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RUBY requirements
388721 [fullchaoz32@] in ruby? can anyone drop a link for the tutorial in settingup ruby on
388722 [vbosch@gm il] Best way ( my opinion) is to install RVM ( http://beginrescueend.com/ ) =
388724 [fullchaoz32@] thanks for the reply i already install the gems but im having a hardtime
388727 [vbosch@gm il] What is the issue exactly ? Webrick is part of the Ruby standard =
388731 [fullchaoz32@] actually theres no error yet i cant seems to work them both at the same
388733 [vbosch@gm il] ...

state machine guide
388723 [devilz_myste] I need to implement a state machine, i have read it fully but still not
391590 [feihe.vip@gm] You can find more examples in machine event offical site. Could you

How to make Saas application? Is it possible?
388728 [asetpochta@m] ...
+ 388730 [shortcutter@] Do you mean "SaaS"?
| 388738 [klauer@gm il] That's funny.  I was thinking Sass:  http://sass-lang.com/
+ 388767 [b.candler@po] Yes it is.
  388782 [b.candler@po] Basecamp is primarily a web application; that means it uses HTML and HTTP. But it might also provide an API for accessing data stored in the application.

Re[2]: How to make Saas application? Is it possible?
388739 [asetpochta@m] Yes, I mean SaaS)) SaaS application with subscription, basically it should work with documents online.
388779 [asetpochta@m] Re[2]: How to make Saas application? Is it possible?
388785 [asetpochta@m] Re[2]: How to make Saas application? Is it possible?

[ANN] Rails 3.1.1 has been released!
388740 [santiago@wy ] Rails 3.1.1 has been released.

What messaging layer to choose?
388741 [asetpochta@m] ...
+ 388744 [vbosch@gm il] Messaging between what ? (other apps and you , between your servers, between client - server )  What kind of messages ? (contents and size) How many messages do you want to be able to serve ?
+ 388764 [mcpierce@gm ] As someone else asked, what do you mean by "messaging layer"? Do you
  388780 [vbosch@gm il] OpenLaszlo is a DHTML generation language. From what I have seen there is a plugin for rails to be able to use OpenLaszlo ( http://laszlo-plugin.rubyforge.org/)

Developing on remote machine /eclipse
388745 [meetpavan@gm] Has someone used any add-on on eclipse to develop on a remote machine ?
388746 [randymorse@g] there is the remote system explorer plugin and it uses ssh or ftp etc to

Re[2]: What messaging layer to choose?
388747 [asetpochta@m] Thanks for response.
388748 [asetpochta@m] Re[2]: What messaging layer to choose?
388749 [asetpochta@m] Re[2]: What messaging layer to choose?
388781 [asetpochta@m] Re[2]: What messaging layer to choose?

ruby network question
388750 [pmacdonald@g] I will obviously mail the ruby list as well, but on the off chance
+ 388766 [b.candler@po] Looks like ruby not setting close_on_exec flag on your socket when doing
+ 388792 [shortcutter@] roftpd start"

Getting ERB to work in Apache on Windows
388751 [spectralcani] All the google search results seem to use eruby, and simply say "copy

open of web page fails
388755 [joec_49@ho m] here is the URL (spans 2 lines) and it fails with a bad uri message
+ 388757 [k.dorsel@gm ] Whenever I do web stuff I prefer using an external library. ie Mechanize
| 388759 [matma.rex@gm] You need to escape the carets (^) for Ruby to understand - URI library
+ 388765 [joec_49@ho m] I tried escaping the ^ and other symbols also but no luck
| 388769 [matma.rex@gm] "Escape" as in "URL-escape". For example, ^ becomes %5E. You can use
+ 388770 [joec_49@ho m] open("http://quote.yahoo.com/d/quotes.csv\?s=MS+\^DJI+\^GSPC+\^IXIC+IWB+IWM+IWV+TMW+\^VIX+\^TV.N+\&f=d1t1sl1c1\&e=csv")
| 388789 [matma.rex@gm] Not backslash-escape, URL-escape - with the percent signs. Read my
+ 388790 [joec_49@ho m] thanks again

regex an array?
388756 [skolopen@ya ] I am having troubles trying to regex the following array to only include
+ 388758 [k.dorsel@gm ] /(\S*[^"\]]){4}/
+ 388760 [cczona@gm il] ["user created TI: TI-0001"][0] =3D~ /.{7}$/
+ 388761 [esperantoca@] Will this help?
+ 388763 [spiralofhope] Is that opening string "user created TI: " the same every time?
+ 388776 [josh.cheek@g] This could change depending on what constitutes valid data, but it solves
| 388840 [skolopen@ya ] Fascinating, this gives me the appropriate output, thanks for the
+ 388784 [shortcutter@] What exactly do you mean?  Do you want to select all elements in the

OT -  dreamhost password security WAS Cheapest way to host low-traffic small-footprint Rails app?
388768 [dan@na hb r.] we do send PT over email for certain things though. I've been informed =

[ANN] Tap Out
388777 [transfire@gm] I'm pretty psyched about a new tool I just release called "Tap Out".

[ANN] rest-core 0.7.0 released
388786 [godfat@gm il] # rest-core <https://github.com/cardinalblue/rest-core>

[ANN] rest-more 0.7.0 released
388787 [godfat@gm il] # rest-more <https://github.com/cardinalblue/rest-more>

[ANN] rest-graph 2.0.0 released
388788 [godfat@gm il] # rest-graph <https://github.com/cardinalblue/rest-graph>

[ANN] rdoc 3.10 Released
388795 [drbrain@se m] * https://github.com/rdoc/rdoc
389396 [matt@ti bi s] ?mtch is equivalent to the special variable $&, and returns the entire
+ 389404 [ryand-ruby@z] Please file a bug on github.com/rdoc/rdoc. Thanks.
+ 389410 [drbrain@se m] Perhaps, please file a bug as Ryan said so I can look into a fix.

Building ruby 1.9.2-p290 on Cygwin Windows x64
388796 [meckhert@gm ] Wanted to pass along this fix for anyone else who has received the following

Re: rdoc 3.10 Released
388797 [transfire@gm] Some really great enhancements. Nice work.

Ruby and MySQl
388799 [jeny.joshi@g] UI.menu("Plugins").add_item('Condition Ratingjhj') { Jeny.paint }
+ 388803 [b.candler@po] What do you mean by "execution fails"? Do you get an exception? If so,
+ 388805 [jeny.joshi@g] Sketchup.active_model.entities.each {|entity|
| 388806 [b.candler@po] But previously, you asserted that the problem was in the dbh.query line
| 388807 [cmdjackryan@] It's 3d modelling software, using Ruby as (one of?) its scripting language(=
+ 388809 [jeny.joshi@g] puts x.inspect
| 388835 [b.candler@po] So now you need to take a divide-and-conquer approach to the problem.
+ 389016 [vvikky8562@g] Following is the program for database connection
  389022 [w3gat@nw ag ] here is a short program i use to look up stuff on a mysql database using
  389033 [luke.gru@gm ] Because you're in a loop with 'while row ... do', and then

gem update error
388800 [fullchaoz32@] Updating installed gems

Convert Packed decimal to decimal in ruby or shell
388801 [ckarunprakas] I am trying to convert packed decimal to decimal by using ruby or shell
388804 [b.candler@po] That's odd looking input, because it's of undefined character set. Can you provide some clean, unambiguous input? (e.g. in hex)

rspec 2.7.0.rc1 is released!
388808 [dchelimsky@g] rspec 2.7.0.rc1 is released!

assigning session hash to a variable doesn't keep modified hash in session
388810 [stoicism1@ao] Hey all,
388837 [shortcutter@] < code

Basic OO Class question
388811 [kellwood@gm ] I am try to get up to speed on several things at once; namely, OO and
+ 388816 [josh.cheek@g] Give it an accessor and then initialize the associated instance variable to
| 388836 [shortcutter@] to
| 388849 [josh.cheek@g] Interesting, I like it. I usually only dup data if I find I need it, but for
+ 388845 [kellwood@gm ] Thanks all for replying.  This helps me get started.
  388846 [rubytalk2dav] That's what making subclasses is usually used for.

require -- looking in rubygems, now "."
388812 [charles.agri] irb
388813 [steve@st ve ] In Ruby 1.9.2, the current directory isn't in the load path. Use

[ANN] TestR 14.0.0 (was test-loop)
388814 [sunaku@gm il] I'm pleased to announce TestR (was test-loop) which now follows the

Learning Ruby
388817 [lockdownking] Can someone please email me some PDF books or videos to learn Ruby?
+ 388818 [allenlooplee] me to the world of Ruby.
| 388819 [lockdownking] Thank you very much. Going to get it now.!
+ 388820 [josh.cheek@g] has 6 sessions to teach quite a bit of Ruby. It's split into sessions with
+ 388832 [shevegen@li ] Hey! That is a good question.
+ 388834 [b.candler@po] Programming Ruby. 1st edition available for free at ruby-doc.org, and is

Re: require -- looking in rubygems, not "."
388821 [charles.agri] Thank you very much for the help. Could someone be so kind as to show an
388822 [steve@st ve ] $ ls
388823 [charles.agri] Thanks very much again. I really appreciate the help.
388824 [josh.cheek@g] "ls" is the Unix tool to list the contents of a directory. The equivalent on
388825 [josh.cheek@g] The point he's making is that there is a file in the current directory named
388826 [charles.agri] Thank you very much for taking time to reply sir. I am watching your
388828 [josh.cheek@g] Here, I have made a video showing how to use it http://vimeo.com/30294384
388829 [josh.cheek@g] Sorry, "technical difficulties". Video is here instead
388839 [charles.agri] I cannot thank you enough. Josh Cheek rocks. Thanks also to Steve

Check for boolean status in ruby
388827 [idealone5@ho] I have to check for a boolean condition, and see whether its
+ 388830 [josh.cheek@g] This is pretty straightforward procedural code, imo. Perhaps I'm
+ 388831 [shevegen@li ] if islogged_in

Re: [ANN] TestR 14.0.0 [and semver]
388833 [ryand-ruby@z] Version 0.0.1 (2010-10-10) -- your project is now 1 year old exactly... =

Logging DRb source IP address
388838 [anthony@ov r] I use Drb to talk from a number of clients to a central server. I have
388893 [b.candler@po] def main_loop

Using PKCS12 Cert for OpenSSL
388841 [loadeddesign] I'm having an issue trying to setup my RoR app to use a particular
388848 [aaron.psamue] Just as a precaution, becareful you haven't pasted any additional spaces

[ANN] TestR 14.0.1
388842 [sunaku@gm il] TestR - Continuous testing tool for Ruby

scheduler and thread
388843 [huynh_ngoc_5] I want to make a scheduler like this.
+ 388844 [sduncan@we a] Try this;
| 388854 [huynh_ngoc_5] Thanks for help.
| 388868 [shortcutter@] Then you must not #join in the method that start the thread as Sam explaine=
| 388873 [huynh_ngoc_5] Thanks
| + 388882 [sduncan@we a] Can you explain what you mean by "still need sleep 20"?
| | 388894 [huynh_ngoc_5] I had experience with GUI application which is always on. So there was
| | 388895 [sduncan@we a] Oh, I think I understand now =]
| + 388892 [shortcutter@] Thread.new do
+ 388896 [huynh_ngoc_5] Thanks Robert. I use your Timer class in my program.

table_name can create by variable
388847 [dickyhide@gm] I used ruby mysql module and want to save some files into database.

[ANN] Http 0.0.1 - talk to the web humanely
388850 [tony.arcieri] Http is on Github: https://github.com/tarcieri/http
+ 388851 [jos@ca no k.] This looks awesome, thanks Tony!
+ 388852 [josh.cheek@g] This would be a necessary feature for most of my use cases.
| 388853 [tony.arcieri] Mea culpa, this is the 0.0.1 half-baked release :)
+ 388859 [robin@ni or ] Wow, bold choice for a gem name there :). Can't believe this wasn't
  388865 [matma.rex@gm] What about the rest-client gem? Isn't this mostly the same?
  388874 [tony.arcieri] Feel free to substitute "rest-client" for "httparty" in the initial
  388904 [tony.arcieri] Http's goal is to be a unified client and server library complete with

why does `a + f b` not parse?
388855 [martindemell] ruby-1.9.2-p0 > 2 + sqrt 5
+ 388856 [ondemannen@g] irb(main):011:0> 2 + sqrt 5
+ 388857 [waynefb@ea t] ...
| 388858 [rubytalk2dav] That's the odd part.  Just saying "sqrt 5" works (assuming you've
| 388861 [cmdjackryan@] calls (remember: + is a method, not an operator!).
| 388862 [jakekaiden@y] this is a very important point in ruby... `+` is a method (and not an
| 388864 [matma.rex@gm] Yes, I think we all know that; the question is, why does 2 + sqrt(5)
| + 388866 [cmdjackryan@] Don't top post, please.
| | + 388867 [shortcutter@] I believe the versions which turn a space into a dot are not valid
| | | 388884 [cmdjackryan@] What about 2.+(2)? It's equivalent to 2 + 2, after all, and not 2(+(2)).
| | | 388890 [shortcutter@] That's a different case because there is an operator between the
| | + 388877 [matma.rex@gm] I was writing from my mobile, it was added automatically (I just don't
| |   388885 [cmdjackryan@] That would mean that something like Class.instance_methods(:true).sort
| |   388891 [shortcutter@] Yes, but spaces do not become dots except those before an operator.
| |   388900 [cmdjackryan@] Except that Ruby doesn't have operators. , -, *, ** are all methods.
| |   388903 [b.candler@po] From the point of view of the parser, they are operators. From the point
| + 388889 [gwtmp01@ma .] Bottom line is that operators have a higher precedence than argument list construction.
+ 388860 [hanmac@gm .d] + is a method that wants one parameter

A .rb file without module, loading it inside a new module at runtime.
388863 [shevegen@li ] First my problem in general.
+ 388870 [shevegen@li ] Well alright ...
+ 388898 [b.candler@po] eval "module NewModule\n" + File.read("foobar.rb") + "\nend"

Learning Ruby question regarding Looping
388869 [zerofiftysix] Hey there, I'm new to this forums as well as being new to Ruby. I
+ 388871 [jonanscheffl] 'reply' never gets a chance to change.
| 388916 [michel.reves] ...
+ 388872 [zerofiftysix] Yes, that makes sense!  Thanks for your help!
+ 388939 [rubytalk2dav] Try thinking like the computer.  Remember, it's wonderfully fast and
  388941 [b.candler@po] We used to call it a "dry run", which perhaps sounds less sordid :-)

array of hashes
388875 [tcblues@gm i] a=Array.new()
+ 388876 [botpena@gm i] a.find{|x| x[:name]=="pedro"}[:value]
| + 388878 [tcblues@gm i] Thanks!!!!
| + 388879 [peter@va de ] I tried this also, but stopped when I figured out that if there is no
|   388897 [b.candler@po] That's the nil chaining problem. I usually just write something like
+ 388880 [spiralofhope] Is this what you're looking for?
+ 388910 [shortcutter@] Here's another suggestion: you can use rescue to avoid the error you

gem directory not find
388881 [pawan.porwal] I am new in Ruby.This is my first post in this forum and hoping
+ 388883 [percent20@gm] Checkout rubygems.org find a gem you want to install and do
+ 388886 [cmdjackryan@] 1.) Download a copy of RubyGems' .tgz release from
+ 388901 [pawan.porwal] Thanks for your reply.
| 388902 [cmdjackryan@] Well, you'll have to try different releases of RubyGems until you find
+ 388905 [pawan.porwal] install -c -m 0644 rubygems/digest/sha2.rb
| 388906 [henrikloevbo] I'd recommend installing ruby 1.8.7 as well. If the installation is
+ 388907 [pawan.porwal] How to upgrade ruby 1.8.5 to 1.8.7?
| 388908 [cmdjackryan@] Depends on your operating system, really.
| 388909 [henrikloevbo] if you're on windows, use the ruby-installer
+ 388911 [pawan.porwal] x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

[ANN] Hackety Hack 1.0.1 for Mac released!
388887 [steve@st ve ] Hackety Hack v1.0.1 for Mac has been released!

[ANN] TestR 14.0.2
388888 [sunaku@gm il] TestR - Continuous testing tool for Ruby

Re: Assign Java script value to Ruby value?
388912 [bdeveloper01] Is it possible to Assign Java script value to Ruby value?
388938 [rubytalk2dav] Not easily, assuming you're doing client-side JS.  By the time the

how to parse yaml object ?
388913 [rajesh.13kit] i am new to yaml.
388914 [shortcutter@] Difficult when one does not have the code that produces this.  I'd try

Ruby reusability
388915 [bharaths@qu ] I have created two classes and i am calling methods from one class to
388918 [steve@st ve ] Make @selenium into $selenium. Initialize it outside of both tests,
388923 [bharaths@qu ] Thanks it worked

Re: translation from Python
388919 [k.dorsel@gm ] wc = {} #Creates a new empty dictionnary. A ruby Hash
388924 [shevegen@li ] Always remember that while python has sane syntax (compared to

[Q] limelight + rawr for .exe
388920 [cremes.devli] I have a limelight [1] application that I would like to package up with rawr to make a double-clickable Windows application. The problem I am having is that limelight and rawr are a bit at odds in two respects.

Announcing Ruby-related content on minituku.net
388921 [hide@ne la .] Dear ruby-talk readers,
389060 [rubytalk2dav] Why drop the s and not use minitsuku.net?  It's available, and will be
389073 [shyouhei@ru ] "tuku" is also an accepted spelling, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kunrei-shiki_romanization
389191 [tor@ne la .j] Thank You very much for the input!
+ 389210 [eric.findlay] For non-native Japanese speakers, I think 'Minitsuku' is definitely
| 389211 [code@ap th o] I guess I would qualify as a non-native not-quite-speaker.
+ 389214 [matt@te hn r] Personally, I find the Japanese names starting with Ts to be very

[ANN] ReUser v0.2.0 released!
388922 [isaacbfsande] ReUser is a gem. It provides your classes with a DSL for declaring and

How to run a configure script from ruby and check for errors
388925 [shevegen@li ] Ok, I downloaded it and extract it. Then I change to the
388927 [shortcutter@] What exactly do you mean by that?  Do you expect the output in result
388930 [jon.forums@g] FWIW, I use 1.9's open3 lib in a custom git cmd to slurp combined

[ANN] binman 0.0.1
388926 [sunaku@gm il] binman - UNIX man pages for Ruby bin/ scripts

Reading CSV files into arrays and then comparing
388928 [khalidaslam@] I am working on a small project which requires two 2-dimensional
388929 [shortcutter@] For that Arrays are not well suited since the lookup is slow.  Rather
389005 [khalidaslam@] Thanks robert,
389009 [khalidaslam@] I am having some trouble in making a hash using appropriate keys as

[ANN] binman 0.1.1
388931 [sunaku@gm il] binman - UNIX man pages for Ruby bin/ scripts