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mod_ruby for Windows?
39169 [rschmidt@xm ] Anyone got a mod_ruby binary for Windows yet?
39218 [sean@ch tt n] Jump onto modruby@modruby.net and see if anyone's got anything over
39265 [xlucid@us rs] Unfortunately, I tried that first - after accepting me onto the list as a

cygwin1.dll missing or corrupt
39171 [slayer@mu sa] I can't remember who was looking for it, but I found the following
39178 [gp@fa il eh ] Don't go to this site, there is someone violating the GPL,
39180 [michael_s_ca] While the GPL may indeed be violated, that's no reason to go spreading FUD about
39313 [slayer@mu sa] Hey don't trash me, I was just giving the site. It worked for me with
39397 [slayer@mu sa] My apologies, that was meant for Gerrit, not Mike. Sorry Mike.

Caution: SPAM! (was: Re: cygwin1.dll missing or corrupt)
39179 [gp@fa il eh ] This is SPAM!
39182 [groups-abuse] Thank you for writing Google Groups Abuse.  We treat violations to

Ruby Camps and a Ruby Day (ideas)
39181 [pate@ey er a] Hmm, yes this is true.  I wasn't thinking about trying to supplant the
+ 39183 [djberg96@at ] the
| + 39186 [pate@ey er a] We're currently running the Seattle Ruby Brigade (seattle.rb) out here in
| + 39188 [james@ru yx ] So, I try to find a synonym for "monger", and head for www.m-w.com, and
| + 39193 [ptkwt@sh ll ] 'booster' - ruby boosters...
| | 39194 [pate@ey er a] This is my second favorite so far (accept for the potential spoonerism),
| | 39221 [hal9000@hy e] A booby rooster??? I had to laugh out loud...
| + 39204 [dblack@ca dl] Slightly different beast -- what you're describing is more like
+ 39268 [xlucid@us rs] If folk who hold Ruby camps (of whatever stripe) publish what

Re: Ruby Camps and a Ruby Day (ideas) - let's start
39195 [Ephaeton@gm ] Okay, where's my Erlangen.rb or Nuernberg.rb ? :)

def self.foo in a module
39196 [volkmann2@ch] This is probably an easy question for experienced Ruby coders.
39220 [chr_news@gm ] module  Foo

Anyway to un-include a module?
39198 [ptkwt@sh ll ] This is from a discussion that came up on comp.object....
+ 39202 [ruby-talk@je] There is undef/remove_method that you can use. Then you can write
+ 39213 [Dave@Pr gm t] Could you use delegation to add on the features you wanted?
+ 39223 [chr_news@gm ] This was also a point  in a recent thread
+ 39234 [decoux@mo lo] Well, it's easy to write it in C but there is a problem.

ANN: REXML 2.1.3
39201 [ser@ge ma e-] Fixed broken links in documentation. Added new documentation layout;

NUM2LONG macro problem
39207 [vjoel@PA H. ] The NUM2LONG and NUM2INT macros evaluate their arguments more than once.
39233 [decoux@mo lo] Well, personnaly I'm always careful when the name has only uppercase

Q: string to class?
39214 [mghall@en er] I've got a string, and I'd like to get a class reference.
39225 [vjoel@PA H. ] irb(main):002:0> Object.const_get "String"
39247 [mghall@en er] Ah-HAH!  (Light-bulbs lighting up)

RE: string to class?
39215 [rich@in oe h] str = "Array"
39219 [sean@ch tt n] str = 'Array'
39246 [C.Teubner@t-] But this only works with some built-in classes, like Array, Hash, String etc.

Ruby Day (Texas?)
39224 [hal9000@hy e] Just commenting on Jim's idea.
39227 [dblack@ca dl] and the link to TexasInAugust in particular.

RubyConf.new(2002) - ideas for agenda
39228 [djberg96@at ] Ok - so I'm probably jumping the gun here, but hey, what the heck.
+ 39232 [avi@be a4 co] This is interesting to see, particularly since the development on IOWA
| + 39275 [djberg96@at ] discussions
| + 39289 [W.L.Kleb@la ] You discussed this a bit on the IOWA list and a couple folks thought
| | + 39308 [julian@be a4] - Development tools
| | + 39319 [avi@be a4 co] Julian's already answered this somewhat, but I'll give a brief summary
| |   + 39329 [hal9000@hy e] [snip interesting comments]
| |   + 39330 [james@ru yx ] <snip/>
| |   + 39386 [khaines@en g] I really should subscribe to the Iowa mailing list.  I have used
| + 39332 [avi@be a4 co] <being able to push code updates to a live application>
|   39333 [james@ru yx ] OK, the sense I was getting from the thread was that the Smalltalk/Squeak
+ 39243 [dblack@ca dl] That's OK :-)  At some point fairly soon, we will post a call for
  39264 [nathaniel@ta] I don't see any problem with this... as long as everybody comes to MY
  + 39269 [dblack@ca dl] My bubble is intact :-)  "Poster" in this context won't involve graphic
  | 39282 [nathaniel@ta] poster
  | 39292 [dblack@ca dl] Yeah, this is probably a pretty home-spun definition of "poster
  + 39290 [pate@ey er a] Just to eliminate the P*  reference, this idea is per-existant in the

Ruby on IRC
39229 [sethsedai17@] I'm a ruby newbie, with experience in other programming languages, so if
+ 39230 [dsafari@xt a] Come to #ruby-lang on the Open Projects Network (irc.openprojects.net).
+ 39231 [brailsmt@ya ] irc.openprojects.net

39235 [sean@ch tt n] I know 1.8 is "near," but would it be possible if someone could merge
39236 [decoux@mo lo] Well, probably I don't have the latest version of ruby but
39238 [sean@ch tt n] Not much other than compiler warnings.  Casting a long to an int isn't

IOWA (Re: RubyConf.new(2002) - ideas for agenda)
39239 [pit@ca it in] Yes, please. And since I'll not be present, please publish your talk

Inconsistent network behaviour
39251 [flifson@cs u] I'm a Ruby newbie when it comes to network programming so while writing
+ 39252 [decoux@mo lo] Well I've the same result on a linux box (2.4.14) and its normal
| 39253 [flifson@cs u] Thanks for the response, your suggestions seemed to cure the problems. I
+ 39254 [jean_hugues_] What you are experiencing is not an inconsistency, it is normal. The reason

[ANNOUNCE] Practical Ruby 0.1.0
39256 [gaiacrtn@fr ] I'm glad to announce the first release of Practical Ruby
+ 39295 [Laurent.Jull] Baptiste,
+ 39311 [philip@dy as] Would you please care to announce it also on the scintilla mailing list.

Help for data structure choice...
39257 [gaiacrtn@fr ] I'm still young to Ruby and I'd like to have some advice on choosing a

39259 [tobiasreif@p] this seems to be a virus

39261 [tom.hurst@cl] Is it just me, and do I just need to use it more to see how great it is,
+ 39262 [tobiasreif@p] no :)
+ 39274 [fairbairn@ra] I completely agree with you.  You need to look no further than Perl and
+ 39283 [larsch@cs au] I agree with you. This was already discussed a bit back in
+ 39899 [cjs@cy ic ne] It doesn't. I agree that these ought to be two separate things.
| 39905 [dsafari@xt a] While WEBrick does not try to be Java Servlets (that has been openly stated
+ 39950 [patrick-may@] You aren't the only one.  I'm working on a fork at

Report to Recipient(s)
39263 [HARCOURT@ha ] Incident Information:-

Clearing the screen with ruby
39272 [svelicko@gm ] how can I clear the screen in the console (winxp) with ruby? I tried
+ 39284 [edsin@sw s. ] ruby -e 'system "cmd /c cls"'
+ 39286 [tpeters@un -] What happens when you try system("cls") ?
  39314 [svelicko@gm ] ncurses for ruby, this is really cool, I hope it works on WinXP, I will try it

ADV:Harvest lots of Target Email address quickly
39278 [jack@21 n. o] ...

Security bug in load()
39280 [teague@ap co] I have seen a few messages from people asking about load() when $SAFE is
+ 39285 [decoux@mo lo] pigeon% cat b.rb
| 39287 [WYS@he bl ng] Under www.ruby.ch I have "my own" Ruby Sandbox running, which runs at level
+ 39288 [matz@ru y- a] The loading path should be absolute when you want to load in the
  39336 [teague@ap co] Thanks for the quick reply.  However, it still does not work :(  I'm
  39339 [matz@ru y- a] Hmm, DOSISH restriction.  Since I have no knowledge about the Win32,

ruby-dev summary 16961-16990
39291 [aamine@mx ed] This is a summary of ruby-dev ML in these days.

convert Ruby code to binary!!
39293 [rahmanian60@] I need a program for convert Ruby code to binary,and
+ 39300 [dennisn@pe n] Perhaps embedding an invocation of Ruby into your application will
+ 39320 [patrick-may@] It is possible to package ruby in platform specific ways so that the

39294 [hag43440@am ] subscribe Masaya Tonokawa

module_eval vs. instance_eval
39296 [C.Teubner@t-] Is there any difference between
39299 [decoux@mo lo] With #module_eval, the code is evaluated with self = aModule and

(correcting myself)
39297 [C.Teubner@t-] Er, "It does NOT seems so", of course.

Compiling under debian (woody)
39301 [kgergely@ml ] Because the woody distribution doesn't have a ruby-tk like package, I

lineending-independend chomp
39302 [kgergely@ml ] I've noticed, that chop can handle both linux and windows lineendings,
39303 [decoux@mo lo] wait for 1.8 ?

alias_method problem
39304 [flcl@gm .n t] I hope somebody could tell me, what's wrong with these
39306 [decoux@mo lo] Write it like this, you'll understand what it do
39321 [flcl@gm .n t] Yes, but then I might just as well subclass Mod.
39344 [decoux@mo lo] #initialize is a private method.

slow ftp
39305 [NMASSARO@co ] What takes 2 seconds to ftp from a windows command prompt takes 14 seconds with ruby.

Erata in "Teach Yourself Ruby in 21 Days"
39307 [jzakiya@ma l] In "Teach Yourself Ruby in 21 Days"
39334 [ms@ia ta e. ] You're quite right. Probably need to start compiling a second list...

Squeak - was Re: RubyConf.new(2002) - ideas for agenda
39309 [hal9000@hy e] [snippage before and after]
+ 39312 [curt@hi bs c] Sorry Hal, I your renamed response to this thread after I created and sent
| 39316 [julian@be a4] It was my last exposure to OO so far...
| + 39317 [chrisg@ap li] You probably already know this (and it's a bit off-topic) but just in
| + 39318 [curt@hi bs c] IBM's VisualAge for Smalltalk is the only Smalltalk system that I am aware
+ 39315 [julian@be a4] I would recommend a look... though really a quick look may tell you very

Why I Jumped Ship to Smalltalk [was: RubyConf.new(2002) - ideas for agenda]
39310 [curt@hi bs c] I commiserate with your dilemma. I found myself facing the same situation

39322 [colin@wh st ] I too would like to see Ruby head in this direction.

[RFC] Ranges - enable (10..-10)
39323 [m.rokos@sh c] I've looked that negative ranges are not allowed in Ruby.
39324 [dblack@ca dl] * A range enumeration cannot go back, it's upward only.
+ 39340 [m.rokos@sh c] I checked ruby-talk (thanks for notice).
| 39342 [matz@ru y- a] I've not change my mind (yet).
| 39343 [m.rokos@sh c] - step (for Range#step method) <= 0 makes no sence, thus
| 39347 [matz@ru y- a] Let me see.
| + 39348 [m.rokos@sh c] Great!
| + 39407 [rokosm@kl ka] It looks like you accidentaly merged code that allows Range#step
|   39412 [m.rokos@sh c] In case it was a mistake, here is the patch that drops
|   39413 [matz@ru y- a] It was mistake.  Thank you for the patch.  And this is why I ask you
+ 39353 [chr_news@gm ] You might find the following example somewhat enlighting?

Source File/Class relationship - the Ruby way
39325 [dcorbin@im e] I come from the Java world, and I have tendancy to write one class to
39326 [Mark.Volkman] ...
39328 [brailsmt@ya ] The one class per file certainly is not the case with ruby.  And if you
39360 [Mark.Volkman] ...
39385 [alan@di ik t] There's nothing preventing you from putting one class per file in your

Embeding Ruby
39327 [web2ed@ya oo] I would like to use Ruby as an embeded tool for a large scale mission
39346 [decoux@mo lo] See [ruby-talk:36676]
39371 [web2ed@ya oo] Guy, thanks...I'm now able to compile on linux/IX86.
+ 39375 [decoux@mo lo] ruby_run() call exit() at the end
+ 39379 [dennisn@pe n] main(int argc, char **argv)

An example of the beauty of Ruby...
39338 [hal9000@hy e] Who was it who said something like, "In Ruby,
+ 39345 [pit@ca it in] On 30 Apr 2002, at 14:49, Hal E. Fulton showed an example of
| 39350 [hal9000@hy e] A valid point.
+ 39356 [rich@in oe h] OK...about as nitpicking as it gets...
| + 39357 [dblack@ca dl] Don't flatter yourself :-)
| | 39361 [hal9000@hy e] Actually, in this case, I did do it deliberately.
| | 39362 [rich@in oe h] Well, lots of methods that append the ? in Ruby can linguistically be
| + 39358 [nat.pryce@b1] If we're going to nitpick, I'd say that there's too many negatives in one
+ 39380 [patrick-may@] Ahhh.... that's a nice story.

Visual Debuggers for Ruby?
39341 [dennisn@pe n] So far on this list I've heard about a couple of Windows-based
39408 [mmaciaszek@g] I think it would be desirable to have ruby integration in DDD. It's an

libglade and gnome widgets
39349 [matthias_vei] I use ruby-gnome and libglade for GUI-programming

Rif: Re: An example of the beauty of Ruby...
39351 [Marco_Bianci] or
39352 [dblack@ca dl] Interesting.  To me, though, a variable called "unchanged" is not

Ruby Dev. Guide Slashtdot review
39364 [rich@in oe h] Its all-in-all very positive!

Slashdot review of Ruby Developers Guide
39365 [james@ru yx ] /. has a review of The Ruby Developer's Guide.
39368 [feoh@fo rf z] Ruby has gotten a LOT of good press of late.
39370 [stephan.schm] Introduce jRuby for scripting your java applications. Then the frst step

Override "initialize"
39366 [flcl@gm .n t] I've been trying to find a way to prevent anyClass.new from
+ 39372 [matz@ru y- a] It's using the backdoor named "C".  If you want to be a wizard, use C.
| 39392 [jlj@cf rc co] What is "C"? Is this a new programming language?
| 39403 [matz@ru y- a] It's a "old" programming language, in which Ruby is written.
+ 39401 [nahi@ke na t] Don't believe what he said.  He is the wizard. :)

"Ruby Developer's Guide" Reviewed on Slashdot
39367 [jlj@cf rc co] This was just posted on Slashdot and so I hope we don't get trashed too
39409 [neumann@s- i] Thanks for the pointer.

Test Ruby apps on various Unixes and Linuxes
39369 [tobiasreif@p] I'm currently enjoying Compaq's Test free drive program
39374 [chris.morris] So, with an account there, I can upload my ruby scripts and try them out?
39377 [tobiasreif@p] Yep, simply ftp your stuff.

Ruby Weekly News
39373 [Dave@Pr gm t] Ruby Weekly News: 04/29/2002

Sockets problem
39376 [mfp@st de ts] I'm having problems writing a ruby script that connects, via a socket, to a
39389 [ruby-lists@w] Hm, AFAIK Windows uses \r\n. Maybe that will work as $/
39461 [kgergely@ml ] Azt irtad, hogy
39526 [ruby-talk@je] I think that's why many protocols specify "\r\n" as the line ending combo.

Ruby Weekly News
39382 [Dave@Pr gm t] Ruby Weekly News: 04/29/2002

Why are there four IDE development efforts, and can they be combined?
39383 [feoh@fo rf z] So far I've seen freeRIDE, Practical Ruby, I think one called RubyIDE and
+ 39384 [Mark.Volkman] ...
| 39388 [curt@hi bs c] IDE.
+ 39387 [rich@in oe h] Every time we see an effort along the lines of a Ruby IDE we try and
+ 39390 [curt@hi bs c] I know Rich already responded to this, but let me add a few additional

some questions about rb_newobj()
39391 [pbrannan@at ] VALUE
39404 [matz@ru y- a] No.  It will either a) return an object b) raises exception, or c)
39430 [dennisn@pe n] I'm a bit confused by the concept of "no memory left".  On Windows
+ 39431 [bill@32 68 c] I spend a lot of time in environments with no virtual memory or with
| 39528 [dennisn@pe n] I've worked on alot of such systems myself, and enjoy it.  But I
+ 39439 [matz@ru y- a] Ruby does not introduced any artificial memory limit, but still memory
| 39531 [dennisn@pe n] <-- snip, snip -->
+ 39517 [jean_hugues_] On a 32 bits architecture a pointer can go up to 4 000 Mo. On some

ncurses, mingw32
39394 [snowzone5@ho] i've been away from ruby for awhile, it was time to dust off the pickaxe book
39406 [ttate@kt ja ] I'm not so familiar to mingw32.
39414 [snowzone5@ho] yes, it's called pdcurses, but it's a port of ncurses for windows.
+ 39415 [ttate@kt ja ] I successfully built using mingw32 version of gcc and ruby-1.6.7.
| 39522 [snowzone5@ho] i haven't run across pdc24_ming_w32.zip, i found a
| 39558 [ttate@kt ja ] I couldn't find a pdcurses_mingw32.tar.gz.
| 39602 [snowzone5@ho] got it. i keep forgetting about scourceforge...
+ 39473 [j.travnik@sh] you could try to compile JTTui, http://klokan.sh.cvut.cz/~jtra/
  39523 [snowzone5@ho] at this point i'm not really interested in cygwin. i prefer working with
  39552 [daniel@ze ed] What exactly do you mean by 'standalone mingw32'? Is that really MinGW +
  39600 [snowzone5@ho] 'standalone' as in 'doesn't require cygwin.
  39658 [dennisn@pe n] Actually, that was the correct URL at one time.  Recently, they acquired
  39791 [snowzone5@ho] that was one of the big draw for me also. cygwin has it's place, but

Seattle Ruby Brigade meeting tonight
39395 [pate@ey er a] The Seattle Ruby Brigade will be meeting tonight (4/30)at 7PM (PDT), at

Looking for Ruby Webserver
39399 [jim@fr ez .o] I am looking for a good, small and fast Ruby
+ 39405 [dsafari@xt a] Perhaps WEBrick can help?
+ 39429 [bluetea@nc r] There is also one called httpd (pretty generic name, huh?) that is
  39514 [hipster@xs a] fixes and performs better over-all. It's stable as well.