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Sharing data between ruby and a custom dll with Win32API
383304 [bourinax@yo ] I'm building a ruby plugin for SketchUp. I created a havok dll (havok is
+ 383400 [zhangsu@li e] I suppose you are using 'p' as the return type specifier of Win32API;
+ 383437 [bourinax@yo ] Thank you very much su, your code works :)

Linux utility with reverse index facility?
383305 [no.top.post@] awk &stuff can "give me the the Nth element",
+ 383307 [pk@pk in al ] No it can't.
+ 383308 [shortcutter@] $ ri Array#index
+ 383313 [cfajohnson@g] Do you want 'grep -n'?
+ 383315 [david@we tc ] Why not write your own loop?  Use your favourite scripting language.
| 383318 [shortcutter@] sy
+ 383317 [janis_papana] You are not very clear about your actual data format.
+ 383332 [stu@ru yp og] Without knowing what the format is it is very hard to answer your question.
+ 383427 [SEE_SIGNATUR] In awk, it's just as easy to build an array where your "elementValues"
| + 383447 [Luuk@in al d] echo "abcde c"| awk '{ for (x=0;x<length($1);x++) {
| + 383497 [mortonspam@g] On May 17, 10:40=A0pm, Robert Nichols
+ 383434 [b.candler@po] => ["foo", "bar", "baz"]

canonical/syntax-diagrams representation.
383306 [no.top.post@] I started investigating ruby.
+ 383310 [adam@ap es o] What were you hoping to achieve by bringing this to a mailing list of Ruby
+ 383311 [peterhickman] Strange that, plenty of people seem to be using it just for that
+ 383312 [shortcutter@] Please, then do not use it.  Thank you.
+ 383355 [no@sp m. le ] This line is the reason you have alienated other respondents.
| + 383358 [ryand-ruby@z] Well, given that Terr gave up on the antlr ruby grammar, I'm not sure =
| | + 383369 [no.top.post@] Well it's good to see that there are some adults on THIS group too.
| | | + 383384 [spoon@ki le ] It's true that all children love duck-typing, unusual formal grammars
| | | | 383385 [cmdjackryan@] matz is nice, so we are nice.
| | | | 383386 [spoon@ki le ] Sorry guys, he made me angry with his horrible words.
| | | + 383423 [no.spam@pl a] Yes. Undergraduate project I did in 1979.
| | + 383375 [stu@ru yp og] be sure... I think that a lot of the responses in this thread shouldn't ha=
| | + 383448 [shortcutter@] Apparently the irony in my posting didn't get through to you.  Sorry
| + 383511 [robert.dober] You should not be embarrassed, if somebody trolls than she is bound to
+ 383356 [stu@ru yp og] I don't think this is the programming language for you.
+ 383357 [wruyahoo05@c] While not online,
+ 383378 [justincollin] Which is bad? The informal specification, the actual syntax, or the
+ 383482 [shevegen@gm ] It is difficult to assess whether someone is trolling or just
| 383485 [darkintent@g] I don't mind the flexibility of using braces or the end keyword to end
+ 383508 [b.candler@po] In that case I think you'll enjoy trying to understand the semantics of
| 383514 [josh.cheek@g] Why is not suitable for safety-critical systems?
| 383536 [spiralofhope] For critical systems, wouldn't the language need to be very carefully
+ 383516 [transfire@gm] catalog/9780596002145)
+ 383517 [transfire@gm] This is a very funny thread.

BARRIER - ruby gem - code converter not found (UTF-16LE to IBM737)
383314 [ilias@la ar ] After visiting ruby-lang.org, I decided to get the actual 1.9.2
+ 383316 [peterhickman] Ilias. This is not your "first contact" with Ruby. You have been
| + 383319 [ilias@la ar ] On 16 =CC=DC=FA=EF=F2, 15:50, Peter Hickman <peterhickman...@googlemail.com=
| | 383320 [james@gr ys ] 2011/5/16 Ilias Lazaridis <ilias@lazaridis.com>
| | + 383321 [ilias@la ar ] [...] - (off topic comments)
| | | 383322 [luislavena@g] om/group/comp.lang.ruby/browse_thread/thread/08...
| | | 383323 [luislavena@g] The error is not an bug, there is no way to convert IBM737 encoding to
| | | 383327 [ilias@la ar ] Then it is most possibly an implementation defect, see below.
| | | 383341 [wishdev@gm i] You might consider Windows-1253 instead of 1252 as it's a Greek codepage (
| | | 383389 [ilias@la ar ] I've tried. "gem install" works now - but the greek characters are not
| | | 383420 [luislavena@g] IBM737 to UTF-8/UTF-16 encoding issue, mentioned before.
| | | 383466 [ilias@la ar ] It is a defect within ruby, subsystem "rubygems".
| | + 383352 [ryand-ruby@z] Dear Peter and James,
| + 383340 [cmdjackryan@] In the spirit of passing knowledge on, a kind soul linked to
+ 383467 [ilias@la ar ] The defect is within the subsystem "rubygems".
+ 384003 [ilias@la ar ] This is an issue with ruby 1.9.2 (missing enc/trans/ibm737-tbl.rb)

RubyInline trouble
383326 [mail@ma sh .] However, it it appears that I am not allowed to define stuff or
+ 383339 [jeff@da li n] The #defines do cause the "Can't find signature" warning. It's a check
+ 383353 [ryand-ruby@z] builder.c is ONLY for a C function.
+ 383377 [mail@ma sh .] I hope, I build the code the correct way?

[ANN] io_splice 4.1.0 - copy_stream enhancement for 1.9
383330 [normalperson] the #to_path method in source and destination arguments.

Re (2): Linux utility with reverse index facility?
383337 [no.top.post@] awk & grep are not typically used on arrays of single chars,
+ 383338 [cfajohnson@g] That's not an array; it's a string (this is shell, not C).
+ 383372 [shortcutter@] irb(main):001:0> h =3D {'foo' =3D> 'dog', 'bar' =3D> 'cat'}

[ANN] Rainbows! 3.3.0 - Rack server for sleepy apps and slow clients
383350 [normalperson] Rainbows! is an HTTP server for sleepy Rack applications.  It is based on

[ANN] Zbatery 3.3.0 - Rainbows! in one process!
383351 [normalperson] Zbatery is an HTTP server for Rack applications on systems that either

[ANN] IPAddress 0.8.0 released
383370 [ceresa@gm il] IPAddress 0.8.0 has been released. Many new IPv6 methods, some API

LL(k) grammar for an interesting *subset* of Ruby ?
383371 [jean-christo] Are you aware of any kind of LL(k) grammar for an interesting *subset*
383391 [jean-christo] Sorry, please forget my question.
383421 [no.spam@pl a] Four years old (so no 1.9 syntax), a 0.1 version number, written in Lisp,

Ruby/Sinatra - Variable inside erb calls
383380 [elwood32@li ] I have a question regarding variables inside of erb arguments. This is
+ 383381 [ciur.eugen@g] ruby-1.9.2-p0 > :"hello"+'world'
| 383397 [bbxx789_05ss] According to the Sinatra docs, it must be a symbol.
+ 383410 [elwood32@li ] Thank you both for the help, it works perfectly and I now understand why

Read data from enctype="multipart/form-data" form
383382 [kevin_de_val] i'm trying to upload a picture on a ruby server. I succeed in it when i
383393 [bbxx789_05ss] How would you get the contents of a file?

Negotiating alert box in ruby
383383 [stallonespec] I am trying to create an automation script for a website using Ruby with
383387 [steve@st ve ] ...
383430 [manish_tamma] I found that link too and it is helpful

installing man page using GEM::Specification
383388 [hari2981@gm ] Is there any way to install man page while installing gems.
383392 [adgar@ca bo ] ...

383390 [wyhaines@gm ] ...

File.open options hash "mode" as int
383394 [rogerpack200] File.open('yo', 'w')
+ 383395 [bbxx789_05ss] ===
| 383398 [rogerpack200] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
| 383407 [bbxx789_05ss] ...and what does the last line of the docs I posted say?
| 383473 [rogerpack200] I guess this is why.  I just don't see quite *why* it requires mode by name in opts, but accepts it by int when given as a parameter.  But that makes sense.
+ 383480 [bbxx789_05ss] Don't get me started on how piss poor the ruby docs are.
  383492 [cmdjackryan@] n.html

need help with "module" and variable
383402 [keinlezard@y] My problem is
+ 383409 [bbxx789_05ss] Don't use global variables--ever.
| + 383411 [code@ap th o] =46rom what I've seen, whenever someone uses a global variable, it's
| + 383540 [keinlezard@y] I understand that ... what I want to know...
|   383543 [bbxx789_05ss] You posted no code in your first post, and you posted no code in your next post. So no one has any idea what your questions is or what you are talking about.
|   + 383551 [code@ap th o] =20
|   + 383563 [keinlezard@y] That is curious .. because ... I post with code ...
+ 383547 [gwtmp01@ma .] DBI.connect(CONF_parc::Db,CONF_parc::User,CONF_parc::Password);

Pdf Parsing Challenge
383403 [fespinozacas] I'm just trying to use the pdf-reader gem, but I have some trouble
+ 383405 [cmdjackryan@] Mark the text, copy it.
| 383406 [fespinozacas] I need to do this automatically, I'll be doing it for a lot of papers
| 383408 [cmdjackryan@] Unless the papers are all (near) identical in layout, this will be
+ 383416 [paradisaeida] Inkscape has a command line conversion option.
+ 383417 [paradisaeida] Inkscape has a command line conversion option.
+ 383441 [kou@co mi ng] % gem install poppler
+ 383464 [johannes.hel] Do you need that for an own application or do you want to build up a

[ANN] hoe-git 1.4.0 Released
383412 [ryand-ruby@z] hoe-git version 1.4.0 has been released!

[ANN] io_splice 4.1.1 - workaround socket -> pipe issues
383415 [normalperson] OK, I really hope this is the last release in a while :>

383428 [gwrkarthik@g] ...

Making fibers enumerable
383433 [rahulsinner@] Most of the `Enumerable` methods can be used for fiber based generators if
383436 [shortcutter@] ce
+ 383438 [whitequark@w] The Enumerator.new uses Fibers internally. Check enumerator.c in the
| 383443 [shortcutter@] That's an implementation detail of Enumerator.  The point is that the
+ 383446 [rahulsinner@] Right. But aren't semi co-routines(don't send data; just receive) used to
  383470 [cmdicely@gm ] Ruby fibers can be either semi-coroutines or full co-routines. And

Generating Functions in Ruby
383442 [andreas.lund] I'm looking for a construction in Ruby to generate a (big) set of
+ 383444 [steve@st ve ] What you want is define_method. Ill gives you some links when I'm not on my
+ 383445 [shortcutter@] def SUM_TEMPLATE(name, x, y)
| + 383449 [bbxx789_05ss] def SUM_TEMPLATE(the_class, meth_name, x, y)
| + 383460 [bbxx789_05ss] I'm curious how you expected the op to use that method?
|   383461 [shortcutter@] I am not sure I get your point.  The method was intended to be used as a
|   383484 [bbxx789_05ss] Oh, okay.  But that isn't a class method.
|   383502 [shortcutter@] That's true.  But OP mentioned class methods in just one sentence but
|   383627 [andreas.lund] Yes, the example is far from reallity in one sense, but your example
|   383654 [bbxx789_05ss] 5) Most ruby programmers don't use for-in because that construct just
+ 383465 [thopre@gm il] another way could be the method_missing method.
+ 383472 [b.candler@po] Have a look at how ActionView (from Rails) caches its compiled
+ 383653 [bbxx789_05ss] 1) Strings are mutable in ruby, so get rid of all those +'s.
+ 383662 [bbxx789_05ss] param_str = temp = 'x1'
+ 383664 [bbxx789_05ss] 10)
| 383669 [andreas.lund] This is why I did not put the real example at first, because then some
| + 383670 [andreas.lund] My bad to use the name "param" for two different content, but any
| | + 383671 [b.candler@po] params_2 = "#{x1}, #{x2}, #{x3}, #{x4}"
| | + 383672 [shortcutter@] That does not look good.  If you have to encode numbers in variable
| |   383695 [andreas.lund] params =3D x1, x2, x3, x4
| |   383698 [shortcutter@] Without the code you are executing that error is pretty useless.
| + 383718 [bbxx789_05ss] Yes, I noted that--see comment 6).  What I failed to recognize was that
|   383719 [bbxx789_05ss] params = 'x1.to_s';
|   383737 [andreas.lund] I need this since parameters to win32ole are sent as a string with a
|   + 383752 [bbxx789_05ss] If you need to send the string 'x1, x2, x3', then you need to create
|   + 383775 [bbxx789_05ss] Where do 1, 'A', and 1.5 come from?
|     383863 [andreas.lund] This will be my last post in this thread, since now I'm back
+ 383713 [bbxx789_05ss] class <<self;self;end.class_eval code

where is instance_eval() defined?
383451 [bbxx789_05ss] Where in the hell is instance_eval() defined?  In "The Ruby Programming
+ 383453 [cmdjackryan@] irb --simple-prompt
+ 383458 [zhangsu@li e] p RUBY_VERSION # => "1.9.2"
+ 383459 [bbxx789_05ss] Thanks.  Does anyone want to fix that in the 1.9.2 docs?
+ 383579 [jrmair@gm il] method(:instance_eval).owner #=> BasicObject

[ANN] Irbtools 1.0.0 released
383452 [rb@ja le is ] Irbtools 1.0.0 has been released. Irbtools is a meta gem that installs
+ 383462 [johannes.hel] Thanks for packaging that gem!
+ 383557 [markus@fi ch] thanks, very useful indeed!

Gambit REPL app for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad
383468 [feeley@ir .u] A version of the Gambit Scheme system for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad is
383471 [b.candler@po] Sorry, but I think you've posted to the wrong list. This topic for this
383606 [feeley@ir .u] I'm sorry if people think it was inappropriate of me to post this
383608 [stu@ru yp og] So does this mean we can get a ruboto4iphone app sometime in the future?
383611 [sophrinix@gm] ...

dbi help required
383469 [junkone1@gm ] irb(main):001:0> require 'dbi'
383488 [slava.kravch] Afaik, DBI is pretty much dead today. Unless you absolutely have to stick with it, you could try something more up-to-date, like "sequel".

rspec-core-2.6.1 is released!
383474 [dchelimsky@g] rspec-core-2.6.1 is released!

Writing formulas to excel spreadsheet
383475 [ampclj9@ho m] I've been using it to read data from text files and write to excel
383477 [mahendra@ii ] It is not the problem of ruby. Actually, you can trim the starting " and the last " before copying the cell.

Writing formulas to excel spreadsheet
383476 [ampclj9@ho m] I've been using it to read data from text files and write to excel
383495 [rubfor@re it] Have a look at :rubyonwindows.blogspot.com/search/label/excel
383496 [bbxx789_05ss] Adding Formulae
383500 [ampclj9@ho m] Thanks, guys. However, the above seems to require win32ole, for which,
383522 [cremes.devli] I looked through the code in the spreadsheet gem a few months ago (2?) looking for this functionality. As far as I could tell, it was not yet possible to *write* formulas to a spreadsheet cell. It looks like that functionality is on the roadmap. Look at the "roadmap" section on the homepage:  http://spreadsheet.rubyforge.org/

Using "class Object" for a project
383478 [shevegen@gm ] I am currently contemplating writing a MUD in Ruby. (I don't mind how
+ 383479 [bbxx789_05ss] Are you really that attached to the beauty of the word "Object"?
+ 383483 [joelvanderwe] Put it in a module?
+ 383486 [robert.dober] I am most curious why you want to have a base class for all classes in your=
  383489 [cmdjackryan@] ur app?

New errors re: Gem::Specification
383490 [forrie@gm il] I read about Gem::Specification being deprecated soon; however, the
383493 [ryand-ruby@z] blah.rb 2> /dev/null
383519 [robert.dober] Not that I asked the original question, but this one saved my day.

ANN] isolate 3.1.0 Released
383494 [ryand-ruby@z] isolate version 3.1.0 has been released!

[ANN] rubygems-update 1.8.3 Released
383499 [drbrain@se m] rubygems-update version 1.8.3 has been released!

Ruby interpreter on the iPad
383501 [franck@di te] Is there any such beast, like Python, Scheme, CAML which are already there ?...
+ 383503 [stu@ru yp og] I'm assuming they have this for IOS development for iphone and ipad.
+ 383507 [b.candler@po] I have an Android phone so I can't speak authoritatively, but my
| + 383509 [martindemell] Apple later changed that to "you can distribute an interpreter, as
| + 383531 [steve@st ve ] You can distribute MacRuby apps via the Mac App store, but you cannot use it
|   383533 [sophrinix@gm] y.
+ 383541 [granadojose@] what these guys are doing?
  383574 [sophrinix@gm] strictly speaking the arm build of ruby 1.9.2 does compile and run on iOS.

replace lines in a file using hash key-value pairs
383504 [jmartiee@gm ] I want to replace matching lines in a file (config.ini) based on a hash
+ 383505 [johannes.hel] Something like that?
+ 383506 [b.candler@po] These are nested loops. For the first key,value pair iteration,
+ 383580 [jmartiee@gm ] Thanks for the reply Johannes and Brian. Brian, I really appreciate for

mysql gem failure
383510 [dglnz2@gm il] This is cross posted from ironruby where I've not had any replies.
+ 383632 [echristopher] I don't think IronRuby supports native extensions, which the mysql gem
+ 383633 [josh.cheek@g] It says there is a syntax error, that you have the incorrect number of
| 383635 [josh.cheek@g] Actually, looking again, if this is pulling from rubygems, then I
+ 383648 [luislavena@g] mysql or mysql2 gems will not work under IronRuby.

Another Couch potato question: Dealing with classic concurrency conflict
383512 [orenshani7@g] So now (with some starter help I got here), I played around with Couch
383513 [shortcutter@] First of all, SQL does not lock tables.  SQL is a declarative language
383515 [orenshani7@g] I know that... well... you understand what I meant :-)
383518 [shortcutter@] Yes, but others might not.  I thought the clarification would help. :-)
383521 [orenshani7@g] Hmmm... well I thought about that, and kind of hoped not to have to use

Ruby Axis2 Web Service
383520 [krishna_pada] I have created Axis2 web service in Java. The service has a method

Looping n rows in table
383523 [tulachanasho] I am trying to do 'For' loop for the table but i am having a hard time
+ 383525 [jgabrielygal] Some comments,
+ 383567 [tulachanasho] Thank you Jesus for your gracious reply.
| 383575 [jgabrielygal] I don't know much about Watir, but seeing that the error is in
+ 383638 [tulachanasho] Thank you very much Jesus again for your reply.
| 383639 [jgabrielygal] iver/elements/element.rb:241:in
+ 383644 [tulachanasho] Thank you Jesus, i figured out the answer for that issue. I used regular