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^ Ruby and Telnet
389643 [leo.mmcm gma] I'm having problems with the library 'net/telnet'.
+ 389644 [leo.mmcm gma] Ah! Solved!
+ 389646 [drbrain segm] Why aren't you using net/smtp?
+ 389661 [leo.mmcm gma] Because I want to perform a smtp reverse lookup!
| + 389680 [b.candler po] And what do you mean by "a smtp reverse lookup"??
| + 389682 [drbrain segm] What is "smtp reverse lookup"?
+ 389662 [leo.mmcm gma] I got another issue though.
| 389683 [drbrain segm] This script uses Net::SMTP and can send mail to gmail.com accounts
+ 389687 [shevegen lin] -> "550-5.7.1 [] The IP you're using to send mail is not
| 389689 [drbrain segm] Sounds like too much spam comes from your ISP =E2=98=B9
+ 389700 [leo.mmcm gma] Ok got it, thank you very much all.
  389701 [shortcutter ] Kind regards

^ [ANN] rb-readline 0.4.2 released
389647 [luislavena g] I'm happy to announce that version 0.4.2 of rb-readline is available now.

^ Sort order dilemma
389648 [waynefb eart] I've got a array that I need sorted in a certain way and I'm struggling =
+ 389649 [jan.h.xie gm] array.sort_by {|s| [s.size, s]}
| 389660 [waynefb eart] Wow, thanks Jan that was it=85 :)=20
| 389663 [samwho lbak.] That's an incredibly elegant solution, thanks for sharing! :)
| 389679 [shortcutter ] In case you find the temporary structure created for sorting inelegant
+ 389650 [isaacbfsande] arr.sort do |x,y|
  389651 [ymendel pobo] You should probably try the code you're providing as a solution. That
  389652 [isaacbfsande] Errr, yah. I almost had it there. sry, I was doing calc hw, and saw the

^ Re: Call Perl script from Ruby
389658 [hiepnguyen36] I am newbe, and I get in trouble with special character '->'
389659 [hiepnguyen36] I use

^ Importing Ruby-Lang into Xcode
389671 [dustyeike gm] How do i Import an Existing Non-Xcode Project Into Xcode, specifically
+ 389673 [cmdjackryan ] I think the XCode Manual could tell you. :)
| 389676 [dustyeike gm] In Xcode4, none that i see. There's import files to an existing project
| 389677 [steve stevek] The ones I know use vim.
| + 389681 [b.candler po] A lot of the Mac screencasts I've seen use TextMate.
| | 389684 [dustyeike gm] What mac screencasts, Prag Bookshelf? Textmate seems like the easy setup
| | 389707 [b.candler po] Railscasts for sure, maybe others.
| + 389685 [dustyeike gm] MacVim I bet. Still, it'd be really hard to jump around to different
+ 389686 [dustyeike gm] The OVERALL consensus is MacVIM among those queried else where.

^ [ANN] Redrack::Session 1.0.0 and Redrails::Session 1.0.0
389672 [zettabyte gm] release annoucements but I'm going to just hold my breath here and click

^ Re: Ruby Koans: about_hashes.rb
389693 [codingtales ] Now, this makes sense. Thanks. Ruby Koans is great, but I think it
389694 [codingtales ] Now, this makes sense. Thanks. Ruby Koans is great, but I think it

^ strftime : possible bug
389695 [mplennon gma] I'm using ruby 1.9.2 p290
389696 [nobuhiro.ima] thanks,

^ Setting systems date and time - Windows
389699 [quati10 gmai] I am trying to write a script that updates the computers time to our
+ 389702 [flo andersgr] Using NTP is not an option?
+ 389703 [cmdjackryan ] On Windows (client as well as Server), by default only members of the
  389709 [matma.rex gm] it appears that their format is system-dependent - according to what

^ Inserting to the mysql table in ruby
389705 [aef1370 gmai] I have a table and a phonebook program that I get information from users
389706 [b.candler po] That's not complete code. What's the type of @connect? That is, what
389735 [luke.gru gma] Assuming you're using a low-level gem like ruby-mysql like

^ [ANN] AE v1.8.0 released
389713 [transfire gm] AE 1.8.0 has been released.

^ Simplest working way to get ARROW KEY LEFT + ALT key to call a method
389714 [shevegen lin] I am playing with HighLine and Rawline lately.

^ [ANN] TestR 14.1.0
389716 [sunaku gmail] ...

^ [ANN] TestR 14.1.0 (re-sending)
389717 [sunaku gmail] (Re-sending; forgot ruby-talk rejects PGP/MIME signed e-mails. Sorry!)

^ Re: Unsubscribe confirmation request
389719 [spiralofhope] ...

^ [ANN] TkXML v0.3.1 released
389720 [transfire gm] TkXML 0.3.1 has been released.

^ 'require' problem
389721 [sbstn26 yaho] require 'string_extensions'
+ 389722 [hanmac gmx.d] you need
| 389723 [samwho lbak.] If you're not on 1.9.2 and don't have require_relative, I believe this
| 389734 [luke.gru gma] The problem with doing something like this is that the requiring file
| 389743 [sbstn26 yaho] Is there another way that would allow me to just use 'require' ?
| 389744 [ryand-ruby z] ruby -I. your_script.rb
| 389745 [sbstn26 yaho] Thanks Ryan, but like I said, I would like to use just *require
| + 389842 [justincollin] Not sure why the previous suggestions are not sufficient, but you can add
| | 389855 [hanmac gmx.d] but manipulating LOAD_PATH only to use require again instat of
| + 389912 [jduan amazon] VHJ5IHRoZSBmb2xsb3dpbmcgMiBjb21tYW5kczoNCg0KcnVieSAtZSAicHV0cyAkOiINCnJ1Ynkg
+ 389765 [hanmac gmx.d] then your tutorial is to old for your ruby version

^ Re: AE v1.8.0 released
389725 [transfire gm] Please note there was a missing file in the 1.8.0 release. Version

^ I need help understanding this small piece of code
389726 [fs_tigre hot] I have been trying to understand some code found in the "Learn to
+ 389727 [jeremy bopp.] The % is a modulo operator.  It performs integer division like / does
+ 389729 [fs_tigre hot] Thanks a lot for the clarification.

389728 [timsiroisme ] ...
389731 [sutniuq gmx.] unsubscribe.rb:10:in `unsubscribe!': Couldn't process your unsubscribe

^ [ANN] LOCat v0.2.0 released
389730 [transfire gm] LOCat 0.2.0 has been released.

^ [ANN] arcadia editor 0.11.0 released
389732 [antonio.gale] a new version of arcadia was just released.
389737 [code apotheo] Arcadia is released under the Ruby License

^ What happens in dual sorts with nil values?
389733 [waynefb eart] Struct.new(:first, :last, :age)
+ 389736 [matma.rex gm] I didn't test it, but it looks like a bad idea ;) So don't compare
+ 389738 [shortcutter ] Where does "ball_map" come from?  It's not in the code you've shown.
  389756 [waynefb eart] charset=windows-1252
  389759 [shortcutter ] when it's not the first sort value?

^ Ruby Challenge
389739 [unguyen90 ai] Here is a ruby challenge for all you computer science lovers out there,
+ 389740 [transfire gm] Why does this sound like a school assignment?
| + 389741 [rbakerjax gm] A solution like this is in the Pickaxe book as well.
| + 389742 [unguyen90 ai] There should be an "if" / "else" statement in a looping method, to add
|   389748 [sylvester.ke] Careful, you don't want to annoy the people who help you. The code =
+ 389749 [shortcutter ] Now, where's the challenge?  I rather get the impression that you want
| 389766 [unguyen90 ai] Don't worry this is just for fun, because it's a social ruby forum for
+ 389769 [jonanscheffl] Totally unrelated to any husker computer science programs right? Like
  389905 [sramsay.unl ] You mean like the professor for the course?  Because that would be me .
  389907 [unguyen90 ai] I'm sorry for the trouble. I'm a friend who she came to for
  389915 [shortcutter ] You are welcome!
  389922 [transfire gm] Come on. Let's not be so harsh. If truth is being told, then this girl has
  + 389923 [samwho lbak.] Hmm... That last post from Uyen sounds very much made up to me...
  | 389939 [unguyen90 ai] i attached a photo of the message she sent me. She wanted the truth be
  | 389952 [jonanscheffl] I'm also lamenting the loss of another learner.
  + 389973 [ryand-ruby z] Leave it to you to side with intellectual dishonesty.
    389975 [adam apresco] I know you seem to like to get to the point in this aggressive way, and I
    389976 [ryand-ruby z] it.
    + 389979 [luke.gru gma] More predictable twists than an M. Night Shyamalan movie!
    + 389980 [transfire gm] The Lord have mercy on your soul, Ryan. You must honestly be one of the
      390004 [jon.forums g] Please, no more.
      390005 [rubytalk2dav] They can make it the sequel to Real Steel....

389746 [sbstn26 yaho] Hey I got it.

^ Help me refactor my ruby code please
389747 [impulse221 y] Right now a have a piece of code that i use in a rails app. Take a look
389750 [sylvester.ke] look
389771 [impulse221 y] thanks a lot, Sylvester!

^ [ANN] rest-core 0.7.2 released
389751 [godfat gmail] # rest-core <https://github.com/cardinalblue/rest-core>

^ [ANN] rest-more released
389752 [godfat gmail] # rest-more <https://github.com/cardinalblue/rest-more>

^ [ANN] shere 0.9.0 released
389753 [godfat gmail] # Shere <https://github.com/godfat/shere>

^ [ANN] rib 1.0.0 released
389754 [godfat gmail] # Rib <https://github.com/godfat/rib>

^ Are there two kinds of 'require' ?
389755 [sbstn26 yaho] I'm reading a tutorial and it has an example like this"
+ 389757 [sylvester.ke] to
| 389758 [steve stevek] And the reason that the current directory isn't in the $LOAD_PATH
| 389762 [coolesting g] 1.Actually, a ruby library is a ruby file, the require method will
+ 389763 [hanmac gmx.d] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ [ANN] ANSI v1.4.0 released
389760 [transfire gm] ANSI 1.4.0 has been released.

^ Rack::Handler::Xxx
389761 [uzleepito gm] I would like to run a Rack application, that can be buggy, and
+ 389764 [shortcutter ] I don' t know Rack but why not just wrap app in something which
+ 389774 [luke.gru gma] Hey,

^ [ANN] binman 1.1.0
389767 [sunaku gmail] binman - UNIX man pages for Ruby bin/ scripts

^ [ANN] TracePoint v1.2.1 released
389768 [transfire gm] TracePoint 1.2.1 has been released.

^ need spome help please :)
389770 [doreklamster] SO here is my problem.
+ 389777 [jakekaiden y] it is not at all clear what the variables ($file_name, $file_pos_path,
+ 389781 [doreklamster] well.. it was only pice of code as whole one is long :P
+ 389782 [doreklamster] well its only pice of the code .. everything is called before or after.
| 389783 [shortcutter ] I am not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve.  I do
+ 389784 [jakekaiden y] i often find that trying to work from within something so large gets

^ ruby instance inside Textmate bundle
389772 [musical.matt] This is probably a pretty unusual request, but I'd like to create a
389773 [cczona gmail] But any ruby you package with the bundle is still going to need to be
389785 [musical.matt] I have seen that, but I don't understand how that helps me embed ruby
389787 [cczona gmail] RVM places rubies, gems, et al within ~/.rvm.  In that respect, it is
+ 389788 [sylvester.ke] Maybe I'm missing something here, but since your users will be strictly =
| 389981 [musical.matt] Well, the idea here was to package the build inside the bundle and not
+ 389982 [musical.matt] Thanks, I may need to try that.  I'm not a regular irc user, but it

^ Re: arcadia editor 0.11.0 released
389775 [antonio.gale] under the same terms as Ruby
389776 [code apotheo] Thanks for clarifying.

^ help trying to create a build script
389778 [devguy.ca gm] issue, apparent I have to cd into the folder before I call make
389779 [jeremy bopp.] My recommendation here is to generally write a shell script to do what
389780 [devguy.ca gm] Jeremy thanks, that got things going. I realized what was happening

^ Multiple table inheritance question
389786 [fifoooo gmai] I've got a question about Multiple Table Inheritance.
389841 [g.diemant gm] use modules.

^ Tricky DSL, how to do it?
389792 [transfire gm] I'd want to write a DSL such that a surface method_missing catches
+ 389794 [isaacbfsande] You are missing a `super` on the method_missing. first you should ask if is
| 389796 [transfire gm] I'd be quite surprised if respond_to? ever evaluated true!
| 389797 [isaacbfsande] Sincerely,
+ 389798 [luke.gru gma] This might not be the best solution, but if you give initialize
| 389799 [luke.gru gma] Sorry 'bout the double posting, but it hit me that it's only impossible
| 389802 [transfire gm] I think your idea about the "outside" is on the right track. I ended doing
+ 389812 [shortcutter ] ned
| 389813 [isaacbfsande] I really think that we should all take another look at the Ruby Object
+ 389814 [sean.ohalpin] ned
| + 389819 [luke.gru gma] That's a nice solution, I like that. I came up with something similar
| + 389833 [transfire gm] Nicely coded. And spot on. If I didn't know that self would always be
|   389838 [transfire gm] class ContextDSL < BasicObject
+ 389821 [shevegen lin] This seems very advanced.

^ Newbie:: Understand Constructor Flow.
389800 [ankush_ganat] uby but i think i understand Object Oriented programming a little bit so i =
389801 [gennady-ruby] i think i understand Object Oriented programming a little bit so i got =
+ 389810 [shortcutter ] think i understand Object Oriented programming a little bit so i got confus=
+ 389901 [echristopher] An init method in Objective-C (at least in Cocoa) only calls its

^ Good debugging mechanism
389803 [umamahesh_ny] n rails application?=0A=0A=A0=0AThank You,=0AUma Mahesh Varma,=0ASkype : um=
389805 [ryand-ruby z] rails application?
389806 [rimantas gma] How do you debug your tests then? By writing other tests?
+ 389808 [umamahesh_ny] shall we need to have test cases for every methods that were implemented in=
| + 389809 [richard.conr] Generally it is sufficient to test only the public methods of your
| + 389836 [ryand-ruby z] implemented in the application ?
+ 389837 [ryand-ruby z] If you do it right, you don't ever debug. Whenever you set a breakpoint =

^ best IDE
389804 [umamahesh_ny] r starter in ruby on rails.=A0=0A=0A=A0=0AThank You,=0AUma Mahesh Varma,=0A=
+ 389811 [fred fdtec.n] I'm only learning Ruby (not Rails) on windows, and I use Editra (there's
+ 389820 [shevegen lin] I think it is better to use a very easy editor, like bluefish, and
| 389843 [aaron.psamue] I love VI or VIM for this same reason. It is a powerful text editor in
| 389865 [valemele gma] I use Aptana ... since my project is kinda big, is for a laboratory at the
| 389867 [uky0426 gmai] I think RubyMine is useful IDE.( I uses Resharper Writing .net =
+ 389919 [its.code.in.] ...
  389920 [zombiegenera] No matter what you do, you can't achieve IDE like autocomplete on Vim. =
  389937 [ignar.name y] I am using emacs for ruby and ruby on rails. It works simply perfectly.

^ ruby events
389807 [cartercheng ] Are there any upcoming Ruby conference events in Asia for this year?

^ Re: Distributing Ruby program as a standalone executable (exe) for windows
389815 [khalid_mobar] I tried to use ocra myscript.rb under Windows XP
389822 [shevegen lin] Why it does not work on Linux?
389874 [khalid_mobar] Am working in Windows XP.

^ scite - F5 command not working for code execution
389816 [piotr.swobod] I am learning Ruby from scratch using a beginner's tutorial. I have
389839 [jakekaiden y] i also use SciTE, and i like the convenience of the F5 button, but as

^ How to include a function from a different file in a module
389817 [andreas.lund] Would it be possible to have a module with one or several of its methods
389818 [jgabrielygal] _________file2.rb_________
389908 [jduan amazon] Classes are open. So are modules. You can define your module in 2 files as =

^ Readline.readline - Hitting enter key?
389823 [shevegen lin] Here the ruby test script for me ( If you don't want to copy paste,
389910 [jduan amazon] SSBjYW4ndCByZXByb2R1Y2UgdGhpcy4gUmVhZGxpbmUgd29ya3MgdGhlIHNhbWUgd2F5IGFzIGdl

^ [ANN] Confection v0.0.1 released
389824 [transfire gm] Confection 0.0.1 has been released.
389825 [lake lakeden] ...
389829 [transfire gm] It takes some time for rubydoc.info to pick up the new gem. It should be up
389830 [transfire gm] Errrgh... I hate what Google has done to the groups interface.
389832 [rubytalk2dav] They seem to have uglified a lot of their things lately, like GMail

^ Ruby OpenSSL: Why valid TLS certs are not detected?
389826 [ibc aliax.ne] I've started with a code very similar to the present in
389828 [jdowney gmai] One thing to note is that the github.com cert you've provided isn't
389831 [ibc aliax.ne] tly
389834 [jdowney gmai] What happens in this case (and you can see it by using Wireshark to watch
389835 [ibc aliax.ne] id

^ Why no rubyw executable on OSX to run .rbw scripts?
389827 [grigory.v.p ] Inder windows, rubyw.exe is installed that runs .rbw scripts without

^ unsubscribe
389840 [kh9635 att.c] dW5zdWJzY3JpYmUNCg==

^ [ANN] minitest-debugger 1.0.0 Released
389845 [ryand-ruby z] minitest-debugger version 1.0.0 has been released!
389846 [botpena gmai] i get a 404 here :)
389847 [ryand-ruby z] Should be fixed now. Sorry!=
389854 [botpena gmai] got it. very nice. testing should now be faster and in realtime!

^ Why does not this work?
389848 [erbayyigit g] I am trying to learn Ruby. I know some Perl. I cannot make following
+ 389849 [sduncan weta] Try 5/9 in irb, and then try 5.0/9, and then you may be closer to where
+ 389850 [hassan.schro] => 0
+ 389851 [jeremy bopp.] charset=UTF-8
+ 389853 [erbayyigit g] Thank you for the help guys.