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New open source tool: Pull Request Roulette
406968 [rubytalk2dav] I just launched a new tool for Open Source projects: Pull Request

what is the $- magic global?
406969 [lists@ru y- ] I've been searching for the past hour or so, including manually stepping
+ 406970 [lists@ru y- ] relevant in this case; bash's $- is a simple string, and doesn't have
| 406971 [tamouse.list] Hummm... I'm flummoxed as well. I just went through the newest
| + 406972 [julio.olvr@g] If you try it on http://repl.it/, $- immediately returns nil. Perhaps on
| | 406974 [lists@ru y- ] I think that's the right track.  There's something a little bit magic
| | 406993 [zettabyte@gm] A little off-topic, what _not_ to put at the end of lines in IRB also
| | 407021 [stu@ru yp og] It's not documented in English.rb so it has not been aliased to a
| | 407022 [windwiny.ubt] $xxxx is create a global variable,  or return nil (if it is not ruby
| + 406973 [lists@ru y- ] You know what, I think I realise what it is. I was being mislead by the
+ 406976 [lists@ru y- ] It's just an ordinary global variable, and is disallowed now in the
  406977 [fxn@ha hr f.] It's just an ordinary global variable, and is disallowed now in the
  406979 [lists@ru y- ] Yes, it was a valid identifier, till now.
  406980 [fxn@ha hr f.] I mean, I believed that ordinary variables (the ones a user can define,

BEGINNER - Convert csv file to tsv
406983 [lists@ru y- ] I am a beginner at Ruby, but I am trying to convert a csv file into a
+ 406984 [jgabrielygal] Jesus.
+ 406986 [lists@ru y- ] require "csv"
| + 406998 [tamouse.list] ruby -r csv -e 'CSV.filter(File.open("input.csv","r"),
| + 407006 [shortcutter@] That's kind of inconsequent, isn't it?  You use a CSV lib for reading but
+ 407005 [lists@ru y- ] File.write( 'source.tsv', File.readlines( 'source.csv' ).map do |l|

How do you safely handle ALLOC, ALLOC_N et al?
406989 [lists@ru y- ] What happens when ALLOC and ALLOC_N fails? Is an Ruby exception raised?
+ 406990 [lists@ru y- ] a = []; loop { a << rand }
+ 407146 [lists@ru y- ] I realise I forgot to mention that I was trying to determine how one
+ 407440 [lists@ru y- ] No one got any info on how to deal with ALLOC_N and errors/exceptions?

Confusion with eval
406994 [lists@ru y- ] s = eval("%q{a\r\nabc\r\nd\r\nab\neba}")
406995 [lists@ru y- ] irb(main):001:0> eval("%q{\r\n-\n\r}")

Net::SSH::Gateway gem using key authentication
406997 [lists@ru y- ] I'm trying to find some examples of using the Net::SSH::Gateway gem with

Ruby multiline comments and Coffee
407000 [lists@ru y- ] Hey,
+ 407001 [peterhickman] well you can do
+ 407002 [lists@ru y- ] 1. I am aware of the current syntax of multiline comments. Like I said
| 407003 [peterhickman] You haven't seen Xquery comments then :)
+ 407004 [lists@ru y- ] In part, I see your point with inverting the existing blocks, but I
| 407007 [matthew@ke w] =begin/=end are from pod (perl 'plain old documentation') markers, intended
+ 407013 [lists@ru y- ] Thanks for that bit about perl, didn't know that. It makes things make a
+ 407015 [sto.mar@we .] I actually like the more or less lack of "real" multiline comments.

[ANN] ruby2ruby 2.0.5 Released
407008 [ryand-ruby@z] ruby2ruby version 2.0.5 has been released!

[ANN] zenweb-template 1.0.1 Released
407009 [ryand-ruby@z] zenweb-template version 1.0.1 has been released!

Store/Delete a string permanently in Ruby
407010 [lists@ru y- ] Can you create a program in ruby that can store a string or delete and
+ 407011 [lists@ru y- ] You'd need to write it somewhere as data rather than having it exist
+ 407012 [tamouse.list] By permanently, do you mean after the program finishes running? What
+ 407036 [shortcutter@] The most simple way is to store it in a file

Is there an elegant way to turn optparser.on() into a one-liner?
407023 [lists@ru y- ] I'm looking at my code for optparser and it's ugly.  For 90% of my
+ 407024 [tamouse.list] Not sure if this will help, but take a look at how methadone wraps up
+ 407028 [shortcutter@] That cannot work because #on_str is executed at _option definition time_

confusion with String#squeeze
407025 [lists@ru y- ] Here is one confusion with String#squeeze.
407026 [lists@ru y- ] you need to understand the difference between '\n' and "\n"
407030 [lists@ru y- ] Yes, for while I forgot the difference between '' and "". Thanks for

use of ruby httpd in select()
407027 [saku@yt i. i] Either I'm blind or none of the popular (puma, unicorn, thin) httpds
407051 [shortcutter@] What does "when you're good and ready" mean here?  Are you asking for the

407031 [thimios@wa t] ...

Re: RubyToC equivalent for Ruby 1.9
407035 [lists@ru y- ] I was googling around rubyToC and found your post.  I also found this

[ANN] gem-compiler 0.2.0 released
407037 [luislavena@g] # gem-compiler

[ANN] rb-readline 0.5.0 released
407038 [luislavena@g] I'm happy to announce that version 0.5.0 of rb-readline is available now.

Fwd: Any one @ RailsConf PDX?
407039 [tamouse.list] I am here in PDX this week @ RailsConf2013; anyone else attending?

ERB not working
407044 [lists@ru y- ] The erb command is not working properly for me on ubuntu terminal
+ 407045 [gennady-ruby] ok
+ 407046 [amalrik.maia] - what do you mean by nothing happens? The screen get frozen? Do you get =
| 407047 [lists@ru y- ] I am sorry about the poor description
| + 407048 [hassan.schro] SMH - you are apparently confusing 'erb' and 'irb', two very different
| | 407049 [amalrik.maia] good catch.
| + 407050 [amalrik.maia] what ruby version are you using?
+ 407058 [lists@ru y- ] Alright that was very silly of my part and I am ashamed about it
  407132 [gennady-ruby] Accepted ;-). No worries.

Issue with Selenium-webdriver
407053 [lists@ru y- ] working.
+ 407055 [lists@ru y- ] It means you timed out trying to access the URL.
+ 407099 [lists@ru y- ] ============================
+ 407100 [lists@ru y- ] The one isn't coming from anywhere in the code you posted. It would have
| 407101 [lists@ru y- ] Basically when the check box is `checked`,it prints `Yes` `Yes`, but
+ 407102 [lists@ru y- ] I ran a test using the HTML and code provided. No "1" appeared.
+ 407103 [lists@ru y- ] But I am getting. Don't know the reason :(
+ 407139 [lists@ru y- ] bol = driver.find_elements(:class, "hierarchyTextBox").all? do |el|
+ 407140 [lists@ru y- ] I expect that "nice small white radius button" isn't recognised as valid

[ANN] Ruby-GNOME2 2.0.0
407056 [kou@co mi ng] The Ruby-GNOME2 project released Ruby-GNOME2 2.0.0.

TeamCity Ruby Client 0.1.0 Released!
407057 [lists@ru y- ] teamcity-ruby-client version 0.1.0 has been released!

New Rexx like data structure
407059 [peterhickman] This is just something that I have been playing with for some time but I
+ 407060 [lists@ru y- ] How about this?
| 407064 [peterhickman] Unfortunately is breaks
+ 407061 [groups@in ox] You might enjoy reading the code of https://github.com/ahoward/map
+ 407062 [lists@ru y- ] Oh, I see the problem.
+ 407063 [shortcutter@] There is no way because a getter method cannot know whether the result is
  407065 [shortcutter@] This reminds me of OpenStruct...
  407066 [peterhickman] Hmm. That doesn't seem to work for me in 1.8.7 or 1.9.2
  407067 [shortcutter@] Just to be sure: you did require "ostruct" did you?
  407097 [peterhickman] Yeah I did that. My output showed that in my post
  407098 [shortcutter@] As I said before: this is not possible.

writing lines to a file
407070 [pete0verse@g] I have a text file with  on every line a magic card number and such info
+ 407071 [lists@ru y- ] Does this work?
| 407072 [pete0verse@g] ...
+ 407073 [lists@ru y- ] Can you show the class internals, particularly the initialize and to_s
| 407075 [pete0verse@g] sure I can
+ 407074 [lists@ru y- ] I think I know what the problem is, you're using puts or print in #to_s
| 407076 [pete0verse@g] you are right! thanks Joel, newb mistakes I'm making
+ 407082 [tamouse.list] named foozled.txt.
+ 407088 [lists@ru y- ] Or you could do the whole operation with a single read, string
  + 407089 [pete0verse@g] thanks again guys, I'll investigate both ways some more and learn from it.
  + 407091 [tamouse.list] This can be a problem if the source file is large, but certainly, yes.
    407092 [pete0verse@g] ...
    407093 [tamouse.list] well, ok, that would have meant opening, appending a line and closing it

How does Module#include differ from #prepend?
407079 [lists@ru y- ] class Foo
+ 407080 [wishdev@gm i] That darn google again - first hit
| 407087 [lists@ru y- ] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
+ 407081 [lists@ru y- ] class Foo
+ 407083 [lists@ru y- ] @Hans sorry for that. Actually I ran the code all at a time,thus result
+ 407084 [lists@ru y- ] You asked the same question weeks ago already man!
| 407086 [lists@ru y- ] If so then, I am sorry. now I understood these 2 methods difference.
+ 407107 [lists@ru y- ] Why it is called that module#prepend is more safer than
+ 407111 [lists@ru y- ] module Foobar
  407112 [wishdev@gm i] prepend_features allows you to override the prepend methodology if you wish

Unable to call win32-api
407090 [lists@ru y- ] I'm new to Ruby and am trying to write a small ruby script to call
+ 407094 [phasis@gm il] It seems that win32-api is not compatible with ruby 2.0.0.
+ 407106 [lists@ru y- ] Thank you. I didn't really need Ruby 2.0 so switched to 1.9, problem

Rspec/rake note working
407095 [lists@ru y- ] Working on a tutorial and starting to use TDD/rspec.
407116 [tamouse.list] You are probably not setting up the load path correctly for it to be
407122 [lists@ru y- ] Thanks for the response.
407124 [echristopher] I was able to run rake and include the (so far empty) hello.rb, using Ruby
407126 [lists@ru y- ] Yep.  I tried with Ruby 2.0 and then back to 1.9.3.
407130 [lists@ru y- ] I just figured it out.  Thanks for you help.  I appreciate it.  After

YML and Hashery GEM
407108 [danny.a.step] Hey Guys I need some help. This post may be long, but I'll do my best to
407109 [stefano.croc] I think the problem comes from the fact that you're passing both a default

how to: convert string to DateTime object
407114 [lists@ru y- ] -how to convert a string to a DateTime object using
+ 407115 [lists@ru y- ] How is it?
+ 407117 [lists@ru y- ] This is the kind of thing you could find in numerous tutorials online.
| 407120 [lists@ru y- ] it doesn't show how to invoke a list of strings...
+ 407118 [tamouse.list] Since I don't know your true need, I'll make something up. Suppose you
  407119 [tamouse.list] Opps, assume that log file didn't wrap and the DEBUG <timestamp> ...
  407121 [lists@ru y- ] thank you, this helps, it's close to what I'm looking for

is there any performance difference between Range#include? and Range#cover?
407123 [lists@ru y- ] I used once `cover?` and again `include?`. Both are looking same as per
+ 407125 [lists@ru y- ] I'd expect cover to perform better in a benchmark, since it checks the
| 407127 [edd.rossi@gm] Humm...
| 407128 [justincollin] Both methods use the start/end of the range, but Range#include? performs
+ 407131 [lists@ru y- ] Thanks for your times!

HowTo Run Bash (Or Any External) Commands From Ruby
407129 [lists@ru y- ] external commands from a ruby script.  It should help clarify some of

Module#const_get concept hunting
407133 [lists@ru y- ] I am heavily confused with ruby's

[ANN] Rice 1.5.0 - Ruby Interface for C++ Extensions
407134 [lists@ru y- ] ========================================

407135 [pixelmech@ya] ...

ANN: Sequel 3.47.0 Released
407136 [lists@ru y- ] Sequel is a lightweight database access toolkit for Ruby.

Rarity, generating C++ bindings for Ruby scripts
407137 [lists@ru y- ] Greetings !

[ANN] minitest 4.7.4 Released
407138 [ryand-ruby@z] minitest version 4.7.4 has been released!

GEM variables
407141 [lists@ru y- ] I'm going nuts with my Ruby editor because it's complaining about
407142 [danny.a.step] I think you just set your GEM_HOME to C:/Ruby200/lib/ruby/gems/2.0.0
407143 [lists@ru y- ] Thanks, Daniel.
407144 [danny.a.step] which editor are you using?
407145 [lists@ru y- ] RubyMine. I love it. It's incredible. But, when it opens initially, it

Linking Readme.md to a gem's documentation
407147 [lists@ru y- ] I haven't been able to find a way to get Rubydoc to link my Readme.md

[ANN] Collada gem for Ruby
407149 [space.ship.t] I wanted to share a gem I made recently for processing Collada DAE files

[ANN] Tork 19.2.2
407150 [sunaku@gm il] 1. Absorbs test execution overhead into a master process.

[ANN] binman 3.2.1 - man pages for bin scripts
407151 [sunaku@gm il] binman produces UNIX manual pages for executable scripts using

[ANN] m2dman 1.6.1
407152 [sunaku@gm il] md2man is a Ruby library and command-line program that converts

Slow ruby 2.0.0-p0 under Ubuntu 13.04
407153 [lists@ru y- ] I had Ruby 2.0.0-p0 working with Ubuntu 12.10, in which a test suite of
407157 [lists@ru y- ] This is a known issue of rbenv. It cripples compiler flags, so the
407163 [jeremy@bi sw] When XCode 4.6 was released, it included a new version of Clang that

NoMethodError split for array using splat operator
407154 [lists@ru y- ] script.rb:23:in `getCookies': undefined method `split' for ["comeon",
407168 [shortcutter@] There are so many things in need of improvement with your code that I

Signaled Event Class
407155 [lists@ru y- ] Is there anything in Ruby similar to the C#.net classes used in
407192 [shortcutter@] What does this do?  Do you maybe want a condition variable?

Files management with Ruby
407156 [lists@ru y- ] I am trying to build a script that does the following. Say there are two
+ 407160 [hassan.schro] The first thing wrong is not defining EXACTLY what you mean
+ 407161 [abinoam@gm i] Dir.entries('A').each do |file|
+ 407167 [tamouse.list] $ cat B/*Today* >> A/Today
  407185 [stu@ru yp og] #!/usr/bin/env ruby

Re: NoMethodError split for array using optional parameter
407158 [lists@ru y- ] You're trying to call split on an Array. I think you intended to do it
407162 [lists@ru y- ] Hahahahaha. Thank you.
407174 [lists@ru y- ] I learn about OOP, perhaps that will help, too.
407181 [lists@ru y- ] I'm not entirely sure what you're doing there, but I've tried to tidy up

[ANN] md2man 1.6.2 - markdown to manpage
407159 [sunaku@gm il] md2man is a Ruby library and command-line program that converts

[ANN] md2man 2.0.0 - markdown to manpage
407164 [sunaku@gm il] md2man is a Ruby library and command-line program that converts

[ANN] Tork 19.3.0 - test with fork
407165 [sunaku@gm il] 1. Absorbs test execution overhead into a master process.

[ANN] new version of ichannel
407166 [lists@ru y- ] ichannel is a channel for interprocess communication between ruby

Hash return is not correct
407169 [lists@ru y- ] class Router
+ 407170 [peterhickman] No the output is correct. Your mistake is assuming that Router.new will
| 407171 [edd.rossi@gm] Hash Keys
+ 407173 [lists@ru y- ] def eql?(other)
  407176 [lists@ru y- ] All,
  407179 [shortcutter@] I blogged about this a long time ago - in case you need a page for your
  + 407183 [tamouse.list] **REALLY** great blog post! Information like this is rather invaluable.
  + 407193 [graham@me he] ...
  + 407248 [lists@ru y- ] Excellent this one is.

Aspose Newsletter for May 2013 is Out Now
407172 [lists@ru y- ] Aspose Newsletter for May 2013 has now been published that highlights

RubyNation or RubyConf?
407175 [lists@ru y- ] I wanted to get a poll of what ruby conference to attend if I can only

Downloading a CSV using URI - mechanize
407177 [lists@ru y- ] Got an issue. I am downloading a csv in a script written in Mechanize. I
+ 407180 [lists@ru y- ] If you want fresh data each time you need to extract the URI from the
+ 407182 [tamouse.list] Show us the code. The two items you show in the attachment don't quite match.
| 407189 [lists@ru y- ] I have attached the full script for your reference.
| 407200 [tamouse.list] Nothing pops out at me from a short inspection. What I would suggest
+ 407194 [lists@ru y- ] Obviously I can't test your code under the same conditions, but from the
| + 407195 [lists@ru y- ] downloaded i get all the columns. Setting the checkbox as true adds that
| + 407214 [lists@ru y- ] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
|   407259 [lists@ru y- ] searchForm.field_with(:name => 'bug_severity').select_all
+ 407196 [lists@ru y- ] As far as I can see, you are getting the correct CSV link, although I
+ 407202 [lists@ru y- ] Indeed. If there's any AJAX going on; you'll do better with
| 407213 [lists@ru y- ] I think there is some issue when i set the multiselect
+ 407260 [lists@ru y- ] I've never used a multiselect in mechanize, so I don't know about that.

%tempdir% location and folder clean up?
407178 [lists@ru y- ] I am very new to Ruby and am trying to debug a ruby script(package)
+ 407184 [tamouse.list] I don't see a bit of code there.
+ 407205 [lists@ru y- ] i thought these settings would be somewhere in env setup or config
| 407219 [tamouse.list] Where did that long output you pasted in the first message come from?
+ 407230 [lists@ru y- ] from "main.exe --eee-list"
| 407290 [tamouse.list] This is quite a useless reply. Please quote the relevant parts of the
+ 407304 [lists@ru y- ] tamouse,
| + 407306 [hassan.schro] If you're not getting helpful responses, maybe it's because no one
| + 407315 [sto.mar@we .] Abinash, nobody will be able to help because nobody can understand
+ 407317 [lists@ru y- ] I was referring to %tempdir% variable used by eee.exe.
| 407318 [tamouse.list] So maybe this is the problem. You're asking about a windows program
+ 407332 [lists@ru y- ] tamouse,