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^ [ANN] mongrel2 0.20.3 Released
394608 [ged FaerieMU] mongrel2 version 0.20.3 has been released!

^ Change the value of a variable inside a running ruby program.
394609 [lists ruby-f] I have a program that is running constantly and I'd like to be able to
+ 394610 [hassan.schro] Hassan Schroeder ------------------------ hassan.schroeder@gmail.com
+ 394611 [sduncan weta] Could you just use a HUP, SIGUSR1 or 2 signal handler to set the flag?
+ 394612 [josh.cheek g] You might be able to use DRb to expose those settings (I don't know much

^ How to read a file and execute its code which relates to the current class
394613 [lists ruby-f] I have a problem.I want to read codes from a file.And the codes in the
+ 394615 [ralf.mueller] if "the file" contains ruby code, you could use "load" or "require". Search for "Including Other Files" in
+ 394625 [lists ruby-f] I'm not quite sure what you mean. Do you want to use the code in the
+ 394626 [ralf.mueller] If you want to overload  the Job.job_load with an another definition from "the file" you could use ruby's

^ Ruby Docs Spreadsheet in progess
394614 [lists ruby-f] In an attempt to see the bigger picture of the Ruby programming language
394967 [lists ruby-f] Spreadsheet updated (see link above).

^ How to test if array element exists?
394616 [lists ruby-f] I'm new to Ruby and just want to test if an array element exists. Here's
+ 394617 [jgabrielygal] if array[4].nil?
+ 394618 [ralf.mueller] => [0, 1, 2, 3]
+ 394619 [ralf.mueller] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
| 394621 [lists ruby-f] thanks. that's where i got the .empty? ... but like i said that is
+ 394620 [lists ruby-f] thanks. let me change the array to make it more clear what i'm trying to
+ 394622 [lists ruby-f] If you access a non-existing index, you get nil. That is, your
| 394623 [ralf.mueller] what about this
| + 394624 [lists ruby-f] array = [nil]
| + 394639 [lists ruby-f] thanks. i found part of my problem was
+ 394629 [pironim ramb] Answer depends on what you want from check

^ How to make the "rescue" expression in a method
394627 [lists ruby-f] begin
+ 394628 [lists ruby-f] You can rewrite the exception handling method to accept a block and
+ 394630 [lists ruby-f] You can define the method to accept a block and rescue exceptions coming

^ Arguments with Funktion
394631 [lists ruby-f] i want a ruby program, is have 2 Arguments(a,b) ,which output the Prime
394632 [lists ruby-f] Replace
+ 394634 [lists ruby-f] i have try, but it's still wrong,
| 394638 [peterhickman] Firstly argument a is not needed as you do not use it.
| 394681 [josh.cheek g] In the same way you can rule out all all multiples of 2, you can rule out
+ 394635 [lists ruby-f] This doesn't make a difference. Both statements set f to false (though

^ problem with \w
394633 [lists ruby-f] please help me with my problem.
394637 [jgabrielygal] of

^ RVM Ruby 1.8.6 issues when built with gcc4.7 (ArchLinux)
394636 [lists ruby-f] I have just encountered a problem rebuilding my rvm platform. The

^ GC on two C extension objects
394641 [mikeowens gm] I am running into a problem with to C extension objects and I'm not sure
+ 394644 [lists ruby-f] Is the GC being run when the app exits?  That can collect object "willy
| 394647 [mikeowens gm] Yes -- that's where the problem first cropped up.
+ 394666 [whitequark w] This is the intended behavior. Objects are not sweeped in an order
  394669 [mikeowens gm] Okay, thanks. I had not thought of cyclic dependencies.

^ how to avoid escaping special chars after backslah in string
394642 [lists ruby-f] In general ruby ,backslash will be escape special chars after that.
394645 [lists ruby-f] so what's your ideal syntax here?
+ 394646 [lists ruby-f] i want to return string whatever i have given without escaping chars
| 394728 [shortcutter ] irb(main):001:0> puts 'a\\b'
| 394730 [lists ruby-f] Well, the problem is he doesn't want to. He rather wants the backslash
| 394738 [shortcutter ] Absolutely.  Thats's why I reinforced the proper solution. :-)
+ 394648 [pironim ramb] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
+ 394649 [pironim ramb] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
  394650 [lists ruby-f] " \\imp ".match(/
  394653 [lists ruby-f] Well, you cannot change the fact that backslashes are escape characters
  + 394655 [pironim ramb] Hm. I know you can escsape some characters with URI::encode URI::decode
  + 394699 [lists ruby-f] Now am using regular expression
    394701 [lists ruby-f] No, it doesn't. I've already said this in the answer you're are quoting.

^ unable to do "down" range?
394643 [lists ruby-f] Since this is possible
+ 394651 [lists ruby-f] No, this doesn't work, because 40..10 is an empty range. A range
| 394659 [ralphs dos32] Roger and Jan,
| + 394662 [matma.rex gm] Now what should string[1..-2] do in your version? And would the end
| | 394665 [ralphs dos32] Bartosz,
| | 394672 [matma.rex gm] W dniu 14 kwietnia 2012 02:32 u=C5=BCytkownik Ralph Shnelvar
| | 394673 [ralphs dos32] Bartosz,
| + 394667 [serialhex gm] snt frum my awesum ansroid... txt mite b rong
| + 394668 [serialhex gm] the last five array elements.
+ 394664 [lists ruby-f] Apart from the problems Bartosz mentioned, I still don't see the

^ Help with Classes and XML
394652 [lists ruby-f] I am still fairly new to Ruby and definitely new to OOP. In the past I
394657 [matma.rex gm] There are XML parsers that are easier to use than REXML, namely

^ syntax error, unexpected tDOT3, expecting $end
394654 [lists ruby-f] require "rexml/document"
394656 [lists ruby-f] So? If you want to know why this error occurs: This is because of the

^ Why doesn't Fixnum#to_d exist?
394658 [nitrodist gm] These all exist... why not for Fixnum#to_d? Right now I'm having to write a
394660 [matma.rex gm] It does exist, but it's in a separate file - bigdecimal/util or utils,
394663 [nitrodist gm] Yes, that file has the String#to_d, Float#to_d and Rational#to_d.
+ 394671 [matma.rex gm] irb(main):001:0> require 'bigdecimal'
| 394676 [nitrodist gm] I totally agree with you, however, as I mentioned in my first post, I am
| 394679 [matma.rex gm] W dniu 14 kwietnia 2012 15:19 u=C5=BCytkownik Mark Campbell
+ 394680 [code apotheo] Strange.  It appears you're right.  I can do 1.to_d, but I don't know
  + 394684 [matma.rex gm] W dniu 14 kwietnia 2012 18:45 u=C5=BCytkownik Chad Perrin
  + 394686 [josh.cheek g] You can ask the method for its owner to find out
    394706 [code apotheo] Thanks.  That's the method I was trying to remember, but it wouldn't come
    + 394707 [matma.rex gm] W dniu 15 kwietnia 2012 19:48 u=C5=BCytkownik Chad Perrin
    + 394710 [jduan amazon] You should have used Integer.instance_methods.
    | 394744 [code apotheo] /facepalm
    + 394762 [shortcutter ] now
      394763 [shortcutter ] Sorry for the noise, I had overlooked Jingjing's message.

^ Compiling the Ruby 1.9.3 interpreter on Windows 7
394661 [ralphs dos32] Is there a step by step article on what tools would be needed to compile the Ruby interpreter?  That is, where to find the latest Ruby code on Github, the compiler to use, compiler settings,
394687 [lists ruby-f] Have you seen the RubyInstaller http://rubyinstaller.org/ project?
394690 [ralphs dos32] Jon,

^ Operator overloading of the subscript operator
394675 [ralphs dos32] I understand that operators (e.g. +, -, *, []) are nothing more than method names so that
394677 [lists ruby-f] You won't find this in the Ruby API, because it's a core feature of the
+ 394678 [ralphs dos32] Jan,
| + 394682 [lists ruby-f] Well, I think "official documentation" isn't the right word, because
| | 394685 [ralphs dos32] Jan,
| | + 394688 [lists ruby-f] No. Why do you expect there to be one? Like I said, Ruby is a community
| | | 394693 [ralphs dos32] Jan,
| | | 394697 [ammarabuali ] Yes there is. In addition to the ruby-core mailing list (see
| | + 394689 [ammarabuali ] Regards,
| + 394704 [echristopher] as methods, one sees that subscript is the only one where the expression g=
|   394705 [matma.rex gm] W dniu 15 kwietnia 2012 18:41 u=C5=BCytkownik Eric Christopherson
|   394716 [echristopher] ed as methods, one sees that subscript is the only one where the expression=
|   394731 [matma.rex gm] W dniu 16 kwietnia 2012 07:02 u=C5=BCytkownik Eric Christopherson
+ 394727 [shortcutter ] Err, what?
  394729 [lists ruby-f] The OP asked about the assignment expression being interpreted as a
  394737 [shortcutter ] Hm, I would have understood it that way if the order was reversed, i.e.

^ announcing glorify
394683 [zachary zach] Happy Saturday everyone!

^ Creating an array containing sums of combinations of ranges
394691 [lists ruby-f] I've got a puzzle I haven't been able to solve. I have two user-provided
+ 394692 [ralphs dos32] Jeff,
+ 394694 [lists ruby-f] have you checked out Array#product ?  seems like that might do the
+ 394696 [lists ruby-f] Jake,

^ find return value of every executed command
394695 [lists ruby-f] I'm playing around trying to make a tool to aid in debugging.  I'm

^ Great Ruby Apps/Libraries
394698 [transfire gm] Other then Rails, what do you think the greatest Ruby app/library/gem is?
+ 394702 [sophrinix gm] What application are you looking for?
| 394711 [lists ruby-f] I'm not getting after anything, really. I was just wondering what gems
| 395405 [shortcutter ] As gem my choice is Nokogiri. Since I'm not a heavy gems user I'd also
+ 395391 [lists ruby-f] in terms of popular, the only thing that comes to mind is watir?
+ 395393 [lists ruby-f] Actually come to think of it, rspec is pretty rockin'.  Also I like
+ 395401 [ralf.mueller] Rake,facets
| 395648 [transfire gm] That last one must be flattery ;-) But I'll take it! Lord, knows there
+ 395425 [lists ruby-f] This is hard to say because there are many small projects.
+ 395447 [sandor.szuec] puppet
+ 395558 [mark scottis] I haven't used it, but Metasploit sounds pretty cool. It's appears to me

^ Re: Installing PCAP::::any help will be very.appreciated
394700 [lists ruby-f] pcaprub-0.11.3.a

^ linalg library on windows
394703 [lists ruby-f] I need to use matrix decomposition project and I found that linalg

^ Embedding Ruby Compiling troubles.
394708 [lists ruby-f] So I'm on windows, trying to use MinGW and Code::Blocks to try my hand

^ [ANN] taglib-ruby 0.5.0
394709 [robin nibor.] I'm pleased to announce version 0.5.0 of taglib-ruby!

^ [ANN] rake-compiler 0.8.1 Released
394712 [luislavena g] rake-compiler version 0.8.1 has been released!

^ Problem With Ruby..
394713 [lists ruby-f] I really need help with this so anything is appreciated.
+ 394718 [phildobbin g] This is a cryptographically signed message in MIME format.
+ 394721 [lists ruby-f] I had been trying to install the way that the tutorial (a book) tells
+ 394722 [lists ruby-f] And I think Ruby comes preinstalled 1.8.7 on my Mac, its OS X 10.7.3,
| 394723 [phildobbin g] This is a cryptographically signed message in MIME format.
+ 394724 [lists ruby-f] Thanks!

^ Help with Ruby and Telnet timeouts
394714 [lists ruby-f] I'm having some trouble with Telnet on Ruby

^ Error in calling
394715 [lists ruby-f] require 'soap/rpc/driver'require 'rubygems'

^ insert text after line "whatever"
394717 [lists ruby-f] I have a problem that I am struggling with.
+ 394719 [garthy_lmklt] This sounds like the approach that I would use. Open a source file to
+ 394720 [lists ruby-f] Sorry no I don't have that saved :(
+ 394734 [lists ruby-f] Does anyone have a solution on how to either see the problems with the
  394750 [jgabrielygal] File.open("destination.txt", "w") do |out|
  394752 [lists ruby-f] So simple so beautiful :)

^ Help - 'gets': No such file or directory
394725 [mmohammad bl] This is a multipart message in MIME format.
394726 [rubytalk2dav] =E2=80=9D I

^ C extensions: disable GC for a Ruby object and enable GC later for it
394732 [ibc aliax.ne] I'm coding a Ruby C extension which usess Ruby objects (Proc objects,
+ 394733 [ammarabuali ] There are at least a couple of ways. One is to decalre these objects
| + 394735 [ibc aliax.ne] Great, exactly what I was looking for :)
| + 394785 [shortcutter ] Wouldn't it also work to declare an Array as global variable or
|   394786 [ibc aliax.ne] Sure, but that require Ruby operations to insert and remove elements
+ 394791 [lists ruby-f] rb_gc_disable() & rb_gc_enable() works global

^ PHP developer needed
394741 [rubyinfo apt] Work on-site or remotely. Lots of JS and front-end work, along with some

^ [ANN] sqlite3 1.3.6 Released
394742 [luislavena g] sqlite3 version 1.3.6 has been released!

^ Gets Returns Nil?
394747 [lists ruby-f] In this script: (Attached)
+ 394748 [sduncan weta] Try assigning your initial values to their respective instance variables.
+ 394759 [lists ruby-f] You pass the arguments into the initialize() method,

^ Error in response while calling WSDL file
394749 [lists ruby-f] require 'rubygems'

^ Does the ruby ECC binding not include ec_point_mul?
394751 [lists ruby-f] It doesn't appear to after looking at the documentation, but I want to
+ 394754 [lists ruby-f] Just figured out how to check for all methods and see that the
| 394756 [martin.bossl] please open a ticket on bugs.ruby-lang.org and assign it to me. I wanted
+ 394757 [lists ruby-f] okay have done so, thanks! For now I will probably use ffi to get this
  394758 [martin.bossl] Sounds good :)

^ GVL lock and unlock
394753 [ibc aliax.ne] in node.js). At some point I cann "uv_run()" which is blocking and
+ 394755 [ibc aliax.ne] /*
+ 394773 [tony.arcieri] Yes, definitely, you want to have the GVL released for as little time as
  395009 [ibc aliax.ne] ry
  395010 [ibc aliax.ne] So I must use rb_thread_call_without_gvl().
  395142 [tony.arcieri] Err whoops, sorry, didn't see this while I was at RailsConf.
  395162 [ibc aliax.ne] For now it just implements timers (including periodic timers). Finally

^ A current version of Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby as PDF?
394766 [lists ruby-f] Hey guys
+ 394774 [drosihn gmai] Note that the first one seems to be from "2012/03" (march of this year)
| 394775 [zachary zach] There's also a mirror up on rubyinside[1], and plenty more listed on
+ 394864 [lists ruby-f] Thanks guys! I just sent the link to a friend who's working at a copy

^ Capital Cyrillic letter in Ruby class name (UTF-8)
394767 [lists ruby-f] I am not happy to use Ruby.
+ 394768 [sutniuq gmx.] It”Ēs perfectly possible.
+ 394770 [lists ruby-f] Here =D0=94=D0=BE=D0=BA=D1=83=D0=BC=D0=B5=D0=BD=D1=82 is only a local var=
| + 394772 [matma.rex gm] W dniu 17 kwietnia 2012 17:47 u=C5=BCytkownik Vladimir Kerimov
| | 394778 [lists ruby-f] Please note that the above is untrue.
| + 394877 [whitequark w] If you want to use 1C, go and use 1C. While internationalized names per
+ 394876 [lists ruby-f] So, You talk about if I want normal name for my classes then I need to
| 394885 [lists ruby-f] Really, I don't get what the fuzz is all about. If one idea doesn't
+ 394889 [lists ruby-f] All I want is normal name for classes autogenerated from XML-structure.
+ 394890 [lists ruby-f] *lol*
+ 394892 [lists ruby-f] It could be funny, but it is make us use method at the place where we
| 394939 [lists ruby-f] Matz is our benevolent dictator, Guido is Python's. Their decisions win.
| 395156 [lists ruby-f] All I need is suitable binding for company uses Ruby.
| 395159 [whitequark w] Okay, you really want this to be done and you don't want to use a
+ 395231 [lists ruby-f] So your solution looks like a cry about language is incomplete.
| 395232 [ryand-ruby z] Patches welcome. Put up or shut up.
| 395285 [echristopher] <http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4838507/why-does-java-allow-control-characters-in-its-identifiers>
+ 395286 [lists ruby-f] Actually he has one point.
+ 395288 [lists ruby-f] Actually I am a C++ developer, but sometimes uses Python.
| 395292 [lists ruby-f] Is it really so hard to understand? Do we really have to repeat what we
+ 395473 [lists ruby-f] Well, thank you all anyway.

^ [ANN] dcell 0.10.0: actor-based distributed objects for Ruby
394769 [tony.arcieri] DCell is a distributed object framework for Ruby based on Celluloid and 0MQ

^ [ANN] unicorn 4.3.0 - Rack HTTP server for fast clients and Unix
394777 [normalperson] Unicorn is an HTTP server for Rack applications designed to only serve

^ How to download gem without installing it
394780 [lists ruby-f] Ok, so I have a build of ruby, and want to get the latest versions of
394781 [lists ruby-f] gem fetch GEMNAME [GEMNAME ...] [options]

^ JSON library speed comparison
394787 [lists ruby-f] If anyone's interested in a speed comparison between the latest Ruby

^ extconf.rb and checking for C++ headers
394788 [mcpierce gma] I'm extending our project [1] with some native extensions. Our code is
+ 394790 [lists ruby-f] in 1.8 you need to add
| 394793 [mcpierce gma] Tried it but no joy. In the mkmf.log I'm not seeing where it's using
| 394794 [mcpierce gma] and it got further than before.
+ 394804 [lists ruby-f] Still sounds as if you have an error? :)
  394806 [mcpierce gma] There was an error, but it turns out that additional error was my own

^ I am in ruby GUI toolkit hell
394789 [lists ruby-f] I have ruby installed, 1.9.3
+ 394792 [ml convalesc] A code snippet. how do you 'require' your gem. Then gives us the cli =
| 394795 [zachary zach] What are you trying to accomplish?
+ 394796 [matma.rex gm] W dniu 18 kwietnia 2012 15:41 u=C5=BCytkownik roobie doo
+ 394839 [transfire gm] To use tk with ruby you will probably have to compile ruby yourself. It's