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Net::HTTP.get_response - No Response
380607 [ja_bowen@ya ] This was working but stopped.  I've made no upgrades to my system.
+ 380610 [adgar@ca bo ] ...
+ 380616 [code@ap th o] Has http://www.quibids.com changed?
| 380618 [ja_bowen@ya ] It the past I received the body (or code) of the webpage, which I then
| 380630 [code@ap th o] So . . . has quibids.com changed -- or vanished?
+ 380632 [b.candler@po] That's a redirect (302).
  380633 [b.candler@po] HTTP/1.0 504 Gateway Time-out

380614 [rajad102@gm ] ...

string/array slices
380623 [patrick.a.ty] understand.
+ 380625 [bbxx789_05ss] Returns nil if the index (or starting index) are out of range.
| 380636 [gwtmp01@ma .] The docs certainly could be more clear but the actual behavior is =
| 380646 [bbxx789_05ss] Nice explanation.  Now if ruby had a self documenting docs, like php, we
| 380672 [adam@ap es o] +1 on getting this explanation into the docs.
+ 380627 [bbxx789_05ss] I might add, that *feature* is clearly a mistake in the ruby language
| 380631 [gwtmp01@ma .] It is quite clear that Ruby's string model is not at all like C's so why =
| 380645 [bbxx789_05ss] ...because ruby is written in C??
| 380671 [code@ap th o] Should Ruby's string model be like the Intel x86 instruction set's string
+ 380628 [patrick.a.ty] Yep, I see.  That's nutty.  I wish that ruby would stop at the null, not
+ 380635 [patrick.a.ty] Gary,
| 380637 [chaos@ro s. ] It's not only a good thing that Ruby works this way, it's necessary.
| + 380644 [patrick.a.ty] Yes and thanks to you too.  I'm onboard now and agree, it's a really
| + 386720 [matt.brianco] I'm new to Ruby and found this issue in one of the Ruby Koans[1] tests
+ 380638 [patrick.a.ty] Wow Gary, I really appreciate the time you took to type that up.  I have

SodaSuite Test
380626 [mike.favela@] Im currently trying to run a sodasuite test for SugarCRM when I run the

open and enjoy
380629 [rakishkrishn] tutorila for computerssssssssssssss

numerical ruby?
380642 [serialhex@gm] does anybody know of any good, high-speed numerical ruby libraries, kind of
+ 380650 [bbxx789_05ss] ruby and 'high speed' are sort of antithetical terms.
| 380652 [adgar@ca bo ] ...
| + 380654 [serialhex@gm] SWEET!!  thank you both Matz & Michael, NArray looks like it might work for
| + 380655 [bbxx789_05ss] I know a little python, myself.
| | 380657 [adgar@ca bo ] ...
| + 380749 [cameron.mcbr] narray is great.  and if you need more capabilities, there are several
+ 380651 [matz@ru y- a] Google NArray.
+ 380767 [colinb2r@go ] of

How can I generate new variables?
380643 [haebooty@ya ] cannot figure out. What I am trying to do is create new variables that
+ 380647 [bbxx789_05ss] That is a typical beginner question.  You NEVER need to do that.  All
| 380662 [haebooty@ya ] First off thank you for the reply, and as you can probably tell I am
| + 380674 [g.diemant@gm] 2011/3/31 Kyle X. <haebooty@yahoo.com>
| | 380708 [haebooty@ya ] Thank you all very much for your responses.  Both solutions work great.
| + 380675 [shortcutter@] You can easily cook it yourself
| + 380722 [bbxx789_05ss] No problem--that's what this forum is for.
+ 380794 [haebooty@ya ] Dear 7stud,
  380890 [shortcutter@] But that is about REXML and not general iteration of collections in

whats the best gui you can get for ruby
380648 [stnvttr@gm i] I do not like shoes i have all ready tried it .
+ 380649 [bbxx789_05ss] I find that the wx* flavors of gui's are best, which in this case would
+ 380678 [jakekaiden@y] if you can get gtk2 up and running, i strongly recommend it - it's got
+ 380679 [edmond.kacha] I haven't started GUI programming with Ruby, but I have seen my colleague

Automating simple web forms
380656 [echristopher] What would be the best headless web testing/automation library to use,
+ 380663 [bpettichord@] Have you looked at Celerity?
+ 380712 [marco-oweber] The only headless browser supporting JS I know about is HTMLUnit
  + 380720 [echristopher] Yeah, I looked a little at that. Apparently you can use it from within
  | + 380746 [adam@ap es o] There's a non-Ruby headless browser with JavaScript I recently discovered
  | + 380750 [b.candler@po] I suggest you have a look at cucumber too (cukes.info) - this is a sort
  + 380748 [richard.conr] Celerity.

gtk question
380660 [stnvttr@gm i] when i type make in the terminal it says that is there is no make file
380677 [jakekaiden@y] there's a gnome2 section of this forum, where it would be more
380686 [chris@ch is ] Did you run the configure script first?  If installing from source, you

i also wanted to add what the error looked like
380661 [stnvttr@gm i] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

Troubles with autotest and rspec2
380665 [tony.arcieri] I'm trying to use autotest in conjunction with RSpec 2. Almost everything
+ 380701 [jeremy@hi eg] You can alter how autotest looks at the mappings between tests and files
| 380704 [tony.arcieri] Heh, thanks for the help as well :)
+ 380702 [tony.arcieri] Fixed my problem...

[Mac OS X SL] wxRuby :: no suitable image found.
380666 [unbewusst.se] I wanted to gibe a try of wxRuby on Mac OS X SL (latest) after
380667 [unbewusst.se] imyt% which ruby1.9
380698 [sutniuq@gm .] You installed the version for Ruby 1.8. Do

[ANN] Rails 3.0.6.rc2
380670 [aaron@te de ] OH EM GEE!!!

Dereferencing instance variables vs local variables/methods
380684 [josep.m.bach] ...
+ 380685 [g.diemant@gm] Consider something like this
| + 380688 [vbosch@gm il] Regarding this issue I have come to the same conclusion as Gunther.
| + 380700 [jeremy@bo p.] It's good advice to always initialize all of your instance variables
+ 380719 [bbxx789_05ss] if 1 > 5
  380741 [b.candler@po] Local variables *are* initialized to nil.
  380743 [josep.m.bach] ...

how to refine the code to avoid using fork on windows?
380689 [firewall888@] here is the thing, i need to move a previous ruby program from Linux to
+ 380691 [jeremy@bo p.] Have you considered using Cygwin (http://cygwin.com) and the ruby
| 380695 [firewall888@] our usage, that's why we won't use cygwin any more.
| + 380696 [hramrach@ce ] You can also use the system() function.
| | 380703 [sutniuq@gm .] A better way IMO is to use the #spawn method which calls the external
| | 380726 [firewall888@] is #spawn's behavior just similar to fork+exec?
| + 380697 [klauer@gm il] It might help to forward this on to the RubyInstaller group, since Luis
+ 380727 [tony.arcieri] Check out the childprocess gem: https://github.com/jarib/childprocess
+ 380802 [firewall888@] i tried using win32-process to emulate #fork, although the code need no

380690 [devivithyama] ...
380692 [edmond.kacha] Nonsense! Not health for me. Can he moderator look at what is happening?

380693 [semenshikov@] reliz.org.ua

380709 [vivek.vaid@g] Charles - Any insights into jxinsight vs new relic?

Simple array.each do |x| question
380710 [haebooty@ya ] direction = doc.elements.each("doc:iso_10303_28/uos/IfcCartesianPoint")
+ 380711 [roger@ro er ] The variable z does not contain an index but the object you need. Try
| 380713 [haebooty@ya ] Thanks for the reply; however, both of these produce a new error is
| 380714 [g.diemant@gm] attribute is a method, so try z.attribut('id')
| + 380717 [haebooty@ya ] That fixed it, thanks very much for your time and help!
| + 380764 [haebooty@ya ] Thank you all for your responses.  I have a second part question.  I
|   + 380766 [code@ap th o] =20
|   | 380768 [haebooty@ya ] I am sorry for not including this.  reference1 and reference2 are two
|   | 380781 [code@ap th o] I still haven't gotten around to looking at the second loop.  I'm between
|   + 380785 [code@ap th o] =20
|     380796 [haebooty@ya ] Thank you again Mr. Perrin, I went over the code you provided and
|     380806 [bbxx789_05ss] p some_array
|     380820 [code@ap th o] transformed_data =3D data.map {|arr| arr.map {|int| int.to_f } }
+ 380808 [bbxx789_05ss] 1)
| + 380821 [code@ap th o] =20
| + 380936 [haebooty@ya ] Thank you Chris and 7stud, both of your explanations are great and are
|   380938 [code@ap th o] =20
+ 381032 [haebooty@ya ] Doh, sorry Chad, just a typo there.  Sometimes my mind reads what it

Sinatra and Shotgun Gems
380715 [rclark.sf@gm] and for whatever reason, I can't get the shotgun gen to load.  My
+ 380728 [gdprasad@gm ] This worked for me on Ubuntu after "sudo gem install shotgun"
+ 380738 [b.candler@po] How did you install sinatra? You might be using the native Debian
+ 380932 [rclark.sf@gm] Brian,

Announce: ruby-perl gem released
380716 [andrea.campi] ruby-perl lets you evaluate and run Perl code within the same binary,
+ 380724 [botpena@gm i] very nice. yet after installing, i get,
| 380729 [andrea.campi] perl -V
| 380730 [andrea.campi] I think I've fixed this issue, I would appreciate it if you could try again.
+ 380731 [tony.arcieri] Is anyone using ruby-perl in a Phuby on Phails application? I also need to
  380732 [andrea.campi] Interesting questions and a clever naming convention.

[ANN] hoe 2.9.2 Released
380718 [ryand-ruby@z] hoe version 2.9.2 has been released!
380751 [eldestdamphy] Excellent work as always Ryan.
380773 [ryand-ruby@z] not respect the Manifest.txt when it comes to the test/ directory.
380795 [eldestdamphy] Well, the same way I want to exclude some of the files from the library

Can you search in REXML by attributes?
380721 [haebooty@ya ] forum.  I am trying to figure out how to search through an XML file and
+ 380723 [bbxx789_05ss] //IfcLengthMeasure[@id = 'i1671']
+ 380725 [bbxx789_05ss] //*[@id = 'i1671']
+ 380737 [shortcutter@] t")
| 380755 [haebooty@ya ] What my goal is is to start at a given location (in this case-
| 380759 [jgabrielygal] ush(next_id)
| 381264 [haebooty@ya ] Thank you for the help.  I had been using REXML and it was working find
| 381265 [haebooty@ya ] Please disregard the previous post.  I figured out how to load the
| 381277 [jgabrielygal] $ cat noko.rb && ruby -rubygems noko.rb
| 381304 [haebooty@ya ] Thank you for your reply.  When I continue to try and read the file I
| 381333 [jgabrielygal] require 'nokogiri'
| + 381338 [shortcutter@] The alternative is
| + 381375 [haebooty@ya ] Thank you for the response.  After reading the link you provided to make
|   381381 [jgabrielygal] Yes.
+ 380763 [haebooty@ya ] Thank you Jesus, that is exactly what I was looking for and it works
| 380889 [shortcutter@] Here's the same with REXML.
| 380935 [haebooty@ya ] Thank you too Robert.  This is a great explanation.
+ 381873 [haebooty@ya ] having trouble trying to read some xml, and from my reading online I
+ 381895 [haebooty@ya ] This has sufficiently deviated from the title of the thread, so to make

Unwanted collector in regular expression
380733 [ruby@ay i. o] installation here ruby-
+ 380739 [b.candler@po] Why don't you make a simple, standalone test program which demonstrates
+ 380740 [shortcutter@] You should rather use Regexp.union(crix) in order to ensure proper

SImple question about file io
380734 [pjoyce@wh ts] I am a little frustrated by a simple problem.  This the script below is
+ 380735 [hyagni@gm il] I could not reproduce your error, but there is a obvious problem.
+ 380736 [hyagni@gm il] I found another problem.  I am sorry not to include this in the previous po=
+ 380744 [pjoyce@wh ts] Thank you for you help.  I guess its a good idea to initialise vars.
  380745 [hyagni@gm il] As my code shows, the variables defined in a loop reset with nil on each lo=

How to call Ruby from non-interpreter native thread?
380742 [sungurik@ra ] Win32 platform. I embedded Ruby extension with SWIG. So my extension
380962 [sungurik@ra ] I've got skill with GIL (Global Interpreter Lock) and used

PostgreSQL and COPY FROM
380747 [yoann6@gm il] I use the 'pg' gem to send some data files to a postgresql database. I
+ 381028 [ged@Fa ri MU] ''''")
+ 383329 [yoann6@gm il] Sorry for replying so late, and thank you so much for your link it's

[ANN] AffirmIt! 3.1.4 announced
380753 [egalluzzo@gm] Are you a developer?  Testing framework got you down?
380811 [josh.cheek@g] This made me smile. I love Affirmit's language :)
380814 [serialhex@gm] wow... thats a very interesting way to write tests :P  *is checking it out
380815 [josh.cheek@g] You prefer that there are more docs? Or maybe add more docs for bonus
380816 [serialhex@gm] bonus points are cool!  i was looking at it on github & saw the simpson

Hello Friends
380756 [eaglebalti@g] Surprise! Just Visit The following websites

computer hacking tips
380757 [rakishkrishn] www.rakishcan.blogspot.com

ANN: Sequel 3.22.0 Released
380758 [code@je em e] Sequel is a lightweight database access toolkit for Ruby.

Searching a CSV file - beginner seeking help
380762 [simon@si on ] 1. I've used instance variables without a class, to make them visible
+ 380765 [seanh1313@tx] OK
+ 380769 [seanh1313@tx] Here you go.  This is VERY rough, but it should get you headed in the right direction
+ 380771 [simon@si on ] Sorry, don't know your name. You're just appearing as 'guest'. Are you
+ 380772 [simon@si on ] Got it!
+ 380776 [simon@si on ] require 'csv'
| 380777 [jgabrielygal] this will always be true, since you are initializing results to an
+ 380797 [simon@si on ] Thanks Jesus. I plan to improve script over coming days.
| 380800 [marcofognog@] a way very similar to ActiveRecord, but just doesn't work with ruby
+ 380834 [simon@si on ] Thanks marco. Looks like it has potential. I can't think how it would

[ANN] hoe 2.9.3 Released
380770 [ryand-ruby@z] hoe version 2.9.3 has been released!

Re: [SPAM] computer hacking tips
380774 [mike@os n. r] Reporting to google abuse team,
+ 380780 [spoon@ki le ] SLAM!  This list gets a lot of spam so cheers for pissing him
| 380786 [code@ap th o] Yeah!  Why would programmers want Rails?
| 380788 [spoon@ki le ] I never thought of it as mismatched targeted advertising before,
| 380789 [code@ap th o] People who run their own weblogs with comment forms tend to have to deal
+ 380842 [martindemell] As a reminder, please do not mark ruby-talk mails as spam in gmail;

[ANN] RubyGems 1.7.0
380775 [drbrain@se m] rubygems-update version 1.7.0 has been released!

[ANN] hoe 2.9.4 Released
380779 [ryand-ruby@z] hoe version 2.9.4 has been released!

Reading XML to relational tables
380782 [flethuseo@gm] I need to build 3 relational tables from an xml text. In this tables, I
+ 380784 [jgabrielygal] What I'd do is parse the XML (use Nokogiri, for example) and get all p
+ 381252 [flethuseo@gm] Thank you for your help. Right now I am stuck trying to traverse the
  381279 [jgabrielygal] require 'nokogiri'

[ANN] rubygems 1.7.1
380783 [drbrain@se m] After much finger-pointing, rubygems-update version 1.7.1 has been =
380798 [botpena@gm i] slight check
380799 [ryand-ruby@z] released!

[ANN] Erubis 2.7.0 released
380787 [kwatch@gm il] I released Erubis 2.7.0.

Tk and Tile with Tk8.5
380790 [foldes.laszl] I want to use Ruby 1.9.1 (Ubuntu 10.10) with Tk8.5 Tile, but this samle
+ 380792 [nagai@ai ky ] Thank you for your report.
| 380813 [foldes.laszl] $ ruby -r tk -e "p Tk::TK_PATCHLEVEL"
| 380817 [nagai@ai ky ] Are there tk-tile package for Tcl/Tk8.4 on Ubuntu 10.10 ?
+ 380822 [albertschlef] I'm using Ubuntu 10.04.1, but it probably isn't different than yours.
  380865 [foldes.laszl] Thanks, that solved it!
  380917 [albertschlef] What's the "berbug"? Tell us, so that page (ubuntu-new-tk.html) could be fixed.
  380944 [nagai@ai ky ] The following depend on an unofficial feature of ruby's dll loading.
  381004 [albertschlef] Hey, that's a nice trick. Thanks!
  381023 [nagai@ai ky ] It depends on "how to find an entry point function of a DLL".

Re: [Ruby] [ANN] rubygems 1.7.1
380791 [luislavena@g] ed!

[ANN] test-loop 9.3.0
380793 [sunaku@gm il] test-loop - Continuous testing for Ruby with fork/eval

380801 [lydianblues@] ...

How to make stand a lone Shoes apps (with require 'shoes')
380803 [superpelican] I'm working in Netbeans IDE 6.9 and tried the Shoes graphics toolkit
+ 380807 [serialhex@gm] hey, i'm pretty sure you just need " require 'shoes' "  not shoes3...  at
| 380823 [ashbbb@gm il] Oh, really?
| 380824 [serialhex@gm] ashbb,
| 380829 [ashbbb@gm il] Oh, sorry. I don't understand English well. xx-P
+ 380826 [superpelican] Yes, my platform is Linux, Xubuntu Linux 10.10 on an Asus Eee PC 900
  380830 [ashbbb@gm il] I confirmed the following with ubuntu on VirtualBox on Windows 7 laptop.