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^ Errno::ENOENT
389456 [dickyhide gm] I have a network space on office, in the past I download and install gem
389481 [luislavena g] Luis Lavena

^ Compromised IRB
389461 [leo.mmcm gma] I've got an issue.
+ 389463 [dan nachbar.] I know nothing about fink.
| 389464 [waynefb eart] As a Mac OS X user, I want to second Dan's recommendation on using RVM instead. It's a much easier way to deal with Ruby installations.
+ 389469 [josh.cheek g] I also don't know anything about Fink, but if you look at the load error, it
+ 389480 [leo.mmcm gma] Ahhhhh was a silly (but not that much) matter.

^ Modify only a .rb file, but not other .rb files, while still extending core classes?
389465 [shevegen lin] Given is a small .rb file.
+ 389467 [jgabrielygal] One solution would be to create a module with the rand method, and
| 389468 [peter vanden] 2011/10/26 Jes=C3=BAs Gabriel y Gal=C3=A1n <jgabrielygalan@gmail.com>
| 389470 [jgabrielygal] Sure, but if you need it in several arrays, the module approach is cleaner.
| + 389472 [shortcutter ] r.
| + 389474 [peter vanden] 2011/10/26 Jes=C3=BAs Gabriel y Gal=C3=A1n <jgabrielygalan@gmail.com>
|   389493 [matma.rex gm] On an unrelated note, if you want a random element from an array,
+ 389471 [josh.cheek g] Things like that will be available in Ruby 2.0, but aren't available yet (

^ Re: DNote v1.7.0 released
389466 [shevegen lin] Hmm you release many ruby related projects which is awesome!

^ [ANN] XOXO v1.2.0 released
389475 [transfire gm] XOXO 1.2.0 has been released.

^ DateTime in Ruby 1.9.2
389476 [tcblues gmai] I'm migrating all my code from 1.8.7 to 1.9.2 and now when I run
389477 [tcblues gmai] I found out that it is necessary now to include
389478 [jeremy bopp.] $ ruby -v -e 'puts DateTime.now.strftime("%Y%m")'

^ [ANN] HTMLFilter v1.2.1 released
389479 [transfire gm] HTMLFilter 1.2.1 has been released.

^ [ANN] Cuts v1.1.0 released
389483 [transfire gm] Cuts 1.1.0 has been released.

^ PROBLEM SOLVED, for those interested
389486 [sbstn26 yaho] Someone was kind enough to search a solution for me (I should have

^ scoping of special variables
389490 [cartercheng ] I am somewhat new to ruby and I was curious about certain details of the
+ 389491 [matma.rex gm] If it starts with a $, it's global. I suppose you mean special
+ 389492 [jakekaiden y] - j

^ Ruby C: How to convert any object type into a T_STRING?
389497 [ibc aliax.ne] class into a T_STRING.
389499 [admin tensor] You can try
389500 [ibc aliax.ne] Thanks :)

^ Ruby 1.9.2 test Unit
389498 [tcblues gmai] I'm migrating my code to from 1.8.7 and I had before something like
389502 [cczona gmail] So, no need for your test to undefine it.
389504 [tcblues gmai] Thanks!!

^ Kernel on Ruby 1.9.2
389501 [tcblues gmai] Now it seems like Kernel it is not working the same way
+ 389503 [cczona gmail] search for a method, then select a Ruby version number to see where it
+ 389535 [shortcutter ] Can you show the calling code?
  389600 [tcblues gmai] I solved this by using it as public
  389612 [shortcutter ] That is not necessary, since your error was most likely that you

^ @_result object in Ruby 1.9.2
389506 [tcblues gmai] I was using @_result in Ruby 1.8.7 but it seems that doesn't exist
+ 389527 [hanmac gmx.d] i does not find any information about @_result
| 389530 [tcblues gmai] Yes, but in Ruby 1.8.x
+ 389534 [justincollin] This is because test/unit was completely replaced in 1.9 by minitest. It
  389538 [me waltonhoo] Alternatively, you could try using the test-unit gem, which a more

^ RCR: output on non-main thread that die from an unrescued exception
389507 [rogerpack200] I noticed that the default behavior for ruby is, if a child (non-main)
389512 [regis.aubare] +1 for me,
389668 [rogerpack200] Thankfully with 1.0.x
389674 [cmdjackryan ] File a feature request http://redmine.ruby-lang.org/. It will get at

^ Memory issue with tail command
389508 [bluefootedpi] I am writing some code, that needs to open a file of size 12413 to read
389509 [bluefootedpi] I found out more information. The problem only comes up when I run the
389523 [shortcutter ] Sounds as if the error is in some totally unrelated place.  You

^ [ANN] String::Mask v0.3.2 released
389511 [transfire gm] * Homepage: http://rubyworks.github.com/strmask

^ [ANN] NoBacksies v0.3.2 released
389513 [transfire gm] NoBacksies 0.3.2 has been released.

^ [ANN] OpenDSL v1.1.1 released
389515 [transfire gm] OpenDSL 1.1.1 has been released.

^ How to make my Ruby program more user friendly
389517 [manjuvpm02 y] I need some suggestion regarding how can I make my Ruby program more
389525 [mike osdn.or] Make it readable.

^ SOAP WSDLDriverFactory - where?
389518 [paulinedonna] I've seen various examples of using Ruby to generate a SOAP client, and
389522 [shortcutter ] *** REMOTE GEMS ***
389524 [klauer gmail] If you just want to use SOAP on the client side, there are a couple good

^ How to write TCPServer code that can exit?
389519 [chris.lervag] I've got a bit of a problem with my network code. Perhaps someone can
389520 [shortcutter ] I think you need to generally think about how that server will be shut

^ Use #extend on BasicObject ?
389526 [transfire gm] Can it be done?
389528 [shortcutter ] Funnily enough I stumbled across the very same issue a few days ago.
389531 [transfire gm] Thanks. Robert. You are a reliable work horse on this mailing list.
389542 [shortcutter ] Thank you!
389543 [transfire gm] Probably b/c normally you're not supposed to call it directly. You use

^ [ANN] RAML v0.2.0 released
389532 [transfire gm] RAML 0.2.0 has been released.
389533 [whitequark w] All links on http://rubyworks.github.com/raml/ leading to rubydoc.info

^ Re: RAML v0.2.0 released
389537 [transfire gm] Thanks. Looks like QED document did not get in the gem. I fixed and

^ [ANN] win32screenshot 1.0.6
389544 [jarmo.p gmai] I've released new version of the Win32::Screenshot gem - Capture

^ [ANN] Watir 2.0.4
389545 [jarmo.p gmai] * IE#execute_script escapes multi-line JavaScript scripts

^ Newbie Ruby Softball
389546 [mlevineisme ] I'm new to ruby but trying to learn. I've been trying to figure out some
+ 389547 [steve stevek] @children is an instance variable. children is a local variable.
+ 389548 [echristopher] See below.
  389615 [Rob AgileCon] No, in this case the plain children is the method created by the

^ Easy Title Generator
389549 [faith centru] consist of arrays. One with Title adjectives (big, small, green) and the
+ 389550 [peter.hicks ] What have you tried so far?
+ 389562 [rubytalk2dav] You've already been given some help re making the title.  But now

^ Encoding trouble
389551 [gonzalezdami] my best. I passed many hours yesterday and a couple of hours today
+ 389556 [hassan.schro] FWIW, your example displays just fine on my Mac (OS X 10.6.8) with
+ 389563 [matma.rex gm] re
+ 389565 [gonzalezdami] Well, thank you guys for answer, I really apreciate it. I was one step

^ Ruby C: How to call "call" method on a Proc instance (in C)?
389552 [ibc aliax.ne] invoke its method "call" (by also passing some arguments).
389555 [admin tensor] In 1.8.6 it is called "proc_call(VALUE proc, VALUE args)" in eval.c.  In
389557 [ibc aliax.ne] =A0In

^ "A" and "an" articles in front of words
389553 [faith centru] to generate "an" and "a" articles for the words in the arrays by using a
+ 389554 [ibc aliax.ne] her
+ 389559 [rubytalk2dav] Ask yourself how you do it as a human.  You look at the first letter
| 389566 [ibc aliax.ne] Not exactly: "a user" :)
| 389575 [rubytalk2dav] Good point, but I was trying to Keep It Simple.  If the OP seemed more
+ 389561 [mcpierce gma] Sure, develop an algorithm, that selects the correct article for the
+ 389576 [faith centru] Yes, I know... write an algorithm... that's very easy for a computer
| 389580 [rubytalk2dav] Instead, write a function that can accept a string from any source,
+ 389581 [shevegen lin] Also look at Linguistics.
+ 389587 [jakekaiden y] one way to approach this could be...
  389598 [rubytalk2dav] In 1.9 yes... but many people are still on 1.8, which will give a
  + 389607 [neotamizhan ] I like the way you approach the problem and try to teach.
  | 389608 [rubytalk2dav] Thank you.  Now if someone would make my entry into Ruby *employment*
  + 389789 [cwdinfo gmai] Sorry to be late to the party on this one, but a regex seems a bit of a =
    + 389790 [ryand-ruby z] A regex is not that big of a hammer, and doing this is one method =
    | 389844 [cwdinfo gmai] Yeah, but a lot of the performance improvement is because regex is a =
    + 389791 [hassan.schro] =3D> "an unicorn"  # =3D> oops :-)
    | 389795 [pdc.cse gmai] Indeed. My understanding is that the usage of a/an depends on the
    | 389859 [goncalo.just] true. vowels following a mute h should be included should be included
    | + 389866 [mcpierce gma] Likely you'll have to use a dictionary of words that fit one or the
    | + 389881 [code apotheo] You're right about unicorn and eulogy.  I'm interested in checking out
    |   389924 [goncalo.just] google hasn't helped: does anyone have or know of a "complete" list of
    |   + 389953 [cwdinfo gmai] A complete dictionary shouldn't be necessary. Just exceptions. Look at =
    |   | 389963 [code apotheo] a', 'e', 'i', 'o', 'u', 'y', 'h']
    |   | 389967 [cwdinfo gmai] Right. I got the order backwards.=20
    |   | 389969 [code apotheo] Yes -- apart from the fact that "e" at least might fall into a consonant
    |   + 390149 [martindemell] What you want is the CMU Pronouncing Dictionary
    + 389793 [rubytalk2dav] ig hammer.

^ [ANN] PQueue v2.0.0 released
389560 [transfire gm] PQueue 2.0.0 has been released.

^ [ANN] PQueue v2.0.2 released
389564 [transfire gm] PQueue 2.0.2 has been released.
389570 [josh.cheek g] Aww, hope things get better soon. Thanks for the update.

^ unsubscribe
389567 [sidmisra1 gm] ...

^ Can i exclude a file.rb from irb?
389568 [gonzalezdami] Do exist some way to "exclude" any file "required" in Ruby irb?
389569 [ruby bystr.c] again.

^ [ANN] ClassLoader 3.0.4
389571 [axyd80 gmail] ClassLoader automatically finds, loads and reloads classes.

^ Re: Can I exclude a file.rb from irb?
389572 [gonzalezdami] You realy realy help me. That's what I was talking about. Thank you my

^ How to load a formula into Sinatra
389574 [tj5155 tm.ne] Can someone tell me how to put up a file like the one i have attached on

^ [ANN] Mast v1.4.0 released
389577 [transfire gm] Mast 1.4.0 has been released.

^ Re: PQueue v2.0.2 released
389578 [transfire gm] Hope you got a laugh :-)

^ How to save method signature while wrapping it?
389579 [axyd80 gmail] class A
+ 389588 [axyd80 gmail] It seems that at morning my mind works better than at evening :). I
+ 389589 [whitequark w] I'd say that in this case `eval' is fine: the environment is

^ Sending emails with net/smtp
389582 [abejideayode] require 'rubygems'

^ [ANN] XDG v2.2.2 released
389583 [transfire gm] XDG 2.2.2 has been released.

^ mysql sequence number mismatch error
389584 [aggouni2002 ] I have a problem selecting a text field in mysql table having this error
389670 [rogerpack200] maybe try mysql2?

^ Compile and Test Ruby
389585 [dale8458 gma] release on Linux and OSX besides ./config
389586 [steve stevek] ...

^ Vim Ruby Config
389590 [zombiegenera] charset="utf-8"
389591 [rbakerjax gm] You can start here. https://github.com/vim-ruby/vim-ruby
389592 [zombiegenera] Okay I installed vim ruby and supertab but it still is not completing =
389595 [klauer gmail] It's not an IDE.  If you're looking for something in that vein,
389596 [zombiegenera] Spot on. I use RubyMine all the time. Hearing a lots of good thing about =
389610 [ryand-ruby z] about vim I tried to shift. But alas! Only in vein.
389724 [samwho lbak.] I put my vim config on GitHub: http://github.com/samwho/vim-config

^ Anything like FS in Ruby?
389593 [waynefb eart] Coming over from AppleScript, one of the things I haven't been able to =
+ 389594 [peterhickman] If you are parsing HTML you could of course use AN HTML PARSING LIBRARY!!!!=
+ 389606 [justincollin] I believe you are looking for $/

^ UDPSocket#bind(ip, port) fails under IPv6 !
389599 [ibc aliax.ne] IP is IPv6 (however TCPServer does not fail). It occurs with Ruby 1.8
389609 [drbrain segm] bind(2)
389630 [ibc aliax.ne] d "::1", 9999'

^ Test
389601 [mcpierce gma] Please ignore...

^ preserve linefeeds?
389602 [waynefb eart] I'm trying to determine how to ensure my linefeeds are preserved when =
389603 [Gennady.Byst] ding a file.=20

^ How to identify attribute reader methods
389604 [sylvester.ke] I'm currently working with the 'johnson' gem (a project that embeds =

^ Re: To build GUI for Ruby
389605 [rogerpack200] has a long list.
389653 [manjuvpm12 g] Thank You Roger..
389654 [fred fdtec.n] well, I'm on Windows and with the last 'Ruby Installer for Windows' (
389692 [manjuvpm12 g] Thanks a lot Fred for giving me this information. I am finding it very

^ single vs. double quotes (was: Anything like FS in Ruby?)
389611 [waynefb eart] Thanks everybody. It's just a matter of rethinking things, but the =
389613 [peterhickman] Because that is how Ruby (and also Perl) work. Strings inside ' are
389614 [waynefb eart] Yes on both accounts (and I don't consider it rude that you =

^ Packaging a Ruby Project into an .apk
389616 [brendonnelso] I'm trying to pack up a Ruby project into an apk file to be pushed onto
389620 [steve stevek] ...
389708 [brendonnelso] Hm, okay, I was able to use this tool to pack ruby code into an .apk and

^ Recursion WTF!
389617 [gonzalezdami] recursion works in this certainly case( this is part of 'Learn to
+ 389618 [echristopher] First, understand that M and o are objects which have the string
| 389623 [gonzalezdami] Thank Eric and Sylvester for answer. :)
| 389664 [samwho lbak.] Recursion is a really great tool for problems like this :) I think the
| 389710 [g.diemant gm] I think its not about counting all land tiles, instead it counts
| 389712 [samwho lbak.] Ah, right! Sorry, I misunderstood.
+ 389619 [sylvester.ke] this
+ 389666 [josh.cheek g] 2011/10/31 Dami=E1n M. Gonz=E1lez <gonzalezdamianm@hotmail.com>
  + 389667 [rubytalk2dav] To understand recursion, you must first understand recursion.  ;-)
  + 389704 [gonzalezdami] Posted by Josh Cheek (josh-cheek) on 2011-11-02 17:07

^ [ANN] RubyInstaller 1.9.3-p0 released
389621 [luislavena g] In combination with the rest of the RubyInstaller team, I'm

^ [ANN] RubyInstaller 1.9.3-p0 released
389622 [luislavena g] In combination with the rest of the RubyInstaller team, I'm very

^ Good GUI for buisness focused application
389624 [jaxxa90 gmai] What would be a good Graphical User interface for use with a buisness
+ 389626 [cmdjackryan ] re
+ 389633 [transfire gm] UI
| 389657 [hramrach cen] GUI
| 389711 [jaxxa90 gmai] Thanks for all the great suggestions.
+ 389639 [shevegen lin] FXRuby is dead and unmaintained.
+ 389655 [fred fdtec.n] and again, if it's to for Windows development, just try the TK install

^ Re: RubyInstaller 1.9.3-p0 released
389625 [gonzalezdami] Oh very nice! good job! thanks.
389718 [sanju.narajo] I have attached the RubyInstaller 1.9.3-p0 installer set up. You can

^ Working from a string to an array
389627 [cyril.staff ] hash = {
+ 389637 [jakekaiden y] well, i don't know how sexy it is ;)  ...but you could write a =
+ 389638 [b.candler po] ?>       "bob"=> 42,
  389645 [cyril.staff ] Very cool solution!  I didn't thought about using $1 after split.

^ how to make interface explicit with Hash stores?
389628 [redge.tan gm] I have a class that uses hash as its internal store. What's a good way
389634 [citizen428 g] Do you need to leak this implementation detail? You could make
+ 389641 [redge.tan gm] That's a good point about hiding implementation. requiring 2 arguments
+ 389665 [adam apresco] I think perhaps you want #merge! not #merge.
+ 389678 [shortcutter ] Document them.

^ Can't install ruby debugger
389629 [zombiegenera] charset="UTF-8"
389669 [rogerpack200] may not be 1.9.3 compat. yet.
389675 [zombiegenera] Finally installed with --pre suffix .

^ nomethoderror when defining method missing, what gives?
389631 [mlevineisme ] undefined method `one' for #<ActsAsCsv::CsvRow:0x17b3320 @row=["lions",
+ 389632 [transfire gm] remove `self.`
+ 389635 [mlevineisme ] Thanks! That nailed it.

^ ANN: Sequel 3.29.0 Released
389636 [code jeremye] Sequel is a lightweight database access toolkit for Ruby.

^ A ruby version of grep?
389640 [shevegen lin] I need a grep variant in pure ruby.
+ 389642 [drbrain segm] ...
+ 389656 [stefano.croc] There's rak [1], although I don't know exactly what kind of colour support you
+ 389688 [shevegen lin] Hey Eric,
+ 389697 [sergey.avsey] Does your grep implementation understand --color key?
+ 389698 [sergey.avsey] -R, -r, --recursive
+ 389715 [martindemell] not sure how active it is.