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^ Re: minitest 2.2.2 Released
384966 [transfire gm] +1

^ clock-scheduled operations
384976 [code apotheo] Obviously, scheduling something to happen every foo seconds is easy.
+ 384977 [ryand-ruby z] cron
+ 384978 [cmdjackryan ] There is: Cron jobs on *NIX or Task Scheduler on Windows. You have no
+ 384980 [normalperson] You can install a signal handler and have cron signal the process.
| 384992 [code apotheo] I need something a little more portable than the options you provided,
+ 384981 [sandor.szuec] to
  384991 [code apotheo] Thanks.  I'll look into that.

^ AW: Re: clock-scheduled operations
384979 [mbj seonic.n] Gesendet von meinem HTC

^ here docs: WTF am i doing wrong???
384982 [serialhex gm] ok, so i'm trying to create a here doc for a little program i'm writing and
+ 384983 [ondemannen g] irb(main):001:0> st = ""
| 384985 [serialhex gm] thanks J-H!!  that works BEAUTIFULLY!!!  (though why that works and the
+ 384986 [josh.cheek g] In the first case, puts is a method. In the second, str is a variable. You
| 384988 [serialhex gm] ahh, ok, this explains things a lot better!  i thought it was a method or
+ 384987 [drbrain segm] str << <<NUMS

^ [ANN] mechanize 2.0.1 Released
384984 [drbrain segm] mechanize version 2.0.1 has been released!

^ OpenSSL in FIPS compliant mode leads to crashes
384989 [jjenning gma] When a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system is in FIPS compliant mode, the
384990 [cmdjackryan ] It's the Ruby bug tracker, and this is, if not a bug, a missing

^ A movie Renamer
384996 [mayank.kohal] I am trying to develop "A movie renamer" in ruby and wanted to get some
+ 385006 [sophrinix gm] As for your answer. look to the file class in core.
+ 385007 [sduncan weta] Please don't steal movies.
  + 385009 [josh.cheek g] Lets just not even go here, please.
  + 385010 [code apotheo] 1. http://tinyurl.com/3mapksl
    + 385011 [sduncan weta] *sigh*
    | + 385012 [petite.abeil] helps you sleep at night.
    | | 385013 [sduncan weta] Before this goes completely off the rails [sic], my points are;
    | | + 385014 [sophrinix gm] or this thread could just end because I answered it in the first email.
    | | | 385016 [sduncan weta] True enough. Add;
    | | | 385017 [epodojil gma] Maybe I'm thinking a bit amateurishly (only Rubying for a couple weeks now),
    | | + 385018 [code apotheo] =2E . . or you could have pretended that's what it's called, and none of
    | + 385025 [ninja slapha] Really didn't want to get into this, especially since it seems like everyone
    |   + 385026 [peric.joe gm] RldJVywgSSBhZ3JlZSB0aGF0IHRoaXMgc2hvdWxkIGJlIGFib3V0IHJ1YnksIG5vdCBzbyBtdWNo
    |   + 385030 [josh.cheek g] lol
    |     385045 [ninja slapha] I actually have some ethical issues with this. If you're having this much
    |     + 385046 [josh.cheek g] I honestly perceive this as "If someone needs help, that is evidence that
    |     + 385047 [spoon killer] I saw one on a bidding website, the student had uploaded the problem as
    |     + 385049 [stu rubyprog] With the assumption that the op really wants to learn how to parse and alter
    + 385015 [josh.cheek g] I agree, lets leave the moral opinions out of it, this is a topic about how

^ [ANN] Inochi 6.1.0
384997 [sunaku gmail] ...

^ [ANN] Inochi 6.1.0
384999 [sunaku gmail] [Sending without PGP signature this time...  Sorry for the noise!]

^ Initial RVM Ruby when starting a shell; using system Ruby with RVM
385000 [echristopher] [I posted this to the RVM group a few days ago, but haven't heard back.]
385001 [serialhex gm] Eric,

^ Specifying non-standard include/lib directories on gem install...
385002 [mcpierce gma] Is it possible to specific non-standard directories when installing a
385003 [ryand-ruby z] directory
385004 [mcpierce gma] ons]

^ [ANN] unicorn 4.0.1 - regression bugfixes
385005 [normalperson] Unicorn is an HTTP server for Rack applications designed to only serve

^ A File Renamer
385019 [mayank.kohal] I guess this thread has spawned another issue. Let me close this and say I
+ 385020 [spoon killer] NOOOOO.  Make it work.
+ 385021 [jeremyheiler] Is there a pattern to the file names you are working with? The key is
  + 385022 [coolesting g] And read the API documentation that is the key how to deal with a new
  | 385023 [jeremyheiler] Agreed.
  | 385024 [coolesting g] Yes, the ruby team make this IRB that is very convenience.  I never have
  + 385027 [spoon killer] You know the video file itself probably has meta data.
    + 385029 [code apotheo] Do you have suggestions for Ruby libraries suitable to the task of
    + 385031 [josh.cheek g] But requires a different set of assumptions: the files are videos (it is
      385032 [mikbe.tk gma] You should be aware that meta data can't be trusted. Not only do people not
      + 385033 [josh.cheek g] They teach OOP in SICP?
      | 385035 [mikbe.tk gma] No SICP would be "the concepts behind [Object Oriented programming]" part of
      | 385037 [josh.cheek g] Yeah, but isn't it kind of like learning them in Klingon?
      | 385038 [mikbe.tk gma] LOL, no, no, no... it's more like Esperanto with an Irish brogue.
      + 385034 [spoon killer] The file name cannot be trusted any more than the meta data.
        385036 [mikbe.tk gma] I totally agree. Not only can people incorrectly name files but they can use
        385040 [code apotheo] How sure are we that filenames provided by *others*, scraped from the
        385042 [mikbe.tk gma] Good point. OP would have to answer that question. The scope changes the

^ [ANN] Cascadia Ruby Conf schedule; sponsorships; registration
385028 [ben bleythin] I'm very pleased to announce that we've posted our speakers for

^ [ANN] ANSI v1.3.0 released
385039 [transfire gm] ANSI 1.3.0 has been released.

^ [ANN] hoe 2.10.0 Released
385041 [ryand-ruby z] hoe version 2.10.0 has been released!

^ HELP!!Encoding Problem when Embedding Ruby
385043 [ladacez gmai] When I Embedding ruby, the encoding list only have 3 items:US-ASCII

^ [ANN] nokogiri 1.4.7 Released
385044 [mike.dalessi] Nokogiri 1.4.7 ("Double Rainbow Tag" Edition) has been released!

^ [ANN] nokogiri 1.5.0 Released
385048 [mike.dalessi] Nokogiri 1.5.0 ("Y U NO RELEASE?" Edition) has been released!

^ How to order Structs based on two fields
385051 [ibc aliax.ne] KK =3D Struct.new(:a,:b)
+ 385052 [ibc aliax.ne] Maybe it would be better to use "class KK" rather than an struct, and
| + 385053 [g.diemant gm] Try this: array.sort { |x,y| x.a =3D=3D y.a ? x.b <=3D> y.b : x.a <=3D> y.a=
| | 385056 [g.diemant gm] Sorry code must be array.sort { |x,y| x.a =3D=3D y.a ? -(x.b <=3D> y.b) : x=
| + 385054 [josh.cheek g] Structs return classes already (this is why you can inherit from them in th=
| | 385058 [ibc aliax.ne] the
| + 385057 [shortcutter ] You can do
| | + 385059 [ibc aliax.ne] Note that entries must be ordered by smaller :a and, in case of same
| | | 385064 [shortcutter ] array.sort_by {|e| [e.a, -e.b]}
| | + 385061 [g.diemant gm] Nice. Little mistake (same as mine). Code should be array.sort_by { |e|
| | | 385062 [ibc aliax.ne] Yeah :)
| | | + 385063 [josh.cheek g] I recommend selecting the most straightforward one. Are there any solutions
| | | | 385065 [ibc aliax.ne] ns
| | | + 385070 [su.comp.lang] The efficiency depends on how expensive it is to compute the key of the
| | |   385071 [ibc aliax.ne] Thanks. However in my case the class is a Struct and I add no
| | + 385066 [Rob AgileCon] module)?
| |   385067 [ibc aliax.ne] Very cool :)
| |   385068 [ibc aliax.ne] def <=3D>(o)
| + 385060 [flo andersgr] Enumerable.sort_by
+ 385055 [anurag08priy] array.sort do |i, j|

^ Offering Help
385069 [peric.joe gm] I'm new to Ruby and I am willing to learn. Anyone need help on a
385072 [jeremyheiler] Have you done the Ruby Koans?
385073 [peric.joe gm] Never heard of it, but I'll get right on it. Thanks.
385082 [peric.joe gm] Just finished this. I had to find some more info on exceptions to get
385083 [jeremyheiler] No problem!
+ 385094 [coolesting g] A  tutorial site here.
+ 385121 [markus fisch] Jeremy, thanks for that hint, I instantly fell in love with this site.

^ [ANN] Ruby Kickstart - free course with videos, quizzes, & challenges
385074 [josh.cheek g] Happy to finally officially announce Ruby Kickstart, a curriculum with
+ 385115 [spiralofhope] Very interesting Josh, I'll have to take a look.
| 385119 [josh.cheek g] Fantastic ^_^ If you guys have any feedback, let me know so I can improve it
+ 385243 [josh.cheek g] I've now removed logging in altogether. Anyone can take the quizzes (go see

^ [ANN] ruby 1.8.7 patchlevel 352 released
385075 [shyouhei rub] Ruby 1.8.7 was released on June 1st, 2008.  In commemoration
385077 [markus fisch] Is it possible to have the ChangeLog somewhere online, without having to
385078 [sakuro 2238c] OZAWA Sakuro
385079 [markus fisch] Very useful, thanks; I wasn't aware that ruby/ruby on github is always

^ Ruby C API:How to prevent a VALUE being collected by the garbage collecter?
385076 [ladacez gmai] Ruby C API:How to prevent a VALUE being collected by the garbage collecter?
385080 [sutniuq gmx.] rb_gc_mark() if I remember correctly.
385084 [kim burgestr] If you want it to never be collected, make it a global variable. rb=5Fgc=5F=
385085 [joelvanderwe] VALUE my_global;
385091 [ladacez gmai] Thanks.
+ 385092 [ladacez gmai] Thanks.
+ 385093 [adgar carbon] charset=us-ascii

^ HackMBA ---- Open Hack :::: Open MBA
385081 [information.] I used to be an ardent lugger.

^ Renages
385086 [peter.hicks ] All,
+ 385089 [ryand-ruby z] It is very much a simple mapping, it just isn't a 1:1 mapping anymore. =
| 385095 [peter.hicks ] John, Ryan, thank you so much - a brilliantly simple and minimal idea
| 385125 [shortcutter ] You just need to be aware that the approach works only as long as the
+ 385090 [wishdev gmai] Afternoon,
+ 385134 [Rob AgileCon] You just need to check from the "end" on back and pick the first one
  385136 [ryand-ruby z] that matches.

^ Return X if something is between Y and Z
385087 [peter.hicks ] ...and I have no idea how 'Renages' ended up in the subject!
385088 [code apotheo] I figured it was a weird typo for "ranges".

^ downloading all of gem to my hd?
385096 [snert hotmai] Im programming for the fun of it.  I lose my internet connection
+ 385098 [jeremyheiler] There's no free WiFi anywhere near you so you can get a few gems now and th=
+ 385099 [nobuoka r-de] I found "gem mirror" command in a old version of gem, but
  + 385111 [jan agetty.d] =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=
  | + 385113 [snert hotmai] =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=
  | + 385116 [code apotheo] =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=
  |   385117 [cmdjackryan ] T24gTW9uLCBKdWwgNCwgMjAxMSBhdCAxMjozNyBBTSwgQ2hhZCBQZXJyaW4gPGNvZGVAYXBvdGhl
  + 385114 [josh.cheek g] $ cd some/dir/to/store/gems/in
    385128 [shortcutter ] What about
    385129 [josh.cheek g] $ gem -v
    385137 [ryand-ruby z] looks like it hasn't been released as a gem yet... I haven't seen much =

^ Are blocks objects?  What messages can they handle?
385097 [code apotheo] Blocks are basically just a special kind of object passed to a method in
385100 [johnf bitsbu] A block is a syntactical construct, not an object. A Proc is the
385101 [javadba gmai] John,
+ 385104 [code apotheo] I was the author of the original question, and I agree.  Thanks.
| 385118 [jeremyheiler] for
| 385126 [peric.joe gm] Jeremy, that was an excellent synopsis of the functionality of blocks,
| 385141 [stu rubyprog] You can almost feel the authors pain in documenting all that.
+ 385122 [shortcutter ] or
  385124 [johnf bitsbu] That is a fair point, Robert. I didn't use block_given? because I

^ symbol vs string for hash keys
385102 [transfire gm] What are the important factors to consider when deciding whether to
+ 385103 [johnf bitsbu] Conceptually, I like to use these rules of thumb (I think Jim Weirich
| 385123 [shortcutter ] I use a different rule of thumb which has been circulated before as
| 385131 [transfire gm] Thanks robert (et al.). Makes perfect sense. If my current patch is
+ 385105 [code apotheo] Strings are mutable; symbols are not.
  + 385106 [cmdjackryan ] And, of course, you can convert to and from symbols/strings. Beware
  + 385110 [robert.dober] And, IIRC, strings are GCed, while syms are not. I still use symbols
    385112 [transfire gm] Yea, that's what I was wondering about. In the case of fileutils, I

^ Ruby Koan Exception Testing Question
385107 ["Leigh Danie] =46irst, thanks to Jeremy for the Ruby Koans link.
385108 [wruyahoo05 c] Are these really triangles? Try to draw them.
385109 ["Leigh Danie] I love the pencil!
385135 [eric lemurhe] The pencil test is great, and now you understand the reasoning to learn the

^ [ANN] Lone Star Ruby Conference V - Early Bird Pricing Ends Today!
385120 [jimfreeze gm] Pardon our interruption for this quick update.

^ When can Input/output error - <STDERR> (Errno::EIO) occur?
385127 [ibc aliax.ne] by doing the doble fork and so on (it works ok). But for debugging

^ Define a constant in dynamically defined class
385130 [transfire gm] Have me a conundrum.
+ 385132 [mikbe.tk gma] k = Class.new do
| 385133 [transfire gm] Thanks, but unfortunately that only works b/c it's evaluating a string
+ 385138 [su.comp.lang] You can use Module#const_set.
  385146 [transfire gm] I've been reading up on this[1]. Looks like the was a period (1.9.1)

^ Having trouble installing the Mongrel gem!
385139 [jen.bottom g] I'm using the latest version of RVM with ruby 1.9.2
+ 385140 [has.sox gmai] I wouldn't be using the mongrel gem. It's a very old gem and I don't think
+ 385142 [normalperson] Unless Apache mod_proxy added full request/response buffering, unicorn
+ 385143 [normalperson] Try "gem install mongrel --pre", too.  That should get you the

^ [ANN] NoBacksies v0.3.0 released
385144 [transfire gm] NoBacksies 0.3.0 has been released.

^ Re: NoBacksies v0.3.0 released
385145 [transfire gm] Note I just release 0.3.1. Found some typos in the code. While I was
385147 [transfire gm] For the record: Bernard Lambeau found the typos ;-)  Thanks dude!!!
385150 [shortcutter ] I also found a superfluous "self." in the docs.... ;-)
385174 [transfire gm] Where's the <a href=3D"http://github.com/rubyworks/no_backsies/

^ [ANN] SecurityBlanket 1.2.0 gem released!
385148 [me kmwhite.n] charset=us-ascii

^ [ANN] SecurityBlanket 1.2.0 gem released!
385149 [me kmwhite.n] charset=us-ascii

^ [ANN] JRuby 1.6.3 released
385151 [tom.enebo gm] The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.6.3.
385152 [wayneeseguin] w00t!

^ Dir.glob and File.fnmatch don't seeing eye to eye
385153 [transfire gm] What does File.fnmatch? not support {p,q} style selectors?
+ 385154 [coolesting g] or use the same glob against an Array of file paths , for example ?
| 385155 [transfire gm] Sure,  I have configurable selection using a glob. On one hand I use
+ 385156 [shortcutter ] I'd say: open a feature request in redmine.

^ [ANN] LOCat v0.1.0 released
385157 [transfire gm] LOCat 0.1.0 has been released.
385159 [anurag08priy] The site is definitely fun :). I was baffled at first; took me a while
385172 [mikbe.tk gma] You should never use an abbreviation/acronym in a product name without at

^ [ANN] EM-Udns 0.2.3 - async DNS resolver for EventMachine based on udns C library
385158 [ibc aliax.ne] EM-Udns is an async DNS resolver for EventMachine based on udns C

^ Fatal Error with Ruby/GTK2, Homebrew, Green Shoes, and OSX Snow Leopard
385160 [barnes7td gm] I posted the below question to the Shoes mailing list and got back the
385161 [kou cozmixng] In <CAESf5icq=auwH+8HEAKpHtmDRWfgyBzuprcT2wMVVSUXXhkTEw@mail.gmail.com>
385162 [barnes7td gm] I can't find that directory at all. is it ~/opt/local/......? much less the
385163 [kou cozmixng] In <CAESf5idUVQeAfXK=NEA9aRg5rRsc-qO7S7-A-z-qerq+LwpxOQ@mail.gmail.com>
385164 [barnes7td gm] Via Homebrew
+ 385165 [barnes7td gm] kou,
| 385169 [josh.cheek g] If you installed Ruby with rvm, then everything is done locally, so you
| 385171 [steve stevek] should not need "sudo" for installing the gems. I am pretty sure that using
| 385647 [barnes7td gm] Issue Resolved.
+ 385167 [kou cozmixng] In <CAESf5if_b5ZPUnA5yC_t6hRUK4bnrbZnkRjRH6SOonGbg=r5zQ@mail.gmail.com>

^ FFI with a C++ Library
385166 [mikbe.tk gma] I'm trying to use Ruby FFI with a CPP library but when I compile my CPP
385168 [adgar carbon] CPP
385181 [jameskilton ] charset=us-ascii

^ [ANN] ActiveLdap 3.1.0
385170 [kou cozmixng] ActiveLdap 3.1.0 has been released!

^ Re: LOCat v0.1.0 released
385173 [transfire gm] ll

^ [ANN] LOCat v0.1.1 released
385175 [transfire gm] Just released LOCat v0.1.1 which fixes a few reported bugs.

^ RubyMine themes
385176 [rubyinfo apt] I put together a RubyMine themes site. It generates themes for RubyMine,
385177 [yaserbuntu g] Er.. link?