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^ Dynamic creation of variables
385984 [mulvaneyenat] I am building a interactive shell for chemistry related tasks and am
+ 385986 [cwprogram li] I would recommend making a module=2C then setting module constants for your=
+ 385988 [mulvaneyenat] Thanks for the quick reply!

^ Problem installing gem - please help
385985 [pgfarms comc] I need to install gem GData
+ 385987 [cwprogram li] Regards=2C
+ 385989 [b.candler po] sudo gem update --system

^ How to read/write from ruby to VB.Net application and vice versa using Memory Mapped Files?
385993 [premjeetsing] We are trying to communicate between our two applications, One is in

^ How to communicate between a ruby and VB.Net application using Memory Mapped Files?
385994 [premjeetsing] We are trying to read/write a memory mapped file created from VB.Net in

^ How to read contents of a Memory Mapped File created in ruby through some other app. like .Net?
385995 [premjeetsing] We are creating a Memory Mapped file in ruby using win32-mmap gem.
385999 [eleanor game] in

^ rubyWax 0.8.11
386000 [jakekaiden y] rubyWax 0.8.11

^ Re: Filename directory path store into mysql databas
386001 [b.candler po] Please read

^ Rad, Web Framework inspired by Rails, Spring IoC and JBoss Seam
386002 [axyd80 gmail] The main difference from existing frameworks is that it has true OO

^ Re: Nooby question : multidimensional arrays.
386003 [james rubylo] I know this is an old thread, but I have to respond since the venerable

^ [ANN] Rainbows! 4.1.0 - Unicorn for sleepy apps and slow clients
386004 [normalperson] Rainbows! is an HTTP server for sleepy Rack applications.  It is based on

^ Re: Ruby Exponents
386005 [aswath87 gma] I am hitting the exact same issue! :(
386006 [bbxx789_05ss] Not me. :)
386008 [b.candler po] * Show line 137 of app/models/trade.rb, plus a few lines either side.
386031 [b.candler po] $stderr.puts foo.class

^ Documentation in Ruby
386010 [aef1370 gmai] I have a problem with Ruby Reference. How can I see all the methods of a
+ 386011 [vderyagin gm] Use 'Class#instance_methods' method. 'Array.instance_methods', for.example. By
+ 386018 [bbxx789_05ss] its singleton class
| 386027 [code apotheo] What does this mean?
| 386029 [bbxx789_05ss] s/class's/classes'/gc
+ 386026 [justincollin] If you look at http://rdoc.info/stdlib/core/1.9.2/Array you will see
+ 386042 [josh.cheek g] obj.methods # public methods

^ Ruby a "4th generation language"? Credible sources?
386012 [albertschlef] I've noticed that Wikipedia says that "C#, Java" are 3'rd generation
+ 386015 [cwprogram li] It's Wikipedia, and being a community driven content site people will =
+ 386028 [code apotheo] Problem solved: Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby have been removed from the
+ 386059 [rubfor recit] The Wikipedia articles are spurious.
| 386062 [code apotheo] In my experience, the language "generation" talk is (as noted early on
| + 386063 [shortcutter ] Actually, PL/SQL is a pretty good procedural language with a decent
| | 386064 [code apotheo] Yeah, that was kinda my point.
| + 386075 [rubfor recit] Well I agree. So what's your theory? Why did someone see Java as a 3GL
|   386078 [code apotheo] Good question.  Probably some kind of anti-"scripting" language bigotry,
+ 387341 [rogerpack200] I was once chatting with a fellow at church who programs mainframes.  He
| 387436 [rubfor recit] Probably a useful way of looking at generations. A 4GL builds on 3GL
| 387444 [josh.cheek g] Can you clarify this? I have a suspicion that what you are calling
+ 387447 [rubfor recit] True - once you've become sophisticated, you might as well enjoy it.

^ NoMethodError: undefined method
386013 [shahgomji gm] I am not able to understand why it gets nil object. would someone let me
386014 [nobuoka r-de] Do you initialize the instance variable @browser?
386020 [shahgomji gm] actually the some of method is of unit test and gets invoked
386025 [b.candler po] So, show the *exact* error you are getting, together with the backtrace.

^ Installing Ruby
386016 [velasquez.fe] Hy guys! :)
386017 [cwprogram li] /Users/felipevelasquez/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.2-p290/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.9.=
386021 [hassan.schro] No! It means the OP has screwed up his RVM install, probably by
386022 [cwprogram li] /Users/felipevelasquez/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.8.7-p352@metrocubico/cache/rake-0.=
386023 [steve stevek] And if you ever do need sudo with rvm, it's just 'rvmsudo'.

^ [ANN] Ruby 1.9.3 preview1 released
386024 [yugui yugui.] I have just released Ruby 1.9.3 preview1.

^ How to connect to and use Postgresql from Ruby
386030 [ruby taljare] I have just started to learn Ruby, quite nice language, but I'm stuck on
+ 386032 [b.candler po] You did google for "ruby DBI"? There's a good introductory article on
+ 386035 [cwprogram li] on
  386038 [code apotheo] . . .
  386039 [cwprogram li] Performance, as ruby-pg interfaces directly with libpq. There are also =
  386040 [roylzuo gmai] I would personally recommend Sequel, even for performance. Although ruby-pg is
  386044 [code apotheo] That was much more articulate than the answer I was thinking about, but

^ send() docs are wrong
386033 [bbxx789_05ss] obj.send(symbol [, args...]) =E2=86=92 obj
+ 386034 [cwprogram li] Potentially misleading yes, incorrect no. If you call send on an object =
| + 386036 [bbxx789_05ss] Oh, please.
| | 386046 [shortcutter ] I guess you are referring to
| + 386037 [keithrbennet] charset=utf-8
+ 386045 [drbrain segm] I agree=E2=80=A6 Please file a bug so I will know to fix it when I have =
  386051 [cwprogram li] receiver.

^ [Pre-ANN] diff-lcs 1.1.3 to be released soon
386041 [halostatue g] It's partly David Chelimsky's fault for picking on it in a blog post,

^ A question on style...
386043 [psynaptic_ac] le, single file Ruby program that randomly chooses a response to input text=
+ 386047 [code apotheo] get_response =3D [
+ 386048 [josh.cheek g] I wouldn't have a problem doing it, though I usually start like `[ "Got
+ 386049 [shortcutter ] e to input text. I have a method to return the the array of responses, whic=

^ system stack error in ObjectSpace.each_object
386050 [luke.gru gma] Hey guys, I'm just starting to mess around with metaprogramming in Ruby,
386052 [josh.cheek g] Test
386055 [luke.gru gma] Yeah, I'm running the same Ruby version and I have 4 gb of ram, not sure
386058 [shortcutter ] I can reproduce
+ 386061 [b.candler po] This looks to me like an abuse of ObjectSpace.
+ 386080 [luke.gru gma] Yeah, it was just for fun and to learn some of these metaprogramming
  + 386095 [jgabrielygal] In the initialize (or new) method of Foo, store self in a container
  + 386096 [shortcutter ] Not sure what this is supposed to do but I would always make the
  + 386098 [b.candler po] Others have answered this already. (There's weakref if you really need a
    386143 [luke.gru gma] That's cool, I like the way the class is effectively just that, a set
    386148 [shortcutter ] d.
    386166 [luke.gru gma] I'm an idiot, I just forgot that instance methods defined in class
    386167 [luke.gru gma] have read before I posted above.
    386174 [shortcutter ] Plus, you will have one pair of accessors for "cl" and a few more

^ newbie question
386053 [marc.chanlia] def fact(n)
386054 [cwprogram li] to
386068 [marc.chanlia] Thanks, that helps a lot.
+ 386069 [adam apresco] You're relying on `n` being defined here, but it's only defined inside
| 386071 [marc.chanlia] class Factorial
| + 386072 [cmdjackryan ] class Factorial
| | 386076 [marc.chanlia] Thanks, very useful suggestions!
| + 386074 [josh.cheek g] I think it is admirable that so many people are willing to take the time and
|   386077 [marc.chanlia] Josh, I really appreciate the explanation. I pasted it in my program (as
+ 386070 [cwprogram li] for
  + 386073 [marc.chanlia] Great stuff. Now I'm using the ternary operator in my class, with a user
  + 386141 [justincollin] Interesting. I usually see this written as

^ Error in reading YAML
386056 [shahgomji gm] error.
386057 [stefano.croc] You need to put a space after the : in your YAML file, otherwyse they won't be

^ Re: A question on style.
386060 [b.candler po] class Foo

^ [ANN] Last Week to Register for Lone Star Ruby Conference V
386065 [jimfreeze gm] Lone Star Ruby Conference V, August 11-13 in Austin, TX,

^ ANN: Sequel 3.26.0 Released
386066 [code jeremye] Sequel is a lightweight database access toolkit for Ruby.

^ [ANN] rdoc 3.9.1 Released
386067 [drbrain segm] RDoc 3.9.1 will be included with Ruby 1.9.3 provided no show-stopping =

^ 1.9.2 Snow Leopard Installation
386081 [lists viaduc] Been trying to install 1.9.2 on Snow Leopard all evening with another =
+ 386082 [brabuhr gmai] helping me out. =A0It's not happening. =A0RVM isn't working either, but th=
| 386085 [lists viaduc] Installed with Lasso.  I'm currently a Lasso developer. =20
+ 386083 [t.yao426 gma] helping me out. =A0It's not happening. =A0RVM isn't working either, but th=
| 386086 [lists viaduc] Sorry, meant to say the RVM installation of 1.9.2 wasn't working either.
+ 386084 [ryand-ruby z] On Aug 1, 2011, at 19:08, Viaduct Productions <lists@viaduct-productions.com=
  386087 [lists viaduc] I have no control over this make and installation.  So I can move ahead =
  386176 [hanzhengking] be lucky to use RVM.

^ Handle the transaction in ActiveRecord::Base
386088 [nila.shanthi] I am using ActiveRecord for handling the DML operations in
386099 [b.candler po] 1. Go to google, enter "activerecord transaction". The exact answer you

^ how to make 1+a work if a is not a numeric object?
386089 [zdyu2000 gma] I defined a to_i method for a, but it seems not work.
+ 386090 [bbxx789_05ss] Is it your belief that the only types that can appear on either side of
| 386091 [zdyu2000 gma] I just made my question simple. it actually could be either integer or
| 386093 [bbxx789_05ss] class A
+ 386092 [whitequark w] ruby-1.9.2 :001 > class A
  386094 [zdyu2000 gma] Thank you Peter! coerce is the right solution!
  386097 [shortcutter ] Kind regards

^ Numeric#coerce docs are disaster
386100 [bbxx789_05ss] num.coerce(numeric) =E2=86=92 array
386101 [adam apresco] You are free to improve the documentation and open a ticket on redmine

^ Re: Numeric#coerce docs are a disaster
386102 [bbxx789_05ss] 1) I don't know how coerce works.
+ 386103 [adam apresco] I would think this information could have gone into the original email you
+ 386106 [shortcutter ] Cheers
| + 386111 [markus fisch] If it were me, I'd bow before Robert for doing this great work, ask for
| | 386124 [drbrain segm] .html
| + 386133 [shortcutter ] ss.html
|   386134 [markus fisch] In python terms [*] I'd say it would fit into
+ 386107 [b.candler po] Roughly speaking: if 'a' is a numeric type, and ruby doesn't know how to
+ 386108 [steve stevek] directly to the docs.
| 386110 [jameskilton ] charset=us-ascii
+ 386112 [mcpierce gma] Contributing is "too much of a hassle"?
  386113 [ryand-ruby z] For an ass like 7stud: yes.

^ Re: How to Convert String to Array
386104 [swapnil josh] Amazing guys, a question posted in 2007 is still helping successfully to

^ Installing gem problem
386105 [aef1370 gmai] when I want to install feed tools gem I face a problem . I take a
+ 386109 [steve stevek] Did you try 'gem install builder'?
+ 386136 [aef1370 gmai] Unfortunately after installing builder ,again Command Prompt give me
| 386138 [justincollin] What is the output from running "gem sources" ? Are you able to ping the
+ 386152 [aef1370 gmai] I am beginner in ruby and I use ruby 1.9.2 in windows 7. I have a

^ Documentation Improvement Proposal
386114 [cwprogram li] =3D Issues =3D
+ 386115 [steve stevek] I reeeeeealy dislike user comments on documentation. It's one of the
| 386117 [cmdjackryan ] What's wrong with stealing WikiPedia's procedures? The model works
| + 386118 [steve stevek] Oh, man, if Ruby documentation ever becomes like Wikipedia, please,
| | + 386119 [cwprogram li] As I mentioned, the focus for me right now isn't deciding about =
| | | 386123 [steve stevek] Apologies, I've just responded to everyone in-line.
| | | + 386126 [cmdjackryan ] I was too terse, it appears. I have *not* meant Wikipedia's content
| | | | 386142 [drbrain segm] List-Help: 	<mailto:ruby-talk-ctl@ruby-lang.org?body=help>
| | | | 386145 [cmdjackryan ] Good idea. Though, if the work has already been done, I'd prefer to
| | | + 386128 [adam apresco] Agreed. I think it's worth sacrificing the "total" (bearing the bureaucracy
| | | | 386137 [code apotheo] cy
| | | | 386139 [darkintent g] I would like to touch on a more general issue I've had with language
| | | | 386146 [josh.cheek g] Maybe I'm missing something, but in my mind, that's what documentation is.
| | | | + 386147 [code apotheo] I loathe the frameset style of ruby-doc.org for things like Array
| | | | + 386251 [darkintent g] ely
| | | + 386130 [ryand-ruby z] I suspect that they have a better time at it because they're not also =
| | + 386120 [adam apresco] Do you mean in appearance or approach to openness?
| | + 386121 [ryand-ruby z] Yeah... our Ruby Doc team is Eric. :)
| |   386122 [drbrain segm] Some people have stepped up since the doc drive, and we get random =
| + 386127 [thematrimix ] o interested in Ruby. So, I am picking it up. With that I have a bit of a d=
|   386132 [ryand-ruby z] best way to do multi-dimensional array. Note I am learning and tried the =
+ 386116 [cmdjackryan ] Given your requirements, TikiWiki[0] would fit quite well, and allows
+ 386129 [rogerdpack2 ] sily narrow down on them. Those interested in systems program can focus on =
+ 386135 [markus fisch] The only objection I've is that I'm not sure if it is really suited well

^ Re: Ruby 1.9.3 preview1 released
386131 [rogerpack200] What's the new locking strategy?
+ 386151 [keltia gmail] Good news!
| 386155 [hanmac gmx.d] readline question: against what version is 1.9.3 builded?
| 386171 [drbrain segm] Whichever version you have installed.
| 386173 [hanmac gmx.d] you do not understand it. readline as a gpl2 and a gpl3 version.
| 386202 [drbrain segm] charset=us-ascii
+ 386315 [normalperson] 1.9.2 used a simple mutex for the GVL, 1.9.3 uses a queueing GVL.  The

^ Create dialog box after receiving a security message
386153 [zafi240781 y] I just wondering, is it possible for me to create a dialog box (with
386154 [shortcutter ] How is this related to Ruby programming language?  In other words: I
386158 [jakekaiden y] assuming that the application in question is written in ruby, and that

^ ruby-lang.org site
386156 [christopher.] Who is best to contact to volunteer helping maintain ruby-lang.org? It's
386157 [blambeau gma] If you want to help with Ruby's site content, drop an email to

^ Abstract, modules and inheritance question
386159 [piter.fcbk g] I have to import some csv files into the database. Each file had a
386192 [shortcutter ] Why that?
386198 [piter.fcbk g] My impression after reading some blogs, articles and others on the web is
386199 [steve stevek] Yep! Abstract classes don't exactly exist in Ruby; there's no way to

^ IDE List
386160 [cwprogram li] Hey Everyone,
+ 386162 [serialhex gm] nano with syntax highlighting (a collection of highlighting files are
+ 386163 [markus fisch] You might be interested in the "the great ruby editor and ide roundup"
  386275 [martindemell] Thanks! Sounds like someone vandalised the page at some point :( If
  386309 [markus fisch] Maybe editing for anonymous should just be disabled, it can happen so

^ [ANN] DRbQS 0.0.16
386161 [ d ytak.info] DRbQS 0.0.16 has been released.

^ How to get week of the month
386164 [sulupw gmail] I want to display week of a particular month like for 10th August 2011,
+ 386168 [jakekaiden y] it seems you really just need the integer that represents the day from
+ 386170 [hassan.schro] How are you defining "week of the month"?

^ ANN: RubyCraft 0.1.1 Released
386165 [danrbr gmail] RubyCraft is a simple library for manipulating Minecraft region files.
386175 [josh.cheek g] lol, I love it!

^ Ruby Code Editors
386169 [cwprogram li] Okay the IDE thread, which I realized would be better suited as "Code =
+ 386246 [f.linard fdt] thanks..
+ 386249 [richard.conr] at some stage I think it might be worthwhile to document whether an

^ Kernel.load and local scope
386172 [markbeek car] When I use a variable in a loaded file that corresponds to a variable in
+ 386178 [b.candler po] Because local variables are local :-)
+ 386194 [markbeek car] Thanks, that confirms my suspicions.
  + 386196 [bbxx789_05ss] One could argue that calling load() does not 'open' a new scope. load()
  + 386207 [b.candler po] That's not exactly true as written either, since you *can* define

^ What type of simple applications you wrote while learning Ruby?
386177 [passionate_p] I am using NotePad++ on Windows 7 to write and learn Ruby. While
+ 386180 [chris chrisk] I doubt I'm saying anything controversial by stating that most people who
| 386181 [passionate_p] If that is the case, I assume I am on the right path by writing a sample
| + 386185 [jgabrielygal] I learned about the existence of Ruby reading about Rails, but I
| + 386188 [richard.conr] I would agree here. The documentation and support on getting started with
+ 386218 [code apotheo] Actually, I get more mileage out of writing command line utilities when