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RDoc-style Labelled Lists in Markdown?
384370 [transfire@gm] In Markdown?
+ 384371 [ryand-ruby@z] Nope. Maybe some superset out there, but not markdown proper.
+ 384381 [joelvanderwe] ...

sequel question: Where's SQLite?
384375 [code@ap th o] So . . . I need to get the Sequel gem working with SQLite on a Debian
384376 [blowmage@gm ] Install the "sqlite3-ruby" gem.
384377 [blowmage@gm ] Of course, if I had read this message first I would have said to install the
384380 [code@ap th o] date
+ 384383 [code@ap th o] Never mind.  I ended up just using the Ruby Sequel library in APT.
+ 384384 [cmdjackryan@] h path (the
+ 384385 [g.diemant@gm] I think you have to install sqlite3-dev package. The message says sqlite3.h
  384388 [code@ap th o] .h

[ANN] ruby-oci8 2.0.5
384406 [kubo@ji ba .] Ruby-oci8 2.0.5 is released. This is the Oracle module using OCI8 API.

Interacting with Git
384407 [paul@ho ly r] I need to interact with Git via Ruby on my server and hope someone can
+ 384412 [jen.bottom@g] I am currently working on a project that aims to use git as a back-end
| 384414 [paul@ho ly r] Many, many thanks for the tip. I've just had a look at the
+ 384424 [ninja@sl ph ] could fire up an ssh-agent and do ssh-add while booting the application
  384431 [paul@ho ly r] , you

state_machine gem
384418 [cremes.devli] I'm working on a somewhat complex project that really begs for a state machine to keep the logic all straight. I've been playing with the state_machine [1] gem the last several days to see if it's suitable. I like the syntax and feature set, but I'm having difficulty mapping its capabilities into code.
384460 [cremes.devli] I figured out how to do this. I had to move from the state_machine gem to the statemachine gem (note the lack of underscore in the second one). It has support for a "class context" in which all state actions are executed. It's actually pretty easy to change the context while the machine is running to get new or different behavior from another business logic class.

ripl - an irb alternative - 0.4.2 released
384420 [gabriel.horn] ripl, a highly extendable ruby shell,  can now be translated to your

[ANN] Rails 3.0.9.rc5 has been released!
384427 [aaron@te de ] OMG!!  I released Rails 3.0.9.rc5!

commit message conventions
384432 [transfire@gm] When I write commit messages I add a "team" prefix to the message,
384433 [johnf@bi sb ] I greatly dislike that style, to be frank. My commit messages usually
+ 384435 [anurag08priy] A lot of OSS projects including Git do this. Optionally (depending on
+ 384436 [brabuhr@gm i] git-commit(1)
  384439 [transfire@gm] But what about a categorizing a commit?
  + 384440 [mikaa123@gm ] I'm not exactly sure what kind of categorization you are talking about, is it concerning the group of users it affects?
  | 384441 [johnf@bi sb ] Agreed. Reference the ticket, which can hold all the data about what
  | 384443 [transfire@gm] Often a commit has no associated issue. Moreover that information is
  | 384449 [cmdjackryan@] Create a topic branch, commit, merge back into your master, parse
  | 384483 [transfire@gm] On Jun 13, 12:37=A0pm, Phillip Gawlowski <cmdjackr...@googlemail.com>
  | 384484 [cmdjackryan@] It's left as an exercise to the reader, since it's highly dependent on
  | 384488 [brabuhr@gm i] With git, on the commit message side of things, you can use a template
  + 384442 [anurag08priy] yada yada yada
  + 384465 [justincollin] For projects that have a few parts, I've started using "[Category] blah

Hi rubies
384444 [rotakinrof@h] ...
+ 384445 [vikhyatk@gm ] Does `zlib' meet your requirements?
| 384446 [rotakinrof@h] ...
+ 384447 [markus@fi ch] Welcome :-)
+ 384448 [jgabrielygal] And yes, this mailing list is used to ask any kind of question related to Ruby.

Open Source Project
384450 [pankajsisodi] Any one interested to Start a Open Source Project in Ruby
+ 384451 [cooljavy@ho ] ...
+ 384452 [cooljavy@ho ] ...
| 384454 [kmandpjlynch] ...i'm going thru the AWDWR and 'Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial'...
+ 384457 [stu@ru yp og] What type of project?
+ 384458 [code@ap th o] I suspect that many of us start new open source projects in Ruby on a

Regexp.match(line)  question
384453 [snert@ho ma ] ...
384455 [jgabrielygal] xp
384456 [snert@ho ma ] ...
384461 [snert@ho ma ] ...
384466 [shortcutter@] Regexp

Syck dies on multiline regex
384459 [josh.cheek@g] require 'yaml'
+ 384462 [ryand-ruby@z] b/x">
+ 384463 [brabuhr@gm i] =A0 b/x">

A way to find out when a constant gets defined?
384467 [josh.cheek@g] have a gem that vendored Psych, so it doesn't get listed in my dependencies,
+ 384468 [ryand-ruby@z] 6478 % gem19 which psych
| 384470 [josh.cheek@g] $ gem which psych
+ 384469 [shortcutter@] es,
| 384471 [josh.cheek@g] This worked. I figured out that it must be coming from Bundler itself.
+ 384472 [josh.cheek@g] Okay, I think I found the ultimate source of the problem was that RVM said
  + 384474 [shortcutter@] Thanks for the summary, Josh!  Frankly, I find the Ruby ecosystem is
  | 384478 [steve@st ve ] All software is becoming increasingly complex. It has been, ever since we
  | 384479 [shortcutter@] Of course.  But there's a difference between complexity required to
  | 384480 [steve@st ve ] Maybe for you. rvm/bundler pretty much saved my sanity. There is absolutely
  + 384477 [steve@st ve ] Whoah, is this discussion somewhere? I literally just moved all my stuff to
  | 384481 [josh.cheek@g] The latter. IDK if it is documented, it was explained to me by mpapis, the
  | 384482 [steve@st ve ] Thanks. Ill jump in there and ask sometime.
  + 384748 [josh.cheek@g] To prevent this from happening to me again, I'm working on a gem

[ANN] ruby-oci8 2.0.6
384473 [kubo@ji ba .] Ruby-oci8 2.0.6 is released. This is the Oracle module using OCI8 API.

[ANN] kgio 2.4.2 - OpenSolaris build fix
384489 [normalperson] kgio provides non-blocking I/O methods for Ruby without raising

Messages to Ruby List/Forum/etc. not arriving equally?
384490 [markus@fi ch] I've not noticed a few missing messages during the last 24 hours which I
+ 384491 [josh.cheek@g] Can you link to the messages? I also view almost exclusively through the ML,
| 384493 [markus@fi ch] ^--- that one even seems from you?
| 384496 [josh.cheek@g] I got all these
| 387081 [adam@ap es o] with everything after "Alexey." removed.
| 387087 [josh.cheek@g] No :( I've brought this up numerous times.
| 387096 [transfire@gm] Someone needs to collect more information, where are the message
| 389936 [adam@ap es o] Bumping this.
+ 384492 [shortcutter@] It happens once in a while.  Ideally you post specific messages so

Plugin best practices
384494 [transfire@gm] If your making a plugin/extension for another project, do you create a
+ 384495 [cmdjackryan@] I'd follow project conventions of how code is organized. If they do
+ 384497 [josh.cheek@g] According to both of the resources I'd reference, it should be the latter.
  384498 [transfire@gm] tensions=A0=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D
  384509 [drbrain@se m] (How many ruby packages have a setup.rb anymore, and who uses them?  Is =
  384551 [transfire@gm] it even 5% of rubyists? 1%?)

CORE - Inconsistent Handling of Uninitialized Variables
384500 [ilias@la ar ] puts "\n== Testin in MAIN Context =="
+ 384501 [adgar@ca bo ] I can speak to local variables; class variables still break my brain a =
| + 384510 [ilias@la ar ] ttle.
| | 384722 [gwtmp01@ma .] ...
| | + 384724 [adgar@ca bo ] $xx" gets executed.
| | | 384725 [ryand-ruby@z] $xx" gets executed.
| | | 384729 [adgar@ca bo ] it.
| | | 384740 [gwtmp01@ma .] it.
| | | 384741 [adgar@ca bo ] then the scope of the instance variable would be very dependent on the =
| | + 384726 [ilias@la ar ] [...] - (explanations, referring to why to locals cannot behave this
| |   384730 [wishdev@gm i] First, you specifically started this thread discussing the "inconsistency"
| |   384756 [ilias@la ar ] ke?
| + 384519 [ninja@sl ph ] I tend to think class variables are a defect in the first place. If you need
+ 384684 [ilias@la ar ] A simplified version, using only locals and globals
+ 384711 [cmdicely@gm ] Well, I haven't checked the draft ISO standard or RubySpec, but the
| + 384712 [ilias@la ar ] There is a simplified version, see message from 2011-06-18
| + 384713 [adgar@ca bo ] This is the crux of where Ilias does have a bit of a point: class variables
+ 384721 [ilias@la ar ] (slightly corrected, order of variable types)

Threadpool Implementations
384512 [iamvlad@gm i] What's a good threadpool implementation that I can use?
+ 384517 [markus@fi ch] parallel HTTP besides other things (in my case I've three such thread
+ 384525 [cremes.devli] I've had very good luck with threadz.

queues? inotify? anything else?
384521 [iwasinnamukn] I don't even really know how to describe this problem. I know what I
+ 384524 [normalperson] Inotify descriptors have an internal queue[1] so events can be
| 384527 [iwasinnamukn] Thanks Eric,
+ 384528 [thiagown@gm ] I know what is the problem, PROBABLY.
+ 384529 [shortcutter@] In this case you would need to keep track of all files seen already so
  384535 [iwasinnamukn] Thanks Robert,

[ANN] Rails 3.0.9 has been released!
384530 [aaron@te de ] Rails 3.0.9 (Nordic Ruby Edition) has been released!  The main boogs fixed =

Kernel#autoload vs require_relative
384532 [chastell@ch ] I understand that for require to work relative to the given __FILE__=E2=80=
+ 384545 [ryand-ruby@z] I wouldn't call having 'lib' in your LOAD_PATH as munging. I'd call that =
| 384553 [chastell@ch ] =80=99s
| + 384556 [chastell@ch ] require_relative 'set'
| | + 384558 [steve@st ve ] changes; it looks cleaner to me and doesn=92t touch shared
| | + 384569 [ryand-ruby@z] whether
| + 384602 [ninja@sl ph ] So, while writing the rest of this (long) post, I think I actually dug up a
|   384610 [shortcutter@] your
|   384657 [ninja@sl ph ] That needs some work. Dirname isn't enough, since right now, things may be
+ 384549 [transfire@gm] The question is, are these libs going to loaded anyway regardless of
  384555 [chastell@ch ] In my case it depends on the library in question; I was

[ANN] nokogiri 1.4.5 Released
384533 [mike.dalessi] Nokogiri 1.4.5 ("Lolwut Edition"), has been released! It's been six months

win32-service gem
384579 [danny.a.step] Hey all, has anyone been able to use win32-service-0.7.0.gem. when I try to
+ 384580 [cmdjackryan@] Well, have you setup nmake, or Visual Studio 6? This looks like parts
+ 384582 [luislavena@g] On Jun 16, 5:39=A0pm, Daniel Stephens <danny.a.steph...@gmail.com>
  384597 [danny.a.step] thanks for responding so quickly!  I'll look into this. Since Phillip
  384611 [luislavena@g] On Jun 16, 10:45=A0pm, Daniel Stephens <danny.a.steph...@gmail.com>

[ANN] Rubytest.vim 1.1.0 Released
384603 [jan.h.xie@gm] Rubytest.vim is a vim plugin enables you to run a specific (test case|rspec

get execution name of program
384617 [code@ap th o] Either $0 or __FILE__ will return a filename to give context for how a
384618 [adgar@ca bo ] In bash, `alias` is a builtin; these aliases are expanded by the shell before
384619 [code@ap th o] I was afraid of that.  Thanks.
+ 384624 [adgar@ca bo ] If you're desperate, you may find a way to interrogate bash as to its
| 384626 [code@ap th o] Yeah . . . but that's much more effort than is warranted by my use case.
| 384629 [matt@ha ps a] If you're wanting it for a --help usage, then why not use the old hardlink
| 384630 [code@ap th o] This is for general usage, when I will be allowing wide distribution of a
+ 384625 [wishdev@gm i] You could always have your alias add an option for you to identify itself -

Rename Kernel ?
384628 [snert@ho ma ] ...
+ 384632 [jgabrielygal] K =3D Kernel
| 384636 [snert@ho ma ] ...
+ 384635 [blowmage@gm ] The constant "Kernel" is pointing to the module object that has has the
  384640 [snert@ho ma ] ...

default config file location
384634 [code@ap th o] Is there a "better" way to specify a default config file location than
+ 384637 [matt@ha ps a] Depending on the shell, '~' may not be defined.  $HOME is a better choice
| + 384638 [jeremy@bo p.] According to the documentation for File.expand_path, all that is
| | + 384641 [adgar@ca bo ] I use File.join for such situations due to separator differences. Is this
| | | + 384662 [ninja@sl ph ] I use File.join also -- well, actually, I look for opportunities to use the
| | | + 384665 [jeremy@bo p.] Ruby always uses '/' with File.join wherever I've tested it, even on
| | + 384643 [matt@ha ps a] Thanks for that; I'll have to remember it!
| | + 384644 [code@ap th o] Do you know whether that's consistent across Ruby implementations (e.g,
| |   + 384645 [matt@ha ps a] It works on jruby (I checked 1.6.0)
| |   + 384854 [headius@he d] JRuby has a focus on API consistency as well.
| + 384642 [code@ap th o] ENV['HOME'] + "/#{filename}"
|   384663 [ninja@sl ph ] As people have pointed out, File.expand_path probably works.
|   384683 [code@ap th o] an
+ 384692 [chastell@ch ] Depending on how =E2=80=98good=E2=80=99 you want to be with regards to
  384694 [cmdjackryan@] That's for X Windows environments, like KDE or GNOME.
  384857 [transfire@gm] On Jun 18, 5:49=A0pm, Phillip Gawlowski <cmdjackr...@googlemail.com>

[ANN] celluloid 0.0.3: a concurrent object framework for Ruby
384648 [tony.arcieri] Celluloid is a concurrent object framework for Ruby inspired by Erlang
+ 384659 [normalperson] Cool!
| 384667 [tony.arcieri] Yep. Check out the screencast for Celluloid being used in conjunction with
+ 384661 [ninja@sl ph ] That's pretty awesome. I was working on something like this, but ended up
| 384669 [tony.arcieri] When making synchronous calls, exceptions which occur in the context of the
| 384678 [ninja@sl ph ] That makes sense.
| 384695 [tony.arcieri] If you want that sort of behavior, you can use the built-in
| + 384717 [ninja@sl ph ] Maybe not, other than that Future applies to a block, where I want the result
| + 384737 [tony.arcieri] If you check HEAD on Github, Celluloid now supports circular call graphs
|   384738 [tony.arcieri] And to clarify this a little bit, where before A -> B -> A synchronous call
+ 384958 [ibc@al ax ne] each new call/request?
  384961 [tony.arcieri] It creates a new fiber for each request, regardless of whether the request

Threadsafing a mixin module without using self.new or initialize.
384650 [mikbe.tk@gm ] Threadsafing a mixin module without using self.new or initialize.
384656 [shortcutter@] You do not want to be creating the mutex from different threads -
384673 [mikbe.tk@gm ] [smacks forehead] Doh! I'm still learning Ruby, didn't even think about

[ANN] minitest 2.3.0 Released
384679 [ryand-ruby@z] minitest version 2.3.0 has been released!

how would you set dynamically determined dependencies with or without bundler?
384687 [jarmo.p@gm i] I have developing a gem where some of it's dependencies are not
384688 [jarmo.p@gm i] After playing around a little i found this solution to be the one i
384689 [theburrick@h] ...

Speaking at Lone Star Ruby Conf V
384690 [eleanor@ga e] My session "Google Go for Ruby Hackers" has been accepted - so if you =
384906 [eleanor@ga e] want to find our how to code in a dynamic language which lacks =

[ANN] require_relative 1.0.2 released!
384691 [steve@st ve ] Hey everyone! I've just released require_relative 1.0.2!

test scope issue
384697 [code@ap th o] My tests are broken.  I generally suck at writing tests, so please bear
384700 [doug@ds if r] Each test method gets a new @life instance because the setup method runs
+ 384701 [code@ap th o] I should have read a bit more closely about setup, I guess.  I had no
+ 384718 [ninja@sl ph ] You generally want one assertion per test. More doesn't hurt, but you probably

[ANN] quickl 0.2.1 Released (commandline helper)
384705 [blambeau@gm ] I'm pleased to announce that quickl version 0.2.1 has been released and

[ANN] alf 0.9.0 Released (shell + ruby data-manipulation ala relational algebra)
384706 [blambeau@gm ] I'm also pleased to announce that alf version 0.9.0 has been released!

Looking for place to stay 2 months sabbatical
384731 [ko1@at ot ne] I'm looking for foreign (*1) lab at university, research institute or
384732 [ko1@at ot ne] s/sabbatical/research trip/ :)

[ANN] nokogiri 1.4.6 released!
384733 [mike.dalessi] Nokogiri 1.4.6 ("Y U NO SUPPORT 1.8.6?" Edition), has been released!

What about Object#to_ruby ?
384742 [blambeau@gm ] It's not the first time that I need a to_ruby method which would guarantee
+ 384753 [joelvanderwe] ...
+ 384755 [steve@st ve ] I believe pry has this kind of thing: https://github.com/banister/pry
  384757 [josh.cheek@g] # I think the following works for everything except data that contains code
  384758 [blambeau@gm ] Thanks a lot for your responses. I suspect that my question was not that
  384760 [adgar@ca bo ] that
  384761 [adgar@ca bo ] #{instance_variable_get(ivar).to_ruby_literal})\n"

Ruby Midwest 2011 - Reminder - Call for Speakers ends 6/25
384743 [lpillow@gm i] Ruby Midwest 2011 (http://rubymidwest.com) is a two day, single track

MIDASWAD - Matz is Dumb and so We are Dumb
384763 [ilias@la ar ] (public draft)
+ 384765 [code@ap th o] Before anyone engages this nonsense . . .
| 384772 [adam@ap es o] Requoting, because this can't be overemphasised.
| 384774 [sduncan@we a] Five posts in on this thread, and four of them are the self appointed
| + 384775 [code@ap th o] Thank you for contributing to the noise that Ilias has spawned.
| + 384776 [cmdjackryan@] p-http-trac-edgewall-org-ticket-4315open.html
| | 384777 [code@ap th o] Frankly, if everyone had left it at Ilias' first post and the necessary
| | 384783 [astroh.turph] I learned something today. People will go out of their way to comment
| + 384787 [now@bi wi se] I agree.  Id much rather read another one of Ilias tirades than
|   390182 [rubypanther@] I just wanted to agree with this.
|   + 390188 [ryand-ruby@z] I have no idea why you replied to a (already painful) thread that has =
|   + 390189 [code@ap th o] list
+ 384766 [astroh.turph] Actually, unicorns are much smarter than you. Why do you hate unicorns
| 384768 [code@ap th o] Please don't feed the troll.
+ 384771 [cmdjackryan@] Be aware, people: Ilias has no credentials whatsoever in programming
+ 384779 [ninja@sl ph ] A quick, lazy response, because I shouldn't feed trolls anyway, and I simply
| + 384780 [sduncan@we a] Kudos Mr Masover
| + 384781 [mikbe.tk@gm ] Please do not respond to this thread with a complete list of William
| + 384788 [now@bi wi se] It seems to me that the members of this mailing list that tend to
|   + 384789 [peterhickman] Actually this is a good thread, I was fully expecting Ilias to take
|   + 384790 [adam@ap es o] I'd view it as more of a "dear god, can we not have another
|     384792 [now@bi wi se] Here are the statistics of the require_relative thread (name, number
|     + 384793 [adam@ap es o] What point are you making? This says nothing of the content of the
|     | 384795 [now@bi wi se] My point is that its not up to others to decide what I, or anyone
|     | + 384796 [adam@ap es o] I appreciate what you're driving at, but a request to not feed the
|     | | 384798 [now@bi wi se] Im in!  :-)
|     | + 384803 [ninja@sl ph ] I suppose I'm one of the top two, so I suppose you're talking (at least
|     |   384806 [now@bi wi se] No, you were the one I skipped, precisely because you havent said
|     + 384794 [cremes.devli] instead
|     | + 384797 [now@bi wi se] (And, by that logic, including you as well.)
|     | + 384817 [ilias@la ar ] e Ilias popped in here (2005, briefly in early 2006, and lastly in 2008). M=
|     + 384815 [code@ap th o] =2E . . and the number four (number three after Ilias) is me.  Do you know
+ 384782 [gabriel.ma@i] Ilias.
+ 384816 [ilias@la ar ] Rating from the reactions (including the silence), this draft version
+ 384824 [ilias@la ar ] (public draft)
| + 384826 [wishdev@gm i] It certainly is not - Mr. Jesse Ventura (
| + 384827 [james@gr ys ] The real rational was the one given, by me, in the announcement.
| + 384828 [ilias@la ar ] Gateway Shutting Down
|   384829 [ninja@sl ph ] In other words, if James' goal had been to make Ilias go away, he succeeded.
+ 384929 [ilias@la ar ] If one sees in those writings disrespect or even an insult, then he
| 384933 [ibc@al ax ne] Could you please stop repeating "Exactly 0 (zero) people have
+ 390213 [shevegen@li ] The biggest problem with Ilias Lazaridis is that his suggestions to