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^ Want to get exact match from sentence
394386 [lists ruby-f] SGkgZnJpZW5kcywKCiAgIEkgbmVlZCB0byBzZWFyY2ggZXhhY3QgbWF0Y2gg
394391 [peterhickman] With the last example why should "brown fox jumps" not match "The
394401 [lists ruby-f] for my requirement i need to consider only single specialchar before and
394402 [peterhickman] The you could use a.index(b) to find at what position b starts as a

^ Design pattern question
394390 [James.French] I wonder whether you could give me any advice on how to structure some code=
+ 394392 [saji u-aizu.] de?
| 394394 [James.French] DQoNCi0tLS0tT3JpZ2luYWwgTWVzc2FnZS0tLS0tDQpGcm9tOiBzYWppLnVhaXp1QGdtYWlsLmNv
+ 394393 [lists ruby-f] You better do
  394395 [James.French] DQoNCi0tLS0tT3JpZ2luYWwgTWVzc2FnZS0tLS0tDQpGcm9tOiBSb2JlcnQgS2xlbW1lIFttYWls
  394399 [shortcutter ] m happy with. Thanks for the help Robert, as always :)
  394404 [James.French] That's just a mechanism to generate delegation.  And you redefine methods a=
  394405 [steve stevek] That's not very ruby-like at all.
  394408 [ryand-ruby z] exceptions saying the method must be implement.
  394410 [steve stevek] We'll have to agree to disagree on this one, Ryan. Abstract classes
  394414 [matma.rex gm] W dniu 5 kwietnia 2012 21:27 u=C5=BCytkownik Steve Klabnik
  394415 [steve stevek] Use duck typing.
  394416 [matma.rex gm] Sequel provides a lot of helper methods and aliases in the abstract
  394418 [steve stevek] Insert a 'def bar; puts "bar"; end' into my Abstract class, the end
  394430 [ryand-ruby z] Adding an empty method that throws a slightly

^ Analysis of the RubyGems community
394407 [lists ruby-f] Utrecht University performed an analysis of the Ruby ecosystem using

^ unexpected behavior of indexing / .length
394422 [lists ruby-f] signature = Base64.encode64(@stored_priv_key.dsa_sign_asn1(message))
+ 394423 [lists ruby-f] puts "message is #{decrypted[78,decrypted.length]}"
+ 394424 [lists ruby-f] signature = Base64.encode64(@stored_priv_key.dsa_sign_asn1("message"))
+ 394426 [lists ruby-f] in addition everytime it crashes the non base64 signature begins with
+ 394429 [lists ruby-f] No, that's a misunderstanding. When you write str[m, n], you get the

^ Google Group Mirror Broken
394425 [lists ruby-f] Looks like, sometime in February, posts started to go missing from the
+ 394427 [phildobbin g] I'm subscribed to about twenty Google groups by email & they all to some
+ 394428 [hawat.thufir] Allow me to recommend gmane :)
  394448 [lists ruby-f] Never like gmane, it does not come close to the functionality of Google
  394458 [code apotheo] I've never liked Google Groups, because of the way it tries to
  394460 [lists ruby-f] I can understand that. I've been using gmail since it first came out, so

^ [ANN] Ruby-Mongrel2 0.20.0 Released
394432 [ged FaerieMU] Ruby-Mongrel2 version 0.20.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] zenprofile 1.3.2 Released
394434 [ryand-ruby z] zenprofile version 1.3.2 has been released!

^ Add a GUI to your Ruby Script
394435 [lists ruby-f] I'd like to get feedback on the install, and I'd be glad to answer any
+ 394436 [rubyinfo apt] That looks kick-ass.
+ 394461 [lists ruby-f] I just added support for ActiveRecord, and updated the docs.
| 394463 [chris.hulan ] I downloaded it , and had to do a bit of hacking to get it running on
+ 394470 [wybo xs4all.] I tried the flipcoin example in the "Build a Ruby GUI in 10 minutes"
+ 394486 [lists ruby-f] Yes, I think you need glade 3.8.  The new glade for GTK uses GTK3 which
| 394507 [wybo xs4all.] OK, I removed my glade, unpacked glade3-3.8.0.tar.bz2,
+ 394487 [lists ruby-f] I removed the psych dependency.  Unfortunately, this will cause an error
+ 394532 [lists ruby-f] 1)  Perhaps you edited the glade file for coinflip, and it now has a
  + 394534 [stu rubyprog] nice! gonna play with this tonight!
  + 394566 [wybo xs4all.] but coinflip is no a gem, it's just a directory resulting from my trying

^ gem install ruby-opengl fails on os x lion, ruby-1.9.3-p125,
394437 [lists ruby-f] I am unaware of a straightforward solution to this problem on my
394456 [lists ruby-f] Hmm, it seems I am having a conversation with myself :)

^ Re: Problems with gems and Ruby 1.8.7
394438 [lists ruby-f] This worked great. Thanks.

^ Advise on learning Ruby
394440 [lists ruby-f] I'm still new to programming, with some familiarity of HTML, CSS, and a
+ 394441 [rodj rodandm] The Ruby Rouges Pod cast.  I have listened to every single one of them.
| 394442 [echristopher] I second that. Hartl advises people who are primarily interested in
+ 394443 [rbakerjax gm] Try Michael Hartl's tutorial called rails tutorial. If you google rails tutorial it should be the first link. Also, I think The Well Grounded Rubyist is one of the best books for learning Ruby. His explanation on what object is self at any given time is one of the best I've ever read.
+ 394444 [code apotheo] that I think might be helpful. [1]
+ 394445 [lists ruby-f] Thanks for the helpful replies.
| 394447 [code apotheo] The book reviews at least should still be of some use.
+ 394446 [alexandermcm] Try http://www.oldkingjames.org and click on link top left of page.

^ End of Google Group
394449 [lists ruby-f] I will probably be shutting down the ruby-talk Google Group mirror,
+ 394450 [hawat.thufir] Sure.  What's involved?
+ 394453 [lists ruby-f] As far as maintenance goes, not much. Just moderate some spam from time

^ convertir string a fragmento de cdigo
394451 [lists ruby-f] Hola gente, estoy comenzando a desarrollar plugins para el programa de
394454 [sutniuq gmx.] Buscas probablemente el método Kernel#eval?

^ Re: convertir string a fragmento de cůšigo
394452 [josen.figuer] Hola Diego,

^ how to get the newest ruby src
394455 [lists ruby-f] git clone git://github.com/ruby/ruby.git
394459 [josen.figuer] charset=us-ascii

^ Best way of implementing controllers for m:n model relation (Car->Parts)
394457 [lists ruby-f] in the last few weeks I`ve taken a clooser look on Ruby and I am
+ 394505 [mike stok.ca] empty
+ 394530 [lists ruby-f] I think we have a terminology problem here :-)
  394560 [rubytalk2dav] Maybe he meant dysfunctional?  ;-)

^ Nokogiri encoding problem
394466 [lists ruby-f] ruby 1.9.2p290 (2011-07-09) [i386-mingw32]
394531 [lists ruby-f] Cannot reproduce the error on Debian (ruby 1.9.2p318 (2012-02-14

^ Group Status
394469 [transfire gm] The Google Group mirror now appears to be 100% dead.
+ 394479 [hawat.thufir] the Ubuntu mirror seems fine.
| 394484 [lists ruby-f] That's interesting. I wonder if they had to do anything --or maybe admin
+ 394481 [phildobbin g] If that turns out to be the case then, may I ask what will be the future
  + 394482 [matma.rex gm] W dniu 9 kwietnia 2012 23:27 u=C5=BCytkownik Phil Dobbin
  + 394485 [lists ruby-f] This only effects the Google Group *mirror*. The underlying
    394493 [phildobbin g] Excellent. I too am none too impressed with the Google groups interface
    394498 [sutniuq gmx.] The address is ruby-talk-admin@ruby-lang.org. Or you can just use the
    394503 [phildobbin g] This is a cryptographically signed message in MIME format.
    394509 [sutniuq gmx.] I°«m sorry I°«ve been a bit to fast... this is the list master°«s

^ How to pull out specific part of a variable and set to another variable?
394471 [lists ruby-f] "this sentence is my variable and the important information is {inside
+ 394472 [jgabrielygal] You can try the String#[] method and a regular expression to look for
| 394474 [iachetti.fed] Wow ... nice one
+ 394473 [iachetti.fed] Here's a possible approach
| + 394475 [jgabrielygal] ation
| | 394476 [iachetti.fed] With match I didn't have that problem. It just puts every match on an array
| | 394477 [iachetti.fed] sorry ... my mistake
| + 394480 [lists ruby-f] =3D> "abc {foo} def {bar}"
+ 394478 [lists ruby-f] The regular expression by Jesus works perfect.  I just tested and it

^ [ANN] RC v0.1.1 released
394483 [transfire gm] RC 0.1.1 has been released.

^ [ANN] rdoc-spellcheck 1.0 Released
394488 [drbrain segm] home :: https://github.com/rdoc/rdoc-spellcheck

^ [ANN] hoe 3.0.3 Released
394489 [ryand-ruby z] hoe version 3.0.3 has been released!

^ mmap installation failure
394491 [lists ruby-f] I am struggling to mmap a file using ruby. But some errors occurred
394496 [matma.rex gm] If you're talking about the "mmap" gem, then it's apparently not
394537 [lists ruby-f] Yeah, simple-mmap works! Thanks a bunch~

^ New to Ruby, tutorial gives wrong example.
394492 [lists ruby-f] I am just starting with Ruby with intention to learn and perhaps use it
+ 394494 [saji u-aizu.] You maxe a spelling mistake in the method name initialize.
| 394495 [saji u-aizu.] i just realized that i made (maxe) a spelling mistake too ;)
| 394497 [matma.rex gm] You can use Struct for simple classes like this. The following should
| 394512 [shortcutter ] ed
+ 394501 [lists ruby-f] It is not the fault of matz or the people here if you use examples
+ 394529 [lists ruby-f] 1. you cannot access an initiated class' variables by default (there is
+ 394552 [lists ruby-f] Wow, thank you all for replying, it is really appreciated.
  394561 [lists ruby-f] You're welcome!
  394569 [lists ruby-f] What is the advantage of OpenStruct over Hash?
  394570 [matma.rex gm] W dniu 11 kwietnia 2012 17:54 u=C5=BCytkownik F=C3=B6ldes L=C3=A1szl=C3=B3

^ need to match words from setence
394499 [lists ruby-f] I have small requirement
+ 394500 [lists ruby-f] sentence = "this is important information"
+ 394506 [lists ruby-f] This is the third time now you post your problem (in different
+ 394517 [lists ruby-f] Hmm include method will match substring too.This is not i want .I want
| 394520 [hassan.schro] What would make your requirements clear would be to write and post
| 394550 [lists ruby-f] Please see below cases hope you can understand now
+ 394556 [lists ruby-f] You still haven't said what you actually want to do (and some examples
  394563 [lumbergh gma] Two things amaze me still- The use cases for regex, and the programmers who

^ Bash - "jobs -l" command from ruby. HMmmmm.
394502 [lists ruby-f] In bash, I start jobs and tasks etc...
+ 394504 [jens.wille u] why not just use plain old `ps`? if you have the PID of the shell in
+ 394508 [shortcutter ] =A0(wd: /)

^ Searching and Filtering
394510 [lists ruby-f] problem googling what I need.

^ [ANN] SwingHelpers release v0.0 -- jruby gui creation helper
394511 [rogerdpack2 ] Pleased to announce the "pre release" of this jruby GUI helper library

^ BigDecimal precision on square root
394513 [lists ruby-f] => #<BigDecimal:9c5a734,'0.1999999999 9999999998 66602351E1',36(36)>
394585 [timr probo.c] What are you complaining about?  You asked for 10 digits of precision, and

^ [ANN] The dRuby Book
394514 [seki.at.drub] My book was translated into English by Makoto Inoue, foreword by Matz.
+ 394571 [stu rubyprog] Looks like something I'd be interesting in reading. Thank you.
+ 394581 [saji u-aizu.] has been waiting for this for a long time. Great news :)

^ Testing Google Group Mirrors
394516 [transfire gm] Sorry for the noise. This is a test to see if this message makes it

^ I want to pick values on runtime
394518 [lists ruby-f] I am happy to work on ruby again after a long time.i want little help

^ Copy all files in a directory
394519 [lists ruby-f] Still new to Ruby and feel silly having to ask such a simple question,
+ 394521 [jgold.bg gma] You may well get a simpler solution (and I'll be interested to see it myself),
+ 394522 [lists ruby-f] I was afraid I'd have to resort to a loop to grab each file and move it.
| 394523 [ian.asaff gm] why not use system("shell cmd")?
+ 394524 [lists ruby-f] I'm leaning toward calling xcopy but I thought there would be a ruby
+ 394525 [steve stevek] From the docs: http://ruby-doc.org/stdlib-1.9.3/libdoc/fileutils/rdoc/FileU=
| 394526 [steve stevek] Dir.glob("dir1/*") {|f| FileUtils.cp File.expand_path(f), "dir2" }
+ 394527 [lists ruby-f] FileUtils.cp works great if you know what you want to copy and if you
+ 394528 [lists ruby-f] Steve Klabnik gets the gold star today.  Using Dir.glob this can all be

^ A Beginner's Question about Metaprogramming
394533 [lists ruby-f] Hey guys, have a question about Ruby programming and found this forum
+ 394535 [stu rubyprog] class << self is the same as def self.method
+ 394536 [lists ruby-f] def self.metaclass; class << self; self; end; end
| + 394540 [stu rubyprog] It returns self which in this case is a singleton class  called
| + 394542 [lists ruby-f] No, "self" is not a method, it's a keyword, which refers to the current
+ 394541 [lists ruby-f] Thanks for the help!
| 394553 [lists ruby-f] No. Singleton methods are methods that exist only for a single object.
| 394554 [lists ruby-f] Well, the singleton methods of a class *are* the class methods.
| + 394562 [hawat.thufir] Can you clarify this?  In Java, class methods are declared with static.
| | 394564 [jgabrielygal] No, @@ is to define class variables, which is a quite different things
| + 394567 [lists ruby-f] I was referring to "the singleton_methods are just the class methods" =
+ 394543 [lists ruby-f] Whoa, so my code is outdated?
| 394544 [lists ruby-f] Yes. The example code was obviously written for Ruby 1.8. While it still
+ 394546 [lists ruby-f] Thanks, that's quite some information to take in.
| 394549 [lists ruby-f] You could leave out the "class_eval" and "define_method" and simply
| 394551 [stu rubyprog] Let me do one more example for the sake of simplicity and remove self
+ 394740 [lists ruby-f] 1. Why is it necessary to use a Singleton class in the above example at
| 394743 [lists ruby-f] An object has two sources for its methods: First of all, it can use the
+ 394745 [lists ruby-f] But when I say
  394746 [lists ruby-f] This *is* a singleton method. It's just a different syntax: Instead of

^ less absolutely horrible way to make sure array 1 only contains elements from array 2?
394538 [lists ruby-f] @selections = []
+ 394539 [hassan.schro] I have to agree with that last sentence :-)
+ 394547 [ammarabuali ] How about using array difference using the #- method?
+ 394548 [lists ruby-f] ####
+ 394555 [ruby-talk la] require 'set'
  394557 [ruby-talk la] good.subset? valid_choices

^ [ANN] minitest 2.12.1 Released
394545 [ryand-ruby z] minitest version 2.12.1 has been released!

^ A rake task by .rake file
394558 [lists ruby-f] require 'rake/testtask'

^ Possible to spawn windows explorer to select files/directories?
394565 [lists ruby-f] I have a script that I would like to be able to spawn a windows shell so
394568 [lists ruby-f] Maybe you can do it with
394572 [lists ruby-f] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ how does ruby parse/detect self.name= methods?
394573 [lists ruby-f] I am a bit confused.
394574 [sutniuq gmx.] `go=3' is _always_ a local variable assignment. No way to prevent

^ Doubt about rake and task
394575 [lists ruby-f] $:.unshift File.dirname(__FILE__)+"/rake"

^ Regular expression help
394576 [lists ruby-f] I have written a script to search the current directories and grab the
+ 394577 [jeffrey.scho] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
+ 394578 [lists ruby-f] You don't need a regular expression. If the file extension is always the
+ 394586 [jgabrielygal] First, I'd use File#basename to get the filename. Then you can use the
+ 394670 [lists ruby-f] File#basename would not work as they are dated and numbered on the live
  394674 [lists ruby-f] So? The method doesn't actually look at the file, it only operates on

^ conditionally use greater than or less than
394580 [lists ruby-f] what is the best way to do this in ruby?
+ 394582 [lists ruby-f] def threshold_compare(value1, value2, operation)
| 394583 [sduncan weta] What about just
+ 394589 [lists ruby-f] You can use the generalized comparision operator <=>, which returns -1,

^ loop naming for variable
394584 [lists ruby-f] I want to rename the file name if the file is exist.
394603 [lists ruby-f] I don't quite understand what you mean. Do you have a list of file names

^ ruby v.1.8.6. Expand array class, make combinations
394587 [lists ruby-f] I'm using Sketchups' ruby; its version: 1.8.6. Sketchup is a 3D design
+ 394590 [lists ruby-f] What do you mean by "use newarr"? If you want the method to return the
| 394595 [lists ruby-f] To advanced for newbie!! :)  Thnx for your help!
+ 394596 [ralf.mueller] There is a combination method for the Array class. does it fit your needs?
+ 394598 [lists ruby-f] Thanx for pointing me towards this good collection called 'facets'.
| 394599 [ralf.mueller] I have no idea, how much your code is tested. But if you're new to ruby and you just need this functionality,
| 394601 [lists ruby-f] Ok, I think you're right!  I'm still new to ruby and programming ig,
+ 394602 [lists ruby-f] Well, if you really just need this one method, I think installing a

^ Segmentation Fault in QtRuby4-2.1.0 on Windows
394588 [lists ruby-f] I have written some code to display a basic GUI window, which shows a
394640 [lists ruby-f] what version of ruby? does this work in other OS's?

^ Upgrading to Ruby 1.9 - Should I? Is it painful?
394592 [lists ruby-f] I recently encountered a problem while trying to install the Nesta CMS
+ 394597 [hassan.schro] Yes -- install 'Ruby Version Manager' (rvm) from https://rvm.io/
+ 394736 [lists ruby-f] IME it's pretty painful, in particular if you have programs which use
  394739 [matma.rex gm] W dniu 16 kwietnia 2012 22:05 u=C5=BCytkownik Brian Candler
  394779 [lists ruby-f] *labels* incoming data as being UTF-8, whether it is or not. If you want =
  + 394783 [matma.rex gm] W dniu 18 kwietnia 2012 00:46 u=C5=BCytkownik Brian Candler
  + 394784 [flo andersgr] (E.g.

^ Doubt when nesting tasks in Rakefile
394594 [lists ruby-f] $:.unshift File.dirname(__FILE__)+"/rake"

^ request for feature: nested methods should be private on nesting method
394604 [botpena gmai] would be nice if nested methods are made private for the nesting
+ 394605 [lists ruby-f] request for feature: nested methods should be private on nesting method
| 394607 [matma.rex gm] As Jan said, this doesn't really fit the language. Methods have always
+ 394606 [drbrain segm] so the ruby committers will see them.