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^ xmlrpc4r won't unmarshal
39410 [liam.holman ] I've been trying to use Marshalling with xmlrpc1.7.9, ruby 1.6.6
+ 39411 [kentda stud.] I haven't used XML-RPC much, but if you check out the spec at
+ 39433 [nahi keynaut] Hmm.  Parsing stack for Struct in xmlrpc/parser seems to
  39445 [uu9r rz.uni-] It is a bug. I've fixed it in the 1.7.10 release. The bug only
  39459 [liam.holman ] Thanks for the fast turnround.

^ file indexer?
39416 [chris.morris] I've started writing a basic indexer for my wiki. It stores each term as the

^ Auto-quoting simple hash keys?
39417 [djberge qwes] What would people think of auto-quoting simple hash keys in Ruby (ala Perl)?
+ 39418 [Mark.Volkman] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
| 39419 [jean_hugues_] That would basically mean that the "default" value for an un-initialized
+ 39421 [wconrad yagn] No, I would be surprised too often.
| 39422 [djberge qwes] Hmm...I'm getting the feeling most people agree with you.  Ah, well.  I can
+ 39428 [mike stok.co] That's one of the few things in perl which really makes me grind my teeth, so
  39462 [kgergely mla] And what about the - also perlish - hash{key} notation. Will it
  39464 [decoux moulo] Yes, this is actually interpreted `hash() { key }'
  39465 [kgergely mla] Azt irtad, hogy
  39466 [decoux moulo] pigeon% /usr/bin/ruby -ve 'a = {}; a{key}'

^ Scope of Singleton Classes
39420 [jason jvoege] I'm writing an object proxy that intercepts method calls with method_missing
39437 [rich infoeth] avoid
+ 39438 [jason jvoege] Yes, you're probably right, but I've actually simplified for this example.
+ 39454 [jason jvoege] After thinking about this a little more, I'm convinced that generating
  39469 [decoux moulo] There is a stupid way to write it in 1.7.2, small problem with 1.6.7
  39472 [jason jvoege] Thanks, Guy.  That seems to do the trick.

^ is this FAQ material? -> adding instance methods to an object....
39423 [patrick-may ] I was trying to add instance methods to an object.  I figured this out
+ 39426 [tsondergaard] Might be.
| 39435 [patrick-may ] That is nicer... thanks.
+ 39427 [Dave Pragmat] 8.4 What is a singleton method?
  39436 [patrick-may ] Thanks again!

^ Mail or gateway glitch?
39424 [hal9000 hype] In case it's relevant, I just saw a post

^ [ANN] Ruby/Google 0.4.0
39425 [ian caliban.] I'm pleased to announce the release of Ruby/Google 0.4.0.

^ require and case
39432 [martin massi] ruby 1.6.5 (2001-09-19) [i586-mswin32]
+ 39442 [ajm nb.sympa] # a.rb
| + 39443 [ajm nb.sympa] @@createdCount = 0 if @@createdCount.nil? # UGLY
| + 39444 [erik bagfors] Definitely not on my OS since A.rb and a.rb are two different files.
|   + 39446 [kentda stud.] I second that. But...
|   | 39447 [decoux moulo] pigeon% ls lib/[A-Z]*
|   | 39448 [kentda stud.] Gah, I must be blind. I even use English.rb ... *blush*
|   | 39449 [tom.hurst cl] [lowercase library names]
|   | 39451 [decoux moulo] pigeon% grep ^module eregex.rb
|   + 39450 [codon optush] Yep, I'm using Win2k at work. Even though I should have been more
|   + 39458 [michael_s_ca] Is there not a way to have an error thrown if require can't FIND the
|   | 39463 [djberge qwes] Of course, the counter argument to this is that the odds of you having a
|   | + 39467 [decoux moulo] This will not solve all the problems
|   | | 39470 [tom.hurst cl] Have require insert the basename of the file that's loaded into $",
|   | | + 39486 [decoux moulo] You can't. You can have 2 differents modules with the same name but a
|   | | | + 39540 [djberg96 hot] Ouch.  Happens all the time in Perl.  Was that a dig? ;-P
|   | | | + 39766 [tom.hurst cl] require 'foo'
|   | | |   39772 [decoux moulo] If I'm right actually the only system call made by ::expand_path is a
|   | | + 39546 [cameron cwru] I know very little about the internals, but couldn't the entire path be
|   | |   39699 [gaiacrtn fre] I confirm this behavior. I stumbled on something similar on ruby 1.6.7
|   | |   + 39700 [decoux moulo] Try to use File::expand_path before the call to require
|   | |   | 39718 [Dave Pragmat] I'm becoming convinced by this thread that rb_require should normalize
|   | |   | + 39719 [michael_s_ca] This seems a logical thing to do, and certainly unsurprising.
|   | |   | + 39735 [matz ruby-la] I feel other way around.  Requiring "feature names" should appear same
|   | |   | | + 39736 [Dave Pragmat] Absolutely - I say
|   | |   | | | + 39737 [jim freeze.o] Why is keying off the file name/path the only method used
|   | |   | | | | + 39742 [Dave Pragmat] It certainly isn't the only way, but in general the canonical file
|   | |   | | | | | 39753 [rich infoeth] I think that since the SHA-1 digest extension is included with ruby,
|   | |   | | | | | 39754 [rick rickbra] What is the problem being solved again?
|   | |   | | | | + 39759 [in6x059 publ] Using a hash would destroy the current way to require a file twice. So
|   | |   | | | |   39765 [Dave Pragmat] YOu can require a file twice using 'load'.
|   | |   | | | + 39756 [matz ruby-la] I'm not sure if I call it a bug.  But now I understand the problem.
|   | |   | | + 39764 [tsiivola cc.] Case sensitive require and load behaviour on all platforms?
|   | |   | |   39781 [matz ruby-la] I think it is possoble that the convention above works on all
|   | |   | |   + 39793 [gehlker fast] I think it does, but as a relative newcomer to Ruby, I'm pretty sure not
|   | |   | |   + 39811 [tsiivola cc.] Cross-platform case sensitivity would detect future compability problems
|   | |   | |     39812 [gehlker fast] Not usually. It ships on a case-insensitive/ case-preserving file system.
|   | |   | + 39747 [in6x059 publ] It had the contrary effect on me. :-)
|   | |   |   + 39748 [Dave Pragmat] Surely the only way it could break a script is that if that script
|   | |   |   | 39758 [in6x059 publ] Eh, sorry. I meant scripts that change $" not $:.
|   | |   |   + 40060 [xlucid users] Mmm - I think that if this last sentence was true, then the
|   | |   + 39713 [matz ruby-la] By users, yes.
|   | + 39525 [ruby-talk je] Um... I do. If the file contains only one module/class, then I'd name
|   + 39529 [dennisn pe.n] Regardless of what one's OS will or won't allow you to do, I would think
+ 39489 [ptkwt shell1] Well, you wouldn't have had an issue on Unix, but because the Windows
  39493 [cameron cwru] I disagree.  If I were writing an app on my happy linux box, but I
  39518 [ptkwt shell1] Well, maybe I should clarify my statement.  Let's say you're on Unix and
  39545 [cameron cwru] My turn to clarify.  ;-)  Your example is true, but what about if you
  39548 [cameron cwru] To bounce a question off myself...

^ FXJPG bug?
39434 [david.naseby] require 'fox'

^ How do I use IO.ioctl(arg1, arg2..)
39440 [bobgus mcs.n] The pickaxe book is a bit sparse on documentation for using the method
39441 [ian caliban.] You can also use the termios module for this, although documentation
39460 [bobgus mcs.n] Thanks very much for the clue on Termios.

^ How to access the ruby parser?
39453 [bcox virtual] I've an application that needs to obtain the text of each method

^ A scoping issue
39455 [harryo zip.c] I'm trying to write a class that constructs a Tk
+ 39456 [dblack candl] It looks like you're sending a proc as a regular argument,
+ 39457 [peter semant] I couldn't get your example code to work, but what I could get to work
+ 39468 [matz ruby-la] class A

^ Ruby and Parrot
39471 [djberge qwes] Is anyone attending the Parrot talk at OSCON this year?  I'm really very
39474 [dan sidhe.or] Oooh! Oooh! I am, I am! :)
+ 39480 [djberge qwes] Heck, Dan, I'm surprised your not giving a talk of your own on the subject
| 39481 [dan sidhe.or] At least three, I think. There may be more by the time Nat
| + 39488 [ptkwt shell1] Yes we want it.  Even if it's after the close of submissions (BTW: when IS
| | 39500 [dblack candl] Submitting after the close of submissions is an undefined operation.
| + 39501 [dblack candl] See my other post, in reply to Phil -- but also, I'd advise you (and
+ 39483 [mmaciaszek g] ^^^^ do I smell Ruby for my Commodore 64?
| 39484 [dan sidhe.or] Nah. A C64 emulator for Parrot, maybe... ;-P
+ 39487 [ptkwt shell1] Me too! Me too!
  39510 [dan sidhe.or] A difference that doesn't matter, really. It's essentially bytecode

^ regexp help: contains only one tag
39475 [chris.morris] def test_contains_only_a_tag
+ 39476 [wjl icecaver] Well, /.*<.*>.*/ obviously matches your last test, so of course that's
+ 39477 [wjl icecaver] One other thing to note when debugging regexes: if you're not sure what
  39478 [chris.morris] Yeah, I know ... I just couldn't get anything else to work...

^ (none)

^ BUG: Current CVS Build Doesn't Create Cygwin Import Lib
39482 [jlj cfdrc.co] Just checked out the latest CVS sources (for 1.7.2) and did a build under

^ New to Ruby's C API
39485 [chris cmb-en] I followed the examples in the online rubycentral.com/book
+ 39490 [lucsky mac.c] Well, the painfully obvious one would be that you forgot to add the '-lruby'
| 39515 [chris cmb-en] D'oh!
+ 39505 [robert.calco] 1. Are you linking to the Ruby .lib file of the distribution you are

^ (none)
39491 [Ruby.brd blu] subscribe James Shyu

^ Ruby on Port 23 without admin access
39492 [mark.firesto] I know this is the Ruby list, and not a linux list, but any hints on how to
39494 [cameron cwru] I am not sure what you are trying to do, but if the subject line is
39495 [cameron cwru] ^^^^^  --> read as 'higher'
39498 [mark.firesto] Ok.  Well, this is kind of a drag.  I want the software to answer the telnet
+ 39499 [cameron cwru] *IF* you have admin access, you can use that to set-up a safe environment.
+ 39502 [nat.pryce b1] You'd be better off asking this on a Unix or Linux programming list or
+ 39512 [Dave Pragmat] You might check your firewall software. Most allow port mapping, so
  39513 [rich infoeth] Going further you could use this (http://www.stunnel.org/) which gives

^ (none)
39496 [sjh sjh.idv.] confirm password James Shyu

^ set_trace_func and code coverage
39497 [mrp cre.cano] ruby 1.6.6
39556 [nahi mwd.big] I hope it is included, but...

^ IDs of the reference
39503 [peter semant] With the following code
39504 [decoux moulo] If I've well understood what you call the id of the reference is just the
39506 [peter semant] I was hoping that from inside a class, in a method, I could work out
+ 39507 [ekarttun cs.] A reference is basically a pointer to the object. The object doesn't know
+ 39508 [decoux moulo] "I would like to evolve FROM Perl, Java and C++ rather than TO Perl, Java

^ Looking for GDSII lib for Ruby
39509 [jim freeze.o] Does anyone know of a GDSII library for ruby?

^ windows.h not found, compiling 1.6.7 under  cygwin/windows 2000
39511 [chil156 nets] gcc -g -O2 -I. -I. -I/usr/include -c ruby.c
+ 39516 [eban os.rim.] Install the w32api package.
+ 39520 [chil156 nets] I found the problem. My cygwin installation was broken (i.e. no

^ Web page for _The Ruby Way_
39519 [hal9000 hype] A few days ago, I got this page up...
39549 [cameron cwru] CLick Sample Chapter --> Works fine

^ Re: Caution: SPAM! (was: Re: cygwin1.dll missing or corrupt) [#310569]
39521 [groups-abuse] Greetings,

^ [ANNOUNCE] Practical Ruby 0.2.1
39524 [gaiacrtn fre] I'm glad to announce the release of Practical Ruby 0.2.1

^ ruby idiom check
39527 [probertm nor] I have a class that telnets into a number of different
39541 [dblack candl] I would tend to want to get rid of the global variables, and also to

^ RubyCart for Windows
39530 [chris.morris] I've dinked together a proof of concept for packaging up a Ruby app into a

^ raa.succ status?
39532 [djberge qwes] Any ideas on the status of this?  Are we waiting on volunteers?  Do we need
39538 [dsafari xtra] I'll attempt to answer some of these questions. I was going to post something

^ [FXRuby] - How to capture close on the main window
39533 [STUCKNER MUL] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
39539 [jlj cfdrc.co] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

^ dynamically assigning instance variables
39534 [djberge qwes] Yep, still trying to unwrap my brain from Perl and re-wrap it in Ruby...
+ 39536 [wconrad yagn] wconrad@pluto:~/lab/foo1$ cat foo.rb
| 39547 [harryo zip.c] Someone else will probably give you a better solution, but here's
| 39565 [jean_hugues_] This nice piece of code is solving an issue I was dealing with, about "copy
| + 39570 [dblack candl] I'm not sure what you mean.  Isn't new() the usual way to create
| + 39577 [decoux moulo] It's normal, ruby is not C++ :-)))
| + 39579 [jean_hugues_] Let me clarify. The way you create objects using MyClass.new() is similar
|   39583 [decoux moulo] ruby is not C++, don't try to mimic C++ with ruby (it's perhaps best to
+ 39566 [dsafari xtra] I'll add something to pile, here is something I used as a mixin where ever i
  39574 [decoux moulo] eval is evil, and it's still exist a stupid way to write it :-)
  39615 [dsafari xtra] I definately have a long way to go with Ruby - solutions like this do not
  39620 [djberg96 att] Interesting.  I dare say solutions like this don't come naturally to
  39626 [decoux moulo] Not a cookbook entry but I'll say you why in this case eval is evil
  39649 [martindemell] Ah! It suddenly clicked into place what type.send was doing. Very neat.
  39683 [djberge qwes] I think this idiom ought to be added to Hal's "Ruby for Perl Programmers"

^ restricted execution
39535 [davegaramond] python has rexec and perl similarly has the Safe module. how does one do
39537 [matt lickey.] Ruby has the $SAFE variable which can be set to integers 0 thru 4 --
39555 [davegaramond] thanks for the info. but i'm having difficulty finding documentation
39567 [decoux moulo] PLruby use $SAFE and it don't need sandoxing.
39575 [davegaramond] okay. i'm still trying to find the docs on $SAFE... btw, could you
39576 [decoux moulo] The pickaxe has some description, see http://www.rubycentral.com/book/

^ Adding new method to Built-In class
39542 [hubert cs.ny] I have tried to add new method to built-in class without success.
39543 [dblack candl] What you need to do is re-open the class String, and define a new
39611 [hubert cs.ny] Well..I have tried this before and it didn't give me anything
39619 [hubert cs.ny] Second try.

^ Are %q and %Q universal?
39544 [gehlker fast] I'm working on the next release of RubyStudio and doing the syntax coloring
39598 [matz ruby-la] Do you mean %q!<non roman character>..!, or
39613 [gehlker fast] %<non-roman character corresponding to q><non-roman
39690 [matz ruby-la] Fortunately (or unfortunately) Ruby parser only takes ASCII character,
39701 [gehlker fast] The light dawns. I was interpreting the one line explanation of the -K flag
39714 [matz ruby-la] katakana characters.  We used to have 8bit less expressive character
39720 [gehlker fast] Thanks Matz! It makes sense, now!

^ Is ruby ready for prime time?
39550 [dagangw attb] I am writing a test script for a c api. Following is a piec e of pseudo-code
+ 39551 [elanthis awe] Um, I'd say that's a problem with *your* code, not Ruby.  Many many many
+ 39770 [pabs pablotr] Does this pseudo-function really accept a MyStruct **?  Most functions

^ enforcing certain structure
39553 [ruby-talk je] I was looking for a way to enforce certain attribute to a

^ Powerpoint slides: Ruby for Perl Programmers
39554 [hal9000 hype] On April 17, I gave a talk to the Perlmongers in
+ 39557 [tim vegeta.a] [ snip ]
+ 39563 [tom.hurst cl] Opera has a presentation mode that lets you use HTML/XML/CSS to produce
| 39564 [dblack candl] I've sent Hal the results of importing into StarOffice and exporting
| + 39571 [botp delmont] I've converted the ppt to a generic page.
| | 39572 [botp delmont] arghh... sorry...
| | 39573 [botp delmont] would it be ok if you just provide two version of presentations (when you
| + 39581 [tom.hurst cl] I just finished rewriting it into XHTML + CSS2.  The XHTML validates and
|   + 39596 [tobiasreif p] very nice!
|   | 39604 [tom.hurst cl] PageUp/Down navigates.  If a slide overflows (quite possible at
|   + 39605 [ruby-talk je] It's beautiful. However did you generate it? Did you manually put all
+ 39582 [tom.hurst cl] Find attached.
  39588 [tom.hurst cl] <sigh>

^ [ANNOUNCE] Practical Ruby 0.2.2
39559 [gaiacrtn fre] I'm glad to announce the release of Practical Ruby 0.2.2
+ 39560 [tobiasreif p] Some screenshots on http://gaiacrtn.free.fr/practical-ruby/index.html
| 39561 [dsafari xtra] I found a link to this from the URL you pasted above.
| 39562 [tobiasreif p] Great! But it's just one :|
+ 39617 [lafor arraki] Does it include a vi mode? If not, are you planning to include it?
  39628 [gaiacrtn fre] This

^ Class methods defined in a module, how-to ?
39568 [jean_hugues_] Modules are very convenient to add "instance methods" to a class. Is there
39569 [decoux moulo] module MyModule
39578 [jean_hugues_] Thanks. However I would like to *include* the module, not extending it.
+ 39580 [decoux moulo] See [ruby-talk:39574], normally the method #biv can be written
+ 39587 [kentda stud.] You aren't extending the Module.
| 39590 [jean_hugues_] True, sorry for the confusion.
+ 39591 [r2d2 acc.umu] See the recepie at
  + 39592 [jean_hugues_] Oops, I think Guy's sample is helpful here. I need to redefine
  + 39594 [jean_hugues_] Thanks. I am using it in my CanValue module. When that module is included
  | 39595 [decoux moulo] pigeon% cat b.rb
  | 39603 [jean_hugues_] Very true. Should have been be src = param[0], not src = param[1]. Thanks.
  + 39616 [dsafari xtra] Thanks Niklas, that has further helped me understand Guy Decoux's example.