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^ OT: Re: crypting ruby source
37877 [brailsmt yah] What's with the (UN*X).  I see it quite often.  Being that it must be

^ why do the methods from my mixed-in module disappear?
37887 [ian caliban.] module Foo
37903 [decoux moulo] ...
37921 [ian caliban.] - make my class a subclass of SOAP::Driver

^ Ruby Syntax highlighting for JED?
37889 [ptkwt shell1] ...
37919 [neil DELTHIS] What sensible people you are working with!, can't remember where I got

^ [ANN] SOAP4R/1.4.3
37898 [nahi keynaut] I posted SOAP4R/1.4.3 at RAA.
37899 [mjais web.de] thanks for your great work on SOAP4R.

^ R interface (was: (more math functions))
37907 [probertm nor] As a thought, has anyone created an extension to R for ruby?
38255 [armin approx] As far as I know not.

^ How to obtain load path from a class?
37908 [bcox virtual] I'm building a web app environment in which web pages are singleton

^ regex: how to negate sequences?
37925 [tobiasreif p] In
+ 37930 [m.rokos sh.c] ...
| 37934 [tobiasreif p] urls = s.scan(/http[^\s"'\n]+/)
+ 37938 [nobu.nokada ] irb(main):002:0> '-f-o>o-bar-->' =~ /.*?(?=-->|\z)/; puts $&
| 37942 [tobiasreif p] Thx!
| 37948 [tom.hurst cl] perldoc perlre
+ 37941 [    s xss.de] ...
+ 37945 [ruby fourthc] one way for this specific case...
  37950 [ruby fourthc] I am looking at the post in KNode on KDE (SuSE Linux rel7.3) and the
  37974 [tom.hurst cl] That's what happens when #your# *mailer* _automatically_ /interprets/

^ Advice for best approach?
37926 [dmcnulty min] I am writing a relatively simple app that include Ruby::DBI access to
37954 [ruby-talk je] If I were you, I'd group SQL statements by their purpose in their own

^ delete a sequence of chars
37929 [tobiasreif p] IMHO it's awkward that when I want to delete 'http://', and do
+ 37933 [Dave Pragmat] irbsh(main):001:0> a = 'http://www.hotpita.net'
| + 37935 [brian coolna] You know, that is a _really_ cool feature.  I was confused by it for a second,
| + 37936 [tobiasreif p] Thx. I like the .sub more: it has a destructive and a non-destructive
| + 37937 [hgs dmu.ac.u] That is an interesting one....
|   37957 [nobu.nokada ] Note that String#sub makes first argument to Regexp
+ 37949 [chris cmb-en] ...
| 37966 [C.Teubner t-] Or how about
| 37977 [chris cmb-en] ...
| 37979 [dblack candl] No, just bang your head [7..-1] times :-)
| 37989 [chris cmb-en] ...
+ 37951 [ruby fourthc] one way...

^ help
37947 [fgeisler sia] help

^ ruby-dev-en
34863 [wakou fsinet] I am Aoyama.
37959 [pbrannan atd] Sounds great!
37987 [wakou fsinet] That's right. now, any replies except "auto translation mail" will be

^ RDF in Ruby?
37958 [anany acadia] ...
+ 37960 [tobiasreif p] For just extracting links from an RSS like feed, I'd use REXML.
+ 37969 [james rubyxm] Have you looked into using the Ruby SAX parser?

^ Is Carbon ruby dead?
37962 [mattmsykes y] The only info I've found is
37967 [kenshin appl] Have you tried SWIG (http://www.swig.org)? It ought to be quite simple
38031 [mattmsykes y] Hmmm perhaps you misunderstand.  I need a Carbonized ruby interpreter;
+ 38033 [cjack cjack.] The question is what you mean by "Carbonized."
+ 38038 [jcmason stud] ...
  38052 [feoh fourfuz] No, Carbon is not a UI.  It's an API designed to allow most Classic apps

^ IDE for Ruby
37964 [sosoruby ema] ...
+ 37965 [pate eylerfa] emacs, xemacs, or vim
+ 37971 [james rubyxm] vi.
  38003 [brailsmt yah] Oh, I see, you don't want to use the most poweful editors out there...

^ ruby and finance
37970 [ps radiac.mi] After a posting by Luigi Ballabio about Ruby bindings for QuantLib I got
37984 [chris cmb-en] ...
38039 [ps radiac.mi] i'm fine with most languages, but i think ruby have some advantages. things i
38042 [armin approx] Looking at the models I've seen in the stockmarket/insurance world, computing
38119 [mrchameleon ] I'm doing some preliminary work studying the term structure of
38157 [ps radiac.mi] nice to hear since I myself plan to start using ruby for financial mathematics

^ sorted sets/maps etc.
37973 [rawlins cs.u] Is there a standard sorted set/map class that gets used for ruby?  Something
+ 37978 [mdavis sevai] Aruna DB (www.arunadb.org) has a stand alone nary-tree for Ruby.
+ 37980 [armin approx] if you want fancy stuff, which I never needed to use so far :-),

^ file and line pragma
37983 [benoit.cerri] ...
38015 [nobu.nokada ] eval "raise", nil, "foo", 10

^ OT: OO terminology
37991 [hal9000 hype] The terminology thread reminded me of something
37993 [do_joly yaho] Personally, instead of "method" I like "behaviour" - but I am an ecologist.
+ 38006 [brailsmt yah] I prefer 'polite request for action'.
+ 38016 [chris cmb-en] ...
+ 38029 [ptkwt shell1] ...

^ compiling ruby-1.6.6
37994 [hctim spamsu] ...
+ 38009 [matz ruby-la] % uname -a
+ 38087 [hctim spamsu] ...

^ World Directory of the Alcoholic Beverage Industry
37995 [http hydroge] ...

^ Anyone attending SD Expo on April 24?
37998 [matz ruby-la] I'd like to know if someone among you attending SD Expo at San Jose
+ 37999 [pete mcbreen] I sure am, I'm hoping to win a Jolt for Software Craftsmanship! With any
| 38036 [matz ruby-la] Sure you do.
+ 38013 [Dave Pragmat] I'm giving a talk about Ruby there.
  38406 [ian caliban.] What time is this happening?
  38479 [Dave Pragmat] I suspect that (being CMP) there'll be a charge.

^ Am I going mad? Works in IRB not in a file!
38002 [ralph.mason ] ...
+ 38014 [lyle knology] ...
| 38020 [ralph.mason ] Am I rignt in "~, More" is incorrect?
| 38021 [dblack candl] No, it's correct, because to interpolate the captured things from the
+ 38018 [nobu.nokada ] Perhaps, you might repeat that substitution?
+ 38025 [ruby fourthc] using ruby version: ruby 1.7.2 (2002-02-22) [i686-linux]
+ 38053 [switch atdot] rich@puff:~/ruby$ ruby commatest.rb
  38086 [ruby fourthc] Apologies for any confusion I may have caused.  I _did_ have same result

^ Small cleanup for ruby-1.7-cvs
38007 [m.rokos sh.c] ...
38037 [matz ruby-la] Thank you for consideration.  I will apply your patch.

^ RegExp for "AND" search pattern...
38008 [patrick-may ] How could a regexp be constructed for an "AND" search pattern?
38024 [chris cmb-en] ...
+ 38027 [nobu.nokada ] require "eregex"
| 38030 [chris cmb-en] ...
+ 38028 [dblack candl] class String
  38032 [chris cmb-en] ...

^ RFC - class_added callback
38044 [m.rokos sh.c] ...
38148 [matz ruby-la] Hmm, could you tell me how useful this is?
38356 [m.rokos sh.c] ...
+ 38371 [chr_news gmx] ...
| 38374 [chr_news gmx] ...
+ 38397 [matz ruby-la] "method_added" is used for example by Ruby/Gtk to install gtk callback.
  38426 [m.rokos sh.c] ...
  + 38428 [rich infoeth] Could it be used in AspectR to automatically append features to classes
  + 38448 [chr_news gmx] Hm, what about a little back-stabbing;-))
  + 38706 [m.rokos sh.c] ...
    38713 [matz ruby-la] ;-)
    + 38721 [hal9000 hype] This reminds me...
    | 38722 [decoux moulo] ...
    | 38724 [hal9000 hype] This is mostly a theoretical discussion for me,
    + 38723 [m.rokos sh.c] ...

^ GetoptLong question
38046 [djberg96 hot] I'm a bit confused by GetoptLong.  Originally, I thought it was a
+ 38049 [pit capitain] ...
+ 38050 [nobu.nokada ] You need to make a hash once.
+ 38051 [pit capitain] ...
  + 38076 [djberg96 hot] So, you have a module for consideration?  I don't see this out on RAA
  | 38110 [djberg96 att] ...
  + 38240 [W.L.Kleb lar] That might have been my post?  I didn't think anyone noticed that
    38289 [pit capitain] Bill, it wasn't your post. I looked in the RAA and what I meant was
    38308 [W.L.Kleb lar] Excellent, thanks for the tip.
    38324 [nobu.nokada ] But it also cannot make a hash from the options automatically.
    38443 [W.L.Kleb lar] The RAA led me to a Japanese-only page, but I persevered and found

^ gets line length threshold
38054 [mjohnston it] Is there any way to set a maximum line length for gets? I want an

^ Thread safety of Queue.push
38055 [mjohnston it] I was wondering if it was safe to have multiple threads all pushing onto
+ 38056 [hal9000 hype] Are you referring to the standard Queue? I haven't looked
+ 38057 [leon ugcs.ca] Yes. The queue is a shared resource and should have the property of
  + 38058 [mjohnston it] Thanks :)
  | 38059 [decoux moulo] ...
  + 38089 [kjana dm4lab] ...

^ Austin TX Perlmongers talk
38060 [hal9000 hype] Excuse me for posting something of local

^ [Feature] IRB completion
38077 [m.rokos sh.c] ...

^ rand
38080 [tobiasreif p] I need random digits 1..10
38084 [armin approx] yes. maybe you want to initialize with srand first.

^ Array#pack: byte order for unsigned types
38085 [jason jvoege] I've been using Array#pack heavily lately, and noticed that there is no way
38139 [matz ruby-la] "N", "n", "V", and "v" pack/unpack unsigned integers.
38161 [jason jvoege] Thanks, matz.
38186 [matz ruby-la] No difference in pack, but in unpack.
38190 [jason jvoege] Okay, but then how would I unpack an unsigned integer that is in a
38230 [matz ruby-la] Use unpack("V") for little endian, unpack("N") for big endian.

^ How To Submit RCR's ?
38093 [dennisn pe.n] Perhaps my brain is in a stupid mood this morning, but --
+ 38094 [tsondergaard] Press "submit news" and select "RCR" as topic.
+ 38095 [Dave Pragmat] Click on the "submit news/RCR" link towards the top-left.

^ exceptions that are not Exceptions
38097 [pbrannan atd] #include <ruby.h>
38120 [matz ruby-la] "someone" should not use non-exception class for rb_raise().
38158 [pbrannan atd] If this is a bug in the extension, then why is it allowed at all?
+ 38162 [decoux moulo] ...
| 38164 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 38187 [matz ruby-la] Because I expect extension writers to know what they're doing.

^ How to Make a Method Ineffective Efficiently?
38101 [billtj y.glu] ...
+ 38105 [dblack candl] I haven't even tried to run this, let alone test it.... but could you
+ 38118 [joe vpop.net] Why do you call print_info with the string representations of the
+ 38135 [jean_hugues_] In debug( msg) you don't want msg to be evaluated when debugging is off.
  38159 [billtj y.glu] ...
  + 38165 [tsiivola cc.] if $DEBUG
  | + 38170 [tom.hurst cl] The problem with this is the strings are being generated before the
  | + 38173 [billtj y.glu] ...
  |   + 38179 [jason jvoege] You could define a general "do_if" method that executes a block if some
  |   + 38217 [tsiivola cc.] Hmmm... Have you tried? Because ruby is pass by reference, so the overhead
  |   + 38222 [jcmason stud] ...
  |     38264 [billtj y.glu] ...
  + 38174 [dblack candl] Yeah, I've been bitten by that on occasion.  It returns from the
    38185 [billtj y.glu] ...

^ Is this behavior correct?
38103 [dcorbin impe] class Bar
38104 [dblack candl] Yes, it's correct.  Use -w and you'll get a hint :-)
+ 38111 [Dave Pragmat] Basically whenever Ruby knows that it's in the middle of something (an
| 38122 [dblack candl] I *knew* I was being too barebones :-)
+ 38112 [dcorbin impe] I did look at the Pickaxe, but I couldn't find where it says that.
  38121 [Dave Pragmat] Page 201 (the start of the language reference) mentions it

^ Process controlls
38106 [johnwyp hotm] OK, here's what I'm trying to do (keep in mind I'm a Ruby Nuby)...
38117 [pbrannan atd] I am a fellow test writer.  I've needed to do something similar in my
+ 38205 [johnwyp hotm] pid = fork do
| 38208 [pbrannan atd] So you are saying that "foo" spawns a "ruby.exe" process, and when you
+ 38213 [johnwyp hotm] a = IO.popen("foo")
  38219 [pbrannan atd] Strange.  If you created the process, you should be able to kill it.
  38250 [johnwyp eart] ...
  38353 [pbrannan atd] No.  require loads a script or extension; Process is a reference to a

^ [ruby-gtk] menu popup
38108 [mips cybersp] Well, what sort of proc do i provide to the 3rd argument of popup

^ pocketruby on HP Jornada
38109 [do_joly yaho] At risk of betraying my extreme newbie status, I am again seeking help
38163 [lite_cheng y] First, make sure you have the right version of pvbdecl.dll - I'm

^ Unix folks, please help me fix the Mac OS X build of Ruby.
38113 [gehlker fast] The way that Ruby currently builds dynamic libraries, library xxx is built

^ [ANN] Ruby/Google
38126 [ian caliban.] As part of my continuing efforts to master Ruby, I've released version
+ 38127 [msassak spea] Wow... sounds great.
+ 38128 [ian caliban.] I suppose it might be helpful to say where you can get it, huh?
| 38203 [tobiasreif p] did someone get this to run on Windows?
| + 38206 [Dave Pragmat] Works for me (I just installed it on my 2k box so I can play with it
| + 38210 [guaracybm ig] Yes. :)
+ 38129 [james rubyxm] shajhdkhfjdfhjdfdjfdjfhdsgdhsgdg (SOAP::FaultError)
| 38130 [ian caliban.] I should probably make this clearer in the docs.
| 38131 [james rubyxm] ogle.com/createkey&followup=http://api.google.com/createkey
+ 38132 [nahi keynaut] Thank you for your interesting service.
| 38137 [ian caliban.] Thanks. I'll add that to the next release.
+ 38133 [james rubyxm] Ian,
| 38134 [ian caliban.] Yes, I noticed that myself. One would hope that the results would be
+ 38177 [green FreeBS] Neat, I was hoping someone would do this for until we have WSDL support :-)
| + 38195 [ian caliban.] You see, that's the nice thing about incrementally learning a
| + 38207 [ptkwt shell1] ...
|   + 38209 [rich infoeth] WSDL is the Web Services Description Language and is a W3C spec for
|   + 38212 [cbbrowne acm] WSDL is kind of like CORBA IDL; it provides an XML-based scheme for
|     38218 [andrew_queis] I installed the Google thing and tried to install all the
|     + 38226 [sweagraff cf] I had the same trouble. I upgraded to 1.6.7 and the problem went away.
|     + 38232 [C.Teubner t-] I had the same problem and I got the URI library from http://arika.org/ruby/uri.html; it worked.
+ 38358 [maki rubycol] It's very interesting.
  38430 [andrew_queis] Carlo, thanks for the tip. I got past the URI problem