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^ ruby equivalent for perl multi-index sort?
41677 [rick rickbra] Coming from a perl background I have a lot of programs which do
+ 41678 [pit capitain] Try
+ 41690 [fokke_wulf h] That code seems redundant, because you're doing a seperate sort on the
| 41696 [rick rickbra] $ perl -e '@a=(1,2,"2.1","2.10", "2.2", 3); @a = sort { $a <=> $b } @a; print join(", ", @a)."\n";'
+ 41691 [eban os.rim.] filelist = Dir.open(".").
  41698 [rick rickbra] Thanks!

41688 [jlj cfdrc.co] ...

^ ruby-dev summary #17208-17251
41693 [maki rubycol] This is a summary of ruby-dev ML in these days.
+ 41724 [wakou ruby-l] something wrong. I propose StringIO#stat.size. Because IO#stat is exist.
+ 41741 [timsuth ihug] ...
  48386 [matz ruby-la] They are all fixed in 1.7;  Should I backport them?

^ [ANN] Sys::Uname
41694 [djberge qwes] This is a C extension for the utsname.h file found in *nix environments.  It

^ super bug or (most likely) I am doing something wrong ?
41699 [philip dynas] I can't seem to get it right with a super (newbie stuff :)).
+ 41702 [tobiasreif p] -   super.say_what
| 41708 [philip dynas] Thank you Tobias and thank you Marko.
| 41733 [patrick-may ] super # <== looks for say_what in superclass
+ 41703 [in6x059 publ] To quote matz from ruby-talk:38327

^ Word for Windows Ruby Trick
41704 [james rubyxm] This may be of limited value to many folks here, but I thought it kinda
+ 41705 [tobiasreif p] Neat.
| 41715 [james rubyxm] I use some Ruby menu items that map a few function keys to Ruby calls
| 41736 [tobiasreif p] Can you select only a portion of a line and have it executed? (instead
+ 41706 [tobiasreif p] perhaps simply send
  41716 [james rubyxm] I'll have to play with that one.  I get an error, so SendKeys is either
  41732 [tobiasreif p] perhaps try

^ Extensions & importing defined constants
41709 [djberge qwes] #define SOME_VAL 255
41710 [pbrannan atd] Perhaps HAVE_TEST_H isn't getting defined?  Put some junk code between

^ Annoucement: Interactive Learning Environment + Ocelot Servlet Engine
41712 [bcox virtual] Interactive Learning Environment (ILE) Announcement
41714 [tom.hurst cl] Thomas 'Freaky' Hurst  -  freaky@aagh.net  -  http://www.aagh.net/
41722 [bcox virtual] Dang, sorry about that. Trying to whip apache config issues. I'm
41726 [bcox virtual] Sorry about the outage. Its back online now. Botched a rewrite rule in

^ (G)Vim Ruby question (was:Word for Windows Ruby Trick)
41713 [tobiasreif p] Selecting a portion of Ruby code (visual mode),

^ Declaring variables?
41717 [pmak animegl] As I understand it, there isn't really a concept of "declaring" a
+ 41721 [alwagner tca] no
+ 41725 [home clabs.o] irb(main):001:0> numbr += 1

^ Ruby Weekly News
41720 [Dave Pragmat] ...
41731 [lucsky mac.c] Just a small note: RubyStudio is not written in Ruby, it's a native Cocoa application written in Objectice-C.
41750 [pate eylerfa] Ahh, thanks for the correction.

^ gtk drag and drop
41723 [alan digikat] I've been fooling around with getting drag and drop to work in ruby
41739 [mutoh highwa] ruby-gtk/sample/dnd.rb may help you.
41757 [alan digikat] Thanks, I'll look there.

^ Styles of language design
41728 [marick visib] Here's an interesting short essay on language design. I'm not sure I

^ dynamic attr_accessor again using a hash
41734 [mjais web.de] thanks for all your answers to my question yesterday.
+ 41735 [decoux moulo] ...
| 41738 [mjais web.de] of course!!! I tried this but had a stupid typo. maybe one
+ 41737 [phasis hanan] ...

^ update Tk
41740 [nagai ai.kyu] I've updated Tk libraries on CVS. This update includes some important

^ class inheritance tree
41742 [matthias_vei] I miss a convenient way to ask a class, if it is a subclass of
+ 41743 [decoux moulo] ...
| 41751 [matthias_vei] ... there are reasons to love ruby
+ 41744 [nvivek konar] Both superclass as well as ancestors should do the trick
+ 41745 [nobu.nokada ] Integer > Fixnum

^ Rexml / OpenSSL on Windows
41746 [stephan.schm] "I would like to deploy a Ruby application on Windows and need some
+ 41747 [tobiasreif p] REXML is Ruby.
| 41748 [stephan.schm] Thanks,
| 41749 [chris.morris] ... and is distributed with the pragprog distro 1.6.6-0 (though it is an
+ 41753 [jlj cfdrc.co] ...
  41754 [stephan.schm] Thanks,

^ HTML Parser suggestions wanted
41755 [ned bike-nom] I've written an HTML parser that builds trees from HTML source. After
+ 41756 [james rubyxm] I started looking at your parser (thanks!)  and wanted to load the
| 41759 [ned bike-nom] Yes, it's just another dependency.
| 41761 [james rubyxm] Oh if I only had time ... :)
+ 41758 [nat.pryce b1] I think implementing your HTML parser as an add-on to REXML is a great idea.
  + 41760 [ned bike-nom] Of course, I can extend the REXML Document/Element to do this. And the
  + 41767 [tobiasreif p] The current version of HTML is XHTML is XML.
    + 41779 [nat.pryce b1] There is still a need for older versions of HTML.  For example, Pocket
    | + 41783 [tobiasreif p] A "HTML compatible" [1] (MIME Type) [2] subset of XHTML works for most
    | + 41788 [james rubyxm] There are, I suspect, elements appearing in numerous web pages that are not
    |   41792 [tobiasreif p] Yes; unfortunately, most web pages are neither well-formed XML nor valid
    + 41796 [tom.hurst cl] XHTML has certain guidelines to maintain compatability with clients

^ keyboard input
41762 [kalldrexx pr] _______________________________________________
41774 [ruby-talk je] As long as you use the IO functions from the IO class, ruby won't
41778 [kalldrexx pr] Well the collect() method would be running on the main thread, my question wasnt' really about if the gets method would block, since yeah that woudln't matter if it blocked if it was in another thread, but if the collect method blocks or not.
41784 [kalldrexx pr] Where can I find information of Ruby's IO class?  And what do you mean by C libraries?  was ruby made in C?
41787 [kentda stud.] *peeks in the source*

^ When should actually freeze work ?
41763 [philip dynas] I have the following cases where I thought freeze should work. It doesn't,
+ 41764 [martine cs.w] You need to be careful to distinguish a frozen string from the reference
| + 41765 [chris.morris] You're not modifying the string "abc", you're re-assigning s to a new string
| + 41768 [tobiasreif p] Watch out; this is not always true.
|   41769 [martine cs.w] Really?  Man, I've been spoiled by Scheme or something... :)
|   41826 [tobiasreif p] irb(main):001:0> a=[1,2,3]
|   41827 [tobiasreif p] irb(main):001:0> ary=[1,2,3]
+ 41766 [ned bike-nom] Because objects are frozen, not variables.
+ 41770 [kentda stud.] Common newbie misunderstanding. Please remember that all variables are
  41772 [dossy panopt] Really?  I thought assignment was shallow copy (both variables
  41776 [ruby-talk je] Assignment is analogous to changing the value of a C's pointer

^ irb bug with $SAFE?
41771 [pmak animegl] I was just playing with $SAFE in irb and it said "Maybe IRB bug!!" at
41773 [tobiasreif p] Tobi
41782 [kentda stud.] Or spawn of threads that set the $SAFE level and call the methods you

^ Solving logic problems with Ruby
41775 [vmreyes us.i] During my college days I experimented with a language called Prolog.
+ 41781 [    s xss.de] ...
| 41785 [vmreyes us.i] Book Description
| + 41786 [rick beerdri] I believe that is a later book in a series, the first of which is On a
| + 41789 [khaines enig] A variation on the brick puzzle that you put forward, using coins instead
| + 41864 [    s xss.de] ...
|   41866 [cparrish cox] I have no idea how we got so OT here but I have to add I *LOVE* that series. I started with the one on Time and didn't feel lost so with the exception of the last two I don't think you have to worry about order.
|   41895 [vmreyes us.i] be
+ 41823 [ahumphreys R] Take a look at the AI section in the RAA. Peter Hickman's SIE, expert
  41837 [vmreyes us.i] be

^ How safe is $SAFE=4?
41777 [pmak animegl] How safe is $SAFE=4? I read the description of $SAFE in "Programming
+ 41780 [chris.morris] No, it wouldn't work (IIRC). $SAFE=4 here would not allow the code to be
| 41797 [pmak animegl] I just managed to make a program that reads a line from standard input
+ 41800 [matz ruby-la] It's designed to be.  It's safe unless I made mistake.
  41830 [chris.morris] Huh - I tweaked the above to check expr.tainted? and it is true when it's
  41831 [decoux moulo] ...
  41833 [chris.morris] Ahhhhhhhh... I've been assuming the SAFE levels were cumulative. Thx for the
  41834 [decoux moulo] ...

^ Dynamic local variables ?
41790 [han pobox.co] Is it possible at all to generate local variables dynamically ?
41812 [phasis hanan] ...
41858 [han pobox.co] Yes, my problem was with _local_ variables.

^ ANN: ruby-htmltools v1.04 (was Re: HTML Parser suggestions wanted)
41791 [ned bike-nom] I decided to have it both ways: you can either make an "old-style"

^ Calling a (any) superclass method when already have one by that name
41793 [philip dynas] Sorry if I did change the thread, but I seem to have at least clarified the
+ 41794 [ned bike-nom] What's wrong with aliasing?
| 41795 [philip dynas] Wrong ? Nothing, I just wanted another way...
| + 41799 [ned bike-nom] But how often does that happen? In my experience with Smalltalk, not
| + 41801 [reeses astro] To me, the bad smell is that you're trying to call the superclass
+ 41804 [dossy panopt] I ran into this before as well.  I was _very_ surprised to find
  41810 [ruby-talk je] It's useable in most cases, and I think you'll love it.

^ Is this a bug in the defined? operator?
41806 [jeff.gray in] [1, 2, 3, 4].each { |x|
+ 41807 [nobu.nokada ] `defined? local-variable' is determined statically regardless
+ 41808 [matz ruby-la] I think what you want is
  41853 [jeff.gray in] Aha.

^ eval and local variable
41809 [phasis hanan] ...
41816 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 41820 [phasis hanan] ...
| + 41821 [decoux moulo] ...
| + 41822 [kentda stud.] When and why is a method called with prefix '&'? I haven't seen this, so
|   41824 [phasis hanan] ...
+ 41885 [klischat cs.] Then at least the error message is confusing, isn't it?
  41886 [decoux moulo] ...
  41893 [chr_news gmx] since you understand whats going on anyway;-)
  41894 [decoux moulo] ...
  41897 [chr_news gmx] Yes ...
  41898 [decoux moulo] ...
  41908 [chr_news gmx] Interesting (I just complied  a 1.6 cvs branch), the result for the eval and
  + 41911 [decoux moulo] ...
  + 42182 [qrczak knm.o] ...

^ Where can I get reference for tk?
41811 [ChaiXV ee.ua] ...
41814 [kturing yaho] ...

^ bug in ruby-talk.com
41813 [phasis hanan] ...
41817 [sinara blade] I fixed the bug. Thank you for your report.

^ Don't miss this incredible new Visual Basic tool - ActiveOptimizer 2.0
41818 [sales platfo] ...

^ mod_ruby and module space
41819 [sean BUHBYES] It seems that if I execute a script using mod_ruby, I cannot call
+ 41843 [sean BUHBYES] No one has any idea what causes this or how I can get around it?
| + 41844 [james rubyxm] # -------------------------------
| + 41845 [kentda stud.] Sorry, I get the same problems. Though it screams error when trying to
|   41847 [sean BUHBYES] Oh, did I use require in my example...oops.  Yes, I use load, require
|   41848 [kentda stud.] Well, using those functions worked for me when I loaded the module as an
|   41850 [sean BUHBYES] Actually, my actual test over here used an .rb file, not an .rbx...but
|   41851 [sean BUHBYES] Ah ha!
|   41856 [kentda stud.] Hmm. But if I move the empty module definition into a third .rb file and
|   41857 [kentda stud.] <CODE filename="testscr.rbx">
|   41860 [sean BUHBYES] That's the conclusion I came to here, that the first script is in an
|   41862 [kentda stud.] The loaded (or required) module falls into the toplevel namespace, where
|   41863 [sean BUHBYES] I'm going to use mod_ruby where I can...but it does freak me out.
|   41865 [sean BUHBYES] BTW, where is that module?  I'd like to set it up here.
|   41881 [kentda stud.] In the mod_ruby-0.9.8 source, it is in the lib/apache/ directory. The .rb
|   42181 [sean chitten] Along the lines of debugging and quality, there's another approach
|   42185 [kentda stud.] Neat!
+ 41876 [wakou ruby-l] mod_ruby/lib/apache/ruby-run.rb

^ win32ole Copy/Paste
41825 [Chad.Fowler ] Has anyone had any issues with using copy/paste with win32ole and Excel?
41829 [Chad.Fowler ] Nevermind.  I solved my own problem.  Needed to call "Select" on the the

^ is the sourcecode of scat.rb available?
41832 [  rw welt.de] does anybody know if the sourcode of the mailinglist webarchiv used on

^ rdtool and extensions
41835 [djberge qwes] Is there a way to use rd style documention within a .c extension?  Is there
41836 [danny frouke] Do you want to do this?
+ 41838 [djberge qwes] Oh, cool.  Didn't even think of that.  Thanks!
+ 41840 [Dave Pragmat] It does it right now: if you feed the C source code for a Ruby
  41841 [djberge qwes] Oh, that's very nice.  Thanks.

^ new SmallEiffel elj-win32 release (-0.74)
41839 [geoff elj.co] A new version of elj-win32 has been prepared and is now available from ..
41849 [gerhard bigf] ...

^ How might "Apocalypse 5" affect Ruby?
41842 [todd ducklan] Larry Wall is redesigning regular expressions, in his latest "Apocalypse 5".
+ 41846 [gehlker fast] Couldn't the old regex code be loaded with a require? That way people could
+ 41855 [tom.hurst cl] Read it, came out with a headache :)
  41874 [fokke_wulf h] There's nothing to say that ruby couldn't just as easily be implemented.
  41906 [tom.hurst cl] Could you perhaps change your quote string too '> ' rather than just

^ Ruby 1.6.7, tainted, Net::FTP
41852 [hwyss ywesee] I am running a CGI-Script that should write a file to a remote FTP-Server.

^ method/class query
41854 [moebius bits] I am researching a way to create ssl enabled xmlrpc servers.  While

^ net/ftp is CPU bound
41859 [jheard acxio] I was noticing the other day that FTPing large files over fast
41861 [hal9000 hype] Interesting idea. Maybe just add a

^ Pascal-like 'with' statement?
41867 [pmak animegl] Is there something like Pascal's with statement? I'd like to turn this
+ 41868 [home clabs.o] I don't think so ...
+ 41869 [sean BUHBYES] That's something I would LOVE to see added.
| + 41872 [home clabs.o] FWIW, many Delphi programmers discourage the use of with -- although that
| | 41877 [sean BUHBYES] I've never heard of its use discouraged, but then Pascal is hardly my
| | 41878 [jean_hugues_] I once designed a "with statement" in some language. Inside the body, one
| + 41924 [rjp browser.] ...
+ 41870 [chrris mail.] If you have
| 41871 [chrris mail.] ...though I'm aware that you're actually just asking for a short hand rather
+ 41873 [tom.hurst cl] Cfg.set(
+ 41875 [nobu.nokada ] IMO, `with' statement is a misdesign of Pascal.
+ 41880 [r2d2 acc.umu] ...
+ 41882 [avi beta4.co] My favorite solution to this is Smalltalk's cascades: end a method
| 41889 [nobu.nokada ] It allows only each one methods, i.e., denies method chains in
| 41923 [avi beta4.co] That's right.  Actually, it depends on dialect - I think Dolphin has
+ 41917 [pbrannan atd] I think this latter one used to be implemented using instance_eval,
  41931 [rjp browser.] ...
  41936 [pbrannan atd] My apologies; I didn' have the source, so I was going by memory. :)

^ tk question
41879 [Jean-Francoi] I would like to add some interactive help to my Tk app.
41884 [nagai ai.kyu] 'tcltk-ext' library (see RAA) maybe help you.
41890 [Jean-Francoi] thank you
41961 [nagai ai.kyu] If user's Ruby/Tk returns no error for "TkPackage.require('Tix')",