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^ Fast way to move C array to ruby (rb_ary_new4)?
382246 [ville_sipola] Good day
+ 382248 [shortcutter ] What about leaving it in C, i.e. wrapping in a specific type which
| 382249 [shortcutter ] approach totally depends on the usage pattern.  If only few items in
| 382263 [cameron.mcbr] I second this suggestion. If you don't mind the NArray dependence,
| 382275 [ville_sipola] That's a lot of answers in a short time. Thank you all!
| 382759 [ville_sipola] Now that I have, I thought it a good idea to describe how it was done,
+ 382252 [b.candler po] I'm afraid that's bound to be the case, given that Floats are not

^ LoadError in gem
382250 [zhiqiang.lei] I'm trying to package a library into a gem. I write the main file with =
+ 382251 [jgabrielygal] toload, just like Rack's.
| 382253 [zhiqiang.lei] with autoload, just like Rack's.
| 382256 [b.candler po] require "renren_api/authentication"
| 382299 [zhiqiang.lei] I receive a LoadError.
+ 382377 [zhiqiang.lei] autoload, just like Rack's.

^ Ruby Debugger
382254 [mlc0613 yaho] Hey I'm new to using the Ruby debugger, and I was wondering if anyone

^ SQL Server timeout expired
382261 [sjchen cambr] Execute OLE error code:80040E31 in Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL

^ Re: [ANN] RubyKaigi2011: Call for presentation
382262 [ko1 atdot.ne] There are some cancel presentations.  So we make another call for

^ File position and buffers
382264 [cyril_jose y] In a bit of a rut. Have a file with a lot of text. I want to seperate
+ 382274 [jgabrielygal] You could use foreach checking if each line starts with '>'. If it doesn't
+ 382278 [jakekaiden y] this may well be WAY to simple for your needs, but it seems to me you
+ 382281 [bbxx789_05ss] There is absolutely no reason to use pos() to read that file.
+ 382283 [bbxx789_05ss] e = input.enum_for(:each) #You can do this for a File too.
+ 382290 [shortcutter ] One of the simplest approaches is to use Ruby's ability to use
| 382325 [bbxx789_05ss] Cee Joe, are you reading the file in binary mode or text mode?
| 382326 [bbxx789_05ss] If you don't know, then show us the line in your code where you open the
| 382328 [cyril_jose y] f = File.open("test.fasta", "r")
+ 382302 [cyril_jose y] Thanks guys for your helpful comments. I will be more descriptive. I am
+ 382322 [bbxx789_05ss] You still have not told us what you are supposed to do with the stuff =
| 382327 [cyril_jose y] I am extracting text from each entry I read in, something I have figured =
| 382346 [bbxx789_05ss] IO.pos() does not read in data, so you are going to have to ask your =
| 382349 [cyril_jose y] This is what I want to do. Read one entry, extract information from it,
+ 382353 [bbxx789_05ss] If you don't have to use pos(), then see my first post.
| 382386 [cyril_jose y] Thanks jake and 7stud for replying. I tried this in irb for your first
+ 382355 [jakekaiden y] copying the text you posted above into the file "0text.txt" and
+ 382388 [bbxx789_05ss] The first thing everyone in this thread needs to realize is that '>' is
| 382392 [cyril_jose y] I understand the logic, it makes sense. What if the file looked like
| 382415 [bbxx789_05ss] What if you had presented that possibility from the very beginning?
+ 382400 [jakekaiden y] hmm, i'm getting a bit confused as to what exactly you're trying to do
+ 382403 [cyril_jose y] I would still need the header intact, which should be away from the rest

^ Bounty Request: small sample autoconf-like app/lib
382265 [luislavena g] This request might sounds weird, but I'm working on a small project
382270 [b.candler po] Does it have to be a shell script? Could it be in ruby? Have you looked
382280 [luislavena g] The idea is that mimics as close as possible what autotools
382289 [b.candler po] OK. It seems like you're saying you want someone to rewrite autoconf for
382305 [luislavena g] No, I'm not saying recreate autoconf, that is not the idea. I don't

^ Help me understand this SIMPLE Ruby code, using puts in a def
382266 [fs_tigre hot] I was practicing ruby and accidentally came across something that got me
+ 382267 [sduncan weta] This is where irb is handy. The short of it is that in your first
+ 382268 [roger rogerb] The return value of the "puts" method is always nil, not the string it
+ 382269 [cyril_jose y] => nil
+ 382279 [fs_tigre hot] Got it.  Thank you all very much for your help!

^ Re: [RubyInstaller] Bounty Request: small sample autoconf-like app/lib
382271 [now bitwi.se] I would suggest that you read
382273 [luislavena g] utomake_libtool
382373 [justincollin] Given your many contributions to the community, I think it's fine if you

^ Re: float precision
382277 [joshsuggs gm] Not surprisingly, it's extremely quicker to convert to a string and
382291 [b.candler po] You should be suspicious of a result which indicates it's 5 orders of
382320 [joshsuggs gm] Wow. Yea ... scratch that.

^ Hash pointing to reference of itself!
382284 [crazedcougar] Hey!
382286 [josh.cheek g] You can't do that, that would require variables being able to point to other

^ Best Play of Online Soccer Betting  here at All You Bet
382288 [allyoubetspo] Learning how to bet is the basic thing in order to avoid mistakes and

^ Is everything object ?
382292 [aef1370 gmai] A very important principle in Ruby is that every thing is object.
+ 382293 [roger rogerb] isn't
+ 382294 [shyouhei rub] °»Or else it doesn't, you know. The name of the song is called °∆Haddocks' Eyes.°«°…
+ 382295 [shortcutter ] That wording does not really make sense.  You probably mean that every
+ 382296 [josh.cheek g] Those are methods, the Ruby interpreter uses syntactic sugar to make them
| + 382306 [code apotheo] ",
| | + 382307 [roger rogerb] ow,
| | | + 382308 [mikaa123 gma] - Object are tangible things capable of processing -> composed of methods
| | | + 382319 [code apotheo] Use callbacks for that.  They work great.
| | + 382318 [josh.cheek g] Sorry, I wasn't very clear, it's a difficult subject to talk about because
| |   382334 [code apotheo] Oh, you're talking about boolean operators.  I thought you were talking
| |   382347 [josh.cheek g] I think of operators as methods. Probably the best term for those is
| |   382356 [code apotheo] Thinking of them as methods is probably a bad idea.  It may lead you to
| |   382361 [josh.cheek g] Can you be more explicit? They are methods, I don't understand what you
| |   382395 [code apotheo] Non-method operators are not methods -- by definition.
| |   382416 [josh.cheek g] That's because methods are invoked by default, as I already stated. You need
| |   382429 [code apotheo] eed
| |   382431 [code apotheo] A little elaboration . . .
| |   382433 [josh.cheek g] I like that distinction, the message is :end_upcase, and the method is the
| |   382440 [code apotheo] Nah.  The method is an expression -- often a complex expression composed
| |   382444 [mikaa123 gma] I like Chad's explanation.
| |   + 382445 [dukeofperl m] I've dabbled with Smalltalk and Self, and so his explanations of the
| |   | 382449 [code apotheo] Relevant to this, Kent Beck is reputed to have said "I always knew that
| |   | 382453 [dukeofperl m] Too bad the replacement process can't be speeded a bit.:)
| |   + 382447 [subscription] Well, you can consider that the state of method includes its name =
| |     382450 [code apotheo] Not really . . .
| |     382451 [subscription] That really comes down to implementation details -- in Smalltalk, name =
| + 382333 [b.candler po] I think it's reasonable to say that most operators in Ruby are in fact
|   382338 [cmdjackryan ] But they are syntactic sugar for the syntactic sugar (except for "=",
+ 382309 [bbxx789_05ss] I have never found that claim to be important in any language.   Whether
| 382336 [code apotheo] It seems pretty unimportant until I try to interact with something as an
| 382348 [bbxx789_05ss] (1, 2, 3).send(:ancestors)
| 382357 [code apotheo] puts.extend Enumerable
+ 382332 [stu rubyprog] Everything is a sender and receiver in ruby. The operators you list
+ 382363 [justincollin] Actually, "everything is an object" is probably a mantra Rubyists should

^ Best gem for an existing mysql database
382297 [iainspeed gm] I've an existing MySql database, and not having used any of the major =
382331 [joelvanderwe] Sequel and AR will both let you drop to the SQL level, if the model
382342 [iainspeed gm] whether the ORM layer supports the schema. IIUC, AR doesn't support =

^ writing csv into file
382298 [marineforlif] lot and just can't see where is the problem..
382301 [shortcutter ] IMHO this is sufficient as XPath: '/*/*[1]/*'

^ where's the best place to dynamically add singleton method?
382300 [iainspeed gm] If I've got a simple bit of initialisation code
+ 382303 [shortcutter ] to monkey patch the Blah library) where's the best place to do that? I know=
| 382761 [iainspeed gm] want to monkey patch the Blah library) where's the best place to do =
| 382773 [shortcutter ] I'm glad to hear that we could help you.  Thank you for letting us know!
+ 382304 [kresimir.boj] I think you can achieve functionality that you desire by using mixins,

^ Initialize Struct from Hash
382310 [b.candler po] I just want to check I've not missed something here. Is there a built-in
+ 382311 [jgabrielygal] ruby-1.8.7-p334 :001 > K =3D Struct.new :id,:timestamp
| + 382313 [jgabrielygal] Sorry, I just realized this is not what you want.
| + 382315 [bbxx789_05ss] t =
|   382316 [jgabrielygal] Yep, I know. How about this?
+ 382335 [b.candler po] Thanks for all the feedback, at least I know I hadn't missed something
  382339 [joelvanderwe] Tangentially, I wonder if anything like the following (very rough proof
  + 382369 [shortcutter ] irb(main):004:0> h =3D {:foo =3D> 1, :bar =3D> 2}
  | 382387 [joelvanderwe] That's intended: #structify is supposed to turn a hash into something
  + 382371 [b.candler po] That's neat. However you'd have to make sure you've set a value for

^ calling methods, beginner help
382312 [liquid98 gma] $xarray = [10,10]
+ 382314 [mbj seonic.n] When you want to add the method #product to the Array class you have to
+ 382317 [bbxx789_05ss] Don't EVER use global variables.  Never, ever, ever, never.
+ 382321 [liquid98 gma] Thanx for your answers. I know: never use global variables ... and no
| + 382323 [bbxx789_05ss] Whoa, you can use monkey patching if you follow some guidelines.
| + 382324 [mbj seonic.n] Hola,
| + 382337 [b.candler po] One way to share common code is using a module, and including it into
+ 382329 [liquid98 gma] Program background == 4 weeks ruby
+ 382341 [liquid98 gma] Now I see, this is what i was looking/hoping for...
  382368 [b.candler po] There are no procedures in Ruby - only methods.
  382375 [liquid98 gma] 'Proc' is a abbreviation of procedure isn't it?
  + 382391 [b.candler po] No, it's a Proc :-) A Proc object can either be a block crystallised
  + 382398 [stu rubyprog] The etymology of Proc and proc is procedure. The word Procedure is

^ gem list --pre : 404 error?
382330 [rochkind jhu] rubygems 1.7.2, ruby 1.8.7.
382343 [luislavena g] gems.rubyonrails.org.

^ PRAWN- How to give a background color to a bounding_box?
382344 [tatar585 yah] I am working with Prawn to create pdf files. I am trying to give a
382345 [tatar585 yah] I am working with Prawn to create pdf files. I am trying to give a

^ Ruby Beginner Need Help..
382350 [didinna gmai] I just installed ruby on my ubuntu, I use this following command to install
+ 382351 [stu rubyprog] ruby has a package manager built in called gem
+ 382352 [bbxx789_05ss] You want to get a text editor that does automatic line indenting.  Then
| 382354 [didinna gmai] Thank you for all answer.
| + 382358 [stu rubyprog] I believe that is what your looking for.
| + 382359 [josh.cheek g] I think that some PHP ideas don't translate directly to Ruby (I don't know
| + 382360 [code apotheo] There's about a dozen different ways to do that.  The most common is
| | 382364 [didinna gmai] Thank you for precious answer, I feel increased in my knowledge :).
| | 382390 [bbxx789_05ss] Yes.  Josh Cheek described the difference between php and ruby
| | 382422 [didinna gmai] Thanks Josh, Justin and 7stud :-)
| + 382362 [justincollin] This depends on how comfortable you are with setting up Apache and what
|   + 382365 [stu rubyprog] To install rails you will need sqlite3 installed( though you can use
|   | 382370 [didinna gmai] Over all I have succedeed install rails on my laptop, when I do
|   | 382372 [justincollin] You need to install the sqlite3-dev package via apt-get, then try
|   | 382384 [josh.cheek g] I seem to recall that Rails didn't work with 1.9.1
|   + 382526 [badlands_200] just seed me a disk so that I can upload it on my computer?=0A=0A=0A=0A____=
|     382769 [badlands_200] like I said just send me the disk, the up load is not working.=0A=0A=0A=0A_=
+ 382464 [bbxx789_05ss] I would use ruby 1.9.2.  There are enough differences that you should

^ rubygems down ?
382367 [michel demaz] Updating installed gems
+ 382378 [cmdjackryan ] It's not RubyForge that is down, but the server (production.s3.etc)
| 382381 [michel demaz] Thx Phillip.
+ 382382 [luislavena g] Can you browse rubygems.org and download gems from the browser?
  382442 [michel demaz] Thanks for your help, Luis. I am at home, no proxy.

^ Need for speed - array operations
382374 [chris.lervag] Im working on a library to decode medical image files, and some of these
+ 382379 [ralf.mueller] You might try narray: http://narray.rubyforge.org/. It's available as a gem.
| 382380 [shortcutter ] em.
+ 382383 [chris.lervag] Robert,
+ 382407 [chris.lervag] Turns out the each_with_index iterator is INSANELY slow on ruby1.8 on
+ 383401 [iamexile gma] I'm experience the loss of speed in NArrays. Did you guys tried benching
  383404 [joelvanderwe] It's too simple a benchmark to demonstrate the efficiency of narray.

^ Beginner - please help me to solve this issue
382385 [naina.sydney] Any idea why DB time is more here? Please help me how can I proceed
382412 [naina.sydney] Okay, found the answer. We are using Solr, and frontend is querying solr

^ real life audio data transmit & recive
382393 [adn_ami yaho] i have installed a gnu radio companion in linux ubuntu 10.4 with USRP2
382397 [cmdjackryan ] Phillip Gawlowski
382399 [serialhex gm] philip!! that fscking rocks!!!
382404 [stu rubyprog] ...

^ must "explanation" {.test.} style not working in my unit tests
382394 [vahagnh gmai] undefined method `must' for StackTest:Class (NoMethodError)
+ 382436 [vahagnh gmai] Ping...
| 382441 [code apotheo] I, for one, see your messages to the list -- but I do not use that syntax
+ 382443 [serialhex gm] are you including that code at the top of your test file? or at least having
+ 382531 [vahagnh gmai] @Chad: cheers!

^ How do I read HTTP POST XML sent to CGI?
382401 [aumart gmail] I am a ruby newbie and tried to use a http client to send the XML HTTP
+ 382402 [bbxx789_05ss] Post a ruby program that is 10 lines or less for which you have the same
+ 382405 [jgabrielygal] Are you using the cgi library from the stdlib?
+ 382408 [aumart gmail] Thanks all, does that mean if I POST
| 382410 [code apotheo] Show us an example of how you're posting the data.
+ 382409 [code apotheo] Use the CGI library.
+ 382417 [aumart gmail] and simply post Text input with the Method and URL specified only.
| 382418 [bbxx789_05ss] Post your ruby code.
+ 382419 [aumart gmail] well... i only followed the instruction. trying to see if those
| 382420 [bbxx789_05ss] Post data is sent to the server as name/value pairs.  Maybe your
+ 382423 [aumart gmail] Sorry about misleading, I think my problem is that I cannot get any POST
  + 382425 [dukeofperl m] Duke
  + 382430 [code apotheo] =20
  + 382463 [bbxx789_05ss] Do you have to use that request software?  You can easily test whether

^ Building extention with multiple classes
382406 [rshinn mocan] I have been successful at building a ruby extension that contains one
+ 382414 [joelvanderwe] void
+ 382540 [rshinn mocan] Thank you very much. Most helpful.

^ [ANN] test-loop 12.0.4
382411 [sunaku gmail] test-loop - Continuous testing for Ruby with fork/eval

^ Re: A good portable text editor/IDE for Ruby?
382421 [color.circle] you can make your own portable app too, if prefer to.

^ A Code Point's Tale: There and Back Again
382426 [cmhoward fri] This is probably obvious in the docs and I'm just missing it, but here
+ 382428 [color.circle] I hope this is what u r looking for
+ 382435 [markus fisch] $ irb
+ 382471 [bbxx789_05ss] #encoding: UTF-8
| 382472 [bbxx789_05ss] Someone else blogged in great detail about all the intricacies of ruby
+ 382474 [bbxx789_05ss] Maybe each_char() will work for you?  Take a look at the following code.

^ Must be my bug, but it looks like Ruby's ... could it be?
382427 [RichardDummy] I know my Subject line looks like heresy in this newsgroup, but I
382437 [mike stok.ca] =3D>
382857 [RichardDummy] , :path =3D>

^ [ANN] unicorn 3.6.2 and 1.1.7 - OobGC module fix
382432 [normalperson] Unicorn is an HTTP server for Rack applications designed to only serve

382438 [devivithyama] ...