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^ What's wrong with this code?
390659 [kenleytan ya] I made a program to motivate me for the last day of NaNoWriMo, but it
+ 390660 [kenleytan ya] Sorry, if it isn't good enough. The file is right here.
+ 390661 [stefano.croc] That error means that there's an else keyword without the corresponding if. In
| 390665 [peterhickman] Sorry I mean "while" :(
| 390663 [peterhickman] Same for the 'if' on the 'If @en_points > @ur_points' line. Ruby is
| 390666 [peterhickman] now =3D Time.new=A0thir =3D Time.new + 20While now !=3D thir=A0 =A0num =3D =
+ 390662 [kenleytan ya] puts 'Enter your goal words for today'
  390664 [isaacbfsande] Why are you using so many instance variables (atvars or @vars)? If you

^ Rdoc-data install problem
390667 [stevanity.hf] This is my first post here and Im starting with Ruby only now.
390678 [drbrain segm] rdoc does not depend on the rdoc-data gem, so you probably installed it =
390684 [stevanity.hf] Thanks for your help. But as you said 1.9.2 does not need rdoc-data gem.

^ Ruby and ASCII matrix
390671 [amulan91 gma] I have prepared the following code (it almost works for even size
+ 390673 [jgabrielygal] I get an error here, cause Matrix#[] is expecting an array.
+ 390674 [amulan91 gma] Thank you.

^ Simple optparser problem
390675 [ml convalesc] I'm writing a small script to be handled with optparser. I've read the =
390679 [peter.c.r.la] opts.on('-d', '--database', 'comments go here') do |x|
390680 [ml convalesc] want=20

^ how do i create a list of modified files in xml
390676 [pillay.mithu] for any directory, i need to create a list of files in it and store in a
390701 [rubytalk2dav] There are a number of possible approaches.

^ Re: Ruby Future in coming years
390681 [akshay.dce g] Trout Java
391845 [akshay.dce g] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
391867 [shevegen lin] Lame exploit attempts. Especially the very idea that it would work is a
391923 [akshay.dce g] final workspace
391930 [peterhickman] Is there a particular reason why you are positing a 17m zip file of
391931 [echristopher] I think it's spam and/or an exploit attempt, as Marc said; but I don't
391933 [peterhickman] I downloaded it (Workspace_Backup_final.jpg) with wget and ran file

^ stderr and stdout in separate objects AND PTY
390687 [saku ytti.fi] What are my practical options for popenX or net/ssh to have stderr,

^ Stupid question
390689 [lollyproduct] I have a really stupid question here, but i'm a newbie so hear me out.
+ 390690 [the.jaba gma] I'm sure someone will come up with a better solution, but a quick and dirty
| 390691 [lollyproduct] Thank you.
+ 390696 [sylvester.ke] How about this one?
+ 390702 [rubytalk2dav] If you split on an empty delimiter, you get the characters
| 390704 [adam apresco] You can do it with #chars, too.
| 390707 [rubytalk2dav] Oh yeah!  Good catch!  That knocks four chars (no pun intended) off my solution.
| + 390709 [astounding g] If we're golfing, here's my amateur golf attempt:  *chuckle*
| + 390710 [adam apresco] ...
| | 390711 [rubytalk2dav] Aren't you supposed to shout it, like "4!"?  (And would some smart@$$
| + 390724 [josh.cheek g] More importantly, it's much clearer.
| + 390727 [botpena gmai] can we cheat? :)
|   390728 [astounding g] I Admin Tensor's solution modified to support digit strings up to 1149
|   390729 [admin tensor] Very good, Aaron.  Now, is there any way to replace that "s.size" with
|   390865 [b.candler po] lambda {|x| x.sum%(48*x.size)}["9"*1149]
+ 390713 [admin tensor] If the number of digits is less than five, how about this one for Ruby
| + 390716 [astounding g] Clever!
| | 390718 [admin tensor] First of all, to be more exact, I have to say in my previous post "if
| + 390735 [rubytalk2dav] ARGH, Verizon's overzealous spamfilter has been eating my replies outbound.  :-P
|   390736 [admin tensor] As Aaron pointed yesterday, if the number of digits is less than or
+ 390858 [lollyproduct] Thank you everyone for Helping me out.  :-)
  390862 [shortcutter ] If I am not mistaken, everybody in this thread resorted to using a
  390863 [sylvester.ke] I posted a similar version to yours which uses an iterator.
  390864 [shortcutter ] Oh, I'm sorry I overlooked that one.

^ Ray Tracing for acoustic analysis
390692 [daniel.boote] I'm looking to write a ray tracer in Ruby that can be used for acoustic
390695 [dave.baldwin] A bit of an open question!  I have written ray tracers for image =

^ RubyInstaller: What is your environment?
390693 [luislavena g] If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out
390694 [kc9cmt earth] Survey Below.

^ [ANN] Neapolitan v0.4.0 released
390697 [transfire gm] Neapolitan 0.4.0 has been released.

^ [ANN] rest-core 0.8.0 released
390699 [godfat gmail] # rest-core <https://github.com/cardinalblue/rest-core>

^ [ANN] rest-more 0.8.0 released
390700 [godfat gmail] # rest-more <https://github.com/cardinalblue/rest-more>

^ errors with respond_to? and inject
390706 [stkfdt gmail] This is my first post, and i hope i use the correct topic.
+ 390714 [sduncan weta] The first error is pretty straight forward to sort out. The #respond_to?
| 390717 [stkfdt gmail] Thx for ur response Sam
| 390719 [sduncan weta] I won't pretend to know what is happening under the hood, but my simple
+ 390720 [stkfdt gmail] Well it makes sens
+ 390721 [peter.c.r.la] Adding some print statements in the inject helps trace what is
+ 390722 [stkfdt gmail] Nicely done
+ 390723 [stkfdt gmail] Quick question though
  390734 [peter.c.r.la] You need respond_to? if you may pass in a non-Item instance to be added =

^ calling a SOAP service behind NTLM
390712 [tmays.awhast] years.

^ [ANN] DCell 0.0.1: Distributed actors for Ruby
390715 [tony.arcieri] DCell is a distributed actor framework for Ruby. Somewhat similar to DRb,
390783 [code apotheo] I think it's missing a license notice.  Is it licensed under the same
390802 [tony.arcieri] Yep. Thanks for the heads up. I went ahead and added the MIT license
390824 [code apotheo] Excellent.  Thank you.

^ break from a loop which is run on a xml
390730 [pillay.mithu] how do i loop through a xml and break when i find the node with a
+ 390731 [jakekaiden y] try to reduce your code to an executable snippet and then post that -
+ 390776 [shortcutter ] Use a proper XPath expression.  Other than that I second what Jake said.
+ 390920 [pillay.mithu] sorry guys..its company code cannot make it public.neways i figured out
  390930 [shortcutter ] Then strip it down / change it to a simple case which shows the

^ Re: openssl error - ubuntu
390732 [dhaval.inter] find the correct answer on

^ [JOB] Softwareentwickler/-in, prometheus-Bildarchiv, UniversitÁ’ zu Kn
390733 [jens.wille u] We, the prometheus image archive at the University of Cologne

^ ANN: Sequel 3.30.0 Released
390737 [code jeremye] Sequel is a lightweight database access toolkit for Ruby.

^ Is it useful to run GC.start periodically?
390738 [ibc aliax.ne] makes sense to periodically (i.e. each 2 minutes) run GC.start
390739 [steve stevek] If you don't know if you should run GC.start, then you shouldn't be

^ GC.malloc_allocated_size and GC.malloc_allocations not available (#if CALC_EXACT_MALLOC_SIZE)
390740 [ibc aliax.ne] #if CALC_EXACT_MALLOC_SIZE
390742 [normalperson] Enabling that breaks any C extensions that (incorrectly) mix
390743 [ibc aliax.ne] Thanks for the explanation, good to know.
390744 [ibc aliax.ne] #define CALC_EXACT_MALLOC_SIZE 1

^ Ruby 1.9.3: GC.stat meaning
390741 [ibc aliax.ne] Can I assume that the memory consumed by my Ruby application is

^ yaml.h is missing / Failed to configure psych.
390745 [r alum.mit.e] I'm doing a fresh sandboxed install of Ruby 'n Rails 'n such.  The
+ 390766 [luislavena g] You missed to tell Ruby's configure to use the $SANDBOX/usr location.
| 390775 [r alum.mit.e] @luislavena: That was exactly the problem -- thank you.  I did the build
+ 390767 [aaron.psamue] In Unix or Linux the case may be needing to update ldconfig to tell the

^ RTensor v0.0.1 Released
390746 [admin tensor] Just for fun, I created another multi-dimensional matrix which I call
+ 390786 [code apotheo] It does not appear to come with a license.
| 390787 [admin tensor] It is an executable only for Windows.  Do we usually put a license?  If
+ 390812 [admin tensor] I have added the license which is based on "Modified BSD License".
| 390825 [code apotheo] Thank you for clarifying that.
+ 390895 [admin tensor] I just updated rtensor_sup.rb to ver 0.0.1.B by adding methods "sum",
+ 390913 [admin tensor] And also the tentative tutorial contains more sections (I added
+ 390996 [admin tensor] and I have updated rtensor_sup.rb to ver 0.0.1.D by fixing the function
+ 391093 [admin tensor] and I have updated rtensor_sup.rb to ver 0.0.1.E by adding the function
+ 391107 [admin tensor] Regards,

^ embedded ruby event hooks
390748 [steve rtsw.c] We have been running ruby for about 7 years as an embedded interpreter
390751 [ryand-ruby z] tell
390814 [steve rtsw.c] Thanks Ryan

^ Why are there so many similar/identical methods in core classes
390749 [k.dorsel gma] Let's look at the Array class and start with method aliases.
+ 390750 [isaacbfsande] It is to make Ruby a language that is more natural. As a dev, I love it
+ 390753 [josh.cheek g] IDK for all of them. Some are actually different, to_s and inspect are
+ 390760 [shortcutter ] No, you can't.
+ 390827 [shevegen lin] Of course there is a reason for it. It is called aliases.
| 390857 [shortcutter ] An alias is not the same as using a C pointer.  A C pointer has one
+ 390828 [shevegen lin] that newcomers to Ruby often find parts of it too complicated.
  + 390836 [josh.cheek g] O.o
  | 390843 [klauer gmail] Not to mention that development of stdlib will move to gems (
  + 390846 [hanmac gmx.d] i do not share your opinion.
  | 390866 [b.candler po] Have you actually measured it, or are you just guessing?
  + 390856 [shortcutter ] You are not talking about syntax: you are talking about interfaces of

^ net/sftp hangs
390752 [peymano gmai] I've got a simple script for enumerating files on an SFTP server and

^ problem running hpricot
390754 [nilanjanb li] ....report_activate_error:RubyGem version error: hpricot(0.8.5 not>= 0)
390829 [shevegen lin] Looks odd. Did you try to run hpricot alone?

^ Inverse Operation of Module#include
390755 [su.comp.lang] class A
+ 390756 [gilbertly gm] Maybe you want to undef the method before including a module.
| 390778 [su.comp.lang] I tried that, but that will not remove the mixed-in module from the
+ 390757 [shevegen lin] I think there unfortunately is not.
+ 390758 [gilbertly gm] BTW, what do you want to achieve, switch interface at run-time or
| 390779 [su.comp.lang] The latter. In my example code the interface `foo' is not changed but
| 390794 [gilbertly gm] Then, you probably can consider making different implementations as
+ 390759 [ryand-ruby z] My "un" gem will do the trick, but there is nothing built in
| + 390764 [isaacbfsande] I would suggest an Adapter pattern use here. IF there is something that has
| | + 390765 [steve stevek] Abstract base classes are silly in Ruby; why bother with that
| | | + 390772 [isaacbfsande] The way I have it implemented, but if it were to have a lot of
| | | + 390781 [peter vanden] Steve,
| | |   + 390782 [luke.gru gma] Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Steve was trying to say that using
| | |   | 390791 [peter vanden] Aha,  thanks for the detailed reply.
| | |   + 390839 [shortcutter ] => Template method pattern
| | |     390840 [peter vanden] Thx for that pointer. I am still not clear what Steve exactly meant with
| | |     390844 [shortcutter ] ic
| | + 390784 [su.comp.lang] What if Team inherits from Group, and both FootballTeam and BaseballTeam
| |   390785 [isaacbfsande] If you want to redefine a function, and the adapter pattern does not seem
| + 390780 [su.comp.lang] That's good to know, I will definitely give it a try :)
+ 390813 [sean.ohalpin] [snip code]

^ docdiff syntax error
390761 [christopheth] I have downloaded docdiff-0-3-2 and installed it on RedHat Enterprise Linux=
390762 [ryand-ruby z] Linux 5.5

^ Using OpenSSL for making a network TLS server
390763 [ibc aliax.ne] in C++ using OpenSSL) as noted in
390773 [jdowney gmai] Ruby's OpenSSL library has an SSLServer class that will do exactly what
390774 [ibc aliax.ne] Really thanks a lot.
390871 [ibc aliax.ne] m a
390912 [ibc aliax.ne] Any suggestion about this please? Maybe the only response is that
390947 [b.candler po] Definitely don't write a TLS implementation yourself.
390952 [ibc aliax.ne] 0410b8b/fdc3c5c6686ceb49?lnk=3Dgst&q=3DSocket.pair&rnum=3D2&hl=3Den&pli=3D1

^ Native extension: arguments as a hash
390768 [mcpierce gma] I'm working on a native extension in C for Ruby 1.8.7. The method I'm
+ 390769 [now bitwi.se] ...
| 390770 [mcpierce gma] Thank you! I'm looking it over now. :)
+ 390771 [admin tensor] I am using 1.9.2, but hopefully it doesn't change much.  To have command

^ rake --dry-run: how to see what sh commands will be run?
390777 [lw2011 sonic] I am trying to set up some rules to build files with locally installed
+ 390831 [andres.mrad ] well, form what i understand by reading this
+ 390852 [lw2011 sonic] Unfortunately, -v displays shell commands only when I'm not
+ 390883 [andres.mrad ] =C2=BFhave you tried invoking it with -T?
+ 390888 [ryand-ruby z] 'rake
  390892 [ymendel pobo] C projects it is a vastly superior tool. :)
  390908 [lw2011 sonic] That is probably beyond my abilities (or at least beyond my budget of

^ How to write a sorting program
390788 [sasogeek yah] I'm supposed to write my own sorting method for a list of words entered
390789 [cremes.devli] Your teacher is probably a member of this mailing list. Why don't you ask them for some help?
390790 [sasogeek yah] I'm reading Chris Pine's book - Learn to program... that's where the
390793 [ryand-ruby z] Get some scraps of paper, number them, mix them up, and work through it =
390838 [shortcutter ] Samuel, if you need some idea of how sorting algorithms work you'll

^ Is there a better way to check this array?
390795 [wbrisett att] I have an array which contains items that need to be renamed. =
+ 390796 [peter.c.r.la] => true
| 390798 [wbrisett att] Thanks. Both of these have given me more food for thought. I knew grep =
| 390799 [ammarabuali ] ould have worked. The issue Ammar that I see with it though is I have to pa=
| 390800 [wbrisett att] grep should have worked. The issue Ammar that I see with it though is I =
| 390801 [isaacbfsande] Why u no use hash?
| 390803 [astounding g] I was wondering the same thing as Isaac.  Your data seems quite well
| 390805 [wbrisett att] I think mostly it's due to my inexperience using Ruby (or any other =
+ 390797 [ammarabuali ] ly the way things are changed are based on a comparison of if something els=

^ Dynamic instances of a class.
390804 [andres.mrad ] require 'csv'
+ 390806 [lw2011 sonic] I'm not an expert, but your question I can answer. Woohoo!
+ 390807 [lw2011 sonic] Oops, I didn't take into account the format of your data file, in which
| 390817 [andres.mrad ] wow thanks this really is light in the empty void of my ignorance, i'll
+ 390818 [andres.mrad ] For some estrange reason it wont let me edit, but i'll share my results.
+ 390819 [lw2011 sonic] Motorcycle.new( *line.split( ',' )  )
+ 390822 [andres.mrad ] OK, hate to multi-post, but wanted to let you know that i made it, is =
  + 390823 [hassan.schro] Yes, use the CSV library you've required (but never used) to parse
  | 390830 [andres.mrad ] Ok, i really have no experience, and must say that the library was there
  + 390868 [frederick.ch] Be careful here, because you are only referring to your Motorcycle

^ help with recursive method def'n using eval
390808 [cremes.devli] I would like to solve a problem where a writer of a class can provide an array of fields and those fields are turned into two things.
390809 [cremes.devli] I should have waited a few more minutes. After typing this up, I was hit by inspiration. Here is my solution.
+ 390811 [cremes.devli] And once again I should have waited a few minutes or at least long enough to run my test. Here's a bug fix for the missing "end" to close the method definition (it's the call to #downto).
+ 390821 [transfire gm] I find writing an issue up often helps me figure out a problem, so it's not
  390837 [cremes.devli] Quite true. Perhaps my "thinking out loud" in public has been helpful for someone else too.
  390860 [pete peterhi] If it's not important to output the constructed string, you could do it
  390884 [cremes.devli] Pete, thanks for figuring out another approach. I prefer building a string and eval'ing it because it's easier (IMHO) to verify that the generated code is correct by examining the string. Using #define_method works quite well too, but when something is wrong with the method definition it's a bit tougher to track down and fix.
  390885 [pete peterhi] I respectfully disagree, but you should write your code how you like your

^ [ANN] sqlite3 1.3.5 - ZOMG Holidays are here Edition Released!
390810 [luislavena g] sqlite3 version 1.3.5 - has been released!

^ Re: ANSI v1.4.0 released
390816 [kazu.dev gma] Alternatively you can use isna which has simpler approach.
+ 390820 [transfire gm] Fluid notation can be nice and simple, but it also has limitations. If you
| + 390826 [shevegen lin] To be honest, I think ruby should include an ANSI solution in its
| | 390902 [transfire gm] There is a tendency to overly fret extensions to core classes. Used
| + 391613 [kazu.dev gma] I actually went over all of the implementations of ansi before writing
+ 390832 [gsinclair gm] There's also my "Col" library, created when I wanted efficient control

^ 'open().each' doesn't close file
390833 [viertelvor12] On Ruby 1.9.3 (win7(64))
+ 390834 [m.fellinger ] open will only close if you pass it a block directly.
| 390851 [rubytalk2dav] So just "do end" doesn't count as a block?  Seems (at least to me)
| 390853 [joelvanderwe] In your case, the "do end" block is passed to the #each call, not to the
| 390875 [rubytalk2dav] D'oh!  You're right, sorry, I glossed right over that.  That must be
+ 390854 [luke.gru gma] ls -ld /some/dir
  390867 [b.candler po] The OP was using Windoze.