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^ Find Ruby /bin/ location
383236 [developer wi] Today's my last day at work, and my boss wants me to move a Ruby library I
+ 383239 [cmdjackryan ] - "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\RubyInstaller\MRI\1.9.2\InstallLocation"
+ 383249 [sutniuq gmx.] require "rbconfig"
  383255 [developer wi] That's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks to both of you.

^ no such file to load only in ruby 1.9.2
383238 [jamesbirtles] gem_name.rb
+ 383240 [cmdjackryan ] Did you try
+ 383241 [ryand-ruby z] testing
+ 383242 [jamesbirtles] Thanks for the replies
  383244 [ryand-ruby z] The last part you need to know is that 1.9 dropped '.' from the default =

^ [ANN] rdoc 3.6 Released
383243 [drbrain segm] rdoc version 3.6 has been released!
+ 383331 [matt tidbits] Looking good.
| 383333 [sutniuq gmx.] Read the RubyGems 1.8 announcement.
| 383530 [matt tidbits] I did that and it didn't help. m.
+ 383361 [lists kalama] $ ri Array
  + 383367 [ryand-ruby z] If you're on 1.8, you'll need to install rdoc-data and follow the =
  | 383425 [lists kalama] post-install instructions.
  + 383368 [mt.lenik gma] If you're using RVM I belive that running `rvm docs generate` (or

^ RubyKaigi2011: CRuby Committer Invitation Program
383248 [shintaro.kak] To all CRuby commiters,

^ search nearest to elements in array (hash)
383257 [excanoe gmai] I'm interesting, what is the best way to find nearest element in array
+ 383258 [serialhex gm] 'nearest' as in ["foo", "needle", "bar", "baz"] with "foo" & "bar" being the
+ 383259 [bbxx789_05ss] data = [1.1, 4.2, 3.1, 2.6, 6.1, 5.0]
| + 383261 [martindemell] You're sorting when all you want is the minimum
| + 383262 [bbxx789_05ss] data = [1.1, 4.2, 3.1, 2.6, 6.1, 5.0]
+ 383260 [martindemell] Depends - if there's a comparison function, and your array is sorted
+ 383268 [excanoe gmai] thank you guys!

^ pik update list known
383265 [flebber.crue] Is there any way to make pik update the the list of known.
383267 [flebber.crue] I have used pik to install ruby1.9.2-p136.
383294 [flebber.crue] No one really using pik?
383325 [luislavena g] pik is installed in C:\Users\Luis\Tools\bin

^ [ANN] isolate 3.0.2 Released
383266 [ryand-ruby z] isolate version 3.0.2 has been released!
383334 [normalperson] I'm not sure if this is a bug in RubyGems itself or Isolate, but I

^ Counting how many times the same elements occurs in an array?
383270 [nedpointsman] There's probably a fairly simple way to do this.
+ 383273 [johnf bitsbu] You didn't mention what a particular xml_event object looks like, but
+ 383275 [shortcutter ] irb(main):002:0> a = Array.new(10) { rand(4) }
+ 383278 [nedpointsman] I'm sure your solutions are better than mine, what I ended up doing;
  + 383280 [shortcutter ] This is dangerous: in Ruby false and nil are treated as boolean false.
  + 383289 [bbxx789_05ss] After asking for advice on a computer programming forum, the chosen
    + 383290 [adam apresco] If it isn't touted as the Perfect Solution to the problem, then it's much
    + 383291 [developer wi] Agreed, I'm not a huge fan of the solution. John and Robert's are much more straightforward, reusable, and elegant.

^ Ruby Future Or?
383271 [piratej74 li] I was thinking today and I was wondering if ruby has a future when
+ 383272 [johnf bitsbu] I guess it depends on what you mean by "having a future". Ruby's never
+ 383276 [shortcutter ] If I could answer your question I would be in possession of a crystal
| 383277 [no spam.plea] ahh, but did s/he answer you? :-P
| 383279 [shortcutter ] Yes, she did! :-)
+ 383284 [joelvanderwe] Well, what kind of code _do_ you want to write? There are still some of
+ 383287 [code apotheo] I haven't used Rails in five years.  I use Ruby daily.
+ 383288 [stu rubyprog] Python and Ruby are pretty much in the same boat. Python won't be the
| 383343 [djberg96 gma] My prediction? Javascript eventually kills the other dynamic languages
| + 383344 [spiralofhope] I agree, but only in the sense that there are some fantastic tools[1]
| | 383349 [schang wxs.n] I disagree with Daniel. Program languages cannot be predicted. Distrust
| | 383359 [djberg96 gma] If you want to equate 15 years of experience, job trending and tech
| + 383345 [stu rubyprog] Seeing that I was referring to UNIX shell scripting I don't see how
| + 383373 [code apotheo] =2E . . just as soon as a new version of JavaScript that doesn't include
| + 383376 [ralf.mueller] Sorry, but this argument just does NOT count (for me). It's leads to the question: Why develop something new?
|   383379 [rimantas gma] I'd love to see a beautifully designed language like Ruby doing client side
+ 383301 [eldestdamphy] Been coding in Ruby since 2001 and I've never done Rails while I have
+ 383303 [spiralofhope] I was thinking today and I was wondering if apples have a future when
| 383335 [code apotheo] Ahh, now that's a different question.
| 383342 [wyhaines gma] It depends. We (Engine Yard) employ several people for whom Ruby
| 383374 [code apotheo] 1. Did you hire them for their Ruby-not-Rails skills, or hire them for
| 383439 [wyhaines gma] 1) Yes. For some jobs, the Ruby is what is important, not the Rails.
| 383450 [code apotheo] Awesome.  That's one!
+ 383347 [zach.dennis ] I found it interesting to see Walter Bright (creator of D) comment in an
| 383435 [i_cenov bote] This is my first post here, I am C firmware programmer and and touched
+ 383413 [bbxx789_05ss] Do you really think all those cascading 'ends' in Ruby (that you can
| + 383414 [sduncan weta] Hrm, peach or nectarine, peach or nectarine ...
| + 383418 [code apotheo] I have no problem locating a missing "end".  In fact, the "end"s make it
| | 383419 [cmdjackryan ] 'sides, when keeping methods short and sweet, you don't lose track of
| + 383422 [steve stevek] If you have more than two or three ends, your code sucks. It's a feature,
| | 383426 [developer wi] I think that kind of canonical generalization isn't strictly true, *especially* if you work with lambdas or heavy algorithms. I'm a huge fan of abstraction, especially in Ruby and Lisp, but to say that code should never be nested this much is (by my standards) not a good generalization.
| + 383431 [cmdicely gma] I've never had much problem with getting the "ends" right in Ruby, but
+ 383456 [axyd80 gmail] He-he, I guess Rails for Ruby is the same as JEE is for Java :)
+ 383481 [shevegen gma] Sure ruby has a future.

^ Problem with the classify method from active support
383281 [g.marcilhacy] I am create a gem and I have encounter a problem using active_support
+ 383283 [fxn hashref.] The way to load Active Support changed with AS 3.0.0. I suspect your
+ 383285 [g.marcilhacy] Thanks for the tip, it's working.
+ 383286 [g.marcilhacy] Thanks again I have been able to fix this but I am encountering a new

^ Sharing data between ruby and a custom dll with Win32API
383304 [bourinax yop] I'm building a ruby plugin for SketchUp. I created a havok dll (havok is
+ 383400 [zhangsu live] I suppose you are using 'p' as the return type specifier of Win32API;
+ 383437 [bourinax yop] Thank you very much su, your code works :)

^ Linux utility with reverse index facility?
383305 [no.top.post ] awk &stuff can "give me the the Nth element",
+ 383307 [pk pk.invali] No it can't.
+ 383308 [shortcutter ] $ ri Array#index
+ 383313 [cfajohnson g] Do you want 'grep -n'?
+ 383315 [david westco] Why not write your own loop?  Use your favourite scripting language.
| 383318 [shortcutter ] sy
+ 383317 [janis_papana] You are not very clear about your actual data format.
+ 383332 [stu rubyprog] Without knowing what the format is it is very hard to answer your question.
+ 383427 [SEE_SIGNATUR] In awk, it's just as easy to build an array where your "elementValues"
| + 383447 [Luuk invalid] echo "abcde c"| awk '{ for (x=0;x<length($1);x++) {
| + 383497 [mortonspam g] On May 17, 10:40=A0pm, Robert Nichols
+ 383434 [b.candler po] => ["foo", "bar", "baz"]

^ canonical/syntax-diagrams representation.
383306 [no.top.post ] I started investigating ruby.
+ 383310 [adam apresco] What were you hoping to achieve by bringing this to a mailing list of Ruby
+ 383311 [peterhickman] Strange that, plenty of people seem to be using it just for that
+ 383312 [shortcutter ] Please, then do not use it.  Thank you.
+ 383355 [no spam.plea] This line is the reason you have alienated other respondents.
| + 383358 [ryand-ruby z] Well, given that Terr gave up on the antlr ruby grammar, I'm not sure =
| | + 383375 [stu rubyprog] be sure... I think that a lot of the responses in this thread shouldn't ha=
| | + 383448 [shortcutter ] Apparently the irony in my posting didn't get through to you.  Sorry
| + 383369 [no.top.post ] Well it's good to see that there are some adults on THIS group too.
| | + 383384 [spoon killer] It's true that all children love duck-typing, unusual formal grammars
| | | 383385 [cmdjackryan ] matz is nice, so we are nice.
| | | 383386 [spoon killer] Sorry guys, he made me angry with his horrible words.
| | + 383423 [no.spam plea] Yes. Undergraduate project I did in 1979.
| + 383511 [robert.dober] You should not be embarrassed, if somebody trolls than she is bound to
+ 383356 [stu rubyprog] I don't think this is the programming language for you.
+ 383357 [wruyahoo05 c] While not online,
+ 383378 [justincollin] Which is bad? The informal specification, the actual syntax, or the
+ 383482 [shevegen gma] It is difficult to assess whether someone is trolling or just
| 383485 [darkintent g] I don't mind the flexibility of using braces or the end keyword to end
+ 383508 [b.candler po] In that case I think you'll enjoy trying to understand the semantics of
| 383514 [josh.cheek g] Why is not suitable for safety-critical systems?
| 383536 [spiralofhope] For critical systems, wouldn't the language need to be very carefully
+ 383516 [transfire gm] catalog/9780596002145)
+ 383517 [transfire gm] This is a very funny thread.

^ BARRIER - ruby gem - code converter not found (UTF-16LE to IBM737)
383314 [ilias lazari] After visiting ruby-lang.org, I decided to get the actual 1.9.2
+ 383316 [peterhickman] Ilias. This is not your "first contact" with Ruby. You have been
| + 383319 [ilias lazari] On 16 =CC=DC=FA=EF=F2, 15:50, Peter Hickman <peterhickman...@googlemail.com=
| | 383320 [james grayso] 2011/5/16 Ilias Lazaridis <ilias@lazaridis.com>
| | + 383321 [ilias lazari] [...] - (off topic comments)
| | | 383322 [luislavena g] om/group/comp.lang.ruby/browse_thread/thread/08...
| | | 383323 [luislavena g] The error is not an bug, there is no way to convert IBM737 encoding to
| | | 383327 [ilias lazari] Then it is most possibly an implementation defect, see below.
| | | 383341 [wishdev gmai] You might consider Windows-1253 instead of 1252 as it's a Greek codepage (
| | | 383389 [ilias lazari] On 16 =CE=9C=CE=AC=CF=8A=CE=BF=CF=82, 23:30, John W Higgins <wish...@gmail.=
| | | 383420 [luislavena g] Error)
| | | 383466 [ilias lazari] On 18 =CE=9C=CE=AC=CF=8A=CE=BF=CF=82, 04:07, Luis Lavena <luislav...@gmail.=
| | + 383352 [ryand-ruby z] Dear Peter and James,
| + 383340 [cmdjackryan ] In the spirit of passing knowledge on, a kind soul linked to
+ 383467 [ilias lazari] The defect is within the subsystem "rubygems".
+ 384003 [ilias lazari] This is an issue with ruby 1.9.2 (missing enc/trans/ibm737-tbl.rb)

^ RubyInline trouble
383326 [mail maasha.] However, it it appears that I am not allowed to define stuff or
+ 383339 [jeff dallien] The #defines do cause the "Can't find signature" warning. It's a check
+ 383353 [ryand-ruby z] builder.c is ONLY for a C function.
+ 383377 [mail maasha.] I hope, I build the code the correct way?

^ Re: PostgreSQL and COPY FROM
383329 [yoann6 gmail] Sorry for replying so late, and thank you so much for your link it's

^ [ANN] io_splice 4.1.0 - copy_stream enhancement for 1.9
383330 [normalperson] the #to_path method in source and destination arguments.

^ Re (2): Linux utility with reverse index facility?
383337 [no.top.post ] awk & grep are not typically used on arrays of single chars,
+ 383338 [cfajohnson g] That's not an array; it's a string (this is shell, not C).
+ 383372 [shortcutter ] irb(main):001:0> h =3D {'foo' =3D> 'dog', 'bar' =3D> 'cat'}

^ [ANN] Rainbows! 3.3.0 - Rack server for sleepy apps and slow clients
383350 [normalperson] Rainbows! is an HTTP server for sleepy Rack applications.  It is based on

^ [ANN] Zbatery 3.3.0 - Rainbows! in one process!
383351 [normalperson] Zbatery is an HTTP server for Rack applications on systems that either

^ [ANN] IPAddress 0.8.0 released
383370 [ceresa gmail] IPAddress 0.8.0 has been released. Many new IPv6 methods, some API

^ LL(k) grammar for an interesting *subset* of Ruby ?
383371 [jean-christo] Are you aware of any kind of LL(k) grammar for an interesting *subset*
383391 [jean-christo] Sorry, please forget my question.
383421 [no.spam plea] Four years old (so no 1.9 syntax), a 0.1 version number, written in Lisp,

^ Ruby/Sinatra - Variable inside erb calls
383380 [elwood32 liv] I have a question regarding variables inside of erb arguments. This is
+ 383381 [ciur.eugen g] ruby-1.9.2-p0 > :"hello"+'world'
| 383397 [bbxx789_05ss] According to the Sinatra docs, it must be a symbol.
+ 383410 [elwood32 liv] Thank you both for the help, it works perfectly and I now understand why

^ Read data from enctype="multipart/form-data" form
383382 [kevin_de_val] i'm trying to upload a picture on a ruby server. I succeed in it when i
383393 [bbxx789_05ss] How would you get the contents of a file?

^ Negotiating alert box in ruby
383383 [stallonespec] I am trying to create an automation script for a website using Ruby with
383387 [steve stevek] ...
383430 [manish_tamma] I found that link too and it is helpful

^ installing man page using GEM::Specification
383388 [hari2981 gma] Is there any way to install man page while installing gems.
383392 [adgar carbon] charset=us-ascii

^ Hi
383390 [wyhaines gma] ...

^ File.open options hash "mode" as int
383394 [rogerpack200] File.open('yo', 'w')
+ 383395 [bbxx789_05ss] =3D=3D=3D
| 383398 [rogerpack200] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
| 383407 [bbxx789_05ss] ...and what does the last line of the docs I posted say?
| 383473 [rogerpack200] I guess this is why.  I just don't see quite *why* it requires mode by =
+ 383480 [bbxx789_05ss] Don't get me started on how piss poor the ruby docs are.
  383492 [cmdjackryan ] n.html

^ Re: Manual Memory Management and Automatic Garbage Collection
383399 [tridib04 gma] I have some questions::--
383432 [shortcutter ] I am sure, both can be achieved with an amount of hacking Ruby's
383454 [tridib04 gma] What do you mean by Hacking Ruby's Code... I didn't get it.. Can you
+ 383455 [cmdjackryan ] % svn co http://svn.ruby-lang.org/repos/ruby/trunk ruby
+ 383457 [johnkvictor ] Ruby has a very primitive conservative GC -- it just scans the stack
+ 383463 [shortcutter ] Did you mean to include manual cleanup of particular instances which
+ 383491 [slava.kravch] You could also take a look at ObjectSpace class and its methods, esp. "garbage_collect" and "define_finalizer". But if I'm not mistaken, they won't instantly initialize GC - as it was said earlier, Ruby decides when it's best to do that alone by itself.
  383498 [tridib04 gma] Thank you all for replying

^ need help with "module" and variable
383402 [keinlezard y] My problem is
+ 383409 [bbxx789_05ss] Don't use global variables--ever.
| + 383411 [code apotheo] =46rom what I've seen, whenever someone uses a global variable, it's
| + 383540 [keinlezard y] I understand that ... what I want to know...
|   383543 [bbxx789_05ss] You posted no code in your first post, and you posted no code in your =
|   + 383551 [code apotheo] =20
|   + 383563 [keinlezard y] That is curious .. because ... I post with code ...
+ 383547 [gwtmp01 mac.] DBI.connect(CONF_parc::Db,CONF_parc::User,CONF_parc::Password);

^ Pdf Parsing Challenge
383403 [fespinozacas] I'm just trying to use the pdf-reader gem, but I have some trouble
+ 383405 [cmdjackryan ] Mark the text, copy it.
| 383406 [fespinozacas] I need to do this automatically, I'll be doing it for a lot of papers
| 383408 [cmdjackryan ] Unless the papers are all (near) identical in layout, this will be
+ 383416 [paradisaeida] Inkscape has a command line conversion option.
+ 383417 [paradisaeida] Inkscape has a command line conversion option.
+ 383441 [kou cozmixng] In <b3e54e146d346d393b16b935800076bb@ruby-forum.com>
+ 383464 [johannes.hel] Do you need that for an own application or do you want to build up a

^ [ANN] hoe-git 1.4.0 Released
383412 [ryand-ruby z] hoe-git version 1.4.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] io_splice 4.1.1 - workaround socket -> pipe issues
383415 [normalperson] OK, I really hope this is the last release in a while :>

383428 [gwrkarthik g] ...

^ Making fibers enumerable
383433 [rahulsinner ] Most of the `Enumerable` methods can be used for fiber based generators if
383436 [shortcutter ] ce
+ 383438 [whitequark w] The Enumerator.new uses Fibers internally. Check enumerator.c in the
| 383443 [shortcutter ] That's an implementation detail of Enumerator.  The point is that the
+ 383446 [rahulsinner ] Right. But aren't semi co-routines(don't send data; just receive) used to
  383470 [cmdicely gma] Ruby fibers can be either semi-coroutines or full co-routines. And

^ Generating Functions in Ruby
383442 [andreas.lund] I'm looking for a construction in Ruby to generate a (big) set of
+ 383444 [steve stevek] What you want is define_method. Ill gives you some links when I'm not on my
+ 383445 [shortcutter ] def SUM_TEMPLATE(name, x, y)
| + 383449 [bbxx789_05ss] def SUM_TEMPLATE(the_class, meth_name, x, y)
| + 383460 [bbxx789_05ss] I'm curious how you expected the op to use that method?
|   383461 [shortcutter ] I am not sure I get your point.  The method was intended to be used as a
|   383484 [bbxx789_05ss] Oh, okay.  But that isn't a class method.
|   383502 [shortcutter ] That's true.  But OP mentioned class methods in just one sentence but
|   383627 [andreas.lund] Yes, the example is far from reallity in one sense, but your example
|   383654 [bbxx789_05ss] 5) Most ruby programmers don't use for-in because that construct just
+ 383465 [thopre gmail] another way could be the method_missing method.
+ 383472 [b.candler po] Have a look at how ActionView (from Rails) caches its compiled
+ 383653 [bbxx789_05ss] 1) Strings are mutable in ruby, so get rid of all those +'s.
+ 383662 [bbxx789_05ss] param_str = temp = 'x1'
+ 383664 [bbxx789_05ss] 10)
| 383669 [andreas.lund] This is why I did not put the real example at first, because then some
| + 383670 [andreas.lund] My bad to use the name "param" for two different content, but any
| | + 383671 [b.candler po] params_2 = "#{x1}, #{x2}, #{x3}, #{x4}"
| | + 383672 [shortcutter ] That does not look good.  If you have to encode numbers in variable
| |   383695 [andreas.lund] params =3D x1, x2, x3, x4
| |   383698 [shortcutter ] Without the code you are executing that error is pretty useless.
| + 383718 [bbxx789_05ss] Yes, I noted that--see comment 6).  What I failed to recognize was that
|   383719 [bbxx789_05ss] params = 'x1.to_s';
|   383737 [andreas.lund] I need this since parameters to win32ole are sent as a string with a
|   + 383752 [bbxx789_05ss] If you need to send the string 'x1, x2, x3', then you need to create
|   + 383775 [bbxx789_05ss] Where do 1, 'A', and 1.5 come from?
|     383863 [andreas.lund] This will be my last post in this thread, since now I'm back
+ 383713 [bbxx789_05ss] class <<self;self;end.class_eval code