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^ REXML and streaming APIs
39584 [ser germane-] I'd like to solicit comments from the people in this group that use
+ 39593 [james rubyxm] You don't use a streaming API? Oh, you're missing out on some slick stuff!
+ 39763 [nat.pryce b1] I'd like to see a "pull" parser, rather than a push parser for a number of
  + 39769 [hutch recurs] I agree with you Nat. I expect to make a pull parser I written in (pure)
  + 39773 [tobiasreif p] template match="p"
  | 39780 [nat.pryce b1] Can you explain in more detail?  I don't understand your analogy.
  | 39784 [tobiasreif p] Yes. And that's what's called push in XSLT, where both push and pull are
  | 39790 [nat.pryce b1] I think we're suffering from terminology clash!  In my experience of XSLT, I
  + 39786 [ser germane-] Ok.  It is on the TODO list.

^ Ruby vs. Java vs. Native trivia
39585 [ser germane-] I'm reposting this, because I don't think it got propegated properly the
+ 39610 [matt lickey.] This pretty well proves that Ruby does the "scripting language" thing
| 39612 [ser germane-] What surprised me was that the Ruby script was nearly as fast as the
| 39668 [benoit.cerri] ...
+ 39630 [kroeger bigf] ...
+ 39634 [sma 3plus4.d] "Sean Russell" <ser@germane-software.com> schrieb
| + 39641 [ser germane-] Well, I'm not really trying to run benchmarks here.  As I mentioned in the
| | 39647 [sma 3plus4.d] "Sean Russell" <ser@germane-software.com> schrieb
| | 39651 [ser germane-] Oh, no... I didn't think you were.  I was just trying to be clear that I'm
| | 39827 [sma 3plus4.d] "Sean Russell" <ser@germane-software.com> schrieb
| + 39654 [michael_s_ca] Not to pick nits here, and it may be a (spoken) language issue, but the
|   39655 [sma 3plus4.d] "Mike Campbell" <michael_s_campbell@yahoo.com> schrieb
+ 39669 [larsch cs.au] For a numerical-intensive program i'm getting QUITE a different result. I
  39672 [chris darkro] o dynamic: when the application is loaded into memory there is a delay
  + 39677 [larsch cs.au] This cannot explain it entirely.  On this box, the static version takes
  | 39678 [ekarttun cs.] The shared library contains position-independent code which is slower
  + 39727 [ser germane-] I've never understood this.  AmigaOS was heavily dependant on DLLs -- in
    39828 [sma 3plus4.d] "Sean Russell" <ser@germane-software.com> schrieb

^ Taintedness inheritence
39586 [ser germane-] I posted a message a while back about the tainted? trait of objects in
39597 [matz ruby-la] I didn't really get what you meant by "taintedness inheritence".
39609 [ser germane-] Yes.
+ 39624 [kentda stud.] My understanding is that taintedness is highly connected to the security
| 39680 [chris.morris] One reason Sean has brought this issue up is related to my XmlSerialization
| + 39682 [decoux moulo] ...
| + 39730 [ser germane-] Chris is right.  For the record, "fixing" this in REXML would be really
+ 39691 [matz ruby-la] I see.  I often call it "taint propagation".
  39732 [ser germane-] Ok.
  39745 [matz ruby-la] It seems.  But I'm not sure about the latter half of 2).  The strings

^ line recall in irb on Linux
39589 [alko nc.rr.c] Up arrow recalls the previous line in the bash shell on Linux but in irb up
39599 [matz ruby-la] It does on my Linux machine.  irb ignores arrow keys when it cannot
+ 39608 [alko nc.rr.c] This is on a SuSE 7.2 box and
+ 39614 [alko nc.rr.c] 1. readline-devel needed to be installed, from CD3 of the SuSE distribution.

^ mod_ruby binaries
39601 [rschmidt xmi] ...

^ Object#pred
39606 [gnhurst hurs] One way to solve this whole issue is to define the set of values
39607 [gnhurst hurs] Oops, I changed from Integer.pred to Numeric.pred and forgot

^ Clarification requested on Object->Kernel relationship
39618 [rich infoeth] "When a class includes a module, that module's instance methods become
39627 [decoux moulo] ...
39643 [rich infoeth] Object
39673 [decoux moulo] ...
39685 [rich infoeth] Thanks Guy.
+ 39686 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 39688 [Dave Pragmat] I'm not sure about the first part: It's internally a T_ICLASS, but
  39689 [decoux moulo] ...
  39692 [Dave Pragmat] Ah, interesting. So really Rich's question turns out to be
  39707 [chr_news gmx] I guess my (pure Ruby) expectation  (assuming Object.superclass != nil)

^ ANN: RHDL 0.1.0
39623 [ptkwt shell1] ...

^ [ANN] RAA wrapper client (Alpha-1)
39625 [dsafari xtra] Just announcing that I have put together a wrapper around the RAA so that a
39632 [matt lickey.] Just FYI, downloading the SOAP lib and all its dependencies exceeded
+ 39666 [dsafari xtra] Matt,
+ 39749 [nahi keynaut] I hope if some raa.succ projects helped you.

^ We have visited your website www.rubyconf.com
39629 [reply fullpr] Dear Sir/Madam,

^ defunct child process
39631 [dcorbin impe] I've got ruby application, running on Linux.  It creates a child process
+ 39633 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 39635 [neil quill.r] I cannot claim this the correct way,
  39636 [neil quill.r] Sorry that got mangled,
  39637 [ms iastate.e] Or you might find it sufficient to say
  39645 [neil quill.r] True, though without the rescue you can
  39646 [ms iastate.e] Neil, I'm not sure where the array conversion error could come from
  39693 [neil quill.r] Mark, its all probably down to my code,

^ [XML] Database Apache Xindice
39638 [tobiasreif p] did anyone try the XML Database Apache Xindice
+ 39640 [james rubyxm] Looks interesting, but the Apache folks should understand that the minute
+ 39642 [lafor arraki] I devoted some hours this week-end to migrate my mp3 collection from

^ Iterators and index
39648 [dcorbin impe] Please consider this fragment
+ 39650 [gotoken notw] There is each_with_index for you.
+ 39652 [mike stok.co] ...
| 39656 [dcorbin impe] Thanks.  That's not in the Programming Ruby reference... Where is the
| 39660 [Dave Pragmat] How about the Programming Ruby reference :)
| 39671 [dcorbin impe] You're right of course.  I think I skipped (missed) it because its's not
+ 39653 [chris cmb-en] ...

^ newbie Q: how to strip blank lines from file?
39657 [stewart NOWH] Well, I've spent a few days reading about Ruby, and want to try my first
+ 39659 [dblack candl] fout = File.open("snip.out", "w")
| 39674 [tobiasreif p] I'm not sure, but shouldn't snip.out get closed?
| 39676 [dblack candl] Yeah, probably.
| 39679 [tobiasreif p] ... or use
+ 39661 [chris cmb-en] ...
+ 39662 [Dave Pragmat] A simple solution might be something like
| 39663 [dblack candl] I think you'd need a star in there:  /^\s*$/
| 39665 [stewart NOWH] Well, I found a solution to my problem using code examples on-line for "The
+ 39664 [kjana dm4lab] ...
+ 39675 [tobiasreif p] check

^ Ruby Weekly News
39667 [Dave Pragmat] ...

^ getaddrinfo failing under Win32
39670 [mattbee soup] [originally posted to the comp.os.ms.programmer.win32 newsgroup, but

^ Fixes for the new step methods in the range.c & numeric.c
39681 [chr_rippel g] ...
39695 [matz ruby-la] 以下のようなメールがruby-talkに来たのですが、私にはどこがどう違うのか
39697 [matz ruby-la] Oops, wrong address.  Sorry.
39731 [chr_news gmx] I guess the patches need a better explanation.  Here is the rational

^ colouring the drawingarea in GTK
39684 [thejaswi_p i] please help me in changing the colors of lines,arc,,rectangles etc in
39733 [christl reet] ...

^ ruby-dev summary 16991-17000
39687 [ttate kt.jai] [ruby-dev:16994] Adding once.rb to the standard library

^ Embedding Ruby in C++
39694 [whizkid xnet] ...
39696 [jjenning ste] I advise you to use SWIG. You'll have to check out the CVS version, but
39698 [rick rickbra] I believe he wants to go the other way.
39702 [jjenning ste] this is how i thought of it: you wrap the classes you want to get at in
39703 [roundeye rou] I used to do a lot of embedding of Perl into C/C++ and C/C++ into Perl,
+ 39704 [rick rickbra] I used to do a lot of embedding of Perl into C/C++ and C/C++ into Perl,
+ 39708 [dossy panopt] I'm thinking of embedding Ruby in an application but I have a
| 39709 [elanthis awe] Not in the least.
| + 39712 [dossy panopt] Ah, damn.
| + 39760 [ rik kde.org] #if Sean Middleditch
+ 39711 [jjenning ste] that was what i was talking about.

^ Class contants in extensions
39705 [djberge v55h] I want to create a module with some constants that can then be accessed as Class
39706 [pbrannan atd] [ruby-talk:31593]
39710 [djberge qwes] So, I'll just set up read-only class variables then. :)

^ fork + socket = hang
39715 [jjenning ste] i've got a program (interesting, but description lengthy) which accepts

^ NNTP library for Ruby?
39716 [usano nospam] Is it easy to use Ruby to access Usenet?  I don't see much at the Ruby
39746 [nosuzuki pos] There is one library to access NNTP server on the RAA. Have you tried
39757 [ruby-talk je] ...

^ BOFH sample from rubycookbook
39717 [philip dynas] I was trying the BOFH sample from the ruby cookbook and it's working with

^ more parrot goodness
39721 [pate eylerfa] Dan Sugalski's asnwers to the slashdot style interview are up at

^ Re: [Cardinal-dev] more parrot goodness
39722 [dan sidhe.or] Ah, you beat me to it. :)

39723 [return traff] ...
+ 39724 [Dave Pragmat] How did this end up on the ML - are they subscribed?
| + 39725 [rick rickbra] The ML isn't blocking non-subscribers from posting.  Not only do the
| | + 39728 [Dave Pragmat] Hmm.. that must have changed - I used to have problems posting with
| | | 39744 [matz ruby-la] I guess I changed when news gateway was setup.  The list server checks
| | + 39845 [in6x059 publ] Which would be ridiculous because of the news-gateway.
| |   + 39848 [Dave Pragmat] Why - the news gateway posts as it's own user (which I believe is
| |   | 39855 [matz ruby-la] Unfortunately, it uses From: line.  Probably we need to change the list
| |   | 39858 [dossy panopt] I was really shocked to hear that the mailing list wasn't implemented
| |   | 39860 [pate eylerfa] For those who care, the Seattle Ruby Brigade has started to work on
| |   | 39863 [dossy panopt] It appears you're capturing user stories using the Task Manager.
| |   | 39864 [pate eylerfa] THat and on the wiki ... we actually started on the wiki and when we'd
| |   + 39849 [rick rickbra] I use a /large/ number of addresses (inbound and outbound), but I use
| + 39726 [pate eylerfa] I don't know, but they certainly seem to like playing games ...
+ 39729 [philip dynas] I would like to introduce you to TrafficMagnet.net. We offer a unique

^ Problem starting FXRub applications
39734 [dmg tragsate] Dear friends,
39774 [jlj cfdrc.co] ...
39798 [dmg tragsate] Definitively you were right, I don't know why but in my system was not

^ tags for embedded ruby
39738 [bigredlinux ] After reading endless xml books and watching all of these languages
+ 39739 [james rubyxm] Have you seen ruby-tmpl?  It uses PIs for template instructions.
| 39741 [sean chitten] And is about to get a rewrite into C here in the not too distant
+ 39740 [sean chitten] <personal_opinion mixed_in_sarcasm="yes">
| + 39752 [hal9000 hype] <bigredlinux@yahoo.com>
| + 39761 [tobiasreif p] If you go to
+ 39762 [tobiasreif p] You mean in eruby? Months ago, I mailed em, asking for XHTML, but they

^ Interest in ruby photo-album indexing and thumbnailing?
39743 [cjh_nospam m] Having bought a digital camera for Xmas (CP995), I've written some Ruby
+ 39771 [tobiasreif p] Just yesterday I thought that I could use such a gallery generator in
| 39775 [pierre.baill] for those who might be interested. I'm currently working on an Exif
| 39776 [djberge qwes] Dunno if this is of interest, but I found "RubyPhoto" out on freshmeat.net.
| 39777 [pierre.baill] rubyphoto is the tool i'm currently using to put my pictures on the web
| 39837 [ture plig.ne] Sorry about this.  I've been busy with other things and hadn't yet
+ 39818 [cjh_nospam m] Well, it's certainly not the ultimate in flexibility and not really
  39826 [tobiasreif p] is there a sample online?
  + 39881 [cjh_nospam m] Your wish is my command. Take another look at the above page.
  | 39909 [tobiasreif p] Thanks! Very nice pictures :)
  + 39886 [cjh_nospam m] Your wish is my command. Take a fresh look at the URL above.

^ [ANN] SOAP4R/1.4.4
39750 [nahi keynaut] I posted SOAP4R/1.4.4 at RAA yesterday.

^ =?gb2312?q?=BF=B4=D7=AF-=B8=FA=D7=AF-=D3=EB=D7=AF=BC=D2=CB=AB=D3=AE=B5=C4=B0=C2=C3=D8=A3=BA=C0=ED=C4=EE=A1=A2=BC=BC=CA=F5=A1=A2=B9=A4=BE=DF=A3=A1?=
39751 [lmdtopeas563] ...

39755 [nahi keynaut] I posted SOAP4R/ at RAA now.
39819 [nahi keynaut] still has a bug around REXML handling!  I'm very

^ (none)

^ RE:
39768 [mark.firesto] Dear Criminal Pervert,

^ ruby emacs mode question
39778 [pbrannan atd] Though I much prefer vim, I am sometimes forced to use emacs when I do
+ 39782 [matz ruby-la] Currently no.  We need more intelligent emacs lisp developer than me.
+ 39794 [j.travnik sh] [snip
| 39810 [pbrannan atd] Yes, that was a typo.  There should have been a backslash at the end of
+ 40061 [jweirich one] This has annoyed me too.  So, I've hacked up a version of ruby-mode.el
  40069 [nobu.nokada ] It may be better not to change the default behavior.
  40089 [jweirich one] You are correct
  40094 [matz ruby-la] It will be merged.  Thank you.

^ RegExp zero-width negative lookahead
39779 [larsch cs.au] I'm puzzled why this doesn't work the way I expect it to.
+ 39783 [rick rickbra] All (?!x) says is that the current point is not followed by an 'x'.
+ 39785 [dblack candl] Because the first 'o' (or really the zero-width point just to its
+ 39788 [nobu.nokada ] Already pointed out the reason, however you really want look
  + 39789 [ian caliban.] I'm used to that in Perl, but I've tried this in Ruby before and found
  | 39816 [nobu.nokada ] You need to check out oniguruma from CVS, apply the patch and
  + 39792 [larsch cs.au] Yes, this is was what I am missing.
    + 39795 [rick rickbra] If you can get a copy of Jeffrey Friedl's _Mastering_Regular_Expressions_
    + 39797 [ian caliban.] /(?!x).ox+o(?!x)/
      39817 [nobu.nokada ] This doesn't match strings start with /ox+o/ (have no char

^ REXML progress report
39787 [ser germane-] This is a status report on REXML, and a rough timeline for the next couple

^ Result of I need your experience - classification and comparison of languages
39796 [yvan.radenac] This is the results of the questions i asked few months ago as the
+ 39800 [Mark.Volkman] ...
+ 39801 [wjl icecaver] Wow, this is a great report! Thanks for letting us see it.
+ 39803 [lucsky mac.c] - Perl's creator is not Lary Hall but Lary Wall.
| + 39806 [wjl icecaver] Heh, I didn't catch that when I read over it, but sure enough... ;)
| + 39814 [dblack candl] s/Lary/Larry/  :-)
|   39831 [yvan.radenac] For the author of Perl, i'm right with you, i have big hands, as you
+ 39804 [fperez528 ya] I'd love to take a look at it, but you need to rebuild that pdf  with
+ 39807 [j.travnik sh] I have looked at it even not speaking frances.
| 39833 [yvan.radenac] I'm right with you, but as i use a paper on the NET, i respect the copyright,
| 39839 [dblack candl] I'm sorry to put it so strongly, but this is bizarre.  Andy Hunt did
+ 39815 [alwyn alwyn.] ...
| 39835 [yvan.radenac] For the "Historique",
| + 39838 [tobiasreif p] What's the URL of the resource you're refering to?
| + 39846 [matz ruby-la] Tell me the URL of the "paper on the NET".  It definitely must be
| | 39972 [yvan.radenac] My english is far from perfect, i probably misunderstand a paper, as i
| + 39861 [alwyn alwyn.] M. Sureau has no entry for Ruby in his 'Histoire'. He has only this to
|   40146 [yvan.radenac] You can find an updated report, with your corrections, at
|   + 40147 [harryo zip.c] I remember there was talk of an English translation at one stage.  Was one
|   + 40174 [Gabriel.More] I don't understand why Effeil is more safe than Sather because Effeil
|     40176 [aleax aleax.] Sather is indeed safer, although covariance (admittedly unsafe!) is
+ 39907 [parker gol.c] Radenac <yvan.radenac@equant.com> writes