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How to resolve? uninitialized constant PLATFORM (NameError)
410324 [lists@ru y- ] I ran into a situation where it complains about the: uninitialized
410335 [drbrain@se m] I suppose you were using ruby 1.8 last?

[ANN] dtas 0.2.0 - minor bugfixes and packaging cleanups
410337 [normalperson] Most notable is the addition of the dtas-player_sink_examples(7)

tools.rb:328:in `require': cannot load such file -- JSON (LoadError)
410344 [noah-list@en] I am trying to  get dashing to work well.  Please let me know what

tools.rb:328:in `require': cannot load such file -- JSON (LoadError)
410346 [noah-list@en] I am trying to  get dashing to work well.  Please let me know what
410357 [hassan.schro] 1) why in the world are you trying to do this as root?
410366 [noah-list@en] thanks Hassah - its working for me now.

understanding array/hash
410349 [lists@ru y- ] I'm having little hard time understanding following code
410354 [shortcutter@] irb(main):004:0> h = {1=>2,3=>4}

Question for Rghost
410350 [lists@ru y- ] I am trying to create a pdf file using Rghost. It's creating with
+ 410363 [echristopher] Did you get any files besides pdf.rgin? According to <
+ 410369 [lists@ru y- ] Thanks for reply. You are right, It's an temporary file before pdf

Store Data for a family tree?
410351 [lists@ru y- ] I want to to store some data for a family tree, but I cannot figure out
+ 410353 [shortcutter@] Not sure what you are describing above.  Since a family tree is
+ 410356 [lists@ru y- ] I agree with Robert, this kind of tree structure is easily solved by an

Strange minitest error when using files in test
410352 [lists@ru y- ] This is quite systematic when a test use files.
410360 [ryand-ruby@z] Please file a bug
410361 [lists@ru y- ] I did not find how to file a bug. Sorry.
410364 [ryand-ruby@z] % gem list -d minitest
410381 [lists@ru y- ] Thanks.
410384 [lists@ru y- ] Not a minitest error. Reported as bug in RubyMine.
410389 [lists@ru y- ] _md
410405 [lists@ru y- ] _md

Graph - finding all paths between nodes
410358 [lists@ru y- ] I done finding a path between two nodes, but I don't know how find all
+ 410365 [lists@ru y- ] class Graph
+ 410367 [lists@ru y- ] def searchPath(a, b, result,lr)
  410380 [lists@ru y- ] Nice way to figure out.

Too fast can't read display
410371 [lists@ru y- ] No troubles with scripts themselves, but my computer runs basic scripts
+ 410374 [joelvanderwe] ruby -e 'loop {|i| p i}' | less
+ 410377 [lists@ru y- ] You could put a 'gets' at the end of your script, which would make it
+ 410378 [lists@ru y- ] If you're only expecting simple output then a "gets" command at the end
+ 410393 [hassan.schro] Why don't you just scroll your terminal window?
+ 410403 [lists@ru y- ] Thank you for the gets and lately my computer runs two terminals when I

require': cannot load such file -- em/simple_telnet
410372 [hawat.thufir] thufir@dur:~/ruby$
410373 [hawat.thufir] require 'em-simple_telnet'
410375 [hawat.thufir] I *think* that's the correct syntax, but I'm not positive.  Getting a

Inexplicable superclass mismatch
410376 [lists@ru y- ] This is in a Rails project, though this is more a generic Ruby question.
+ 410379 [fxn@ha hr f.] The fact that they have the same name does not mean they are the same
+ 410386 [lists@ru y- ] => Api::V3::BaseDecorator
| 410388 [fxn@ha hr f.] There are other scenarios like using an expression as superclass like a
+ 410390 [lists@ru y- ] I know which code causes the problem - it's some manual loading that
  410392 [shortcutter@] #remove_const is not needed - overwriting is sufficient
  410409 [lists@ru y- ] Yes but "Class.new" will always produce a class with a new object_id -
  410422 [shortcutter@] Yes, obviously. But what is your point? With reopening the class you

Re: I am looking for a free Ruby ide
410382 [lists@ru y- ] am installed ruby on my system, but while logging time am getting NO
410383 [hawat.thufir] this will list directory contents.  is your hello_ruby.rb file there?
410385 [hawat.thufir] anyhow, the point is, please don't use screenshots unless necessary.
410387 [lists@ru y- ] I'd like to comment on some of these because most are not fully IDE's.
410391 [hawat.thufir] This is what keeps me from really committing energy to Ruby, because
410394 [peterhickman] Seems odd to me. One of the great things about Ruby for me was that you
+ 410395 [hawat.thufir] I agree, it's different.  Partly because Java is statically typed.
| 410397 [peterhickman] RubyMine does this. It is not a problem for dynamic languages. Smalltalk
| 410401 [hawat.thufir] Ok, I wasn't sure, thanks for clarifying.
| 410511 [lists@ru y- ] You can expect people to release source code but you can't expect
+ 410396 [hawat.thufir] Tell me about it.  Java should die so that it can get replaced, instead
+ 410411 [alyman@ya oo] ...

Strange bug : can someone explain this
410404 [lists@ru y- ] ruby 1.9.3-p429
410406 [normalperson] Looks like you're using a case-insensitive filesystem :<
410407 [lists@ru y- ] 1. Yes, Windows is case-insensitive.
410408 [normalperson] It's expensive, and hard to get right (consider various encodings, not
+ 410410 [lists@ru y- ] The trouble is that it was not a practice, but just a typing error in a
| 410414 [lists@ru y- ] Well, on some filesystems (such as the EXT family in Linux), filenames
+ 410420 [tamouse.list] I just found this to be the case on my new mbp, that defaults to =

[ANN] minitest_tu_shim 1.3.3 Released
410413 [ryand-ruby@z] minitest_tu_shim version 1.3.3 has been released!
410416 [kou@co mi ng] Is minitest really small? Is it old information?
410417 [ryand-ruby@z] -0700,
410418 [kou@co mi ng] Thanks for describing about "small". I understand.

Watir unable to locate element - please help
410415 [lists@ru y- ] Unable to locate element, using {:class"someclass", :text=>"2"}
+ 410425 [lists@ru y- ] Show me the page you're using and the code around that line as well.
+ 410473 [lists@ru y- ] Hey there thanks for your reply.
+ 410481 [lists@ru y- ] cell(:class => "dxpPageNumber", :text => "2").click
+ 410490 [lists@ru y- ] Thanks for your post.
+ 410493 [lists@ru y- ] Hey so I put some puts statements in and you were right, the problem is
+ 410494 [lists@ru y- ] That's very odd if it isn't getting as far as puts "D".
+ 410513 [lists@ru y- ] I took away the try until(3){} statement around the call to select user
+ 410514 [lists@ru y- ] In that case you need to test all of the other areas where "try" appears
+ 410539 [lists@ru y- ] Running the full test suite I can see that many tests fail because of
+ 410542 [lists@ru y- ] try_until isn't a standard part of Ruby, or of any gem I know about. I
+ 410575 [lists@ru y- ] Yea you're right that explains why google hasn't been coming up with any

New to Ruby want to learn more
410421 [lists@ru y- ] I am new to Ruby on rails. can any one please tell me is net beans best
+ 410432 [atma@co va e] charset=utf-8
+ 410437 [lists@ru y- ] Thanks for the reply. I could not see the link your post. can you please
| 410451 [stu@ru yp og] I used vi simply because I'm an oldhat bsd admin. The language creator uses
+ 410450 [me@da id wd ] This is probably the single most asked newbie question. Dog through

No output in my file `out.txt`,after finishing the script.
410426 [lists@ru y- ] need_lines = File.readlines("C:/Documents and Settings/rakshiar/My
+ 410427 [peterhickman] Given the brevity of the code I have to ask. What have you done to find out
| 410428 [lists@ru y- ] ["  <body>\n", "    <p>Hello World!</p>\n", "    <p>Goodbye!</p>\n"]
| 410430 [peterhickman] Write is expecting a string you gave it an array so it converted the array
| + 410431 [lists@ru y- ] Yes you are right! I have fixed my code. But the above one will copy all
| + 410433 [lists@ru y- ] Although my code is giving exactly what I want.. But taking too much
|   410435 [peterhickman] You are reading a large file into memory. Ruby will have to build an array
|   410436 [lists@ru y- ] The source prod.xml has numerous number of lines of xml. I need to
+ 410429 [lists@ru y- ] Thanks I am done:-
+ 410434 [lists@ru y- ] I don't know what your file looks like, and that "[328855..336623]" bit

SQLite3::BusyException: database is locked error
410438 [lists@ru y- ] I have a simply ruby script which creates database and creates one table

[ANN] mime-types 1.25 Released
410445 [austin@ru yf] mime-types version 1.25 has been released!

[ANN] md2man 2.0.1 - markdown to manpage
410446 [sunaku@gm il] md2man is a Ruby library and command-line program that converts

OpenSSL  Prefer Server Ciphers
410447 [lists@ru y- ] I've got a running OpenSSL::SSL::SSLServer. But even when I define the

[ANN] binman 3.3.2 - man pages for bin scripts
410449 [sunaku@gm il] binman produces UNIX manual pages for executable scripts using

How to capture HTTP packs send by browser?
410452 [lists@ru y- ] How to capture HTTP packs send by browser in ruby,someone has good idea?

[ANN] gettext 3.0.0
410454 [kou@co mi ng] The ruby-gettext project has been released gettext 3.0.0.

Packaging ruby script(s) along with gems and other files/folder for various platform
410456 [lists@ru y- ] I am newbie to ruby. I have created gui application with help of two
410495 [lists@ru y- ] On Windows you can use the Ocra gem in tandem with InnoSetup to build

Installing rbosa on mac 10.6.8
410457 [lists@ru y- ] I am a complete noob at all this. I want to learn ruby to build script

Coverage report is different between load and require?
410458 [lists@ru y- ] I'm trying to understand why using load vs require results in different
410460 [lists@ru y- ] Answering my own question. :-)

Too Much Matrix: Iterating over Each matrix cell w/o passing the complete thing all the time?
410459 [lists@ru y- ] Okay, where to start?
+ 410461 [lists@ru y- ] Why are you using indices? All you're doing with them is referencing the
+ 410462 [list.push@gm] I have not checked speed. But, you can try this.
| 410465 [list.push@gm] Or you could try this with the matrix approach.
+ 410463 [fluido@fl id] One thing must be clear: when you pass an array (on any other object)
+ 410468 [lists@ru y- ] That's Bingo!
+ 410480 [lists@ru y- ] Nothing wrong with indices where necessary. I was just saying that
+ 410484 [lists@ru y- ] I see. Right, you are. Given y were the one-only value in universe; so

Textmate 2 Ruby Run settings fro current directory
410464 [lists@ru y- ] I have Ruby 2.0.0 and TextMate 2 playing along nicely, after some
410489 [lists@ru y- ] I have done some testing to show what happens. The pictures in the

Ruby Patch Release Cycle?
410466 [lists@ru y- ] Is there a set patch release cycle? If not, what triggers a patch
410504 [sto.mar@we .] My impression is that patch releases are often triggered by security

require_relative in ruby 1.9.3 error
410467 [lists@ru y- ] I have ruby 1.9.3 with rvm and i have simple program about shop.
410516 [lists@ru y- ] You forgot end :)
410517 [mike@st k. a] Sent from my tablet

OO design: avoiding an infinite loop in classes initializing each other?
410469 [lists@ru y- ] I have two classes, each of which use methods from the other class.  But
+ 410471 [joelvanderwe] class A
| 410475 [lists@ru y- ] Thanks for replying!  Well, I've tested it and it works (see extended
| 410477 [joelvanderwe] The `b = nil` means that b is optional. If it is not passed by the
| + 410478 [lists@ru y- ] I think I understand.  Thank you very much!
| + 410485 [mike@st k. a] On 2013-09-02, at 12:31 AM, Joel VanderWerf <joelvanderwerf@gmail.com> =
|   410491 [joelvanderwe] Even better! However, it is More Magic....
+ 410486 [tamouse.list] But
  + 410487 [shortcutter@] say the general pattern has a distinct odour to it. This smacks of too-tigh=
  + 410492 [joelvanderwe] A little "dependency injection" to decouple your classes...

yard custom tags
410472 [charleshixsn] How does one create a custom tag for yard?  Any examples?  Searches

Unable to do rake command because of Ruby
410474 [lists@ru y- ] Previously I have been trying to install ruby and rails and used apt-get
410476 [ryand-ruby@z] gem pristine rake

test-page 1.0.0 released
410479 [lists@ru y- ] I'm happy to announce that test-page is mature enough to be released

[ANN] raindrops 0.12.0 - real-time stats for preforking Rack
410482 [normalperson] Raindrops is a real-time stats toolkit to show statistics for Rack HTTP

[ANN] dtas 0.3.0 - duct tape audio suite for *nix
410483 [normalperson] Free Software command-line tools for audio playback, mastering, and

ANN: Sequel 4.2.0 Released
410488 [lists@ru y- ] Sequel is a lightweight database access toolkit for Ruby.

Moving away from yaml to (where to.)
410496 [lists@ru y- ] Are there alternatives to yaml files?
+ 410497 [peterhickman] Any reason why JSON is not suitable?
| 410498 [ruby-talk@la] I guess that rules out JSON, and a lot of other things besides.
| 410499 [peterhickman] If the configuration settings are data structures in the Ruby program then
| 410500 [wbrisett@at ] the OP has not given any reason or described a problem that they are =
| 410501 [flo@an er gr] P has not given any reason or described a problem that they are having with Y=
| 410502 [sto.mar@we .] What's wrong with Psych (the default)?
+ 410503 [sto.mar@we .] Best option: YAML (surprise)
+ 410518 [normalperson] You could try to make CSV work for you.

reverse of Array.to_s? Sting to array method that reverses the to_s method when applied to an array?
410505 [charleshixsn] I have an array that recursively contains only numbers, strings, and

Re: reverse of Array.to_s? Sting to array method that reverses the to_s method when applied to an ar
410506 [lists@ru y- ] You could Regexp or String#split with the right criteria to form an
410507 [lists@ru y- ] if you want it for storing or transporting data, use different stuff
410508 [charleshixsn] Marshall is plausible, but "Programming Ruby" warns that the format is
+ 410509 [charleshixsn] I just tried JSON again, and this time it worked.  Perhaps it just
+ 410510 [fluido@fl id] Sorry for the delay!
  410512 [charleshixsn] Factors are going to be such things as "How often has word x followed

RubyVM::InstructionSequence compile to a file and read from a file
410515 [lists@ru y- ] used .to_a function to save it to an array and Marshal.dump to dump the
+ 410525 [fluido@fl id] I know nothing about RubyVM, but you are using Marshal the wrong
| 410526 [ryand-ruby@z] % ri Marshal.dump
+ 410528 [sandor.szuec] x is an array of instructions
+ 410538 [lists@ru y- ] Is the way to convert the Array I get to a InstructionSequence object ?
  410543 [sandor.szuec] Not that I am aware of.

410519 [renzy@ye h. ] ...

Documentation says Net::HTTPResponse mixes in HTTPHeader, but I can't access its methods
410523 [lists@ru y- ] I'm using Ruby 1.9.3-p448 and looking at the Standard Library API
410524 [fluido@fl id] Wth your statement you search for *class* methods. The get_fields

410527 [robert.cooma] ...

crontab and ruby script not working
410529 [lists@ru y- ] I have a ruby script that I am trying to set up on a cronjob. I have
+ 410530 [sto.mar@we .] To make sure it is not an issue with the PATH environment variable
| 410532 [Reid.Thompso] cron uses a very minimal path.
+ 410531 [peterhickman] Have you tried giving the full path to Ruby? /usr/local/bin/ruby or
+ 410534 [lists@ru y- ] I have tried to give it the specific Path to ruby and loadingin the path
| + 410535 [Reid.Thompso] Don't use $HOME -- give the full path name
| + 410540 [tamouse.list] path=20
|   410552 [lists@ru y- ] The problem is I am not seeing any errors besides that it is not
|   410580 [tamouse.list] So you see in syslog that it runs. But you somehow detect that it's not =
+ 410536 [atma@co va e] charset=utf-8
  410537 [Reid.Thompso] 05 00 * * * /mnt/nfs/dataproc_work/applhome/cadredd/rubybin/rvm_cronit ruby /path/to/somerubyscript.rb  "param1" "param2" etc

[ANN] Celluloid(::IO/ZMQ/DCell) 0.15: actor-based concurrent objects for Ruby
410533 [bascule@gm i] Celluloid is a concurrent object oriented programming framework for Ruby

[ANN] Call for grant proposals
410541 [shugo@ru y- ] The Ruby Association is looking to give grants for development

ReferenceError: link is not defined (Selenium::WebDriver::Error::JavascriptError)
410544 [lists@ru y- ] I tried this code :-
+ 410545 [lists@ru y- ] "window.open(link)" tells JavaScript to open a window and go to "link",
| 410546 [lists@ru y- ] but the "link" only the url string. If I try this way,it works.
+ 410547 [lists@ru y- ] driver.execute_script("window.open('#{link}')")
| 410549 [lists@ru y- ] Yes,I managed it by doing some debugging. Thanks for your help!
+ 410548 [lists@ru y- ] It is an interpolation issue. I figured it out :-
+ 410551 [lists@ru y- ] I generally avoid having to escape quote characters within JavaScript by
+ 410553 [lists@ru y- ] @Joel need one more help! Actually I am trying to open the the new pages
+ 410554 [lists@ru y- ] Window vs Tab is a browser setting, not accessible by JavaScript as far
| 410555 [lists@ru y- ] All the stuffs I googled said if the above mentioned setting(as you have
+ 410556 [lists@ru y- ] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
| 410559 [lists@ru y- ] So what I am looking for is not possible right ? But after preference
+ 410563 [lists@ru y- ] Having dug a little deeper, I found a post which stated that Selenium
  410564 [lists@ru y- ] Really make sense!!
  410566 [lists@ru y- ] Well, "make sense" works phonetically, since the "s" at the beginning of
  + 410570 [lists@ru y- ] Sorry for that!! Thanks for correcting! :)
  + 410607 [lists@ru y- ] require "selenium-webdriver"
    410608 [lists@ru y- ] `gem update selenium-webdriver` solved the issue.. :)

410550 [info@ea dp .] #help

Ruby curses: °»Real°… borders?
410557 [quintus@qu n] I=E2=80=99m just trying to get started with the curses library in Ruby=E2=

410558 [info@ea dp .] unsuscribe
410560 [sto.mar@we .] 1. typo, 2. wrong address, see
410561 [info@ea dp .] Thank you Marcus - i was trying to unsubscribe with a message to
410562 [myokoym@gm i] We replaced a software to provide the service from FML to Mailman.
410565 [sto.mar@we .] Hmmm... I did not realize the full significance of this PR.
410568 [sto.mar@we .] Yes we can.
410582 [myokoym@gm i] Thank you for your work!