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^ referring to version numbers in a gem
390064 [code apotheo] How do I specify and access a gem's version number within the code of the
+ 390065 [jeremy bopp.] I don't know about the best way, but I've seen a couple ways to handle
| 390072 [code apotheo] Do you have any specific examples in mind for how to accomplish each of
| 390076 [jeremy bopp.] module MyLibrary
| 390077 [code apotheo] Wow.  That really should have been obvious to me.  Thank you.
| 390079 [jeremy bopp.] I wish I could remember where I originally read about that solution so
+ 390066 [ryand-ruby z] the
+ 390068 [cmdjackryan ] module MyAwesomeTool
| 390071 [drbrain segm] access
| 390075 [code apotheo] I'm using Gem::Version at present to specify my version, but I'm not
+ 390070 [cczona gmail] How about DRYing it up a by fetching the value from the version info
| + 390073 [code apotheo] That's the sort of thing I want to do.  I'm just not sure how best to go
| + 390074 [drbrain segm] When developing, the code I'm running may not be installed as a gem so =
|   390083 [cczona gmail] Good point, Eric
+ 390078 [code apotheo] For now, I'm going with the following.
| 390086 [ryand-ruby z] the
| 390090 [code apotheo] Using a constant could prove problematic.  As I said in an earlier
| + 390094 [cczona gmail] This is what namespaces are for.  If a library's constants are
| + 390095 [ryand-ruby z] According to my stats, I've got 526 releases that all use this pattern =
|   + 390099 [cczona gmail] So do Rails, ActiveRecord, Rack, NokoGiri, Cucumber, among others.
|   + 390103 [code apotheo] "Urban legend" is not something that actually happened to me and that I
+ 390088 [josh.cheek g] # assumes file is in root/lib/gem_name.rb
| 390091 [code apotheo] This is probably a joke, but . . .
+ 390114 [transfire gm] Keep the data where ever you want, Rubygems has tossed the FHS out the
  390118 [ymendel pobo] trip
  390125 [transfire gm] @yossef

^ calculating the prime factors of a very large number
390080 [jeniferjblac] How would you write the code to find the prime factors of a very large
+ 390120 [shortcutter ] <snip/>
+ 390158 [cidza tin.it] require "prime"
+ 390160 [shevegen lin] require "prime"
  + 390167 [mcpierce gma] There's a Prime class that's available if you require 'mathn'
  + 390168 [mcpierce gma] Guess I should have looked at the other message closer. There's a Prime
  + 390170 [cidza tin.it] Yes it is specific to 1.9

^ [ANN] Thin 1.3.0 Double Espresso release
390089 [macournoyer ] Hey,

^ Share stories about using Ruby outside of pet projects
390093 [darkintent g] I recently decided to take another stab at Clojure and came across
+ 390101 [eldestdamphy] Well, it's not exactly a case study, but I've built and maintain a build
| 390190 [darkintent g] @Vassilis: Why did you choose Ruby for your build system; does the language
| 391363 [eldestdamphy] It's actually simple: there are 4 IDEs, 5 compilers and 4 languages not
+ 390122 [rubytalk2dav] I've used it on two jobs.  At Comcast, I did some trivial parsing of

^ Using Ruby to install/manage something from source - Features?
390104 [shevegen lin] Since some time, as a hobby, I am working on an umbrella project
390108 [b.candler po] brew install htop

^ Advanced Ruby: Eval over multiple Bindings?
390105 [transfire gm] def binding1
+ 390106 [steve stevek] The only method directly on binding is eval, so you'd have to do it in
+ 390107 [sutniuq gmx.] binding1.eval("a + binding2.eval('b')") #=> 3
  390113 [transfire gm] My usecase is for template generation. For example ERB, it's render method=
  + 390115 [josh.cheek g] up on it b/c this feature didn't exist.
  | 390127 [luke.gru gma] There doesn't seem to be a way to 'merge' the bindings, but there
  + 390130 [sutniuq gmx.] I don”Ēt think so. I just wondered.

^ Syntax Error
390110 [dhulem1 umbc] I am somewhat new to Ruby coding and programming altogether,
+ 390111 [stefano.croc] The do keyword in the line after the if is wrong. Remove it and everything
+ 390116 [dhulem1 umbc] Since I remove the do line, how do I get the output of price which is
| 390117 [stefano.croc] puts "enter Product ID Number"
+ 390119 [dhulem1 umbc] test.rb:14:in `block in <main>': undefined local variable or method
| 390129 [chris.hulan ] You accessed the product id in the CSV by indexing into the row (row[0])
+ 390132 [dhulem1 umbc] Are you saying that I should add
+ 390134 [jakekaiden y] neither `price` nor `qty' are yet defined when you try to multiply
+ 390136 [dhulem1 umbc] J-
  + 390138 [peterhickman] price = row[2].to_f # fetch, convert from string, and store in
  + 390139 [dhulem1 umbc] WOW I my notepad++ wrapped text so that 'price variable' was on separate

^ Using gets and split
390121 [c0dege3k gma] I'm working on a challenge that tells me that the input is given at the
390123 [jakekaiden y] the #to_s method is unnecessary here, as #gets returns a String
390124 [c0dege3k gma] Ok, that does work- so the problem is with how the data is being inputted,
390137 [rubytalk2dav] No, it's the program, if you do indeed want to use gets.  Thing is,
390144 [c0dege3k gma] That's a good point & idea. I will take that into consideration and will

^ BE
390128 [transfire gm] Has anyone else seen this: http://docs.bugseverywhere.org/
390150 [martindemell] I tried using distributed bugtracking for a bit (ditz, to be precise).
390152 [transfire gm] I agree. What I really want is both. I think it would be awesome if pushing

^ model "lift-passengers" and concurrent programming
390140 [ya1krabe gma] I'm trying to write a model of an elevator with one button. Elevator can
+ 390141 [sduncan weta] Can you post your semaphore implementation?
+ 390142 [ya1krabe gma] class CountingSemaphore
| 390157 [shortcutter ] That uses a lot of MRI internals (Thread.stop etc.).  I'd rather use
+ 390159 [shortcutter ] What about the way up?

^ How to use csv files in ruby
390143 [m.mrinali gm] I am able to write parts of the code but I am not able to join the code
+ 390145 [jakekaiden y] i think you'll be able to figure this out better if you follow some
+ 390146 [m.mrinali gm] I think I'll rewrite the code following formatting.
| 390148 [jakekaiden y] good idea, i think you'll find it helpful.
| 390151 [m.mrinali gm] Did u check my previous post?
+ 390147 [m.mrinali gm] if I take joe ( the sales person) This code should work right?? whats
  390161 [jakekaiden y] notice that you call register_new_customer with no arguments, but

^ Binding#with
390153 [transfire gm] Binding#with
+ 390154 [josh.cheek g] Note I had to explicitly define this in Binding to avoid the private method
| + 390179 [transfire gm] hmm... so maybe I can work around by using define_method(:temp, ... instead
| | 390181 [transfire gm] def with(_hash, &_yield)
| | 390191 [josh.cheek g] class Binding
| | 390192 [transfire gm] Try
| + 390180 [transfire gm] Sorry, I should have clarified that. Yes, that is the intent.
+ 390422 [transfire gm] # Create a new binding incorporating the current binding and
  390423 [transfire gm] Oh, make sure

^ unsubscribe
390156 [wyvern.bai g] unsubscribe

^ Noob question regarding custom method
390162 [zombiegenera] def set_miles(miles)
390164 [samwho lbak.] "setter" methods that have "set" in the name are far more idiomatic of
390165 [shortcutter ] Just a stylistic remark: I would code it like this
390166 [zombiegenera] Thank you robert and sam for answering the question . It helped.

^ Exclamation marks in method names
390163 [sylvester.ke] Dear all,
+ 390169 [rubytalk2dav] The general idea may be OK, but at least this particular case is a bit
| 390172 [sylvester.ke] return self
+ 390178 [shortcutter ] read about it the Best Practices book, too), the prevailing convention is t=

^ cant install ruby using rvm on osx lion
390173 [jtomasrl gma] % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time
390174 [jtomasrl gma] configure.log
+ 390175 [sylvester.ke] Which C compiler have you installed? Just to make sure: did you install =
| 390176 [sylvester.ke] install X-Code?
+ 390177 [phildobbin g] /usr/bin/gcc

^ Re: MIDASWAD - Matz is Dumb and so We are Dumb
390182 [rubypanther ] list
+ 390188 [ryand-ruby z] I have no idea why you replied to a (already painful) thread that has =
+ 390189 [code apotheo] list
  390213 [shevegen lin] The biggest problem with Ilias Lazaridis is that his suggestions to

^ Binding#self
390184 [transfire gm] Need suggestions for a core-extension method name. Currently Ruby Facets
+ 390185 [isaacbfsande] `this`? `_self_`?
+ 390195 [jrmair gmail] Did you even try with `binding.self` with rubinius before you tried to
  390235 [transfire gm] Why would i do that?  It's too damn good to be true, isn't it!? ;-)

^ calculator program help
390187 [socomcrazy10] I'm trying to make a simple RPN calculator that reads in regular
390200 [sylvester.ke] that
390201 [sylvester.ke] that

^ Ruby for Windows
390193 [info embedde] I'm interested in Ruby for Windows.
+ 390208 [esperantoca ] along the same line as Google Sketchup (3D graphicals w/ Ruby plugins).
+ 390685 [info embedde] Not quite, FlowStone is a programming language used to make Windows
+ 390698 [regis.aubare] Seem to be a concurrent to NI LabVIEW,

^ [ANN] ssh 1.0.0 Released
390194 [ryand-ruby z] ssh version 1.0.0 has been released!

^ Autocompletion of commands & arguments
390196 [itsme213 hot] I want to build a Ruby app with the following broad properties
+ 390198 [shortcutter ] I haven't worked with it yet but I am almost 100% certain that you at
+ 390202 [vbosch gmail] charset=us-ascii

^ search through a csv file
390197 [akshathakshu] i have a person details csv file. I am trying to write a code to search
+ 390199 [darkintent g] Where have you assigned csv_contents? =C2=A0I'm guessing that you want to
+ 390203 [jeremy hineg] The CSV library that ships with Ruby can help quite a bit with this.
  390205 [ymendel pobo] key] )
  390212 [jeremy hineg] Ah, learning something new, loving it :-).

^ Logical operator ||
390204 [gonzalezdami] a = "mom"
390206 [stefano.croc] g(
390207 [gonzalezdami] That cleaned my main, my exercise is fixed now, thank you a lot

^ Regex to divide document into sections?
390209 [transfire gm] Any expert regexp wrangler around here. I can't quite find a way to split a
+ 390210 [esperantoca ] This is as best as I can go (with a limitation from Ruby's Regexp
| 390211 [transfire gm] The actual content shouldn't really matter. Sorry, I should have been more
| 390214 [josh.cheek g] This is very close.
| 390237 [transfire gm] And how nice it would be if it worked! It does come very close if you knock
+ 390215 [joelvanderwe] s = %{\
  390216 [joelvanderwe] Oops, puts x[0] is better.
  390236 [transfire gm] Hmm... doesn't seem to work for me.
  390248 [matma.rex gm] We're talking about this regex, right?

^ Fwd: Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender
390217 [shortcutter ] from time to time I get these kinds of reply from the mailing list.

^ Re: genie.rb:20: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting kEND
390218 [gbolahanajib] i need help on this piece of code, i am new to ruby programming, i just
390224 [jeremy bopp.] has_one :category

^ Certificate ssl and encrypt...
390219 [diegosoreira] I'm a newbie web development and I'm working with a web project in Rails 2.=
390221 [martin.bossl] 2.x.x. I need your help.
390228 [diegosoreira] Thanks Martin!

^ SSH hangs for 30 sec on AIX
390220 [cfb jndata.d] - AIX 6.1
390227 [shortcutter ] Hmm...  The first thing that comes to mind is "reverse lookups".  see
+ 390230 [matt technor] Having seen this sort of issue many times over the years, it is almost
+ 390392 [cfb jndata.d] I have verified that reverse lookup is working as it should, so reverse

^ Literate programming and Ruby
390222 [mikaa123 gma] Hey there,
+ 390225 [shortcutter ] I am skeptical: if the benefits would be so great I would expect it to
+ 390226 [steve stevek] I'd encourage you to read this: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2090007
| 390231 [code apotheo] 0007
+ 390232 [axyd80 gmail] I personally believe that this is wonderful idea, especially for =
| 390233 [mikaa123 gma] The discussion in here was very informative.  For Knuth, a literate program
+ 390234 [transfire gm] I use literate programming all the time.
+ 390336 [axyd80 gmail] tten

^ Re: Certificate ssl and encrypt.
390223 [b.candler po] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
390229 [diegosoreira] Thanks Brian!

^ RVM problem, plz help
390238 [b1368810 lhs] in terminal (I have Ubuntu 11.04), I haven't any output and rvm still no
+ 390239 [phildobbin g] `user$ type rvm | head -1`
+ 390245 [b1368810 lhs] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
| + 390246 [reyes.yang g] Do you have installed curl?
| + 390251 [phildobbin g] Try navigating to the directory where the rvm source files would've been
+ 390256 [b1368810 lhs] If I puts command
| 390259 [phildobbin g] $: find /usr/local -name rvm -print
+ 390260 [b1368810 lhs] Report is nil.
| 390264 [phildobbin g] In which case it's probably not installed (you could try `find / -name rvm
+ 390269 [b1368810 lhs] I'd said in the start of topic, that's rvm don't want to install.
| 390273 [echristopher] curl https://raw.github.com/wayneeseguin/rvm/master/binscripts/rvm-installer
+ 390271 [code apotheo] Is there any chance you don't currently have bash installed on your
+ 390276 [b1368810 lhs] I had happy installing rvm on this machine, but now remove it.
| 390278 [waynefb eart] Can you curl anywhere? Almost looks like a proxy or port issue.
| 390282 [b1368810 lhs] So, I don't know something about curl command.
+ 390300 [b1368810 lhs] So, I installed RVM.

^ RegEx Unicode Character
390240 [aggouni2002 ] I am using regexp to match unicode(arabic) character but it is not

^ Ruby, How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways...
390241 [astounding g] I just have to say that Ruby is very, very convenient.
390243 [joelvanderwe] $ sequel sqlite:/
390250 [gditrick fus] +1 for sequel

^ Speedup Ruby 1.9.3 on Windows a lot
390242 [jarmo.p gmai] I've written a blog post about speeding up Ruby 1.9.3 on Windows a lot -
390255 [shortcutter ] Interesting!
+ 390262 [jon.forums g] And hopefully a few good answers to your questions now.
| 390266 [shortcutter ] Thank you!
| 390277 [jon.forums g] s,
+ 390267 [luislavena g] I hope my answers help you.
  390270 [shortcutter ] Yep, thanks for that!

^ how to override methods on class composed in another class or module?
390244 [grary.stimon] Hey y'all,

^ Can we set a timeout time for Net::SSH::Connection::Session#exec!
390247 [bin.jinb qq.] when using Net::SSH::Connection::Session#exec! ,sometimes command

^ [ANN] Ruby 1.9.3 Release party (in Tokyo)
390249 [ko1 atdot.ne] We will held Ruby 1.9.3 release party in Tokyo, Japan.

^ Building native gems on windows with bundler
390252 [ian mygrid.o] I'm trying to bundle install a Gemfile which contains libxml-ruby.  I
+ 390254 [luislavena g] libxml-ruby gem requires libxml2 and other support libraries.
+ 390272 [ian mygrid.o] I had installed the libxml libraries but maybe they were in the wrong
  390275 [luislavena g] You will need libxml development headers and libraries, which is

^ Generate Excel look-a-like charts
390253 [jeroeningen ] I would like to generate charts that looks like the Charts in MS Excel
390286 [its.code.in.] Try Flex Charts. Good shit I tell you!

^ Help a newbie-The page isn't redirecting properly
390257 [lfay austin.] With good intention I was helping someone with a ruby site but now I've
390258 [lfay austin.] Not sure what changed or if there's still some kind of caching
390285 [hassan.schro] Are you just uploading edited files to a running Rails app? Because

^ Possible to run Ruby on Apache Tomcat server?
390261 [ruthmizzi gm] This might be a bit of an unusual set up but I'd like to have Java
+ 390263 [cwprogram li] for
| 390299 [ruthmizzi gm] Thanks for your reply.
| 390301 [steve stevek] It's really not that unusual, especially in enterprise deployments.
+ 390274 [steve stevek] ...
+ 390350 [headius head] This is a very confusing statement. JRuby *is* Java and Ruby together.