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[ANN] Early tix to GothamJS available
383720 [gray.herter@] has released a limit number of early tickets. Tell your friends. You

[ANN] flickr_airlift 0.1.1 released.
383721 [beholdthepan] *flickr_uplift *bulk uploads all photos in a given directory. (here's

Ruby AIML parser
383726 [tonytonyjan.] I am trying to make a chatbot using Ruby and AIML, but I can hardly find
383732 [ryand-ruby@z] Does it work for you? If so, I'd say use it.

Please Help: Recursion and Array Problem (Noob)
383729 [loverevolve@] The explanation of what I'm trying to do are noted in the comments...
+ 383731 [shortcutter@] You are not loading data here, you are merely opening a file for
+ 383772 [loverevolve@] Thanks for your advice! I solved the issue and pretty much gutted the

2d array of hashes
383735 [alexandru.ra] I am trying to solve the Sudoku Ruby Quiz using a 2d array of hashes
+ 383736 [jgabrielygal] So, what is the data model you want? A different hash for each cell?
+ 383738 [alexandru.ra] to be more specific...
+ 383740 [alexandru.ra] Thanks for the help. Indeed, I didn't realize I was instantiating the 2d

Impossible to enforce garbage collection
383741 [robert.panko] Can anyone tell me why the object created with finializer is not garbage
+ 383742 [whitequark@w] (note the last rb_protect).
+ 383743 [robert.panko] But 'puts 12345' is executed at the end of the program instead in the
+ 383746 [shortcutter@] There are no guarantees - neither about when GC will occur nor about
+ 383780 [rogerpack200] The GC puts "objects with finalizers" on a queue to be GC'ed later,

keep gettting errors using Sequel  ODBC::Error: 37000 (170) [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driv er][SQL Server]Line 1: Incorrect syntax near '1'.
383748 [junkone1@gm ] i am trying to connect to MSSQL server from xP

Writing IM bot
383750 [redhotberry@] Hey ruby community! I am very happy to become one of you all!

String Element Reference
383751 [solomon.jas@] I am new to Ruby so I apologize if this seems dumb.
+ 383753 [shortcutter@] This has changed in Ruby 1.9.  You probably read 1.9 documentation
+ 383754 [solomon.jas@] Thanks, appreciate the help.
+ 383755 [bbxx789_05ss] For some reason Matz thought it was more useful to define the [] method
+ 383757 [cooljavy@ho ] ...

Method that mutates object
383760 [solomon.jas@] Say we want to write a String method called clear that takes a given
+ 383761 [stefano.croc] This should do what you want
+ 383762 [adam@ap es o] String#replace
+ 383765 [sutniuq@gm .] Just in addition to what the others said, the method String#clear
| 383768 [solomon.jas@] Correct me if I am wrong, String#clear does not exist in Ruby 1.8 and earlier.
+ 383766 [solomon.jas@] Thanks for the reply.  Say we wanted to write our own replace method and
+ 383767 [solomon.jas@] I know this is changing gears a little here, but the previous post
| 383769 [b.candler@po] You're wrong, so I'll correct you :-) "def" creates instance methods.
+ 383771 [solomon.jas@] Thank you for the help, that actually cleared up quite a bit for me.
| 383774 [bbxx789_05ss] asks the question, "What methods does Array respond to?"  It does not
+ 383802 [solomon.jas@] Thanks again for all replies as it has helped me to wrap my head around
| 383804 [jeremy@bo p.] What exactly are you trying to accomplish?  The String class provides
| 383805 [solomon.jas@] Just for clarification, this is by no means a homework assignment.  I am
| 383812 [code@ap th o] =20
| 383816 [josh.cheek@g] ...
+ 383806 [solomon.jas@] /*
+ 383807 [solomon.jas@] I understand that using String#replace works for the String class, but
  + 383808 [jeremy@bo p.] Instances of Integer are immutable, so you can't do that.  The
  | 383809 [solomon.jas@] Thanks.
  + 383822 [gwtmp01@ma .] number=20
    + 383885 [adam@ap es o] bindings that are out of the direct scope of the method but it is generally
    + 383928 [cmdicely@gm ] That's actually probably not the best description. While its true that
      383932 [gwtmp01@ma .] My main point was that 'immutable' is the wrong term to apply to
      383933 [code@ap th o] irb(main):001:0> module Mod
      383934 [gwtmp01@ma .] module
      383935 [code@ap th o] Thanks for clearing that up.

jruby --1.9 : Exception in thread "RubyThread-1: threadtest.rb:1" java.lang.LinkageError: loader (instance of  org/jruby/util/JRubyClassLoader): attempted  duplicate class definition for name: "threadtest$block_0$RUBY$true?"
383770 [markus@fi ch] the following script works under MRI 1.9, but not under jruby 1.9 (but
384091 [headius@he d] That's wacked. Please file a bug at http://bugs.jruby.org. Looks like
384147 [markus@fi ch] You can find it here: http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/JRUBY-5850
384226 [headius@he d] Fixed! Sorry I didn't update the bug until now; couldn't remember
384229 [markus@fi ch] I'm happy this is solved! You don't happen to have a time frame for
384297 [headius@he d] Soonish? :)

Ruby to C#
383773 [jheto2002@gm] could someone explain how to parse the exploit ms08_067_netapi.rb to
383781 [rogerpack200] You could call out to IronRuby from you C# app I suppose :P

[ANN] Rails 3.0.8.rc1
383777 [aaron@te de ] ZOMG HI EVERYBODY!!!!  HAPPY WEDNESDAY (UTC-7).
+ 383778 [aaron@te de ] he
+ 383834 [wayneeseguin] w00t!!!

Net::Telnet into Net::SSH
383782 [djotter@ma .] Does anyone know if there is way to run a NET::TELNET object in a
+ 383862 [b.candler@po] The question doesn't really make much sense in its current form, but the
+ 383894 [djotter@ma .] Thanks Brian. Let me clarify what I want.
| 383899 [b.candler@po] What sort of device is the jump box? Is it a Linux box, or a Cisco
+ 383895 [djotter@ma .] port = ssh.forward.local(1234, "www.capify.org", 80)

[ANN] rubygems-update 1.8.4 Released
383783 [drbrain@se m] rubygems-update version 1.8.4 has been released!

how to mark color on csv file
383784 [dickyhide@gm] I can write/read the csv file by my ruby script.
+ 383785 [cmdjackryan@] If you mean the console, take a look at: http://ascii85.rubyforge.org/
| 383786 [dickyhide@gm] Thanks,
| 383787 [cmdjackryan@] You'd've to create a spreadsheet for that, and maybe the spreadsheet
+ 383800 [bdeveloper01] require 'fastercsv'

to Adam Prescott,
383789 [sbstn26@ya o] a = 1; [2].each { |;a| p a; }; a            #=> nil; 1
+ 383791 [mt.lenik@gm ] This makes the variable's scope local to block (so when you change it in
+ 383792 [adam@ap es o] Mateusz has already explained it, but if you need more, you can visit the

CORE - Object Instantiation and Location
383790 [ilias@la ar ] #ruby 1.9
+ 383798 [roger@ro er ] This seems to do what you need.
| + 383818 [ilias@la ar ] Yes, this seems to do it for file/line/method
| | 383820 [ryand-ruby@z] BARRIER - Bad Design Smell
| | 383823 [james@gr ys ] I laughed so hard!
| | 383878 [cmdicely@gm ] While that's true, lots of Ruby has lots of features that, by default,
| | 383879 [cmdicely@gm ] Binding.of_caller.eval "self"
| | 383937 [ilias@la ar ] But I try to achieve it without C-level extensions, only with the
| + 383849 [ilias@la ar ] This one could lead to a solution, at least a temporal one.
|   383941 [ilias@la ar ] for "class:MyClass'
|   383942 [jgabrielygal] puts self
|   383943 [ilias@la ar ] On 30 , 11:06, Jess Gabriel y Galn <jgabrielyga...@gmail.com>
|   383950 [shortcutter@] The approach is broken because you will never properly track anonymous
|   383955 [ilias@la ar ] [...] - (setting requirement "anonymous objects", suggesting
|   383959 [shortcutter@] Since you didn't post a requirement yourself (you asked for a
|   383962 [ilias@la ar ] You are right (subjecting the requirement).
+ 383799 [bdeveloper01] I think you can use class variable

'parse': Fatal error from happymapper gem
383795 [rubyonrails.] "Fatal error: Document labelled UTF-16 but has UTF-8 content at :1.
383797 [bdeveloper01] I think it is work. in database.yml file like this way

Need help bringing select array lines together
383810 [tester.paul@] is really ugly. I'm hoping someone here can help me find a more ruby
+ 383813 [spoon@ki le ] Do you need to handle nested strings?
| + 383815 [spoon@ki le ] Ignore this bit, it's false.
| + 383821 [tester.paul@] I'm not sure. I don't think so. I think the content is scrubbed
| | + 383824 [spoon@ki le ] Hey I was brainfarting at that point, you really don't need to do that!
| | + 383825 [bbxx789_05ss] original_lines = [
| | | 383847 [tester.paul@] That code _almost_ works. I changed the one line to "temp[-1,1]" and
| | + 383826 [bbxx789_05ss] require 'stringio'
| + 383827 [bbxx789_05ss] There are regexes for nested parentheses--they use recursive regexes.
|   383828 [gwtmp01@ma .] You are both right.  Johnny is using the formal language definition of
|   383830 [spoon@ki le ] That's ambiguous.  Oh noes!
+ 383848 [bdeveloper01] I think this may be solution about that problem

Doing LSI at scale in Ruby
383817 [chris@ch is ] I'm looking to find out whether anyone is doing latent semantic indexing
+ 383819 [ryand-ruby@z] now.
+ 383836 [no.spam@pl a] The author of Picky <http://florianhanke.com/picky/> presented it last night
  383857 [chris@ch is ] Thanks, Ryan.  I will do this too, was just looking to see what the current
  383892 [chris@ch is ] So for what it's worth, the particular issue I was running into was not

ruby fork (thread like) on windows
383829 [adamlauper@g] I'm trying to upload a number of large files to s3.  I want to do this
383832 [rogerpack200] yeah best bet is to spawn off multiple processes.
383835 [cmdjackryan@] Though, I wonder if this is an improvement over the serial uploading.

Jump box ideas
383831 [djotter@ma .] I posted a differnt but related thread about this so though I would hit
383833 [wishdev@gm i] Afternoon Josh,

[ANN] graph 2.1.0 Released
383837 [ryand-ruby@z] graph version 2.1.0 has been released!
+ 383839 [default@sp r] Isn't "sudo brew" evil in the homebrew world?
| 383851 [ryand-ruby@z] No, but dogma is.
| + 383854 [cmdjackryan@] % cat configure
| + 383873 [default@sp r] I'm saying this because I ran into trouble because of sudo brew, as the
+ 383856 [matthias@wa ] Do you consider this a good starting/entry point to graph 2.1.0?

require in 1.9.2 and 1.9.1
383838 [illeverbe@ya] #i have a file 'user.rb' in the current directory. if i ...
383840 [josh.cheek@g] It's intentional, because "." is relative. So your script would work if you
383842 [serialhex@gm] require_relative
+ 383843 [josh.cheek@g] According to the spec (
+ 383871 [steve@st ve ] do it!) to Ruby 1.8: https://github.com/steveklabnik/require_relative
  383913 [serialhex@gm] spiffy!!!  thanks steve!

Ruby crashing... a lot!
383841 [threadhead@g] ...
+ 383852 [ryand-ruby@z] consistent.=20
+ 383853 [cmdjackryan@] is machine.
  + 383855 [ryand-ruby@z] on this machine.
  + 383886 [threadhead@g] on this machine.
    383936 [ryand-ruby@z] methods for ruby/gem installation)

383858 [unbewusst.se] ruby 1.8.6 (2007-03-13 patchlevel 0) [powerpc-darwin7.3.1]
383866 [luislavena@g] gem sources --list
383880 [unbewusst.se] First; thanks a lot for your clear answer !
383882 [unbewusst.se] $ sudo gem sources -a http://rubygems.org
+ 383883 [code@ap th o] Use -r instead of -a.
+ 383887 [unbewusst.se] i found also right now, after having installed "rubygems-1.3.6" i had

print library version
383859 [tcblues@gm i] How could I know in runtime the watir version I'm using?
383868 [tcblues@gm i] gems=`gem list watir`

how to see help & availble commands in irb terminal
383860 [sathishcold@] HOw to see all availble functions in irb terminal.
383861 [cmdjackryan@] What do you mean? IRB specific things, or Ruby?

someone using rails with jruby?
383864 [music@mu i. ] bundle exec warble
384092 [headius@he d] Unfortunately bundle exec spins up a subprocess, so it might not get

Read symbols from external file
383865 [mbmulder@on ] =begin
+ 383909 [bbxx789_05ss] You can only read in strings from a file, and you can only write out
+ 383911 [josh.cheek@g] # I think parsing the file is the wrong approach.

What is the meaning of #<Net::HTTPFound:0x29b78f8>
383867 [amit.srpce@g] I am trying to deal with the http response. I am using following code to
+ 383905 [bbxx789_05ss] xxx        HTTPResponse
+ 383931 [timr@pr bo c] Did you read any of the documentation?  Net::HTTP.get_response returns a

How to deal with HTTP responce
383869 [amit.srpce@g] I am trying to deal with the HTTP response. I want to retrieve the

How to retrieve the HTTP response contents like header, posts, HTML, etc.?
383870 [amit.srpce@g] I am trying to deal with the HTTP response. I want to retrieve the
383904 [bbxx789_05ss] resp.each_header do |name, value|

Ruby Version 1.8.7 on Ubuntu
383872 [mbmulder@on ] I installed ruby from Ubuntu a week ago but it seems that I have version
383874 [cmdjackryan@] In case this gets lost in the plethora of links for this issue (and

Startup & Shutdown
383875 [rajesh.huria] require 'test/unit'
+ 383876 [rajesh.huria] gem version: test-unit (2.3.0)
+ 383877 [kou@co mi ng] require 'rubygems'
+ 383881 [rajesh.huria] thanks a lot buddy.. its working now. i would like to know why its not
  383917 [kou@co mi ng] 'require "test/unit"' only case: Ruby bundled test-unit is

How to use an ActiveRecord plugin in a non-Rails project
383888 [josh.cheek@g] I'm using ActiveRecord on a Sinatra app. I need one of my tables to be

[ANN] Rails 3.0.8.rc2
383889 [aaron@te de ] Hey folks!  I've pushed 3.0.8.rc2.

porting Ruby to an embedded target
383890 [donald.s.wil] Greetings, Rubyists -
383893 [brabuhr@gm i] E SoC (as used in GoogleTV and Boxee Box), and I would appreciate some know=
+ 383896 [donald.s.wil] brabuhr@gmail.com
| 383908 [brabuhr@gm i] Is there a space?  It looks like there was no space in the actual
+ 383964 [donald.s.wil] brabuhr@gmail.com

[ANN] Lone Star Ruby Conference V - Call for Speakers
383891 [jimfreeze@gm] Lone Star Ruby Conference V

Hash .each and different action for each key
383897 [storm8000@gm] I have a hash table of several items.
+ 383898 [b.candler@po] Then show your code. "if" and "case" will be able to do this just fine.
| 383901 ["Leigh Danie] def one(x)
| 383903 [bbxx789_05ss] That is a horribly inefficient construct: three if tests must be
+ 383900 [spoon@ki le ] funcs = {}
+ 383902 [storm8000@gm] Thank you for the response.
+ 383921 [anurag08priy] actions = {
  383924 [spoon@ki le ] That's what I proposed but it's a bit daft no?  I mean, you're

Variable scopes with code blocks.
383906 [aaronsallrig] Novice here. I'm reading Beginning Ruby and Beginning Rails by Apres and
383907 [bbxx789_05ss] arr = []

Variable scopes with code blocks.
383910 [kmandpjlynch] Novice here. I'm reading Beginning Ruby and Beginning Rails by Apres and
+ 383912 [kmandpjlynch] Good afternoon,
+ 383914 [cmdjackryan@] What you can do is declaring the variable before the block, and access
+ 383916 [justincollin] In light of your ultimate goal, consider using
  383947 [shortcutter@] Or rather File.foreach.  File.readlines should only be used if you

Better RAML
383915 [transfire@gm] Looking for code sharks to help me make this little gist more concise,

Problem in using %:whatever in enumumerations
383919 [RichardDummy] I'm on  a Ruby self-improvement mission.  Presently I working my way
383920 [vderyagin@gm] &:length
383926 [RichardDummy] Thanks for your response.
383929 [cmdicely@gm ] Note that the second argument to lambda is never used, as you've
383930 [RichardDummy] Philosophically, that's just the kind of thing I wanted (dynamic

Problem getting rdoc documenting all top level module/classes in a file
383922 [markus@fi ch] I'm struggling to understand how rdoc expects my source to be organized
383960 [markus@fi ch] After some more tests and I short IRC session it looked to me as that

Unexpected behavior when referencing nested classes
383923 [johnf@bi sb ] It was my understanding that consts are first searched for in their
+ 383925 [josh.cheek@g] I have some vague hypotheses about why it does this, but don't have any idea
+ 383927 [anurag08priy] Yeah. Ruby first tries to find the constant in the "lexical scope" of

Encoding Problem (I think)
383938 [transfire@gm] I've been trying to figure out why gash won't work under Ruby 1.9. I
+ 383939 [thiagoalessi] I aways have encoding problems doing screen scrapping, and I'm interested in better solutions, but sometimes iconv helps me.
+ 383940 [matz@ru y- a] I don't call it an "encoding error", but I admit it is

We want to start translating ruby-dev, so please let us know where to start
383944 [yutaka.hara@] I launched a website for community-based translation of ruby-dev,
+ 383945 [peterhickman] Not wanting to be picky here but given that we can not read Japanese
| 383951 [aaron@te de ] Email subjects and some technical terms are typically English.  You should
+ 383956 [normalperson] Is there any method for non-Twitter users?  I don't like reliance