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^ [ANN] Rails 3.2.3.rc2 was released!
394176 [santiago wye] Rails 3.2.3.rc2 has been released.

^ [ANN] inversion 0.7.0 Released
394191 [ged FaerieMU] inversion version 0.7.0 has been released!

^ Thai fonts are not wriiten in csv file
394198 [lists ruby-f] I need to upload a csv file, process and again store the values as csv

^ (libusb) Fail to open USB device on Windows XP
394199 [lists ruby-f] Dear all,
+ 394462 [lists ruby-f] Can anybody kindly help me on this issue?
+ 394464 [phasis gmail] 2012/3/30 Huang Emmanuel <lists@ruby-forum.com>
+ 394490 [lists ruby-f] Dear Park,
+ 394776 [lists ruby-f] OK, I've added a hint for Windows to Device#open in

^ Can't open url with a subdomain with an underscore
394201 [lists ruby-f] I try to open the following URL: http://auto_diversen.marktplaza.nl/
+ 394203 [matma.rex gm] Underscore is not a valid character in a hostname, thus Ruby rejects it.
| + 394230 [lists ruby-f] Thanks for the reply, but I don't think it's a good idea to 'hack' the =
| | 394239 [matma.rex gm] Well, you could also copy the patched URI::Parser#initialize_pattern
| | 394254 [josh.cheek g] 2012/3/31 Bartosz Dziewo=C5=84ski <matma.rex@gmail.com>
| + 394771 [matma.rex gm] W dniu 30 marca 2012 13:28 u=C5=BCytkownik Bartosz Dziewo=C5=84ski
|   394782 [lists ruby-f] t.
+ 394760 [lists ruby-f] if I have the following url: http://auto_diversen.marktplaza.nl
  394764 [matma.rex gm] I have already explained. Change or monkey-patch the URI library.
  394765 [lists ruby-f] I tried, but when I paste the source from: =

^ Apparent Math issues
394205 [lists ruby-f] I'm just starting out with the Ruby language, and appear to either be
+ 394207 [gedece gmail] I'm not saying you should read all this, but this issue is a well
| 394208 [lists ruby-f] Thanks for the link. We are both new to the language and were unsure of
| 394211 [gregory_brow] If you need precision, you can look into Ruby's BigDecimal standard
+ 394214 [lists ruby-f] Currency was my prime concerns with this.  Thanks guys.
  394216 [flo andersgr] I would recommend to use one of the many money handling gems, for =

^ [ANN] Rails 3.2.3 was released!!!
394221 [santiago wye] Rails 3.2.3 has been released!!!.

^ Ruby openssl ECC help plz
394222 [lists ruby-f] I am confused on how to properly export public ECC key. I can see it
+ 394224 [martin.bossl] It's a bit tricky in the sense that you need to create a second EC instance
+ 394226 [lists ruby-f] Thanks I have it working now. I have one other question, why doesn't
| 394227 [martin.bossl] Ruby's Cipher class supports whatever OpenSSL's EVP_CIPHER interface
+ 394245 [lists ruby-f] thanks for the help. I am having a hellish time getting ruby to
| 394246 [martin.bossl] Am 1. April 2012 02:57 schrieb randompasswords arenotgoodidea
+ 394247 [lists ruby-f] Also from OpenSSL if I have it list the algorithms it supports it does
| 394248 [martin.bossl] Yes, I got it working here. I'm very confident you're having the problem I
+ 394249 [lists ruby-f] yes I didn't read your post before I made my second post (which I tried
+ 394257 [lists ruby-f] make clean is my friend
+ 394559 [lists ruby-f] I have a question about ECDH and I will put it here since there is no
| 394591 [martin.bossl] Just to make sure - the computed secret is the x coordinate of some point,
+ 394593 [lists ruby-f] Yes, what I am implementing requires me to treat the shared secret as an

^ Ruby regex match hex string
394228 [lists ruby-f] Hey guys,
+ 394231 [lists ruby-f] What makes you think that only the last two pairs are matched? This is
| 394236 [peter vanden] The confusion is that only two capturing groups are returned
| 394252 [mike stok.ca] Note that hexadecimal digits can be matched by a POSIX character class, =
+ 394232 [lists ruby-f] I hope this help
+ 394234 [ammarabuali ] You can use \h to match a hexadecimal digit as well, which match both
  394268 [lists ruby-f] Just a tiny remark: this one should be more efficient

^ regexp replace every other one
394229 [lists ruby-f] puts "Mike Lan move the string abc def".gsub(/(\A|\s)(.{3})($|\s)/,"
+ 394233 [ammarabuali ] The ending pattern ($|\s) is consuming what would be matched by the
+ 394235 [lists ruby-f] thank you Ammar
| + 394237 [ammarabuali ] You're welcome!
| + 394269 [lists ruby-f] irb(main):001:0> "gabriel y martha iba gtz ibanez nat".gsub /\b\w{3}\b/,
+ 394238 [lists ruby-f] I understand what you explain but I don't think I am going to check a
| 394243 [ammarabuali ] I don't think so. I in no way meant for you to change the data. I
+ 394357 [lists ruby-f] Thank you so much Robert Klemme I knew it was possible that works great.

^ [ANN] Updated pygments.appspot.com
394240 [zachary zach] =3D=3D An update to pygments.appspot.com

^ Capturing return value from method invoked with 'send'
394241 [lists ruby-f] Is there a way to capture the return value from a method that was
394242 [lists ruby-f] What do you mean? The return value of send *is* the return value of the
394244 [lists ruby-f] You answered my question.  That is exactly what I didn't know.  That is,

^ using sinatra as a web-service
394251 [jarodzz gmai] I'm working on this project, need me to change some config file on a server.

^ gtk2 install error
394253 [lists ruby-f] I installed gem gtk2 on linux, but it show a error.
+ 394256 [hawat.thufir] I'm not quite sure how useful this is for your scenario, but have you
+ 394262 [lists ruby-f] wish i could help more, but try posting this problem on the 'Gnome 2'
  394264 [hawat.thufir] or the RVM mailing list...
  394270 [lists ruby-f] How to use RVM on redhat3 ?
  394300 [hawat.thufir] Yes, exactly, if you're trying to use RVM on redhat the rvm list is
  394349 [lists ruby-f] I try on redhat5/ruby1.9.2 also have some problem when I exce "gem
  394364 [hawat.thufir] Have you asked on the RVM mailing list?  That's my suggestion, the RVM

^ Code Zauker suggestions wanted
394255 [jj gioorgi.c] charset=us-ascii

^ [ANN] return_bang 1.1 Released
394259 [drbrain segm] home :: https://github.com/drbrain/return_bang
394265 [emacsray gma] Your projects looks like an delimited continuation implementation of shift/reset operators
394266 [tony.arcieri] Was that also an April Fool's Day joke?
394289 [drbrain segm] shift/reset operators

^ array of hashes
394260 [lists ruby-f] Newbie how to display  the following output?
394261 [ryand-ruby z] We're here to help, but please do your own homework.
394263 [lists ruby-f] Thank you Ryan.. I got the solution.

^ Visual Ruby GUI Development Environment Released
394267 [lists ruby-f] I hoping to get some feedback on the latest release of visual ruby.
+ 394272 [richard.conr] will give it a whirl soon. I don't do much with visual environments
+ 394275 [lists ruby-f] works on windows. only one issue : the run of glade-3.exe don't work

^ install unicode gem in ruby1.8.7
394271 [lists ruby-f] I don't understand why the gem install of unicode goes wrong.
394274 [jens.wille u] <http://www.gnu.org/software/make/manual/html_node/Error-Messages.html>
394277 [lists ruby-f] Thanks for answer,

^ Re: deploying ruby/qt4 apps on windows
394273 [lists ruby-f] you can try OCRA...It is a good gem for deploying applications.

^ no such file to load tk
394276 [lists ruby-f] require 'tk'
394278 [lists ruby-f] Ruby 1.9.2
394283 [matma.rex gm] Have you installed Ruby with RubyInstaller? You have to enable tk

^ ANN: Sequel 3.34.0 Released
394279 [lists ruby-f] Sequel is a lightweight database access toolkit for Ruby.

^ Can someone throw me a bone
394281 [lists ruby-f] Struggling to learn Ruby and can't even upgrade from 1.8 to 1.9.  I have
+ 394282 [richard.conr] I would keep looking through the RVM docs, it's a very well documented
| 394284 [steve stevek] You don't copy the $.
| 394286 [its.code.in.] How to Play Bones with Dom Flemons
+ 394291 [lists ruby-f] Steve,
+ 394293 [lists ruby-f] Steve,
| 394294 [hassan.schro] The entire command goes on one line, just like the RVM site shows
+ 394295 [lists ruby-f] Hassan (et al),
| 394296 [mike stok.ca] It saved me a lot of grief!  If you are using homebrew =
+ 394333 [lists ruby-f] MIke,
| + 394335 [saji u-aizu.] You could give the one-click installer for OSX a try..
| + 394336 [alanschwarz ] Xcode 4.3 is a 2+ GB download so that you can make Mac and iOS apps
+ 394376 [lists ruby-f] MIke,
  394413 [groups.2009a] Ruby 1.8 is still very powerful and useful, as well as being very =

^ [ANN] celluloid/celluloid-io/celluloid-zmq 0.10.0: Actor-based concurrent objects (with evented I/O and 0MQ support) for Ruby
394285 [tony.arcieri] Now with a snazzy new web site!

^ TypeError Message. Help required
394287 [lists ruby-f] I have created an extension and within the extension file I have
394297 [echristopher] I don't know precisely, but I can tell you that your call to

^ fastercsv filter question
394288 [Reid.Thompso] SSBoYXZlIGEgY3N2IGZpbGUgdGhhdCBpcyBjb21tYSBkZWxpbWl0ZWQsIHdpdGggcXVvdGVkIHRl

^ openSUSE fan?
394290 [jos opensuse] Heya Ruby and Rails hackers!

^ Using Git / Pivotal Tracker? Want improved open source tooling around the two?
394298 [zach.dennis ] We're taking a survey for Git / Pivotal Tracker integration related to

^ Problem Installing Rails on Ruby 1.9.3
394299 [lists ruby-f] I am trying to install rails on Ruby 1.9.3.
+ 394306 [lists ruby-f] I too faced the same issue. I have installed the Ruby 1.9.3.
+ 394341 [lists ruby-f] Sorry for the basic question, but I am just getting started with ruby.
  394345 [lists ruby-f] You just give gen uninstall command as like below.

^ [ANN] Confection v0.3.0 released
394301 [transfire gm] Confection 0.3.0 has been released.

^ extracting mp3 image and its data when upload is done
394302 [lists ruby-f] When a user uploads a MP3,
394309 [lists ruby-f] Of course it's possible. Even if there were no libraries, you could

^ Ruby tk - Tk::GetOpenFile - How to set the dialog view
394304 [lists ruby-f] I am using Tk::GetOpenFile (on a WinXP machine) and I am trying to

^ fibonacci and defining variables
394310 [lists ruby-f] I was doing an example on Fibonacci sequences and this confused me a
+ 394313 [matma.rex gm] W dniu 3 kwietnia 2012 19:29 u=C5=BCytkownik Christopher D.
| 394317 [lists ruby-f] Cool, that makes sense, is there any way to do it sequentially without
+ 394319 [matma.rex gm] W dniu 3 kwietnia 2012 21:24 u=C5=BCytkownik Christopher D.
  + 394322 [lists ruby-f] Matma Rex,
  + 394344 [lists ruby-f] p =3D p + i
    394346 [andrea andre] A little more readable (but I'd still prefer using a temp variable):=0A=0A=

^ using hash as database? Secure databases with ruby?
394311 [lists ruby-f] I am new to programming and am learning ruby as my first language. I
+ 394314 [matma.rex gm] *If* you only need something this simple, and *if* you somehow save
+ 394315 [hassan.schro] Sorry, that's wrong. Storing your data as plain text in a file is hardly
| 394318 [lists ruby-f] Well, I do not plan to store it as plaintext but symmetrically encrypted
| + 394320 [flo andersgr] Yep, you do overlook that widely used code is also less likely to have =
| | 394321 [lists ruby-f] Good point, but would it be fair enough for me to say that since I
| | 394323 [hassan.schro] No. While arrays and hashes are native objects, you are proposing
| | 394325 [lists ruby-f] Okay it seems MySQL is the way to go then, but just want to confirm one
| | + 394326 [jos catnook.] Or PostgreSQL ;-p
| | | 394328 [steve stevek] Or a database that understands hashes, like MongoDB or Redis...
| | + 394327 [matma.rex gm] W dniu 3 kwietnia 2012 23:37 u=C5=BCytkownik ruby rocks
| | + 394329 [sduncan weta] Then maybe you want to use SQLite?
| | | 394331 [code apotheo] Yes.
| | + 394330 [hassan.schro] No, I never said "use MySQL"; I said use an existing datastore *like*
| + 394412 [groups.2009a] I think you have oversimplified the equation.=20
+ 394361 [lists ruby-f] That is not using the Hash properly.  If you have a key value store

^ rspec-expectations-2.9.1 is released!
394316 [dchelimsky g] charset=us-ascii

^ RegEx for a string between two symbols
394324 [lists ruby-f] I'm looking to build a dictionary application. One part that I am having
+ 394332 [lists ruby-f] I don't really get what you're trying to do. Do you want to store the
| 394340 [lists ruby-f] Hey, thanks for the reply. I've been practising my ruby but if you have
| 394343 [lists ruby-f] If it's only one word and one definition per line, then XML or JSON is
| 394347 [lists ruby-f] That's unsafe because it will break if there is a '::' in the
| 394348 [lists ruby-f] It's meant to break, because multiple double colons make the line
| 394359 [lists ruby-f] Since we are talking about "words" I deem it reasonable to assume they
+ 394356 [lists ruby-f] Jan, Robert,

^ Ruby on Windows...
394334 [rubyhacker g] It's been a long time since I did anything on Windows... I'm now
394339 [steve stevek] Did you install with RubyInstaller? Do you have DevKit installed?

^ [ANN] hoe 3.0.2 Released
394337 [ryand-ruby z] hoe version 3.0.2 has been released!

^ [ANN] minitest 2.12.0 Released
394338 [ryand-ruby z] minitest version 2.12.0 has been released!

^ Fortran namelists with Ruby
394342 [saji u-aizu.] For those interested in manipulating fortran namelists with ruby,

^ Newbie loops question
394350 [lists ruby-f] I am learning Ruby as my first programming language using the excellent
+ 394351 [ruby slightl] You're not actually storing the result of subtracting 1 from int anywhere,
+ 394352 [lists ruby-f] Instead of i = i - 1, you can also write i -= 1. This is the short form
+ 394353 [pironim ramb] like for me int.to_i - 1 does operation but do not handle result
+ 394360 [lists ruby-f] Bryan, and if you have your loop working you can do
+ 394363 [g.diemant gm] you must assign the result of int.to_i - 1 to int. And you don't need the .to_i

^ Re: Ruby on Windows.
394354 [lists ruby-f] The very first thing you should do is reinstall both Ruby and the DevKit
394367 [rubyhacker g] Thanks. He got it working. I think it was the space in the dir name.
394406 [lists ruby-f] Excellent. The MSYS/MinGW based DevKit doesn't like spacey dirs.

^ while loop
394355 [lists ruby-f] while loop,but the linkis not working properly to while loop the
394411 [echristopher] You should use double equals in such a condition, e.g. `status ==

^ sqlite3 install error
394362 [lists ruby-f] I try to install sqlite3 in Ruby1.9.2 and RedHat5
394366 [eolamey gmai] The latest sqlite3 library version on RedHat (or CentOS) 5 is 3.3.6,

^ `rescue in rbuf_fill': Timeout::Error (Timeout::Error)
394365 [lists ruby-f] I am using the StorageRoom App Ruby Gem with the StorageRoom App API.
394373 [sean.ohalpin] Looks like your HTTP request is timing out. Are you trying this from

^ Re: regularexpression for check specialchars
394368 [lists ruby-f] What do you mean by "specialchars"? You have to be more specific.
394372 [lists ruby-f] Try looking at character classes
394378 [lists ruby-f] I have one variable for example
394379 [lists ruby-f] If you only consider ASCII specialchars, you can simply enumerate them

^ Terminated Object Error. Help Needed
394369 [lists ruby-f] Here is my sample code:-
+ 394370 [ryand-ruby z] myA
+ 394371 [lists ruby-f] How to use with self?
  + 394383 [neleai sezna] Guess that GC ate it. Do you rb_gc_mark and array?
  | 394403 [lists ruby-f] I do have mark function. The array is a global declaration. When I try =
  + 394388 [shortcutter ] associate state with self.  If you use Ruby's standard mechanisms

^ Call for comments - Structure
394375 [rubyhacker g] Greetings, fellow Rubyists...
+ 394389 [lists ruby-f] I'll see whether I can look into this over the weekend.
| 394397 [matma.rex gm] W dniu 5 kwietnia 2012 14:21 u=C5=BCytkownik Robert Klemme
| 394398 [shortcutter ] es
| 394400 [rubyhacker g] 2012/4/5 Robert Klemme <shortcutter@googlemail.com>
| 394417 [shortcutter ] .com>
| 394419 [rubyhacker g] You are correct, of course. But it feels a little clumsy to me not to have
| + 394421 [code apotheo] Actually . . . obj.foo.bar looks pretty nice.
| + 394439 [shortcutter ] nd?
| | 394761 [shortcutter ] Hal, are you still following?
| + 395169 [lists ruby-f] If the main driver is taking Hash-like data, depending on the
+ 394409 [lists ruby-f] "The Ruby Way" book is one of my Mentors :)
+ 394420 [lists ruby-f] I think this is a good project idea on two counts 1) better Struct b/c
+ 395144 [gsinclair gm] I like what I read in the README, and would definitely use it in future if

^ [ANN] ruby-growl 4.0 Released
394377 [drbrain segm] ruby-growl version 4.0 has been released!

^ For beginners: Rubeque.com, interactive Ruby coding practice
394381 [lists ruby-f] I stumbled across this site recently and found it very useful for
+ 394467 [josh.cheek g] This was fun, thanks for sharing. Know of contact info for them? I'd like
| 394468 [adnan.ayon g] Looks promising :-)
+ 394579 [lists ruby-f] Contact info for Rubeque is here:  http://rubeque.com/help
+ 395227 [lists ruby-f] And there's Ruby Quiz, of course.

^ Writer to help change the world
394382 [lists ruby-f] I'm looking for a programmer to help change the world.

^ Not a Memory Leak but Stale Objects - clears with GC.start
394384 [lists ruby-f] I have a long running process.
+ 394385 [andrea andre] =C2=A0You really should upgrade to ruby 1.9.3 . A lot of GC related issue=
+ 394387 [shortcutter ] Many of those threads here which deal with GC are caused by
  394396 [matma.rex gm] I don't know which gems are you using, but some gems interfacing with