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^ Re: NougakuDo - Ruby 1.9 and Rails installer for Windows x64 with fastest server
382602 [luislavena g] indows
382610 [artonx yahoo] It's something difficult to explain in English for me, but I try.
382621 [rogerpack200] So this is a full ruby release using VS2010 64 bit?  Do you have any
+ 382640 [artonx yahoo] The answer is depends on the term 'full ruby'.
+ 382642 [artonx yahoo] Sorry, accidentaly mailed just after the first question's answer.

^ Re: Deaf Grandma
382615 [stevenkinney] I was doing stupid things with arrays and all sorts of dumb crap until I =

^ Check url address
382619 [dmnc.mobile ] i would like to do something like define two urls, primary and
+ 382620 [jgabrielygal] You can try to open the first URL and if there's any exception, use
+ 382625 [dmnc.mobile ] Great, thank you so much :)

^ Re: How to avoid black-windows using system() ?
382622 [rogerpack200] I think 1.9's Process.spawn also works for this, since it inherits
382700 [rogerpack200] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ tyrantmanager - undefined method `instances' for nil:NilClass
382626 [anhquankitty] I installed Tyrant Manager 1.6.0 successful and it works at the

^ Run time programming
382627 [zulupineappl] How can I run ruby code from my ruby program? Let's say I have a program
+ 382628 [rogerpack200] eval(user_given_text, binding)
+ 382629 [shortcutter ] $ ri eval
  + 382709 [b.candler po] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
  + 382710 [b.candler po] And you might also want to think about who is entering that code and
    382721 [stu rubyprog] eval though is the root method it might be safer to use one of the
    382723 [josh.cheek g] It's not clear to me how those are safer, I thought those just change
    382783 [stu rubyprog] Funny I was just playing with the go language version of tryruby which
    382784 [steve stevek] Sorta, yeah: method_missing which then does a class_eval to help with

^ Encoding nightmare
382630 [granadojose ] I working on an application that is localized in several languages and
+ 382635 [ jupp gmx.de] There is two parts to this. Firstly you are using Percent-encoding (aka =
| 382696 [granadojose ] 52
+ 382637 [nobuoka r-de] One way to avoiding this is escaping the apostrophe character (') by using
  + 382638 [nobuoka r-de] Moreover, you should escape the double quotation characters (") and
  | 382639 [nobuoka r-de] Sorry, there is a mistake.
  + 382695 [granadojose ] That I've done and it goes ok without disturbing the accents in spanish.

^ Documentation about ruby-openssl
382631 [ibc aliax.ne] Thanks a lot.
+ 382691 [b.candler po] Probably best just to look at some code which uses it. Net::HTTPS would =
| + 382697 [ibc aliax.ne] Then I'll check it :)
| + 382760 [yermej gmail] =20
+ 382854 [devcindario ] Best regards

^ [ANN] flickr_airlift 0.0.7 released.
382632 [beholdthepan] flickr_airlift is a command-line tool for scraping any user's original
382633 [beholdthepan] ...

^ Creating variables on an OpenStruct with dynamic names
382650 [jolyonruss g] Hey guys,
+ 382655 [jgabrielygal] Here you are not closing the file handler. As you are reading the
+ 382676 [cmdicely gma] omp.split(', ')
+ 382681 [bbxx789_05ss] Then I wouldn't worry too much about Jes=C3=BAs Gabriel y Gal=C3=A1n's co=
| 382682 [bbxx789_05ss] On the other hand, if read() only reads one line at a time, you could
+ 382683 [bbxx789_05ss] If you have the name of a method as a string, then you can use send() to
+ 382694 [shortcutter ] Welcome to the wonderful world of Ruby!
+ 382702 [jolyonruss g] Wow, thanks for the plentiful replies!
  + 382704 [jgabrielygal] You can read about String#split in the documentation and you will see
  | 382705 [jgabrielygal] Sorry, pressed wrong key...
  + 382706 [shortcutter ] Array.  You can try that easily in IRB.  It's really a helpful tool.

^ Forward delete with irb on a iMac Snow Leopeard machine...
382653 [kmandpjlynch] Good morning,
382656 [stu rubyprog] ...
382708 [kmandpjlynch] Good morning Stu,

^ Convert String to Grid
382659 [mattjdupree ] Hey, I am kinda new to ruby... and programing...
+ 382660 [josh.cheek g] Could you show what your map file looks like, and what you would like it to
+ 382679 [bbxx789_05ss] I'm not new to ruby, nor to programming.  I have no idea what a 'grid'
  382684 [stu rubyprog] He's referring to a tile map so he can make a tile map

^ require 'active_support' or 'i18n' first ?
382664 [ciur.eugen g] I discovered recently a strange behavior. If I require 'i18n' gem then
382680 [cmdicely gma] ses

^ [ANN] rubygems-update 1.8.0
382671 [drbrain segm] rubygems-update version 1.8.0 has been released!

^ GeoIP 1.1.0 released
382685 [no spam.plea] The GeoIP has been given a serious overhaul, thanks to postmodern,

^ Lets play a guessing game. (how to code this better?)
382686 [ruby-forum s] I am a new Rubyist. I told my friend that I was learning Ruby. He asked
+ 382687 [stu rubyprog] Looks good. You don't need the extra call to_i where it is already an integ=
+ 382688 [josh.cheek g] Congratulations on your first program! Hope you're enjoying Ruby.
+ 382689 [johnf bitsbu] =3D=3D=3D=3D
| 382736 [johannes.hel] Ah, that's a nice challenge.
| 382739 [spoon killer] That's not functional enough for me ;)
| + 382740 [spoon killer] Actually I left a bug in that due to side effects.  (When will lazy
| + 382741 [johannes.hel] And now, the OP is frightenend of functional programming ;-)
|   382742 [spoon killer] Good point. =20
+ 382693 [jgabrielygal] Apart from the other comments, I would like to point out that the
+ 382707 [boesemar gmx] Hey, ruby-quiz is back?!
+ 382731 [ruby-forum s] Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply!
| + 382732 [jgabrielygal] A method is just a block of code with a name that can be invoked from
| | 382752 [code apotheo] if foo.to_i.to_s =3D=3D foo
| + 382733 [josh.cheek g] In OOP, classes can inherit functionality from other classes. There are
+ 382823 [ruby-forum s] Thanks again for everyones input and thanks to Jesus for explaining and
  + 382824 [josh.cheek g] In the same way you have string literals (the "0"), you also have integer
  + 382826 [stu rubyprog] You can do it with more methods. In fact you should break as much down
    382828 [stu rubyprog] I also wanted to add that you can embed methods directly into the
    382856 [ruby-forum s] changed it because I was getting an error when I tried to add 1
    382859 [stu rubyprog] def method_name( arg1, arg2, *args)  # and so on

^ Ruby 1.9.1 and Soap4R NTLM Authentication
382701 [lmayorga1980] Currently I have a Web Service client on ruby using the soap4r gem and

^ Re: AutoIt: Any support for OCR?
382714 [nailuj_zepol] I'm sorry... i'm not speak english.

^ Cross access between instance variables
382716 [mail ssalews] I am working on a larger Ruby program, where instance variables of one
+ 382717 [josh.cheek g] Great question! It's especially important when the fish / tank start
+ 382734 [johannes.hel] You can control the fishes within the tank. Every fish is saved in an
  382787 [mail ssalews] Thank you for your example.
  382796 [hassan.schro] A little late to this, but isn't this a good case for the Observer pattern?
  382797 [johnf bitsbu] You add fish to a tank, not tanks to a fish. An alternative proposal,
  382801 [hassan.schro] POV - you could as well say you "assign" a tank to a particular fish :-)
  382802 [johnf bitsbu] Perhaps, but in this model, at least, the fish can't exist without the

^ native ruby LevenbergMarquardt (or other curve fitting)
382726 [r alum.mit.e] Sooner or later, my Rails app will need a good curve fitting algorithm
382727 [joelvanderwe] Heroku does support gems with extensions, so what about ripping out the
382729 [r alum.mit.e] In all honesty, I used the FIT function in gnuplot (without using

^ [ANN] kgio 2.4.0 - kinder, gentler I/O for Ruby
382728 [normalperson] kgio provides non-blocking I/O methods for Ruby without raising

^ Watir is unable to click Facebook "Login" button after button.click is executed
382735 [chiapon gmai] I tried to use Watir & ruby & IE9 to automate Facebook login but seems
382738 [ciur.eugen g] I don't know anything about watir, but I tried with mechanize a while

^ newbie to using builder(xml)
382743 [snomys hotma] I am just trying to understand how builder sorts the content of an xml

^ [ANN] kramdown 0.13.3
382745 [t_leitner gm] ## About kramdown

^ Re: newbie to using builder(for xml markup)
382746 [snomys hotma] Answered BY MYSELF!!
382749 [jeremy bopp.] Actually, be careful using hashes (which is what you're implicitly
382757 [bbxx789_05ss] 1) The ordering of an xml element's attributes is irrelevant.

^ ruby 1.8.7 from source
382750 [neubyr gmail] I need to install ruby 1.8.7 on CentOS 5.5 x86_64 system. I am
382751 [jeremy bopp.] -Jeremy
382756 [brabuhr gmai] ...

^ Ruby Gtk, classe inheritance and initialize method problem
382753 [phasme gmx.f] I just want to create a subclass of Gtk::Windows and set parameters for
+ 382754 [jgabrielygal] When you call super without params, it calls the same method you are
+ 382755 [phasme gmx.f] Oh yes this really helps me,

^ Ruby Gtk2 and signal_connect method
382758 [phasme gmx.f] I am writting a little script for displaying a list of icons and when i
382774 [jakekaiden y] i use gtk2 quite a bit, and have found that the "Gnome 2" section of

^ [ANN] ruby-configurable
382762 [rubyforum ri] I've just released ruby-configurable 1.0.1, a library that gives any
382763 [rubyforum ri] $ gem install ruby-configurable

^ [ANN] rubygems-update 1.8.1 Released
382764 [drbrain segm] rubygems-update version 1.8.1 has been released!
+ 382766 [Stephen.G.Da] Somehow, when running this 1.8.1 update, it broke three websites I have in =
| 382830 [ryand-ruby z] have in development.  These are Apache sites which previously had =
| 382878 [Stephen.G.Da] Ah!  Much thanks Ryan.  This was the exact pointer needed. I had to run=20
+ 382767 [botpena gmai] ur
| 382768 [joelvanderwe] I ended up doing `gem pristine --all`. A nice long coffee break ;)
+ 382770 [josh.cheek g] After Rake and Bundler come on board, I'll join you guys. But in the
+ 382814 [patrick.john] I'm completely new to this stuff.  When should "gem update" alone ever be
  + 382827 [cmdjackryan ] be
  + 382829 [ryand-ruby z] gem update --help

^ hiiiiiiiii
382771 [mveni.nirmal] veni.497@rediffmail.com

^ hiiiiiiiii
382772 [mveni.nirmal] veni.497@rediffmail.com

^ [ANN] dep_walker 1.0.0 Released
382775 [bosko.ivanis] dep_walker version 1.0.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] dep_walker 1.0.1 Released
382776 [bosko.ivanis] dep_walker version 1.0.1 has been released!

^ Ruby Activity
382777 [kajisakka gm] Is ruby still being developed? The official site has last release in dec
+ 382778 [johnf bitsbu] It sure is. There are a dozen or so commits so far today, and about
+ 382779 [steve stevek] The main site is more about stable releases, so they tend to have some time
+ 382781 [kajisakka gm] Thank you for the answers, I am happy to hear that. As to gui toolkit it
| 382969 [no spam.plea] Now-a-days, they're called "browsers" :P.
+ 382782 [stu rubyprog] Ruby comes with tk build in. While your investigating which toolkits
| 382907 [kmandpjlynch] I'm using Ruby 1.8.7 and it does not contain TK...
| + 382908 [echristopher] It's actually not built into the RubyInstaller Windows versions. Maybe
| | 382933 [kmandpjlynch] I'm actually using a Mac with Snow Leopard...
| | + 382936 [brabuhr gmai] $ brew install ruby
| | + 382938 [stu rubyprog] % port -v install ruby +tk
| + 382912 [stu rubyprog] It's something you enable when you compile it. It's optional based on
+ 382809 [rubyforum ri] Python 2.7.1 was released on November 27th, 2010

^ How to do that god started when the server starts [CentOS]
382785 [devcindario ] god -c /etc/init.d/profile.god -D
+ 382786 [steve stevek] This is really more of a CentOS question than a Ruby question, but you want
+ 382804 [devcindario ] Ok, sorry.

^ Help with while condition OR condition
382788 [sirwillard42] This is my first post, so I hope I don't sound too inexperienced..
+ 382789 [steve stevek] Don't do that, just use eql?
+ 382790 [cmdicely gma] terals
+ 382791 [johnf bitsbu] This says, "check if the downcased input is not equal to the value of
| 382792 [johnf bitsbu] while command !=3D "exit" || command !=3D "quit" ...
+ 382793 [joelvanderwe] $ irb
+ 382794 [jeremypinat ] `(EXIT || QUIT)` will always return "exit" as EXIT is never `nil` or
+ 382798 [sirwillard42] Wow!  I would say this is the most replies I have ever had on a
+ 382805 [josh.cheek g] It doesn't get pissed at string literals in comparison, its just that it was
+ 382811 [bbxx789_05ss] A lot of beginners make the same mistake you did.   'Compound
  + 382813 [johnf bitsbu] It's not a good idea to make a blanket rule like that, imo. The "and"
  + 382840 [b.candler po] I would advise exactly the opposite: there are many traps for the unwary
    382885 [bbxx789_05ss] lol.
    382886 [cmdjackryan ] irb(main):001:0> val = 10

^ Threading Loops
382795 [kajisakka gm] I understood how to thread functions, but I don't understand how to
+ 382799 [roylzuo gmai] It is very convenient to use Thread in Ruby, but maybe you should first get rid
+ 382800 [kajisakka gm] Thank you so much that helped allot and now I understand threading
| 382815 [bbxx789_05ss] In ruby 1.9, if you call collect() without supplying a block, you get
| 382833 [shortcutter ] It seems you are confusing #collect with #select here.
+ 382803 [kajisakka gm] Sorry for double posting just wanted to state I understand it now, used
+ 382806 [kajisakka gm] The threading made no deference in speed at all not what I expected.
| 382808 [bbxx789_05ss] Ok, that is what I expected.  To truly do two things at once in ruby,
| 382834 [shortcutter ] It's questionable whether that will yield any benefit since it's likely
+ 382807 [bbxx789_05ss] I don't think threading will speed up your execution time in this case.
| 382820 [cmdicely gma] Well, if you are using Ruby 1.8 with its green threads, or Ruby 1.9
+ 382810 [rubyforum ri] I can't imagine that even forking would help you here=E2=80=94your OS wil=
+ 382817 [kajisakka gm] Yea I just went to irb and started playing with .collect and with_index
+ 382839 [b.candler po] rename is almost certainly disk limited - doing them in parallel is

^ Re: rubygems-update 1.8.1 Released
382812 [rubyforum ri] Doesn't Passenger have an extra step involved to build the

^ Question regarding interaction between modules and classes
382816 [geometric.pa] In the code below, is there a way to learn @foo from $bar_one
+ 382818 [josh.cheek g] Hmm. Okay, first a bunch of thoughts, then some potential solutions.
+ 382819 [bbxx789_05ss] Don't EVER use global variables($).
  382832 [cmdjackryan ] ancestry tree of a module or class, this one will be used, instead of

^ Help needed to start with RoR
382821 [rushabhhathi] I am a new guy to enter the world of RoR.
+ 382822 [josh.cheek g] You'd probably get better information on a Rails list (this is a Ruby list),
+ 382836 [jeremypinat ] * http://guides.rubyonrails.org/
  382837 [subscription] I've found Beginning Rails 3 to be very valuable.
  382850 [stu rubyprog] ^^ this is a great book. I have only read the first half but it covers

^ Capistrano deployment issue ?
382825 [bdurgaprasad] I want to Capistrano   deployment , it is urgent to me . While i cap deply:update it causes the error .   Let me know any one solution for  this problem .
+ 382866 [bdurgaprasad] Let me know please , it is urgent to me.
+ 382867 [ciur.eugen g] ** [out ::] : Operation not permitted
| 382890 [bdurgaprasad] The above things is not a problem , i run "cap deploy:check ",
+ 382894 [ciur.eugen g] It fails to create symbolic links because link file already exists.

^  Re: Question regarding interaction between modules and classes
382831 [uwe kubosch.] Get uting @@foo instead of @foo

^ Accessing MS Exchange from Linux host
382835 [trodwell iee] Is it possible for a Linux host to access an Exchange server using MAPI
382838 [b.candler po] It's Java rather than Ruby, but I use "fetchexc" to download mail from
382882 [trodwell iee] Interesting, thanks.  I'll certainly go have a look as suggested but as

^ Problem setting up heroku: "Unable to verify SSL certificate for api.heroku.com"
382841 [toastkid.wil] github account, set up with keys (ie i can do ssh git@github.com ok).
382842 [hassan.schro] prompt% heroku help
382843 [toastkid.wil] Thanks Hassan, but i get the same warning when i try to do any of the
382844 [hassan.schro] mmm. What OS/version of SSL are you using?
382845 [toastkid.wil] OS is Ubuntu 9.10
382846 [hassan.schro] Good that you got past it, but you should open a ticket with Heroku --
382848 [toastkid.wil] Yeah, i'll do that.  Thanks a lot - max

^ Readline problem in ruby 1.9.2 rvm
382847 [toastkid.wil] "rb-readline (0.4.0)" gem installed.  When i try to start a console for
382849 [justincollin] See here: http://beginrescueend.com/packages/readline/
382851 [toastkid.wil] Thanks Justin.  That worked fine!

^ Video Tutorials
382852 [kajisakka gm] I want to help others learn ruby and so I have started working on a
382865 [ciur.eugen g] Bobby,

^ Index to coordinates conversion, according the matrix shape
382853 [cyril.staff ] I would like to converte an index (of a flatten array) to a
+ 382855 [jeremypinat ] This is a perfect case for modulo (%). It gives the remainder of a division.
| 382862 [cyril.staff ] Waw, thanks. But... is this okay with matrix of more then 2 dimensions?
+ 382864 [fred lacave.] A small example from a project of mine.  Maybe you'll find things of