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Shoes Experts - Can someone explain this
391996 [fs_tigre@ho ] I have been practicing with Shoes and currently enjoying it.
+ 392004 [richard.conr] If you use both what is the difference?
| 392005 [ashbbb@gm il] Wow, glad to hear that. Thanks for the post. :)
+ 392006 [fs_tigre@ho ] Thanks a lot for the clarification! Make sense now
| + 392007 [serialhex@gm] i dont think 90% of the ruby-talkers would mind, but we also have a shoes
| + 392008 [ashbbb@gm il] Yes, of course.
+ 392009 [fs_tigre@ho ] I'm already subscribed to that mailing list but I don't fully understand
  392026 [ashbbb@gm il] Librelist is a free mailing list. Although it doesn't reflect the changes

[ANN] Debuglog 1.0.1
392000 [gsinclair@gm] = SYNOPSIS

rubygems 1.8.14 breaks yaml?
392001 [joelvanderwe] The following started happening after updating rubygems to 1.8.14 today.
392015 [devongall@gm] Confirmed - I had the exact same problem.  Reverting back to 1.8.12
392016 [joelvanderwe] Thanks for checking. Filing bug now...

IRB in ruby means?
392002 [sathish.babu] what does IRB stands for and what is its purpose in ruby?
392003 [nested.bit@g] Interactive ruby shell. Its read-evaluate-print loop, so can write ruby
392021 [b.candler@po] ...which would have been the first hit you would have got if you had

Character Set 'ISO number' to Ruby Encoding
392010 [henry_thebui] I'm trying to decode (convert to utf8) some string from medical data

Tk Bwidget on windows
392011 [jon@jb .m .u] the following line taken from the (otherwise extremely helpful)
+ 392014 [joelvanderwe] Does bwidget work from tk code (not ruby)? Maybe there's something
+ 392018 [jon.forums@g] require 'tk'
+ 392019 [jon@jb .m .u] Cheers for that. The Tile thing helps a lot. I think I am getting
+ 392035 [nagai@ai ky ] Probably you can get BWidget extension from ActiveTcl package.
+ 392059 [fred@fd ec n] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

eventmachine callback
392020 [aggouni2002@] I am trying to use eventmachine last days, I used it for http request
392040 [matma.rex@gm] This error means the cl variable is nil. Therefore Myclass#method

ruby redis mysql
392023 [aggouni2002@] Is there a way to use redis to store information and than replicate it

one liner to insert line in a file
392025 [neubyr@gm il] Can someone help to come up with Ruby one-liner to add a line at the
+ 392027 [gsinclair@gm] What have you tried so far?
+ 392029 [neubyr@gm il] $ ruby -i -pe 'print "First Line\n" if $.==1' filename.txt
  392030 [josh.cheek@g] Love this!
  392031 [gsinclair@gm] If you pass multiple files on the command line, they're combined
  392034 [josh.cheek@g] Yeah, I guess it's basically awk's NR, but it seems like there should be

Calling a function!
392033 [serpentinexc] Source is attached.
+ 392036 [jgabrielygal] hero.damage
+ 392044 [serpentinexc] Thank you very much Jesus! This is really helpful and exactly what I

[ANN] nio4r 0.2.2 : high performance IO selectors for Ruby
392045 [tony.arcieri] nio4r provides a high performance IO selector API which lets you watch

[ANN] rake-compiler 0.8.0 Released
392046 [luislavena@g] rake-compiler version 0.8.0 has been released!

mysqlplus gem
392047 [aggouni2002@] I have installed Ruby 1.9.2 and mysql gem and I am trying to install
+ 392051 [luislavena@g] I don't think mysqlplus gem works under Windows.
+ 392060 [aggouni2002@] thx for the answer

NArray - from coordinates to index
392049 [moshimoshi.h] How can we convert a coordinates to an index?
+ 392053 [ryand-ruby@z] a[0,1] == 10b3 == 1*3^1+0*3^0 == 1*3+0*1 == 3
+ 392056 [chris.lervag] index = col_index + row_index * num_cols

Http proxy, string chomp error is nil?
392050 [i8igmac@ai .] im building a proxy, im having a problem with processing the get request
392054 [timr@pr bo c] Do you realize that the headers in an HTTP request can come in any order?
392081 [i8igmac@ai .] I figured this out after testing a few browsers...
392106 [timr@pr bo c] Your goal is slimy.
392184 [i8igmac@ai .] Ok, i see, with some testing i have been successful with modifying
392221 [timr@pr bo c] No, there's only one GET request for the HTML.  All the rest of the

Re: rake-compiler 0.8.0 Released
392052 [djberg96@gm ] rs.

unintialize constant User::HappyMapper (Name Error)
392055 [sagar.varule] I am not able to run the HappyMapper example posted on the site.
392126 [abinoam@gm i] Perhaps a ...

[ANN] cool.io-http 0.2.1 released
392058 [godfat@gm il] # cool.io-http https://github.com/godfat/cool.io-http

[ANN] MountainWest RubyConf 2012 CFP Extended
392061 [blowmage@gm ] MountainWest RubyConf's CFP is still open, but is closing this Friday,

Re: Green Shoes v1.0 released
392062 [yubarry@ho m] why do I get this error?
392189 [ashbbb@gm il] Umm,.. I don't know why...

Class instance variable question
392063 [MR-Mencel@wi] I have this class (below) that takes a deeply nested hash and returns back a new hash without all the nesting.  The problem I'm having is that it seems to be that @all_values is not empty if I call it a second time from my program.  First time is fine, but the next time I use get_all_values_nested, @all_values still has the results in it from the first time it was used.
+ 392064 [stefano.croc] By definition, instance variables (including instance variables of class
| + 392065 [MR-Mencel@wi] Tried that, and it works to point except I lose the pertinent @path data I need.  So if the vars are outside the method then the returned hash looks like this...
| | 392067 [MR-Mencel@wi] Possible workaround.  Since @path is popped clean each time it's used I think I can leave that outside the method and put @all_values inside the method.  It's an ugly hack but I think it works for now until I figure out a better way to do it.
| + 392069 [jgabrielygal] ck
|   392070 [MR-Mencel@wi] I tried your suggestion....
|   392071 [jgabrielygal] ring, TrueClass then
+ 392068 [jgabrielygal] k a new hash without all the nesting. =A0The problem I'm having is that it =

Ruby and LLVM
392066 [davidkapp@co] Ruby 1.9.3 has some issues building with LLVM (as opposed to GCC), and
+ 392072 [code@ap th o] FreeBSD is moving to Clang/LLVM as its default C compiler so, as you say,
+ 392148 [davidkapp@co] Interesting, I didn't know FreeBSD was investing in it that heavily.

Stripping double quotes
392073 [cjose@ma l. ] I have the attached file, but my issue is that the file I am parsing, is
+ 392074 [code@ap th o] How is gsub no use?
| 392137 [sunaku@gm il] Because String#tr() is a better choice. ;-)
+ 392077 [peter@va de ] Since you are really trying to open a CSV file ... use

xml to html display
392078 [harshadmehta] I need to parse following xml docs in a table where i can display it in
392085 [peter@va de ] I suggest you look into Nokogiri.org

[ANN] binman 3.0.0
392082 [sunaku@gm il] binman - UNIX man pages for Ruby bin/ scripts

[ANN] md2man 1.0.2
392083 [sunaku@gm il] md2man - write UNIX man pages in Markdown

[ANN] TestR 14.1.2
392084 [sunaku@gm il] TestR - Continuous testing tool for Ruby

New to programming, my first program!
392086 [crazybuzz100] Just thought I'd post my first Ruby program and say hi.
+ 392087 [stefano.croc] * convert the number of notes to sing to a number before storing it in the
+ 392088 [jgabrielygal] Welcome to Ruby !
| 392097 [echristopher] Or just
| 392101 [jgabrielygal] El 10/01/2012 21:50, "Eric Christopherson" <echristopherson@gmail.com>
+ 392098 [rubytalk2dav] Well done!  I like your use of meaningful variable names (something

ruby image manipulation
392089 [danny.a.step] Hey everyone,
+ 392090 [danny.a.step] sorry.. I'm on Ruby 1.9.2 and Rubygems that comes in that bundle, I think
+ 392091 [peter@va de ] *TL;DR* : $ sudo apt-get install libmagickcore-dev libmagickwand-dev
+ 413191 [lists@ru y- ] I am just familiar with image manipulation within .net framework

GC in MRI 1.9 and REE
392092 [cu9ypd@gm il] While playing with the GC in different ruby implementations i've got a
392093 [shortcutter@] I think it's in your understanding. :-) =A0Same strategy does not imply

[roxml] xmlns in root node
392096 [trash001@fe ] I'm a bit stuck with roxml (https://github.com/Empact/roxml). I've a

[ANN] ambit 0.10.1 Released
392100 [jwise@dr ga ] ambit version 0.10.1 has been released!

[ANN] DNote v1.7.1 released
392102 [transfire@gm] DNote 1.7.1 has been released.
392110 [gsinclair@gm] Nice idea!

Session Gem: How to get line-by-line output from shell script using
392103 [steve.r.john] Thanks in advance for your help!  I need line-by-line output from a bash
392104 [steve.r.john] This works. I run a perl script from ruby, and get line-by-line output

Re: Servolux: monitoring outside change?
392105 [tim.pease@gm] really
+ 392114 [tim.pease@gm] peaceful
+ 392117 [tim.pease@gm] background.

[ANN] volatiledb 1.0.0 released
392107 [a.sebastian.] I've released the VolatileDB gem. It's a gem meant to store simple data

Proxy and WebDav
392108 [gasparmrb@gm] How can I connect to a WebDav server through a proxy, doing

A few noob questions.
392111 [meisenzahl@g] Hey guys, new here.  ;-)
+ 392112 [richard.conr] Well Notepad++ is a good general purpose editor on windows (I dont know
| 392116 [meisenzahl@g] WOW, great info, thanks very much!
| 392118 [chris.hulan@] Aptana provides a nice Eclipse based IDE
| 392119 [meisenzahl@g] Thanks, Chris. I'll check that out, too.
+ 392120 [phildobbin@g] If I were you, I'd go for looking at Sublime Text 2 & RubyMine for GUI
| 392123 [wbrisett@at ] I'm a big fan of RubyMine. I really like the debugger.
+ 392127 [fred@fd ec n] Editra is a good free editor on Windows, with all standard features. it
+ 392140 [meisenzahl@g] Thanks, Fred. And I see Submlime 2 just released a much improved version
+ 392232 [gonzalezdami] If you are looking for a Free IDE: Aptana trough all the way and for all

[ANN] flickr_cli 0.0.3
392113 [beholdthepan] A command line interface to explore your contact's photos by converting

[ANN] RubyNation Conference Call for Speakers is Open (Tix, too)!
392121 [gray.herter@] Want to speak at RubyNation, an annual two-day, dual-track technical

[ANN] relativity 0.0.1 released
392122 [peter@va de ] relativity - time relative to a day, a week, a month, a quarter, a year
+ 392138 [cremes.devli] This looks useful to me. I have created a few helpers that were similar in concept but nowhere near as nice as what you did with the library here.
| 392150 [peter@va de ] Thanks for that feedback. I plan on continuing coming
+ 392177 [transfire@gm] ...
  392188 [peter@va de ] Thanks for the pointer.

ANN: Seattle.rb's 10 Year anniversary party
392124 [ryand-ruby@z] I'm incredibly proud to announce Seattle.rb's 10 Year anniversary party!

[ANN] rdoc_osx_dictionary 2.0.1 Released
392125 [ryand-ruby@z] rdoc_osx_dictionary version 2.0.1 has been released!

negative grep
392128 [matt@te hn r] A bit of syntax that I have never picked up.  How do I use grep to exclude
392129 [kclair@pi kl] biglist !~ /bar/
+ 392130 [the.jaba@gm ] Or there's a complicated Regex feature called negative lookarounds, bit
+ 392131 [shortcutter@] This was a joke, wasn't it?
  392142 [matt@te hn r] That worked perfectly, thank you.  A a sysadmin, I use "grep -v" quite a
  392143 [code@ap th o] Do you object to reject?
  392145 [peter@va de ] Well, a 'v' option, equivalent to the UNIX grep seems quite straightforward
  392165 [shortcutter@] rd
  392172 [peter@va de ] Thank you.
  392200 [shortcutter@] is
  392201 [josh.cheek@g] You can do this (I'm not advocating it), but IDK how you would actually
  392202 [shortcutter@] Oh, I wasn't aware of this.  Thank you for the education!
  392203 [peter@va de ] I meant my earlier proposal
  392218 [matma.rex@gm] I don't know if you guys realize there's a discussion about this going

[ANN] ambit 0.11 Released
392132 [jwise@dr ga ] ambit version 0.11 has been released!

[ANN] unific 0.9 Released
392133 [jwise@dr ga ] unific version 0.9 has been released!

[ANN] kioku 0.0.2 released
392134 [hisako1337@g] kioku, my very leightweight key-value-store has been released today.
392136 [sunaku@gm il] Wow, that's a clever project name! :)
392139 [hisako1337@g] Thanks! :-)

Problem with "Exception" - suddenly stopped working
392135 [ml@co va es ] I'm having a hard time with an exception handling. It's part of a simple =
392144 [abinoam@gm i] IMHO ~PERHAPS~ the begin rescue is not working because the exception
392146 [peter@va de ] on the
392147 [peter@va de ] Correction
392154 [ml@co va es ] thanks all for the answers.
392161 [abinoam@gm i] (Bottom commenting. Thanks Peter).
392162 [peter@va de ] I think that should be (untested)
392163 [ml@co va es ] Thanks for the hint. Doesn't work though. The script comes out with the same error.
+ 392164 [peter@va de ] Well, you could put 'puts' everywhere to check that ...
+ 392169 [abinoam@gm i] Unfortunately (or fortunately) your script is working pretty well in my set=
  392170 [ml@co va es ] Thanks for noting. This was pretty stupid of me. I have a second version of this program which implements support for other protocols. Since however I needed to calculate some stats just from twitter, I created this script which will work just for twitter. I write code using TextMate usually but recently I switched to VIM and I copied two times the update method without noting, probably removing the begin/rescue clause... Since I use small terminal window and moving with '/keywords' in terminal I didn't noticed :-(
  392178 [abinoam@gm i] setup.
  + 392187 [peter@va de ] No worries.
  | 392193 [abinoam@gm i] No, I just can't show you the message.
  | 392194 [ml@co va es ] Just to add my two cents on this off-topic thread, in mailing lists like "sikurezza" [1] you don't get passed through the moderator using top quoting. It's standard netiquette.
  + 392190 [ml@co va es ] Yes everything works fine now. I'm just doing some fine tunning: https://github.com/atmosx/morula

Documenting RbConfig
392141 [florent2@gm ] I plan to add documentation to the RbConfig module.

Ruby C/API 1.9.3 Error [Bug?]
392149 [gab.teles@ho] So, i'm trying to compile 'n run a simple app with Ruby embedded in C,

at_exit handling
392151 [shevegen@li ] - Does at_exit work on a per-class basis? or is it global
+ 392181 [ryand-ruby@z] large
+ 392183 [ryand-ruby@z] begin
| 392186 [zachary@za h] ...
+ 392197 [b.candler@po] If you want your code to terminate without calling any at_exit handlers

[FOSDEM] Meeting rooms
392152 [peter@va de ] Cross-post to ruby-talk and rubyonrails-talk
392153 [peter@va de ] Sorry, typed too fast (or too late in local time here).

Error Handling
392155 [tayetemp@gm ] I only knows very basic error handing, say
+ 392156 [peter@va de ] Don't regex on the message (they might change).
+ 392227 [david.wide@m] def run_test(name, &block)

Turning a case/when into a Hash (for a yaml file)
392157 [shevegen@li ] x = 4_924
+ 392158 [gsinclair@gm] Each of the "when" conditions is a range object.  The "else" condition
+ 392159 [shevegen@li ] Thanks, that answered it very well!

Problem using HighLine for password prompt on Windows
392160 [cfb@jn at .d] I am trying to use the HighLine library for password prompting on
392265 [cfb@jn at .d] No one has tried this?
392627 [echristopher] I haven't, but I have a hunch this has something to do with terminal

Installation Help
392167 [roryglennpas] Trying to install ruby in my box (RHEL5) so I can type "irb" on the
+ 392168 [peter@va de ] Maybe this recent response (about Ruby and Rails on CentOS) can help
| 392171 [pbruna@it li] ...
+ 392310 [roryglennpas] How about downloading Ruby on my Windows box?  Would you guys recommend
  + 392313 [hassan.schro] No, stick to Linux -- you'll be a lot happier in the long run :-)
  | + 392318 [code@ap th o] My preference is for FreeBSD, but one of the many Linux distributions
  | | 392334 [ml@co va es ] Your choice is kinda wise. I installed Gentoo because of prior good knowledge of the distribution and I had an awful lot of hassles in order to install ruby-1.9.3. Then I did it using RVM which caused another string of issues with fcron (my default cron deamon).
  | + 392337 [roryglennpas] I was thinking the same thing.  I was just curious that's all.  Thanks
  + 392314 [jeremy@bo p.] What do you hope to gain by using Windows?  I'm not arguing against it
    392336 [roryglennpas] I just asked the question out of curiosity.  I already went the RVM

undefined method `[]=' for nil:NilClass
392173 [carlier.thom] I am a beginner with ruby, i tried to use lightcsv but i have a problem
+ 392179 [rubytalk2dav] That's trying to tell you that at line 114 in file2.rb, you're
+ 392180 [abinoam@gm i] ])
+ 392191 [carlier.thom] @Dave
+ 392192 [carlier.thom] @Dave
| 392220 [rubytalk2dav] I don't understand *when* you're having a problem.  Please answer
+ 392251 [carlier.thom] Thanks for helping Dave

Ruby installation error
392174 [kamalreddy88] I am relatively new to Ruby and I have installation issues. I had been
392175 [peter@va de ] Did you check the result of
392182 [kamalreddy88] I get this error for that command.What to do?

installing Ruby-Debug-Base19 under Windows 7
392176 [josephosako@] When attempting to install ruby-debug19 on a Windows 7 partition, I have
+ 392196 [josephosako@] the error. I then tried installing the preview version of ruby-debug19x
+ 392280 [josephosako@] Reposted at DaniWeb
+ 393997 [lists@ru y- ] Look closely. You have to say gem install ruby-debug19 --

xml reading through REXML and writing to plain text file
392185 [harshadmehta] I am parsing a file using REXML and want to write some information from

[ANN] TestR 14.1.3
392195 [sunaku@gm il] __                   __

Re: [ANN] Green Shoes v1.0 released
392199 [matma.rex@gm] gem install -u green_shoes ? Just a wild guess, but might work.

Language deisng question and stinrgs and object id's
392204 [ralphs@do 32] a = "string"
+ 392205 [jgabrielygal] It actually causes just two objects to be created.
| 392209 [ralphs@do 32] Or does it create 4 objects?
| 392214 [jgabrielygal] the first statement?
| 392217 [ralphs@do 32] Jes?s,
| 392222 [timr@pr bo c] You said it was a good explanation, but your question makes it obvious that
| 392223 [rubytalk2dav] To stick in my oar: Ralph, if you're familiar with pointers in
+ 392206 [matz@ru y- a] String literals create clone of strings each time they are evaluated,