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Nokogiri scraping multiple URLs
403914 [lists@ru y- ] I am new to Ruby and Nokogiri so excuse my lack of knowledge. I am
+ 403915 [lists@ru y- ] I haven't tested this code, it's just a flow example. There might be
| 403931 [lists@ru y- ] Array into String (TypeError)
+ 403933 [lists@ru y- ] You're trying to append the data you've scraped (an array) onto a string

Character classes use in Ruby
403920 [lists@ru y- ] Can anyone help me by giving an explanatory example of each of the
+ 403921 [matthew@ke w] Matthew Kerwin, B.Sc (CompSci) (Hons)
| 403922 [matthew@ke w] I'm sorry, but I *just* answered another post where my solution detailed
+ 403923 [lists@ru y- ] aren't those names self-explanatory?
+ 403924 [lists@ru y- ] did you even try to google that list?
| 403925 [lists@ru y- ] I know their description - but would be good for me if I get a ruby tiny
| 403927 [tamouse.list] /[[:upper:]][[:lower:]]/.match("Hello") #=> #<MatchData "He">
| 403948 [lists@ru y- ] Okay! Could you explain how the matching here performed, to produce
| + 403951 [wishdev@gm i] Could you at least at some point take 10 seconds and try to figure anything
| + 403956 [shortcutter@] There are tutorials on regular expressions out there on the web.
+ 403928 [lists@ru y- ] digit for sample can match more than just plain 0-9
  403944 [lists@ru y- ] Any example for the others as I listed in my description?
  403946 [lists@ru y- ] You now know the syntax, try them in IRB to discover their behaviour.

How to stop page loading using selenium-web driver?
403935 [lists@ru y- ] How to stop page loading using selenium-web driver?
+ 403937 [lists@ru y- ] from C:/Ruby193/lib/ruby/1.9.1/net/protocol.rb:140:in
| 404003 [lists@ru y- ] Is there anyway to handle these exception,try to make alive the driver
+ 403939 [lists@ru y- ] require 'selenium-webdriver'
| 403940 [lists@ru y- ] Not working- Is there anyway to stop page load?
+ 403941 [lists@ru y- ] require 'rubygems'
| 403950 [lists@ru y- ] ### Here should I need to put this - "driver.manage.timeouts.page_load
+ 403942 [lists@ru y- ] Do you get any response from that submit if you locate and click it as a
| 403943 [lists@ru y- ] After clicking on a submit, it's bringing me to the correct page,but
+ 403962 [lists@ru y- ] Is there any chance to stop loading of a page in a browser? Just we do
+ 404009 [lists@ru y- ] How long does the page take to load when you do this manually? Adjust

Nokogiri - Data output not as expected
403945 [lists@ru y- ] Sorry for bothering the forum about this but it is extremely
+ 403947 [jgabrielygal] require 'nokogiri'
+ 403949 [lists@ru y- ] Nice explanations!
+ 403952 [lists@ru y- ] Thank you for your explanation Jesus but I am just not sure where to
| 403954 [jgabrielygal] I don't know the spreadsheet API, but if you need to pass the row
| 403955 [lists@ru y- ] Ok I made those changes but getting no output to excel, only blank with no error code. :(
| 403957 [jgabrielygal] require 'nokogiri'
+ 403958 [lists@ru y- ] Your a savious Jesus, been working on this all week with limited
+ 403961 [lists@ru y- ] require 'nokogiri'

ANN: Sequel 3.44.0 Released
403959 [lists@ru y- ] Sequel is a lightweight database access toolkit for Ruby.
403960 [blambeau@gm ] That is ... just pure awesomeness. Thanks a lot for that!!!

queries related to selenium- web driver data feed to webpage.
403963 [lists@ru y- ] Can we feed data to the below html element using selenium-web driver?
403979 [lists@ru y- ] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

Will we have ruby 2.0 before 1.8 dies?
403964 [lists@ru y- ] will we get ruby 2.0 before 1.8 end-of-life happens somehwere in June
403966 [carlos.agari] The final release of Ruby 2.0 will be in february 24th, which is also

webpage field values insertion required Gem
403967 [lists@ru y- ] To feed data into web form fields - which "gem" you people want to
403968 [lists@ru y- ] watir-webdriver is a god among browser navigation tools :)

How to increase flexibility of #flatten
403969 [lists@ru y- ] I am trying to use flatten to change
+ 403971 [matthew@ke w] Do you want a general solution that will always reduce things down the the
+ 403973 [lists@ru y- ] Nice discussion,would like to participate here.
| + 403974 [sto.mar@we .] Then contribute something **meaningful**.
| + 403976 [shortcutter@] Please go ahead.
+ 404028 [transfire@gm] ...

[ANN] ply 0.9 Released
403970 [jwise@dr ga ] ply version 0.9 has been released!

Ruby could recognize the values when putting into a webpage text filed.
403972 [lists@ru y- ] 1136-式忙扣次早 式早式曲忙朽曲次早
+ 403978 [colby.callah] set encoding or use a diff font package?
| 403980 [lists@ru y- ] Didn't get you. Which package you are asking me to refer? I used
+ 403994 [lists@ru y- ] Can anyone help me here? This is the thing sucking my whole script to
+ 403995 [lists@ru y- ] how do you read the csv file?
  403997 [lists@ru y- ] I am using Ruby 1.9.3 latest version. I am using win32ole library with
  404001 [colby.callah] I am just saying that the browser thinks the information it is receiving is
  404002 [lists@ru y- ] But in excel column those values are quite OK,only the problem is when
  404004 [wbrisett@at ] Do you ever read ANY of the links people provide?

Financial models using Ruby
403975 [its.code.in.] I'm working on this financial
+ 403977 [ralf.mueller] ...
| 403985 [its.code.in.] Hey thanks a lot Ralf - tons of strong points there. I'll definitely be
+ 403998 [lists@ru y- ] There are ways to build a GUI using gems, or link excel and a ruby

Not able to enter value in text box inside the iframe
403981 [lists@ru y- ] My team is trying to automate web application using Watir. We are able
+ 403982 [lists@ru y- ] You can use "xpath"
+ 404024 [lists@ru y- ] "Not working" is vague. Do you get an error message? does the object

Run qmake, make and make install
403983 [lists@ru y- ] I'm currently working on a linux server and writing a buildscript with
403984 [sinm.sinm@gm] Try to execute puts `which make`, it isn't in your path imho.

old syntax? what's going on here
403986 [tamouse.list] I have this in a _spec.rb file: (a gem I inherited at work)
+ 403987 [fluido@fl id] Are you sure that code ever worked?
| 403988 [tamouse.list] Heh, no -- I've inherited this little bit of thing that no one in the
| 403989 [tamouse.list] Sure enough, Carlos. Now it syntax checks. But on to other problems,
| 403992 [fluido@fl id] (it is Carlo, not Carlos - I am Italian... Nothing against the
| + 403996 [sto.mar@we .] No! As long as you do not have the same gems on your machine as
| | 403999 [tamouse.list] This is the ruby_pgp module, which seems quite old(?) but has been
| + 404000 [tamouse.list] Deepest apologies. I didn't even notice that I added the -s until you
+ 403990 [sto.mar@we .] No. This case statement (with corrected syntax of course)
| 403991 [wbrisett@at ] I'm just a tad loss (not on the explanation), but where this is coming from...
+ 403993 [phasis@gm il] 2013/2/5 tamouse mailing lists <tamouse.lists@gmail.com>

Implementing DRY with a function call
404005 [lists@ru y- ] I'm working on my first Ruby project...and I'm trying to adhere to the
+ 404045 [jgabrielygal] This is not doing what you think it does. Ruby evaluates the arguments
+ 404065 [lists@ru y- ] Thanks for the help. I think I see your point about the "lambda {}call"
| + 404070 [jgabrielygal] Unless the expression raises an exception. Passing the result of the
| + 404076 [shortcutter@] I agree to what Jesus said: the block allows more control.  For
+ 404086 [lists@ru y- ] To Robert...yes, I have NOT, yet, grasped the concept of blocks :-)
| 404089 [shortcutter@] OK.  First of all a block is just an anonymous function.  Because it
+ 404092 [lists@ru y- ] At present I'm using the approach I mentioned before, but let me try and
| + 404098 [matthew@ke w] Give or take a few other var-args tricks.  Remember C has stdarg.h and
| + 404111 [shortcutter@] OK, I'll try to clarify where I can.
+ 404107 [lists@ru y- ] Thanks. That was very helpful.
  404109 [lists@ru y- ] Glad to help.

using an instance variable inside a method
404006 [lists@ru y- ] I'm learning ruby 1.9 by reading the book "Programming Ruby 1.9
+ 404007 [colby.callah] @price is an instance variable not a class variable ($price) I believe.
| 404008 [ryan@ra to m] ...
+ 404010 [lists@ru y- ] According to the book "$" is supposed to be used for global variables.
+ 404011 [lists@ru y- ] $ = global
+ 404013 [lists@ru y- ] I see, i thought that you could use these accessors only outside the
| 404026 [matthew@ke w] Yeah, it's a DRY thing.
| 404030 [ryan@ra to m] ...
| 404032 [matthew@ke w] Oh of course.  If there's no explicit variable creation (price = ...) in
+ 404022 [lists@ru y- ] Personally I like to reference the instance variables using their "@"
+ 404033 [lists@ru y- ] The key here is "interpreter".  A bare token might either be a reference
| 404048 [jgabrielygal] This is not quite correct, although it's close. Running Ruby code has
+ 404091 [lists@ru y- ] Anyway i'm not a fan of implicit "not obvious" stuff, so i should write
+ 404093 [lists@ru y- ] Actually, there is another reason to avoid self.method.  self.method has
| 404112 [shortcutter@] Right!  Sometimes this is used intentionally to make method calls look
+ 406723 [lists@ru y- ] I'm a couple weeks as a Ruby newby ... writing a fun puzzle and ran into
  406724 [lists@ru y- ] `@p` references the instance variable, and bare `p` is a method call.
  406731 [ryand-ruby@z] so
  406734 [shortcutter@] One more remark: it's probably not too good to name an attribute "p"

[ANN] Serif version 0.2.1 released
404012 [adam@ap es o] Serif is a file-based blogging engine with an optional admin interface

Is there anyway to get all the class with their instance methods names to be available and to see th
404014 [lists@ru y- ] Is there anyway to get all the class with their instance methods names
404017 [justincollin] You mean print out all the classes and their instance methods?

Re: Is there anyway to get all the class with their instance methods names to be available and to se
404015 [lists@ru y- ] oO have you ever seen Class.instance_methods ?
404016 [lists@ru y- ] It seems you didn't get my questions.
404018 [lists@ru y- ] Yes, you are right. But does it give me the Ruby gem methods also. In my
404019 [lists@ru y- ] run gem server in your shell, then access localhost:8880
404020 [ryan@ra to m] I guess I don't understand why you (Love U Ruby) want to go through so

Not able get the label text incurred with <input> element
404021 [lists@ru y- ] <div id="filtersetedit_fieldNames" title="Please first select a list
+ 404023 [lists@ru y- ] The text is in the div, not linked to the checkboxes. Looks like poorly
| 404035 [lists@ru y- ] I am using selenium-web driver at all. But your above line is with
| 404036 [lists@ru y- ] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
| 404037 [lists@ru y- ] Could you just tell me how and what "name_array" contains its elements?
+ 404038 [lists@ru y- ] "Extracting the div's
| 404039 [lists@ru y- ] I don't have watir-web driver installed in my PC. Now so I am trying to
| 404040 [lists@ru y- ] driver.find_elements(:xpath,"//div[contains(@id,'filtersetedit_fieldNames')]/input").each
| 404051 [lists@ru y- ] <div id="filtersetedit_fieldNames" title="Please first select a list to
+ 404053 [lists@ru y- ] driver.find_elements(:id,"filtersetedit_fieldNames").each do |x|
| 404057 [lists@ru y- ] I know "driver.page_source" to get the full html of a page,but no idea
+ 404059 [lists@ru y- ] driver.find_element(:id,"filtersetedit_fieldNames").attribute('innerHTML')
| 404060 [lists@ru y- ] Yes,the above worked.
| 404062 [ryan@ra to m] Google. Google. Google. Seriously, how difficult is it to type in
| + 404064 [lists@ru y- ] I don't know why you made such "harsh" comment. Is this forum not for a
| + 404067 [lists@ru y- ] Thanks :)
|   404081 [lists@ru y- ] Thank you very much :)@joel. Please don't think I am using you for my
+ 404063 [lists@ru y- ] Regex supports #{variable}.

404025 [lists@ru y- ] Symbol deserialization from external sources is now known to be
+ 404027 [matthew@ke w] I might be missing something, but how is `string.to_sym` problematic?
+ 404029 [lists@ru y- ] When a symbol is defined, the memory used to store the symbol is
| + 404031 [matthew@ke w] I see.
| + 404142 [shortcutter@] I don't believe this to be such a big deal: if you parse external data
+ 404034 [lists@ru y- ] I see that some of the core team appear to hang out here, so I thought I
| 404042 [transfire@gm] ...
| 404088 [matthew@ke w] Or, rather than error, just flush a bunch.  If they're needed, they'll come
+ 404100 [lists@ru y- ] Given some of the other discussions I've seen, it seems likely that the
+ 404173 [lists@ru y- ] DOS does not occur with strings because strings can be garbage
| 404178 [shortcutter@] I am very well aware of that.  Still the fact remains that you can
+ 404177 [lists@ru y- ] It's not just rails. Rails happens to be a hotbed of bad programming
+ 404180 [lists@ru y- ] Well, if you want me to be explicit, I can.
  + 404206 [tamouse.list] I'm running into something now with an API that converts XML to a
  + 404213 [shortcutter@] Good. :-)

Expanding gemspecs
404041 [lists@ru y- ] usefulness of a particular gem.
+ 404043 [transfire@gm] ...
+ 404044 [ryand-ruby@z] Gems are packaged with static data only. You can see that be looking at any o=
+ 404046 [lists@ru y- ] That doesn't seem to be the case, at least for my gems! It appears that
  404049 [ryand-ruby@z] that
  404050 [jon@jo ca rn] that's used for packaging, it isn't the gem's specification. Look in $(gem

[ANN] unicorn 4.6.0 - Rack HTTP server for fast clients and Unix
404047 [normalperson] Unicorn is an HTTP server for Rack applications designed to only serve
404095 [tamouse.list] ... and people say unicorns are mythical...

XML on the server?
404052 [ken@jo s. rg] I'm trying to dip my toes into Ajax, and am attempting to give an XML
404056 [ryan@ra to m] How are you trying to consume the XML on the client side? If you post

error: cannot load such file ■ zlib
404054 [lists@ru y- ] [CODE]    $ gem install rails
+ 404084 [lists@ru y- ] Thanks but didn't work.
+ 404085 [echristopher] Did you run `rvm requirements`? I know I recently had the same
+ 404087 [lists@ru y- ] Here's the output. But i already done these. Still no luck.

[ANN] Ruby 1.9.3 patchlevel 385 (includes a security fix)
404055 [usa@ga ba ec] Now Ruby 1.9.3-p385 is released.
404061 [tomcloydmsma] Is normal upgrade via rvm not possible? (well, obviously there is a

Ruby 1.9.3-p362 on Mac OSX
404058 [lists@ru y- ] I've installed the latest Ruby on my Mac using Homebrew. When I type
404066 [jon@jo ca rn] /usr/bin/env ruby
404068 [lists@ru y- ] Thanks, Jon.
+ 404069 [jon@jo ca rn] Strange. What does your $PATH environment variable contain?
| 404071 [lists@ru y- ] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
| 404073 [jon@jo ca rn] Yeh, your ruby path hasn't been included in that. You want to be seeing
| 404074 [lists@ru y- ] OK. Did that. And, yes, now I see that Ruby directory in my path, first
| 404075 [jon@jo ca rn] I think Hassan's right, that \r looks out of place. That's a carriage
| 404077 [lists@ru y- ] ruby 1.9.3p362 (2012-12-25 revision 38607) [x86_64-darwin12.2.0]
+ 404072 [hassan.schro] ? Did you copy/paste that from somewhere? That \r looks out of
  404078 [lists@ru y- ] Yes, I see that "\r" whenever I try to run a Ruby script. I have no idea
  + 404079 [jon@jo ca rn] We can see whether it's something in the file if you pass the binary file
  + 404080 [lists@ru y- ] I got it! Yes, it was indeed some Windows gibberish. I opened my Ruby

Problem building Ruby 1.9.3 patchlevel 385 under AIX 7.1
404082 [ruby.student] I am trying to build Ruby 1.9.3 patchlevel 385  under AIX 7.1. The
+ 405099 [ruby.student] Anybody there? Anybody at all!
| + 405103 [fluido@fl id] Probably there's nobody who dabbles with AIX. I myself know nothing
| + 405114 [ryand-ruby@z] ./configure phase goes OK. The make part did not go well and end up with =
|   405120 [kubo@ji ba .] That's because the configure script set "DLDFLAGS='-eInit_$(TARGET)'" on AIX
|   405129 [ryand-ruby@z] Why you're trying to pick up Init_dot.dot instead of Init_dot is strange =
|   405154 [kubo@ji ba .] I found that it had already fixed in ruby 2.0.0.
|   + 405225 [ruby.student] OK. I made the suggested changes and I got the following errors. Please
|   + 410657 [lists@ru y- ] Thank you! I found the first of these changes are already in
+ 405105 [lists@ru y- ] Have you considered using JRuby?
  405106 [matt@te hn r] When I was working with AIX a year ago, that's what I did.  There is an

404083 [colby.callah] restart machine...

How to pass established/defined arrays into def method.
404094 [lists@ru y- ] I am trying to pass a defined array into a method. Ruby is interpreting
404096 [tamouse.list] See comments below in your code...
404097 [lists@ru y- ] Okay, thank you for your help. I changed player1 to player but when i
404099 [tamouse.list] check_for_flush('Clubs', player1)

Issues from an extreme beginner
404101 [lists@ru y- ] Hey guys, great to be part of such a great community! I look forward to
+ 404102 [matthew@ke w] (((str + int => str) + int => str) + int => str)
| 404103 [lists@ru y- ] Er, that's a conceptual hint, by the way. You can't actually add an int
+ 404104 [lists@ru y- ] Ahh, thank you Matthew! That was just the push I needed!
| + 404106 [janicetr@fa ] puts "There are #{names} character\'s in your name!"
| | 404122 [lists@ru y- ] This is fine one :)
| + 404121 [hassan.schro] Or just:   (name1 + name2 + name3).length
| | 404143 [lists@ru y- ] I caught this after doing it in, maybe 6 of my prior programs.
| | 404152 [matthew@ke w] Well, we're not marking your assignments for you.  ;)
| | + 404155 [sto.mar@we .] IMHO maybe a little too cryptic for a complete newbie.
| | + 404160 [tigre7t@gm i] on the side-track in case the name has only one character then the word
| |   + 404164 [hassan.schro] 1.9.3 (main):0 > require 'active_support/core_ext/string/inflections'
| |   | 404174 [tigre7t@gm i] hay that is concise and explicit many thanks
| |   + 404176 [sto.mar@we .] 1. You do not have to escape `(' and `)' in single or double
| + 404154 [sto.mar@we .] You should make it a habit from the start to use more accurate
+ 404105 [list.push@gm] A hint.
+ 404108 [lists@ru y- ] Harry, Zoltan: Thank you both! This book that I'm reading is a pretty
+ 404110 [lists@ru y- ] FYI, you don't need to escape the single quote when inside double
+ 404148 [lists@ru y- ] I should have spotted that :o