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^ [ANN] posix_mq 0.7.0 - POSIX message queues for Ruby
378906 [normalperson] POSIX message queues allow local processes to exchange data in the form

^ [ANN] test-loop 9.1.0
378910 [sunaku gmail] test-loop - Continuous testing for Ruby with fork/eval

^ Fast alternatives to "File" and "IO" for large numbers of files ?
378911 [phil pricom.] People,
+ 378919 [tdihp hotmai] ...
| 379043 [phil pricom.] People,
| 379069 [b.candler po] You can use YAML.dump and .load too. Not as fast, and rather buggy(*),
+ 378920 [whitequark w] I can think of two approaches here.
+ 378925 [shortcutter ] I think whatever you do, as long as you do not get rid of the IO or
+ 378927 [b.candler po] If you read in all the data files and build a single Ruby data structure

^ How to inhibit the use of letters and allowing just numbers
378912 [matt.victori] How do I inhibit the user of using numbers instead of letters?
+ 378913 [developer al] def foo(input)
+ 378930 [b.candler po] Please, always show your existing code, otherwise we are left guessing

^ NET::SSH sudo su problems
378939 [sarithf gmai] I'm trying to run the following code and having problems
378972 [alltoany gma] I think the problem you're having is that sudo requires a PTY otherwise it

^ Automatic question generator libs in Ruby Language
378941 [sathish.sale] is there any Automatic question generator libraries in Ruby Language ?
+ 378974 [chris chrisk] class QuestionGenerator
| 378982 [abinoam gmai] Sniper,
+ 379058 [sathish.sale] suppose if i have a paragraph (arround 250 words)
  + 379061 [hassan.schro] ?!  *all possible questions* ?
  | 379134 [susanhall181] i don't know were hit the sauce=2Cbozo you type the letter with an e awerso=
  | 379139 [susanhall181] =20
  + 379172 [shadowfirebi] Do you mean that you want to extract all the sentences that end in a question mark?
    379174 [whitequark w] def questions(para)
    379175 [mentionuse g] This could be a long rabbit hole.
    379177 [whitequark w] Well, you've started this. Now I shall show you what a rabbit hole is
    379179 [mentionuse g] Hm!
    + 379180 [whitequark w] A debug modification has accidentally slipped through. The regexp
    + 379181 [shadowfirebi] So is: "What is the capital of Tunisia!"
      + 379182 [wagner.andre] But that's not a question! It's an exuberant and wrong statement about a
      | 379185 [shadowfirebi] Imagine a very angry teacher.  And remember that you can't end a sentence with '?!'.
      | 379187 [cmdjackryan ] ce with '?!'.
      | 379188 [whitequark w] Indeed, this is the second derivative of original question.
      | 379223 [shadowfirebi] ROFL  -- indeed.  We don't really know what the OP actually wants as yet.  And if it's difficult for *people* to parse a question...!
      + 379183 [mentionuse g] Sure. Although my opine-variable question is more syntactic, I think, in

^ Suggestions for my ruby snippet so will not look like C anymore: method(method(param))
378943 [comisarulmol] I have a class which uses a connection object to send the request data
+ 378947 [gwtmp01 mac.] One approach might be to encapsulate the connection within the customer.
+ 378969 [b.candler po] Suggestions for my ruby snippet so will not look like C anymore: method(method(param))

^ can't connect to BPEL web service from cucumber using savon
378944 [porobashi ro] I am trying to test a helloworld BPEL service (deployed locally on a soa
378985 [porobashi ro] I had to change

^ why is $1 in a grep() equal to nil?
378949 [bbxx789_05ss] class DataSource
+ 378953 [echristopher] NIL NIL
| 378956 [bbxx789_05ss] $1 is a *global* variable, so saying it doesn't persist outside of a
| + 378957 [echristopher] Oh, I think you have it exactly. I was thinking that maybe the
| + 378967 [josh.cheek g] It isn't actually global. I don't know the specifics, but I used to worry
|   378999 [bbxx789_05ss] Uh oh.  Someone is going to have to explain that to me.  $1 does not act
|   + 379024 [echristopher] act
|   | 379158 [bbxx789_05ss] I think your source of confusion is how closures work.  I believe the
|   + 379164 [shortcutter ] act
|     379194 [bbxx789_05ss] Thanks for the response Robert.
|     379225 [shortcutter ] Yes, of course.
+ 378960 [botpena gmai] inside this block, your code references $1 itself.

^ Re: define_method(): why is the method unable to see $1?
378951 [bbxx789_05ss] name = $1
379001 [bbxx789_05ss] An online copy of Programming Ruby  all the match variables are local to
379002 [bbxx789_05ss] But then how do you explain the problem with my code?  It appears that

^ Send Mail with inline images?
378954 [ch.blank gma] Hey,
+ 378968 [geekprogramm] Whats a cid??
+ 378980 [boesemar gmx] I can't give you a full solution, but to inline the image you can do

^ parsing rule for this code?
378958 [bbxx789_05ss] 1)
+ 378963 [botpena gmai] ruby is not confused :)
+ 378964 [johnf bitsbu] As a rule of thumb, variables exist until you reach the "end" or
| 379018 [bbxx789_05ss] puts number
| 379021 [johnf bitsbu] The parser does not think `number` is a method by virtue of writing
+ 378971 [timr probo.c] There's no "setter" here.  Both of those are local variable assignments. In

^ packers and movers in chennai
378959 [sabrina.rose] Packers & Movers - Wins Packers Movers :: Call Us @ 9841044111 &

^ Ruby based AS2 library or gem
378975 [whitby3001 g] We have a client who wants us to exchange EDI information using the AS2
379554 [shfriedrich ] David,

^ Style question
378976 [subscription] charset=us-ascii
+ 378977 [jakekaiden g] i use camelCase too, and if i'm not mistaken this is strictly a
+ 378978 [developer al] I guess Matz could speak to this better than I can, but I think that underscores are an aesthetic choice. They aren't necessarily a pragmatic one, re: strokes involved. Because the underscores are an aesthetic choice, there is no rational way of demonstrating that they're better.
| 378981 [steve stevek] Also remember that "standard Ruby Style" has class names with multiple
+ 378988 [koulikoff gm] On Feb 25, 3:28=A0pm, Bill Felton <subscripti...@cagttraining.com>

^ Are Hash speeds documented?
378984 [nick nick-br] Are the lookup, insertion, deletion, and sort costs of Hash objects
+ 378987 [shortcutter ] If you want true numbers you need to benchmark because all theory may
| 378993 [nick nick-br] Sure (abstractly), but there are different ways it could be implemented.
+ 378994 [radek.bulat ] Lookup, insertion, deletion -> O(1)
+ 379050 [Ruby GoogleM] No, as far as I know, performance characteristics are not part of the

^ Re: Ruby iterating over Exchange Mailboxes
378986 [alex.krenval] I have been working for some months with some kinds of programs which

^ [ANN] Thin 1.2.8 Black Keys release
378989 [macournoyer ] Hey,

^ how to override the new/initialize method for a struct?
378990 [jtprince gma] Dog = Struct.new(:bark, :bite) do
+ 378991 [jtprince gma] Dog = Struct.new(:bark, :bite)
| 378992 [jtprince gma] Dog = Struct.new(:bark, :bite) do
+ 378998 [gwtmp01 mac.] approaches but no luck yet.  Can anyone figure out how to do this?
  379013 [jtprince gma] You are right, this works when the self is explicit on the assignment.  It's also very POLS.  I like it!

^ [ANN] Rumai 4.0.0
378995 [sunaku gmail] Rumai

^ Re: method v. local assignment: parsing rule for this code?
378997 [bbxx789_05ss] Thanks.  I got confused by the error message--it lead me to believe the
379016 [bbxx789_05ss] class Roulette
379017 [wishdev gmai] Good Afternoon,
379019 [bbxx789_05ss] Thanks.  I realized my code was just another version of the out of scope
379022 [wishdev gmai] No problem - some horses just really do need to be beaten well beyond death

^ Symbol#to_proc helping out with #select to beat Scala-s solution
379000 [jarmo.p gmai] Hey!
+ 379004 [mentionuse g] What's the point of this exercise? Why is "beating" Scala's solution the
| 379011 [jarmo.p gmai] reason.
| 379037 [b.candler po] Setting _ with block arguments is pretty ugly, especially if the block
| 379041 [jarmo.p gmai] Good point about missing the binding for variables outside of the
| 379042 [martindemell] you should enjoy raganwald's string#to_proc experiments
+ 379012 [sean.ohalpin] module Relational
  379020 [jarmo.p gmai] I tried to modify the methods directly in Enumerable and succeeded
  379023 [jarmo.p gmai] I still don't understand why modifying Enumerable didn't work, but i

^ [ANN]VTD-XML 2.10
379006 [crackeur com] VTD-XML 2.10 is now released. It can be downloaded at
379007 [ryand-ruby z] cut/paste/insert on an empty element.
+ 379008 [wishdev gmai] It would be even better if it had anything at all to do with Ruby :)
+ 379014 [sean.ohalpin] From the home page: "The world's only XML parser that allows you to
  379029 [ryand-ruby z] I shouldn't have to click on a url to begin with... esp when that url =

^ [ANN] MacRuby 0.9
379009 [laurent.sans] After about 2 months of development since the last release, MacRuby 0.9 is
379015 [rogerdpack2 ] Linux port? :)
379044 [luc honk-hon] Dream on :)
379047 [sophrinix gm] Actually this is theoretically possible with building against gnu step.

^ How to call a class from another script?
379025 [vidgameteste] How to call a class from another script?
+ 379027 [hassan.schro] class Dog
| 379028 [vidgameteste] What if i didnt use def?
| 379032 [hassan.schro] That dog wouldn't bark  :-)
| 379048 [susanhall181] truth that if he look like he want swat him on the nozzles
+ 379033 [vidgameteste] puts "Do you feel, good, bad, or neutral?"
| 379035 [hassan.schro] If that's the whole "script", 'name' is a variable, not a class.
+ 379082 [jakekaiden g] first, i completely agree with hassan that a basic ruby tutorial is

^ c++ swig class => ruby class
379026 [tdihp hotmai] charset="gb2312"

^ tk canvas drag items
379030 [mcpeople hot] Could somebody kindly direct me to a Ruby Tk example of dragging a

^ tk canvas drag items
379031 [mcpeople hot] Could somebody kindly direct me to a Ruby Tk example of dragging a
379083 [nagai ai.kyu] Could you tell me your purpose? If you want to drag items only,
379157 [mcpeople hot] Thank you very much for your reply.  I hope that you didn't feel
379200 [nagai ai.kyu] It's not difficult.

^ For Loops and open-uri
379034 [sdbarlow gma] I'm a newbie to Ruby and having some problems trying to work out how to
379036 [sdbarlow gma] I got it guys. Turns out, the error page does not throw a 404, it just

^ regex gsub
379038 [lorenzo.brit] i have already working these phone.gsub(regex, "<
+ 379039 [junegunn.c g] Try
+ 379040 [list.push gm] str =3D "i love my dad"
+ 379070 [b.candler po] It's to do with how double-quoted strings interpret backslashes.

^ Ensuring uniqueness of an object at creation time
379045 [abinoam gmai] I would like to ensure that some attributes of an object are unique between
379068 [b.candler po] There's no need to do that. You could just raise an exception from
379088 [abinoam gmai] Thank you very much for replying.
+ 379090 [gwtmp01 mac.] different ones.
| 379092 [abinoam gmai] It's pretty elegant using a name such as "find_or_create" for the
| 379099 [b.candler po] class Object
| 379101 [abinoam gmai] Good! Thank you.
+ 379098 [b.candler po] Yes, but it will be garbage-collected later.
  379102 [abinoam gmai] You're right. In my specific piece of software I think this will not a prob=
  379104 [groups inbox] And you've already proven that allocation is a significant factor in

^ rubyquestions.net
379046 [nolanhester2] rubyquestions.net is now up and available. If you have any interest at

^ [ANN] RubyGems 1.5.3
379049 [drbrain segm] rubygems-update version 1.5.3 has been released!

^ [ANN] SESChange Released.
379051 [beholdthepan] SESChange <https://github.com/nodanaonlyzuul/SESChange> is a Sinatra app to

^ Newbie question
379052 [marc.chanlia] In Ruby it seems you can instantiate a class inside the class itself or
+ 379053 [gwtmp01 mac.] or
| 379054 [marc.chanlia] Thanks, that's the type of explanation I was looking for. In summary,
+ 379055 [botpena gmai] that's ok, if you want to be my-class-centric rather than ruby's main
  379071 [julian coret] Actually it depends what you want to do.

^ [ANN] Rails 3.0.5 has been released!
379056 [aaron tender] # Rails 3.0.5 has been released!
379057 [botpena gmai] maybe a trivial err, but i get,
379060 [botpena gmai] hm, possibly ri/rdoc-related since i get no err if i do

^ Windows 7 64-bit install
379059 [rgplantz gma] Is there any advantage to a "manual" installation versus RubyInstaller
379062 [cmdjackryan ] Unless you want to set the path and the file associations by hand, you
379063 [rgplantz gma] Yes, I knew that Windows would run 32-bit applications, but I specified
379064 [cmdjackryan ] Not that I am aware of. IIRC, Ruby, at least on Windows, is strictly
379383 [headius head] FYI, there are both 32 and 64-bit JVM installs for Windows, and JRuby

^ rake doesnt work
379065 [vidgameteste] Building native extensions.  This could take a while...
379073 [josh.cheek g] I had difficulty with this too, if I recall, I googled for it, and

^ powershell and ri
379066 [catsquotl gm] I am using powershell for a few weeks now for my irb sessions.
379067 [cmdjackryan ] copy ri.bat rubyinspector.bat

^ finding a tag in a binary file
379074 [tnotnats gma] I have a binary file in which I'd like to find multiple strings of  10
+ 379075 [robert.dober] ruby-1.9.2-p136 :024 >   content =3D [ 97, 10, 0, 10, 0, 97, 98, 32, 32,
+ 379077 [tnotnats gma] wow a little beyond my just started status... So the array you created
| 379079 [robert.dober] right I created a string like "a\n\0\n\0bc..." than I used String#scan
+ 379080 [tnotnats gma] ascii code ? but its almost there. the name follows 10 00 10 00 in this
| 379081 [robert.dober] Well if in your encoding letters do not match \w, you will need to
+ 379085 [tnotnats gma] hmm does not work for me, could I send the file I'm working with, well a
| 379108 [robert.dober] sure but by all means let us take this offline
| 379193 [robert.dober] Now I somehow succeeded to help our friend but I have to admit quite
| 379414 [robert.dober] Eventually I found some time to investigate this. Searching on
+ 379420 [chris.lervag] Sounds to me like you're trying to extract instances of Patient's Name
  379541 [tnotnats gma] a given dicom image, but what I wanted to do was to read the DICOMDIR

^ "gem NAME, VERSION" && "require NAME" fails due to version conflict
379086 [ibc aliax.ne] ~# gem list | grep nokogiri
379109 [ryand-ruby z] 10002 % gem list nokogiri
379113 [ibc aliax.ne] Same fails in my system with RubyGem 1.3.7. Note however that I'm
379114 [ibc aliax.ne] ~# gem list nokogiri

^ trouble to install rsruby on windows XP
379087 [quantparis g] I am trying to install rsruby on a windows XP machine
+ 379091 [luislavena g] If you want to provide options to the gem during compile process,
+ 379148 [quantparis g] thanks for the help
| 379170 [alexg rugged] As far as I know RSRuby doesn't install/work on Windows. It should be
| 379203 [luislavena g] ll
| 379218 [alexg rugged] Thanks Luis - I'll take a look.
| 379424 [quantparis g] I've tried to use Rpy on windows but it doesn't work,
+ 379178 [quantparis g] I have two windows machine (xp, vista) and some time but I don't know

^ Developer needed for Ruby/MongoDB Knowledge Exchange
379089 [sking vivowo] We are searching for a developer to fork a Rails-based open source

^ Creating my own method
379093 [paul.sholtz ] Suppose I have a string, say s = "test string" .. the difference between
+ 379094 [johnf bitsbu] =3D=3D=3D=3D begin snippet =3D=3D=3D=3D
+ 379095 [mentionuse g] You can have ! at the end of your methods, so your f! is a valid method

^ Different content of Symbol.all_symbols between irb and ruby
379096 [einar codele] I'm experimenting with symbols and how they get added to
379097 [ibc aliax.ne] g?

^ [ANN] launchy 0.4.0 Released
379100 [jeremy hineg] launchy version 0.4.0 has been released.

^ ANN] launch 1.0 Released
379103 [drbrain segm] launch version 1.0 has been released!
379105 [whitequark w] WBR, Peter Zotov.

^ Re: Running GzipWriter on same input produces different output
379106 [ben benubois] I think the reason for this is because gzip saves the original filename

^ Error "unrecognized option --protected" when running "gem install bluecloth"
379107 [harker harke] I am running Fedora core 14 and trying to install bluecloth and am
+ 379111 [justincollin] If you just want to use the gem then you can ignore that error and read
+ 379318 [ged FaerieMU] This happens because the gem has an invalid RDoc option in its =

^ Nokogiri not pulling correct XPath
379110 [sdbarlow gma] I was wondering if anyone could help me. I'm trying to pull text from a
+ 379115 [l17339 gmail] I've been using Nokogiri for a while and I never had problems with it.
+ 379117 [shortcutter ] First I would dump the page _as loaded by your program_ (this is
+ 379128 [echristopher] In my experience, Firebug shows a tbody element as part of the xpath,
+ 379202 [sdbarlow gma] Thanks guys for the help. In the end, I think it had more to do with the

^ Postgresql pg on Ubuntu - missing 'pg_ext'
379112 [yoann6 gmail] I try to use Ruby and Postgresql on Ubuntu Lucid. I had issues for
+ 379118 [luislavena g] is /var/lib/gems/1.9.0 correct?
+ 379119 [ibc aliax.ne] It just works fine in my system (Ubuntu 64 bits). Check that pg_ext
+ 379122 [yoann6 gmail] Mea culpa, the gem command was using gem1.8 and I use ruby1.9, I just