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^ Who Administrates this list and how can the community help save this list from the noise.
393402 [sophrinix gm] It is very clear that this list has been under a incredibly heavy
+ 393403 [serialhex gm] +1
| 393407 [cathy1428 gm] Good luck, I doubt anyone is paying attention.  I have seen numerous
| + 393410 [mcpierce gma] Well, the admins aren't going to unsubscribe people who can't be
| | 393430 [cathy1428 gm] Uh, yeah...I did ask to be removed from the list many times.  And I did it
| | + 393431 [shortcutter ] as
| | + 393432 [matma.rex gm] did it
| |   393434 [rimantas gma] I just got some complains about illegal command.
| |   + 393444 [cathy1428 gm] ...
| |   | + 393447 [echristopher] Not totally on topic, but I've always been puzzled by some of the
| |   | + 393455 [saji u-aizu.] There is a form at
| |   |   393456 [cathy1428 gm] Done that too, and it did not work
| |   |   393458 [code apotheo] Are you doing all this from the correct email address?  Are you perhaps
| |   + 393457 [alanschwarz ] ruby-lang.org) with "unsubscribe"
| + 393419 [shortcutter ] If you have seen these requests then they were not directed to the
+ 393405 [peter vanden] List-Id: ruby-talk.ruby-lang.org
+ 393422 [ryand-ruby z] It isn't the list that is under assault, it's ruby-forum.com, which we =
  393424 [sophrinix gm] Okay. This is good info. I know the software behind ruby-form is
  + 393425 [shortcutter ] The relay between comp.lang.ruby and the other media was stopped.  We
  | 393427 [sophrinix gm] This makes sense then. Thanks.
  + 393426 [ryand-ruby z] we

^ Free!AMA Supercross San Diego 2012 Live Streaming Online || San Diego Supercross Preview
393404 [tareque103 y] Last week after his win at the final round of the season at Anaheim,

^ Re: Watch Mayo v Dublin live Allianz Gaa Football 2012 Division 1 game live streaming,
393406 [bithikhukon0] Watch here

^ [ANN] Finder v0.1.0 released
393409 [transfire gm] Finder 0.1.0 has been released.

^ rails devise with recaptcha
393411 [Ray Bovet.or] I'm trying to use the recaptcha gem with devise 2.0.0 in rails 3.2.1.
393414 [matma.rex gm] You should try the Rails list, not the geenral Ruby one.

^ the ruby syntax
393412 [apachemaven0] I like ruby the first time I read its document.
+ 393413 [matma.rex gm] When a hash is the last argument to a method, you can skip its open-
| 393416 [apachemaven0] 2012/2/12 Bartosz Dziewo=C5=84ski <matma.rex@gmail.com>
| + 393417 [matma.rex gm] symbol
| + 393418 [josh.cheek g] So, again, you could figure out the answer to this by writing a method that
| + 393423 [ryand-ruby z] symbol
| + 393435 [saji u-aizu.] symbol
|   393436 [josh.cheek g] Okay, but ruby-doc's purpose isn't to teach you the language, it's to give
|   393437 [apachemaven0] 2012/2/13 Josh Cheek <josh.cheek@gmail.com>
|   393438 [shortcutter ] by/
|   393439 [saji u-aizu.] as a new syntax, i would tend to think that rubydoc (which is derived
|   393440 [apachemaven0] I never think rubydoc is useless.
|   + 393441 [saji u-aizu.] yes, please do keep asking -- it was a perfectly good question and i
|   | 393442 [apachemaven0] Thanks for the kind of all you guys.
|   + 393443 [shortcutter ] Please do not top post.
|     393474 [darkintent g] is
|     393478 [shortcutter ] What exactly is your definition of "reasonable"?  According to my
|     393482 [darkintent g] By reasonable I mean that the volume would not become overly large and
+ 393415 [josh.cheek g] I don't know of one, I'd recommend an alternative that when you see syntax

^ [ANN] nio4r 0.3.1: high-performance IO selector for Ruby
393428 [tony.arcieri] Ever needed to watch multiple IO objects for readiness events? The

^ [ANN] pg 0.13.1 Released
393429 [ged faeriemu] pg version 0.13.1 has been released!

^ [ANN] mechanize 2.2 Released
393449 [drbrain segm] * http://mechanize.rubyforge.org

^ [ANN] graph 2.5.0 Released
393450 [ryand-ruby z] graph version 2.5.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] autotest-rails 4.1.2 Released
393451 [ryand-ruby z] autotest-rails version 4.1.2 has been released!

^ Unsubscribe
393452 [mazgroupid y] ...
393453 [kclair pickl] Unsubscribe
393454 [saji u-aizu.] There is a form at
393462 [rimantas gma] It only sends you an email prompting to send unsubscribe to ruby-talk-ctl.
393463 [saji u-aizu.] send
393464 [saji u-aizu.] tl.
393471 [josh.cheek g] You should make a blog about how to unsubscribe from the list, b/c it comes
393472 [saji u-aizu.] an
393475 [josh.cheek g] Oh, sorry, I only saw the first picture. The others looked like ads to my

^ [ANN] Tork 18.0.1
393459 [sunaku gmail] Tork - Test with fork - https://github.com/sunaku/tork#readme

^ How to install 1.9.3 via rvm in OS X Lion?
393460 [t.yao426 gma] But it still doesn't work well, ruby 1.9.3 may fine to use in Lion but
+ 393461 [saji u-aizu.] ion
+ 393466 [steve stevek] ...

^ Why GIL is not released on ruby/dl external function call.
393465 [grigory.v.p ] require 'dl/import'
+ 393467 [steve stevek] That's kind of the point of the GIL.
+ 393468 [shortcutter ] Since Ruby does not know what your external C function does (it could
  393469 [grigory.v.p ] Thanks!
  393470 [steve stevek] ...

^ [ANN] minitest 2.11.2 Released
393473 [ryand-ruby z] minitest version 2.11.2 has been released!

^ Re: how to turn strings into local vars to eval them in a proc?
393479 [kachick1 gma] You mean like this?

^ Re: String#scan returns a two-dimensional array
393480 [kachick1 gma] You mean like this?

^ Re: Long list of Minerals
393481 [b.candler po] We can't really help you without seeing Minerals Main.rb, but if you

^ Ruby 1.8.7 patchlevel 358 released
393483 [shyouhei rub] Recently we added an OpenSSL fix to allow "0/n splitting" as a prevention

^ Re: Ruby 1.8.7 patchlevel 358 released (link fixed)
393484 [shyouhei rub] Sorry, the last mail was not pointing to right URLs.

^ Any parser *for* regular expressions?
393485 [b.candler po] Is there some existing code (preferably ruby) which can take a regular
+ 393486 [alex stinky.] A better search term might be "regular expression grammar" since a
+ 393487 [ammarabuali ] described, but it does provide outputs that I think can be easily used to
| 393489 [b.candler po] That looks like just the job, thank you!
+ 393491 [jgabrielygal] I don't have a good answer for your problem, but this question

^ ANN: deck.rb - slides in markdown, using deck.js and rack
393488 [alex stinky.] gem install deckrb
393490 [code apotheo] Am I missing something, or is there no license?

^ [ANN] RubyInstaller 1.9.3-p125 released
393492 [luislavena g] In combination with the rest of the RubyInstaller team, I'm very

^ [ANN] RubyInstaller 1.8.7-p358 released
393493 [luislavena g] In combination with the rest of the RubyInstaller team, I'm very

^ Factorial
393499 [zombiegenera] What is the most efficient way in Ruby to calculate the factorial of any
+ 393505 [matma.rex gm] You can not get as fast as C, unless you write a C extension.
+ 393506 [Reid.Thompso] T24gRnJpLCAyMDEyLTAyLTE3IGF0IDE4OjM1ICswOTAwLCBKdW5heWVlZCBBaG5hZiBOaXJqaG9y
+ 393507 [akr fsij.org] How about Math.gamma(n+1).to_i for fact(n) assuming n <= 22 ?
| 393508 [vandraeza gm] This method isn't as fast as using Math.gamma, but I believe any reasonable
+ 393510 [tony.arcieri] Just precalculate all the factorials and put them in Mongodb.
  393530 [serialhex gm] @stat =3D []

^ delete from class
393500 [eme medical-] I have found this tutorial =
393503 [shortcutter ] /ruby-class-tutorial/

^ [ANN] forkjoin gem
393504 [headius head] I finally got around to releasing a JRuby ext that wraps the fork/join

^ Re: Why "system" command does not read Ruby output file?
393509 [kachick1 gma] I recommend these articles.
393511 [kachick1 gma] Oh...

^ [ANN] ruby-xz 0.1.0 released
393512 [sutniuq gmx.] I am proud to announce the 0.1.0 release of ruby-xz, a binding to the
393513 [daniel degu.] require 'xz'
393515 [sutniuq gmx.] Just fixed this and released version 0.1.1. The gemspec was missing

^ How to shutdown Ruby XMLRPC server?
393514 [grigory.v.p ] except XMLRPC::Server#shutdown :( If i run following ruby 1.9.3 test
393521 [ryand-ruby z] Nothing wrong that I can see. I can repro your issue as well. =
393522 [grigory.v.p ] Sorry, my english is not very good :(. What do you mean by both
393525 [ryand-ruby z] Sorry. I should have been more clear.
393526 [grigory.v.p ] Thanks.
393527 [sandor.szuec] - --

^ [ANN] rubygems-update 1.8.17 Released
393516 [ evan phx.io] rubygems-update version 1.8.17 has been released!
393520 [normalperson] Thanks for announcing releases here again!

^ [ANN] flickr_cli version 0.1.1
393517 [beholdthepan] "A command line interface to a photo sharing website is surely an
393518 [code apotheo] Did I miss something, or is it lacking a license notice?

^ [ANN] cool.io-http 0.3.1 released
393519 [godfat gmail] ## [cool.io-http](https://github.com/godfat/cool.io-http)

^ [ANN] Ruby 1.9.2-p381 is out
393523 [yugui yugui.] Ruby 1.9.2-p381 is released.

^ darkfish rdoc sees no rdoc
393524 [wybo xs4all.] darkfish-rdoc-1.1.5.gem
393528 [ged FaerieMU] directory
393540 [wybo xs4all.] Well, I removed all ruby stuff I had, downloaded ruby-1.9.3-p0.tar.gz,
393541 [rubyinfo apt] I might suggest that instead of trying rdoc on your own test file, to
393542 [wybo xs4all.] The confusion is, that I am talking about a simple Ruby *application*,

^ [ANN] test-unit-runner-tap v1.1.1
393529 [transfire gm] I've just released a new version of test-unit-runner-tap. The previous

^ RDoc template on ruby-doc.org
393531 [sutniuq gmx.] does anybody know which RDoc template is in use on ruby-doc.org? It

^ [Ann] kramdown 0.13.5
393532 [t_leitner gm] ## About kramdown

^ 1.9.2 syntax issues
393533 [rubyhacker g] I admit I still use 1.8.x more often than 1.9.x -- and I keep running across
+ 393534 [josh.cheek g] It seems to be getting parsed like this
| 393564 [echristopher] What syntactic sense does (str : str.send(converter)) make in Ruby? My
| 393565 [josh.cheek g] Well, you can write it as {foo: 'foo'}, so I suppose it could look like you
+ 393567 [ryand-ruby z] across
  393573 [matma.rex gm] Ruby is icky when it comes to parentheses sometimes. It also won't

^ How are closures implemented?
393535 [ralphs dos32] I'm one of those people who needs to see/understand a typical implementation of something before I can grok how it works.
+ 393538 [whitequark w] def a(x); eval("x"); end
+ 393552 [b.candler po] The closure *is* the environment.
  393624 [shortcutter ] This is the best explanation about closures I have read in a long time, Bri=
  393631 [ralphs dos32] Robert,
  393634 [shortcutter ] #{x}"); x },

^ Metaprograming question about initialize
393536 [ralphs dos32] class X
+ 393537 [matma.rex gm] You can use the Struct class, which implements exactly this.
| 393543 [ralphs dos32] Bartosz,
| 393545 [matma.rex gm] =A0That is, I want to get a list of the names of the arguments by introspec=
| 393570 [ralphs dos32] Bartosz,
+ 393544 [kachick1 gma] Perhaps you are looking for "Kernel#local_variables".

^ Re: array.uniq on specific attributes
393539 [kachick1 gma] Array#uniq accept block argument, later Ruby 1.9.2
393547 [kachick1 gma] IyBhbiBhcHByb2FjaAoKY2xhc3MgQXJyYXkKwqAgcHJpdmF0ZQrCoArCoCBk

^ Difference between 1.9.2 and 1.9.3
393546 [James.French] module A         <- line 1
393558 [rubytalk2dav] t then it seems
393572 [matma.rex gm] That's because super with parentheses passes the same args your method
393575 [peter vanden] I assume this was a typo, meaning "without" parentheses.
+ 393576 [flo andersgr] charset=utf-8
+ 393577 [James.French] DQoNCkZyb206IHBldGVyLnZhbmRlbmFiZWVsZS5iZUBnbWFpbC5jb20gW21haWx0bzpwZXRlci52
  393579 [shortcutter ] .com>
  393580 [James.French] DQoNCi0tLS0tT3JpZ2luYWwgTWVzc2FnZS0tLS0tDQpGcm9tOiBSb2JlcnQgS2xlbW1lIFttYWls
  393581 [shortcutter ] I don't think so.  I just said that your 1.9.2 is buggy if it does not throw.
  + 393582 [matma.rex gm] I think the point is that this will not pass the arguments to module's
  | 393584 [shortcutter ] But arguments are not uses in the example and there was no statement
  + 393583 [James.French] ng you've just restated my initial problem.

^ Accessing a local variable through a symbol
393548 [ralphs dos32] Let's say I have
+ 393549 [mcpierce gma] What, exactly, is it you're trying to do? What is "some_kernel_function"?
| 393550 [ralphs dos32] Darryl,
| 393551 [mcpierce gma] trying to access the underlying values associated with that list.
| 393553 [ralphs dos32] Darryl,
| 393554 [mcpierce gma] 'm trying to access the underlying values associated with that list.
| + 393556 [ralphs dos32] Darryl,
| | 393561 [mcpierce gma] symbols.
| + 393557 [gwtmp01 mac.] I'm trying to access the underlying values associated with that list.
| + 393559 [cmdicely gma] =A0I'm trying to access the underlying values associated with that list.
+ 393598 [shortcutter ] It generally does not make sense: If you know all your local variables

^ [ANN] mechanize 2.3 Released
393555 [drbrain segm] mechanize version 2.3 has been released!

^ [Call for Papers]: ICT & Climate @ Asia's largest geophysical meeting
393560 [saji u-aizu.] Dear Rubyists,

^ Protecting internal table
393562 [transfire gm] The OpenStruct class stores values in an internal hash `@table`. For use
393563 [whitequark w] If the person is motivated enough to discover this method, s/he will

^ [ANN] hoe 2.14.0 Released
393566 [ryand-ruby z] hoe version 2.14.0 has been released!

^ Enumerable question
393568 [Catsquotl gm] I have a class which an each method to itterate over its instance variables.
393569 [Catsquotl gm] woops i send in my broken version.
393571 [Catsquotl gm] Found a sollution.

^ Net::IMAP::ResponseParseError
393574 [petite.abeil] % ruby -v
+ 393608 [drbrain segm] Did you try with a modern ruby?  There have been many improvements to =
| 393612 [petite.abeil] Same issue in 1.9.3p0.
+ 393613 [ryand-ruby z] should be treated as a regular string.
  393616 [petite.abeil] should be treated as a regular string.

^ [ANN] celluloid/celluloid-io/celluloid-zmq/dcell 0.9.0: Actors for Ruby
393585 [tony.arcieri] Celluloid=A0is an easy-to-use library for building fault-tolerant

^ cheered to soon...... enumerable woos
393587 [Catsquotl gm] what i'd like to do is let my each method yield aal instance variables
393592 [rubytalk2dav] he

^ Re: Need help assigning an IP address to a Varible
393588 [b.candler po] You may find Net::SSH::Telnet easier to use than Net::SSH with exec,

^ Re: cheered to soon enumerable woos
393589 [b.candler po] Firstly, post a complete small program which demonstrates your problem -
393590 [Catsquotl gm] class Acupunt
+ 393591 [rubytalk2dav] Maybe "self.include?(str) || actie.include?(str)"?
+ 393594 [ryand-ruby z] def each(&block)
  393621 [Catsquotl gm] I can't seem to get my head around what is happening in the code-snippet
  393622 [shortcutter ] The block does nothing by itself.  The block is an anonymous callback funct=
  393647 [Catsquotl gm] Thank you,
  393648 [shortcutter ] Please post a http://sscce.org/ otherwise people have a hard time

^ DNS Spoofing?
393595 [tom moulton.] Has the IP for rubyforge.org changed in the past 12-24 hours?
393596 [tom moulton.] It is not a local issue, I tried from 3 systems at 2 different locations.
393597 [marco-oweber] I can confirm the new fingerprint fro Germany (local ISP) London
393599 [sutniuq gmx.] ====================================
393618 [tom moulton.] The site seems to be up.

^ How would you test these?
393600 [rcoulman gma] I'm relatively new to Ruby, but learning fast.  As an exercise, I'm porting
393602 [shortcutter ] ting

^ Detecting an error in Net::SSH#exec!
393601 [rcoulman gma] When I execute a remote command with Net::SSH#exec!, how do I tell whether

^ [ANN] JRuby 1.6.7 Released
393603 [tom.enebo gm] The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.6.7.

^ Re: [Basic question] why a number does not match regular expression which represents a number?
393604 [b.candler po] Being dynamically typed is not the same as automatically converting one