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^ Re: test
41206 [lucky.strike] ...

41209 [mangf2000 ya] YOUR KIND ATTENTION

41210 [mangf2000 ya] YOUR KIND ATTENTION

^ SizedQueue.new(0)
41212 [larsch cs.au] ...
41214 [uu9r rz.uni-] Maybe it has something to do that you define an empty queue?
41216 [larsch cs.au] But I want an empty queue. I expected pushing the first element on a queue =
+ 41221 [uu9r rz.uni-] The problem lies in thread.rb, method SizedQuere#push. It loops as long as
| 41230 [nobu.nokada ] ===================================================================
+ 41223 [kjana dm4lab] ...
  41229 [larsch cs.au] ...
  41250 [kjana dm4lab] ...

^ creating singleton class from C++
41213 [Martin.Man s] I'm trying to define singleton class from C++, I've tried the two approache=
41215 [decoux moulo] ...
41380 [Martin.Man s] to me
41382 [decoux moulo] ...

^ Ruby(the language)XML?
41217 [jim freeze.o] After reading Christian Boos' comment about http://www.gccxml.org, I thought that

^ ruby-dev summary 17128-17207
41218 [ttate kt.jai] [ruby-dev:17128] Thread: deadlock trouble

^ on OO v. FP, and why lang's like Ruby feels so good
41224 [henning ikso] in relation to our long-ago discussion on OO v. FP, and why lang's like

^ if modifier problem
41226 [khindenburg ] I just started using ruby and I've been following the online book at
41227 [decoux moulo] ...

^ Ruby code completion in RubyEclipse
41228 [awilliams ro] Yeah, this is all something we've been contemplating. What do you think of
41234 [han pobox.co] That's of course entirely up to you. But what you say is true: eclipse
41252 [llothar web.] For a script IDE i also find a Debugger, Profiler, Memory Supervisor
41260 [han pobox.co] I think enormously, but happen to dislike tools that do everything, because
41261 [llothar web.] But thats why there is a "I" in IDE. And in fact i like a good
41293 [pbooth nocoi] ...

^ Un-/Re-quoting strings
41231 [reeses astro] Is there a way to take a single-quoted string and direct the vm to
+ 41232 [reeses astro] I just realised this would lose all context and not do what I wanted,
+ 41233 [jean_hugues_] You may have the interpolation occurring in a block that is evaluated
  41254 [kgergely mla] But unquoting can be useful.

^ ANN: ruby-gsl 0.1.6
41235 [aerpenbe uos] Dear all,

^ Problem with glade
41236 [marc.krauth ] I've begun to use libglade-ruby, libgnome-ruby and libgtk-ruby and I've
41251 [mw doc.ic.ac] I've seen this before and reported it to the maintainer. For the time

^ Ruby Weekly News
41237 [Dave Pragmat] ...

^ ANN: REXML 2.3.4 and 2.2.2
41238 [ser germane-] Before I go into details, let me warn you about two things.  I'm still

^ [ANN] FAM-Ruby 0.1.0
41240 [pabs pablotr] I just posted FAM-Ruby version 0.1.0, the initial release of my Ruby

^ A shutdown()?
41244 [wardja jmu.e] I'm just curious, and I've asked this before but I don't remember quite
41248 [matz ruby-la] Not for the current implementation.  It's one of the ToDos for Rite
41358 [wardja jmu.e] Where can I get more info on that?  And will the API be basically the same?
41360 [matz ruby-la] Unfortunately, Rite is still a vaporware.  I can promise nothing.

^ confused about scope of block parameter
41246 [kturing yaho] ...
+ 41247 [matz ruby-la] Unlike Lisp, Ruby's block parameters does not override outer variable
+ 41249 [kturing yaho] ...

^ serialization - how does it really work?
41255 [hramrach_l c] _dump. I serialize a subclass of this to a pstore. But the serialization
41256 [decoux moulo] ...
41314 [hramrach_l c] Thank you for your info. Now my serialization code gets called and fails ;-)

^ Parrots and Cardinals and Ruby, oh my!
41262 [pate eylerfa] Well, I enjoyed a three day weekend, came in this morning and sat down to
41263 [dennisn pe.n] I finally found this article, but the URL given by Pat Eyler didn't

^ PR for ruby
41264 [john johnkni] malug is discussing the following question.
+ 41267 [tobiasreif p] eg
| 41270 [cjh_nospam m] Much though I like Ruby, I use "awk '{print $NF'}" for that.
+ 41268 [ser germane-] The ruby version is almost exactly the same as the perl version, only I
| 41269 [dossy panopt] ruby -lane 'puts $F[-1] || ""' <FILE>
| 41277 [ser germane-] Dang, Dossy, thanks.  I never did get used to that syntax, but I should.  I
+ 41271 [matz ruby-la] ruby -lane 'print $F[-1]' <FILE>
+ 41275 [r2d2 acc.umu] ...

^ Singleton Class
41272 [mdepot attbi] I would like to create a singleton class (not to be confused with singleton
+ 41273 [dossy panopt] When the class is first defined and the @@singleton class
+ 41274 [CK1 wwwtech.] What happens, if two threads create an instance, simultaniously?
  + 41276 [mdepot attbi] That's it? Ruby is awesome.   Using the above, should I declare my class
  | 41278 [ck1 wwwtech.] Hoi,
  + 41340 [chr_news gmx] Actually, this ^^^ call would raise an NotImplementedError -

^ Re: [ma-linux] Seeking the right (most)
41279 [john johnkni] I put the following message on ruby-talk@ruby-lang.org

^ Treat as Urgent.
41280 [cokeradeyemi] ATTENTION,
41285 [tksano m3.kc] ////////////////////////////////////////

^ adding uninstall entry, extconf.rb
41281 [normsu slab.] I just have a small request.  Would it be possible to have the mkmf module
41284 [nobu.nokada ] Considerable.

^ Idioms
41296 [stephan.schm] Could someone point me to idioms about ruby, e.g.
+ 41297 [nobu.nokada ] If you want to add `value' only when the `hash' doesn't have
| 41303 [stephan.schm] Thanks for your reply, I will use this.
+ 41298 [larsch cs.au] We have started a page here: http://www.rubygarden.org/ruby?RubyIdioms
+ 41301 [mdepot attbi] You might find the PLEAC project useful.  It's goal is to convert all the
+ 41395 [dennisn pe.n] You might try Hal Fulton's "The Ruby Way" book.  It has alot of brief

^ scope+module_eval+regexp+[].each+GC bugs?
41312 [skywizard ti] Say like...
41318 [decoux moulo] ...

^ [ANN] RubyStudio 0.2
41316 [gehlker fast] I'm proud to announce version 0.2 of RubyStudio, the Ruby IDE for Mac OSX in

^ Ruby's license
41317 [gehlker fast] It would be nice to have a templatized form of the Ruby license. The way it
41361 [matz ruby-la] I'm not sure what you meant.  All you need is edit the first line of
41370 [gehlker fast] Maybe I'm being overly picky but what I wanted was some specific
41377 [matz ruby-la] Ask me if you have question.

^ [Fwd: Re: [ma-linux] Seeking the right (most)]
41319 [john johnkni] I sent this message earlier but it appears not to have been distributed

^ ld errors attempting to install FXRuby on Solaris 8
41320 [djberge qwes] Still trying to get FXRuby 1.0.10 going on my Solaris 8 box.  Fox 1.0.11
41328 [airboss node] 1) Add the path to your FX lib to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable, or
41337 [lyle users.s] I don't know how to fix Daniel Berger's problem, but I don't think is
41350 [airboss node] You are correct; I should've read more carefully. I see a message
41366 [djberge qwes] I realized that, after looking at the link you provided, I had never
41367 [lyle knology] ...
41384 [djberge qwes] the
41391 [jlj cfdrc.co] ...
41392 [djberge qwes] Unfortunately, all I could find were references to using Sun's ld versus
41400 [djberge qwes] Just a quick follow-up.  I tried building fox with g++ instead of gcc to see

^ scope+module_eval+regexp+[].each+GC bugs? (revisited)
41322 [skywizard ti] ..with simple twist

^ [Marketing] KIT SPORT 2002
41325 [clientes his] ...

^ object-name = content of a variable (migration from perl)
41326 [linux marcre] I'm new to programing and ruby as well and I want to ?convert? a
+ 41332 [chrris mail.] Of course you can achieve the desired effect using
+ 41333 [alan digikat] I think another poster mentioned one way to dynamically create your
  41336 [linux marcre] I'm not sure if you got me right. The dynamically changing array-names
  + 41338 [michael_s_ca] One poster used "eval" to do this, which is certainly possible.
  | + 41378 [ture plig.ne] Not only this, but soft/symbolic references are considered
  | + 41412 [linux marcre] Thank you all for your effort.
  | + 41413 [linux marcre] Thanks for your effort.
  + 41339 [alan digikat] Unless there is some driving need (convenience is a need :) to use

^ is this a bug or is it behavior of which I am not aware?
41327 [patrick-may ] % ruby
41364 [decoux moulo] ...
41403 [patrick-may ] Thanks Guy, this explains the error message.
41421 [nobu.nokada ] $ ruby -e '[1,2].find("() -")'
41508 [patrick-may ] Duh! I was confused.  Sorry about the silly thread, and thanks for helping out.

^ Regexp in ranges as control
41329 [ser germane-] while gets
+ 41331 [tharaver iin] I believe that when using range equivalence (===) you have
+ 41334 [mike stok.co] ...
  41348 [ser germane-] Hmm.  When I just tried my integer example again, it didn't work.  Well, OK.

^ Parsing of equals sign as part of method name
41342 [jeff.gray in] We all know that one can either define a method that has a name of the form

^ mod_ruby not executing scripts
41343 [sean BUHBYES] I'm just trying out mod_ruby for the first time.  It compiled and
41363 [kentda stud.] No, but does it work if you use an explicit  <Location /ruby> ?
41385 [sean BUHBYES] Yeah, I knew it was running because I could throw junk characters in
42178 [sean chitten] I've been letting the mod_ruby questions pile up, my appologies.

^ Infinity (?!)
41352 [ptkwt shell1] ...
+ 41353 [eban os.rim.] irb(main):001:0> x = 2.0/0.0
+ 41355 [lyle knology] ...
+ 41356 [ser germane-] (2.0/0.0).infinity?     #-> true
+ 41357 [ser germane-] <posted & mailed>
+ 41369 [dossy panopt] irb(main):001:0> 2/0
  + 41372 [decoux moulo] ...
  + 41373 [pbrannan atd] A Float is implemented by a C double.  A Fixnum is a C long.  In C, a
  | + 41381 [chr_news gmx] It should be noted that Float has many Infinities - as in
  | | 41390 [vjoel PATH.B] 1.0.equal? 1.0   # ==> false
  | + 41383 [dossy panopt] Considering that Ruby is an OO language, the fact that the
  |   + 41388 [chr_news gmx] Maybe you are right - the closeness of Ruby's Numeric classes  to
  |   + 41611 [comp.lang.ru] ...
  + 41375 [Liorean user] May it be because 0.0 might be a rounding of a nonzero number? (e.g. 0.04
  + 41379 [ser germane-] Yeah, I think it is sort of silly, too.  From what I remember of my math,
    + 41397 [wconrad yagn] True, but the math we do with floats bears only a passing resemblance
    | 41398 [djberge qwes] That's what I like about standards - there are so many to choose from. ;-P
    + 41404 [rawlins cs.u] Well, I certainly expected the floating point behavior that Ruby uses, since
    + 41420 [martindemell] ...
      41424 [ser germane-] In computer science, this is the most /intuitive/ thing I have ever seen.  0
      41474 [pabs pablotr] class Numeric
      41487 [ser germane-] They're very clearly defined, and they're defined differently.  0/0 is
      + 41500 [james rubyxm] plus,
      + 41503 [ruby-talk je] In mathematics, 0/0 is clearly defined to be an undefined
        41511 [ser germane-] Ah, yes.  This is the veritably crux of the matter.
        41517 [matz ruby-la] This should be false, since NaN != Nan.
        41526 [ser germane-] ser@ender rexml/rexml% ruby -ve 'p((0/0.0) == (0/0.0))'
        + 41527 [ruby-talk je] ruby 1.6.7 (2002-03-01) [i686-linux]
        + 41668 [pbrannan atd] I would expect that it is valid for two NaN's to equal each other, but
          + 41669 [pmak animegl] I tried the exact same command on my machine and got an inconsistent
          + 41680 [matz ruby-la] No, NaN should not be equal each other in any case, by its definition
          | 41692 [ser germane-] Since I appear to be the only person who sees this, I'm guessing that my
          | + 41697 [rick rickbra] irb(main):052:0> (0/0.0)==(0/0.0)
          | + 41707 [rawlins cs.u] If ruby is compiled (for whatever reason) with -ffast-math and any -O on gcc,
          + 41683 [jlj cfdrc.co] ...

^ extension building, cygwin
41362 [normsu slab.] Perhaps this is more of a cygwin question, but here goes...

^ Thread id?
41368 [chris.morris] The following is the pickaxe thread example that outputs the id value of
41371 [dossy panopt] Because id.to_s is returning you the id of self.id, which is

^ RE: possible bug: stack dump with <<-String, #{...} and large loops
41374 [chr_news gmx] Following this thread a bit was very interesting for me,
41376 [decoux moulo] ...

^ How to Create Protected Methods in C Extension?
41399 [billtj y.glu] ...
41401 [jlj cfdrc.co] ...

^ Ruby, XML schema( RELAX NG) and a Q&D parser
41402 [comp.lang.ru] ...
41406 [ser germane-] REXML won't help you here, because REXML /barely/ deals with internal DTDs,
41476 [comp.lang.ru] ...
+ 41477 [james rubyxm] Out of curosity, why are you using XML?
| 41560 [comp.lang.ru] ...
+ 41480 [hutch recurs] On 5/31/02 12:26 PM, ";"
+ 41491 [ser germane-] I don't think that you'll gain much in speed, especially for the effort
  41559 [comp.lang.ru] ...
  41562 [ser germane-] Well, remember where XML came from: SGML.  If you think XML is hairy, take a

^ FXRuby running problems
41405 [ser germane-] Why is installing Fox and FXRuby always so painful? :-/
+ 41452 [ned bike-nom] Are you using the same version of GCC/C++ that was used to compile Ruby?
| 41478 [ser germane-] Nope.  I didn't compile Ruby myself; I'm using a binary RPM.
+ 41466 [lyle users.s] "Rich the treasure,
  41485 [ser germane-] Sorry, I replied to these privately; I should have CC'd the group.

^ Ruby and HTML
41408 [sean BUHBYES] I've read up on a lot of the older discussions regarding using Ruby for
+ 41409 [pate eylerfa] I've used PageTemplate (a bit), and found that I really like it.  Once I'm
| 41414 [sean BUHBYES] It looked the best to me too, I think.  The only real reservation I have
| 41415 [brian coolna] Hey, somebody's talking about PageTemplate!
+ 41416 [bcox virtual] If you mean automated production of HTML, I don't know. Never found that
+ 41425 [sean ruby-la] Can you wait for 24hrs?  Actually, by the end of the night I should
+ 41436 [tobiasreif p] You could go with XHTML, and parse the templates with XMLParser, or/and

^ Hello Sir
41410 [eze_john2002] E-mail:eze_john2002@yahoo.com

^ [Marketing] REMOVE
41411 [hnos.martine] ...

^ Strange Ruby Regexp bug
41419 [ser germane-] This is really bizarre, but it isn't the first time I've seen it.  It is
+ 41429 [ruby-talk je] ruby 1.6.7 (2002-03-01) [i686-linux]
+ 41431 [matz ruby-la] I suspect memory bug.  Could you report the exact version (including
  41464 [ser germane-] That's the problem -- I /can't/ reliably reproduce the error.  It comes and

^ Have a LOOK at this..
41422 [World_News12] We Apologise to you if our information has been emailed to the incorrect email address, &

^ Ruby/PDFlib questions
41423 [dossy panopt] I just started using Ruby/PDFlib for some report writing a few

^ editing .doc files
41426 [john johnkni] I have a friend who recently moved her office. She now needs to change
41427 [james rubyxm] You or she may be better off writing a VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)

^ unicode <=> ascii encoding conversion
41430 [tomas_brixi ] is there a library that supports encoding/decoding text
41465 [ser germane-] Tomas,
41470 [nobu.nokada ] If your platform has iconv library, you can use Iconv(a
41473 [martine cs.w] And people who don't use 1.7 can install libiconv-ruby (or at least
41493 [nobu.nokada ] Nobu Nakada

^ ruby,tk and kanji
41433 [Jean-Francoi] Im' writing a ruby/tk application that is connected to a server in

^ Ruby jobs
41434 [tobiasreif p] Tobi
+ 41435 [stephan.schm] Well, I look for Ruby Jobs in Berlin ;-)
+ 41475 [james rubyxm] <quote>
| + 41479 [tobiasreif p] PERL -- Practical Extraction and Report Language
| | + 41481 [hal9000 hype] Larry Wall OKs that one, and also "Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister."
| | | + 41482 [michael_s_ca] "What's the difference between "perl" and "Perl"?
| | | + 41484 [moxliukas de] Well, apparently, the language is called Perl (from capital P), but the
| | + 41483 [james rubyxm] It's one of those Perl-geek trivia trick-question things ...
| + 41488 [ser germane-] You're spot on about Java, but PERL is a correct spelling.
|   + 41489 [pate eylerfa] Not quite, Perl started as Pearl, named for Larry's girlfriend at the
|   | + 41490 [pate eylerfa] oop, self-correction, it was *not* named after his gf at the time. that
|   | + 41506 [ser germane-] Doh!  Note to self: read /all/ postings on topic before replying.
|   + 41494 [dan sidhe.or] Nope. Perl is, like so many other things in the realm of computers,
|   | + 41498 [james rubyxm] What's been called a "backronym" or "retronym"; an acronym after the fact.
|   | + 41505 [ser germane-] Interesting.  I wonder why Larry chose "perl", then, since "perl" isn't a
|   |   + 41507 [james rubyxm] That's a feature of Perl I really like (though not the *only* one I like).
|   |   | 41512 [ser germane-] ROTFL!  Yeah, I was looking for cherryBlosxom a while back, but couldn't
|   |   + 41524 [tim vegeta.a] ...
|   |     41528 [cbbrowne acm] ...
|   + 41495 [michael_s_ca] No, it didn't.  But plenty of URL's have been posted about it, so
+ 41519 [bobx linuxma] Well in Mr. Wall's own writings he uses "Perl". Nuff said. :-)