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^ 'gem install' help please
389026 [sbstn26 yaho] Building native extensions.  This could take a while...
389043 [luislavena g] "Could not create Makefile due to some reason, probably lack of
389105 [sbstn26 yaho] I downloaded DevKit-3.4.5-20100819-1535-sfx.exe and followed the
389150 [adam.stegman] What is in the log files? Check the directory named at the bottom of =
389196 [sbstn26 yaho] checking for random()... *** extconf.rb failed ***
+ 389197 [cmdjackryan ] This is the pertinent detail of the log.
| 389198 [sbstn26 yaho] I'm supposed to install rdiscount to 'Confirm your Ruby environment is
+ 389236 [adam.stegman] charset=us-ascii
  389251 [sbstn26 yaho] Ruby is installed in the default folder: C:\Ruby192
  389261 [luislavena g] You didn't read my comment.
  389264 [jon.forums g] Take a look at https://gist.github.com/1268434 and the two helper files

^ Shoebox hacked!
389027 [abuyoav gmai] I was just looking at the shoebox site, specifically at "The Game of
+ 389028 [botpena gmai] looks ok here. what links are you referring to?
| + 389030 [abuyoav gmai] Sexcams, sexchat...
| | 389034 [botpena gmai] i see it. thanks.
| + 389031 [abuyoav gmai] I just booted into my other OS to make sure I wasn't hacked... The
|   389032 [chris.hulan ] Took a quick look and initially didn't notice the links
+ 389029 [josh.cheek g] I'm not seeing it.
| 389035 [mike stok.ca] The invention of this game made John Conway instantly famous, and kicked =
+ 389039 [jakekaiden y] thanks for bringing this up...  i'm forwarding your initial message to
  389046 [steve stevek] Hey everyone-
  389050 [code apotheo] I've browsed around the site a bit, and almost every app page has spam
  389071 [steve stevek] Totally. It's actually a really old Rails 1.2 app, and so I'm working

^ Ruby and threading
389037 [cartercheng ] Is the current ruby 1.9.2 multithreaded at the OS level?
+ 389038 [josh.cheek g] For MRI, yes, but it has a global interpreter lock. Here's a blog that
| + 389044 [cartercheng ] Thanks for the reply. I was looking over the YARV implementation in 1.9.3rc1
| | 389048 [steve stevek] Hey Carter-
| | + 389074 [sandor.szuec] or MacRuby.
| | + 389216 [regis.aubare] or IronRuby !
| + 389195 [josh.cheek g] A great followup to this post, explains why the GIL exists
|   + 389200 [sandor.szuec] I think it's pretty obvious, that implementations without GIL should
|   | 389203 [josh.cheek g] That's the point, to show why the GIL is useful.
|   | 389206 [steve stevek] It's not useful, it's hiding a problem: your code isn't thead-safe.
|   | 389213 [josh.cheek g] When it's in a lib you don't control, it's useful. A wrapped C lib is
|   | 389215 [tony.arcieri] The GIL doesn't eliminate the importance of writing thread safe code, it
|   + 389482 [headius head] Ok, I can't let this one sit.
|     + 389484 [josh.cheek g] intended to point out what the GIL does, since many people don't seem to
|     | + 389485 [headius head] It's not an unreasonable decision to consider Clojure, but the rules
|     | + 389494 [cremes.devli] Please reread Tony Arcieri's response from October 19 where he shreds the idea that you can "prefer the safety of the GIL." There is *no* safety provided by the GIL. Let me reprint his code example again.
|     + 389496 [shortcutter ] Actually it is not possible to provide thread safe collections out of
+ 389055 [axyd80 gmail] Is there any big projects using jRuby? It seems that jRuby is available
| + 389066 [josh.cheek g] Obtiva (who is now owned by Groupon) gave a JRuby workshop at Red Dirt Ruby
| | 389077 [richard.conr] In London there are a few big name companies following this MO.
| | 389095 [cartercheng ] I gather then the 1.9.2. implementation at present does not "exploit" OS
| | 389121 [halostatue g] You gather incorrectly. Ruby 1.9.2 does use underlying OS threads. For
| + 389067 [tony.arcieri] JRuby is being used at several companies including LinkedIn and Square. It
| + 389070 [steve stevek] I've done some consulting work, and JRuby was being used heavily.
+ 389129 [axyd80 gmail] Maybe it's a stupid question, but I can't get it - what's the point of
| + 389131 [tony.arcieri] Threads can still run simultaneously, they just can't make changes to Ruby
| + 389132 [josh.cheek g] "MRI 1.9 uses the same technique as MRI 1.8 to improve the situation, namely
| + 389133 [shortcutter ] No, with a GIL no two threads can concurrently hold the lock.  But a
+ 389514 [axyd80 gmail] I don't understand this. Ruby has no support for parallel execution
  + 389536 [steve stevek] removed, and then Ruby would _not_ be limited to running on one core.
  | 389540 [matthias wae] The GIL discussion is very similar to the memory ordering property of processors
  + 389539 [tony.arcieri] So use JRuby or Rubinius if you want real multicore concurrency. Problem

^ 'compiling' ruby code into an msdos exe file
389045 [joec_49 hotm] Anybody done this? I would like to 'compile' ruby for packaging
+ 389047 [steve stevek] There are five or six projects that do this, with varying degrees of
+ 389065 [joec_49 hotm] Where do I get a working copy of rubyscript2exe...the ones I downloaded
  389069 [matma.rex gm] Unless you have a good reason to stay with rubyscript2exe, I suggest

^ How to unit test COBOL using Ruby
389051 [balakrishnan] I would appreciate any COBOL unit test tutorail (I am a newbie to Ruby).
389053 [richard.conr] You might want to start with basic COBOL unit testing in general. If you
389054 [isaacbfsande] I have a friend who tested COBOL with ruby by outputing the COBOL crap, and

^ Customizing Listbox text in Shoes
389061 [ros.obrien1 ] I'm writing a shoes app ("Policeman" release) that contains a listbox
389062 [ros.obrien1 ] Just testing that I'll get an email notification when someone replies...

^ rspec 2.7.0 is released!
389076 [dchelimsky g] We're pleased to announce the release of rspec-2.7.0. Release notes for =

^ yet another way to call ruby script from DLL
389079 [zhoran inbox] I've searched that forum for the subject and found that most questions

^ I fixed this - but why does it work?
389081 [edwin.gallow] 1 filename = ARGV.first
+ 389084 [zhoran inbox] probably, because File.size(target) calls the *class method* which is
| 389086 [peter vanden] That's what I assumed too ... (based on the printed documentation in
+ 389087 [edwin.gallow] I appreciate the help so far. I tried it in Windows under Cygwin and in
  389096 [peter vanden] OK, that explains. In ruby 1.8.7 it works as documented in the

^ "bundle" vs "bundle install" commands
389090 [emonnott gma] The "bundle" command seems to do the same thing as "bundle install". It
389094 [cmdjackryan ] At the moment: Yes.

^ Setting arbitrary objects
389098 [shevegen lin] joker.id = 'koko'
389101 [jgabrielygal] This could get more complex, when you add more requirements, but with

389100 [zombiegenera] charset="UTF-8"
+ 389111 [rubytalk2dav] let=E2=80=99s hear from you.
| 389112 [shortcutter ] let=92s hear from you.
+ 389116 [jon.raiford ] I have been VERY happy with Aptana Studio (http://www.aptana.com/).
| + 389138 [vbosch gmail] I am right now pretty much in love with Intellij and the ruby plugin ( =
| + 389141 [aaron.psamue] I use vim. I just abuse VI plugins/features for ide like usages. They have
+ 389143 [code apotheo] let=E2=80=99s hear from you.
| 389172 [hramrach cen] let=E2=80=99s hear from you.
| 389179 [paradisaeida] Yep, +1.
| 389185 [tor netlab.j] IDE's can be useful and worth using in my opinion. As a matter of fact,
+ 389333 [zombiegenera] Thanks all for the answer. I'm using Vim after hearing a lot of good
| 389337 [stu rubyprog] vim is a very nice tool. If it's worth anything years ago I spent over
+ 389342 [cwprogram li] let=92s hear from you.

^ error in watir installation
389103 [lisandia gma] i need install ruby in my computer, is windows 7 32-bits and internet
+ 389104 [cmdjackryan ] Show your error in a format that doesn't scream "virus carrier", please.
+ 389107 [luislavena g] Avoid attachments, you can Windows terminal text using "Mark" option.
+ 389108 [lisandia gma] error in watir installation
| 389109 [cmdjackryan ] from-its-clients-error-message-is-displayed-wh
+ 389156 [zeljko.filip] I have written detailed instructions on how to install Watir on Windows =

^ what if i download the latest.
389106 [sbstn26 yaho] Or maybe I should just download the latest Ruby version and the latest

^ Re: WAtir usage
389110 [bhaskar.munn] object oriented programming language or not
389142 [echristopher] Watir is not a language at all; it is a library written in Ruby. Ruby

^ Has anyone attempted to make a CHB for Ruby?
389117 [jon.raiford ] I have a Smalltalk background and have been working a lot with Ruby
389120 [cremes.devli] I am not aware of one but a good place to look might be the Maglev project (Ruby on Gemstone).
389134 [pmclain vmwa] project (Ruby on Gemstone).

^ Datamapper/CSV sync problem
389118 [jrgutier gma] I'm trying to optimize synchronizing a DataMapper store to a csv file
+ 389119 [mbj seonic.n] I solved this more or less in the same way, but I do not have to set a
+ 389122 [jrgutier gma] I think I'm going to use this. Thanks!

^ noobie question - how do I run this command-line program?
389125 [impersonal j] it to run at the command line.  It is a simple program consisting of
+ 389126 [sduncan weta] Could you try;
+ 389127 [josh.cheek g] Ruby programs look for files that are required in a global variable called
  389128 [impersonal j] Wow, thanks.  That was a perfect explanation for the behavior I
  389135 [josh.cheek g] Not for this application, it is not using Bundler (you can tell a Ruby
  389136 [impersonal j] Thanks so much.  This has been a real help to me.

^ Re: popen in non-blocking mode
389137 [ruby-forum.c] this worked for me but is kind of lame
389139 [shortcutter ] Daniel's point is that you can do what you want in the Ruby script: it

^ How to use a method inside a block
389144 [info eqbalq.] Was wondering, how am I supposed to use a method inside a block , as for
+ 389145 [echristopher] or
+ 389146 [luke.gru gma] Hey,
+ 389147 [hassan.schro] You're calling your method before you've defined it.
+ 389148 [info eqbalq.] Your help is highly appreciated .
+ 389149 [info eqbalq.] You help is highly appreciated .

^ Local and Global Variable
389157 [zombiegenera] charset="utf-8"
+ 389158 [markus fisch] Generally, they're well explained at
+ 389159 [mcpierce gma] It's about the scope of the variable; i.e., what parts of your code can
+ 389168 [jakekaiden y] check out this link for more info on ruby variables and constants...

^ [ANN] TapOut v0.3.1 released
389160 [transfire gm] TapOut 0.3.1 has been released.

^ [ANN] MiniTap v0.3.1 released
389161 [transfire gm] MiniTap 0.3.1 has been released.

^ Return
389162 [zombiegenera] charset="UTF-8"
+ 389163 [chris.hulan ] return is how you pass a value from a method back to the caller of the method
+ 389164 [code apotheo] from puts?
+ 389165 [mcpierce gma] The goal of puts is to output text to the console.
| 389166 [cmdjackryan ] To be technical: It provides output to the OS's standard output
| + 389169 [mcpierce gma] Fair enough.
| + 389170 [sduncan weta] $stdout = File.new('/dev/null', 'w')
|   + 389177 [b.candler po] Which actually goes to show: puts *doesn't* send output to the OS's
|   | 389178 [sduncan weta] Indeed ;]
|   + 389199 [shortcutter ] $stdout.reopen("/dev/null")
+ 389167 [richard.conr] Explains a lot of these basic questions.

^ Local module use in Rack::Auth::Basic block.
389171 [psynaptic_ac] If I'm using the standard Rack authorisation in a Sinatra application:=0A=
389270 [psynaptic_ac] =0A=0A=0A________________________________=0AFrom: Joseph Phillips <psynapti=

^ Watir Select_List Not Triggering Dynamic Page Updates
389173 [vb_rich yaho] We are writing some automation scripts for a product written in .NET.
391229 [david_v_wrig] ie.select_list(:id, "ctl00_DropDownList1").select("Blah")

^ garbage collector in ruby MRI
389174 [cartercheng ] I was looking over gc.c and I was somewhat curious about how often the
+ 389175 [steve stevek] It's done by the interpreter.
+ 389176 [steve stevek] ... primarily.

^ Unable to upgrade 1.8.6 to 1.8.7 (OSX 10.5.8)
389180 [aaronsallrig] Hey peeps!
389181 [steve stevek] What's in the configure.log it asks you to look at?
389182 [aaronsallrig] <script src='http://pastie.org/2720723.js'></script>

^ unable to launch a application with mysql
389183 [titoleite4 g] I am new in ruby development and in the first lines, shit happens :D
+ 389184 [dan nachbar.] I and many other folks have had similar problems.
+ 389186 [titoleite4 g] Dude a did that,
| 389187 [dan nachbar.] Are you still getting error messages referring to
+ 389188 [titoleite4 g] Thanks for help.
  389189 [dan nachbar.] Welcome aboard!

^ Custom Method not running
389192 [zombiegenera] charset="utf-8"
+ 389193 [cczona gmail] A method is called upon its receiver object.  Your method is defined
+ 389194 [michal.zacik] def dictionary_sort arr
+ 389207 [jeremy bopp.] Take a closer look at the error message.  It's telling you that on line
+ 389219 [dragriesti c] I believe it's just a typo in the book. If you change sort to

^ why doesn't this work?
389201 [raphael.tell] hey, I am a C programmer that decided to learn Ruby. I got some
+ 389204 [michal.zacik] array<<  sentence.split(/ /) # this pushes array into array
+ 389205 [ammarabuali ] The problem is the way you store the split sentence. The return value of
| 389212 [code apotheo] I prefer Array.new for that usage, because (in my opinion) it more
+ 389208 [raphael.tell] Thank you very much. Those answers were exactly what i need.
+ 389232 [g.diemant gm] In this case, Array.new isn't needed.
  389237 [botpena gmai] gth
  389239 [sduncan weta] Just for fun
  389240 [josh.cheek g] This was my approach, too. But by the time you make it robust, it's no
  389241 [sduncan weta] Too true! Still not too bad =]

^ inheritance in ruby
389202 [jarodzz gmai] I'm creating an automation framework, and met this inheritance
+ 389209 [shortcutter ] irb(main):001:0> class Base
+ 389275 [ryand-ruby z] This is a bad design smell. Try to design your code so it isn't necessary.
+ 389277 [mcpierce gma] I agree with another poster on this thread: the above has serious code
  389280 [jarodzz gmai] thanks, Robert, Ryan and Darry, I agree it's a design problem.

^ efficient way to catch & continue on exception
389217 [k.dorsel gma] hs = {}
+ 389218 [steve stevek] rbx-head :001 > def throw
+ 389220 [cczona gmail] ing-an-exception
| 389221 [k.dorsel gma] Something like that, but I can't use a loop. Each command and each hash
| 389223 [sduncan weta] Do they need to be hard coded? Can you configure it with a hash of name
+ 389226 [k.dorsel gma] That could work. Just one last thing to solve.
| 389230 [sduncan weta] Well, you can do this, but remember you have to deal with exceptions
+ 389234 [gwtmp01 mac.] hs = {}

^ Moving files into alphabetical directories
389222 [simonharriso] irb(main):008:0> letters
+ 389227 [jgabrielygal] By matching file names you mean the ones starting with that letter?
| 389233 [ymendel pobo] On Oct 19, 4:47=A0pm, Jes=FAs Gabriel y Gal=E1n <jgabrielyga...@gmail.com>
| + 389247 [jgabrielygal] "],
| + 389256 [dan nachbar.] Has #group_by been integrated into Ruby?
|   389257 [adam apresco] $ irb
|   389258 [adam apresco] Whoops. Overzealous editing.
|   389259 [dan nachbar.] Doh!
+ 389231 [simonharriso] Very helpful as always, Jesus. Thanks.

^ Which is a better gem for functional UI testing
389228 [chaitu.stag ] I am trying develop some code using ruby for testing web applications.

^ [ANN] minitest 2.6.2 Released
389229 [ryand-ruby z] minitest version 2.6.2 has been released!

^ Help me memory problem
389235 [chonkw nate.] main memory : 4GB

^ [ANN] cdexec v0.2.0 released
389238 [transfire gm] cdexec 0.2.0 has been released.

^ Call method on attribute update
389242 [jason.lillyw] I have an attribute in my class called @yn. If I change the value of @yn
+ 389244 [gwtmp01 mac.] Just define the attribute writer method yourself instead of using the =
| 389267 [jgabrielygal] class Class
+ 389268 [b.candler po] class Foo

389243 [manavkbgupta] I am working on a project to Automation Testing with WATIR. I am quite
389287 [reachme.vadi] Manav,
389691 [manavkbgupta] Thanks Vaddi for your reply. That will be very useful to me.

^ Switch case with break statement
389245 [manjuvpm12 g] Can anyone help me to write the following codes in ruby?
+ 389246 [hanmac gmx.d] there, break is not used in ruby at this place
+ 389248 [manjuvpm12 g] Thanks Hans Mackowiak for your reply.
| 389253 [jakekaiden y] there's a little problem here - #gets returns a String, not an
| 389254 [jakekaiden y] you could also skip the method, and just put the whole thing in a
+ 389260 [manjuvpm12 g] Thank you all for your valuable reply,