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does ruby 1.9.2 support tk?
387679 [joec_49@ho m] I invoke it using require 'tk' and I get file not found
+ 387713 [luislavena@g] Without you telling us what OS you're using, we can't provide you a
+ 387722 [joec_49@ho m] I run ruby under ms windows xp in an msdos cmd window...hope that helps.
  387724 [luislavena@g] Both 1.8.7-p352 and 1.9.2-p290 have tk support built-in.

why doesn't this code work?
387682 [dzseymour@gm] Can't find the table which I know exists in the database connection
387688 [josh.cheek@g] First thought is that you should give the full path to the database.

ruby 1.9.2 binary distribution for linux ?
387693 [mark_f_edwar] i was able to build 1.9.1 without any trouble, but i cannot successfully
+ 387706 [sophrinix@gm] Im confused why you think git is unobtainable.
| 387707 [cmdjackryan@] kernel.org has problems at the moment.
+ 387718 [mark_f_edwar] one has to wonder why anybody would want to hack Kernel-org.  that does

1.9.3 (and nightly snapshot) error
387694 [mark_f_edwar] luck thus far.
+ 387715 [mark_f_edwar] gcc  -v  ;  ldd --version ;   #glib gcc version
| 387716 [cmdjackryan@] Are you using RHEL4 (or derivate, like CentOS/Scientific Linux)?
+ 388267 [edwardsmarkf] thanks for the suggestion, although i should have figured that one out

Network user on Linux
387700 [tcblues@gm i] I am able to get the network user in windows though ENV['username'] but
387701 [shortcutter@] user = ENV['USER'] || ENV['USERNAME']
387704 [tcblues@gm i] thanks a lot!!! it is working!!
387708 [shortcutter@] path_to_open = windows? : file_name.sub /^smb:/, '' : file_name

File::BINARY does not behave as advertised. How do I help to fix this?
387719 [camerooni@gm] I noticed some anamolous behavior opening files with the file mode
+ 387726 [ryand-ruby@z] Please send this to ruby-core@
+ 387727 [matz@ru y- a] In short, the comment was wrong.  O_BINARY only disables newline

Any downsides to writing paranthesises?
387725 [cluny_gissla] Im a newbie programmer who is trying to learn Ruby after having just
+ 387728 [serialhex@gm] while there isn't anything implicitly *wrong* with using=A0parens all
| 387730 [cluny_gissla] I agree that having to write empty paranthesises is not all that great
| 387735 [code@ap th o] To my knowledge, there is no technical difference for executing code
| 387749 [cluny_gissla] What does precedence problems mean exactly?
| 387750 [jgabrielygal] Precedence problems mean that the parser understands the second line
+ 387729 [matma.rex@gm] Just a convention. As long as you're just writing for yourself, do
| 387737 [code@ap th o] is not correct pluralization, though it is a third-person present form of
| + 387741 [serialhex@gm] ...witch is why i make my life simplr, just say parens!  most of time
| | + 387754 [code@ap th o] =2E..wich is why i make my life simpaler, just say parens!  most of time
| | + 387757 [adam@ap es o] What saves you time adds reading and comprehension time for everyone else. :)
| + 387756 [matma.rex@gm] Yes, I know. I mistyped and only realized it later, but I thought
|   387773 [code@ap th o] Mostly, I'm just trying to help.
+ 387731 [flo@an er gr] and
  387738 [rubytalk2dav] Yup.  :-)  Another reason to omit the parens is so that clients don't
  387739 [gwtmp01@ma .] I agree with this except that there is no such thing as a 'public =
  387740 [echristopher] e' in Ruby. =A0Not sure what you are referring to there.
  387746 [gwtmp01@ma .] don't

green shoes and ssh
387732 [mr.mikaelsso] Iam trying my hands on ruby green shoes but what can I say Iam stuck.
+ 387736 [steve@st ve ] You may wish to cross-post this to the shoes list, shoes@librelist.com
+ 387753 [ashbbb@gm il] I just tried the following (without Green Shoes), but it didn't work well

Question concerning 1.9.3
387742 [cartercheng@] I was reading the ChangeLogs and News for 1.9.3 but I did not see much
387743 [steve@st ve ] They're pretty up-to-date. Small point releases generally don't change much. ;)
387781 [cartercheng@] Thanks.

Can monkey patching be discovered when you require a library?
387744 [klauer@gm il] Is it possible to know whether a method, class, or instance was overridden
+ 387745 [steve@st ve ] Not really.
+ 387748 [tim.pease@gm] overridden
+ 387952 [transfire@gm] Turn on warnings.
| 387956 [ryand-ruby@z] That doesn't work.
+ 387954 [mcpierce@gm ] The question is: _how_ would you find out if such were the case?

calculate timing
387747 [dickyhide@gm] How to calculate the time difference?
387751 [justincollin] ...

Virtual File System (Local, S3, SFTP)
387752 [axyd80@gm il] Virtual File System has been released.

Iterate Array and (pretty)print
387760 [spambocks@ya] I am trying to iterate through an array, convert the output to a string
+ 387761 [cwprogram@li] to
+ 387762 [larrylv1990@] u have output @hosts' elements in the block? why would you add a puts in
| 387763 [shortcutter@] You don't even need the join.
| + 387765 [list.push@gm] But, he wants it to be a string.
| + 387768 [peter@va de ] I think this is just an artefact of "puts" and not relevant for the initial
+ 387764 [spambocks@ya] Except, I need to put the output into a string.  When I use the to_s
+ 387766 [spambocks@ya] Thank you Harry! That is exactly what I needed :)
+ 387776 [adam@ap es o] Just for completeness since nobody has quite covered it yet,

Using a loop to run similar commands
387767 [spambocks@ya] Is there a neater way to do this, by using a loop?
+ 387769 [matma.rex@gm] Yes, use arrays.
+ 387770 [cwprogram@li] There's a lot of variable name repetition going on here. Instead I'd recomm=
+ 387771 [josh.cheek@g] Yes, but it's flagrantly wrong. You're creating consecutive variable names,
+ 387783 [rubytalk2dav] Kudos to you for recognizing that the above was "not neat".  Any time
+ 387802 [spambocks@ya] Thank you all for these excellent suggestions - I will explore them
+ 387805 [spambocks@ya] 1.upto(12) do
  + 387807 [matthias@wa ] I still would encourage you to learn more  or at least *something*  about arrays and other containers. You°«re not gonna become a good Ruby coder
  + 387812 [josh.cheek@g] In the same way that you can store a variable named "create1" in your local

Methods not found
387772 [angeloalvesf] ...
387778 [rubytalk2dav] Show, not index?  If you do indeed mean show, show us what the
387780 [cmdjackryan@] ine de action in routes, it not work.
387791 [angeloalvesf] Another methods not work if a redirect to new or index...

[Q] recommended way to support multiple APIs from one codebase
387779 [cremes.devli] I am the author of the ffi-rzmq gem. It wraps the 0mq [1] (libzmq) library for use by all of the major Ruby runtimes.
+ 387800 [chris@s- -u ] Sorry dont have a gem at hand which does it (but i guess many if not
+ 387804 [shortcutter@] y for use by all of the major Ruby runtimes.
  387832 [cremes.devli] I like the suggestion of using modules and "include"ing them based upon a runtime check.

block scoping change between 1.8 & 1.9
387782 [cartercheng@] This probably is a rather basic question but I am curious about the
387792 [gwtmp01@ma .] I'm not sure how to interpret your question.  There are differences in =
387803 [cartercheng@] Thanks Gary.

examples of date, datetime classes needed
387784 [joec_49@ho m] I am running ruby 1.8.7 under windows xp, if that matters
+ 387787 [reid.thompso] google
| 387789 [reid.thompso] ...
+ 387828 [joec_49@ho m] Thank for the links...they were heelpful

[ANN] minitest 2.6.0 Released
387785 [ryand-ruby@z] minitest version 2.6.0 has been released!

[ANN] RubyInline 3.10.1 Released
387786 [ryand-ruby@z] RubyInline version 3.10.1 has been released!

solved: gtk2 problems on 64-bit linux
387788 [serialhex@gm] i was having some problems running green shoes on my 64bit linux box,

csv file use excel to open and modify
387793 [dickyhide@gm] I create csv script to read a csv file.
+ 387795 [chen.webdev@] make sure that the excel does not modify the content of your csv file. Csv
| 387796 [dickyhide@gm] I should modify the content,
+ 387798 [chen.webdev@] I am using open office excel to open and modify the content of csv as

Need help regarding conditionals on while loops.
387794 [theburrick@h] In a tutorial I'm currently reading
+ 387797 [gwtmp01@ma .] The while loop body is executed if the expression evaluates to a =
+ 387799 [theburrick@h] Thanks that was very helpful!

Integers to English Words.
387806 [conor.starrs] I'm a junior software engineer who has been blessed with the gift of
+ 387808 [list.push@gm] Is this any help?
+ 387809 [peterhickman] The linguistics gem might be what you want.
| 387810 [conor.starrs] Thanks Harry, that's exactly the type of alternative (and write up) I
+ 387830 [bbxx789_05ss] 1) $hash
+ 387834 [bbxx789_05ss] def to_words

Get interpreter path
387811 [hramrach@ce ] is any way to get the running interpreter path?
+ 387836 [sutniuq@gm .] I'm not sure what you mean, but it seems you don't want the RbConfig
| 387877 [hramrach@ce ] This is probably going to suffice.
+ 387838 [rogerpack200] Gem.ruby # if you have rubygems loaded
| 387839 [flo@an er gr] To add to that: rake adds the constant RUBY, which also holds the path =
| 387841 [hramrach@ce ] cp `which ruby` ~/bin/testruby
| 387849 [drbrain@se m] Moving ruby from where it was installed is not a good idea.  It expects =
| 387850 [jeremiah.dod] Of course, this doesn't mean that people won't do that, although I'm having
+ 387842 [cmdjackryan@] Why?
| 387844 [hramrach@ce ] Obviously because I can't be sure that the interpreter *is* in the
| + 387845 [cmdjackryan@] Why would you *care* where it is installed?
| | 387851 [hramrach@ce ] I don't care where it is *installed*, I care where it *is*.
| | 387852 [cmdjackryan@] Those are synonyms, since the user can execute Ruby programs. *How*
| | 387875 [hramrach@ce ] So long as I always use gems, sure.
| | 387882 [cmdjackryan@] Which is a given on Ruby 1.9, since RubyGems is part of the standard
| + 387847 [jeremiah.dod] ...
|   387848 [astounding@g] The original question is quite interesting.  Offhand I don't see a way
+ 387872 [alex@bl ck e] Reading between the lines, it sounds like Michal has an application,
| + 387873 [cmdjackryan@] In that case, I'd distribute Ruby as an installer package for the
| | 387895 [code@ap th o] I'll refer back to this stuff in a moment.
| + 387874 [hramrach@ce ] That's not what I am doing, at least right now. That's one of the
|   387876 [flo@an er gr] Without discussing the benefits or drawbacks: Finding the real =
+ 387901 [shevegen@li ] Do you really want to invest your time to teach people how to
  387904 [code@ap th o] I said that.

How to access manipulate on Exception type object of ruby in C?
387813 [bg.salunke09] file containing implementation of some function which are accessed from

Tough Ruby Homework
387814 [rorypascua@y] I'm trying to take a long piece of text, find a word, and get that word
+ 387815 [serialhex@gm] ...if it's homework, why are you simply asking us?
| 387817 [rorypascua@y] Not a school homework.  Its a work homework.  Thanks
| + 387819 [ruby@za sh n] Still. Better to try your hand at something than to just copy what =
| | 387821 [rorypascua@y] Dude, if you're not going to help, why respond to this post?  Simply
| + 387820 [serialhex@gm] ahh i see, my bad, sorry about that  :)
| + 387824 [mcpierce@gm ] I think that makes no difference. What have _you_ done first to attempt
|   387825 [pascua9804@g] I know.. I know.. My post sounded like I didn't even try because I went
+ 387816 [josh.cheek@g] Check out String#split (
| 387818 [rorypascua@y] Thanks Josh
+ 387822 [list.push@gm] I don't know what work homework means.
| 387826 [pascua9804@g] Thanks Harry, I'll try that.
+ 387908 [matt@ti bi s] It might help to note that an array is an enumerable and that enumerable
| 387913 [pascua9804@g] Thanks to all who tried to help.  Here's the final answer.
| 387917 [ian.hobson@n] I think that is a maintenance nightmare!
| 387929 [shortcutter@] nk
+ 387933 [list.push@gm] Is this what you want with multiple words?
  387946 [list.push@gm] Actually, I guess this makes a little more sense and is a little faster.

weird behaviour spawning processes
387823 [James.French] Lately I've been having a hell of a time (a bad time) trying to fix an E2BI=
387827 [shortcutter@] BIG error coming from spawn. I finally tracked it down to a bug in win32.c =
387829 [James.French] 2BIG error coming from spawn. I finally tracked it down to a bug in win32.c=
387833 [cmdjackryan@] Phillip Gawlowski

Find memory leak in very complex Ruby app
387831 [tsyren.hey@g] everyone!
+ 387835 [rogerpack200] valgrind?
| + 387840 [klauer@gm il] The tips aren't Rails-specific, so don't be put off by the url. :)
| | 387865 [tsyren.hey@g] Nice article, thx Nick!
| + 387862 [tsyren.hey@g] Sorry that i'm sending you link, but
+ 387843 [cremes.devli] I also recommend trying to run your code under JRuby and Rubinius. Both have very powerful tools for detecting and finding memory leaks, so those other runtimes may help shed some light on your problem.
| 387867 [tsyren.hey@g] Chuck, thx to mention this way. I'd said that EM is bugging under JRuby,
| 387894 [cremes.devli] % gem install eventmachine --pre
+ 387846 [normalperson] In the absence-of/incompatibility of specialized tools or alternative

Can I Safely Use Rubinius While Learning?
387853 [jacksonaaron] Greetings,
+ 387854 [cmdjackryan@] Actually, you could install all the different versions you'd like to.
| 387856 [jacksonaaron] I am not quite skilled enough to set that up yet,  but I really like
| + 387859 [cmdjackryan@] Well, neither were more seasoned Rubyists when RVM appeared first. ;)
| + 387898 [code@ap th o] Word of warning for RVM: at present, the official installation process
+ 387855 [cwprogram@li] I'm going to make a bit of a bold proposition. That is I'm going to recomme=
| 387858 [jacksonaaron] worrying
| 387897 [code@ap th o] As an addendum, I think Rubinius 1.2.4 should be "safe" to use, if you
| 387903 [cremes.devli] FYI, the 2.0.0pre branch of Rubinius has been merged back to master. The 1.2.5 branch is available too, but everyone should be using the master branch at this point. It can be built to handle both 1.8 and 1.9 syntax (though the 1.9 syntax is incomplete).
| + 387907 [code@ap th o] I've been there (mostly lurking) for quite a while.  Thanks for the help
| + 387910 [jon.forums@g] Chuck,
|   + 387948 [jon.forums@g] Chuck,
|   + 387950 [cremes.devli] I have seen hints that brixen is reloading Windows in his virtual environment recently. Other than these hints I have not seen any other word that non-core people are actively working on Windows support.
+ 387964 [jacksonaaron] I am not an expert at using the terminal by any stretch of the
  387975 [cremes.devli] You should take a look at the rvm documentation which can be found at https://rvm.beginrescueend.com/
  + 387977 [tigre7t@ho m] ...
  + 387978 [tigre7t@ho m] ...
    387981 [cremes.devli] Tim,

[ANN] Rails 3.1.1.rc1
387857 [santiago@wy ] Rails 3.1.1.rc1 has been released. Please give it a try, it's our

Re: Confirmation required
387860 [spiralofhope] ...

rake aborted!
387861 [ravibaswant.] execute the command $ rake
+ 387863 [ravibaswant.] execute the command $ rake
+ 387864 [ravibaswant.] execute the command $ rake
+ 387869 [josh.cheek@g] You must execute the rake command from within the directory containing your
  387871 [cmdjackryan@] ur
  387891 [josh.cheek@g] And you can also invoke it from a subdirectory ;)~

debugging error
387866 [ravibaswant.] execute the command $ rake

git command error
387868 [ravibaswant.] rake aborted!
387870 [josh.cheek@g] 1) Why did you attach an image of some guy?

Reading Stack Overflow RSS Feed
387878 [samnang.chhu] I would like to learn how to build a background running program that
+ 387879 [markus@fi ch] You fetch it regularely (but don't abuse the service) and diff what has
| 387884 [cmdjackryan@] Save the date ("last_activity_date", or "creation_date" are good
+ 387893 [phrogz@me co] * There is already an RSS feed for these: feed://stackoverflow.com/feeds/tag/ruby
  387905 [samnang.chhu] Yes, that's just for fun :)

gsub in 1.9 vs. 1.8
387880 [waynefb@ea t] First off, I'm very new to Ruby and I'm trying to wrap my head around a =
387890 [shortcutter@] ew things, so if this sounds simplistic I apologize in advance=85 I did do =

debug error in git commamd prompt
387881 [ravibaswant.] when i execute the $rake run:bb command it give error message
387883 [cmdjackryan@] How about not spamming the forum/mailing list?
387885 [ravibaswant.] I did not understand what do you mean?

error in git command prompt rake Aborted!
387886 [ravibaswant.] rake run:bb --trace

problem installing gems
387887 [tcblues@gm i] I cannot install gem files on windows 7 running ruby 1.8.7
+ 387888 [mcpierce@gm ] nmake is the Micorosoft Visual Studio make tool. Do you have Visual
+ 387889 [cmdjackryan@] Phillip Gawlowski