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^ Array question.
379731 [catsquotl gm] I have a csv file. #several really
+ 379732 [bbxx789_05ss] def test(*args)  #gather all the args into an array
+ 379746 [shortcutter ] The string interpolation is pointless here.  If @points may be anything

^ Problem in script help (shoes)
379735 [lars_werkman] heey, i have a problem with my script could some one please look at it
379737 [steve stevek] You can check the Shoes Console with command-/. When typing something into
379740 [ashbbb gmail] You define the SomeDataProcessing class within Shoes.app block.

^ Re: parslet 1.2 - a PEG parser library
379739 [sunaku gmail] Hurray for improved readability!  This is a good change. :)

^ Re: [jruby-user] [ANN] JRuby 1.6.0.RC3 released
379741 [headius head] Thanks for the confirmation :) Looks like we'll have no problem

^ Re: Problems with programming (shoes)
379748 [lars_werkman] heey thank you all for the reactions

^ rake problems
379754 [b1368810 lhs] I have an Ubuntu 10.10, rake -v 0.8.7

^ send() with a block?
379755 [bbxx789_05ss] Why don't the ruby docs say that send() can take a block?
+ 379756 [sean.ohalpin] It's not the send() that's consuming the block - it's the define_method().
| 379757 [whitequark w] But send() still bothers to pass the block around. Consider the
| + 379759 [sean.ohalpin] ).
| | + 379761 [ryand-ruby z] Indeed... Take that statement a step further: ALL methods take a block, =
| | + 379776 [shortcutter ] Automatic propagation of the block is not a feature of #send but a
| + 379779 [b.candler po] def my_method
|   379780 [whitequark w] That's the whole point of my demonstration. (Maybe I was too concise.)
|   + 379782 [sean.ohalpin] def my_send
|   + 379784 [b.candler po] Indeed. And the O.P. was passing a block to send explicitly too.
|     379786 [b.candler po] def my_method
|     379794 [astounding g] I agree that the documentation the original post linked to really
|     379796 [mentionuse g] Based on Robert's code, isn't this false, with it being a feature of super
|     379797 [gwtmp01 mac.] super
|     379805 [shortcutter ] er
+ 379760 [ryand-ruby z] obj.send( symbol =E2=9F=A8 , args =E2=9F=A9=E2=88=97 =E2=9F=A8 , &block =
+ 379770 [shevegen lin] One of the best replies. And beautifully signifies the flexible approach
+ 379798 [josh.cheek g] It says "Invokes the method identified by symbol, passing it any arguments
| 379800 [astounding g] Correct, a block IS an argument, but of a rather unusual type in that
| 379803 [josh.cheek g] There is always a block slot, as Ryan said "ALL methods take a block". What
+ 379834 [bbxx789_05ss] The actual method "send" can take a block, and it passes it to the
  379837 [gwtmp01 mac.] Your comment about LocalJumpError should be one line above and it
  379839 [bbxx789_05ss] Ah, a typo.  Thanks.

^ Re: sleepy_penguin 2.0.0 - Linux I/O events for Ruby
379766 [shevegen lin] Here is an idea, not sure if you'd like to pick it up because it would
379773 [normalperson] Heh, I haven't used it myself much (nor most of the things I publish).
379851 [normalperson] I just pushed the following change out to raindrops.git.  Not the

^ Bless Matz and his teammates in Japan
379767 [yimutang gma] Wish them and their families all in safety.
+ 379772 [sutniuq gmx.] I hope for them too. May god bless them.
+ 379775 [matz ruby-la] We are all safe, as far as I know.  Thank you.
| + 379778 [yimutang gma] Thank God. Best wishes for you and your country.
| + 379788 [stu rubyprog] I am very glad to hear this. I hope you and your family are safe and stay s=
| | 379799 [dimeneira gm] Will be praying for y'all.
| | 379801 [astounding g] =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0matz.
| + 379802 [john.carter ] Thank Heavens! Great news to hear the Ruby Team are safe!
| + 379804 [viorelvladu ] =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 matz.
+ 379781 [jakekaiden g] May our thoughts and best wishes for all of you and your loved ones be

^ Re: The Great Ruby GUI Toolkit Roundup
379768 [rogerpack200] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ Ruby development for desktop app
379774 [pablognulinu] + QT4.

^ [ANN] [SECURITY] Rack 1.1.2 / Rack 1.2.2, a modular Ruby webserver interface
379777 [chneukirchen] Today we are proud to announce the release of Rack 1.1.2 and 1.2.2.

^ can someone explain this?
379790 [andy.bogdano] p = proc {
+ 379792 [ryand-ruby z] I suggest you send that to ruby-core@
+ 379795 [adgar carbon] [+ruby-core]

^ best search method
379807 [dglnz2 gmail] I've got a small contact mysql database and need to do a soundex type of
379808 [shadowfirebi] Never done this in Ruby so there may be a better way.   But why not actually use Soundex?
379809 [shadowfirebi] Replying to myself and therefore proving I leap before I look.
380088 [dglnz2 gmail] use
380154 [brabuhr gmai] What have you tried that did not work?
380182 [brabuhr gmai] Ah, when I sat down to take a look into this, I saw your thread on the

^ Unespected result of define_method with "for" and "each"
379810 [lucapette gm] I was trying to define instance methods on a class based on an given array =
379811 [jgabrielygal] y of strings. I run into different results using two different types of ite=
379812 [lucapette gm] Thank you for the reply. It's a perfect explanation for me. There is always something new to learn with Ruby. That's why I love it so much.

^ confusing error for installation
379813 [tootalgrizzl] i have installed ruby before and this never happened
+ 379814 [shortcutter ] Can you be more specific?  What operating system is this?  Ideally you
+ 379826 [ryand-ruby z] tidentifer
+ 379840 [tootalgrizzl] running windows 7
| 379849 [luislavena g] Please use "Start Command Prompt with Ruby"
+ 379843 [tootalgrizzl] the .gem folder is located is located in C:\Users\hervey however

^ Watir - How to access an element which is of this kind of format
379815 [balaji_tunug] I have been using watir from past 2 years. But now I have moved to a new
379921 [balaji_tunug] Can some body help me with this. I am not able to proceed further.
379941 [klauer gmail] Wouldn't this be better handled in the Watir IRC or their mailing lists?

^ 1.9 Threads in a GUI not behaving as expected (Windows)
379820 [michael.reil] I have an app with an FXRuby UI that does some fairly heavy data
+ 379858 [dglnz2 gmail] Sorry I cannot help you with threads but how about the use of a timer?
+ 380255 [rogerpack200] Your c block needs to be within rb_thread_blocking_region to not block
  381205 [michael.reil] Thanks Roger, that's what I ended up doing, and it's working

^ Splitting up and Reassembling A File
379825 [robp07 fsmai] I was wondering if you possibly help?
+ 379827 [jgabrielygal] Wild guess: have you tried creating these files with the binary flag too?
+ 379830 [robp07 fsmai] Thanks for the reply
+ 379831 [b.candler po] * Try "wb" not "w+"
+ 379832 [brabuhr gmai] Test your script on a text file and then compare the results (e.g.
+ 379838 [robp07 fsmai] Thanks a lot for your help.

^ Redirecting a webpage
379828 [alexanderlev] I currently have a ruby script that listens to a particular port on my

^ [ANN] bberg 0.1.0 - a Bloomberg API wrapper
379833 [patrik.sundb] I'm pleased to announce the first public release of bberg v0.1.0.

^ [ANN] bberg 0.1.0 - a Bloomberg API wrapper
379835 [patrik.sundb] I'm pleased to announce the first public release of bberg v0.1.0.

^ Doubts about Ruby and JRuby
379836 [glpunzi lord] Right now, I'm very busy, but sometimes, I need to disconnect of all my
+ 379841 [richard.conr] I am not sure what the exact problem you are communicating, but in a
+ 379842 [adgar carbon] charset=us-ascii
+ 379852 [tony.arcieri] JRuby's a great way to distribute Ruby apps on Windows, so long as they
+ 379861 [glpunzi lord] The problem is not Ruby vs JRuby. I talked about JRuby, because I readed
| 379864 [shadowfirebi] For what it's worth, if you are that worried about your customers making away with your code, then perhaps it would be better to stay away from all scripting languages: Not just Ruby, but Python, PHP, Lua...
+ 379865 [rvvsbabu gma] Ruby is One of The Best Forum,Think Before Submitting ur Answer .Just
+ 379885 [glpunzi lord] Thanks a lot to all for your comments.

^ Ruby jobs
379845 [toby.gambill] All=20
+ 379857 [ryand-ruby z] please contact me on my cell if you would like to hear more about these =
| 379859 [shortcutter ] ROTFL
+ 379860 [shadowfirebi] Around WHICH country? This is the Internet, FFS. Also, if you genuinely had Ruby jobs you'd be a bit more explicit about the skills requirement.
| + 379862 [peterhickman] Just for laughs I went to the site.
| | + 379863 [shadowfirebi] You must work with a better standard of recruiter than I do! I see this trick over the 'phone all the time...
| | + 379869 [toby.gambill] Peter
| |   379876 [droleary.use] <97F6FA471BF3C14E9A14EC45D05D99CD21F72E8174@STRATUSMBX01.Terenine.com>,
| |   379878 [toby.gambill] Doc
| |   + 379884 [peterhickman] The problem you are up against is that recruiters are seen as
| |   | 379886 [toby.gambill] Peter
| |   + 379942 [droleary.use] <97F6FA471BF3C14E9A14EC45D05D99CD21F72E8218@STRATUSMBX01.Terenine.com>,
| |     379946 [shadowfirebi] A brilliant breakdown, Doc.  Thank you.
| |     379947 [stu rubyprog] This thread is epic.
| |     379960 [serialhex gm] i know!!  i get this mainly through mail but is there a way to make it
| |     379989 [peterhickman] Just to make things a little more lively just type 'toby gambill' into
| |     + 379996 [toby.gambill] Lesson learned Peter,
| |     + 380002 [droleary.use] <AANLkTimKQjoa4u5f7BAwYtRvEOcuGhaTf86azjkZpcJX@mail.gmail.com>,
| |       380004 [toby.gambill] Doc=20
| + 379870 [toby.gambill] All I do apologize for the quick knee jerk posting, I am looking for the pa=
|   379874 [shadowfirebi] Yes, we know how the recruiting world works.  We know it's only evens that you have any jobs to fill; you're just as likely to be looking for names for your books.
|   379875 [toby.gambill] I don't think it is rude at all, let me get some things together that won't=
+ 379866 [rvvsbabu gma] I have several great jobs around the country for ruby developers please
+ 380036 [shangbaby gm] I just joined. I felt this post was very useful. I enjoyed the candor. I

^ Understanding YAML and this practice in general
379846 [fs_tigre hot] I=E2=80=99m currently reading the book called =E2=80=9CLearn to Program=E2=
+ 379853 [bbxx789_05ss] Have you ever heard of a logfile?  The idea is that something monitors a
+ 379867 [fs_tigre hot] Thank you for your reply! I now have a better idea as to what YAML does
| + 379868 [richard.conr] it is often very useful to save the state of your program (or just a
| + 379879 [chastell cha] that my email signatures are picked at random from a given
|   379881 [cmdjackryan ] Neither of this is, of course, limited to YAML. YAML just has the
+ 379877 [fs_tigre hot] Wow! Thanks a lot for taking the time to explain this so well.
+ 379888 [fs_tigre hot] Thank you all very much for your help!
+ 379907 [bbxx789_05ss] When you are learning a language that really isn't important.  The most
+ 379939 [fs_tigre hot] Got it, thanks a lot!
+ 379969 [bbxx789_05ss] The data stored in a mysql database does not have any style associated
+ 379997 [fs_tigre hot] Thanks a lot for the good info!

^ Re: rubygems-update 1.6.0 Released
379847 [zulus69 gmai] Put it in config/boot.rb and it works :)

^ Include module Module ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions::Array::Grouping
379856 [RichardDummy] I want to use the grouping method(s) from the subject module,  but I
+ 379910 [bbxx789_05ss] require "<your path to
+ 379912 [bbxx789_05ss] module A

^ [ANN] Rainbows! 3.2.0 - Rack server for sleepy apps and clients
379871 [normalperson] Rainbows! is an HTTP server for sleepy Rack applications.  It is based on

^ Re: SofTeC 2011: Meet testing leaders from Microsoft,Oracle,Applabs and others on Mar 26, Hyd
379872 [sl2bangalore] After the successful earlier editions, SiliconIndia is organizing

^ how to update an exisiting .PO file
379873 [molaybusines] Please can someone tell me what are the steps to take to update an

^ Array#rotate fails in a simple program
379880 [RichardDummy] I'm runing Ruby 1.8.6 over WinXP-Pro/SP3
+ 379882 [johnf bitsbu] Yes. The ruby-doc.org link is for Ruby 1.9.2. (Also, 1.8.6 is a rather
| 379903 [RichardDummy] Thanks John: Point taken! I'm installing 1.9.2, plus Pik for switching
+ 379898 [g.diemant gm] If upgrading isn't an option you could use each_slice from the enumerator

^ SHA1 Decryption!!
379889 [gormare hotm] reading the post regarding the subject sha1 hashing and there are quite
+ 379891 [cmdjackryan ] The whole point of hashing is that it is non-reversal. Without
+ 379892 [matthew byte] It's probably feasible to try every combination of xxx and yyy, even in
  379893 [gormare hotm] One says yes and one says no :) I havent got got a clue how to do it but
  + 379895 [ben bleythin] Everybody is saying the same thing. It's not possible to "decrypt" a
  | 379897 [b.candler po] Not very in this case.
  | + 379908 [astounding g] Now if only it had been a location more interesting than a road in
  | | 379909 [astounding g] Amend that: A wood or small forest in Sweden.  (I repeatedly forget
  | | 379911 [klauer gmail] Or the location of a safehouse from a stalker...  of course, unlikely, but
  | + 379917 [albertschlef] You can't do this: there might be another location with the same hash.
  |   379918 [johnf bitsbu] The probability of this occurring is vanishingly small: the number of
  + 379914 [botpena gmai] you can loop it for that string w x & y combi

^ Dir.entries() anomaly
379894 [donvnielsen ] 1) This problem is not likely Ruby, 2) You people are very good in a
379896 [donvnielsen ] One additional tidbit of fact:  Both examples operate fine from my

^ Proposal: require to return path to loaded file
379899 [alex blackke] If you're doing anything at all involved with $LOAD_PATH, it can be a
379931 [shortcutter ] Somewhat similar
379934 [alex blackke] Interesting. $LOADED_FEATURES contains *mostly* full paths on 1.9.2 on

^ [ANN] JRuby 1.6.0 released
379900 [tom.enebo gm] The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.6.0.
379901 [tony.arcieri] Awesome! Great job guys.
379949 [darkintent g] Does this release mean that it is generally safe to use 1.9 style code with
379959 [cremes.devli] Yes.
379965 [cremes.devli] Let me expand on that just a bit. JRuby still defaults to the 1.8 syntax, so for running 1.9 code you must pass the --1.9 command line switch when starting it up. I believe there is a way to make that a default but I don't know the exact details. I assume it involves setting an environment parameter to contain the --1.9 command; I recommend asking on the JRuby mailing list or joining the #jruby channel on irc.freenode.net and asking there.
379977 [klauer gmail] That environment variable would be RUBYOPT
380001 [nicksieger g] $ JRUBY_OPTS=3D--1.9 jruby -v
380003 [klauer gmail] Yeah, I forgot that RUBYOPT would break other rubies.  My apologies.
380006 [shortcutter ] Here's my solution

^ Making an array of arrays?
379904 [fluffy_bunny] I'm trying to make an array of arrays, but my code is not behaving as I
379905 [hassan.schro] Just as an aside -- this seems awfully "un-ruby-ish" style --

^ NoMethodError#message takes very long
379915 [adiel inf.uf] I've been noticing a problem for a while in a larger application and today I
+ 379919 [drbrain segm] today I
| + 379927 [shortcutter ] ay I
| | 379930 [adiel inf.uf] That is indeed a better way to read the file, thanks for pointing it out.
| + 379928 [adiel inf.uf] The thing is: if method foo is not called at all, and thus no exception is
|   379929 [shortcutter ] Not if one does not have the environment installed.  Did you try the
+ 379955 [adiel inf.uf] Ruby's function name_err_mesg_to_str (file error.c, line 929, SVN snapshot),
  379985 [shortcutter ] I'd rather provide a custom #inspect method for objects which may
  379994 [adiel inf.uf] I agree with you: if I am going to print out a big object to the console, it's

^ [OT] Re: 2011: Which Ruby books have you read? And which would you recommend?
379920 [justincollin] <http://www.eng.tau.ac.il/%7Eami/cd/or50/1526-5463-2002-50-01-0048.pdf>

^ RVB panels colors of ruby ? for an artistic project
379922 [bussiereruby] For an artistic project personning ruby i need the main colors used for ruby

^ How to create my own engine from a rails 2.3.8 application?
379923 [jsramarnath ] I am new to rails and i am using the rails 2.3.8 ,
379924 [jsramarnath ] I am new to rails and i am using the rails 2.3.8 ,

^ Model Dialog in WATIR
379925 [prince.soni ] watir is not able to identify model dialog in my application.

^ Model Dialog - WATIR
379926 [prince.soni ] watir is not able to identify model dialog in my application.

^ Doing a simple count
379932 [pbailey bna.] I've got some enormous RTF files and I need to get a count of the number
379933 [stefano.croc] String#count doesn't work the way you expect. It doesn't count the number of

^ DL (1.9.2p180) nested struct definitions
379935 [jon.forums g] The sample code https://gist.github.com/872458 tries to declare the OVERLAPPED struct and ReadFile fcn from

^ The future of the character-encodings library
379936 [now bitwi.se] As some of you know the character-encodings library is a bit stale.
+ 379950 [drbrain segm] input on this point.
+ 379957 [now bitwi.se] Eric, could you please reply to all in the future?  I have =E2=80=9Cskip=E2=
  379963 [drbrain segm] No.  I don't know two of the email addresses in your To header so I =
  379990 [now bitwi.se] can't judge if my response is topical for them.

^ Calling Ruby module methods from a nested class within
379937 [mgerstenblat] module GroupSweeper
379938 [g.diemant gm] Afaik there is no way to call an instance method of a module without

^ # help
379940 [yunjie.shi.t] ...

^ How Call java script function in ruby file
379943 [test360.123 ] I am new in ruby and also this forum.
379944 [b.candler po] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ TCPSocket: how to realize that the other endpoint has closed the connection?
379945 [ibc aliax.ne] socket =3D TCPSocket.new HOST, PORT
+ 379964 [ibc aliax.ne] However, if the client sends data again (using TCPSocket#send) then it
+ 379972 [bbxx789_05ss] It's possible that your first send() is stuck in a buffer.  See if
| + 379986 [shortcutter ] Determining whether a network connection is still live is generally a
| | 379993 [ibc aliax.ne] Using EventMachine (to connect to a TCP server) the #unbind method is
| | 380000 [shortcutter ] No, it is immediately called when your local network stack determines
| + 379992 [ibc aliax.ne] Thanks, but I've added #flush before and after #send and it doesn't affect.
+ 380030 [bbxx789_05ss] After the server closes its side of the socket, there must be some
  380033 [lzell11 gmai] This question comes up on the CocoaAsyncSocket list periodically.  Robbie
  380041 [shortcutter ] ie