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^ How-to run a 'minitest' test?
388032 [treleven.llo] I am trying run the attached test which I found on the 'minitest'
+ 388033 [justincollin] How does the code in meme_test.rb know about the code in meme.rb?
| 388035 [treleven.llo] Thanks Justin I added the require_relative "meme" as suggested and all
+ 388034 [josh.cheek g] Honestly, it just depends what you're trying to do. If you just want to run

^ how to implement method with execution timeout expiration?
388036 [zhoran inbox] Would you be so kind to advise me Player.get_action() implementation?
+ 388037 [johnjohn.ted] This sounds more like a design issue, if your system blocks while
+ 388072 [shortcutter ] Ruby version 1.9.2

^ Symbol from variable name
388039 [b1368810 lhs] For example I have a variable jx.
388041 [cwprogram li] This seems like a bid of an odd use case. Can you give more detailed code t=

^ Re: Preventing TkRoot from resizing
388043 [joec_49 hotm] What other methods are there for tkroot?
388050 [jon.forums g] One of the great things about Ruby is how easy it is to peek behind the
388088 [joec_49 hotm] thanks - that was very helpful

^ (none)
388044 [asetpochta m] SGksCgpIb3cgdG8gZ2VuZXJhdGUgcmFuZCAocmFuZG9tIG51bWJlcikgYmV0d2VlbiB0d28gbnVt

^ Re:
388045 [cwprogram li] ot 0) and some number.
388048 [dimeneira gm] Also you can mod the number by the cardinality of your range and then add
388071 [shortcutter ] 0.13646702557098767
388077 [dimeneira gm] My bad. I assumed errantly that ruby's rand would default return a rand

^ How to generate rand (random number) between two numbers?
388046 [asetpochta m] SGksCgpIb3cgdG8gZ2VuZXJhdGUgcmFuZCAocmFuZG9tIG51bWJlcikgYmV0d2VlbiB0d28gbnVt
388047 [cremes.devli] On Sep 19, 2011, at 11:52 AM, =D0=90=D1=81=D0=B5=D1=82 =D0=90=D1=81=D0=B5=D1=
388075 [Rob AgileCon] irb1.9.2> class Range
388076 [shortcutter ] irb(main):022:0> (0.0..0.1).sample

^ Overloaded constructor
388049 [ayoya_91 hot] I want I ask something I am using ruby192 I want to know if it can
+ 388051 [mcpierce gma] AFAIK it can't.
+ 388052 [cmdjackryan ] class CRectangle
+ 388053 [ayoya_91 hot] Thank you very much Phillip:)
  388054 [cmdjackryan ] No problem!
  388061 [jeremy bopp.] Phillip, your code runs just fine on Ruby 1.8.7 as-is.  Default values

^ Convert object structure
388055 [tligda gmail] I'm pretty new to Ruby, so this is probably a pretty simple proposition
+ 388056 [matma.rex gm] You could just call #flatten on the resulting array.
+ 388057 [tligda gmail] That works! Thank you very much!

^ Re: Friend Function
388062 [bbxx789_05ss] No.

^ Net::Telnet doesnt work but command line telnet does
388063 [timanema gma] I am making a simple remote control to vlc and running into troubles on
388064 [ryand-ruby z] I'm just guessing... but that "Trying ::1" line hints that =
388065 [timanema gma] it seems you are right

^ [ANN] net-http-persistent 2.1 Released
388066 [drbrain segm] net-http-persistent version 2.1 has been released!

388067 [tragiang_788] EVERBOUQUET/WAYTON

388068 [tragiang_788] GLOBAL CONNECTOR

388069 [tragiang_788] LINEAR ARTWORK

^ appending \n to each element in an array
388078 [joec_49 hotm] I have an array
+ 388080 [j.londiche p] =20
| 388085 [shortcutter ] Please do not hijack threads - especially not for commercial activities!
+ 388081 [dsisnero gma] ...
| 388086 [shortcutter ] It's not exactly what the OP wanted... :-)  Also, I am suspecting a
+ 388083 [hassan.schro] Yes; see the Ruby doc for Array -- 'map' method
| 388087 [j.londiche p] =20
| + 388091 [adam apresco] David Heinemeier Hansson.
| | 388111 [josh.cheek g] Considering the use cases for something like this makes it seem decently
| + 388246 [rubytalk2dav] already been going on a completely different topic, appropriate to the
+ 388084 [adam apresco] => ["some", "of", "my", "favourite", "words"]
+ 388089 [mayank.kohal] ruby-1.9.2-p290 :001 > ["DOG","CAT","HAT"].map { |element| element + '\n' }
+ 388090 [joec_49 hotm] that worked perfectly (map) - thanks.

^ StringIO and encodings
388092 [alex blackke] $ ruby -v
+ 388093 [adam apresco] Can it not be changed so that it knows the internal encoding, instead? That
| 388094 [alex blackke] I don't know if there's an API for that, but I suspect there isn't.  If
| 388095 [drbrain segm] instead?
| 388187 [alex blackke] $ ri StringIO
| 388188 [ryand-ruby z] soooo... instead of fixing it and empowering yourself... you choose... =
| 388189 [alex blackke] rubydoc.info, usually.  Saves fixing it on every single box I ever
| 388191 [josh.cheek g] +1, ri has worked for me once before, but rarely does, and I don't enjoy the
+ 388292 [b.candler po] Nothing surprises me any more about encodings in ruby 1.9.

^ require command
388096 [ayoya_91 hot] I am using ruby192 and when ever i use "require" to load another saved
+ 388098 [Rob AgileCon] require "some_file"
+ 388099 [ayoya_91 hot] Well I tried that it still doesn't work here is the error message it
+ 388100 [cmdjackryan ] Probably because you are trying to require a file in or from within
+ 388101 [ayoya_91 hot] require_relative "my_file" Works just fine!!

^ Ruby on a Mac
388097 [pbailey bna.] I'm new to my Mac. I love it, but, it's definitely different than the
+ 388102 [Carey.Nation] U2VlbXMgbGlrZSBpdCBjYW4ndCBmaW5kIGN1cmwuICBUcnkgcHV0dGluZyBhbiBleHBsaWNpdCBw
| 388120 [pbailey bna.] I get results from typing "curl" anywhere I am when I'm in terminal.
+ 388106 [ryand-ruby z] Holy random indenting batman! Could you please normalize your code =
| + 388113 [eule space.c] Here. Can't reproduce your error, Peter. I'd suggest you look at your
| | 388122 [pbailey bna.] OK. I'll poke around some more. Thanks.
| | 388155 [pbailey bna.] Wow. I'm sorry. I found my problem. I'm so new to the Mac that I forgot,
| + 388119 [pbailey bna.] Well, I'm sorry, but, that's how it goes in with a cut & paste from my
+ 388114 [cwprogram li] I notice you're not really using curl for anything complicated=2C so it see=
+ 388167 [shevegen lin] I think your code is a problem too. Too many $ where it seems useless.

^ Reading local variables at_exit
388103 [andreas.lund] I'm writing a slim Ruby Debugger using the set_trace_function.

^ I am confused with installing a gem
388104 [aef1370 gmai] 'gem install sexp' ) ruby gives me an error but when for second time I
+ 388105 [goforit7arh ] Short version: It installed fine, but one of the dependencies' for the
+ 388107 [ayoya_91 hot] I am encountering the same problem
+ 388108 [ayoya_91 hot] This is the error message that appears on the command prompt
| 388110 [ryand-ruby z] repository
+ 388112 [ayoya_91 hot] yes its the latest verison i am pretty sure (also my ruby version is
  + 388117 [ryand-ruby z] In which file? Gems are files that are unpacked into your gem directory. =
  + 388146 [treleven.llo] To find out where gems are installed type gem list -d. This command
    388161 [ayoya_91 hot] No That is not the problem its command prompt cant find any gems i

^ JSON RPC and Ruby/Rails
388109 [andersonlfl ] Does anyone have some experience using some JSON-RPC service wit Ruby

^ gem installaltion
388115 [ayoya_91 hot] I am using ruby 1.9.2 on windows 7 machine
388118 [ryand-ruby z] Please don't repeat the same question over and over.

^ [ANN] Rumai 4.1.3
388116 [sunaku gmail] Rumai

^ Re: how to uninstall ruby-dbi-all
388121 [tcblues gmai] could you solve this problem since I have the same :(

^ Turning on a special program at special time and turning off the computer at another special time
388123 [aef1370 gmai] I decided to write a program in RUBY wherein these items have been done
+ 388124 [sophrinix gm] That sounds like a program a special program a terrorist would write. Are
| + 388125 [ben bleythin] Whoa. Inappropriate.
| | 388128 [sophrinix gm] Clearly not serious here... just saying.
| + 388145 [cathy1428 gm] I just have to comment on this one...
|   388150 [sophrinix gm] learn
+ 388126 [shortcutter ] On Windows I would write a simple shell script and schedule it via

^ Re: Turning on a special program at special time and turning off the computer at another special tim
388127 [aef1370 gmai] Thanks robert but I want to write a RUBY program that do it.
388129 [zertux gmail] 1. The code needs to be run from windows 7 scheduled tasks at a specific
388134 [aef1370 gmai] Hey " Andrew Mcelroy "
388136 [sophrinix gm] Im sorry you were offended.

^ Arrays and choose one
388130 [lanaizen hot] I am newbie on ruby and I have questions and troubles, can you help me
+ 388247 [rubytalk2dav] First off, you don't need the Array.new part there.  The second line
+ 388260 [bdeveloper01] Arrays and choose one
+ 388286 [lanaizen hot] Thanks both of you!!

^ subtype polymorphism
388132 [akinakinfola] polymorphism in ruby with a code as the example.. thanks
388133 [steve stevek] That said, inheritance is kinda silly in Ruby, and only really useful

^ [ANN] flog 2.5.3 Released
388135 [ryand-ruby z] flog version 2.5.3 has been released!
388137 [code apotheo] Do you have a publicly accessible source archive somewhere?
388141 [klauer gmail] While not aimed at me (and possibly meant more to point out lack of
388144 [code apotheo] Thanks.  I didn't find it in my initial casual search.

^ [ANN] test-loop 13.0.1
388138 [sunaku gmail] test-loop - Continuous testing for Ruby with fork/eval

^ new gem: method_locator released
388139 [lecompte gma] Method Locator is a Ruby gem that allows you to easily determine the

^ [ANN] ruby_parser 2.3.1 Released
388140 [ryand-ruby z] ruby_parser version 2.3.1 has been released!

^ [ANN] mongrel2 0.2.4 Released
388142 [ged FaerieMU] mongrel2 version 0.2.4 has been released!

^ Ruby code style / Regular Expression to remove blank lines / test case
388143 [redgiant581 ] Forgive me to put 3 seemingly irrelevant words in the subject line. But
388148 [shortcutter ] Welcome to the wonderful world of Ruby!

^ Unable to close the file, opened using ftp.
388147 [getsauin gma] args = Hash.new
388149 [shortcutter ] D] )

^ What can persuade you to hire Junior Ruby devs with significant PHP experience?
388151 [info ainstai] I am writing to ask for your advice.
+ 388152 [peterhickman] When we were recruiting for a Rails position PHP (in fact any dynamic
+ 388154 [richard.conr] There are people with limited programming experience who are struggling, but

^ RegEx Help For checking alphnumeric
388153 [getsauin gma] str = "v38"
388156 [getsauin gma] Is this right.
+ 388157 [podenski me.] Try using rubular.com to verify your regular expression. This a great tool to help with developing regular expressions.
+ 388158 [adam apresco] Note that \d+\d+ is almost redundant, but you'll actually not match "v3".
  388159 [shortcutter ] irb(main):006:0> /\w+\d+/ =~ '++++_0344'

^ Parsing xml with an any tag
388164 [abhishek813 ] I am a newbe to Ruby and my very first question is: Is it even possible
388173 [shortcutter ] Now I'm confused: do you want to create XML or parse XML?  What to the
389597 [abhishek813 ] Parse the wsdl xml and for now i am ignoring wsdls with any tag.

^ [ANN] ambit 0.10 Released
388166 [jwise draga.] ambit version 0.10 has been released!
388168 [adam apresco] I know this isn't related to ambit itself, but you might find things easier

^ tkentry - filled in by program?
388169 [joec_49 hotm] I am using TkEntry form field in ruby and I want to have text display in
+ 388170 [michel.reves] myTkVariable.value = something
+ 388177 [joec_49 hotm] That works - thanks!!!

^ Ruby Help with HTML Form
388171 [freemcg36 ya] I have html, css, and javascript background but have never touched Ruby.
388174 [shortcutter ] Why do you need Ruby for that when your server apparently works with
388175 [freemcg36 ya] <?php
388176 [chrishuntis ] <?php
388179 [freemcg36 ya] Is the myform.php in the same directory as the file calling it? It's

^ 'compiling' ruby into an exe file- how to do it?
388180 [joec_49 hotm] I tried rubyscript2exe.rb and that has errors in the source.
+ 388181 [matma.rex gm] Ocra is the best and simplest way.
+ 388182 [me waltonhoo] rubyscript2exe has been discontinued for a long time.  I'd recommend
+ 388190 [joec_49 hotm] Will it work under windows xp? I made some progress with it under
+ 388275 [elysah elysa] not sure what exactly you had tried to do with your command, but Ocra

^ Indentation in templates?
388183 [hilco.wijben] Given the code below ...

^ Undefined method NoMethodError whaaat
388184 [xidusmon gma] Hey, I am a college student, I'm rewritting a psychology program from
388186 [jgabrielygal] What that error means is that you are calling method [] on nil. Inside

^ [ANN] ruby2ruby 1.3.1 Released
388185 [ryand-ruby z] ruby2ruby version 1.3.1 has been released!

^ Net::Ssh keepalive
388192 [jparker.home] I'm having trouble with Net::Ssh sessions timing out from the server
388194 [sophrinix gm] If you just use normal ssh and log in to the server, is this an issue?

^ Get rid of newline from shell commands in Ruby
388193 [meetpavan gm] I am trying to run simple shell commands in my script, but am unable to
388195 [dan nachbar.] You might try using
388196 [jh_ruby-lang] u,p2,p1,h = l.split(':')

^ em-scenario 0.0.5 released
388197 [mathieu.leca] Em-scenario provides tools to avoid callback hell when using

^ Conditional statements with multiple arguments
388198 [sinixlol gma] Good afternoon everyone,
+ 388199 [allen.wyma g] Should be
+ 388200 [sinixlol gma] Thank you very much for the quick response Allen. You are completely
| 388204 [botpena gmai] if you want something similar to your original idea, you may need to
+ 388205 [peter vanden] I believe a nice way to achieve it could be the "case" statement.
+ 388206 [sinixlol gma] Ok, that makes a lot more sense. So basically, what you're saying is if
| 388207 [peter vanden] Unless it is "nil" or "false"
+ 388210 [sinixlol gma] Peter,
| 388212 [peter vanden] That's it indeed ... in more detail, only the singleton objects of NilClass
| 388213 [matma.rex gm] There is a reason to evaluate, say, 0 to true.
+ 388215 [sinixlol gma] Thank you to everyone for your responses and bearing with my very basic
+ 388228 [transfire gm] I was thinking about this just yesterday. Sure would be nice if their
  + 388229 [chris.hulan ] [1,2].include? x
  | 388244 [transfire gm] =A0if a.either.include? [1, 2]
  | 388245 [josh.cheek g] I like it, but either implies 2 options. Seems weird to say
  + 388233 [botpena gmai] if x.in?  1, 2
    388234 [justincollin] Object#in? is an activesupport extension.
    388239 [botpena gmai] anyone can create it ;-)

^ [ANN] mongrel2 0.3.0 Released
388201 [ged FaerieMU] Ruby-Mongrel2 version 0.3.0 has been released!

^ IoC / DI is still alive (new release of Micon DI)
388202 [axyd80 gmail] New release of Micon DI - silent killer of dependencies and configs.
+ 388218 [steve stevek] ...
+ 388222 [axyd80 gmail] I watched this talk, and I'm agreed that there's no need in AOP technics

^ [ANN] Ruby 1.9.3 RC1 is out
388203 [yugui yugui.] Ruby 1.9.3 RC1 has been released.  This is the first release candidate
388208 [sutniuq gmx.] ===============================================
388209 [cwprogram li] Sounds like a hardware / kernel driver issue actually. Run fsck on the disk=
+ 388211 [adam apresco] It just compiled. Arch Linux, i686.
+ 388214 [sutniuq gmx.] You're indeed right, thanks!. I ran fsck over my disk and it reported
  388216 [mame tsg.ne.] I bet that your float.h is still broken.
  388217 [sutniuq gmx.] Hm... That's gonna be the usual amount of work, with properly
  388219 [matma.rex gm] [Are there / will there be before final 1.9.3 release] any binary
  388220 [cmdjackryan ] AFAICT, yes. The RCs need Windows testing, too. ;)

^ net::http does not return what a browser returns
388221 [k.dorsel gma] I trying to access an API with ruby, but I can't get net::http to get me
+ 388223 [matma.rex gm] Are you sure you do not need any other cookies?
+ 388226 [k.dorsel gma] I'm sure everything works fine. Via the browser I have tried the actual
+ 388227 [k.dorsel gma] I've looked at Rest and found two gems that could work. Which one would

^ Re: Ruby 1.9.3 RC1 is out
388224 [shevegen lin] I am not sure if I can reply to this or should I file an issue.
388225 [ryand-ruby z] you should file an issue on redmine
388231 [jon.forums g] Yes, Luis is currently planning to release 1.9.3 RC1 RubyInstaller
388425 [matma.rex gm] Any progress? :)
388427 [luislavena g] Will work on a binary release this weekend, it was a very busy week at =
388431 [luislavena g] If you don't include the output of the "barf", there is little we can do =
388441 [jon.forums g] One potential barf area to check is whether there are 0 byte archives in =
388452 [matma.rex gm] (Should I move to RubyInstaller list with this?)
388460 [luislavena g] You haven't provided details of your starting point (version of Ruby, =

^ Distribute Ruby GUI App (Shoes)
388230 [hisako1337 g] I am creating a ruby gui app with shoes (or green_shoes), but my problem
+ 388232 [jakekaiden y] a good place to post this question would be the Shoes mailing list -
+ 388235 [steve stevek] This is the unfortunate current situation. Red shoes is the only one with a
  388236 [hisako1337 g] @jake: I decided to post here because I also look for a general solution
  + 388258 [steve stevek] We're gearing up to release a 3.1 version of Shoes within the next two
  | 388277 [hisako1337 g] Very nice, can't wait for it!
  | 388284 [steve stevek] It's the version that's distributed with 1.9.2. It's also the version
  + 388271 [ashbbb gmail] So glad to hear that. Thank you for creating Shoes app! :)
    388276 [hisako1337 g] Hey ashbb!
    388278 [cmdjackryan ] Repackage the Ruby Installer to include whatever you want/need to