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^ timer class-newbie
388237 [joec_49 hotm] I know nothing of the timer class and I want to have my ruby app wake up
388240 [dan nachbar.] I don't believe there is a built-in ruby timer class per se.
388334 [Reid.Thompso] ...

^ How about new syntax: "object.\method" returns a Method instance?
388238 [yimutang gma] I'm afraid the normal way of creating a Method instance is circuitous
+ 388243 [matma.rex gm] Um, and how often do you need to get a method, instead of just calling
+ 388274 [markus fisch] Personally I find the \ character troublesome: it reminds me too much
+ 388353 [josh.cheek g] While I'm not sure how I feel about this particular syntax, I think that
  388379 [ymendel pobo] nd

^ FileUtils head-scratcher...
388241 [cremes.devli] In one of my projects I need to move all files and subdirectories in a particular directory up on level.
388242 [reid.thompso] add
388272 [shortcutter ] ame)
388279 [cremes.devli] Robert, yes, my original message (first line) said that was my goal.

^ Looking for better/familiar approach to command line opts
388248 [perljunkie g] So I guess the warning to the reader upfront is...  I'm a bit of a Perl
+ 388249 [josh.cheek g] Ruby has a builtin -s flag, which will parse args
| 388250 [josh.cheek g] #!/usr/bin/env ruby -s
| 388253 [perljunkie g] Ehh, it's interesting and simple, for sure.  But now I'm changing the
| 388254 [jos catnook.] Check out the getoptions gem by my friend Delaney Parker, it was modeled
+ 388251 [perljunkie g] I meant to say "from an ABSTRACTION standpoint..." :-) -pj
| 388252 [josh.cheek g] I found the Trollop gem really easy to work with
+ 388257 [perljunkie g] Wow, time being what it is, I just need to post to a forum sooner. :-)
| 388262 [code apotheo] Module.define_method is a private method.  I'm pretty sure that's why you
+ 388269 [shortcutter ] Does this what you need?
+ 388307 [davec naildr] I'm not sure where that syntax for OptionParser came, and Trollop is a
  388341 [perljunkie g] Now that's a better example of OptionParser and that could come in handy
  388367 [shortcutter ] Really?  We're talking about 20 lines for an implementation that uses
  388380 [perljunkie g] I post a question, someone takes the time to answer it, but I don't look

^ [ANN] ffi-ncurses v0.4.0 released
388255 [sean.ohalpin] I'm pleased to announce version 0.4.0 of the ffi-ncurses gem which
388259 [josh.cheek g] This is really cool :)
388268 [sean.ohalpin] To get non-blocking input in ncurses you have to change the input mode
388301 [josh.cheek g] Thanks a lot, Sean :)

^ [ANN] ffi-locale v1.0.1
388256 [sean.ohalpin] I've just released the ffi-locale gem v1.0.1 which is a thin wrapper

^ problems with Benchmark on ruby 1.8.4 (rhe 5.3)
388261 [russell.fult] Yes I know the version is ancient -- I'm stuck with it for various
388270 [shortcutter ] e, mach )
388293 [russell.fult] Thanks for your response Robert!
388304 [shortcutter ] Since we don't know what happens in process_host we can only

^ [ANN] shoes-mocks 0.0.2 release
388263 [steve stevek] shoes-mocks 0.0.2 has been released!
388265 [josh.cheek g] Awesome! I was recently thinking that this type of lib should exist.
388266 [steve stevek] ...

^ [ANN] shoes-cucumber 0.0.2 released!
388264 [steve stevek] shoes-cucumber 0.0.2 has been released!
+ 388280 [code apotheo] Neither this nor shoes-mocks has any license information that I have
| 388281 [steve stevek] Derp. I'll push up one a new one in a bit, but until then, like everything I
| 388297 [code apotheo] g I
| 388298 [steve stevek] Thanks for pointing it out. I usually remember...
| 388302 [code apotheo] Checking for licenses is generally one of the very first things I do when
+ 388282 [sophrinix gm] Does this open the door to rspec testing with shoes?
  388283 [steve stevek] More shoes-mocks than shoes-cucumber, but yes. You can see some

^ Database Library to use
388273 [tcblues gmai] I've been using ruby-dbi to connecto db but it seems that the last
388291 [b.candler po] Use one of the higher-level ORM libraries: ActiveRecord, Sequel and

^ JSON equivalent to YAML streams?
388285 [transfire gm] Is there any such thing as a JSON stream  equivalent to YAML document
388290 [b.candler po] What CouchDB does for its continuous changes feed is just to send one
388300 [transfire gm] Awesome. That should work for my case too. If I need the data pretty

^ Populate an array based on object
388287 [matthew.lemo] I have been trying for some time to crack a problem which I am sure if very
388289 [b.candler po] here. Local variables would be fine (e.g. target_url).
388296 [matthew.lemo] Brian,

^ [ANN] rest-core 0.4.0 released
388288 [godfat gmail] # rest-core <https://github.com/cardinalblue/rest-core>

^ Share a cab from MSY this Wednesday around 4:00 p.m.
388294 [s.d comcast.] Anyone going to Rubyconf that would like to share a cab on Wednesday from the MSY airport to the Astor Crowne Plaza between 4:00 and 4:30 p.m., let me know.
388295 [matt technor] As a followup, I'm scheduled to pick someone up at the airport around 7PM

^ galaxygetCSV.rb:46: syntax error, unexpected kEND, expecting $end
388299 [gpalmerlv gm] galaxygetCSV.rb:46:  syntax error, unexpected kEND, expecting $end
388303 [abinoam gmai] Send (or link) this whole galaxygetCSV.rb that somebody can help you

^ Verify code is runnable
388305 [atbrew gmail] Before I start I realize the optimal solution is to have 100% code
+ 388306 [josh.cheek g] I think Laser (https://github.com/michaeledgar/laser/) should be able to do
+ 388315 [chris.hulan ] Its a bit old (and I have not used it, so don;t no if it will work for you

^ Writing awesome backtrack code in Ruby
388308 [mail maasha.] Some algorithm expert showed a way to do approximate string matching

^ ping sweep and threads
388309 [ml convalesc] Dear Sir(s),
388310 [shortcutter ] 'net-ping' gem, since I'm working under Ruby 1.9 and 'ping' is not availabl=
388316 [ml convalesc] thanks for the reply,

^ Ruby mysql gem works but I see an exception when I execute the script with debug option using -d $DEBUG.
388311 [paulscholess] I have got some CGI scripts. I use mysql connection and queries in these
388318 [matma.rex gm] The debug option simply shows *all* exceptions *ever* raised - even

^ got error: ERROR Errno::ECONNABORTED: An established connection was aborted by the software in your
388312 [mohitbansal1] connection was a
388313 [sophrinix gm] This almost sounds like a firewall issue.
388314 [sophrinix gm] Were you doing something with action mailer when this occurred?

^ shoes + gstreamer
388317 [jakekaiden y] just put 'shoes_gst' up on github - a flavor of Shoes which uses

^ no such file to load defaultDriver.rb
388319 [remosewa gma] So I have an odd issue, when I run a ruby application by first opening
388320 [sutniuq gmx.] This looks as if you're using Ruby 1.8.6. As far as I know wxRuby only

^ [ANN] ParseTree 3.0.8 Released
388321 [ryand-ruby z] ParseTree version 3.0.8 has been released!

^ [ANN] mongrel2 0.3.1 Released
388322 [ged FaerieMU] * <http://deveiate.org/projects/Ruby-Mongrel2/>

^ Problem running script using include module in a class
388323 [skoppu123 ya] I am new to WATIR/ruby programming and this is my first program in ruby.
388331 [b.candler po] class TC_isell < Test::Unit::TestCase
388350 [skoppu123 ya] Thank you very much for your help. The script worked fine with your

^ [ANN] minitest 2.6.1 Released
388324 [ryand-ruby z] minitest version 2.6.1 has been released!

^ [ANN] rubygems-sandbox 1.1.0 Released
388325 [ryand-ruby z] rubygems-sandbox version 1.1.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] RubyInline 3.11.0 Released
388326 [ryand-ruby z] RubyInline version 3.11.0 has been released!

^ RDocodile's Future
388327 [transfire gm] "The fate of RDocodile hangs in the balance." ;-)

^ ruby database
388328 [dickyhide gm] I don't have the database created experience.
+ 388330 [b.candler po] Did you google for "ruby mysql"? What did you find?
+ 388332 [shortcutter ] From what you write it is not entirely clear whether you need an RDBMs

^ ruby help
388329 [j.londiche p] Can someone help me by taking me off this list please?

^ Get all classes from a list of files
388333 [jeroeningen ] I have a list of ruby files. I would like to create objects from all
+ 388335 [josh.cheek g] If you follow common conventions, you can infer class names from filenames.
+ 388336 [jeroeningen ] My problem is that when I add a file to the files, it must be
| 388338 [rahegge gmai] possibly something like this??
+ 388339 [hanmac gmx.d] sorry but why did you want to use eval?
+ 388438 [jeroeningen ] @Adam
| + 388440 [cmdjackryan ] eval('system "rm -rf /"') # Where'd my UNIX go?
| | 388446 [shortcutter ] robert
| | 388447 [cmdjackryan ] It's a love/hate relationship for me. Mostly hate. ;)
| + 388451 [josh.cheek g] This is seriously the wrong approach. It hides what's actually happening, is
+ 388454 [luke.gru gma] Module.nesting returns the fully namespaced modules beneath wherever it

^ Re: rubygems-sandbox 1.1.0 Released
388337 [jon.forums g] How does this compare with https://github.com/jbarnette/isolate
388432 [ryand-ruby z] Isolate is for creating a private gem repo per project, usually for =

^ [ANN] celluloid 0.2.2: the first truly Ruby-like Actor library with Erlang awesomesauce
388340 [tony.arcieri] - Github: http://github.com/tarcieri/celluloid

^ Ruby Syntax @keywords ||= [ ]
388342 [sharmabhaves] Sorry if this comes across as a dumb question, but what does the
+ 388343 [sid.waste gm] yes... please anyone asnwer the same!
+ 388344 [code apotheo] The ||=3D operator is exactly what it looks like: "or equals".  That is,
+ 388345 [rahegge gmai] it creates an empty array, if @keywords isn't created already
+ 388348 [rubytalk2dav] "x ||= y" is a common idiom for "if x is nil, set it to y".
| 388349 [sid.waste gm] Awesome ! this should clear my doubts..
+ 388351 [mcpierce gma] If @keywords is null then the above would assign the empty array to it.
+ 388352 [luisvm gmail] @keywords =3D @keywords || []

^ Re: Ruby Syntax @keywords ||=
388346 [sharmabhaves] Thanks Chad,
388347 [mike stok.ca] what
388455 [luke.gru gma] You'll probably see something like this, too. Same idea, but

^ Tree - Recursive print function
388354 [lib.giacomo ] I'm working on a tree data structure at the moment and I'm having
+ 388355 [sduncan weta] Why are you adding 'page' as a child of itself?
| 388359 [lib.giacomo ] Hmm... this is a bit painful/embarrassing... Thanks for the comment that
| 388361 [sduncan weta] No worries bro. Sometimes /all/ you need is a fresh set of eyes =]
+ 388356 [cwprogram li] Instead of answering the answer directly I'm going to take a "teach a man t=
  + 388358 [josh.cheek g] Are you teaching a man to fish if you tell him "you should stop asking for
  | 388360 [cwprogram li] to
  | 388362 [josh.cheek g] I'll be honest, I have a certain amount of disdain for the TDD community,
  | 388364 [cmdjackryan ] Fortunately, there has been research[0] into the effectiveness of the
  + 388456 [rubytalk2dav] TDD is great, but Pair Programming might also have caught this.  Note

^ seg fault report on rdoc and ruby 1.9.2p290
388357 [botpena gmai] while updating gems, i got the ff...

^ What does "exit_on_fail("initialize") { hook('preinit') { preinit } } " mean?
388363 [hywl51 gmail] I am a newbie for ruby,and not much familar with rube's grammar although I
388365 [b.candler po] Read a section about 'blocks'. e.g.
388411 [hywl51 gmail] Thank for Candler. I have gotten it.

^ IO.readlines will not accept variable with file name Why?
388366 [jodajen2 yah] I am fairly new to Ruby and I am stuck on this.  Would someone have a
388368 [shortcutter ] puts "what is the name of the file=3D>"
+ 388369 [peter vanden] I am not sure.
| + 388373 [shortcutter ] son.
| + 388374 [b.candler po] Yes, but if that were the case the error wouldn't be Errno::ENOENT.
|   388376 [peter vanden] Ah thanks,
+ 388392 [jodajen2 yah] Robert I thought I had done that but the .inspect shows I am getting a
  + 388393 [seich martia] filename1 = gets.chomp
  + 388394 [peter vanden] Look at chomp
    388395 [jodajen2 yah] Peter is there any difference between chomp and
    388399 [peter vanden] Well yes, a lot of difference ...
    388417 [b.candler po] irb(main):010:0> a = "abc\n"
    388433 [peter vanden] Indeed, thanks for pointing that out.

^ Mouse control in Linux and Windows
388370 [tcblues gmai] I'm looking for a library to control the mouse and send keys that is
388371 [hanmac gmx.d] there exist one lib, OIS, open input system
388480 [tcblues gmai] Great!!!

^ Question about Ruby OCI8
388372 [bin.jinb qq.] I tried to use OCI8 to connect Oracle Database.
388375 [b.candler po] You need to give more details - platform, version of ruby, version of

^ Window Maximize using Selenium webdriver v2.6.0
388377 [tcblues gmai] I'm trying to maximize the window but with no success
390468 [sahirc gmail] driver.execute_script("window.resizeTo(screen.width,screen.height)")

^ Deleting a Model/migration/table
388378 [sid.waste gm] rails destroy model model_name
388436 [mengukagan g] the destroy task generates migrations. you should do rake db:migrate after

^ Variables, Arrays and Hashes.
388381 [robtvogel gm] I'm trying to make a card game with Ruby. I created a hash of cards and
+ 388382 [jgabrielygal] Can you show a complete example in which we can see the error?
| 388383 [robtvogel gm] t =
| 388386 [jgabrielygal] Sorry, I meant a complete example that we can execute, that fails. We
| 388387 [robtvogel gm] The ["ah"] was a typo, it was supposed to be ["Ah"] I attached the file.
| 388389 [jgabrielygal] p player1
+ 388390 [robtvogel gm] Thanks. That's exactly what I needed.
  388463 [rubytalk2dav] Another thing you might consider, depending whether your use case

^ Websocket, http.send: "undefined method `asdfg'"
388384 [voodoomm gmx] I just started to learn Ruby. As a learning-by-doing project I chose
+ 388385 [cwprogram li] `send` is a method that is used to dynamically call a method given a symbol=
+ 388435 [voodoomm gmx] Thank you for your reply, Chris.
  388473 [b.candler po] TCPSocket has its own 'send' method, which overrides Object#send and

^ Getting Syntax error while using raise and rescue in a method
388388 [skoppu123 ya] I am relatively new to ruby programming, I am trying to capture if any
388391 [jgabrielygal] an object

^ rubyWax 0.11.10 audio player released
388396 [jakekaiden y] rubyWax - an audio player for folks who miss their vinyl...

^ simple program, need help
388397 [koolaidmanco] File attached.
+ 388400 [hassan.schro] Which is exactly right -- 'title' is a string and there's no such method.
+ 388401 [josh.cheek g] What Hassan said, but something to consider is that this will change your
| 388402 [hassan.schro] Excellent point, thanks for that caveat.
+ 388408 [reid.thompso] 'some string here'.gsub(/\b\w/){$&.upcase}

^ [ANN] Rails 3.1.1.rc2
388398 [santiago wye] Rails 3.1.1.rc2 has been released. Please give it a try, it's our

^ What is the best way to invoke inhirited instance method within constructor?
388403 [joneslee85 g] class Vehicle
388413 [shortcutter ] Truck#initialize does not invoke any writer method at all but plain

^ Ruby mixin: extend or include?
388404 [joneslee85 g] module CarHelper
388405 [josh.cheek g] module M

^ using alias_method before function definition
388406 [redge.tan gm] code, I'm getting  undefined method `shout' for class `Person'
+ 388407 [redge.tan gm] define_method method do |name|
+ 388416 [b.candler po] I don't think so. The trouble is, alias_method acts on the version of
  388426 [redge.tan gm] hmm, maybe i should use something else other than alias_method. or i'll

^ net scp unable to parse $HOME in dest path : ruby 1.9.2
388409 [rajeswarr iv] I am facing a wired issue with net scp 1.0.4 is unable to parse $HOME in
388410 [reid.thompso] is HOME defined in the environment  on the OS that you are connecting to?

^ StringScanner Kata
388412 [josh.cheek g] A Kata I made for StringScanner. Shows pretty much how I develop.

^ How to write a text in red color
388414 [skoppu123 ya] I am directing my script output to the file by executing the script
+ 388415 [cmdjackryan ] PS C:\> gem search -r color
+ 388553 [joec_49 hotm] try this on ruby under msdos under windows xp - it works fine
| 388554 [ricardo.flor] SSBwcmVmZXIgdG8gdXNlIHRoZSByYWluYm93IGdlbS4NCg0KDQoNCi0tLS0t
+ 388579 [joec_49 hotm] how does that work?

^ RVM seems to fail
388418 [skiabox12 gm] I have already installed ruby 1.8.7 by default in my system (macos
+ 388419 [joec_49 hotm] I download 1.9.2 and found that 'require Tk' was not found....any ideas?
| 388420 [isaacbfsande] uninstall 1.8.7. it is not a dependency. That or add the rvm bin to your
+ 388421 [skiabox12 gm] Problem solved.

^ [ANN] mongrel2 0.5.0 Released
388422 [ged FaerieMU] mongrel2 version 0.5.0 has been released!

^ How do default my check_box_tag to true?
388423 [jamiz619 yah] <%= check_box_tag :active, 1, params[:active] == '1' %>
388424 [matma.rex gm] This is apparently a Rails question, and this is a general Ruby

^ Re: [ANN] Ruby 1.9.3 RC1 is out
388428 [matma.rex gm] I did in fact try compiling on my own using Jon's instructions, but

^ Problem with Ruby 1.9.3 RC1 and YAML files
388429 [shevegen lin] I am trying to get ruby 1.9.3 rc1 to work and it fails because of my
388430 [luislavena g] Does your yaml files contains tabs or UTF BOM identifications?
388466 [gdprasad gma] 2011/10/1 Luis Lavena <luislavena@gmail.com>
389690 [shortcutter ] $ cat -n ruby-1.9.pc

^ access hashmap objects
388434 [samuel.stuet] I got objects inside of a hashmap. And they are packed as the following
388445 [shortcutter ] That's not a Hash but rather a partial description of how a Hash is created=

^ How to unsubscribe?
388437 [asetpochta m] SGksCgpJIHdhbnQgdG8gY3JlYXRlIG9uZSBtYWlsYm94IGZvciB0aGlzIG1haWxpbmcgbGlzdCBv
+ 388439 [cmdjackryan ] s there.
+ 388442 [chris.hulan ] This seems to come up fairly frequently
  388443 [petite.abeil] It's already in the message header.
  388448 [chris.hulan ] The people who read headers don't need instructions on how to
  388449 [cmdjackryan ] If people don't remember how they subscribed, and/or can't be bothered
  + 388450 [chris.hulan ] I subscribed recently (i used to just ready comp.lang.ruby) and
  + 388453 [lists viaduc] Actually, it is, because it eventually hits the list, as Chris has =