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Green_shoes problem
392510 [willuni@ya o] ...
392560 [ashbbb@gm il] Look at the discussion: https://github.com/ashbb/green_shoes/issues/59

Building desktop application using Ruby and any GUI Framework
392511 [passionate_p] I want to write a small desktop application on Ruby. I want the
+ 392516 [ro@pa er mi ] I wouldn't call it widely used outside of Linux, but my code was portable
+ 392526 [passionate_p] What type of application you built using GTK? Are you using any
| 392571 [abinoam@gm i] To warm up your research...
| 392572 [zachary@za h] You should give green_shoes[1] a try.
| 392574 [peter@va de ] Just tried on Ubuntu 10.04 (in rvm with 1.9.3) and it installed
| 392575 [zachary@za h] Oh, I should clarify, you can use any ruby that is >=3D 1.9.2, I'm not
| 392761 [rogerpack200] Green shoes looks nice.  I wish there were a (java/jruby) equivalent to
| 392764 [steve@st ve ] ...
+ 392628 [regis.aubare] yes, one user: me :)]
+ 392630 [shevegen@li ] Ruby-gtk runs on Windows too.
+ 392644 [fred@fd ec n] the simpler for Windows is to use the RubyInstaller

Calaulate percenatge from amount in ruby
392512 [lakshmi27.u@] How to get 50% percentage value from some amount.
+ 392514 [matma.rex@gm] Yes, multiplication.
+ 392521 [rubytalk2dav] That's just simple math.  Think about what "percent" means.  If you

load gems programatically?
392513 [johnsayeau@g] I want to write a script to alter a value in a plist. I know how to do
+ 392517 [peter@va de ] Hmmm, I am thinking of ways to get arount this (I mean: not putting the
+ 392518 [johnsayeau@g] There is no security risk. These macs are used for testing software and

Ruby bash replacement
392515 [pigdog@gm il] Dear Rubyists, I have been inspired by the wonderful PERL shell known as
+ 392519 [sandor.szuec] Maybe http://rush.heroku.com/ ?
| 392520 [ro@pa er mi ] local_dir =3D Rush::Box.new('localhost')['/Users/adam/server_logs/'].create
+ 392533 [echristopher] tied
+ 392540 [shevegen@li ] Pry however does not aim to replace bash.
| 392819 [ruby-ml@ki t] Indeed, this was 2004-2005 or somewhere thereabouts? I've not seen Reyn anywhere in quite some time. I wasn't personally terribly interested in the curses interface so I moved on to work on rs, but before I got around to implementing a solution to the problem of natural object streams (i.e. pipes for objects as well as text), Rubinius started taking all my time and it got left by the wayside.
+ 392541 [matematika.a] in the fresh's github page, there are also mentioned another
+ 392767 [mark@sc tt s] I'm the author of Urchin[1]. It aims to be be a Bash-like Unix shell
+ 434083 [dblack@ru yp] I've never done or even started a shell project but I always figured that
  + 434084 [hassan.schro] Started and abandoned: https://github.com/adamwiggins/rush
  | + 434086 [rajsahae@gm ] It's also worth noting that you can simply set irb as your actual shell
  | + 437186 [code@ap th o] I just noticed this project has three pull requests, one of which is
  + 434085 [rajsahae@gm ] I assume you read this blog post?
  + 434087 [bar.hofesh@s] I would take a look at pry , its the closest thing I can think off
  + 434093 [info@ed hs n] ...
    434099 [iarunkant@gm] Look at xiki, xiki.org . Idea is to have a executable notebook. See

Why do I receive this error?
392523 [paetilium@li] So I've returned today with a new problem... I get this error, and I
392524 [rubytalk2dav] What the error message is saying is that within the context of
392525 [paetilium@li] undefined local variable or method `init' for #<RoboEngine:0x2f7f2faa>
+ 392528 [sutirthatheo] Your action1 in Initialization and testforaccess in ThoughtProcess might as
| 392531 [paetilium@li] Thank's a ton :) I didn't even realize I hadn't made them that way...
+ 392532 [rubytalk2dav] How?  Please show the changed code.  Looks to me like you probably

codepart - please explain!
392527 [susannepiehl] Hey everyone,
+ 392529 [stefano.croc] It's another form of string literal, just as ' ' or " ". The string content
+ 392530 [peter@va de ] The technique is called a "here doc".
  392561 [shortcutter@] tml
  392563 [peter@va de ] Indeed.

A simple XPATh failing
392534 [prateek123@g] <p>
392535 [hassan.schro] - =A0 =A0puts para_tag.text
392537 [prateek123@g] Thanks a bunch :D completely forgot the next sibling option and was
392548 [shortcutter@] If information should be grouped by <p>, I'd do a two step approach,

1.9.3-p0 performance patch
392536 [funny.falcon] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
+ 392539 [shevegen@li ] I think you should report this to bugs.ruby-lang.org too
| 392546 [funny.falcon] All parts of patch are created as issues in bugs.ruby-lang.org . There
+ 392573 [jon.forums@g] Windows users will be glad to hear that Yura's four patches that make up

Extending when running IRB
392538 [shevegen@li ] I run irb.
392559 [shortcutter@] Do you want that string to be a local variable, method or constant?

Segmentation Fault - maybe encoding-related
392542 [dennybritz@g] I am using the Natto gem (http://rubygems.org/gems/natto) to parse

How to put a simple def h "Hello World!" thing but also putting the below script also..
392544 [malikallen2@] require "socket"

[ANN] Tork 15.0.0 (was TestR was test-loop)
392556 [sunaku@gm il] Tork - Test with fork

use external .rb file
392564 [liquid98@gm ] I need to execute the same piece of code in several rb files.
392570 [jgabrielygal] wer files
392583 [liquid98@gm ] Thanx for your advice, Jess!

[ANN] SimpleAWS - Simple and Forward Compatible AWS Library
392569 [jameskilton@] What is it?
392666 [jameskilton@] I've just pushed version 1.1 of the gem, after realizing that using the
392681 [joelvanderwe] What about AWS::Simple ?

Ken mql-query fails to read ruby variable
392584 [frizze@in or] I ran into a problem using the rubygem Ken
392586 [frizze@in or] sorry for opening a topic for that

gsWax 0.0.1 - green shoes audio player
392594 [jakekaiden@y] hey all,

[ANN] hoe 2.13.0 Released
392596 [ryand-ruby@z] hoe version 2.13.0 has been released!

Web Application from Scratch - like PHP
392598 [chande.gaura] I come from a PHP background. I've created many web apps in PHP, using
+ 392599 [steve@st ve ] ...
| 392612 [zachary@za h] Ewww, the rack website could really use some help ;)
| 392613 [steve@st ve ] Rack in general could use some help. I'm sure they'd love any help you
| 392614 [matthias@wa ] What help are you referring to? It doesn¡Çt look as if there was much to
| + 392615 [zachary@za h] especially with pre-release testing.
| + 392617 [steve@st ve ] do
+ 392601 [peter@va de ] Press the green "N" button on top to follow the discussion.
+ 392610 [rubytalk2dav] Your timing is perfect.  Satish Talim, of the Ruby Learning Blog, will
+ 392621 [alex@st nk .] If Rack is too hardcore for you, try Sinatra. Here's the code for
+ 392622 [code@ap th o] You might want to look at Ruby's CGI library, and possibly do some
+ 392631 [shevegen@li ] With or without documentation? ;-)
  + 392632 [steve@st ve ] No idea. I'm not personally involved.
  + 392674 [alex@st nk .] Will they finally change the name of their middleware components to
    392679 [matma.rex@gm] English is not my first language, but I'll dare to disagree with you
    + 392692 [alex@st nk .] With all due respect, you are wrong.
    + 392710 [code@ap th o] Cookware.  Silverware.  Dinnerware.  Software.

[ANN] celluloid/celluloid-io/celluloid-zmq/dcell 0.8.0: concurrent and distributed objects for Ruby
392600 [tony.arcieri] Celluloid is an easy-to-use library for building concurrent programs in
392624 [tony.arcieri] Not yet, I'm afraid, although this remains one of Celluloid's most glaring

Register an action to be done at a later time
392602 [shevegen@li ] ^^^ In 30 minutes, mplayer would play some files.
+ 392604 [shortcutter@] cron, anacron, at.
+ 392629 [shevegen@li ] I can't use cron on Windows.
  392652 [shortcutter@] But Windows does have a scheduling service as well.
  392653 [mo_mail@on h] I'm sorry to jump into the middle of this, but we have successfully used

Dynamically creating variables
392606 [trishoar@bg ] I'm fairly new to Ruby, and programming in general (though I'm
+ 392607 [josh.cheek@g] So you can use CSV.parse and give it a string or a stream, or you can use
+ 392609 [shortcutter@] You do not want to create variables.  Instead, you use collections.

How do I go back to a specic part of the program?
392619 [serpentinexc] How do I go back to a specic part of the program?
+ 392623 [peterhickman] 1) The use of the initialize method
+ 392625 [serpentinexc] Oh my gosh thank you! I really appreciate this. I ran it and it seems

[ANN] "files" gem - for creating temporary files and dirs
392620 [alex@st nk .] Ever want to create a whole bunch of files at once? Like when you're
392686 [joelvanderwe] Here's another way to do it. (FSDB does a lot of other stuff, too...)
392705 [gsinclair@gm] Without looking, I'm going to guess that you created that library,
392709 [joelvanderwe] Yeah, it's kind of ancient (c. 2003) and could use some redesign. I

Foreign character problem
392626 [daryn.lam@gm] The problem I am currently facing is that the Chinese characters that
+ 392738 [daryn.lam@gm] Here is what happens to the text. ()
+ 392770 [daryn.lam@gm] One last attempt at getting a reply, as I mentioned previously I obtain
  392772 [steve@st ve ] You should try rubyonrails-talk, as they know more about Rails over there.

392634 [ogawah2@yb .] ...
392654 [jmzpitu@gm i] ...

A little assistance please :)
392635 [paetilium@li] So I'm still quite new to Ruby and so far I love it's simplicity, but I
+ 392636 [hilco.wijben] Then perhaps you should have waited for your morning coffee to kick in? :-)
| 392637 [paetilium@li] I couldn't possibly hault my progress for coffee...
| 392641 [code@ap th o] The "self" is a way to refer to the current object context.  For
| 392672 [rubytalk2dav] So if I had a class with a method that returned a string, I could use
| 392711 [code@ap th o] No, you couldn't do that either.  I'm explaining why you got the error
| + 392737 [rubytalk2dav] Just to clarify, I wasn't the OP who got the error, I was just
| | 392741 [code@ap th o] Oops.  Sorry, I wasn't paying enough attention there.  I'm usually pretty
| + 392746 [josh.cheek@g] It's incredibly rare to need to resort to string evaluation. This example
|   392752 [code@ap th o] You're right, that's much better -- apart from the fact I have yet to
|   + 392756 [g.diemant@gm] Test cases in a dsl test language like MiniTest/Spec or RSpec
|   | + 392777 [code@ap th o] Why is that better than storing unnamed classes in a hash with keys for
|   | | 392806 [ryand-ruby@z] to
|   | | 392812 [code@ap th o] So . . . you are not only a trollish jackass, but also deficient in your
|   | | 392841 [ryand-ruby@z] to
|   | | 392851 [code@ap th o] I just realized there was a typo of sorts in what I said.  In the above
|   | + 392807 [ryand-ruby@z] Not (currently) _strictly_ true. describe does make a new class and =
|   + 392817 [shortcutter@] If the class name is dynamic (meaning, it comes from some input
|     392843 [gsinclair@gm] A pre-pre-alpha project of mine -- http://github.com/gsinclair/rgeom
+ 392638 [jakekaiden@y] welcome to ruby!
  392808 [b.candler@po] Actually, methods *can* start with a capital letter, and although it's

[ANN] Tork 15.0.1
392639 [sunaku@gm il] Tork - Test with fork - https://github.com/sunaku/tork#readme

[ANN] BRASS v1.0.0 released
392640 [transfire@gm] BRASS 1.0.0 has been released.
392645 [blambeau@gm ] For info: the GIT and BUG links are buggy on the home page.
392667 [transfire@gm] ...
392670 [blambeau@gm ] Hmmm, I don't think so ;-)
392677 [transfire@gm] ...
392693 [m.fellinger@] <p>Background

how to pass parameters from ruby file to shell script file
392642 [mahe.karthic] In shell script file im having list of linux commands..when running
392656 [shortcutter@] This will actually read from stdin.

[ANN] minitest 2.11.0 Released
392647 [ryand-ruby@z] minitest version 2.11.0 has been released!

[ANN] RubyInline 3.11.1 Released
392648 [ryand-ruby@z] RubyInline version 3.11.1 has been released!

Print and puts. What inputs do they require?
392650 [theburrick@h] print while gets != "42\n"
+ 392651 [ryand-ruby@z] codechef.
+ 392671 [alex@st nk .] To decipher Ryan's answer, print with no arguments prints $_, which
+ 392757 [theburrick@h] Ah cool, thanks you guys. Your answers have helped a ton!
  392758 [matma.rex@gm] Try this: http://www.zenspider.com/Languages/Ruby/QuickRef.html

Re: minitest 2.10.0 Released
392658 [asad.albasha] da sah pa gado wado me sar de khoday de bekh ubasi us trena zan nash
392660 [asad.albasha] da sah pa gado wado memsar de khoday de bekh ubasi

A sort of design question
392661 [ml@co va es ] Dear Ladies (??) and Gentlemen (okay we have plenty of those),
392663 [shortcutter@] e is defined by the user otherwise the default location is chosen. After a =
392665 [ml@co va es ] thanks, that was the answer I was looking for.
392696 [abinoam@gm i] Panagliotis,
392702 [ml@co va es ] Thanks for that :-) I merged it. I didn't had much time to look at the code today so thanks for clarifying this in terms of code.
392717 [shortcutter@] Exactly!

Install mysql2 gem in Ubuntu 11.10 with RVM
392669 [jamesawharto] I'm trying to get this gem installed and it keeps puking up errors. All
+ 392676 [peter@va de ] (longer ?) see ruby  ruby-1.8.7-p334 in the list on known rubies from
| 392684 [jamesawharto] jim@caesar ~$ rvm install 1.8.7
| 392685 [markus@fi ch] As suggest, that content would be helpful.
| 392687 [jamesawharto] /usr/bin/ld: i386 architecture of input file
| + 392688 [normalperson] Yes, nuke and reinstall RVM.
| + 392689 [peter@va de ] Well, setting up a new test user ($ sudo adduser test) and a
|   392691 [jamesawharto] Well this is a setup... but I NEVER wipe my home partition or my VMs
+ 392678 [markus@fi ch] In case you missed that, there's some problem with your ruby library ..
+ 392682 [normalperson] I'm not familiar with RVM (but many people on this list are), but

[ANN] QED v2.8.0 released
392690 [transfire@gm] QED 2.8.0 has been released.

Ruby Database Query with Grouping
392694 [cfay@ha ri b] I am working in an application that has a Lucene and apache derby
+ 392698 [abinoam@gm i] One of the problem(s) is here...
| 392699 [abinoam@gm i] Tell me if this code runs.
+ 392725 [cfay@ha ri b] Thanks for your response!  You code is actually throwing an error in the
+ 392731 [cfay@ha ri b] But I don't know how that would work with what I am doing.

[ANN] MountainWest RubyConf 2012 Registration Open
392695 [blowmage@gm ] The 6th MountainWest RubyConf is now open for registration!

[ANN] Tork 15.1.0
392697 [sunaku@gm il] Tork - Test with fork - https://github.com/sunaku/tork#readme

[ANN] Assay v0.4.0 released
392704 [transfire@gm] Assay 0.4.0 has been released.
392712 [transfire@gm] ...

Numbers in Ascending Order
392706 [venkatkiran6] 7,4,9,2,5
392708 [julian@co et] Assuming an array of integers you need to lookup the sort method. Put some e=

[ANN] Assay TestUnit v0.1.0 released
392713 [transfire@gm] Assay TestUnit 0.1.0 has been released.

Symbol Table Design and Implementation in Ruby
392714 [mcmillhj@gm ] I am building a lexical analyzer in Ruby and am about to start gathering

[ANN] Tork 16.0.0
392716 [sunaku@gm il] Tork - Test with fork - https://github.com/sunaku/tork#readme

[ANN] Assay RSpec v0.1.0 released
392719 [transfire@gm] Assay RSpec 0.1.0 has been released.

[ANN] Assay MiniTest v0.1.0 released
392720 [transfire@gm] Assay MiniTest 0.1.0 has been released.

trouble with rvm install of ruby
392721 [molipha@ya o] This noob is trying to install ruby through rvm and encountering
392723 [luislavena@g] Did you install RVM with sudo? then you need to read RVM documentation

Garbage collection
392730 [hectorquiroz] I think this is a simple question but I just down't know where to find
392734 [ryand-ruby@z] It is assigning a class var, so you do have an active reference to it: the M=

uninitialized thread error with a Thread subclass
392735 [te_hem@ya oo] #!/usr/bin/ruby
392736 [whitequark@w] Add `super' call within your `initialize' method.

Help with back references in regex
392740 [sathyalevy@g] Amatuer programmer here, just need some help inserting a * between a
392742 [ondemannen@g] equation.gsub((/(\d+)x/), '\1*x')

Cassandra + Ruby
392744 [dhaval.deshp] I am new to cassandra and was trying to achieve some simple

Upcoming changes to the pg gem
392747 [ged@Fa ri MU] ...
392748 [ged@Fa ri MU] Well, that was an inauspicious start. I sent the original mail signed, =

[ANN] Tork 17.0.0
392754 [sunaku@gm il] Tork - Test with fork - https://github.com/sunaku/tork#readme

Ruby et java
392759 [priscillacol] French ^^
392780 [tony.arcieri] If you're having trouble with the built-in SOAP library, you might take a

[ANN] Whitestone 1.0.2
392760 [gsinclair@gm] Whitestone 1.0.1, a unit testing library, was released on 2012-01-02.  This

Re: Ruby and java
392762 [rogerpack200] might be interesting to you.
392765 [priscillacol] Thank you for your answer ! I downloaded and installed RJB. There's a
392771 [priscillacol] It finally work but in my program that doesn't change anything, my web
392783 [priscillacol] Thanks a lot :)