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Reasonable attempt to do type-safe enum for Ruby?
383524 [kedar.mhaswa] Perhaps this has been tried before. But I didn't find it. Google
+ 383526 [kedar.mhaswa] class GenericState
+ 383527 [shortcutter@] There is definitively too much redundancy here.  STATES is superfluous
  383529 [kedar.mhaswa] Wow. This is meta programming on steroids :-). Thanks, will study it

BARRIER - ruby yaml - utf-8 characters not human readable
383528 [ilias@la ar ] After reading within some archives, it seems that the standard-
+ 383542 [jameskilton@] "Fix" it yourself. I'd also ask you to quit with the subject FUD but we all know you don't know how to read other people's replies.
| 383545 [ilias@la ar ] Mr. Roelofs.
+ 383565 [luislavena@g] Serialization of data depends on encoding. Learn about encodings and
| 383568 [ilias@la ar ] [...] - off context comments
| 383569 [roger@ro er ] I know that Illias is probably trolling, but there is a way to get the
| 383570 [ilias@la ar ] Mr. Braun, I've placed a simple technical question. If someone is
+ 384004 [ilias@la ar ] (changed default YAML from "syck" to "psych", which saves utf-8 data
  384073 [ml@co va es ] I can successfully manage Greek (save/red) chars using "ya2yaml (0.30)".
  384101 [ilias@la ar ] I can confirm this, as I've tried it.

Saving Electricty - Using a Blackboard?
383532 [rubfor@re it] I'm intrigued - how are you running Excel to get it to calculate
383535 [ampclj9@ho m] There are alternatives to office (i.e. openoffice) which allow you to

Object-Oriented thinking
383534 [mikaa123@gm ] What I find fascinating when hacking in Ruby, is that we use one of the
+ 383538 [blowmage@gm ] I really try not to see objects as a collection of functions wrapped around
+ 383548 [stu@ru yp og] I truly feel there is an art to computer programming in general
+ 383613 [shortcutter@] I don't think too much in that direction.  I start with thinking about
+ 383710 [rubfor@re it] I know it's not what you asked, but it's easy to forget that computers
| 383788 [cmdicely@gm ] Actually, they generally don't run procedural code either, they run
+ 383723 [ninja@sl ph ] I'm not sure of the best way to describe this, and I suspect others have
| + 383728 [code@ap th o] First . . .
| | 383758 [ninja@sl ph ] Thank you!
| | + 383763 [code@ap th o] Maybe Alan Kay . . . ?  My mental model for OOP is inspired kinda
| | + 384207 [Ruby@Go gl M] That would be none other than Alan Kay himself.
| |   384220 [stu@ru yp og] It's interesting you bring up biological cells. Peter Small has an
| |   384221 [blowmage@gm ] ...
| |   384222 [stu@ru yp og] I very much enjoyed reading that. Thank you for the link.
| + 383730 [paradisaeida] Raw JavaScript is raw.
|   383756 [mikaa123@gm ] Thanks a lot to everyone who replied.
|   383779 [paradisaeida] MarkT
+ 384709 [eleanor@ga e] the

rspec/cucumber and testing -- advice please
383537 [stu@ru yp og] I plan on learning about testing. I have never done that type of
+ 383539 [kmandpjlynch] ...you might try looking at Ruby on Rails and see how it handles testing...
+ 383549 [josh.cheek@g] Get the RSpec book. They walk through making a command line app at the
  383555 [stu@ru yp og] Just ordered RSpec book. Thanks for the push.

Matz never said Microsoft was the Devil Incarnate. (or did he?)
383544 [rubfor@re it] Will
383546 [djberg96@gm ] Even if he had it installed locally, I'm guessing that he would want
383552 [ampclj9@ho m] Yep, that's correct - I want the scripts to work across a variety of
+ 383566 [code@ap th o] =2E . . and frankly, you shouldn't have to explain why you're writing code
| 383578 [rubfor@re it] Chad, if you ever want to learn anything,and my experience of you -like
| 383604 [code@ap th o] I do want to learn things, and I agree that it is vital to understand why
| + 383652 [d_rems@ya oo] Just my 5 cents. What do you need formulas for. Is your data going to be
| | 383705 [ampclj9@ho m] I thought about doing it this way, but the spreadsheet will have
| + 383655 [rubfor@re it] The trouble with you Chad is you always manage to miss the point.
|   + 383658 [hramrach@ce ] You too.
|   + 383663 [cmdicely@gm ] Well, except that plenty of professional programmers come to the exact
|   + 383715 [code@ap th o] That's funny, considering you have, apparently, completely missed the
+ 383747 [colinb2r@go ] There are other use cases for what you want to do, which is why I'm
  + 383749 [rubfor@re it] You are using formulae. Will wanted to change the formulae. (Apologies,
  + 383759 [ampclj9@ho m] Thanks for the good tips and suggestions, Colin. I've never really
    383764 [code@ap th o] Note that the reference was to VBA, which is not *strictly* the same as
    383814 [ampclj9@ho m] Thanks, Chad!

[ANN] sleepy_penguin 3.0.0 - Linux I/O events for Ruby
383550 [normalperson] sleepy_penguin provides access to newer, Linux-only system calls to wait

[ANN] sleepy_penguin 3.0.1 - Linux I/O events for Ruby
383553 [normalperson] Just pushed out 3.0.1 that fixes a race condition and really

[ANN] Rainbows! 3.4.0 - minor updates and fixes
383554 [normalperson] SIGQUIT (graceful shutdown) now drops idle keepalive clients for

Ruby Clasess
383556 [unc88@ma l. ] How do I get all the classes that descend from a parent class ? I found
+ 383577 [bbxx789_05ss] No there is not.
| 383582 [unc88@ma l. ] THX
+ 383600 [josh.cheek@g] class Animal
  383601 [josh.cheek@g] Accidentally pasted the code over the entire response >.<

Teaching Ruby in CS1
383558 [franck@di te] Who knows some good CS1 references for teaching Python ?
+ 383559 [shortcutter@] You post this in com.lang.ruby?  What kind of answers do you expect?
| 383561 [anurag08priy] Anyways, when I was into Python long back, I liked "Thinking Like a
| 383564 [franck@di te] I was meaning "Ruby in CS1" of course. Ooops !
| + 383571 [stu@ru yp og] There is a how to think like a computer scientist book for java,
| | + 383583 [franck@di te] Interesting. But I was interested in pointers to actual CS1
| | | + 383584 [anurag08priy] Is Ruby even taught in any University?
| | | + 383585 [uwe@ku os h.] With kind regards
| | |   383586 [uwe@ku os h.] With kind regards
| | + 383803 [kmandpjlynch] ...thanks for the link Stu, I will read the book that it points to...
| + 383581 [anurag08priy] The Ruby Programming Language + Ruby Best Practices should be used to
+ 383560 [elnur@el ur ] Have you accidentally typed "Python" instead of "Ruby"?

383562 [shddn770@gm ] ...
383587 [elnur@el ur ] Is this spam or I'm missing something?
383588 [aymarmi@gm i] It's spam. You get a few emails like this one every now and then.

Array.index with utf-8
383572 [b1368810@lh ] Windows7
+ 383573 [whitequark@w] Are you sure that your file is really saved in UTF-8? Under Russian
+ 383576 [bbxx789_05ss] Post 5 lines or less of code that demonstrates the problem.  Also, state
+ 383589 [b1368810@lh ] 1.9.2
  383590 [b.candler@po] STDERR.puts "d.encoding=#{d.encoding}"

[ANN] HTMLFilter v1.2.0 released
383591 [transfire@gm] HTMLFilter 1.2.0 has been released.

User input - get keystrokes (arrow keys + shift)
383592 [shevegen@li ] I am trying to find out how to do a specific action / call a method if a
383640 [zettabyte@gm] Look at the curses library.

rubyscript2exe error message
383593 [dickyhide@gm] First I used "gem install reubyscript2exe" to install
+ 383595 [luislavena@g] I personally don't have a solution for rubyscript2exe gem, specially
| 383641 [dickyhide@gm] I used ocra and can succeed convert script to exe file.
| + 383643 [dickyhide@gm] I click the exe file directly why does it just only show a few seconds
| | 383646 [luislavena@g] That is because is a console application. Console application that
| + 383659 [oudeis@no om] Does ocra work with prawn now?  Last I knew, it didn't, which made it useless
|   383660 [luislavena@g] seless
+ 383609 [spiralofhope] Don't use it.  It won't work with any recent version of Ruby.
| 383642 [dickyhide@gm] Thanks.
+ 383702 [dickyhide@gm] The script not only use on windows but also want to use on Linux.

newline HTML problem of rdoc 3.6.1
383594 [tonytonyjan.] I was trying to make a document for my code via rodc3.6.1 on Windows 7,

[ANN] dep_walker 1.0.2 Released
383596 [bosko.ivanis] dep_walker version 1.0.2 has been released!

BARRIER - json, thin, eventmachine - do not install on windows
383597 [ilias@la ar ] I use a fresh installation of ruby 1.9.2p180 to make some tests with
+ 383598 [steve@st ve ] There isn't, EventMachine is written in C++, for performance.
+ 383599 [cmdicely@gm ] No, thin requires eventmachine. There are, of course, many Ruby web
+ 383602 [luislavena@g] problems and there is no need to overstate them.
| + 383605 [ilias@la ar ] [...] - (subjecting personal writing style )
| | 383630 [luislavena@g] What you consider "complex" information is needed information.
| | 383634 [ilias@la ar ] What can I say. Possibly: thank you for providing the information, I
| | + 383645 [luislavena@g] And you don't have to prepend every single thread as "BARRIER", but
| | | 383647 [ilias@la ar ] ...
| | | 383649 [luislavena@g] That is your summary only quoting your own statements, which is unfair
| | | 383650 [ilias@la ar ] [...] - (suggesting which information I should prioritize)
| | | 383651 [wishdev@gm i] Wow - talk about a Greek God complex.....
| | | 383657 [ilias@la ar ] No -  talk about a "Limited Time" context.
| | | 383666 [ninja@sl ph ] Clearly, this isn't an issue for you, as you've been posting pretty much all
| | + 383661 [cmdicely@gm ] Actually, "open source" projects and "patches are welcome" projects
| + 383607 [spoon@ki le ] Um, it's Ilias.  He's trolling.
|   383620 [ilias@la ar ] [...] - (off topic, off line, personal)
|   + 383622 [peterhickman] Would you care to enumerate the legal lines that have been crossed?
|   | 383624 [ilias@la ar ] On 23 , 14:07, Peter Hickman <peterhickman...@googlemail.com>
|   | 383626 [jameskilton@] HAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!
|   + 383668 [ninja@sl ph ] Unlikely.
|     + 383673 [shortcutter@] Originally I did not want to reply but I can't leave this statement of
|     + 383696 [cmdicely@gm ] Well, all of this is approximately true of U.S. law (not quite though;
+ 384005 [ilias@la ar ] ols.

Coderr - Premium Ruby and Python Assets Marketplace.
383603 [galharth960@] Check out coderr.net, my newest startup. We are changing the ruby and
383610 [spiralofhope] lolwut?
383612 [sophrinix@gm] you know how php has all those terrible script buying websites that look

Ruby, Sinatra, DataMapper, and Heroku.what am I missing?
383614 [b.a.gerke@gm] All I'm trying to do is deploy an app I made using Heroku, because it
+ 383615 [b.a.gerke@gm] I attached the heroku logs, maybe someone here can make sense of them.
| 383616 [shortcutter@] start`
+ 383617 [josh.cheek@g] <internal:lib/rubygems/custom_require>:29:in `require': no such file
+ 383618 [b.a.gerke@gm] Thank you both very much, so far you both have been helpful.
+ 383621 [b.a.gerke@gm] I decided to add gem 'dm-sqlite-adapter' to the gemfile and for some
+ 383623 [b.a.gerke@gm] Okay it's not really working I got excited and didn't bother testing it
  383628 [roger@ro er ] You can't use SQLite on Heroku, you have to use their PostgreSQL

383619 [manikrisnha@] . wwwfreeaddsworld.info.

Inconsistency between irb and Win7 cmd
383625 [knappsych@gm] I'm trying to print a string created from the contents of two arrays.
383637 [ryand-ruby@z] ...

Tools for Ruby code analysis
383629 [alex.vpro@la] I'm new in Ruby and I'm looking for analysis tools like Pylint and
+ 383631 [shortcutter@] Languages evolve.  Even the hugely popular (and successful) Java had
| 383636 [alex.vpro@la] Yes you're right of course, I'm just a little irritated by all these
+ 383656 [ryand-ruby@z] I'm not familiar with kwala and am only just now poking at it. It looks =
+ 383674 [alex.vpro@la] First, I installed the lastest version of Ruby (1.9.2-p180) by
| + 383675 [cmdjackryan@] Did you install the development libraries for zlib, OpenSSL, and readline?
| + 383677 [ryand-ruby@z] machine.
|   383679 [alex.vpro@la] Uh... no! We have to install them separately? So it means the Ruby
|   + 383682 [cmdjackryan@] You do, yes. Obviously, even. After all, how else is your compiler
|   | 383683 [ryand-ruby@z] I don't think that's fair. There is nothing _obvious_ about the ruby =
|   | 383684 [cmdjackryan@] p on ubuntu.
|   + 383691 [steve@st ve ] It's not Ruby's fault, it's Ubuntu's fault. Debian's policy is to patch
+ 383733 [alex.vpro@la] I progressed in my business, I understood the principle of external
| 383739 [cmdjackryan@] Live and learn. :)
| 383744 [steve@st ve ] One small note, it's git-core, not git. Through apt, that is.
+ 383745 [alex.vpro@la] Ok, for RVM, I installed git and git-core, thank you to both of you, but

Ruby and ActiveRecord : Reading informations
383676 [ruby.aix@gm ] So now, before I use the DBI module to communicate with my MySQL
+ 383697 [hassan.schro] def "clearly" -- what do you want to see??
+ 383707 [zettabyte@gm] # One possible example demonstrating data access...

"Local variable within code blocks do not interfere with those outside the block"
383678 [sbstn26@ya o] I read this in a book.
+ 383680 [adam@ap es o] It's affecting `var` because of the assignment, and because it's not an
| 383681 [adam@ap es o] RUBY_VERSION #=> 1.9.2
+ 383717 [code@ap th o] Others are handling your question well enough, but I have a comment.
+ 383793 [bdeveloper01] Here x is a variable(array_variable) it contains  5 elements
| + 383794 [josh.cheek@g] I've never seen code like this in Ruby. In fact, I get a syntax error
| + 383796 [adam@ap es o] `var` is local to the block. Because of that, it doesn't accurately explain
| + 383811 [code@ap th o] This code is not correct -- and furthermore, the interpoation syntax you
+ 383801 [bdeveloper01] I got the point if you try like this way
+ 383844 [bdeveloper01] I got the result
+ 383845 [bdeveloper01] I have jpg file Here the results are available(screen shot)
  383846 [josh.cheek@g] r.to_s is equal to "#{r}", but more straightforward. So when you want to
  383850 [bdeveloper01] If you want to give some name string then

working with soap web services in ruby
383685 [rubyonrails.] I am new to using soap webservices in ruby. i have decided to using
383706 [zettabyte@gm] Just read through this. It is as good a tutorial as anything I could find

Using sprintf() to print a Hash
383686 [ibc@al ax ne] listen_ip:  
383687 [ibc@al ax ne] I've got the following output by using sprintf("%20s %20s",
+ 383688 [ibc@al ax ne] sprintf("  %-20s %20s", "#{key.to_s}:", value.to_s)
| + 383692 [botpena@gm i] for simple formatting/justification, i just use the just methods since
| | 383693 [ibc@al ax ne] Great, I didn't know about it :)
| + 383699 [shortcutter@] That's overly complicated: you employ two text replacement mechanisms.  Jus=
|   383700 [ibc@al ax ne] Yes, initially I used key.to_s as I have Symbols as keys and thougth
|   383701 [fxn@ha hr f.] Note that the colon belongs to the argument though. Otherwise they won't be
|   + 383703 [ibc@al ax ne] True.
|   + 383704 [shortcutter@] be
+ 383689 [fxn@ha hr f.] Not sure if I understand correctly, but this seems to do what you are
  383690 [ibc@al ax ne] Yes, I got exactly that as todl in my previous mail :)

383694 [k.sahithi286] GOOD STUDY MATERIAL FOR KIDS

[ANN] JRuby 1.6.2 released
383708 [tom.enebo@gm] The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.6.2.

Keep your options open
383709 [rubfor@re it] According to this
+ 383711 [spoon@ki le ] Before my unbelieving eyes, you have transformed a discussion on using
| 383716 [code@ap th o] He's probably too busy doing bridges.
+ 383714 [stu@ru yp og] x11 is not an operating system. FreeBSD is not even on that list. If

Changes for Ruby in Debian (and Ubuntu)
383712 [lucas@lu as ] Since the beginning of 2011, the Debian Ruby team has been working on
+ 383722 [echristopher] Do the other files belonging to gems still get installed under /var?
| + 383727 [lucas@lu as ] + executables are now installed to /usr/local/bin.
| + 384157 [ibc@al ax ne] I've never understood why libraries should be installed under /var
|   384158 [echristopher] As I understand it, they're not in /usr/bin because they're not
|   + 384161 [ninja@sl ph ] I'd actually agree with that, if it was a version Rubygems I installed myse=
|   | 384164 [ibc@al ax ne] By having, for example, a ruby1.9.1-mysql2.deb package, you don't need
|   + 384163 [lucas@lu as ] You might want to double-check that you backup /var/lib/mysql, one way
+ 384180 [sophrinix@gm] Any chance of getting RVM as a debian package?
  + 384181 [lucas@lu as ] What would be the value added by a RVM debian package for Debian users?
  | 384182 [sophrinix@gm] Standardization. More on this later.
  + 384184 [cmdjackryan@] is
    + 384188 [code@ap th o] re is
    | 384194 [cmdjackryan@] Er, yes. It's been a long, long while since I had to use apt in any serious=
    | 384196 [code@ap th o] I wish I could say the same.
    + 384202 [ibc@al ax ne] This is a very good point. I neither want to compile gems in my