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SOLUTION: My threads were colliding
387298 [james@ja es ] I believe I found the bug. It was caused by conflicts between my

[ANN] RDoc+ v0.5.0 released
387299 [transfire@gm] RDoc+ 0.5.0 has been released.

[ANN] RDoc+ GitHub v0.5.0 released
387301 [transfire@gm] RDoc+ GitHub 0.5.0 has been released.

[ANN] RDoc+ Highlight v0.5.0 released
387302 [transfire@gm] RDoc+ Highlight 0.5.0 has been released.

[ANN] RDoc+ QuickSearch v0.5.0 released
387303 [transfire@gm] RDoc+ QuickSearch 0.5.0 has been released.

[ANN] RDoc+ SearchTree v0.5.0 released
387304 [transfire@gm] RDoc+ SearchTree 0.5.0 has been released.

[ANN] RDoc+ Subversion v0.5.0 released
387305 [transfire@gm] RDoc+ Subversion 0.5.0 has been released.

[ANN] RDoc+ Prettify v0.5.0 released
387306 [transfire@gm] RDoc+ Prettify 0.5.0 has been released.

[ANN] RDoc+ Fancybox v0.5.0 released
387307 [transfire@gm] RDoc+ Fancybox 0.5.0 has been released.

[ANN] Twofish v0.5.0 released
387308 [transfire@gm] Twofish 0.5.0 has been released.
387405 [code@ap th o] Bummer.  I was hoping it was a Ruby implementation of the *other*

[ANN] RDoc+ SearchTree v0.5.0 released
387309 [transfire@gm] RDoc+ SearchTree 0.5.0 has been released.

[ANN] Voloko v0.5.0 released
387310 [transfire@gm] Voloko 0.5.0 has been released.

[ANN] Newfish v0.5.0 released
387311 [transfire@gm] Newfish 0.5.0 has been released.

[ANN] Miltonian v1.3.0 released
387312 [transfire@gm] Miltonian 1.3.0 has been released.
387317 [tony.arcieri] 404

[ANN] RDoc Rubyfaux v1.3.0 released
387313 [transfire@gm] RDoc Rubyfaux 1.3.0 has been released.

[ANN] Whitfield v0.5.0 released
387314 [transfire@gm] Whitfield 0.5.0 has been released.
387318 [tony.arcieri] Also 404

[ANN] Porsche v0.5.0 released
387315 [transfire@gm] Porsche 0.5.0 has been released.

[ANN] Rebecca v1.3.0 released
387316 [transfire@gm] Rebecca 1.3.0 has been released.

Re: Miltonian v1.3.0 released
387319 [transfire@gm] ...

Re: Whitfield v0.5.0 released
387320 [transfire@gm] Thanks.

Re: Newfish v0.5.0 released
387321 [transfire@gm] (this is sort of a perpetual beta project, fyi)
387322 [transfire@gm] Well, shit.  http://rdocidile.github.com/redoc-newfish
387353 [echristopher] How about http://rdocodile.github.com/rdoc-newfish/ ? :)
387387 [markus@fi ch] I find the text hard to read because the space between lines is so

Re: RDoc+ Fancybox v0.5.0 released
387324 [transfire@gm] ...

Re: RDoc+ QuickSearch v0.5.0 released
387325 [transfire@gm] ites to HTML lists, which is useful in creating file, class/module and meth=

installing naive bayes classifier
387330 [ayoya_91@ho ] This is my first time here so I hope my format is correct
+ 387331 [luislavena@g] Seems you're behind a proxy, "Proxy Authorization Required"
+ 387334 [ayoya_91@ho ] Tried setting HTTP_PROXY environment variable to my proxy configuration
| + 387335 [shortcutter@] AFAIK the variable name must be lowercase so http_proxy instead of HTTP_PRO=
| + 387336 [cmdjackryan@] If you are using the inbuilt JRuby: Yes, most likely. It's vastly out
+ 387337 [ayoya_91@ho ] I am not using JRUBY I am using externally installed Ruby at Netbeans
| 387338 [cmdjackryan@] What can
+ 387339 [ayoya_91@ho ] Where should I write
| 387340 [cmdjackryan@] Yes. On Windows, dispense with the $ (it's a general signal that means
+ 387342 [ayoya_91@ho ] for $ ruby -v

Beginner needing help - Writing right-angle triangle program
387344 [theburrick@h] I've been going through a Haskell tutorial (Just to see what it's like)
+ 387350 [list.push@gm] Is this no good?
+ 387381 [theburrick@h] Thanks for the reply!
| + 387382 [josh.cheek@g] def right_triangles
| | 387423 [shortcutter@] =3D c**2
| + 387383 [botpena@gm i] try,
+ 387385 [theburrick@h] Thanks guys! You've both been helpful! Now how would I make it so that
| + 387386 [list.push@gm] Check my equations carefully to be sure they are correct.
| + 387414 [list.push@gm] Sorry for the repost.
+ 387421 [theburrick@h] What is p? Can you just use it instead of puts?
  + 387426 [list.push@gm] p = perimeter
  + 387430 [matma.rex@gm] `p var` is mostly the same as `puts var.inspect`.

Beginner needing help - Writing right-angle triangle program
387347 [kmandpjlynch] I've been going through a Haskell tutorial (Just to see what it's like)
+ 387349 [dan@na hb r.] I couldn't help but notice that this is exactly the same email
+ 387351 [josh.cheek@g] Show us your Haskell and Ruby code.
+ 387352 [phrogz@me co] like)
  387355 [adam@ap es o] A very curious use of #tap.
  387377 [phrogz@me co] def xyz
  387379 [bbxx789_05ss] So when you read the thread title,  "Beginner needing help", you thought
  387403 [phrogz@me co] No, that was not my intention. I don't personally find it unintelligible; indeed, other than the name of the method "tap" I find that pattern to look more elegant then a clumsy repetition of variable names. (If the method were named something like "named" or "using" or "with" my particular usage might read slightly better.)

Re: ri_for 0.6.0 released--easy lookup of method documentation in irb
387354 [rogerpack200] It does in 1.9  I think I could do it in 1.8.x by reading through all
387406 [anurag08priy] Not sure. I tend to use Google more than ri, but I guess that should

Which version should I download?
387356 [cluny_gissla] Im new to programming and Im thinking of downloading and starting with
+ 387357 [flo@an er gr] Python
| + 387358 [cluny_gissla] Thanks, that's helpful
| + 387361 [steve@st ve ] Agreed. Ruby 1.9 has been the standard version of Ruby for almost two years now.
+ 387374 [josh.cheek@g] I use 1.9.2 (p290) by default, and occasionally 1.8.7 and 1.9.3 (preview)
+ 387378 [phrogz@me co] 1.9 is the future, faster, "better", and sufficiently stable and well-supported at this point.
| 387415 [b.candler@po] Just beware: the semantics of String are both complex and very poorly
| 387417 [steve@st ve ] All of Ruby is poorly defined, not just strings. :p. RubySpec does a decent
+ 387418 [rahul.deshmu] As i think 1.9.2 because it will also support to latest Ruby On Rails 3.x,
+ 387433 [shevegen@li ] You guys are aware that newbies will always have this question?
  + 387434 [steve@st ve ] It is not brainless.
  + 387435 [steve@st ve ] It is not brainless.
  + 387437 [cwprogram@li] ...
  | + 387439 [cwprogram@li] ...
  | + 387440 [jos@ca no k.] One issue with 1.9 is that it requires an existing Ruby interpreter. I
  | + 387462 [b.candler@po] No, but the language *does* have very clearly defined semantics. It also
  + 387438 [josh.cheek@g] 1.8.7 EOL is already being discussed (they may have even set a date).

Problem in installing rails
387359 [aef1370@gm i] When I type 'gem install rails' to installing rails , I faced to a
387360 [steve@st ve ] It's just a warning. 'rails new myapp' should still work fine. 'gem

Downloading Images Errors
387362 [pluhveso@gm ] help me dive in.  However, I'm having some issues around net/http and
387391 [shortcutter@] This has nothing to do with your download code and everything with

opening a file with variable name
387363 [jesmith2095@] ...
387364 [hassan.schro] ruby-1.9.2-p290 > variable = "foo.txt"
387365 [jesmith2095@] Thanks for the quick response. When I do a puts "path", this is what I =
+ 387366 [hassan.schro] ? What OS is this? Regardless, try changing all those  '\'  to  '/' first  :-)
| 387369 [jesmith2095@] I changed the slashed and escaped the file path ( I noticed after the =
| 387372 [hassan.schro] Have you tried 1) opening a file that's in the same directory you've
| 387375 [jesmith2095@] fact that my path has spaces), and no change in the error at all.
| 387390 [shortcutter@] act that my path has spaces), and no change in the error at all.
+ 387371 [josh.cheek@g] This text is a top post. The convention here is to bottom post :)

arrays(setters and getters)
387367 [shehio_22@ho] # whats wrong with that
+ 387368 [josh.cheek@g] whatever.array returns the array object, then whatever.array.[]=(1,2) is
+ 387370 [shehio_22@ho] Isn't there any other way to invoke shehio.array[index] = sth ... Can
| 387373 [josh.cheek@g] Yes, but not from instances of Whatever. You can fake out the object you
+ 387376 [jakekaiden@y] so, a couple of things...
+ 387380 [bbxx789_05ss] class Dog

ruby 1.9.3: io/console help
387384 [sentinel1879] I'd be grateful if someone could give some examples on how to use
387404 [luislavena@g] No, is a simple too for enable/disable of echo and obtaining information

[ANN] rib 0.9.5 released
387388 [godfat@gm il] # Rib <https://github.com/godfat/rib>

[ANN] rest-core 0.3.0 released
387389 [godfat@gm il] # rest-core <https://github.com/cardinalblue/rest-core>

loops problem
387392 [shehio_22@ho] for (j = @array.length ; j > counter  ; j = j-1) # counter is a variable
+ 387393 [dan@na hb r.] For this task, I would use #insert rather than iterating, as in
+ 387394 [shehio_22@ho] I didn't know the insert method what are its arguements.. are there
| + 387395 [hassan.schro] You might be able to answer this as well as your original question by
| + 387396 [dan@na hb r.] There are many excellent free online resources that do a much better
+ 387397 [shehio_22@ho] thank you very much :)
+ 387398 [shehio_22@ho] I've read about the method which inserts some element in a certain place
| + 387400 [dan@na hb r.] The #insert code, I think, did what your pseudo-code would have done.
| + 387401 [bbxx789_05ss] It's pretty simple. It says, "Go to the position 2 in the array and
| + 387402 [josh.cheek@g] Insert nil. There are lots of options for docs.
|   387419 [shortcutter@] And if the length should stay the same an additional array.pop will
|   387422 [josh.cheek@g] Insert takes multiple arguments, also.
+ 387399 [bbxx789_05ss] There is no element in an array at the index array.length, and there is

hubeye gem: keep track of Github repositories for changes
387407 [luke.gru@gm ] Hey guys, I've been working on a little project (my first ruby gem!
387483 [luke.gru@gm ] Sorry for the repost, but if anyone downloaded this gem the other day

Ruby and XML
387408 [raiello@ac .] ...
+ 387409 [steve@st ve ] Rexml is in the standard library, but is slow and awkward. Try
+ 387410 [matma.rex@gm] First of all, I'd recommend you a different library. Personalyl I
+ 387411 [phrogz@me co] Welcome to Ruby. I concur with the other post that Nokogiri is even better than REXML.
+ 387412 [cwprogram@li] ...
+ 387420 [bbxx789_05ss] <?xml version="1.0"?>
  387428 [phrogz@me co] require 'nokogiri'
  + 387429 [shortcutter@] You can even use an XPath expression to find names which do not have
  + 387431 [bbxx789_05ss] I couldn't figure out the syntax for xpath's following-sibling, but now
    387441 [bob.aiello@i] ...
    387445 [phrogz@me co] For your consideration, below is how I would write a script to handle this. It creates a Hash storing names and key/value pairs; when the same key is seen again with a new value, it keeps track of all values seen as an array. The "SourceFile" module associates with each value string the file that it was defined in, so that you can later see where the values were defined. Use a module for this is both tricky
    387446 [phrogz@me co] the

Re: Twofish v0.5.0 released
387413 [transfire@gm] Sorry to disappoint.  Actually "twofish" is just a code name for this
387432 [code@ap th o] as

read .gz file directly
387424 [dickyhide@gm] How to read the xxx.gz file directly and don't decompress the file.
+ 387425 [shortcutter@] Cheers
| 387488 [dickyhide@gm] Which kind gem should I install first??
| 387489 [phrogz@me co] ...
+ 387491 [b.candler@po] You *don't* want to decompress the file?

ruby-serialport mechanics
387427 [ajfrenzel@we] I want to use ruby-serialport on ubuntu with ruby 1.8.7.
387459 [drbrain@se m] Then just require 'serialport'

Re: TkEntry - how do I read/capture what was typed?
387442 [joec_49@ho m] I know how to create an TKentry field but I cannot figure out how to
387448 [michel.reves] ...
387456 [joec_49@ho m] Thanks Michel
+ 387457 [joec_49@ho m] below is the relevant section of my code
| 387461 [michel.reves] ...
+ 387463 [nagai@ai ky ] How about this?

localhost platform
387443 [info@20 0p o] so i've been having problems with xampp and ror, for some reason when
387466 [echristopher] I'm not sure you have the right forum. First, this is a Ruby forum,
387490 [info@20 0p o] those are not perl files, they are ruby files with those extensions. 1&1

why the sleep statement produces this result for our embedded ruby?
387449 [bg.salunke09] We are testing thread coperation for our embedded ruby. We have a C ruby
387450 [shortcutter@] 1.8.6 has green threads and does not use native threads.  This means

Conditional expression and return
387451 [altmann.work] def getRegex(string)
+ 387452 [stefano.croc] Well, ruby is not java. At any rate, why do you use the ternary operator
| 387455 [shortcutter@] =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0=
+ 387453 [nested.bit@g] ( @HashMapWithAllRegex.fetch( string ) ) <- missing parentheses?

Re: SAMSUNG to produce "Ruby on Rails in Silicon" System on a Chip
387454 [ilias@la ar ] The silence around this topic shows clearly how the ruby-community
387458 [sophrinix@gm] What would you do?
387460 [matma.rex@gm] Guys, please stop replying.

gets() and Scite
387464 [ayoya_91@ho ] I am using sciTe for ruby 192

[ANN] viiite 0.2.0 Released
387465 [eregontp@gm ] viiite version 0.2.0 has been released!

BUNDLE_PATH and Passenger
387467 [svoop@de ir ] I'd like to cleanup my Ruby powered vhosts. The GEM_PATH is now set in

Grouping an array into sub-arrays.
387468 [transfire@gm] Is there a method out there already that does anything like this?
+ 387470 [adam@ap es o] Here's one way, if you only want one split and your condition is not always
| 387472 [astounding@g] Just move things around a bit and you'll notice you've already got the
| 387502 [transfire@gm] Ah, of course. Thanks.
| 387531 [rahul.deshmu] may be you could write
| 387532 [rahul.deshmu] sorry, just remove this puts !!!
+ 387553 [citizen428@g] class Array
  387569 [rahul.deshmu] can we have something so that if we pass array variable name instead of
  387570 [botpena@gm i] try refining Michael's code.

posts on Unix systems programming
387469 [normalperson] I would like to do a series of mailing list posts on the subject of Unix
+ 387473 [james@gr ys ] THIS IS AMAZING.  I am so excited to read them.
+ 387475 [anurag08priy] I would be interested in the Linux-only parts as well.
| + 387480 [normalperson] I've thought about this as a separate series (after the majority of the
| + 387499 [shortcutter@] Eric, I am looking forward to this.  This is good news.
| | 387503 [normalperson] Sure!  As long as it's in accordance to the GPLv3 _anywhere_ is
| + 387514 [code@ap th o] I would be interested in similar material related to BSD Unix systems.
+ 387476 [serialhex@gm] i, for one at least, would welcome such posts.  :D
+ 387477 [james@gr ys ] I have a series of posts planned called "Forking by Example."  I've
| 387482 [normalperson] Don't let me hold you back :)  I don't know how my posts will be
+ 387481 [luke.gru@gm ] Yes, please! I'd love some examples of common Unix system programming
+ 387484 [steve@st ve ] I'd love to read this, and since I know a lot of people don't read
+ 387486 [cmdjackryan@] Yes. A mailing list is not really the proper medium for such an endeavour.
| 387487 [normalperson] If I'm to write it, it must be a mailing list for interaction,
+ 387492 [b.candler@po] Yes, me. A mailing list is for discussion (ruby *talk*), and apart from
| + 387495 [normalperson] Fair enough, I can do a dedicated mailing list which people can opt
| | 387496 [ajsharp@gm i] Please do post a link here and to your project mailing lists
| + 387585 [spiralofhope] ```ruby
+ 387512 [sean.ohalpin] I would love to see this.
| 387518 [normalperson] No objection.  It is my strong _preference_ that you accept
| 387519 [anurag08priy] Wow! You are a true git.git person :).
| 387521 [normalperson] All too complicated and clunky for me.
| 387529 [botpena@gm i] LOL.
+ 387515 [code@ap th o] I think this would be great, and if it ends up being on a separate,
| 387520 [normalperson] Will do, it'll be a separate post with [ANN] in the title.
+ 387539 [mcpierce@gm ] <snip>=20
+ 387552 [wayneeseguin] You most definitely have my full support on this. If I can help you with it
  387555 [lake@la ed n] I am looking forward to the posts to come on this subject!

[ANN] hoe 2.12.3 Released
387471 [ryand-ruby@z] hoe version 2.12.3 has been released!

[ANN] vlad 2.2.2 Released
387474 [ryand-ruby@z] vlad version 2.2.2 has been released!

Can somebody help me with my ruby project??
387478 [shehio_22@ho] 120 line project which is a class date which does everything for you? I
+ 387479 [echristopher] Please ask specific questions.
+ 387485 [cmdjackryan@] Phillip Gawlowski