting
| + 42490 [tobiasreif p] did you work with XMLDBs?
+ 42479 [khaines enig] I've never looked at Zope.

^ referring to variables in the scope outside the def
42466 [kturing yaho] ...
+ 42465 [kentda stud.] Probably the latter. A method doesn't have access to the surrounding
+ 42468 [decoux moulo] ...

^ ANN: Programmierung in Ruby
42472 [katins.juerg] ...
42484 [tobiasreif p] and
+ 42488 [ned bike-nom] Looks fine in Konqueror and Mozilla 1.0. And the HTML looks fine too
| 42489 [tobiasreif p] nerver had this, with any site.
| + 42491 [Dave Pragmat] The content is broken - it's two-byte characters, but the encoding's
| | 42498 [pmak animegl] Yeah, that's what it looks like. The Netscape 6.2 screenshot
| + 42495 [sean BUHBYES] Looks fine here on N6.2.
| + 42554 [angus quovad] Mozilla 1.0RC2, lots of chinese (or japanese?) characters, question marks
+ 42493 [sascha meta-] ...
| + 42494 [tobiasreif p] MIME Type sent is text/html; perhaps text/xml or application/xml+xslt
| + 42505 [tobiasreif p] That is an error AFAICS, which is the reason for the garbled view in NN6.
+ 42496 [wjl icecaver] Don't know if this helps, but the page shown in your web browser in that
+ 42609 [katins.juerg] ...

^ Commom database API for Ruby
42475 [ingen.email ] Is there a database API for Ruby out there that is considered *the*
42482 [mjais web.de] I am using DBI and I really like it. it is easy to use, it is Ruby like (for

^ daemon
42476 [nvivek konar] How do I make a script run as a deamon in ruby? I'm trying to create a
+ 42478 [djberge qwes] By daemon, do you simply mean that you want to run it in the background?  If
+ 42483 [khaines enig] def startDaemon
  42520 [nvivek konar] Many thanks.

^ Re: Programmierung in Ruby
42481 [katins.juerg] ...

^ Ruby in CS courses
42499 [Dave Pragmat] The course project is to develop a POP server and a POP client in
+ 42564 [nospam faked] I have been encouraged to use Ruby in one of my CS classes at Birmingham
+ 42649 [hal9000 hype] Ahh, this warms my heart.

^ ZigZag (was: Re: [OT] Re: Application server & web developement enviroment)
42500 [list chromat] Which reminds me of ZigZag. [*] Anyone knows of real life uses of
42535 [jean_hugues_] I had a look at it sometimes ago. That's fascinating. And of course
42686 [list NOSPAMc] The case brought up in this thread, for instance.  When a different

^ Are Unix tools just slow?
42504 [gehlker fast] Awhile back I was asking for help with a unixy way to search the mounted
+ 42506 [rick rickbra] How long would you expect an enumeration of the names of every file and
| 42512 [gehlker fast] Depends on whether you are walking the directory tree or just scanning raw
| 42518 [rick rickbra] Define "equivalents".  If by that we mean "return lists of filenames
| 42534 [tobiasreif p] man find
| 42541 [rick rickbra] BUGS
| 42542 [tobiasreif p] 1979.
| 42550 [rick rickbra] SWEET.
| 42569 [tobiasreif p] If anyone knows or comes across other original manuals, (+/-public)
+ 42516 [daniel zeped] What system call?
  42521 [cbbrowne acm] ...
  42634 [daniel zeped] I agree. But I think you missed the point. It would only have to traverse
  42640 [cbbrowne acm] ...
  42644 [gehlker fast] But the difference is the difference between accessing *one* file and
  + 42647 [tsondergaard] According to that theory I should be able to improve my file system
  | + 42652 [gehlker fast] On 6/17/02 12:43 PM, "Thomas Sondergaard" <tsondergaard@speakanet.com>
  | + 42733 [cbbrowne acm] ...
  + 42734 [cbbrowne acm] ...
    42769 [gehlker fast] This may be true for your system. That was the original question and it
    42812 [DDouthitt cu] ...

^ mpg123
42507 [tobiasreif p] did anyone write a GUI frontend or a scripting API for mpg123?
+ 42511 [martine cs.w] There's a Ruby wrapper for libvorbis, which does ogg files (check the
| 42530 [tobiasreif p] ... in Ruby?
| 42690 [piman sacred] ...
| 42692 [tobiasreif p] does it have a GUI?
| 42693 [piman sacred] ...
+ 42514 [nobu.nokada ] There is a curses frontend, but I don't know about GUI one.
| 42531 [tobiasreif p] Thanks Nobu.
+ 42715 [magnus gisab] playlist capabilites that uses the -R switch in mpg123 to control it.
+ 43274 [dsl8950 vip.] require 'open3'