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[ANN] flog 2.5.1 Released
378732 [ryand-ruby@z] flog version 2.5.1 has been released!

[ANN] flay 1.4.2 Released
378733 [ryand-ruby@z] flay version 1.4.2 has been released!

[ANN] rake-remote_task 2.0.3 Released
378734 [ryand-ruby@z] rake-remote_task version 2.0.3 has been released!

[ANN] vlad 2.2.0 Released
378735 [ryand-ruby@z] vlad version 2.2.0 has been released!

[ANN] gauntlet 2.0.0 Released
378736 [ryand-ruby@z] gauntlet version 2.0.0 has been released!

[ANN] zenprofile 1.3.1 Released
378737 [ryand-ruby@z] zenprofile version 1.3.1 has been released!

[ANN] omnifocus 1.3.1 Released
378738 [ryand-ruby@z] omnifocus version 1.3.1 has been released!

[ANN] graph 2.0.1 Released
378739 [ryand-ruby@z] graph version 2.0.1 has been released!

Ruby code embedded in Haml?
378741 [raymanojin@g] Isit possible to embed ruby code in Haml templates. True, using
378743 [josh.cheek@g] Dashes are for zero-width ruby, such as control characters, and equal signs
378775 [b.candler@po] Or perhaps more clearly: a dash is for ruby code where you don't want

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378744 [kishanreddys] india vs bangla live cricket and live tv channles     http://indianlivetvs.com/

Work with MySQL database
378745 [raddek.d@se ] I'm new in RoR and I would like to ask you for help, how to check if
+ 378747 [sophrinix@gm] If you are on a mac, then just use sequel pro to admin mysql.
| 378748 [chris@ch is ] Previous respondent is right about mysql2 gem.  To get a yes/no answer about
+ 378752 [lists@gr gw ] For GUI management of MySQL I use Querious (www.araelium.com)
+ 378765 [raddek.d@se ] thanks a lot for your replies. I tried to install mysql2, but I get

Re: LiveAST: a pure Ruby 1.9.2 library for obtaining live abstract syntax trees
378749 [quixoticsyco] Kernel#require is not touched. In MRI eval _can_ be replaced, but at the
378754 [sambarton919] So this is like ParseTree for Ruby 1.9? From a practical standpoint
+ 378779 [shevegen@li ] Can someone explain to me what one could do with this?
| + 378791 [eule@sp ce c] & much much more! For inspiration, read on Lisp and transpose to Ruby ;)
| + 378829 [sambarton919] My favorite example is transforming
|   378831 [jrmair@gm il] The weird thing about this project is it requires Ruby 1.9.2 and above,
|   378844 [quixoticsyco] LiveAST merely takes a static Ruby parser and electrifies it with the
|   378845 [jrmair@gm il] Why not use Ripper for 1.9 code and RubyParser for 1.8 code?
|   378937 [quixoticsyco] Existing tools use ParseTree sexps, which are RubyParser sexps. The
+ 378787 [quixoticsyco] * use ast_eval instead of eval when ASTs are needed

[ANN] RubyInstaller 1.8.7-p334 and 1.9.2-p180
378750 [luislavena@g] I'm very pleased to announce the release of RubyInstaller packages for

IMPORTANT: RubyInstaller drops support for 1.8.6 and 1.9.1
378751 [luislavena@g] Yesterday 1.9.1 and 1.8.6, along with 1.8.7 and 1.9.2 received a

posix_mq : Problem installing on HPUX
378753 [tad.bochan@b] HP-UX tiths303 B.11.11 U 9000/800 4162012158 unlimited-user license
+ 378769 [tad.bochan@b] More info ...
| 378774 [whitequark@w] The MQ_* capitalized things are indeed macros, and it looks like
+ 378778 [tad.bochan@b] I searched /usr/include and could not find anything with MQ_IO*,
| 378780 [normalperson] I'll take a look at this next week, I never expected this to run on
+ 378781 [tad.bochan@b] FYI,
+ 378782 [tad.bochan@b] I originally sent this post to ruby.posix.mq@librelist.com,
| 378838 [normalperson] With Librelist, you should've gotten an automatic response asking you to
+ 378830 [tad@bo ha .c] Bummer !
| 378839 [normalperson] Does it have the non-timed receive/send variants?  I could add checks
| 378846 [normalperson] I just pushed out a pre-release[1] with some attempted fixes
+ 378861 [tad@bo ha .c] thanks for all that !!
+ 378873 [tad@bo ha .c] The compile failed with the --pre version.

trouble making extensions on windows
378755 [tdihp@ho ma ] ...
+ 378768 [tdihp@ho ma ] I solved the problem myself by rebuilding all *.a files and passed build.
+ 378812 [rogerpack200] perhaps you were using different compilers for the various builds?

Possible combination trick
378756 [racula@li e.] to you the dog
+ 378757 [tdihp@ho ma ] if you are talking about replacing in strings, most text editors have
+ 378758 [jakekaiden@g] yer a friggin poet, man - beautiful shite, really...  love it.  and
| 378759 [stu@ru yp og] sed 's/god/this/g' < dogfile.rb
+ 378766 [tad.bochan@b] If only more problems were like this ... life wouldn't be such a dog !

[ANN] RubyKaigi2011: Call for presentation
378760 [ko1@at ot ne] This is Koichi Sasada, one of the member of RubyKaigi2011 Staff.
380146 [ko1@at ot ne] Submission deadline was extended: 20th -> 27th.
380485 [ko1@at ot ne] Thank you for many proposals toward RubyKaigi2011 talk.  We are very
382262 [ko1@at ot ne] There are some cancel presentations.  So we make another call for

OT: rvm install 1.8.6 and rubygems
378761 [botpena@gm i] installing 1.8.6 using rvm fails on rubygems part.

About the "def method=(param)",why compiled error?
378762 [zengqh.mansi] class Song
378763 [whitequark@w] You have only defined a "duration=" method on your class, and an
378764 [zengqh.mansi] thanks very much.
378784 [yongjiawei@g] Do not have the book, but I'm guessing that statement was made in a

Re: [RubyInstaller] Re: [ANN] RubyInstaller 1.8.7-p334 and 1.9.2-p180
378767 [luislavena@g] 87

Problems sending mail with gmail and SMTP
378770 [mikael@zo lu] [BUG] Segmentation fault
378809 [shortcutter@] <snip/>

question about a small piece of code
378771 [friedoysterl] What does the 'w' in the "CSV.open" part of the below code do?
+ 378772 [josh.cheek@g] "Write-only, truncates existing file to zero length or creates a new file
+ 378773 [masdel@gm il] write mode

Regular Expression help - Replacing Regexp that worked with Oniguruma in 1.8.6
378776 [zdavatz@gm i] On our way to shifting to Ruby 1.8.7 - away from the beloved
+ 378790 [shortcutter@] Can you give hints about what exactly you are asking?  Do you have
| + 378810 [zdavatz@gm i] Dear Robert
| | 378827 [shortcutter@] ed
| + 378813 [ryand-ruby@z] He's just taking another opportunity to complain that a patch that he =
+ 378814 [wishdev@gm i] Good Afternoon,

Need Your Help: RubyGems' Gem Activation is Changing
378777 [ryand-ruby@z] We've changed the way gem activation works in RubyGems for the upcoming =
378996 [rogerpack200] I'm a bit confused here.
379137 [drbrain@se m] No, ~> 1.0.0 is >= 1.0.0 and < 1.1.

[ANN] em-posixmq - posix_mq library integrated into EventMachine reactor for asynchronous reading
378783 [ibc@al ax ne] integrates posix_mq Ruby library [*] into EventMachine, allowing

Ruby, CGI and HTML Forms
378785 [r_trounday@y] I a new to Ruby and CGI scripts.  I have developed a test CGI script to
378837 [b.candler@po] Looks like you've started off fine.

Problem with installing Ruby GTK
378786 [mindaslab@gm] $ sudo gem install gtk2
+ 378788 [tdihp@ho ma ] ...
| 378789 [adde@tr al o] It's probably missing the Ubuntu GTK2 developer packages.
+ 378793 [kou@co mi ng] % sudo aptitude install -y libgtk2.0-dev

Using Ruby to connect with multiple IP Input output interface, Netiom.
378797 [nick.jackson] I am trying to create an application written in ruby which communicates
+ 378802 [shortcutter@] For us it is more important to know the protocol that this device
+ 378836 [b.candler@po] If this is a server waiting for incoming connections from the device (as

Re-learning the library
378799 [albertschlef] After a long time I haven't touched Ruby I want to come back. I want to
+ 378808 [shortcutter@] Create a clean installation without any gems?
+ 378811 [me@wa to ho ] I'd recommend browsing http://rdoc.info/stdlib
+ 378824 [jtprince@gm ] ri --no-gems Enumerable#collect    # --no-system --no-site --no-home etc.
+ 378825 [jtprince@gm ] ri --no-gems Enumerable#collect
+ 378828 [jakekaiden@g] i use a short program for methods...
  378835 [b.candler@po] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

Regular expressions, strange result from .scan method
378815 [netiqicufeni] I'm having some strange result from the .scan method used on a string.
378816 [ryand-ruby@z] Besides not reading the documentation, probably nothing. :P

Console output formatting
378817 [radon7@gm il] format the output of a hash in pairs in a table format like
+ 378818 [tad@bo ha .c] Try,
+ 378822 [botpena@gm i] ruby is an enjoyable language to work or play with.
+ 378880 [radon7@gm il] Thank you guys that is perfect.  I got one more quick question off
| 378881 [stephenp@ag ] You want RubyDL
+ 378901 [radon7@gm il] RubyDL looks like it would work but can't find any good docs. Here is
+ 378909 [tad@bo ha .c] The 'dl' package is certainly one of the most useful Ruby libs out there
+ 378983 [radon7@gm il] Oops.  I was using 1.9 and guess I didn't mention that.  I will try the
+ 379003 [tad@bo ha .c] If you look in your ruby folders, you should find a file called dl.txt.
+ 379130 [albertschlef] That's a good question.

How do I get the class(object) from another ruby script?
378819 [vidgameteste] require "./name.rb";
+ 378826 [chris@ch is ] Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you're trying to do.  The Ruby interpreter
+ 379010 [vidgameteste] Ok, nvm that last post, How do I call classes from other scripts?

[ANN] Planned maintenance of redmine.ruby-lang.org
378820 [yugui@yu ui ] Ruby's issue tracker(http://redmine.ruby-lang.org) will be down from
378871 [yugui@yu ui ] The maintenance has been done.
378932 [radek.bulat@] Probably after this upgrade I get emails for every new bug issued on
378934 [yugui@yu ui ] Some other people said that they have the same problem. But logs in

pry - attach an irb-like session to any object at runtime - 0.6.0 released
378821 [jrmair@gm il] pry is an irb-alternative that enables you to open a session on any

Ruby on rails training course in Boston
378823 [zhurama@gm i] If you're a Ruby developer in Boston looking to sharpen your skills,

Singleton class bug in Ruby 1.8.7 is now corrected on 1.9.2
378833 [sergio.olive] I wonder if I was the only one haunted by this bug in 1.8.7. For my

Singleton class bug in Ruby 1.8.7 is now corrected on 1.9.2
378834 [sergio.souja] I wonder if I was the only one haunted by this bug in 1.8.7. For my

Q: How to call parent method explistly?
378841 [kwatch@gm il] Is it possible to call parent method specifying method name explicitly
+ 378842 [jrmair@gm il] It's ugly but this works (i assume Child subclasses Parent?)
+ 378843 [gwtmp01@ma .] There are a couple of alternatives.
  378926 [shortcutter@] Folks, why are you making this so complicated?  Nobody mentions the
  378948 [gwtmp01@ma .] The original poster specifically asked about calling a different
  378965 [shortcutter@] Ah, that was the piece I missed.  Sorry for the noise.

OT: San Diego
378848 [brabuhr@gm i] I'll be attending the  Defense Maintenance and Sustainment Summit in

Show text from text file in cgi script
378849 [rclark.sf@gm] I am writing a cgi script to pull the contents of a .txt file in the
+ 378850 [junegunn.c@g] Assuming that you have set your web server properly (presumably apache with
+ 378851 [rclark.sf@gm] Thanks for the links, but I do not set up the web server and this is for
+ 378856 [justincollin] You are not actually using eruby in your script, but you are trying to
+ 378879 [rclark.sf@gm] Justin,
+ 378898 [b.candler@po] puts inside puts is bad.
+ 378903 [rclark.sf@gm] Brian,
  378931 [b.candler@po] I see. Well, if it has to be CGI, you can still use erb templates like

Math module not found by Ruby, though it seems to be loaded
378853 [RichardDummy] When I decided I should come up to speed on Modules,  I found a simple
+ 378862 [b.candler@po] Just remove the require 'math': the Math module is built-in. Try it in
| 378884 [RichardDummy] Thanks, Brain
+ 378864 [josh.cheek@g] Math is a class defined in core (
  + 378885 [RichardDummy] ath.html), so it is already there,
  + 378886 [RichardDummy] ath.html), so it is already there,

Ruby Hash Keys and Related Questions
378854 [cmhoward@fr ] I'm still a bit new to Ruby, so humor me a bit. But I discovered today
+ 378858 [justincollin] I am not sure the answers to these questions really "matter." As long as
+ 378859 [josh.cheek@g] The key can be any object that implements the methods "hash" and "eql?" I'm
+ 378860 [shortcutter@] Yes, in Ruby you always only ever see references.  This means, that if
| 379382 [headius@he d] In JRuby, object IDs are allocated monotonically only as needed, so
+ 378961 [cmhoward@fr ] I'm beginning to question the fundamentals of how to put my socks on.
  378962 [cmhoward@fr ] Err, nevermind, just got it. Sorry.

My OpenSSL server crashes
378863 [drabber2000@] I have an openssl server in my company which we use to upload data to in
+ 378900 [b.candler@po] I don't really have a solution to the problem, although you could get
+ 378950 [drabber2000@] Thanks for your suggestions. I will definately try it out because it is
| 378966 [b.candler@po] If that doesn't work, then try 1.8.7 too and see if the problem goes
+ 378979 [drabber2000@] Thanks for your suggestions. After some more debugging I found out the
  379005 [b.candler@po] Indeed.

learning ole
378865 [catsquotl@gm] I just found out there is something like win32ole to play with.
+ 378868 [rubfor@re it] Welcome to the Funhouse!
+ 378876 [Carey.Nation] If you're looking for what's in the word objects that you're getting

Monkey patching class String to add bitwise operators
378866 [mail@ma sh .] Unfortunately Ruby don't have bitwise operators for Class String like
+ 378867 [ryand-ruby@z] The first are composed of the chars "0" and "1" (ascii 48/49). The =
+ 379278 [mail@ma sh .] Sorry for the delayed answer, I have been away.
  379292 [jeremy@bo p.] You can't just call chr on the result if you want the character to be

How to automate download pdf from web in ruby
378869 [shahpriyank0] I want to download pdf file from website. But i cannot use rails
+ 378875 [anurag08priy] On a Linux box you can happily use wget. Here is a simple use, and
| 378877 [colinb2r@go ] wget also seems to work well on Microsoft Windows systems, both stand
| 378878 [anurag08priy] See if the download, and unzip functions here[1] helps. My fork[2] has
+ 378882 [notchent@ya ] #!/usr/bin/ruby
+ 379214 [mpeterson2@g] The simplest pure-ruby way to do it that I know of is to use the rio

[ANN] nibjs 1.1.0 Released
378883 [blambeau@gm ] nibjs version 1.1.0 has been released!

Table linking
378887 [danielleb598] Just wondering if anyone can help me, im quite a newbie to ruby. i have
378888 [sutniuq@gm .] Maybe ask on the Rails forum? http://www.ruby-forum.com/forum/rails

finding a tag in a binary file
378889 [rsnotnats@gm] I have a DICOMDIR (medical imaging file) which has various tags in,
+ 378895 [niklas@br ec] byte =3D 0b00100010
+ 378897 [developer@al] I don't usually work with binary files, but I would imagine you could do
+ 378902 [rsnotnats@gm] thanks for the replies looks like I don't have
| 378945 [developer@al] My bad, it should be IO.binread
+ 378952 [rsnotnats@gm] looks like a nice way of doing it though if I can get the code to run
  378955 [developer@al] I forgot to mention, it's 1.9 only.

a, b = Array.new(2).map!{|x| data.dup}
378890 [mail@ss le s] I think I can replace this code
+ 378891 [b.candler@po] # here's one
| 378896 [mail@ss le s] Thanks. I agree, but I am still learning Ruby, so I like to see what is
+ 378892 [niklas@br ec] Are you sure you can't rework your code to *not* copy data 5x? I assume
| + 378894 [ryand-ruby@z] *ding **ding* *ding* *ding* *ding*
| + 378899 [mail@ss le s] The code is related to handling configuration files, I have a basic
|   + 378914 [botpena@gm i] ok, try also something like,
|   | 378915 [anurag08priy] That will cause a, b, c, d, e to point to the same objects, which
|   | + 378916 [botpena@gm i] indeed. but they will not point to or clobber x
|   | | + 378918 [josh.cheek@g] Well, then you could just do
|   | | | 378922 [botpena@gm i] indeed. i was too tight on parallels and arrays and forgetting the
|   | | + 378921 [botpena@gm i] my bad. should have read the whole op post... "..@stefan:.. I
|   | + 378936 [mail@ss le s] Indeed, that was not what I wanted, I need 5 independent instances!
|   + 378928 [b.candler@po] In that case, I'd say you'd be better off avoiding all the separate
|     378935 [niklas@br ec] =20
+ 378893 [whitequark@w] @scr, @png, @pdf, @svg, @ps = 5.times.collect { @output.dup }
+ 378923 [tdihp@ho ma ] ...
| 378924 [tdihp@ho ma ] ...
+ 379084 [wholesalesnk] www.wholesalesnkey.net

Using CGI params with a MYSQL query
378904 [douga@ca he ] I am feeding CGI params to my program for testing purposes from the
+ 378905 [hassan.schro] What happens if you log that value (or break into debug) immediately after?
+ 378907 [douga@ca he ] I can use puts to show the value to the screen and it displays
| 378908 [hassan.schro] mmmm.
+ 378917 [douga@ca he ] myparamvariable.inspect returns "[\"4352221213\"]"
+ 378929 [b.candler@po] That's because params['foo'] is an Array, because CGI allows multiple
+ 378940 [douga@ca he ] Brian, Thanks for your reply.
| 378942 [b.candler@po] Oh OK, maybe 'query' doesn't support this. Follow the examples in the
+ 378946 [douga@ca he ] Thanks Brian,
  378970 [b.candler@po] Sorry, my mistake; I saw "dbh" and drew the wrong conclusion.