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^ GC in MRI 1.9 and REE
392092 [cu9ypd gmail] While playing with the GC in different ruby implementations i've got a
392093 [shortcutter ] I think it's in your understanding. :-) =A0Same strategy does not imply

^ [roxml] xmlns in root node
392096 [trash001 fed] I'm a bit stuck with roxml (https://github.com/Empact/roxml). I've a

^ [ANN] ambit 0.10.1 Released
392100 [jwise draga.] ambit version 0.10.1 has been released!

^ [ANN] DNote v1.7.1 released
392102 [transfire gm] DNote 1.7.1 has been released.
392110 [gsinclair gm] Nice idea!

^ Session Gem: How to get line-by-line output from shell script using
392103 [steve.r.john] Thanks in advance for your help!  I need line-by-line output from a bash
392104 [steve.r.john] This works. I run a perl script from ruby, and get line-by-line output

^ Re: Servolux: monitoring outside change?
392105 [tim.pease gm] really
+ 392114 [tim.pease gm] peaceful
+ 392117 [tim.pease gm] background.

^ [ANN] volatiledb 1.0.0 released
392107 [a.sebastian.] I've released the VolatileDB gem. It's a gem meant to store simple data

^ Proxy and WebDav
392108 [gasparmrb gm] How can I connect to a WebDav server through a proxy, doing

^ Re: webdav client with SSL
392109 [gasparmrb gm] I'm having the same problem now!

^ A few noob questions.
392111 [meisenzahl g] Hey guys, new here.  ;-)
+ 392112 [richard.conr] Well Notepad++ is a good general purpose editor on windows (I dont know
| 392116 [meisenzahl g] WOW, great info, thanks very much!
| 392118 [chris.hulan ] Aptana provides a nice Eclipse based IDE
| 392119 [meisenzahl g] Thanks, Chris. I'll check that out, too.
+ 392120 [phildobbin g] If I were you, I'd go for looking at Sublime Text 2 & RubyMine for GUI
| 392123 [wbrisett att] I'm a big fan of RubyMine. I really like the debugger.
+ 392127 [fred fdtec.n] Editra is a good free editor on Windows, with all standard features. it
+ 392140 [meisenzahl g] Thanks, Fred. And I see Submlime 2 just released a much improved version
+ 392232 [gonzalezdami] If you are looking for a Free IDE: Aptana trough all the way and for all

^ [ANN] flickr_cli 0.0.3
392113 [beholdthepan] A command line interface to explore your contact's photos by converting

^ Re: Any nice way to get a temporary directory?
392115 [alex stinky.] Sorry for the zombie post, but I had this question and rolled my own

^ [ANN] RubyNation Conference Call for Speakers is Open (Tix, too)!
392121 [gray.herter ] Want to speak at RubyNation, an annual two-day, dual-track technical

^ [ANN] relativity 0.0.1 released
392122 [peter vanden] relativity - time relative to a day, a week, a month, a quarter, a year
+ 392138 [cremes.devli] This looks useful to me. I have created a few helpers that were similar in concept but nowhere near as nice as what you did with the library here.
| 392150 [peter vanden] Thanks for that feedback. I plan on continuing coming
+ 392177 [transfire gm] Does Chronos(https://github.com/apeiros/chronos) cover any of this?
  392188 [peter vanden] Thanks for the pointer.

^ ANN: Seattle.rb's 10 Year anniversary party
392124 [ryand-ruby z] I'm incredibly proud to announce Seattle.rb's 10 Year anniversary party!

^ [ANN] rdoc_osx_dictionary 2.0.1 Released
392125 [ryand-ruby z] rdoc_osx_dictionary version 2.0.1 has been released!

^ negative grep
392128 [matt technor] A bit of syntax that I have never picked up.  How do I use grep to exclude
392129 [kclair pickl] biglist !~ /bar/
+ 392130 [the.jaba gma] Or there's a complicated Regex feature called negative lookarounds, bit
+ 392131 [shortcutter ] This was a joke, wasn't it?
  392142 [matt technor] That worked perfectly, thank you.  A a sysadmin, I use "grep -v" quite a
  392143 [code apotheo] Do you object to reject?
  392145 [peter vanden] Well, a 'v' option, equivalent to the UNIX grep seems quite straightforward
  392165 [shortcutter ] rd
  392172 [peter vanden] Thank you.
  392200 [shortcutter ] is
  392201 [josh.cheek g] You can do this (I'm not advocating it), but IDK how you would actually
  392202 [shortcutter ] Oh, I wasn't aware of this.  Thank you for the education!
  392203 [peter vanden] I meant my earlier proposal
  392218 [matma.rex gm] I don't know if you guys realize there's a discussion about this going

^ [ANN] ambit 0.11 Released
392132 [jwise draga.] ambit version 0.11 has been released!

^ [ANN] unific 0.9 Released
392133 [jwise draga.] unific version 0.9 has been released!

^ [ANN] kioku 0.0.2 released
392134 [hisako1337 g] kioku, my very leightweight key-value-store has been released today.
392136 [sunaku gmail] Wow, that's a clever project name! :)
392139 [hisako1337 g] Thanks! :-)

^ Problem with "Exception" - suddenly stopped working
392135 [ml convalesc] I'm having a hard time with an exception handling. It's part of a simple =
392144 [abinoam gmai] IMHO ~PERHAPS~ the begin rescue is not working because the exception
392146 [peter vanden] on the
392147 [peter vanden] Correction
392154 [ml convalesc] thanks all for the answers.
392161 [abinoam gmai] .com
392162 [peter vanden] I think that should be (untested)
392163 [ml convalesc] class.
+ 392164 [peter vanden] Well, you could put 'puts' everywhere to check that ...
+ 392169 [abinoam gmai] Unfortunately (or fortunately) your script is working pretty well in my set=
  392170 [ml convalesc] my setup.
  392178 [abinoam gmai] setup.
  + 392187 [peter vanden] No worries.
  | 392193 [abinoam gmai] No, I just can't show you the message.
  | 392194 [ml convalesc] Just to add my two cents on this off-topic thread, in mailing lists like =
  + 392190 [ml convalesc] Yes everything works fine now. I'm just doing some fine tunning: =

^ Documenting RbConfig
392141 [florent2 gma] I plan to add documentation to the RbConfig module.

^ Ruby C/API 1.9.3 Error [Bug?]
392149 [gab.teles ho] So, i'm trying to compile 'n run a simple app with Ruby embedded in C,

^ at_exit handling
392151 [shevegen lin] - Does at_exit work on a per-class basis? or is it global
+ 392181 [ryand-ruby z] large
+ 392183 [ryand-ruby z] begin
| 392186 [zachary zach] ...
+ 392197 [b.candler po] If you want your code to terminate without calling any at_exit handlers

^ [FOSDEM] Meeting rooms
392152 [peter vanden] Cross-post to ruby-talk and rubyonrails-talk
392153 [peter vanden] Sorry, typed too fast (or too late in local time here).

^ Error Handling
392155 [tayetemp gma] I only knows very basic error handing, say
+ 392156 [peter vanden] Don't regex on the message (they might change).
+ 392227 [david.wide m] def run_test(name, &block)

^ Turning a case/when into a Hash (for a yaml file)
392157 [shevegen lin] x = 4_924
+ 392158 [gsinclair gm] Each of the "when" conditions is a range object.  The "else" condition
+ 392159 [shevegen lin] Thanks, that answered it very well!

^ Problem using HighLine for password prompt on Windows
392160 [cfb jndata.d] I am trying to use the HighLine library for password prompting on
392265 [cfb jndata.d] No one has tried this?
392627 [echristopher] I haven't, but I have a hunch this has something to do with terminal

^ Re: Ruby1.9: Encoding problems (how to use #force_encoding ?)
392166 [pedrogonzale] "That's correct. Transcoding tries to *transcode* (replace characters
392198 [b.candler po] Yes, it *is* true, because it's exactly what the Ruby encoding

^ Installation Help
392167 [roryglennpas] Trying to install ruby in my box (RHEL5) so I can type "irb" on the
+ 392168 [peter vanden] Maybe this recent response (about Ruby and Rails on CentOS) can help
| 392171 [pbruna it-li] I recomend that you try RVM (http://beginrescueend.com/) the version of Rub=
+ 392310 [roryglennpas] How about downloading Ruby on my Windows box?  Would you guys recommend
  + 392313 [hassan.schro] No, stick to Linux -- you'll be a lot happier in the long run :-)
  | + 392318 [code apotheo] My preference is for FreeBSD, but one of the many Linux distributions
  | | 392334 [ml convalesc] recommend
  | + 392337 [roryglennpas] I was thinking the same thing.  I was just curious that's all.  Thanks
  + 392314 [jeremy bopp.] What do you hope to gain by using Windows?  I'm not arguing against it
    392336 [roryglennpas] I just asked the question out of curiosity.  I already went the RVM

^ undefined method `[]=' for nil:NilClass
392173 [carlier.thom] I am a beginner with ruby, i tried to use lightcsv but i have a problem
+ 392179 [rubytalk2dav] That's trying to tell you that at line 114 in file2.rb, you're
+ 392180 [abinoam gmai] ])
+ 392191 [carlier.thom] @Dave
+ 392192 [carlier.thom] @Dave
| 392220 [rubytalk2dav] I don't understand *when* you're having a problem.  Please answer
+ 392251 [carlier.thom] Thanks for helping Dave

^ Ruby installation error
392174 [kamalreddy88] I am relatively new to Ruby and I have installation issues. I had been
392175 [peter vanden] and-Ruby-1.9.2-on-Ubuntu
392182 [kamalreddy88] I get this error for that command.What to do?

^ installing Ruby-Debug-Base19 under Windows 7
392176 [josephosako ] When attempting to install ruby-debug19 on a Windows 7 partition, I have
+ 392196 [josephosako ] the error. I then tried installing the preview version of ruby-debug19x
+ 392280 [josephosako ] Reposted at DaniWeb
+ 393997 [lists ruby-f] Look closely. You have to say gem install ruby-debug19 --

^ xml reading through REXML and writing to plain text file
392185 [harshadmehta] I am parsing a file using REXML and want to write some information from

^ [ANN] TestR 14.1.3
392195 [sunaku gmail] __                   __

^ Re: [ANN] Green Shoes v1.0 released
392199 [matma.rex gm] gem install -u green_shoes ? Just a wild guess, but might work.

^ Language deisng question and stinrgs and object id's
392204 [ralphs dos32] a = "string"
+ 392205 [jgabrielygal] It actually causes just two objects to be created.
| 392209 [ralphs dos32] Or does it create 4 objects?
| 392214 [jgabrielygal] the first statement?
| 392217 [ralphs dos32] Jesų¸,
| 392222 [timr probo.c] You said it was a good explanation, but your question makes it obvious that
| 392223 [rubytalk2dav] at
+ 392206 [matz ruby-la] String literals create clone of strings each time they are evaluated,

^ ruby summer of code?
392207 [rogerpack200] Anybody know who I should talk to to "nudge" them toward doing another
392216 [steve stevek] I'm not sure, but I'd be interested in helping getting this going.
392239 [serialhex gm] +1 to get this going.... though more than likely i'll be participating as a
393640 [rogerdpack2 ] Ok email me or reply to this if anybody out there'd be interested in
393642 [josen.figuer] I would be interested in contributing but maybe you can tell me what do =
393645 [rogerdpack2 ] Current thought would be to have something like a uservoice instance

^ A very very beginner question.
392208 [brandon0981 ] First off I apologize for the 'noobishness' of this question. I'm on a
+ 392210 [peter vanden] Welcome to Ruby :-)
+ 392211 [ralphs dos32] Brandon,
+ 392212 [brandon0981 ] Thank you very much Peter, that cleared some things up for me, I
  392215 [peter vanden] You're welcome.

^ Ocra makes windows built-in firewall ask to unblock ruby each time target exe launched
392213 [zhoran inbox] into exe file with ocra. Each time I launch that exe, firewall asks me

^ embed ruby 1.9.3 source into an iOS Xcode project
392219 [fonseka gmai] I'm looking for a way of embeding Ruby 1.9.3 on an iOS Xcode 4 project.

^ Help or Advice appreciated for parsing
392224 [shevegen lin] I am working on some pseudo-www language.
+ 392228 [ymendel pobo] There's no reason that with appropriate parens wouldn't work. By
| 392229 [matma.rex gm] Have you heard about Markaby and Haml? One of these might be what you
+ 392293 [shevegen lin] - simplifies my life
+ 392294 [shevegen lin] Oh, I see now. Markaby is pure ruby so one could connect it to other
+ 392300 [b.candler po] h4 'Test'
  392319 [code apotheo] Exactly . . . ?

^ Case menu - obtain the first conditions?
392225 [shevegen lin] Consider I have a case menu like this.
+ 392226 [ymendel pobo] Don't use a case statement.
+ 392230 [ryand-ruby z] self.methods # => ["list_cars", "list_whatever", "list_plants", ...]
+ 392292 [shevegen lin] options = {

^ Including MySQL in a desktop application
392231 [gonzalezdami] best. I'm on the path to make a desktop application which needs to
392233 [hassan.schro] What "security" does MySQL offer for a desktop application?
+ 392234 [code apotheo] That is an excellent question, and I found it an odd assertion that MySQL
+ 392235 [mike osdn.or] Just ask KDE4 folks...
  392236 [hassan.schro] No idea what that's supposed to mean; can you clarify, or provide a

^ rescue Exception => ex
392237 [ralphs dos32] I am trying to grok
392240 [adam apresco] It's a fair question, since the "=>" is shared between the two. However, if
392279 [matma.rex gm] If Adam's response only confused you further: yes, it's a special
392281 [ralphs dos32] Well, I'm guessing it caused him to scratch his head and prove to himself (and me) that it was unrelated to hashes.
392282 [adam apresco] It didn't cause me to scratch my head, I just figure it's always good to

^ Is there a difference between these two kinds of raise
392238 [ralphs dos32] Is there a semantic difference bewteen
392241 [abinoam gmai] No difference (as far as I know).

^ The Better Code
392242 [transfire gm] Which would you judge to be the better code?
+ 392243 [adam apresco] The latter. Because spending a little extra more time to make things more
| + 392244 [abinoam gmai] +1 for the more verbose version. Same reasons as Adam Prescott.
| + 392256 [shortcutter ] +1
+ 392245 [gsinclair gm] Anything with this line in it can't be considered "better" than anything el=
| + 392246 [darkintent g] The second one.  Much easier to understand because it is explicit.
| + 392261 [transfire gm] I concur with that! You have an alternative?
+ 392247 [sean.ohalpin] Well, the second is clearer to read line by line. But I find it easier
+ 392248 [sungpae gmai] ...
+ 392249 [josh.cheek g] Explicit, because I was able to understand it. On the first one, when I got
+ 392250 [code apotheo] It's not just a matter of concise vs. explicit code.  If you can make it
+ 392263 [transfire gm] Some very interesting comments. It would appear that a certain contingent
  392267 [adam apresco] I think I'd rather just have the code speak for itself with meaningful
  + 392271 [shortcutter ] +2
  + 392275 [code apotheo] . . . and, on top of everything else, if you have to change the code

^ Which library to write a parser
392252 [carlier.thom] I need to write an easy parser and i don't know if i can use an existing
+ 392253 [whitequark w] WBR, Peter Zotov.
| + 392254 [eule space.c] ...
| | 392255 [tony.arcieri] Tony Arcieri
| | 392258 [whitequark w] Is there a PEG parser around here which does not keep all the symbols
| | 392264 [eule space.c] As one of the authors of one of these libraries which are slow as a
| | 392342 [carlier.thom] Which one will you recommend for a simple grammar like
| | 392343 [ryand-ruby z] Write your own by hand. It'll be faster and smaller than anything =
| | 392649 [eule space.c] And for another definition of faster (faster to code): parslet.
| | 392859 [benedikt vma] I tried out parslet today, and I really appreciate its design (i.e.,
| + 392257 [carlier.thom] Thanks and nice blog, very useful informations.
+ 392888 [benedikt vma] I found one combinator-based parser library which seems to provide quite
| 392908 [matma.rex gm] For heavy lifting, there's always Racc. ruby_parser uses it, and it's
| 392915 [ryand-ruby z] I did, but with all the complexity of ruby_parser, not the grammar in =
| 392922 [benedikt vma] in racc, and repeated the experiments (on a different machine, ruby
+ 392916 [garthy_lmklt] I use ANTLR to generate C++ code which I subsequently extend into Ruby.

^ global array
392259 [eme medical-] Im trying to make an array a global array, but I cannot make it work.
392260 [shortcutter ] "server" references a Hash.
392346 [eme medical-] That was the intention, if the hash is empty create it.
392347 [shortcutter ] But this won't work as intended: you create the Hash stored in

^ uniq with count; better way?
392262 [ralphs dos32] a = [4,5,6,4,5,6,6,7]
+ 392266 [cu9ypd gmail] The first that came to my mind.
| 392268 [adam apresco] I think this is a misuse of inject, personally, every time I see it. It's
| + 392269 [cu9ypd gmail] Well it's one of the possible solutions.
| | 392270 [adam apresco] In what sense is that more "accurate"?
| | 392278 [cu9ypd gmail] Well,
| | 392283 [shortcutter ] Please do not top post.
| | 392285 [cu9ypd gmail] convention that the last statement in method is a return.
| | 392295 [shortcutter ] ion that the last statement in method is a return.
| + 392277 [judofyr gmai] [4,5,6,4,5,6,6,7].each_with_object(Hash.new(0)) { |x, res| res[x] += 1 }
|   392287 [abinoam gmai] 1 }
|   392289 [abinoam gmai] 's
|   + 392290 [ralphs dos32] Abinoam,
|   + 392291 [abinoam gmai] t's
|     392303 [peter vanden] Thanks. Very interesting.
|     392351 [shortcutter ] There is no sorting going on.  Some tests explicitly use a Hash others
|     392355 [peter vanden] I beg to differ ...
|     392356 [ralphs dos32] Peter,
|     + 392357 [jon.forums g] Have you had a chance to look at Yura Sokolov's Hash optimization
|     + 392358 [ryand-ruby z] The nice thing about open source is you guys don't need to sit around =
|     | 392360 [peter vanden] I stand corrected ... (should have looked instead of speculated).
|     | 392369 [shortcutter ] Peter, a Hash uses _hashing_ to keep lookup cost low.  This has complexity =
|     | + 392378 [ralphs dos32] Robert,
|     | + 392379 [peter vanden] Thank you, indeed.
|     + 392359 [peter vanden] Very sorry for that ... This is the second time on short notice
|       + 392380 [abinoam gmai] Sorry Ralph Shenlvar!
|       + 392381 [abinoam gmai] Sorry Ralph Shenlvar!
+ 392272 [kachick1 gma] I like this
| 392284 [ralphs dos32] Kenichi,
| 392302 [kachick1 gma] Abinoam,
| 392307 [abinoam gmai] I would like to have it.
| 392309 [kachick1 gma] I found a below discussion in rails. (via google)
| 392330 [abinoam gmai] Kenichi let's add the word "histogram" to the search.
| 392331 [adam apresco] A histogram is a diagram, visually representing frequencies. A hash is not
| 392333 [joelvanderwe] It's a reasonable suggestion.
| 392335 [adam apresco] Hm! I haven't heard that use before. Still, would that be well-understood?
+ 392549 [developer ha] If your data items are integers, and from a rather small range (compared
| 392553 [shortcutter ] Don't expect, measure.  There's Benchmark...
+ 392565 [developer ha] Ok, I tried some benchmarks. We have now even more variables, as they
  + 392566 [shortcutter ] You could also do
  + 392567 [peter vanden] Interesting.
    392568 [peter vanden] Peter