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^ [ANN] graph 2.2.0 Released
386594 [ryand-ruby z] graph version 2.2.0 has been released!
386674 [ralf.mueller] [ram@thingol:~/graph-2.2.0]rake
386675 [ryand-ruby z] rake gallery
386676 [ralf.mueller] I love typos .... ;-(
386677 [ryand-ruby z] writing you own graph library? I use it for representing source code =
386768 [anurag08priy] Which is the other graphing system that you are talking about? Just curious.
386773 [ryand zenspi] RGL existed back then (at least, according to rubyforge). If it did =

^ Re: RubyCSS
386596 [transfire gm] it
386605 [johnjohn.ted] I was messing around with a base class initially, but then I also wanted to

^ How to get the Name of a Variable
386599 [mbmulder onl] When I call a function with an argument, I want to retrieve the NAME of
+ 386600 [cwprogram li] of
| 386601 [mbmulder onl] I need it because I generate a complex data structure from more simple
| 386603 [shortcutter ] What exactly are "the desired results"?  Can you elaborate a bit more
| 386608 [matma.rex gm] *Please*, for the sake of human sanity, *do not* use the following
| 386609 [luke.gru gma] I'll cheat by not using a closure... but here's what I came up with.
+ 386620 [bbxx789_05ss] That's beginning programming in any language.

^ c:\Ruby187\bin\ruby.exe: No such file or directory
386606 [abder.rahman] I have been running my Ruby program using the Git Bash console for a
386607 [abder.rahman] It seems that I had to explicitly save my ruby program with the

^ Fwd: Why this?
386610 [Godsent mail] a = (10**2 + 5**2)                  #=>  125
386621 [b.candler po] Try looking at (a-b)

^ Re: why's (poignant) Guide to Ruby
386611 [bbxx789_05ss] That's beginning programming in any language.
386612 [bbxx789_05ss] Whoops.

^ Re: Why this?
386615 [johnjohn.ted] They are not numerically equal.
386616 [matma.rex gm] For me, Math.hypot(10, 5)**2 is 125.00000000000001.
386618 [cmdicely gma] =A0 =C2=A0#=3D> =C2=A0125

^ Getting information from keyboard
386623 [aef1370 gmai] I am reading a book about ruby, it learn me that I write my program in
+ 386624 [josh.cheek g] Back when I used SciTE, it didn't have anyway for you to pass data to
+ 386625 [jakekaiden y] i use SciTe regularly, and like it a lot, but unfortunately #gets will
| 386633 [stefan mahli] It is hard to find, but possible to enter data from stdin
| 386668 [jakekaiden y] i'd be very interested to know how this has worked for you...  when i
+ 386626 [aef1370 gmai] please explain me more obvious.
+ 386630 [jakekaiden y] SciTE is great for its highlighting, and the fact that you can run
+ 386635 [aef1370 gmai] I have a problem with ruby documentation , I mean that I don't
| 386640 [matma.rex gm] IO.open(fd, mode_string=3D"r" [, opt] ) =E2=86=92 io
+ 386641 [aef1370 gmai] Bartosz Dziewo=C5=84ski , I am very thankful from you. but I have another=
  386645 [matma.rex gm] The square brackets are there simply to indicate this is an optional argume=

^ Problem with Files
386627 [aef1370 gmai] File.open("a.txt")do |i|
+ 386628 [johnjohn.ted] ...
| 386629 [johnjohn.ted] Accidentally hit "Send".
+ 386642 [josh.cheek g] The first version, File.open will open the file, then pass it into the

^ How to use "case" to match class names? (=== not so funny)
386631 [ibc aliax.ne] klass =3D String
+ 386632 [matma.rex gm] I don't think there's a better solution than what you already have.
| 386634 [ibc aliax.ne] I need "klass" to hold a class name, not an instance. That cannot be change=
+ 386636 [cwprogram li] Correct, because triple equals checks to see if the value is an instance =
| + 386638 [ibc aliax.ne] olds a class and overrides the =3D=3D=3D operator to make case work properl=
| + 386678 [ryand-ruby z] def === o
+ 386679 [ryand-ruby z] case
| 386681 [ibc aliax.ne] The most ellegant way. Thanks.
+ 386682 [b.candler po] As you've found, Class#=3D=3D=3D tells you if an object in an instance of=

^ class inheritance and class constants
386637 [ibc aliax.ne] class A
+ 386639 [cwprogram li] Correct, since the method is being called in the context of A, it will =
| 386648 [ibc aliax.ne] o method in the B class, meaning that it will use the constant defined in B=
| + 386650 [cmdjackryan ] What about Modules?
| | 386651 [ibc aliax.ne] module M
| + 386652 [cwprogram li] defined in B instead
|   386654 [ibc aliax.ne] can override the Server listen and still call its core functionality throu=
|   386656 [cwprogram li] you can override the Server listen and still call its core functionality =
|   386658 [ibc aliax.ne] Yes, I also us that commonly. However I didn't know that class
|   386659 [cwprogram li] Yup, and the reason why it works is because class definitions are =
+ 386653 [shevegen lin] Does Ruby violate the DRY principle here?
+ 386660 [phrogz me.co] class A
| 386663 [matma.rex gm] I may be late to the party, since it seems like you've already solved
| 386664 [ibc aliax.ne] Thanks, but I don't think that mechanism is as efficient as using
+ 386684 [b.candler po] Change
  386685 [ibc aliax.ne] Yes, I've also used this mechanism (self.class::HELLO). And also using

^ Unwanted scan() method behavior
386643 [ml convalesc] Greeting to everyone from Greece!
+ 386646 [matma.rex gm] Did you mean to use log.scan(/<snip>/).each{} instead of
| 386647 [matma.rex gm] I re-read your mail and realized that I don't really understand what
| 386649 [ml convalesc] Thanks for reply,
+ 386655 [g.diemant gm] I would say, you should only call
  386666 [ml convalesc] On 14 =CE=91=CF=85=CE=B3 2011, at 10:22 =CE=BC.=CE=BC., Gunther Diemant =
  386690 [shortcutter ] o be
  386715 [ml convalesc] On 15 =CE=91=CF=85=CE=B3 2011, at 6:06 =CE=BC.=CE=BC., Robert Klemme =

^ SFTP grep on foreach
386662 [sonke webper] I got
+ 386669 [bbxx789_05ss] sftp.dir.foreach("/path/to/directory") do |entry|
| 386692 [sonke webper] I kind of do that already.
+ 386695 [brabuhr gmai] (with a "scary" disclaimer: "don=91t expect this method to perform with
+ 386697 [sonke webper] Hey,
+ 387559 [axyd80 gmail] There's a tiny wrapper over Net::SFTP that makes it as simple as this

^ Installing ruby-serial port
386665 [quati10 gmai] Ive been trying to install the gem, ruby-serialport but having troubles

^ Re: java-inline 0.0.3, with Duby support
386667 [rogerpack200] Ok if anyone ever has interest in something like this let me know, I'll

^ 404 not found only for Google&youtube
386672 [zeevho gmail] Lately, when I try to go to the URLs:  www.google.com or to
386683 [b.candler po] And what this has to do with ruby is...?

^ [ANN] alf 0.10.0 Released
386680 [blambeau gma] new

^ Ternary statement needing parenthesis..(?)
386686 [michelle mic] the below ternary statement? (A.) works fine but (B.) bombs out with a
+ 386687 [josh.cheek g] It doesn't know that the colon is delimiting the ternary, it thinks it's
+ 386688 [cwprogram li] puts thinks you're trying to start referencing symbol (ala :symbol) as =
  386707 [michelle mic] Great, thanks Josh. I get it now. And thanks Chris for the suggestion of

^ Ruby inheriting from a class in another file.
386689 [mcmillhj gma] I am writing a Ruby script which was supposed to be a small thing but
386719 [jeremy bopp.] The problem is not the require statement.  If that had failed, you would

^ Converting .tiff -to-> .png?
386693 [michelle mic] file. I've thought of several options to doing this but as a newbie I'd
+ 386694 [cmdjackryan ] Actually, there's RMagick (and RMagick 2 for Ruby 1.9.x), which are
| 386698 [matma.rex gm] For Windows, instaling ImageMagick + RMagick is fairly simple. Just
| 386704 [michelle mic] Thank-you Phillip and Bartosz.
| 386708 [matma.rex gm] My link is to a precompiled binary version of the gem, built for 1.8.6
+ 386716 [jon.forums g] Do the following blog contributions from our
+ 386968 [michelle mic] Thanks Jon, I followed the instructions on phosphor-escence.
  386971 [pinter.kateg] unsubscribe

^ [ANN] hoe 2.12.0 Released
386699 [ryand-ruby z] hoe version 2.12.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] ruby_parser 2.1.0 Released
386701 [ryand-ruby z] ruby_parser version 2.1.0 has been released!

^ Bundler w/ "Enterprise" Linux
386702 [frank.camero] Problem
386748 [wayneeseguin] This made me smile :) That's a nifty way to 'fix' a bug :)

^ Run RubyFit 1.2 creating new class(file) Get error
386703 [hiepnguyen36] I am newcomer  and I am very impress with the way the Fitness functions,

^ Execute command in windows command prompt from ruby code
386705 [michelle mic] prompt. I would like to now call these two commands from my local ruby
386706 [sutniuq gmx.] * system("yourcommand")

^ How to refresh combobox when select a new file
386709 [dickyhide gm] I want to refresh the combobox when I choose a new files.
386714 [jakekaiden y] i would post this in the 'Gnome 2' section of the forum - that's the
386767 [dickyhide gm] Thanks.

^ How to create binary data from Ruby
386710 [ibc aliax.ne] - field 1:  1 bit
386711 [shortcutter ] 1. Use Array#pack with 'B' or 'b'.
386712 [ibc aliax.ne] Thanks, using Array#pack is the way I've remembered (After reading your mai=

^ Error while installing the Cucumber
386717 [tandon.adity] Could you please help with this can anybody tell me why it is happening
386746 [luislavena g] For the record, this has been answered and solved through RubyInstaller

^ Code refactoring: making my method prettier
386718 [michelle mic] am sure there must be a better way to achieve the same functionality.
386736 [shortcutter ] There is a whole lot of stuff missing (class Card for example) which

^ Re: string/array slices
386720 [matt.brianco] I'm new to Ruby and found this issue in one of the Ruby Koans[1] tests

^ SQL statement w/ Ruby variables
386721 [jesmith2095 ] I am trying to attach a small ruby program (see below) to an MS-Access
386722 [bbxx789_05ss] \223 ocatal = 147 decimal = 'o' with circumflex in extended ASCII
+ 386723 [jesmith2095 ] Thanks for the quick response.
+ 386724 [matma.rex gm] You started the string with a quote and ended it with an apostrophe.
  386728 [jesmith2095 ] You are absolutely correct, I completely missed that.
  386731 [matma.rex gm] "Connection" is uppercase and I think it shouldn't.
  + 386732 [jesmith2095 ] How do I pass the value of the variable?
  + 386733 [echristopher] Also, the INSERT statement tries to insert five values, while "INTO

^ Re: How to send utf8 data to remote computer in ruby 1.9.2
386725 [bhavesh1_sha] Thanks for your inputs.
+ 386726 [axyd80 gmail] For me the situation with encoding in ruby 1.9 looks like a hairy bug
| 386745 [ibc aliax.ne] Ruby 1.9 encoding?
| 386747 [axyd80 gmail] encoding?
| + 386749 [matma.rex gm] I think the reason why Ruby has all these encodings, instead of simply
| | 386751 [axyd80 gmail] I believe that's not the right way to solve problems of 1% by
| | 386752 [phrogz me.co] That sounds like a good argument. Except=E2=80=A6from where do you get your 1=
| | 386753 [matma.rex gm] I did some googling and turns out I was right. Here's an article I
| | 386789 [b.candler po] ing every
| + 386754 [brabuhr gmai] "Ruby multilingualization (M17N) of Ruby 1.9 uses the code set
|   386761 [axyd80 gmail] % of the world
|   386766 [shevegen lin] I did not make the original comment, however the Encoding situation in =
|   386777 [matma.rex gm] =C3=BC Umlauts
+ 386729 [matma.rex gm] =AD=C3=BA=C3=B6=C3=B3=C3=A1=C2=BF role

^ SOAP result with an element named id
386727 [nico.claes a] I got this from another message on this forum, but there was no reply to
386730 [matma.rex gm] Wild guess: soapobject['id']? Or maybe soapobject[:id]?

^ ActiveRecord
386734 [marc.chanlia] I'm learning to use activerecord (not rails).
386735 [hassan.schro] I'd guess that your MySQL gem did *not* install successfully.

^ [ANN] hoe-seattlerb 1.2.6 Released
386737 [ryand-ruby z] hoe-seattlerb version 1.2.6 has been released!

^ [ANN] Rails 2.3.14
386738 [aaron tender] Rails 2.3.14 has been released.  This release contains critical security fi=

^ [ANN] Rails 3.0.10
386739 [aaron tender] Rails 3.0.10 has been released.  This release contains critical security fi=

^ [ANN] Rails 3.1.0.rc6
386740 [aaron tender] Rails 3.1.0.rc6 has been released.  This release contains critical security=

^ Introducing Blirb--a tongue-in-cheek interactive quiz/game/tutorial
386741 [ian.asaff gm] I've put together a simple little gem that functions as an interactive
+ 386742 [richard.conr] just tried it, and I like it. Works really well for very simple stuff.
| 386743 [neotamizhan ] I liked it a lot. This could be a great tool for newcomers.
+ 386744 [josh.cheek g] ahead and fixed it and submitted a pull request.
+ 386866 [eregontp gma] Nice work!

^ [ANN] teleport 1.0.1
386750 [amd gurge.co] I just released the Teleport gem - easy Ubuntu server setup via

^ Strangely slow float to int and int to float conversion
386755 [pejuko gmail] I had feeling that ruby arrays are very slow after I'd run some simple
386756 [ryand-ruby z] small ints are stored _in_ the VALUE pointer so there is no extra =
386758 [pejuko gmail] True! When I disabled GC 30_000_000 cycles are on 8s instead of 400s.
386759 [matma.rex gm] Hey, just so you know, with -O3 the entire multiplying part was
386760 [pejuko gmail] actualy in c it process array with random numbers it include memory

^ [ANN] Papyrus 0.0.1 released
386757 [sutniuq gmx.] I'm pleased to announce the very first release of Papyrus, a RDoc plugin
386762 [josh.cheek g] "sh: pdflatex: command not found
+ 386772 [flo andersgr] plugin
| + 386778 [sutniuq gmx.] As I already stated, I can't be of much help on OS X, but for the record
| | 386781 [flo andersgr] record
| + 386791 [josh.cheek g] Thanks. I installed this, now it's failing with status of 1
|   386792 [sutniuq gmx.] Pass the --debug option to RDoc and post the output (but please not
|   386793 [josh.cheek g] Which seems to be a font called Latin Modern. IDK how the LaTeX community
|   386794 [brabuhr gmai] TeX Live and MacTeX
|   386831 [flo andersgr] pages).
+ 386774 [sutniuq gmx.] I can't help with OS X-specific issues as I don't have one--I'm using

^ Flexible Ruby Gig
386763 [eitan nulula] Want to write sinatra apps w/datamapper, rspec and haml?

^ Problem in reading txt file, by using CSV
386769 [gagannagpur ] I have switched my apps to Rails-3.0.2 & Ruby-1.9.2. I am reading .txt
+ 386770 [bbxx789_05ss] require 'csv'
+ 386771 [bbxx789_05ss] According to the CSV spec, double quotes are allowed around fields, so I
+ 386775 [matma.rex gm] You're not setting the :col_sep option, so CSV assumes the separator

^ change into symlink directory - how?
386776 [aschaal lear] how to I change into a symlink directory?
386809 [ryand-ruby z] that's just a feature of bash (which I always turn off with `set -P`). =
386918 [aschaal lear] Thanks for the answer.
+ 386919 [johnjohn.ted] #> mkdir foo
| 388040 [aschaal lear] Thanks for the explanation, I understand the problem now.
| 388073 [shortcutter ] I am not sure: why do you ask then? :-)
+ 388074 [botpena gmai] care to post your ruby script, pls.

^ bash: gem: command not found
386779 [nkatsikanis ] I have installed ruby with cygwin
+ 386780 [luislavena g] When you "rvm install", what was the output?
+ 386782 [nkatsikanis ] $ rvm install ruby-1.9.2
| 386783 [jeremy bopp.] After installing a ruby using rvm, you need to tell rvm to use it.
+ 386785 [nkatsikanis ] opps thx thought i done that, ok it works :)shame i dont get emails from
+ 386786 [nkatsikanis ] $ gem install sproutcore
  386787 [jeremy bopp.] That's a typical Cygwin fork problem and has nothing to do with ruby.

^ [ANN] Green Shoes v1.0 released
386784 [ashbbb gmail] Green Shoes v1.0 has been released!
386788 [serialhex gm] YAY!!!!  shoooes rocks!!
386810 [mikaa123 gma] Amazing work!

^ ffi-efl 0.0.8 released enlightenment
386790 [jeremy asynk] I'm pleased to announce the eighth release of ffi-efl

^ How check if an email exist without send in Ruby? Use of email_veracity_checker
386795 [panthe liber] I'm trying to create a ruby script that checks the real existence of

^ Searching in a directory
386796 [htwoo web.de] I want to search for an string in all .txt - files of an directory.
+ 386800 [code apotheo] Can you provide some context/details, and perhaps some sample code for
+ 386801 [josh.cheek g] $ find . -name '*.txt' | xargs grep 'your string here'
| 386803 [bbxx789_05ss] dir_path = '/path/to/dir'
+ 386802 [htwoo web.de] First of all thank you very much for help. I want to search in all .txt
| 386804 [code apotheo] =20
| 386806 [bbxx789_05ss] It's irrelevant.
+ 386805 [bbxx789_05ss] Too nebulous.
+ 386807 [bbxx789_05ss] ...and what would that be?
+ 386808 [htwoo web.de] I trying to call a process in function_1. And function_2 means to to
+ 386811 [axyd80 gmail] require 'vfs'
+ 386854 [htwoo web.de] I still have problems and need your help!
| + 386857 [cwprogram li] I'm not sure what different action you plan to take if there is a double =
| + 386860 [esperantoca ] if line =~ /(#{str})(?:.*\1)?/
| + 386861 [bbxx789_05ss] There are string(s?) you are searching for, and their are lines you are
+ 386862 [htwoo web.de] This search-routine is part of a bigger script and I've problems with
| + 386863 [cwprogram li] dir_path =3D './test_files'
| | 386864 [htwoo web.de] Sorry, but there's still a problem with the code.
| | 386865 [cwprogram li] it
| + 386867 [bbxx789_05ss] Your requirements change with every post, and there are hidden
+ 386875 [htwoo web.de] now it works and the method stands in the else-branch. There was a