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^ [ANN] Confection v0.0.2 released
389852 [transfire gm] Confection 0.0.2 has been released.

^ unsubscribe
389856 [binjip978 gm] ...

^ ruby encryption & decryption using rsa
389857 [pothuri_sati] key) and again encrypting xxx should give say yyy(public key) and
+ 389893 [drbrain segm] $ pbpaste | ruby
+ 389909 [pothuri_sati] Thanks Eric....for replying
| 389921 [martin.bossl] where
+ 389955 [axyd80 gmail] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ Compiling Ruby Inline C code - resolving errors
389858 [mail maasha.] I am trying to get this Ruby inline C code http://pastie.org/2825882 to
+ 389860 [ryand-ruby z] It is generally best to send these types of questions to a more targeted =
+ 389863 [mail maasha.] char* s = StringValuePtr(rb_iv_get(self, "@seq"));
| + 389870 [sylvester.ke] When=20
| | 389873 [mail maasha.] How could I know that bulder.c -> builder.prefix changed the function an
| | 389892 [ryand-ruby z] an=20
| + 389889 [ryand-ruby z] When=20
+ 389864 [susan.dressl] Hy, my name is susan dressler.
+ 389916 [mail maasha.] value
  + 389918 [sylvester.ke] IIRC s and ss are pointers to a (the same?) string, right? If they are, =
  | 389927 [mail maasha.] Yes, that will do. Thanks!
  + 389972 [ryand-ruby z] It shouldn't expect an int. You're returning a measurement. They can't =

^ About the main RubyGems application, gem
389861 [sbstn26 yaho] I'm running windows 7.  Inside this directory, C:\Ruby192\bin , is the
+ 389875 [jon.forums g] Think of that as a helper that does a little bit of management and
| 389914 [sbstn26 yaho] n C:\Ruby192\bin ?
| 389942 [jeremy bopp.] First of all, the version of Ruby you appear to be using (1.9.2)
+ 389925 [luislavena g] That is the RubyGems wrapper for the RubyGems CLI interface.

^ Building a data structure - Hashes of Hashes of Hashes of Arrays
389862 [sebastian ye] Good morning everyone,
389894 [casanejo gma] Hard to read all your text... Consider to write enough... but not all.
389903 [ryand-ruby z] class NestedHash < Hash

^ Understanding the use of double pipes in Ruby
389868 [fs_tigre hot] Can someone explain the use of double pipes "||" in Ruby?
+ 389869 [fs_tigre hot] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
+ 389871 [rubytalk2dav] It's the logical "or" operator.
+ 389872 [josh.cheek g] The most obvious thing you can do is a logical "or"
+ 389876 [fs_tigre hot] First of all thank a lot for your help!
| 389877 [rubytalk2dav] Oh!  That's different.  I thought you mainly meant the ||= trick.
+ 389878 [fs_tigre hot] Ok, it looks like this is a completely different animal that belongs to

^ Getting certain characters from a string
389879 [c0dege3k gma] I have a string that I need to get certain characters at a given index.
+ 389880 [ralph leastt] I believe you're looking for the chr method
+ 389883 [b.candler po] str[0,1]
  389885 [ralph leastt] I love this mailing list.  I'm learning new things every day.  Thank you Reese.

^ Using Scruffy - problem with point_markers
389882 [casanejo gma] graph = Scruffy::Graph.new

^ [ANN] MiniTap v0.3.2 released
389884 [transfire gm] MiniTap 0.3.2 has been released.
389887 [transfire gm] release. I suggest doing `gem install tapout` to make sure it gets updated

^ UTF-8 error when using Dir.glob with File::FNM_CASEFOLD
389886 [justincollin] I have a line in an application like this (search the given directory

^ Alias for Module Method
389888 [admin tensor] Is there a way to have an alias for module method?  This code does not
+ 389890 [luke.gru gma] Hey,
+ 389891 [admin tensor] Wow, it really works!  Thanks a lot for the singleton class.

^ Parsing data with ruby
389895 [admin ssihos] I'm trying to figure out how I would go about parsing a group of files
389896 [peterhickman] a = "10,25,40,55 * * * * /some/cron/here > /dev/null 2>&1\n30 */4 * *
389897 [admin ssihos] Thanks for the reply. This looks like a step in the right direction. The
+ 389904 [ammarabuali ] split takes a second argument that specifies a limit. It will greatly
+ 389926 [peterhickman] The a = "..." part was to allow me to give you a runnable example, you

^ Deploying a Ruby application to a server
389898 [brendonnelso] I have a Ruby application that I need to deploy through a server so it
389899 [lake lakeden] I have been successful using rack and heroku.=20

^ Noobie Question: Using Parallel against an array
389900 [brettg hq.ne] I guess this is more of a design question, but I'm trying to use
+ 389917 [sandor.szuec] % gem i threadify
+ 389991 [junegunn.c g] -av user@machine:/#{k} /mnt/backup/#{k}` }

^ [ANN] minitest 2.8.0 Released
389902 [ryand-ruby z] minitest version 2.8.0 has been released!

^ use ruby with win32 .bat
389906 [cz460909 gma] may be it is a easy question for anyone, but not for me...

^ How to use \G in a regexp pattern?
389911 [yimutang gma] The Regexp document says that '\G - Matches point where last match
389913 [jduan amazon] aHR0cDovL3d3dy5yZWd1bGFyLWV4cHJlc3Npb25zLmluZm8vY29udGludWUuaHRtbCANCg0KLUpp

^ Forming a Ruby meetup group...
389928 [mcpierce gma] Where I work we have a local Ruby group that used to meet up, until the
+ 389959 [rubytalk2dav] That depends in large part on the local community.  Do you have some
+ 389960 [danielflambe] One thing you can do is take some of the more interesting questions asked
  + 389961 [isaacbfsande] In Columbus we have two meetings. One night we have presentations, and
  | 390031 [ryand-ruby z] Check
  | + 390032 [matt technor] Uh huh, you just want to encourge the sorts of really insanely BAD IDEAS
  | | 390036 [ryand-ruby z] do presentation in several different formats over the years. Eventually =
  | + 390033 [mcpierce gma] I definitely like this. When we do the bar camp here in RDU it's all ad
  + 389996 [shortcutter ] +1
  + 390000 [mcpierce gma] That's a good idea! Thank you. :)
  + 390003 [rubytalk2dav] Ooh, good one!  And Darryl can do the same for any longstanding Ruby

^ Can't get "or" or "||" to work.
389929 [lollyproduct] name = gets.chop.downcase
+ 389930 [Joec_49 hotm] Use regular expressions instead
+ 389931 [samwho lbak.] name =3D gets.chop.downcase
| 389932 [samwho lbak.] Also, you will want to change || to &&. As it stands, you're checking
| 389934 [lollyproduct] Thank you so much.
+ 389933 [hanmac gmx.d] unless ["bob","fred"].include?(name)
+ 389935 [mcpierce gma] Your logic is off. You're wanting to see if name is either "bob" or

^ Re: Messages to Ruby List/Forum/etc. not arriving equally?
389936 [adam apresco] Bumping this.

^ How can I overwrite class variables
389938 [fs_tigre hot] How can I overwrite a class variable?  What I have here is a class
+ 389940 [peterhickman] To be honest you do not need class variables for this and you should
+ 389941 [fs_tigre hot] Wow! I knew someone would come with a better solution. Awesome!
+ 389944 [shevegen lin] You just need to write more ruby code.
| 389946 [fs_tigre hot] Do you know of any tutorials where you can actually practice Ruby in
| + 389947 [jduan amazon] VGhlcmUgYXJlIHR3byB3YXlzIChtYXliZSBtb3JlKSB0byBkZWZpbmUgbWV0aG9kcyBhcyBwcml2
| + 389948 [waynefb eart] I'll tell you what has helped me the most (and this may not be the solution for you). I've been using another language for misc projects at work. I've been reading and even took an on-line Ruby course to get up to speed. But even the class projects didn't help me as much as having an actual project to work on. It's one thing, as you're finding out, to go through tutorials, but an entirely different thing to have to work out the solution using Ruby. In many cases, I knew how I would attack the problem. What I really needed to understand was how do I do it using an object oriented language, something I wasn't use to, and what conventions I Ruby used vs. what I was use to using. But my own projects really helped me understand some of the basics much better than anything else.
| + 389949 [sylvester.ke] Ruby)
+ 389956 [fs_tigre hot] Thank you all very much for the good information!

^ How to start IRB from an application with a specific prompt
389943 [shevegen lin] system 'irb --prompt my-prompt --readline'

^ [ANN] YARD TomDoc v0.3.1 released
389945 [transfire gm] YARD TomDoc 0.3.1 has been released.

^ The faster way to read files
389950 [casanejo gma] Does anybody know which is the fastest way to read a file? Lets say
389951 [jduan amazon] V2hhdCBhcmUgeW91IGdvaW5nIHRvIGRvIHdpdGggdGhlIGZpbGVzPyBEbyB5b3UgbmVlZCB0byBy

^ Re: The fastest way to read files
389954 [casanejo gma] Sequentially... The point is that I need to process each pair of files,
+ 389957 [jduan amazon] Rm9yIHNtYWxsIGZpbGVzLCB0aGVyZSBzaG91bGRuJ3QgYmUgbXVjaCBvZiBhIGRpZmZlcmVuY2Ug
| 389958 [casanejo gma] Perfect! Thank you Jing.
+ 389998 [shortcutter ] What kind of processing do you need to do on those files?
  390050 [casanejo gma] Basically read their content in order to remove blanks, punctuation
  390051 [shortcutter ] files but all these operations mentioned above can be done on a single
  390053 [casanejo gma] I mean, the final processing is about compare (preprocessed) content of
  390054 [shortcutter ] Aha.  I assume you do your analysis based on words.  In that case
  + 390056 [casanejo gma] Great! Thanks for the advice.
  + 390069 [ryand-ruby z] AFAIK, Ruby hashes have (almost) always frozen their keys.
    390081 [shortcutter ] I know.  That's the reason why I do the freeze in the block.
    + 390082 [shortcutter ] remember.guy do |as, often| as.you_can - without end
    + 390084 [ryand-ruby z] I'm confused. If you know that the key is going to be frozen anyways, =
      390087 [normalperson] The implicit freeze from Hash#[]= duplicates the string and freezes
      390096 [shortcutter ] Exactly.  And in that case we would end up with two objects in memory

^ [ANN] Yardbird v0.1.2 released
389962 [transfire gm] Yardbird 0.1.2 has been released.

^ Strings are not equal
389964 [antsinyourpa] I am testing two strings to see if they are equal.
389965 [adam apresco] => "\u000F"
389995 [shortcutter ] Trapped by the escaping character - and there is no escape. ;-)

^ Argument error --- How to solve?
389966 [arsi.ikonen ] I=C2=B4m at the very beginning with Ruby and give again and again this er=
+ 389984 [cczona gmail] Your first argument to gsub appears to be ASCII 197.
| 389987 [arsi.ikonen ] Yes, You're correct, but still I do not know how to fix my code...As the
| 390022 [b.candler po] Strings in ruby 1.9 are complicated beasts. I had a go at understanding
+ 389989 [arsi.ikonen ] Not possile to edit previous, so additional comment: My environment do
| 389992 [shortcutter ] If you insert this line at the beginning of the script, what does it print?
+ 390030 [esperantoca ] without getting too involved with Ruby's encoding mechanism

^ [gist] Ruby script for creating TLS certificates
389968 [ibc aliax.ne] (with advanced features such as SubjectAltName fields for "DNS" and
389970 [jdowney gmai] You actually send them what is called a certificate signing request (CSR).
389971 [ibc aliax.ne] he
389977 [martin.bossl] ).
389978 [ibc aliax.ne] Oh, Ruby OpenSSL doc has been nicely improved :)

^ mechanize 2.1 prerelease
389974 [drbrain segm] mechanize 2.1.pre.1 is up on rubygems.org. Notable improvements over =

^ [ANN] treequel 1.7.0 Released
389983 [ged FaerieMU] treequel version 1.7.0 has been released!

^ How timeout $stdin.gets ?
389985 [chonkw nate.] timeout(1) do
+ 389986 [jduan amazon] V2hpY2ggdmVyc2lvbiBvZiBydWJ5IGRpZCB5b3UgdXNlPyBJdCB3b3JrcyBmb3IgbWUuDQoNCnJ1
+ 389988 [chonkw nate.] windows7
  390014 [sduncan weta] For your particular use case can you simply refactor it to use select?

^ compass : (Zlib::GzipFile::Error)
389990 [prashanthgan] unable to install compass
+ 390002 [jon.forums g] When you ask for help, always provide enough details so you don't waste
+ 390008 [luislavena g] Since your report is lacking some context (I recommend reading this link

^ Dividing a gem into 2 or 3 gems
389993 [sentinel1879] I have a gem that has been growing for a while (e.g. mygem). There's a
+ 389997 [adam apresco] Have you got this under version control? If so, have you considered
| 390009 [sentinel1879] Yes, its in github and I do use branches for experiments. Each version
+ 389999 [lake lakeden] I do not having working knowledge to give advice from. However, It may be he=
| + 390001 [steve stevek] ...
| + 390011 [sentinel1879] Yes, the rspec (and jdbc link provided by Steve) show 2 different ways
+ 390019 [transfire gm] If you are creating separate packages then create separate repos. If your a
+ 390034 [drbrain segm] mygem-core

^ How to kill an exist tcpserver or tcpsocket?
389994 [lifengfeng h] I=E2=80=99m using the following codes to create and close a tcpsocket on
390013 [jduan amazon] SGF2ZSB5b3UgdHJpZWQgdGhlICdhdF9leGl0JyBob29rPyBZb3Ugc2hvdWxkIGJlIGFibGUgdG8g
390015 [sduncan weta] I'm not too familiar with the TCPServer class, but do you have access to

^ Navigating through the official Ruby documentation
390006 [fs_tigre hot] I have been trying to learn Ruby and so far so good I'm slowly leering
+ 390007 [samwho lbak.] Okay, let's see...
+ 390010 [sutniuq gmx.] Assuming you°«re refering to http://ruby-doc.org/core-1.9.3/, it°«s
+ 390012 [fs_tigre hot] Double WOW! for you two guys.
  + 390038 [botpena gmai] irb(main):040:0> system "ri Array | head"
  + 390097 [jakekaiden y] you can think of a module as a collection of useful methods that you

^ ruby is scripting language
390016 [erharish43.m] Can any body help me out of the confusion
+ 390017 [sduncan weta] Hope that helps
+ 390018 [transfire gm] Primarily b/c it is an interpreted language rather than a compiled language.

^ sum returning two values
390020 [kondarao77 y] Can you please help me on this issue, I have seen your mail id from ruby
390028 [peterhickman] I put you code into a file called x and ran it
390029 [kondarao77 y] I am atatchning my test files here, can you please help me .

^ How Am I to Understand This Class Behavior?
390021 [esperantoca ] The following code gets me wondering: how come the last "puts" gets
+ 390023 [jduan amazon] aHR0cDovL3J1YnktZG9jLm9yZy9kb2NzL1Byb2dyYW1taW5nUnVieS9odG1sL2NsYXNzZXMuaHRt
+ 390024 [cwprogram li] class definitions are expressions where the returned value is the last =
+ 390025 [rubytalk2dav] When you define a class, all the stuff at the top level of the
+ 390026 [esperantoca ] Thanks, DuanJingJing and Chris for the speedy reply.
+ 390027 [esperantoca ] Now making it worse :-)

^ Re: How to remove empty element in an array
390035 [kondarao77 y] It is working only for 253 array elemnets, how to increase teh array
390047 [shortcutter ] What is "it"?  Please do not hijack old threads.
390063 [shevegen lin] You should pastie your code somewhere.

^ Reading CSV File
390037 [dhulem1 umbc] I am new to ruby and need a little help for a project.
+ 390039 [rubytalk2dav] Why do this?  It just joins together what CSV has put asunder.  Or are
+ 390041 [dhulem1 umbc] end
| 390109 [rubytalk2dav] Does the code that gives you the error, look like the above, though
+ 390112 [dhulem1 umbc] This is the output of the error
+ 391904 [email2vimalr] The way you use the do block is not appropriate.

^ can't find/uninstall installed gems
390040 [neubyr gmail] I am having some issues while trying to uninstall a gem.  I am using Mac
+ 390057 [dan nachbar.] I'm not sure about your precise problem but I found ruby
+ 390062 [shevegen lin] You can always rm the gem file manually.

^ Re: important qution on ruby
390042 [s.mjm22 hotm] ok
390044 [transfire gm] Break the problem down. What is given? First a file. So you need to "read"

^ [ANN] Hashery v1.5.0 released
390043 [transfire gm] Hashery 1.5.0 has been released.
390048 [shortcutter ] nal Ruby Facets library. Included are the widely used OrderedHash, the rela=
390055 [transfire gm] Fixed. Thanks.

^ CLI, what is it?
390045 [sbstn26 yaho] Thanks guys!
+ 390046 [shortcutter ] I don't have context and without context the first thing I would be
+ 390058 [code apotheo] With this one email, many of us will not know what prompted this message
  390102 [stu rubyprog] ...

^ To convert a Ruby tk script to *.exe
390049 [manjuvpm12 g] I am building a gui for ruby using Tk. I built one and I would like to
+ 390131 [matma.rex gm] What precisely was your problem? I've never really had trouble with Ocra.
+ 390133 [manjuvpm12 g] When I tried using ocra I got some error messages. The normal programs I
| 390135 [matma.rex gm] This screenshot is missing the top, with the actual error...
+ 390155 [manjuvpm12 g] Oh.. Sorry. Please have a look at this one.
+ 392012 [jon jbc.me.u] Maybe too late but the thing to do is to copy the ruby file you wish to

^ Problem using (installing?) RJB - rjbcore.so is missing
390052 [casanejo gma] gem install rjb

^ Beginner: how to use gedcom parser
390059 [francois.boo] I am beginner with Ruby and I would like to use gedcom parser.
390067 [ryand-ruby z] two
390100 [francois.boo] Thank you Ryan for your hint.
390126 [ryand-ruby z] My guess is that you need to be in the root directory of the project and =

^ Windows Repository
390060 [tcblues gmai] This is my situation. I have one machine called mygemserver and I've
390098 [klauer gmail] I don't know much about Gem hosting, but don't you need a gem server to do
390171 [tcblues gmai] Well I'm not only mapping a folder... and doing everything like a i said
390183 [klauer gmail] Maybe I'm missing something, but all of the steps you outline are things
390186 [tcblues gmai] I was trying to do this without using gem server

^ windows pry editor setup
390061 [darkintent g] Does anyone know the correct way to configure Pry's editor variable on
390085 [josh.cheek g] I just gave that a try (I'm on Mac, though) and it worked for me. It also
390092 [darkintent g] I got it working the problem was that .pyrc was not in the home