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^ Re: Chad Perrin
381567 [rett classic] *Hasn't anybody in the management of this forum the guts to either quiet
+ 381568 [adam apresco] This is not how openness works. I also read almost every post to this
+ 381577 [spoon killer] Obvious troll.
| 381585 [code apotheo] That was an interesting read.  There were exactly two sentences in that
| 381587 [vmanis telus] is
| + 381593 [josh.cheek g] Logo was the first "programming" I ever did. We didn't have an official
| + 381640 [code apotheo] The sad fact is that most public school teachers (including public
+ 381581 [code apotheo] =20
+ 381597 [ryand-ruby z] quiet or dispatch Chad Perrin before he manages to do more damage than =
| + 381642 [code apotheo] The feeling is mutual.  As for the rest of what you said about me -- I'll
| | 381659 [matt technor] I have a better suggestion, bring popcorn and watch the show...
| | 381667 [reid.thompso] and beer
| + 381650 [rett classic] *Ryan,*
|   381653 [josh.cheek g] Unsubscribe here:  http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/community/mailing-lists/
+ 381624 [shortcutter ] There is no moderation, hence nobody you can ask to suppress someone else.
+ 381672 [kevin.mahler] I just want to know how the usenet version of this thread has lasted

^ [ANN] Rails 3.0.7.rc1
381571 [santiago wye] I'm happy to announce that Rails 3.0.7.rc1 has been pushed to rubygems.

^ [ANN] test-loop 11.0.0
381574 [sunaku gmail] test-loop - Continuous testing for Ruby with fork/eval
381608 [sunaku gmail] * Only attempt to define Railtie if the Rails version supports it.

^ Understanding global variables.
381591 [fs_tigre hot] I thought that I understood the different type of variables in Ruby but
+ 381595 [bbxx789_05ss] Wrong.  In ruby, global variables start with a $ sign and they are
+ 381599 [jakekaiden y] as 7stud says, the "@" variables are not global, but instance
+ 381625 [fs_tigre hot] Wow, a little confused, I=E2=80=99m a little disappointed that the langua=
| 381656 [bbxx789_05ss] =80=9D statement,
+ 381629 [jakekaiden y] yeah, stuff gets kind of confusing at first, but you'll get the hang
+ 381634 [fs_tigre hot] Thanks for the links I will read them and I'm sure I come back with some
+ 381635 [jakekaiden y] no problem - and don't worry, the forum is for asking questions.  sorry
+ 381715 [fs_tigre hot] Thank you all very much!

^ Chaussures puma
381594 [dske02 126.c] <a href="http://www.chaussures-puma-pascher.com">chaussures puma</a>

^ [ANN] Feature matrix of Ruby HTTP clients
381602 [nahi ruby-la] I posted Ruby HTTP clients feature matrix [1] which compares various

^ looking for an "inversion" pattern
381605 [r alum.mit.e] I'm sure there's a clean way to do this in Ruby, but I haven't figured
+ 381607 [r alum.mit.e] my_obj.foo_some_method(*args)
| 381616 [shortcutter ] I am sorry, I still do not understand your motivation to have a class
| 381641 [r alum.mit.e] Thanks everybody!!
| 381698 [shortcutter ] You're welcome!
+ 381611 [kevin.mahler] class MyClass
| + 381612 [r alum.mit.e] That's some mighty fine code-fu -- back in the day I had no problem with
| | 381631 [kevin.mahler] Um, no it's not. Inspecting from top to bottom: (a) open the singleton
| + 381709 [bbxx789_05ss] I don't know what's conceptually easier to understand, but in ruby there
|   381713 [bbxx789_05ss] I guess since obj *is* visible in all the nested blocks, its not
+ 381613 [jgabrielygal] I would create a method foo that returns a proxy that remembers which
+ 381720 [b.candler po] Not sure, but would bound or unbound methods help you?
  381723 [shortcutter ] You can only bind to instances of the original type.  You cannot use

^ How to make exe of ruby program on windows?
381615 [shilvi.parik] I tried using Rubyscript2exe.rb
+ 381617 [michel.reves] Try ocra (gem install ocra)
+ 381618 [shilvi.parik] But when i try to install ocra then also I am getting error
| + 381621 [michel.reves] You can also get ocra here : http://rubyforge.org/projects/ocra/
| + 381627 [sutniuq gmx.] Which version of Ruby are you running? If you're running 1.8.6 I'll
+ 381670 [rogerpack200] search for "distributable_executable"
| 381691 [jarmo.p gmai] I remember that i saw some time ago a newer tool, which created .exe
| 381696 [luislavena g] Coming directly from Japan ;-)
| 381699 [jarmo.p gmai] Cool. That was the thing.
+ 381765 [shilvi.parik] Thanks alll...

^ Re: JRuby 1.6.1 released
381619 [chauk.mean g] Great work.

^ Get the real object in a Hash key
381622 [ibc aliax.ne] h =3D {}
+ 381623 [shortcutter ] This is a special optimization for unfrozen Strings as Hash keys.
| 381626 [ibc aliax.ne] Oopss, if I freeze the string before inserting it as Hash key it
| 381632 [shortcutter ] Exactly.  And you don't want to do it.  A Hash is an associative
| + 381636 [ibc aliax.ne] Yes, that seems a good solution.
| + 381637 [kevin.mahler] Well you may want to do it -- that's why Hash#assoc exists. Hash keys
|   381643 [shortcutter ] I did not argue against complex keys.  The issue is with *mutable*
|   381652 [kevin.mahler] You said "And you don't want to do it." In fact doing it has its uses.
|   + 381695 [shortcutter ] Please do not quote out of context: that was referring to the example
|   + 381700 [ibc aliax.ne] I've coded a parser for SIP (similar to HTTP). The parser generates a
|     + 381703 [josh.cheek g] You don't have to have a hash to implement a hash interface. How about
|     + 381704 [shortcutter ] Now it gets interesting. :-)
|       381706 [ibc aliax.ne] g some
+ 381701 [jakekaiden y] i may well not understand exactly what you need to do, and so be =

^ Looking for a new project? How about JSYNC for Ruby.
381628 [transfire gm] Ruby lacks a solid JSYNC library. If anyone is looking for a good
381647 [jgabrielygal] Looks like an interesting project, and I would love to contribute, but

^ [ANN] filename 0.1.0 released
381630 [ d ytak.info] filename 0.1.0 has been released.

^ Extract a range i.e. svr[100..130] ?
381644 [skolopen yah] What best method could extract the range of a given list of servers?
+ 381646 [jgabrielygal] Sorry, if I didn't understand this well. You have a string containing
+ 381657 [skolopen yah] This is a definite step in the right direction and I appreciate your
| 381658 [bbxx789_05ss] ...and so what have you tried given the above?
+ 381660 [skolopen yah] undefined method `match' for ["svr[100..103].domain.local"]:Array
| 381671 [jgabrielygal] This is because you don't have a string, you have an array. If you
+ 381663 [skolopen yah] it might be that my loop is wrong, ill investigate further, thank you
+ 381669 [skolopen yah] 7stud,
| 381797 [bbxx789_05ss] puts RUBY_VERSION
+ 381673 [skolopen yah] array.
+ 381674 [skolopen yah] Here is what i am trying to do.
  381675 [jgabrielygal] split returns an array

^ improve query
381645 [naina.sydney] below query is giving very long output. Can anyone please let me know if
381649 [naina.sydney] Here is a part of the output of the query, I am looking at improving

^ [ANN] Executable 1.0
381648 [transfire gm] Just released Executable v1.0. Executable lets you turn any class into

^ Re: Extract a range i.e. svr?
381651 [bbxx789_05ss] t =

^ [ANN] Rails 3.0.7.rc2
381655 [santiago wye] ZOMG I've pushed 3.0.7.rc2 to rubygems.

^ instance_eval trickiness
381664 [bbxx789_05ss] I think instance_eval() is the trickiest of the eval's to understand.

^ Problem with displaying command line outputs
381668 [ks1911shoote] I am trying to run some tests, which utilize test::unit. Aside from the
+ 381924 [ks1911shoote] I tried a few more approaches, but they don't work either. I have an .rb
+ 381925 [jakekaiden y] don't know if this will work in your case, but i've found when doing

^ chomp behaviour
381677 [angel_steel ] Using 1.9.1
+ 381678 [oscartheduck] What are you trying to accomplish? Bear in mind that, on the command line,
+ 381679 [roylzuo gmai] ``echo "abc"`` outputs "abc\n", try this instead
+ 381680 [whitequark w] "gets" returns the whole read string, with trailing newline ("\n").
+ 381681 [mike stok.ca] abc

^ how to count values in an array using 1.8.6 ?
381682 [skolopen yah] How can I count all keys in an array?
+ 381683 [roylzuo gmai] How about
+ 381692 [dominikh for] I can't quite see what the problem is here.
+ 381693 [ibc aliax.ne] Why??

^ Mp4 encoding gem?
381690 [will.dl.munn] I'm writing an audio encoding application, I need to encode wav files to
381705 [spoon killer] Not quite what you asked but ffmpeg is solid.  Converts pretty much

^ Let Ruby read the serial port
381694 [superpelican] I would like to read a serial port. I'm going to connect want to connect
+ 381721 [b.candler po] Which platform are you running under?
| 381722 [sophrinix gm] Make sure you have the baud and port number correct.
+ 381726 [josh.cheek g] Almost a year ago I used http://rubygems.org/gems/serialport successfully on
+ 381780 [regis.aubare] require "mscorlib"

^ For loops trouble
381710 [zaldivar1841] I am trying to translate a program I have in Java into ruby and having
+ 381711 [josh.cheek g] numbers = *1..10
| 381712 [josh.cheek g] I guess, depending on your needs, you might want the index as well, in which
+ 381717 [bbxx789_05ss] a = [2, 4, 1, 9, 6]
+ 381718 [cmdicely gma] for (int i=3D0; a[i] < x; i++) { ... }
+ 381733 [botpena gmai] there are many ways.

^ [ANN] Slop 1.5.0
381714 [lee jarvis.c] Slop

^ Making a simple parser
381716 [balbif gmail] To automate some of the tests I have to run, I decided to use ruby to
+ 381739 [bbxx789_05ss] 1)
+ 381750 [jakekaiden y] well, i don't know how many possible input types you have, but if
| 381751 [balbif gmail] Initially I thought about taking this approach, but frankly I don't
| 381762 [jakekaiden y] a very good point - and really what inheritance is for.  good luck
+ 381770 [jgabrielygal] The above doesn't work, because the @children inside the instance
| 381874 [balbif gmail] t =
+ 381791 [bbxx789_05ss] I'm pretty unclear about what you are trying to do, but maybe this will
  381796 [bbxx789_05ss] And you can get around that problem by letting InputFormat#parse create

^ Released Win32::Screenshot 1.0.3
381724 [jarmo.p gmai] I've just released the Win32::Screenshot 1.0.3 gem.

^ Released WatirSplash 1.2.0
381725 [jarmo.p gmai] I've just released the WatirSplash 1.2.0 gem.

^ Understanding the return method
381727 [fs_tigre hot] As always, I'm asking simple questions sorry.
+ 381728 [ibc aliax.ne] A ruby method always returns the last object or expression it calls
+ 381730 [vmanis telus] Don't be sorry, questions need answers :).=20
+ 381731 [jakekaiden y] hey fily -
+ 381732 [jakekaiden y] while i was answering your post, vincent answered it much better than
| 381736 [bbxx789_05ss] uch
| + 381741 [vmanis telus] happens=20
| + 381746 [ibc aliax.ne] ens
+ 381735 [fs_tigre hot] Beautiful, got it, thank you all very much for your help, it feels good
+ 381745 [fs_tigre hot] All you guys are awesome... thats all I can say

^ getting error when running rdoc
381738 [pedzsan gmai] I thought I would past this hear because I don't know if it is an rdoc

^ Telnet "More?"
381742 [erictetz gma] I'm trying to use the telnet library. I don't know Ruby AT ALL
+ 381747 [cmdicely gma] =C2=A0 =C2=A0Searches
| 381761 [erictetz gma] Yes, but I'm wondering *why* this happens with the Ruby client. It's
+ 381756 [bbxx789_05ss] Which function are you referring to??
| 381760 [erictetz gma] That would be (I thought) the 'out' lambda, but as Christopher
| + 381767 [cmdicely gma] Methods (like blocks) aren't objects, though (like blocks) they can be
| + 381862 [bbxx789_05ss] Ahh, I see.
+ 381763 [invalid inva] I was able to reproduce your problem in Ruby 1.9.2 but not 1.8.7, against an
| 381764 [invalid inva] I should have written @telnet_option.... not @telnet_options
+ 381831 [b.candler po] t.cmd is really shorthand for t.puts followed by t.waitfor
  381857 [invalid inva] But I found that his code *does* work in 1.8.7 but not in 1.9.2, so it's not
  381860 [markus fisch] Is it maybe a similar issue I faced with Sinatra recently [1]? In 1.9

^ How to implement a music playlist player in Ruby?
381743 [bikudaa live] I am fairly new in the music/playlist related programming. I want to
381744 [jakekaiden y] i don't really know anything about implementing this in a webpage -

^ Re: To Yield or Not to Yield: An Inferable Question
381752 [b.candler po] 1. In my experience, very little real-world Ruby code uses
381754 [adgar carbon] charset=windows-1252
+ 381771 [ryand-ruby z] note
+ 381783 [b.candler po] Ah, by "optionally" I think you mean "does one thing when a block is
+ 381906 [b.candler po] However there are some cases where this is done unnecessarily,
  381954 [adgar carbon] yield c=20
  381989 [b.candler po] You are of course right in your analysis.
  381994 [shortcutter ] The standard and core libraries are full of those (File.open,
  382015 [b.candler po] I'd forgotten about File.open with a block. That *is* good.

381753 [jkconley gma] require 'rubygems'

^ Undefine Method Only Marks the Method Undefined
381755 [zhangsu live] According to the book Programming Ruby by Dave Thomas, "an
+ 381757 [adgar carbon] The difference between undef_method and remove_method is, as you
+ 381758 [josh.cheek g] =EF=AC=81ned."
+ 381759 [zhangsu live] Thank you - Michael and Josh, now this makes perfect sense to me. It's

^ [ANN] Mechanize 2.0.pre.2
381766 [drbrain segm] mechanize version 2.0.pre.2 has been released!  Please test this release =

^ Tail Call Optimization (Tail Recursion)
381768 [cmhoward fri] I did some googling to find out if Ruby supports tail call optimization,
+ 381787 [bbxx789_05ss] Couldn't you test that by creating two recursive functions: one with a
| 381790 [w_a_x_man ya] def fib n, a = 0, b = 1
| 381798 [default spir] it seems like fib(50000) is not only too big for MRI ruby, but also Python
| + 381803 [w_a_x_man ya] I'm surprised that they are still working. Gambit Scheme takes
| | 381842 [default spir] and they still are ;)  as I was not using the same implementation of fib...
| | 381887 [w_a_x_man ya] ;;  Gambit Scheme
| | 381888 [w_a_x_man ya] def fib n
| | 381917 [shortcutter ] Just for the fun of it a version with a Hash as "function" for faster
| + 381806 [vmanis telus] Python
|   381808 [steve stevek] Guido has said that any interpreter that implements TCO is not Python.
|   381811 [vmanis telus] I recall that quote, and it totally mystifies me. Of course, he IS BDFL, =
|   + 381813 [adgar carbon] recursive procedure, but simply invoking another method, and thus using =
|   + 381851 [steve stevek] He makes a sensible argument, it's just not the particular set of tradeoffs
|     + 381852 [b.candler po] Of course you will then lose the backtrace. Also, stack is cheap to
|     | 381855 [steve stevek] There are techniques to retain a backtrace, even with TCO.
|     + 381858 [code apotheo] That occurred to me as a possible reason for making the statement Guido
+ 381789 [steve stevek] There's a flag that you can enable to turn it on.

^ rspec-2.6.0.rc2 is released!
381769 [dchelimsky g] We're releasing rspec-2.6.0.rc2 as a release candidate as there are some =

^ Rakefile and simplecov
381774 [markus fisch] I've a Rakefile generated by jeweler. It uses rcov default but that
381786 [steve stevek] I'm not super familiar with simplecov, but i just merged a patch that
381793 [markus fisch] Thanks, that helped at least get some result. However the coverage

^ Using the win32api
381775 [bourinax yop] I'm trying to use the win32api, in the Sketchup ruby API. then loading
+ 381799 [luislavena g] ingRuby/html/lib_windows.html.
+ 381832 [bourinax yop] re,
+ 381839 [bourinax yop] solution : require 'Win32API' :)

^ net-ssh - execution expired
381779 [simon lisuna] i'm having a problem with net-ssh. i'm trying to run a command on

^ Need for speed -> a C extension?
381781 [mail maasha.] The below code is too slow for practical use. I need it to run at least
+ 381784 [cremes.devli] I pasted the code into a local file and ran it. It completed instantly.
+ 381785 [shortcutter ] Can you be a bit more specific about the slow part or even extract a
+ 381788 [w_a_x_man ya] Please give a clear description of the algorithm, and then
| 381792 [mail maasha.] Here is a working version of the code that can be profiled (though it
| 381794 [ryand-ruby z] least
| 381836 [mail maasha.] They bottlenecks are the iteration over the sequence (while loop at line
| + 381840 [shortcutter ] Frankly, I find your code has a design issue: it seems you mix data
| | 381846 [mail maasha.] I am not sure if I understand this. I have tried to copy the behavior of
| | + 381854 [shortcutter ] Maybe on the interface, but you create side effects on the String (Seq
| | + 381856 [shortcutter ] Sorry for the half message, thick fingers hit the wrong key accidentally.
| + 381849 [brabuhr gmai] What exact version? what platform? how was it installed?
|   381853 [mail maasha.] $ uname -a
|   + 381869 [brabuhr gmai] b/inline.rb:51:in
|   + 381878 [brabuhr gmai] $ uname -a
|   | 381894 [mail maasha.] I keep a log of the ruby compile. It looks like it was build under
|   | 381920 [brabuhr gmai] Oh, okay.  I wanted to check since your uname above said "10.7.0".
|   | 381921 [brabuhr gmai] I'm not sure about RubyInline
|   | 381922 [mail maasha.] $ ruby -d j.rb ->
|   | 381923 [brabuhr gmai] "Exception `ArgumentError' at
|   | 381926 [mail maasha.] I reverted to ruby 1.9.1p129
|   | + 381928 [cmdjackryan ] If you still have the log for your Ruby compile lying around (and the
|   | | 381956 [echristopher] I just remembered something I heard on IRC the other night, that Ruby
|   | + 381930 [brabuhr gmai] "This abstract class provides a common interface to message digest
|   |   381931 [brabuhr gmai] $ cd ext/digest/
|   + 381972 [colinb2r goo] I hesitate to suggest this, given that if you've compiled and
+ 383269 [mail maasha.] Sorry guys, I have been busy with a few other things before continuing
  383274 [shortcutter ] I am referring to http://pastie.org/1808127 : The issue with the code