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^ Re: telnet.rb and using it
0404 [wakou fsinet] Oh, good.

^ Ruby regular expression incompatibility/bug
0405 [julian carto] Using ruby 1.3.4-990625 [i586-linux],
+ 0406 [ cle gmx.net] unfortunately you are cheated by the obvious similary syntax of Ruby
+ 0412 [matz netlab.] As answered by Cle,

^ New feature for Ruby?
0407 [Clemens.Hint] I have begun to learn, how to extend Ruby using C. Doing that, I think
+ 0408 [julian carto] Perhaps you should try the latest version of ruby, the absolute value of
| + 0411 [matz netlab.] But not for reverse order;
| + 0415 [c.hintze gmx] But this is a bool value (0 means false; other mean true)! It decides
+ 0413 [matz netlab.] (a) make Range be able to iterate reverse order if beg > end.
  0416 [c.hintze gmx] That's right. I know I could count on you to simplify and make clear
  0418 [gotoken math] Sorry for being not published of FromJapan. I'm busily occupied with
  0426 [gotoken math] Thank you! I shall surely write that next week :-)
  0427 [c.hintze gmx] You're right! I try to mention Ruby among my fellows, whenever I have
  0428 [gotoken math] If `abilities' means `depth of knouledge about Ruby' or `depth of love
  0429 [c.hintze gmx] ***BLUSH... URPS... AHMMMM*** <don'tknowwhattosaynow>...
  0430 [gotoken math] I long for your articles!
  0431 [c.hintze gmx] first sorry for my late response, but I have waited, if another one
  + 0432 [matz netlab.] This is not a comment for your code, sorry.  I will check it later.
  | 0434 [c.hintze gmx] Woah! T h a t  i s  w o n d e r f u l !!! :-)))))))))))))))))
  + 0438 [gotoken math] Oh! Why do you know that Ich war fleissig Schuler nicht???  As you
    0439 [c.hintze gmx] Wow, how many Japanese have learned German once? ;-) Now I know more
    0451 [gotoken math] Many students in department of technology take either German or
    0458 [kikutani spr] Me either...

^ open without variables and implicit closing
0409 [julian carto] If I use File.open without saving its return to a file, how can I or do I
0410 [matz netlab.] The unreferenced file will be closed on next GC.  So, you can forget
0414 [julian carto] Oops! Important bug here: the 'r' is taken to be the line seperator, which

^ regular expression lookbehinds
0417 [julian carto] I'd like to suggest that the zero-width lookbehind and negative

^ pearl, perl, ruby, and ruby
0433 [julian carto] You may be aware that 'perl' was known briefly as 'pearl' before the
+ 0435 [gotoken math] Interesting!  I know existence of pearl only as the legend about
+ 0437 [c.hintze gmx] Normally I think, every language should have a unique name. But it

^ redefinition and alias (Re: New feature for Ruby?)
0436 [gotoken math] How unhappy you were!!  But I'm sorry I also don't know where it is

^ Now another totally different ;-)
0440 [c.hintze gmx] during my journey according class Interval (now renamed to Sequence),
0441 [matz netlab.] You CAN define it for Enumerable, but I think we don't have to define
0442 [c.hintze gmx] I knew you would say that ;-)
+ 0452 [gotoken math] But how we should treat Hash or String?  Some Enumerable classes has
| + 0456 [c.hintze gmx] Please don't take me wrong. If other classes need other behavior,
| | 0460 [gotoken math] I'm very sorry. I understand your request now (as far as I believe).
| | 0465 [c.hintze gmx] Ahem?!? You are sorry for understanding my request now?? ;-))))
| | 0466 [gotoken math] Oops! I would say "I'm very sorry for misunderstatnding. But ..." :-(
| + 0459 [akendo t3.ri] "p String.ancestors" gives [String, Indexed, Enumerable, Comparable,
|   0461 [gotoken math] I've understood it. Thanks!
+ 0462 [matz netlab.] Sure.  In summary, I have to admit I treat Enumerable as ordered
  0464 [c.hintze gmx] I know I seem to be the devil's advocat, but...
  0467 [matz netlab.] I agree that Hash#include? (key search) is little bit different from
  0468 [gotoken math] If I may use metaphor, `[]' reminds me a baggage keeper, who fetches a
  + 0474 [gotoken math] I see. Your opinion also seems right. The matter to consider may be
  | 0480 [c.hintze gmx] I often was gone thru the lacks-a-nail school :-)))
  | 0493 [gotoken math] Don't be sorry! I was so dull that it takes several days to see what
  | 0495 [c.hintze gmx] Not you was dull, but my explanaition tries were :-) But with time, I
  + 0475 [gotoken math] Maybe not all classes are fitting such convension.
    0476 [matz netlab.] Hmm, I agree that all methematical classes are appropriate.  My
    0477 [gotoken math] Well, I'd like to vote for igoring them.

0443 [hohn math.ut] o   What is the "standard" way to use ruby interactively, like a shell?

^ interactive ruby, debugger
0444 [gotoken math] A ruby program `irb' (interactive ruby) is known.
+ 0445 [hohn math.ut] Thanks, I just installed irb.  There is one minor problem; the README
+ 0446 [kikutani spr] I've been wondering why irb is not the built-in module ?
| 0447 [gotoken math] Well, well, all reason is no Engulish document is avairable.  Long
+ 0448 [nakahiro sar] I am 'NaHi'.
| + 0449 [gotoken math] Sorry, I misunderstood;
| | 0454 [nakahiro sar] It stopped raining in Tokyo. How is it in Hokkaido?
| | 0463 [matz netlab.] Thank you for the patch.  I'll merge it.
| | 0478 [nakahiro sar] I had caught the cold by the football game in heavy rain on Sunday...
| + 0450 [c.hintze gmx] I am very glad to see you here. It is valueable every time, if we
|   0453 [nakahiro sar] ...As gotoken-san saying, in Japan, many students in department of
|   0455 [nakahiro sar] correction of my poor English...
|   0457 [c.hintze gmx] to send a mail to correct my English of a previous post, I have gave
|   0479 [nakahiro sar] [ Since It is very shameful for me, I deleted... :-) ]
+ 0513 [nakahiro sar] I put my debug.rb 'debug-nahi_19990722.rb' in in.coming.
  + 0514 [matz netlab.] additional information; he means
  | 0515 [gotoken math] additional information;
  | 0518 [nakahiro sar] I have been to International Wireless/Mobile Solution Exhibition
  + 0516 [hohn math.ut] # repl.ruby
  + 0517 [matz netlab.] I should have took time to include your (and Micheal's) changes into

^ Re: mswin 版で /MD つけると未解決シンボル
0558 [chiba lab.im] ありがとうございます. 結局私がやろうとしていることを実現する
0559 [komatsu sari] ActivePerlはMSVCRT.DLLにパッチをあてたバージョンをPerlCRT.dllという
0560 [chiba lab.im] アドバイスありがとうございます.

^ Modified debug.rb
0481 [hohn math.ut] over the weekend, I have made a modified version of the debug.rb file
+ 0482 [hohn math.ut] Oops, I sent the message too soon.
+ 0485 [matz netlab.] I'd like to see your code.  Could you post it to the list please?
  0488 [hohn math.ut] I'm not sure about that :-)

^ coderefs
0483 [julian carto] Does Ruby have the concept of an "anonymous" method, similar to Perl's
0484 [matz netlab.] I think the Proc object will do the job for you.
0486 [hohn math.ut] I was wondering why a proc has to be called via
+ 0487 [matz netlab.] I agree f(args) is far cleaner than f.call(args), but Ruby tries to
+ 0489 [c.hintze gmx] I don't know (matz?), but in the meanwhile you could use

^ Some questions concerning GC in Ruby extensions
0490 [c.hintze gmx] I am currently writing a Ruby extension using C. Now I have some

^ Ruby's GC (Re:  Some questions concerning GC in Ruby extensions)
0491 [matz netlab.] Hmm, good questions.  I'll separate them into several groups.
0494 [c.hintze gmx] I have assumed, you use the Bohem's GC. Why not? Does the GC only
+ 0499 [shugo netlab] Bohem's GC _was_ unstable....
+ 0500 [matz netlab.] * When I linkded early Ruby with Bohem's GC 6 years ago, it dumped

^ Syntax tree (Re:  Some questions concerning GC in Ruby extensions)
0492 [matz netlab.] This is the second part of the answers to your questions, mostly

^ serialization of objects?
0496 [hohn math.ut] I've noticed the Object.to_s method to get a string from an Object.
0497 [shugo netlab] You can use Marshal module.
0498 [hohn math.ut] Thanks.  I guess I should be looking at version 1.3 of the Ruby docs :)

^ Ruby 1.3.5
0501 [matz netlab.] md5sum is

^ One question about classes written in C.
0502 [Clemens.Hint] I have begun (and will hopefully finish it soon) my first extension :-)
+ 0504 [gotoken math] I think so. If the use of magic numbers like T_POINT is allowed in
+ 0505 [matz netlab.] As Gotoken said, use Data_Make_Struct to avoid future magic number
  0506 [matz netlab.] I think Cle made mistake; forwarded.
  + 0507 [c.hintze gmx] You was right! Sorry for my mistake.
  + 0508 [gotoken math] switch (TYPE(y)) {
    0511 [c.hintze gmx] [...}

^ FromJapan: #3
0503 [gotoken math] I was so busy and didn't follow almost all of them.... So, I've decide to

^ Extension Tutorial?
0509 [Clemens.Hint] I have written a small Extension for learning purposes. Then I have
0510 [gotoken math] Great! I could meet that earlier :-)
0512 [c.hintze gmx] Here we both feel the same :-)

^ CGI.rb
0519 [neumann s-di] I am using CGI.rb. It's very nice.
+ 0520 [crouton duel] Assuming you mention 'cgi-lib.rb', its CGI class defines no method for
| 0524 [wakou fsinet] CGI.rb included rd(Ruby Document).
| 0525 [wakou fsinet] Oh, No!  It's mistake. HTML 3 included table element.
+ 0521 [wakou fsinet] Oh, thank you.
  0522 [crouton duel] What is CGI.rb, not cgi-lib.rb!?
  0523 [wakou fsinet] It may be true. Ruby 1.3.4(1.3.5?) or later included it.

^ Another way for this? And a new proposal!
0526 [c.hintze gmx] list1 do: aBlock
0529 [matz netlab.] Yes.  { |e| p(e) } is too close to hash to distinguish for parser.
0532 [c.hintze gmx] I know you would not let me fall down! :-) I did know, that I could
0533 [matz netlab.] Since Proc objects are objectified blocks, it is good to have convert
0534 [c.hintze gmx] I will remember it for future usage :-) But I will try to avoid it

^ What is the difference?
0527 [c.hintze gmx] could anybody please explain me, what is the difference of functions
0531 [matz netlab.] rb_iterator_p() is the function to check whether the calling function

^ Single char conventions in Ruby's core?
0528 [c.hintze gmx] some of the functions/variables/datatypes in the ruby core have one
0530 [matz netlab.] d_vars stands for dynamic variables, which means local variables

^ Objects in Ruby (Re:  Re: Another way for this? And a new proposal!)
0535 [matz netlab.] Akira the FAQ maintainer will help us, I hope. :-)

^ Ruby 1.3.6
0536 [matz netlab.] md5sum is

^ Ruby 1.3.6
0537 [matz netlab.] md5sum is

^ OED 1999 Appeal
0538 [gotoken math] I found OED is calling for new record now. What do you think of our

^ A new discussion topic ;-)
0539 [c.hintze gmx] and here I am again with a new discussion topic. :-)
+ 0540 [hiwada kuee.] In Ruby, we use class and Mix-in structures.  Now I get used to love
| 0541 [clemens.hint] Hmmm :-/ I don't think so. As I have understood, you have slots in Self
| 0543 [matz netlab.] Because classes are useful tools to organize things and concepts.
+ 0542 [matz netlab.] I like your idea to make a new language with Ruby's syntax (and
  0544 [c.hintze gmx] Do you say that to indicate, that I have too much changing proposals?
  0551 [matz netlab.] No.  Definitely, no.  Your comments, proposals, ideas, and questions
  0557 [c.hintze gmx] Thank you! But I don't like to develope something for /dev/null, you
  0561 [matz netlab.] I think you are still focusing on WHAT.

^ Proc calls with variable context?
0545 [c.hintze gmx] I have another question...
0552 [matz netlab.] Treating local variables requires compile time information.  Blocks
0555 [c.hintze gmx] Could you manage more than one context? Every `Proc' or `Method' would

^ Question concerning modules (1)
0546 [clemens.hint] I want to show you a small log excerpt. I would like to ask, whether
0550 [hiwada kuee.] `show' is foo's instance_method, not method.
0556 [c.hintze gmx] Okay! But...
0558 [hiwada kuee.] /*
+ 0559 [hiwada kuee.] It's a mistake.  aModule.append_features(aClass) is same as
+ 0565 [clemens.hint] I very appreciate your explanaitions. But I fear, I have not understand
  + 0568 [matz netlab.] Yes.
  + 0574 [hiwada kuee.] Let me do some preparation.  I thought that the word `instance

^ Ruby Module for SWIG
0547 [fukusima got] I released Ruby Module for SWIG.  This module extends SWIG to

^ Bug: concerning Modules!
0548 [clemens.hint] the following script seems to detect an error in the ruby interpreter.
+ 0549 [hiwada kuee.] It's an interesting idea!
| + 0553 [matz netlab.] Oops.  Thank you for the patch.
| + 0554 [c.hintze gmx] Wait until you have seen the whole module! :-)))
+ 0588 [gotoken math] (From that's comment)

^ How to abandon instance initialization.
0560 [clemens.hint] please consider following code sample...
0562 [matz netlab.] Without exception?
0566 [clemens.hint] Arrrrghhh! Of course! I have not thought on the simplest thing! :-(

^ Date class and rfc822
0563 [wakou fsinet] In the future, Will Date classes support for rfc822(rfc1123)?

^ Ruby 1.3.7
0564 [matz netlab.] md5sum is

^ New feature request! :-)
0567 [clemens.hint] I have missed on feature of the Python parser since all the time I use
0569 [matz netlab.] I think the last one reqiures the backslash at the end of line.
0570 [clemens.hint] Eh! I really do it! :-)
+ 0571 [matz netlab.] Sure.  You don't have to publish your source.
| 0573 [clemens.hint] But here is a question: I think, I have to code some of the converter
+ 0589 [gotoken math] def pystr(program)

^ Ruby 1.3.7
0572 [matz netlab.] md5sum is

^ What is with `$.'?
0575 [clemens.hint] I use `$.' the first time. I use that var together with `$<'. Now I
0576 [matz netlab.] That's how Perl's `$.' works.  Try
0579 [clemens.hint] I don't like a sentence like: "That's how xxxx works"! :-( I use Ruby
0585 [matz netlab.] That variable is defined to be Perl compatible. ;-)

^ lisence (Re:  Re: New feature request! :-))
0577 [matz netlab.] You can consider the interpreter with static linked extensions as mere
0580 [clemens.hint] That's fine. I have hoped you would say that. ;-))))
0584 [matz netlab.] Ruby, including regex.[ch], but not necessarily your code.
0586 [clemens.hint] That's fine. With that I can live, I think! :-))))))

^ trace_var doesn't work with $< ???
0578 [clemens.hint] I am very diligent today, ain I?  ;-)
0583 [matz netlab.] Because opening new file, does not assign $<, but just change the

^ String over more lines
0581 [neumann s-di] What about the way Python let declare Strings over more than one line?
0582 [clemens.hint] a = %q!
0587 [matz netlab.] a = %{

^ Bug in Array#clone!
0590 [clemens.hint] and here the next problem... :-)
+ 0591 [gotoken math] Some classes seem to have same problem.
| + 0592 [clemens.hint] Although I have not tried it, but I was sure there are more classes than
| + 0593 [matz netlab.] You are right, except one point.  `dup' is value copying method,
|   0595 [gotoken math] Oh, I've never heard that!  Would you tell me more details on the
|   0596 [matz netlab.] dup
|   0613 [gotoken math] Thanks you very much. I have to read the document more and more :-(
|   0617 [matz netlab.] instance variables
|   0619 [clemens.hint] Sorry, no opinion! But as `clone' and `dup' are grouped together in the
|   0621 [matz netlab.] I agree with it.  OK, I will reorganize the manual.
+ 0594 [matz netlab.] Well, thank .. you.

^ eRuby 0.0.4
0597 [shugo netlab] eRuby version 0.0.4 is released.

^ No `min' method?!?
0598 [clemens.hint] I hope you all has had a wonderful silent time... but now I am here
0599 [matz netlab.] Enumerable classes have instance methods named `min' and `max' to find
0601 [clemens.hint] ?????
0603 [matz netlab.] `rbc' may be replaced by `irb'.  You can handle these better with it.

^ A `File' is not a `IO'?????
0600 [clemens.hint] during coding I have found a, IMHO, strange effect. I have tried to use
0602 [matz netlab.] Why not?  File (the class object) is not an instance of the IO class,
0604 [clemens.hint] (1) A `File' is an `IO'
0605 [matz netlab.] (1) - false
0606 [clemens.hint] I do! But unfortunately, I am currently busy with an tutorial, how to
0614 [gotoken math] I'm guessing your `patch' is too old. It is known that earlier
0615 [c.hintze gmx] Too bad then, because...
+ 0616 [matz netlab.] Hmmmm, could you give me traceback by gdb/dbx?
| 0618 [clemens.hint] Sorry! My fault. It crashes and say something about SIGSEGV, but no
| 0620 [matz netlab.] % gdb ruby
| 0622 [clemens.hint] I have thought on that right on the moment I hit the [Send] button :-)
| 0623 [matz netlab.] Did I?
| 0624 [clemens.hint] Yes!
| 0625 [matz netlab.] Oh, I didn't know that song.  I have watched just very little part of
+ 0627 [gotoken math] Hmmm,,, I have no idea...
  0628 [clemens.hint] Ah... it is called solar eclipse! I didn't know, but I nevertheless
  0629 [gotoken math] It will be occur in 2007 at southern islands (Amami islands).