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[ANN] Rails version 3.2.5 has been released!
396086 [tenderlove@r] Good news everyone!  Rails version 3.2.5 has been released.

Ruby library path
396088 [lists@ru y- ] I'm new at ruby, actually i just want to run puppet under aix in
396089 [ruby-talk@la] You can also append other paths to the array by putting this at the top

Crystal Report Integration in ROR
396091 [lists@ru y- ] Can anyone please tell me in detail about how to integrate crystal

[ANN] nokogiri 1.5.3 Released
396092 [mike.dalessi] nokogiri version 1.5.3 has been released!

[ANN] wlang 2.0.0.beta released
396093 [blambeau@gm ] A beta version of wlang 2.0 has just been released.

ANN: Sequel 3.36.0 Released
396094 [lists@ru y- ] Sequel is a lightweight database access toolkit for Ruby.

[ANN] ZenTest 4.8.1 Released
396099 [ryand-ruby@z] ZenTest version 4.8.1 has been released!

rvm - how to run a ruby script via crontab?
396107 [wybo@xs al .] I have, for the first time, installed ruby using rvm.
396108 [tomar.arun@g] ...
396109 [flo@an er gr] ...
+ 396110 [its.code.in.] Hey!
| 396111 [its.code.in.] P.S. This is for a script that runs 24/7 capturing a live stream though,
+ 396120 [wybo@xs al .] That would better, because calling something containing the 1.9.3-p125
  396123 [flo@an er gr] ruby
  396125 [wybo@xs al .] I'm not sure if I'm doing this correctly - I suppose that in the crontab
  396128 [tomar.arun@g] ...

Countdown dates in Ruby
396112 [lists@ru y- ] I'm making a program in Ruby that gets 2 dates, calculates which is the
396117 [lists@ru y- ] You can use the Date class from the standard library. It has all the

cursor position in text mode
396113 [lists@ru y- ] How do u set cursor position in text mode windows terminal?

[ANN] celluloid 0.11.0: reaching for that 1.0 milestone...
396114 [tony.arcieri] Celluloid is a concurrent object oriented programming framework for Ruby

[ANN] test-unit 2.4.9
396115 [kou@co mi ng] test-unit 2.4.9 has been released.

[ANN] kramdown 0.13.7
396116 [t_leitner@gm] ## About kramdown

[ANN] Rote 0.3.8 released
396118 [rosco.rbtalk] After a couple of dormant years, Rote 0.3.8 has been released. This is

Problems installing bson_ext
396121 [lists@ru y- ] I've been found plenty of information related to this problem, but I
396122 [jam@ja an be] Hey Noe,

Working with UAC in Windows 7
396124 [lists@ru y- ] What is the easiest way to trigger a UAC prompt in Windows 7/Vista run a
396300 [lists@ru y- ] system "runas .. notepad.exe"

Read from several .txt files by a pattern and write the matched lines to a new file
396126 [lists@ru y- ] Just to be said. I am new to ruby.
+ 396127 [shortcutter@] You could invoke the script with an output redirection.  That's just
+ 396129 [lists@ru y- ] $files = Array.new
  + 396130 [lists@ru y- ] Somewhere in the script i changed the working directory, so it was my
  | 396132 [jgabrielygal] It's always better to use the block form to open files. It ensures
  + 396133 [shortcutter@] roblem

[ANN] Public release of the Robot Construction Kit
396131 [sylvain.joye] The Rock development team is proud to announce the official public

Half of the life of a person expressed as date in Ruby
396134 [lists@ru y- ] I'm doing a program in which you must enter a birth date and take the
396135 [lists@ru y- ] I'm assuming you already checked out the Date class from the standard

appropriate use of constants
396136 [lists@ru y- ] I am making a program that will get settings from a config file. I am
+ 396138 [lists@ru y- ] I'd use a single constant (like CONFIG), which holds a special object
+ 396140 [lists@ru y- ] if your program is also going to have some kind of settings manager,
  396142 [lists@ru y- ] I don't think a module is the right choice. Your code relies on the
  396150 [lists@ru y- ] I think you mean @settings, not DEFAULT_SETTINGS?

Ruby Suddenly Requiring osax Before Playing Sound
396137 [lists@ru y- ] Greetings, folks!
396299 [lists@ru y- ] So what changed recently, if it stopped working?
396307 [lists@ru y- ] Thanks, Roger, but nothing that I am aware of; obviously that would be

Internal Error from Paypal Sandbox
396139 [lists@ru y- ] Paypal Sandbox is behaving unexpectedly, Whenever i am authorizing the
396298 [lists@ru y- ] probably.

unknown property or method: `title'
396141 [lists@ru y- ] require 'watir'
396143 [tomar.arun@g] ...
396144 [lists@ru y- ] i run this code in irb  - it was ok. And page with title "Task" is

My First Script
396145 [lists@ru y- ] Hey guys!
+ 396146 [peterhickman] It's q
| 396147 [peterhickman] It's quite a large block of text, you should have broken it down into
+ 396149 [jez.walker@g] The lack of functions makes this very difficult to read and give advise on.

Facebook Group
396148 [mosesaro@me ] ...
396178 [code@ap th o] I'm quite content to communicate with fellow Rubyists via the ruby-talk
396179 [shortcutter@] For me, too.  I won't join FB anytime soon.
+ 396180 [narkoz.2008@] Me too
| 396187 [donnelg@gm i] ...
+ 396189 [hmaddocks@me] Me neither.
| 396194 [mcpierce@gm ] After thinking about it, I'm going to drop out of it. I don't think FB
| 396233 [shortcutter@] Sounds like the beginning of a new social movement: "Ban FB from your
| 396239 [mcpierce@gm ] Pronounced "BIF-ful". I think it sounds wonderful. :)
| 396301 [code@ap th o] I dunno -- in my head, I heard it as "b'FILL".
| 396303 [shortcutter@] Hmm, for me it was [baeffil].  If we can't agree on a pronunciation -
+ 396258 [ibc@al ax ne] What is Facebook?
  396265 [ruby-talk@la] It's a codename for operation Dot-com 2.0.

ruby 1.9.3 spawn output in window
396151 [lists@ru y- ] I'm having some problems using spawn on Windows with Ruby 1.9.3. I want
396286 [lists@ru y- ] none here. Maybe ping core.

Deadlock in large vm_xmalloc while doing backtrace
396152 [lists@ru y- ] I work on a fairly large Ruby application that runs as a daemon,
+ 396156 [whitequark@w] 1.9.1 is something of a danger sign for me: it never worked good enough
| + 396177 [billpaulson@] I'll look into changing to a later release.
| | 396184 [whitequark@w] I compile my Rubies with rvm[1], and it inserts debug flags
| + 396245 [billpaulson@] While not completely certain, this bug appears to be due to using the 'caller' method inside an object finalizer. I've written a bug report on a simplerprogram (http://bugs.ruby-Lang.org/issues/6558) which I think is related. Removing 'caller()' from the finalizer in our real code seems to have stoppedthe problems (knocks on wood and crosses fingers.)
+ 396256 [ibc@al ax ne] int rb_has_gvl_p(void)

XML::Parser, keeping file open
396153 [lists@ru y- ] Ruby 1.9.2p136
396155 [ryand-ruby@z] But
396193 [lists@ru y- ] Thanks, I was looking at this. Unfortunately I probably can't get
+ 396195 [jgabrielygal] Jesus.
+ 396204 [ryand-ruby@z] They're both based on libxml. One works. One has a long well-documented =
  396240 [lists@ru y- ] Thanks, I already got it ok'ed and so on. Sometimes things are fast,

celluloid-io performance
396154 [lists@ru y- ] Has anyone run any benchmarks against celluloid-io vs eventmachine? If
+ 396157 [tony.arcieri] Here are benchmarks of Reel (a Celluloid::IO-based web server) versus Thin
+ 396295 [lists@ru y- ] simple bench: while true; do yes "" | nc localhost 8080; sleep 0.2; done
  396388 [tony.arcieri] I haven't seen it with Reel before which is odd, because it didn't used to
  396587 [tony.arcieri] I took a look at this again, and your scripts don't appear to measure the

Net::SFTP hangs when downloading a file.
396158 [timuckun@gm ] I have some code which attempts to download some data from an sftp
396162 [fxn@ha hr f.] I have recently had also some problems with Net::SFTP.
396206 [timuckun@gm ] I really wanted to avoid shelling out. That seems like such a cop out.

work on pipe seperated log file
396159 [lists@ru y- ] I have a pipe seperated txt file, i need to read the data and work
+ 396160 [jgabrielygal] You can use File#foreach to iterate over the lines of the file,
+ 396164 [shortcutter@] $ ruby19 -r csv -e 'CSV.new(ARGF, col_sep:"|").each{|r| p r}' <<CSV

convert delphi codes to ruby
396161 [lists@ru y- ] function ReplaceSingleQuote(AText: String): String;
396163 [shortcutter@] These are all one liners.  Btw, I would assume Delphi solutions could
396167 [lists@ru y- ] Thanks Robert, am very new to Ruby and learning the way around to work
396169 [shortcutter@] Well, of course you can translate the original functions mechanically,

cannot load such file -- test1 (LoadError)
396165 [lists@ru y- ] require 'test/unit'

Ruby script running standalone on vserver
396166 [lists@ru y- ] I have a ruby script that I want to run 24/7 on my vserver( Debian
396168 [jgabrielygal] This is a unix question more than a Ruby question.
396170 [peterhickman] If the script needs to be run periodically (once a day or hour or
+ 396173 [shortcutter@] If output to stdout is needed then screen might also help.
| 396190 [code@ap th o] . . . or, better yet, tmux.
| 396232 [shortcutter@] Thank you for that pointer, Chad!  From the feature list tmux really
+ 396176 [ralf.mueller] init has the "respawn" keyword for keeping scipts running even if they chrashed

Ruby OpenSource Challenge
396171 [anna.banasze] For all the Rubyist out there - join the Ruby OpenSource Challenge and give

Magic comments justification
396172 [lists@ru y- ] I'm looking for explanations about the choice of using magic comment to
396174 [matma.rex@gm] The encoding has to be set *before the file is even parsed*. So
396175 [lists@ru y- ] Thanks for your answer.
+ 396181 [matma.rex@gm] You can't always provide command-line options (or it might be troublesome).
| 396185 [sophrinix@gm] It is also worth noting that in shell scripts (ruby use to be thought
| + 396201 [code@ap th o] I'm not entirely sure, but it looks like you're suggesting that nobody
| + 396269 [lists@ru y- ] The hashbang/shebang line is read by the current shell to know which interpreter should be run to execute the script, and the interpreter actually running the script ignores this line, because it is indeed a comment for him!
|   396273 [shortcutter@] It's not the current shell but one of the system calls exec* which is
+ 396210 [echristopher] Ruby's hardly alone in having semantically significant comments. I

SQLite3 sudden problem can't think of any changes I made?
396182 [lists@ru y- ] #file one
396188 [shortcutter@] Why not

Older Ruby Install issues
396183 [lists@ru y- ] Sorry if I'm not posting this in the right place. The issue I am having
396202 [hassan.schro] I'd suggest you ask this on the rvm mailing list or IRC channel; and

Inexplicable Argument Error
396186 [lists@ru y- ] I am encountering a very strange argument error.  I simplified my code
+ 396191 [rubytalk2dav] What are you trying to do?  If you're trying to assign capture an
+ 396196 [matma.rex@gm] Methods ending with = can usually only take one argument  as you
| 396199 [lists@ru y- ] YIKES!  I was not aware of that limitation.  It certainly explains the
| + 396200 [matma.rex@gm] Just so we're clear  this is a *parser* limitation, not a language
| | 396257 [ibc@al ax ne] def foo=(var)
| | 396264 [ruby-talk@la] The method is never called in your example. Instead, you assign a value
| | 396267 [ibc@al ax ne] Yes, sorry, my fault, I failed to add the self receiver in the example.
| + 396212 [ryand-ruby@z] It'd be more idiomatic to rename the methods [] and []=.
|   396242 [lists@ru y- ] I like it.  It's apparent that there are a number of ways to skin this
+ 396268 [lists@ru y- ] my_object.val = 1, 2
  396279 [quintus@qu n] Not necessarily. The array is only assigned to the parameter if Ruby

Getting runtime error while using Tk.restart
396192 [lists@ru y- ] I am using the below given code in ruby but getting a runtime error.
+ 396234 [lists@ru y- ] Any updates on this?
| 396236 [jam@ja an be] The first thing I notice is that test_page is defined without arguments, but=
+ 396243 [lists@ru y- ] Thanks for your reply.Is it necessary to pass a an argument.If i comment
+ 396263 [lists@ru y- ] Any update on this ?
  397471 [nagai@ai ky ] I'm sorry, but Tk.restart may not be stable.

string character count
396197 [lists@ru y- ] Following is my input:-
396198 [jgabrielygal] You can split with Str.split(" "), which will return an array of strings.
396224 [lists@ru y- ] s.split.map(&:length).join ' '
396227 [lists@ru y- ] 回答的真是精彩!

"Create a rock paper scissors program in ruby WITHOUT using conditionals"
396203 [lists@ru y- ] I'm in an introductory software development class, and my homework is to
+ 396205 [whitequark@w] if arg == "a"
| 396213 [ryand-ruby@z] I think this is too limiting / not mind-expanding enough...
| + 396215 [sophrinix@gm] tc).
| + 396216 [whitequark@w] Oh, what an amazing idea.
+ 396208 [justincollin] Have you considered asking the professor/teacher/TA what their
+ 396221 [garthy_lmklt] For giggles, I decided to solve this in the most obscene manner

Pattern matching strings
396207 [lists@ru y- ] I dont understand why this doesnt work
396220 [jgabrielygal] (?!) is the look-ahead. It's used to match something followed (or not)

Parsing pipe delimited text file & storing in arrays
396211 [lists@ru y- ] I have a txt file with pipe delimited as show below.
+ 396217 [jam@ja an be] Why are you splitting on commas when your delimiter is a pipe?
+ 396218 [sduncan@we a] 1.9.3p125 :001 > foo =
+ 396219 [garthy_lmklt] Personally, I'd loop over each line of the file (see "gets"), and you're

how to store password?
396222 [lists@ru y- ] I am confused on how I should store passwords in memory while they are
396223 [lists@ru y- ] def store_password

Byte Array for storing hexa decimal value
396225 [lists@ru y- ] i need to convert one variable into equivalent hexa decimal number. and
+ 396226 [lists@ru y- ] There are no "hexadecimal numbers". An integer is an integer, but it can
+ 396241 [lists@ru y- ] If you are on Windows, if you want the same "kind of storage", you can

Installation of ruby-Libvirt on Linux box
396228 [lists@ru y- ] Hey guys,
396231 [tomar.arun@g] This error usually means that you've not installed the development

Thread#kill is not rescued by "rescue Exception"
396229 [ibc@al ax ne] def sleep_and_rescue
+ 396230 [ibc@al ax ne] int exception_tag;
| + 396235 [jam@ja an be] ...
| | 396237 [ibc@al ax ne] Thanks, but I don't want to redefine the Thread class but just be
| + 396238 [ibc@al ax ne] static
|   396355 [ibc@al ax ne] Iaki Baz Castillo
|   396403 [ibc@al ax ne] int error_tag;
|   396409 [ibc@al ax ne] static void
+ 396410 [tony.arcieri] I think that's as it should be. If you want the same thing, but
  396411 [ibc@al ax ne] that I want my application to be ready if the user decides to kill the
  396413 [tony.arcieri] Seems good!
  396433 [ibc@al ax ne] Yes, during the libuv loop execution I execute all the Ruby callbacks
  396510 [ibc@al ax ne] Iaki Baz Castillo

Best way to partition a string
396246 [lists@ru y- ] str = "ABCD12A2012"
+ 396247 [lists@ru y- ] str = "ABCD12A2012"
+ 396255 [ibc@al ax ne] Regexp.new(/^([a-zA-Z]+)(.+)$/).match(str).captures
| 396270 [lists@ru y- ] Why are you using Regexp.new, when /^([a-zA-Z]+)(.+)$/ already *is* a Regexp? This seems nonsensical to me, like String.new("abc").
| 396271 [ibc@al ax ne] Yes, I'm used to store my regexps in some module/class constants and
| 396272 [shortcutter@] Like
+ 396261 [list.push@gm] Does this work?
  396262 [list.push@gm] I just saw on ruby forum that you already had a solution that you liked.

First post - need projects to practice
396248 [lists@ru y- ] I have been learning Ruby since a few days and I feel I'm ready to get
+ 396250 [jgabrielygal] This is a great source for learning, plus you have other solutions to
| 396252 [lists@ru y- ] Yeah, those Ruby quizzes are really a lot of fun.
+ 396253 [rubytalk2dav] One of the usual exercises is Conway's Game of Life.  Especially, do

I (often) hate blogging...
396249 [rubyhacker@g] ...but I'm always reminded that it's a good thing to do.
+ 396251 [jos@ca no k.] Please do, you are a great writer and I love your TRW books!
+ 396254 [stu@ru yp og] Will there be another edition of The Ruby Way?

about using drb to read data
396259 [lists@ru y- ] In my codes , I use drb to read data from a pipe. I want to read the
396274 [shortcutter@] AFAIK DRb uses sockets and not pipes...
396347 [lists@ru y- ] #in the server
396348 [seki.at.drub] add it to client.
396389 [lists@ru y- ] Sorry I forgot to Ctrl+v this line. It has already been there. But the
396594 [shortcutter@] Compiled?  OK, can you explain with your own words what this is
396628 [lists@ru y- ] The purpose is to show the output of the command both in the drb server

*rb files localization
396260 [lists@ru y- ] I am just wondering what would be the best program for ruby files
396278 [quintus@qu n] I usually use r18n for non-rails projects (Rails uses i18n, this is
396318 [lists@ru y- ] thank you, I will try this.

Handeling a Security window in ruby.
396266 [lists@ru y- ] I am using ruby for automation testing.While running my script iam
+ 396302 [jam@ja an be] In the worst case, you could use FindWindow. Heck the Win32 GuiTest gem.
+ 396361 [lists@ru y- ] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.