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^ Re: Twofish v0.5.0 released
387413 [transfire gm] Sorry to disappoint.  Actually "twofish" is just a code name for this
387432 [code apotheo] as

^ read .gz file directly
387424 [dickyhide gm] How to read the xxx.gz file directly and don't decompress the file.
+ 387425 [shortcutter ] Cheers
| 387488 [dickyhide gm] Which kind gem should I install first??
| 387489 [phrogz me.co] require 'zlib'
+ 387491 [b.candler po] You *don't* want to decompress the file?

^ ruby-serialport mechanics
387427 [ajfrenzel we] I want to use ruby-serialport on ubuntu with ruby 1.8.7.
387459 [drbrain segm] Then just require 'serialport'

^ Re: TkEntry - how do I read/capture what was typed?
387442 [joec_49 hotm] I know how to create an TKentry field but I cannot figure out how to
387448 [michel.reves] @myVar = TkVariable.new
387456 [joec_49 hotm] Thanks Michel
+ 387457 [joec_49 hotm] below is the relevant section of my code
| 387461 [michel.reves] @entry1 specifies an instance variable in a class and is not defined in
+ 387463 [nagai ai.kyu] How about this?

^ localhost platform
387443 [info 2020pro] so i've been having problems with xampp and ror, for some reason when
387466 [echristopher] I'm not sure you have the right forum. First, this is a Ruby forum,
387490 [info 2020pro] those are not perl files, they are ruby files with those extensions. 1&1

^ why the sleep statement produces this result for our embedded ruby?
387449 [bg.salunke09] We are testing thread coperation for our embedded ruby. We have a C ruby
387450 [shortcutter ] 1.8.6 has green threads and does not use native threads.  This means

^ Conditional expression and return
387451 [altmann.work] def getRegex(string)
+ 387452 [stefano.croc] Well, ruby is not java. At any rate, why do you use the ternary operator
| 387455 [shortcutter ] =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0=
+ 387453 [nested.bit g] ( @HashMapWithAllRegex.fetch( string ) ) <- missing parentheses?

^ Re: SAMSUNG to produce "Ruby on Rails in Silicon" System on a Chip
387454 [ilias lazari] 1024
387458 [sophrinix gm] 1024
387460 [matma.rex gm] Guys, please stop replying.

^ gets() and Scite
387464 [ayoya_91 hot] I am using sciTe for ruby 192

^ [ANN] viiite 0.2.0 Released
387465 [eregontp gma] viiite version 0.2.0 has been released!

^ BUNDLE_PATH and Passenger
387467 [svoop deliri] I'd like to cleanup my Ruby powered vhosts. The GEM_PATH is now set in

^ Grouping an array into sub-arrays.
387468 [transfire gm] Is there a method out there already that does anything like this?
+ 387470 [adam apresco] Here's one way, if you only want one split and your condition is not always
| 387472 [astounding g] Just move things around a bit and you'll notice you've already got the
| 387502 [transfire gm] Ah, of course. Thanks.
| 387531 [rahul.deshmu] may be you could write
| 387532 [rahul.deshmu] sorry, just remove this puts !!!
+ 387553 [citizen428 g] class Array
  387569 [rahul.deshmu] can we have something so that if we pass array variable name instead of
  387570 [botpena gmai] try refining Michael's code.

^ posts on Unix systems programming
387469 [normalperson] I would like to do a series of mailing list posts on the subject of Unix
+ 387473 [james grayso] THIS IS AMAZING.  I am so excited to read them.
+ 387475 [anurag08priy] I would be interested in the Linux-only parts as well.
| + 387480 [normalperson] I've thought about this as a separate series (after the majority of the
| + 387499 [shortcutter ] Eric, I am looking forward to this.  This is good news.
| | 387503 [normalperson] Sure!  As long as it's in accordance to the GPLv3 _anywhere_ is
| + 387514 [code apotheo] I would be interested in similar material related to BSD Unix systems.
+ 387476 [serialhex gm] i, for one at least, would welcome such posts.  :D
+ 387477 [james grayso] I have a series of posts planned called "Forking by Example."  I've
| 387482 [normalperson] Don't let me hold you back :)  I don't know how my posts will be
+ 387481 [luke.gru gma] Yes, please! I'd love some examples of common Unix system programming
+ 387484 [steve stevek] I'd love to read this, and since I know a lot of people don't read
+ 387486 [cmdjackryan ] Yes. A mailing list is not really the proper medium for such an endeavour.
| 387487 [normalperson] If I'm to write it, it must be a mailing list for interaction,
+ 387492 [b.candler po] Yes, me. A mailing list is for discussion (ruby *talk*), and apart from
| + 387495 [normalperson] Fair enough, I can do a dedicated mailing list which people can opt
| | 387496 [ajsharp gmai] Please do post a link here and to your project mailing lists
| + 387585 [spiralofhope] ```ruby
+ 387512 [sean.ohalpin] I would love to see this.
| 387518 [normalperson] No objection.  It is my strong _preference_ that you accept
| 387519 [anurag08priy] Wow! You are a true git.git person :).
| 387521 [normalperson] All too complicated and clunky for me.
| 387529 [botpena gmai] LOL.
+ 387515 [code apotheo] I think this would be great, and if it ends up being on a separate,
| 387520 [normalperson] Will do, it'll be a separate post with [ANN] in the title.
+ 387539 [mcpierce gma] <snip>=20
+ 387552 [wayneeseguin] You most definitely have my full support on this. If I can help you with it
  387555 [lake lakeden] I am looking forward to the posts to come on this subject!

^ [ANN] hoe 2.12.3 Released
387471 [ryand-ruby z] hoe version 2.12.3 has been released!

^ [ANN] vlad 2.2.2 Released
387474 [ryand-ruby z] vlad version 2.2.2 has been released!

^ Can somebody help me with my ruby project??
387478 [shehio_22 ho] 120 line project which is a class date which does everything for you? I
+ 387479 [echristopher] Please ask specific questions.
+ 387485 [cmdjackryan ] Phillip Gawlowski

^ [ANN] ruby_parser 2.3.0 Released
387493 [ryand-ruby z] ruby_parser version 2.3.0 has been released!

^ TCPSocket recv's nil with gets() if the server crashes?
387497 [sirwillard42] I don't claim to be much of a programmer, and I am also new to RUBY, so
+ 387498 [normalperson] I'll try to explain things with that in mind (but feel free to ask for
+ 387500 [bbxx789_05ss] select() returns nil if it times out--otherwise it returns a non-nil.
+ 387501 [shortcutter ] ver
+ 387517 [sirwillard42] Thanks for the answers!  I guess I needed to RTFM a little more, the
  387522 [normalperson] It depends on the protocol.
  387523 [gwtmp01 mac.] In additional to worrying about a server failing, you must always worry =

^ Ruby for multiple platforms
387504 [James.French] Morning,
387507 [shortcutter ] Gems may need a native build so I'd probably rather have different
387536 [James.French] or windows checked into a 'buildtools' subversion repository. I've added qu=
387557 [matma.rex gm] I'm pretty sure the gem cache is only needed for `gem pristine` command.

^ Re: /proc/PID/stat documentation?
387505 [chaimbendela] There is a difference between forking a process, and spawning a thread

^ Re: openssl on Red Hat not installed
387506 [coolesting g] # yum install openssl-devel.i686 openssl.i686

^ Re: Recursive file listening?
387508 [andrius.cham] Sorry for bumping old thread, but as it was first result for me in
+ 387509 [adam apresco] You can also give Dir["**/**/*.rb"] a try. It'll give files in the current
+ 387510 [jeremy bopp.] jeremyb@JEREMYB ~/tmp/test
| 387511 [adam apresco] Clearly I don't use globs enough. :)
+ 387516 [bbxx789_05ss] You are wrong.

^ green shoes on archlinux x64 error...
387513 [serialhex gm] ok, so i brought this up in the shoes ML, and they suggested i ask here.
387526 [ashbbb gmail] Oh, I see.
387528 [serialhex gm] it runs fine on my 32-bit computer... though it's not *nearly* finished (the
387547 [ashbbb gmail] I doubt of installing gtk2 again.
+ 387551 [serialhex gm] unfortunately, i am not at my x64 computer today (it's at work, i'm not) so
+ 387601 [serialhex gm] ~~~~~

^ connect google sketchup pro to MySQL using ruby script
387524 [jeny.joshi g] I am unable to extract data from MySQL in googlevsketchup using ruby
387525 [jeny.joshi g] I am unable to extract data from MySQL in googlevsketchup using ruby

^ Re: File.copy for 1.9
387527 [bal711 gmail] require 'fileutils'

^ Unexpected behavior of Ruby array
387530 [suvankar.17 ] I was going through the exercises at http://rubykoans.com/ and got
387533 [adam apresco] There's discussion about this at http://www.ruby-forum.com/topic/1393096
+ 387534 [adam apresco] Oh, and http://redmine.ruby-lang.org/issues/4541
+ 387535 [dan nachbar.] Gary Wright's explanation in the thread linked above is very complete =
| 387558 [gwtmp01 mac.] and clear.
| 387577 [shortcutter ] Yeah, but what about the grass on the other side?  It's still greener.  Darn.
| 387637 [colinb2r goo] with
| 387665 [shortcutter ] g with
| 387697 [colinb2r goo] ng with
+ 387541 [phrogz me.co] ...
  387636 [colinb2r goo] * http://blade.nagaokaut.ac.jp/cgi-bin/scat.rb/ruby/ruby-talk/368268

^ help with LOAD_PATH when building from source on Mac OSX Lion
387537 [James.French] I've successfully built ruby (1.9.2-p290) from source on Mac OSX Lion but I=
387538 [shevegen lin] Why not pass the --prefix to configure when compiling?
387540 [James.French] Thanks, I wasn't sure how to do that. It required an absolute path but /Use=
387542 [shortcutter ] sers/~/buildtools/ruby/1.9.2
388160 [James.French] Users/~/buildtools/ruby/1.9.2

^ Test passes alone, but fails under rake...
387543 [mcpierce gma] In my development environment (Fedora 15/64-bit, Ruby 1.8.7) I'm

^ Executing the output of a look
387544 [spambocks ya] (1..12).each do |i|
+ 387545 [isaacbfsande] you could use eval, passing in the string.
| 387556 [b.candler po] Beware that eval can execute *any* ruby code, which in turn can execute
+ 387546 [jgabrielygal] (1..12).each do |i|
  387554 [shortcutter ] There's also exec and if one wants to collect the output there is
  387560 [jgabrielygal] El 08/09/2011 17:27, "Robert Klemme" <shortcutter@googlemail.com> escribi=

^ Re: Executing the output of a loop
387548 [spambocks ya] I have tried the using backticks / system / %x but get the following
387549 [isaacbfsande] backticks execute it as though it were in the shell, not as ruby. Using eval
387550 [spambocks ya] Nice. Thank you Issac.  That worked perfectly.
387568 [shevegen lin] It does not matter how they are "supposed" to be used.
+ 387572 [matthias wae] It would be better to move from t1, t2, กฤ t12 to an array t[1..12] (or t[0..11]) and then use each on that. While legit, eval shows a bad design
| 387574 [spambocks ya] Thank you all for the additional feedback and help.  Whilst eval is
+ 387576 [adam apresco] It will solve the problem, yes, but in not using an array, you lose
+ 387579 [josh.cheek g] It is the wrong choice, not because of security risks, but because it means

^ undefined method??
387561 [joec_49 hotm] When I press MSG or EXIT buttons I get undefined method errrs for the
+ 387562 [johnf bitsbu] pack ph}
+ 387564 [joec_49 hotm] how do I fix it?
| 387565 [alanfung ato] undefined method??
+ 387575 [joec_49 hotm] that worked! - thanks much!

^ [ANN] usp.ruby - Unix systems programming in Ruby list
387563 [normalperson] A mailing list dedicated to Unix systems programming in Ruby

^ Ruby Readline - do something when a key combination is pressed
387566 [shevegen lin] When I use readline, I would like to run an action if a key combination
387630 [gabriel.horn] It's possible but it's not clear if you're talking about invoking it in
387658 [zipizap123 g] If it was a unix shell, what would be the solution?

^ Re: usp.ruby - Unix systems programming in Ruby list
387567 [shevegen lin] I am using Ruby Forum vs. the Forum.
387571 [normalperson] You can download mbox archives for offline viewing, and Librelist
387643 [markus fisch] The thing is: "yet another mailing list"; though I'm quote interested, I
387677 [normalperson] I never felt it completely appropriate for ruby-talk given many non-Unix

^ Submitting a URL with Mechanize
387573 [spambocks ya] puts master.showURL
+ 387578 [pbruna it-li] RG9lcyBzaG93VVJMIHJldHVybnMgdGhlIFVSTD8NCg0KUGF0cmljaW8gQnJ1bmEgVi4NCmh0dHA6
+ 387580 [josh.cheek g] puts sends the url to standard output. That isn't what you want, you want to

^ Regex Problem
387581 [cyril.varghe] I am trying to match this pattern: >1_9_1912_F3
+ 387582 [podenski me.] Check out rubular.com where you can interactively match text with your regular expression. This will help you confirm when you're on the right track.
+ 387583 [cwprogram li] irb(main):001:0> "1_9_1912_F3".split(/_/)=3D> ["1"=2C "9"=2C "1912"=2C "F3"=
+ 387584 [cyril.varghe] Thanks Pat rubular helped a lot.
  + 387603 [phrogz me.co] Or even: /((?:\d*_){3})/
  | 387711 [shortcutter ] Cyril, are you sure you want to also match "___"?  If not, use
  + 387712 [jgabrielygal] and * means 0 or more, which I'm not sure it's really what you need. If you

^ Creating a hash from two arrays
387586 [simonharriso] hash = {{"A" => 'alpha'}, {'B' => 'bravo'}} etc...
+ 387587 [cwprogram li] =2C "K"=2C "L"=2C "M"=2C
| + 387590 [cwprogram li] "=2C "K"=2C "L"=2C "M"=2C
| + 387592 [astounding g] This works in 1.9 at least.
| | 387594 [adam apresco] Ah, yes, this works without the splat, too. I seem to remember that
| | 387595 [astounding g] ansi = %w{Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta ...... Zulu}
| | 387709 [shortcutter ] ansi =3D %w{Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta ...... Zulu}
| + 387593 [adam apresco] I wouldn't use inject ! You aren't really reducing something down to
+ 387589 [christopher ] ...
+ 387591 [adam apresco] First, {{"A" => "alpha"}, {"B" => "bravo"}} isn't valid syntax. You
+ 387623 [simonharriso] Thanks for all the help. I knew about zip but as both arrays have to
+ 387720 [simonharriso] Robert, I seem to remember that it was you who said you'd implemented
  387733 [shortcutter ] Currently I have no idea where that code went. :-)  If I dig it up I'll post it.
  387755 [matma.rex gm] 'll post it.
  387759 [shortcutter ] I'll post it.

^ Strings in a Ruby 1.9 C extension?
387588 [astounding g] VALUE str = rb_str_prealloc(size_t len);
387597 [adgar carbon] rb_str_buf_new(long capacity) is what you're looking for. The capacity argum=
387600 [astounding g] Yeah, that's what I've been doing.  I must have missed that as that's

^ newbie ruby installation malloc issue
387596 [mark_f_edwar] i was able to build my own 1.9.1 with no problems (except it does not
+ 387604 [spiralofhope] For what it's worth, I also had issues with compiling on my own (for
+ 387617 [mark_f_edwar] thank you spiralofhope -
| 387622 [dan nachbar.] I strongly urge you to install rvm.
+ 387620 [mark_f_edwar] what seems so strange to me is that 1.9.1 can build successfully, but
+ 387640 [mark_f_edwar] it appears in order to install rvm i have to have "git" working.
| 387642 [josh.cheek g] IDK, I was able to download a binary of git (I'm on OSX), so super easy.
+ 387672 [mark_f_edwar] thanks josh.
  + 387673 [josh.cheek g] Yeah, that's weird, such an important resource should be made available.
  + 387675 [hassan.schro] The first hit from googling `git download` is <http://git-scm.com/download>;
    387676 [josh.cheek g] For Linux, that page links to the page on Kernel.org that is "Down for
    387681 [hassan.schro] Ah, indeed, you're right. Well, time to bite the bullet and install from

^ Re: ruby-oci8 2.0.6
387598 [jchivian pho] I am having trouble getting oci8 to load.
387684 [ruby zanshin] This is just a guess, but are you running the same Ruby version via rvm =
387714 [jchivian pho] Yes, it is the same version.  I actually removed the ruby packages that
387775 [jchivian pho] HEAVY SIGH!!!

^ null pointer given - hash
387599 [angeloalvesf] each and fetch hash doesn=E2=80=99t work, result showing: =
387602 [bbxx789_05ss] hash =3D {'a' =3D> 10, 'b' =3D> 20}
387610 [angeloalvesf] I mean res.each_hash and res.fetch_hash mysql, not hash method.

^ Convert ruby.rb to msdos exe file?
387605 [joec_49 hotm] I am rewriting numerous vbscript programs in ruby. Is there a way to
+ 387606 [sebastian.ba] have a look at ruby2exe
| 387608 [matma.rex gm] I don't think there's such a thing as ruby2exe. You probably meant
| 387609 [sebastian.ba] Am =46reitag, 9. September 2011 um 22:49 schrieb Bartosz Dziewo=C5=84ski:=
+ 387611 [luislavena g] Works with either Ruby 1.8.7 or 1.9.x

^ Large file reading
387607 [cyril.varghe] What is the most efficient way of reading two large files at the same
+ 387612 [bbxx789_05ss] File.open("xml.xml") do |f|
+ 387710 [shortcutter ] What exactly are "header lines" in your case?  Without knowing the
  387774 [cyril.varghe] A header line starts with ">"
  387777 [brabuhr gmai] Do you have guaranteed ordering for the header lines in each file?
  387790 [cyril.varghe] The headers should be in the same order in both files. Some headers are
  387801 [shortcutter ] So do you want to use the first file as template for checking only and